Voodoo 004: Hollywood Tour (TBC?)

[Amber is “off work” today. And by off work, that means she didn’t have to run around town. Instead, she…. did some research!] -04:54 Sep 01
[Sigfried fed and then slept, leaving his assistant with the day free.] -04:56 Sep 01
Amber: It started as a simple bit of checking facebook to threaten her "friends" about taking down those pictures of her. Then it was snooping about herself. Where she went to school, who she lived with, bits about her family… All stuff she "knew" but was still fuzzy on the memories. Then she was… well, snooping. Her old friends were assholes, cheats, liars, and betrayers. The last thing she wanted was to wind up like that again. So she started digging for information about her new boss and overlord. And it was… interesting! So interesting, it was almost dusk and she was still sitting at the computer reading things. -04:59 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: The wound of the blinds opening signaled nightfall and as always as soon as the las rays of day vanished there was the sound of movement in the house. He did not come for her, she had had the day off and so he had no use for a report on her activities. No, instead he looked out over his kingdom. -05:03 Sep 01 Sigfried
Sigfried: The wound of the blinds opening signaled nightfall and as always as soon as the las rays of day vanished there was the sound of movement in the house. He did not come for her, she had had the day off and so he had no use for a report on her activities. No, instead he looked out over his kingdom. -05:03 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: Click, click, click. So engrossed in old articles, she missed the blinds closing and didn’t look away from the computer screen until she reached for her tea to take a sip and found the cup empty. A huff preceeded her rising from the chair, and when she turned, she shrieked and quickly silenced with another loud huff. How the hell did he move around so damned quietly? "Good Morning, Master! I guess you slept okay?" It wasn’t HIS fault she got startled, but she was sticking her tongue out at his back anyway as she passed to fetch a fresh cup. -05:08 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: "It passes all the same if I do or don’t." he said without looking at her. "Have you decided you are a slave and must address me that way?" he asked. "Amber… or should I call you girl, or bloodbag…?" -05:15 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: "What’s the matter, you don’t have a sense of humor anymore either?" Amber wasn’t surprised. He was probably old as sin and simply forgot what it was like feeling ANYTHING… or… it might have been something else. Something very juicy she dug up from old records. Amber was grinning as she filled her cup with tea and popped it in to the microwave. The open floorplan of the place was wooooonderful. She liked that she could blabber at him from pretty much anywhere. "I’m kinda of surprised you don’t rename all your zombie pets. You know, with a name of someone you were fond of. Like hmm… What iiiis someone you were once fond of?" -05:21 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: "I call then thrawl until they remember thier names for that is what they are, at least it’s not goul." he turned to look at her. "Your… associates have left town and I doubt they will ever ruturn, I hope this pleases you." he was ignoring her bait, she was reaching. There was no way she knew anything since there were no records in the house. I might be fond of you if you do your job well, good enough?" -05:24 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: Her friends… that made her smile disappear for a bit. Amber was back to scowling when she pulled her cup out of the microwave and fussed with choosing a teabag to drop in the hot water. "Yeah it ‘pleases me’, in that, apparently I was a stupid awful person once upon a time sort of way." Amber had already decided she didn’t care to know anything more about herself. Outside of her missing necklace, the rest of her life could… go away. This was her new life. …Maybe! "So I am the only thing you’ve ever almost been potentially fond of? Not even, say… an actress?" -05:28 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: "No." he said. "Actresses are tools, puppets in the eternal theatre." he raised his hand gesturing her closer. "Do you admire them? If you have tallent I’m sure I could manage someting." -05:31 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: Amber made a face. Acting was definitely not on her wish list. That wasn’t the kind of attention she was after. Settling on an earl grey tea, she dunked her bag while giving him an examining look. "Are you sure there wasn’t even just one? Because I read some very interesting old newspaper articles. Old Hollywood things, about one very mysterious producer and his lovely actress. It reminded me a little bit of you…" -05:33 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: He eyed her and then shoov his head. "It’s either forgotten or wasn’t me, either wau irelevent… why is it important that I knew someone? Maybe she was an assistant like you?" he abandoned the window to move to the couch. "Where did you read this?" -05:36 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: "As it turns out, I chose really shitty friends, but I am actually really good at doing my homework…" Amber was a bit hesitant on telling him where. She wasn’t sure how far his reach could get in his city-wide empire. "She definitely wasn’t an assistant. It was this glamorous love affair. One of those happily-ever-after looking things, only without the ever after…" -05:40 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: "Nothing has an ever after." he said spreading his arms out on the back of the couch. "Not love, not assistants, not even me. When you live a long time you learn everythign has an end." he looked at the window. "What else did you do today? anything rpoductive?" -05:44 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: "I thought you were supposed to be all ‘I live forever, my torment is endless’ broody and stuff?" Amber took her cup right over to the sofa and with a delicate balance, plopped next to him to sip. "I did a little research on Murial Delanney. She was a very charming woman. Apparently the kind of woman that men fell hopelessly in love with." -05:48 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: "I will die, some day. " he said giving up on her joining him on the couch and lying down. "The name doesn’t sound familiar, but if she was here I knew of her once. If you know so much about it why don’t you just tell me." -05:52 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: Her subtle fishing for information wasn’t working. Then, it never really did when it concerned him. Amber set her cup down on the coffee table, and leeeeaaaan over him. "Do you really not remember, or are you just refusing to tell me ANYTHING about you? According to those articles, mister mysterious was her fiance. But she broke off the engagement, and then no one really saw anything from him again, while she become miss famous star. Ringing any bells, or are we gonna stick to the mysterious angle?" -05:57 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: He looked up at her and narrowed his eyes. "Believe what you want to." he said. "MAybe I did know her, maybe I really was just a lowly producer once or at least pretended to be one. If I am starting to forget the early days of the city that worries me but it is not unexpected. I think you just want to seem me as humen." -06:08 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: "It’s true that I’d to know that you’re more than just some mindless creature wandering about aimlessly running a city for no good reason whatsoever…" Amber crossed her arms, sitting on the edge of the sofa, still half leaning over him. "We have a nice boss-zombie relationship thing going on, but if I’m supposed to live here with you, I want to KNOW you. You’re not human, but ~I~ am and I need… connecty stuff! I’m one of those kind of girls." -06:14 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: "I have a mind, I am self aware, I pass all ther prerequisites to be concidered sentient, what you want to know is if I can feel." he said narrowing his eyes at her. "Probably, yes." he said. "But when you’ve experienced everything, what new horizins do you have? Only those in fantasy… and I dontrol the fantasy factories." -06:21 Sep 01 Sigfried
Amber: "Which sounds a whole lot like trying to fill a big empty void to me." Totally heartbroken vampire hides himself away from the world and decides to stop feeling? That was pretty much Life 101. Inhuman or not. Amber just sighed. "I don’t just want to know IF you can feel. I want to know what kind of person you are. That’s understandable don’t you think? After somebody discovers their past choices totally sucked? I’m getting a redo at life here, and you’re currently the only person I have." -06:25 Sep 01 Amber
Sigfried: "I’m ambitious, obviously. Cautious, or I wouldn’t have survived this long. if you want to get to know me we should redo the tour… it certainly told me a lot about you." -06:27 Sep 01 Sigfried

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