Bloodlines 004: Fight the Voices


Zeren: Zeren awoke, curled up comfortably against the Captain and unsure what had awakened her. There was that chill up her spine and she felt… something. But there was not a sound in the room. Silently she slipped from the bed to stand and glance around the room. Her eyes catching her reflection in the mirror. Blood… she lift a hand and it was there running down her arm in the mirror. But nothing was really there. …An then there was him. Tall and shadowy standind behind her, gesturing to the Captain on the bed. He was covered in blood too… but only in the mirror. Zeren wordless moved to the bed. Leaning over the sleeping form of the captain. A hand hovering over his chest before it reached down and circled around the hilt of his sword. Carefully she took it. Holding it over him with the point down. ….but no… she didn’t want that. Zeren backed away with the sword until she bumped in to the door. She turned and fled the room quickly. -03:24 Apr 18
Jarrod: Its was well pasr nidnight when he woke up. Zeren was gone, the door was ajar. He got up and looked around. "Zeren?" he walked over to the door and oulled it further open. On deck? He had told his men to keep watch at all time in case of trouble.. or she tried to jump again… -03:31 Apr 18
Zeren: Immediately on the wall a bloody handprint could be seen. Followed by a sparkling frosted red streak running haphazzardly down the wall. It wasn’t heading towards the deck, but the opposite direction deeper in to the ship and turning around a corner. -03:33 Apr 18
Jarrod: He followed up reachign for his sword… GONE! "ZEREN!" he "ASHTAD! SHADI!" he broke into a jog and followed the trail.. dread wasthign over him. -03:37 Apr 18
Zeren: She was deep in the ship now and could hear someone calling her name. More than one person calling her name… one echoing in the halls and the other whispering softly in her ear, telling her where to go. Her hands were at her sides, one dripping with blood and leaving a trail behind her. The other holding the sword, the tip dragging across the ground in a high pitched scrape as she walked. The engine rooms were nearby, she could smell the oil and feel the heat… -03:40 Apr 18
Jarrod: He broke into a run, whatever was going on it was his fault.. he should have locked her door. He shouldn’t have stayed. "ZEREN!" he saw her right at the door to the engine room, his sword in her hand.. "Zeren stop!" -03:43 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren couldn’t hear him. Her bloody hand rose to take the door handle, freezing it so solid that at a push it shattered to pieces. She pushed the door open, continuing forward towards the roar of the engines. -03:46 Apr 18
Jarrod: He rushed after her and didn’t bother being gentle, she was armed, she was near vital sustems and she had blood on her hands. He grabbed her sword hand and twisted while at the same time aiming a punch at her head. He could apologize later. -03:49 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren was running on instinct… or something else! She caught his hand, and hers felt like ice. With a surprising amount of force she managed to twist out of his grasp and shove him back. Sword pointed straight at, even though her eyes were unfocused and she didn’t even seem to see him. The room was starting to get cold, even despite the roar of the engines. Enough that their breath could be seen in the air. -03:53 Apr 18
Jarrod: He grit his teeth, she wasn’t Zaren, not right now… was she truly gone? It was time to find out. His hand crackles with electricite and he slapped the sword with his it sinding current into the blade, into her. He didn’t want to hurt her and that made him hold back. -03:56 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren dropped the sword, but instead of being shocked by the electricity she seemed to have caught it in her palm. There was the fainted look of confusion on her face before it dispelled and fizzled. Retalization. She was under attack. Zeren swung her bloody hand, the force of it coming with a gust of icy wind to push him back. -04:02 Apr 18
Jarrod: His clothes froze and his chest hurt but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. The shock didn’t snap her out of it, then meant she was his now… Vardri’s "I won’t let you take her." he growled, "I’d rather kill her." his next attack was lethal levels of eletricty, enough to scorch the walls and arc over the metal housing of the engine. "You hear that? You can’t have her." -04:05 Apr 18
Zeren: She was turning away from him again. The only reaction she seemed to have was a brief flicker of doubt across her face. Zeren was walking towards the engines again, her steps being less focused and now weaving as she rocked shakily on her feet. -04:10 Apr 18
Jarrod: "FIGHT!" he said "FIGHT HIM OR FIGHT ME. THOSE ARE YOUR ONLY CHOICES." he said "Because on my step wowards that engine…" he threw himself at he making to tackle her to the ground. "Fight him Zeren… what you want, not what he wants." -04:13 Apr 18
[Jarrod ] -04:16 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren hit the floor and she had turned under him to grab his shirt with her bloody hand, all intent to throw him off. Her hand pushed up, leaving a bloody print across his clothes, but no other force came. Zeren still didn’t see him, only looking past him. …until finally she gasped as her eyes rolled back and she fell limp. Unconscious! -04:19 Apr 18
Jarrod: He pulled the scord from her hand and Looked down at her… she would have to stay locked in her loom from now on and this.. made his sad, if she wanted to go somewhere… he would escort her. adn she could never, ever, be alowed near a weapon. "Sleep well.." -04:23 Apr 18

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