Zerospace 004: Meddling Papa

[Tremdorias Is not having a good week when it comes to rememebring things.] -09:34 Oct 13
[Phaedra did not rest well, or much at all during the night. But at least it was morning now.] -09:35 Oct 13
[Cupio Is knocking on the door with bags full of things for Phaedra. Lots and lots of bags.] -09:36 Oct 13
Phaedra: She was clean and dressed in fresh clothes, but she still looked like hell. There were the three red scratched across her neck, accompanied by teeth marks. Bruises everywhere… and she definitely didn’t look rested. She was sore and stiff, and feeling rather dark. At first she was confused by the knock on the door, until she remembered the conversation with her Papa. Immediately she was rushing to it and swinging it open. "Papa!" -09:36 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He was asleep on the couch curled into a ball and hugging his own wings, he didn’t feel welcome to sleep anywhere else and the appartment only had one bedroom. -09:39 Oct 13
Cupio: "Phae!" He strew his arms around his daughter and squealed. "I’m here!" he checked his watch. Early too. But I brought you some food, some clothes and your plushes you left behind. I didn’t wany you to get lonely though…" he grinned showing off his wings and peered over his daughter’s shoulder to look into the appartment. "I hear that isn’t a problem… you look like…" she looked like a night after rought sex… THAT GUY WAS DEAD! DEEEAAAD! -09:41 Oct 13
Phaedra: Even after he released her, she was hugging him again! Maybe her mother seemed to have a different way of responding to him depending on his form, but for Phaedra this was Papa and only Papa. "Don’t give him a hard time, okay? He didn’t have a very good day yesterday either… It was my fault." -09:43 Oct 13
Tremdorias: She sounded and smelled worried and this made Cupio worried. He placed a hand on her shoulder and kissed his daughter’s cheek. "It’s okay Phae, what happened." His red eyes stared into hers. "And you know I can smell it when you lie. Did he do something bad to you?" -09:46 Oct 13
Cupio: She sounded and smelled worried and this made Cupio worried. He placed a hand on her shoulder and kissed his daughter’s cheek. "It’s okay Phae, what happened." His red eyes stared into hers. "And you know I can smell it when you lie. Did he do something bad to you?" -0 -09:46 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra was just a bit taller than him like this, and her hair coloring was her mothers. But her eyes were the very same color as his and now she too was peering over her shoulder at the sleeping form on her couch. Phaedra bit in to her lip and shook her head. "No, Papa… he’s been really nice. I met him yesterday." -09:49 Oct 13
Cupio: "Doll…" he reached over and picked up two handpulls of bag handles and shoved the bad into Phaedra’s arms before grabbing the rest. "Something bad did happen though, I can tell." if they didn’t need to get stuff into the fridge then he would kick over the couch and meet this man. But is was a good thing that his shopping skill had improved since he had met Jayden and now Phaedra was getting the home starter kit. -09:53 Oct 13
Phaedra: Peering curiously in to the bags that were thrust in to her arms, Phaedra wandered over in to the small kitchenette to set them on the counter and start pulling things out. "Things haven’t been as easy as I thought they would be. But I have learned what the rape whistle is for! Next time I will remember to have it with me. I think I will put it on a keychain?" -09:57 Oct 13
Cupio: Cupio cursed his own foresight. "Phae, I brought you a present." he said opening a bad that had his clothes and pulled out a box, a box that Phaedra would have known since childhood, and a small canister. "I want you to keep these, you know what the knife does, and the canister is a spray that burns eyes and skin, I dought it in a self defence shop. They should help keep you safe." he then movd over to his daughter and leaned ahainst the wall next to the tiny fridge. "What happened?" -10:01 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra slipped on to one of the high chairs at the counter, pulling the box towards her to peer inside. She remembered this knife! Not a toy. She didn’t look all that convinced about using it either. The girl shrugged her shoulders. Why was it so hard to tell him about it? "My first day I met a human who said he would give me directions, and he did. Kind of. He just wanted a fucking, is what he called it, and he wouldn’t let me go when I asked him to. He wasn’t really scary at all but it hurt a little bit…" -10:06 Oct 13
Cupio: There was a low growl. "Did you get anything of his?" anything, blood, a crap of cloth, anything with his scent… anything that can be used to track him down and kill… No Cupio, killing is bad. He sat in the seat next to her and put his ams around her. "Sorry Phae, That’s what this is for. He pulled the mace towards them. "One spray in the face and you run .Your mother make me carry some too when I’m like this. Are you alright?" -10:11 Oct 13
Phaedra: She nodded slowly before she was leaning to rest her head against his chest and circle her arms around his waist. Now that he was here, Phaedra was so glad! "Yesterday went better, at first. I met Tre in the park and bought him a sandwhich cause I kind of ran in to him. He’s kind of lost, Papa. He doesn’t really remember anything about himself. So I said he could he could stay with me, because it’d be nice knowing someone in the city, right? But it wasn’t really safe here." -10:14 Oct 13
[(Timeout) Tremdorias was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -10:18 Oct 13
Cupio: He was smothing ehr hair and holding her. "It is. I was lucky to know Jay. She gave me a place to sleep even when summoning me was an accident. You are like her in some ways." he was trying to comfort her but he had to ask. "And what do you mean it wasn’t safe here?" he brushed her hair with his fingers and frowned. He was now very worried. "Was it that human again?" -10:18 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra shook her head, then was burying her face at his neck to the point where her voice came out muffled. "Tre was supposed to be here when I got back… but it was a demon instead. A really jerky demon and he said he’d kill my friend if I didn’t do what he said." Phaedra finally straightened, shrugging her shoulders and casting a grim smile. "I invited Tre to stay here and because of me he might’ve died. Only two days here and everything mother said was right…" -10:22 Oct 13
Cupio: "Shhhh…" he said softly shifting over to sit in bis daughter’s lap and then awkwardly cradles her head. "You can do this Phae, I believe in you. You can’t give up because one bad thing happened. You have someone who needs you by the sounds of it and I’m here now so you’ll be fine. It wasn’t easy for me either when I forst started out. I don’t think it’s easy for anyone. but you can make it. I know you can." -10:33 Oct 13
Phaedra: Taking a deep breath, she tilted her head to the side and smiled… just a little bit. "I know… I guess it’s better to hear it from someone? It was scary though! How am I going to take care of him if people are going to hurt him just because he’s here with me? That demon called me by name, Papa… I think someone really does want to hurt me…" -10:38 Oct 13
Cupio: "Then cut them off from their intent with the knife. Or just… thre are demons that can know a name by just looking at you. I would have been here sooner but Jay hadn’t left on business yet and… Just trust yourself and you’ll be fine. I’m taking you and your little man out tonight by the way, no man gets to live with my daughter unless I know he won’t hurt her. And then at least you’ll have someone you can trust here?" -10:42 Oct 13
Phaedra: That made her laugh! Loud enough that it eased a lot of her worries and she was grinning at her Papa. "He is an angel, though! I’m not sure he’ll like anything too strange. You won’t scare him, will you? I’m not sure he is still going to want to stay here after yesterday…" -10:44 Oct 13
Cupio: "Then we should ask him." he said spilling from his daughter’s lap and tail twitching stalked over to the couch to lean against the wall behint it with his hadn and look down at the sleeping figure. "Angel you say? I think I can convince him never to hurt you…" -10:54 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Papa, don’t do anything mean to him. He’s been the only person really nice to me since I got here!" she huffed as softly as she could, following after him to make sure he didn’t pounce or do anything startling! -11:00 Oct 13
[Tremdorias is about to get woken up.] -11:02 Oct 13
Cupio: "Don’t worry Phae." he said and simply grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him up and let him fall back down. "Hi." -11:09 Oct 13
Phaedra: "….that isn’t really a nice way to wake someone up!" On the bright side, her mother probably would have just dumped the entire sofa down on top of him. -11:12 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He woke with a start and then looked up and saw another demon. He pressed himself into the bacl of the couch and looked at Cupio, then caught sight of Phae. "Phaedra…" he said uncertainly. Two demons… has he in the middle of a cult, this new on smelt of lust! -11:13 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I’m sorry he woke you, Tre! Papa just gets excited to meet new people." Phaedra swatted at his arm, trying to nudge him away a bit to at least give the man some space! -11:16 Oct 13
Cupio: "Someone hanging out with my daughter needs to know how bto be manhandled. Anythign I do to him will ne nothing compared to what your mother would do.." tail flick and grin. "So his name is Tre?" -11:21 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Papa…?" this thing was her FATHER! And now it was here and he was going to… he was staying with it’s dauther and… his face was saying ‘please don’t eat me’ and his voice wasn’t saying anything. This was awkward! -11:24 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Tremdorias. Um… meet my father, Cupio! I know he looks very lady-like at the moment, but he is my Papa and he’s not going to to anything manhandling…" She squinted at him, giving him a good swat again. " -11:27 Oct 13
Cupio: "Well you knwo I can’t. Jayden would kill me." there was another flick of his tail and he took a step back. "But you might, and he doesn’t look up to much." -11:32 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra looked briefly confused, but she was pretty sure he meant something naughty, which left her flushing red and looking a little exasperated. She had her own tail in her hands now, twisting it up with her fingers. "I told you… we had a bad day yesterday. But today will be worlds better now that you’re here!" -11:38 Oct 13
[(Timeout) Tremdorias has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -11:57 Oct 13
Cupio: He hugged Phaedra and sighed "Yes, nothign will hapen now. And we’re going out. All three of us. I hope angels can take thier drink…" he looked back at the man and frowned. Would an angel be enough to look after Phae, she was delicate and now hurt. "Phae, we should talk." -11:57 Oct 13
Phaedra: Unhappy Papa expression. Phaedra wasn’t sure if she was in trouble, or Tre would be in trouble… But she nodded, casting the man an apologetic look before she was taking her papa’s hand to lead him to the bedroom. -12:00 Oct 14
[Phaedra has taken her McPapa to the bedroom for what is apparently a private conversation?] -10:56 Oct 18
[Cupio Sits his daughter on the bed and get’s ready to have a talk with her that is long overdue.] -10:57 Oct 18
Phaedra: Sitting on the edge of the bed, Phaedra was a little concerned she might be in trouble. Papa had that serious expression and he so rarely had it when he was in female form. "Did I do something wrong..? I know I swatted at you, but I think Tre is a little delicate!" -10:59 Oct 18
Cupio: "No Phae, you didn’t." His voice was concerned. "I want to talk about what happened, with that human, and that demon, You’r my baby and I know it must have been confusing. But I can explain things. What did you mean by fucking?" he was trying to be as demicate as he could. If someone had touched his little Phae he would murder them, but he beeded to make sure Phae was okay. That was why he was down here, that and father daughter night out. -11:03 Oct 18
Phaedra: "That’s what the human said, fucking. Which I understand is sex. The demon just said rape but that wound up being the exact same thing as the human’s so I assume one of them was confused." This was a bit awkward to talk about with him, if only because he was being so serious and Phaedra really just wanted to forget all about it. She was twisting up the bottom hem of her shirt in her hands. "I am more worried about my new friend, I think that demon hurt him too, but he really doesn’t remember anything." -11:10 Oct 18
Cupio: Cupio reached out to his his fingers though Paedra’s hair. "Rape it when one of the people don’t want it, fucking, and sex, are when both want it." he said. "Sex feels good, rape feels bad for the person who doesn’t want it." he shifted closer and pulled Paudra down to rest her head in his lap. "I wanted you first time to be sex, or making love which is better, I’m sorry you got raped." he was ignoring the subject of the boy, he was not Cupio’s concern. "If you want sex, you should try to find someone you like as more than a friend, adn say no to everyone you don’t, if saying no doesn’t work it’s okay to hurt them to get away." -11:15 Oct 18
Phaedra: Phaedra sighed, burying her face at his lap for a long silent moment. She didn’t want to cry about it again, she did enough of it last night and it never really helped anything. "I don’t want to hurt anybody. …though I guess I kind of wanted to last night. I was scared and I couldn’t think of what to do. Is this going to happen all the time…?" Two days in a row, the odds weren’t looking good in her favor. Maybe she could take Tre home with her… -11:22 Oct 18
Cupio: "Nooooo." he said "It’s not, it just happens sometimes. I brought you the spray you cna use that if it happens again. You just need to find someone you like as more than a friend, maybe that angel in the other room, angels don’t tend to hurt people they don’t feel they need to and that one doesn’t look stuck up like the others." -11:27 Oct 18
Phaedra: "Mother says I shouldn’t even think about sex yet, and so far she seems right about a lot of things." she muttered. As much as she loved her mother, Phaedra was hoping she could prove otherwise and that this wasn’t a bad idea. She huffed. "I don’t understand why people want to hurt me, and they’re going to hurt him because of me too… Did that happen to you Mother?" -11:32 Oct 18
Cupio: He sighed. "You’re old enough, Phae. Your mother wouldn’t think you were if you lived to be a hundred. She is very protective because she loves you." he kept stroking and brushing her hair. "And yes it did, long before I met your mother, and once after that. But I had a wonderful daughter and a wife who loves me and I couldn’t be happier. You are human enough that you don’t have a lot of the problems I have, and you don’t need to have sex until you feel ready. All yo have to do to see if you like a boy is to kiss him. If you like what you feel, then you like him and he is a person you could have sex with when you feel you’re ready, so long as he is your boyfriend." -11:38 Oct 18
Phaedra: Of course her first thought was that she would never feel ready or want to try that again! But that was probably silly. Phaedra finally sat up, giving a curious stare and a tilt of her head. "So I’m allowed to have a boyfriend now? I’ve wanted to try one for years!" -11:42 Oct 18
Cupio: He smiled, the serious expression melting slightly. "You’re living in your own house, I can’t tell you what to do anymore, so yes you are allowed a boyfriend somlong as you don’t tell your mother and we go out tonight, all three of us. But remember you need to be able to trust your boyfriend, to don’t choose anyone who will hurt you." -11:50 Oct 18
Phaedra: "Yes, Papa. No mean boyfriends." Phaedra grinned wide. Maybe she was a little soft and she didn’t want to hurt people, but she wouldn’t let someone abuse her when she could help it. "I’d love to go out, and I think Tre might like it too!" -11:55 Oct 18
Cupio: "Well if yu plan on kissing him I have to make sure he won’t hurt you." he said. "I may be allowing you to have a boyfriend but I’ll still make sure you pick on that I like and won’t hurt you, so that I don’t have to come hack and get angry with him. And you know what happens when Papa gets angry." he lenaed down to kiss her forehead and then looked down at her. "Are there any good places nearby?" -11:58 Oct 18
Phaedra: "I am not so sure he will appreciate me trying to kiss him…" Not after what happened. Phaedra was still surprised he didn’t hate her and wanted to stay at the apartment with her. She looked thoughtful for a moment. "There is the park right down the street. That’s where I met him. But do you really have to interogate him? I think he might be traumatized enough as it is!" -12:02 Oct 19
Cupio: "Phaedra, if a man wants to move into your appartment it means he likes you and wants sex with you, that is an unavoidable fact, and if he hasn’t run away by the time we open the door then he still likes you, and no, no part. I’m taking my daughter out drinking and there’s nothing Jayden can do to stop me." He was excited enough for his wings to twitter and grin wide. "I’m going to make sure he’s a nice guy and that he’s good for my Phaedra by talking to him adn being friendly. That’s how you get to know people." -12:13 Oct 19
Phaedra: She looked a little surprised, casting a look at the door. Staying with her meant wanting to have sex with her? Phaedra wasn’t sure how she felt about that… "That’s okay then. Talking and being friendly. I really don’t want to scare him." -12:18 Oct 19
Cupio: "He’s an angel, his own shadow scares him." he said lifting her head and slipping onto his feet and lookign at the door. "Get showered, get dressed and we’ll go out together. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time." -12:22 Oct 19


Phaedra: Phaedra was happy to go out with her Papa and her new angel friend. …but she was slightly concerned about what her Papa had planned. He wasn’t as bad as mother, but when Papa was a female he was ever so slightly devious… He probably didn’t realize she was old enough to notice now, but she certainly did! Phaedra was wearing a simple black dress. Something nice for an evening out and hopefully a pleasant experience for the angel. -12:30 Oct 19
[Tremdorias enters.] -12:31 Oct 19
Cupio: Cupio was showered adn ready too, in ancle toots, jeans and a tshirt and jacket that were both too short to reach his belt. It wasn’t often he got to dress up without Jayden getting protective and he was regretting not packing a skirt, but at least her had his hair loose and long and brushed back. This was going to be great! All he had to do was get them talkign with eachother and see how they intercted and drunk enough to get all the details! -12:34 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He had woken up and was still wearing his one outfit as he sat on th ecouch and watched the girl get ready looking worried, it seemed the demons were up to something but at least one of them tried to smile reasuringly and the other, he didn’t want to tjink too much about that smile! He waited until the older demon.. ‘Papa.’ said they were ready to go before standing and following them towards the door. -12:36 Oct 19
Phaedra: He was so quiet and nervous… Phaedra wanted to tuck him somewhere safe! She gave him space, though, choosing to hold on to her Papa’s arm while they walked. She did feel a lot better about going out now that he was there too. Phaedra hoped that paranoid feeling would go away soon. "…So what will we do, Papa! Um… we’re going to go somewhere angel friendly, right?" Only now did she suddenly wonder if they’d end up visiting a demon club. -12:42 Oct 19
Cupio: Cupio grabbed the angel’s arm and pulling him up next to them as they walked. "Some place tame, quiet, secluded. I don’t want my Phae anywhere too rough when shes all nervous." he said still pulling the angel along but his arm. "My little girl isn’t the type to go anywhere I like to go and quiet is good too sometimes. I want to know how you’re doing and to talk, we can always go somewhere else for my next visit." -12:46 Oct 19
Tremdorias: Pulled aong with the purls he looked at the two and blinked. Next visit? Of course he wanted to be liked by his room lates apparent parent but he was buing manhandled. "I like the sound of somewhere quiet." he said quitely. "And I’d be happy to talk, about anything. I’m going to be staying with Phaedra after all.. I think." -12:48 Oct 19
Phaedra: "Yes! If you still want to stay with me." Her Papa was a hurricane who really didn’t understand that some people had their bubbles. Mother told her that! Phaedra released his arm and ducked around him, taking the middle spot so she could detach him from Tre. The man didn’t need to be dragged! "I’m doing okay now that you’re here.. I told you the first two days were a little rough, but I’m sure it’ll look up once I get the hang of stuff." -12:53 Oct 19
Cupio: "I’m here to help you with that, I’d be a bad parent if I didn’t at least do that." he looked at her, and then as him and slimed, she was protective of him and it. Was. ABORABLE. He had to try hard not to squee, like a little Jayden! Mama would be proud! If she ever found out. Proud and outraged. -12:56 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He took Paedra’s and and relaxed a bit. "Then I’m taying with you…" he looked at Cu[io and then at Phaedra, feeling like he was being fought over, or something, but he could relax arounf phaedra so he chose her. "And I’ll help too. I can do things and get a job and get money. It will be easier with two of us." -12:58 Oct 19
Phaedra: She hadn’t expected him to take her hand, and now that conversation of guys wanting to have sex when they moved in with you was flittering through her head. She was very nearly turning red and fumbling through her words. "Ri-right. Absolutely! I’m sure at least one of us will have a job really fast. I haven’t even applied to half the places on my list yet." -01:02 Oct 19
Tremdorias: Holding hands and blushing! SO! CUTE! It was getting hard to stay nuetral. "You could always ask me for money, I have enough." he said "Speaking of which We’re going shopping sometime. There are looks I’ve been wanting to try on you that Jayden would never let me. This is going to be so great. And we can get out hair done, and see a scary movie, and get you some food, and… I wish Jay was here and wouldn’t be bossy about it!" -01:06 Oct 19
Cupio: Holding hands and blushing! SO! CUTE! It was getting hard to stay nuetral. "You could always ask me for money, I have enough." he said "Speaking of which We’re going shopping sometime. There are looks I’ve been wanting to try on you that Jayden would never let me. This is going to be so great. And we can get out hair done, and see a scary movie, and get you some food, and… I wish Jay was here and wouldn’t be bossy about it!" -01:06 Oct 19
Tremdorias: Cupio seemed to be on a tangent and he took the time to get Phaedra’s attention. "You still want to to live with you? en when that happened?" he was a little surprised, she obviously bounced back fast. "Thank you, I’ll get a job and pay for half of everything. I don’t want to be a burden." -01:09 Oct 19
Phaedra: Her Papa was always enthusiastic about things, and Phaedra loved it! Well, maybe she didn’t want him to give her money when she was trying to do things on her own, but it was hard not to be cheered by his mood. Her new friend caught her a bit by surprise. "I actually thought maybe you wouldn’t want to stay there since I am trouble. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me, but I would love to have company and help." -01:13 Oct 19
Cupio: Cupio stopped talking to listen, while facing forwards and pretending not to. Even moving a little ahead to head into the elevator and hold the door to watch them coming, no longer able to keep himself from smiling. -01:16 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He smiled and squeezed her hand. "We will be fine, I guess I just need to lock the door, or something. I didn’t want to lock you out and." he looked away, somehow sure this was his fault. "We’ll have fun too though. Be best friends." -01:18 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed softly. "Best friends then. I can make a second key so you don’t have to worry so much. So don’t!" It was probably her Papa that was more worth worrying about. As they stepped in to the elevator she was giving him a suspicious look. -01:23 Oct 19
Cupio: He grinned at Phae pressing th ebutton and leanign against the wall. "So you met in a park, and you bought him a sandwicha nd then he suddenly moved in. You work fast Phae." he was joking, mostly. "There has to be more of a story." Or phaedra ahd picked up a stray and had put herself in danger! -01:27 Oct 19
Phaedra: "I bumped in to him and then bought him a new sandwhich. And then we had lunch together, and he said he didn’t really remember anything and I thought that was pretty bad being lost in the city by himself. Now he has somewhere to stay while he figures things out." And all of it sounded perfectly reasonable to her. He needed help, and she was in a position to give it! -01:31 Oct 19
Cupio: He looked between them. "So you didn’t do it because you like him?" he had his ahdns behind his back and wasn leanign against the wall in the perfect innocent post. "You didn’t think he was cute?" he knew Phaedra suspected this was coming, so it was good to give it now then pretend to move on. -01:33 Oct 19
Phaedra: There was the deviousness! Her face was probably red, but she gave an expression that was probably all too reminiscent of her mother. "Cuteness has nothing to do with these things, and I do like him or I wouldn’t have offered to help him." …And they were talking about him as if he weren’t right there and holding her hand. "…I’m really sorry if these questions are weird, Tre…" -01:37 Oct 19
Cupio: "If you like him you’ll kiss him." He loved seeing Phaedra being bashful and couldn’t help but sink his teeth into her reactions. "ANd if he likes you he’ll kiss you back. That is how you tell if you should date someone! So before we go o this date you two have testing to do!" -01:40 Oct 19
Phaedra: Oh, blast it all! Phaedra wasn’t prepared for him to be that wicked. Now there was no possible way she could look Tre in the eye, she was almost too embarassed. "It’s not a date when it’s three people, Papa…" She caught him on as technicality! -01:45 Oct 19
Cupio: "It is if there’s a third wheel, someone eto make sure you two don’t have sex in the middle of the resturant and make all the ones int he area ban demons from entering." so man buttons to press, this was too much fun! -01:47 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He was just listening and turning redder and redder. He wasnted to shrink and disappear but didn’t let go of her hand even if he couldn’t look at her, or her papa, at least the doors opened and he was able to step out! -01:49 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra was thinking about hitting her own father. Thank goodness the doors were open… maybe she should just start running and drag Tre with her? Instead, she quickly applied distraction technique. "…I just remember. He doesn’t have any extra set of clothes, Papa. Do you think we can borrow some of yours until we have the money to get some?" Keeping her voice even was a challenge, but she suceeded! -01:54 Oct 19
Cupio: "I don’t think he’ll fit in what I brought with." he pointed out. "Shopping first! Drinks second! We’re going to try on EVERYTHING!" grabbed phaedra’s hand and pulled her thought he doors out onto the street. -01:58 Oct 19
Cupio: "I don’t think he’ll fit in what I brought with." he pointed out. "Shopping first! Drinks second! We’re going to try on EVERYTHING!" grabbed phaedra’s hand and pulled her thought he doors out onto the street. "ANd so is angel bow. I’ll get you matching tshirts, and new shoes. And get you and I matching outfits and we’ll get p… okay maybe no pictures, and we’ll get icecream. But no mocha, no mocha…" -02:00 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He blinked. "Does she always get liek this?" from sneaky and embarresng to excited and talking a mile a minute. "You don’t have to get me anything though." -02:01 Oct 19
Phaedra: "We can’t go shopping now, we don’t have the money for that yet…!" Phaedra was determined to make sure she didn’t borrow more money than what she left with! It completely contradicted her quest to things herself. "Yes, he’s like this a lot… And you do need more clothes. But Papa, let me worry about that. I don’t think we’re up for a shopping adventure today!" -02:04 Oct 19
Cupio: "I’m not allowed to but a present for your boyfriend? Never knew my Phae was the jealous type." he stuck out his tongue and sighed. "Fine, we’ll do it tomorow, but remember I love spoiling my daughter and I’m going to do that if she wants me to or not!" he glared at Phaedra. "Unless tomorow you two want to go on a date alone… Okay I’ll stop now." -02:08 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He was still comfused and it showed. "I’ll get a job and get clothes." he mumbled softly hoping no one would hear, these two had sent thier entire lives togetehr and he didn’t remember any of his. He wanted that. Looking down at thier held hands he blushed. "I think Phaedra is brave to want to do things for herself." -02:15 Oct 19
Phaedra: "I am so going to tell Mother later. …when I can." she threatened. He was going to terrorize her new friend, and he’d regret ever meeting her! Phaedra squeezed Tre’s hand, trying to keep that embarassment under control. "I don’t know about brave… I’m kind of nervous about how everything will go now after such a bad start. Buuuut, we’ll be working together and that’s good." Phaedra wasn’t even sure what she was saying now, or if it still made sense. Papa had her so flustered, she just wanted to talk to keep him from doing it. -02:22 Oct 19
[(Logout) Phaedra is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((02:52 Oct 19))
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[Cupio enters.] -07:35 Oct 19
[Phaedra is having an awkward evening.] -07:36 Oct 19
[Tremdorias enters.] -07:37 Oct 19
Cupio: "If you tell mommy she’ll come here and you’ll never be allowed to live on your own again. Especially if she finds out what happened. I’m not telling you where you are and you’re not letting me have any fun!" he pouted and folded his arms and looked like he might refuse to talk another. "I’m hust happy that youo have found someone." -07:39 Oct 19
Phaedra: And all of a sudden Phaedra started laughing! Tail swishing behind still with that flustered twitch, but her laughing was easy enough. "Does that mean you’ve changed your mind about going out tonight, Papa? I was looking forward to it too!" -07:46 Oct 19
Cupio: "If least you need to stop taking what I say so seariously." he stuck out his tongue and then carried on walking. "You have your Mother’s temprament sometimes and I’m just here to have fun with my daughter, not me some medlesom parent." -07:52 Oct 19
Phaedra: She had been chastied by her father, and definitely looked like it. Complete with the sudden pouty lip and the ‘please dun be mad, papa!’ expression. Phaedra didn’t argue another word about it, though. She just squeezed Tre’s hand again. Maybe she wasn’t quite so grown up to handle her father after all! "…so then! Where did you have in mind to go? And since no mocha, I guess coffee is out of the question!" -07:56 Oct 19
Cupio: "I don’t know this city at all." he admitted looking around. "We will have to see what we can find." he was lying, he had read a guidebook and knew exactly where to go but wanted to make an adventure out of it. "Coffee is fine but not Mocha, I’m not lalowed to have Mocha unless Jayden is around." he spread his wings to stretch them after the long bus ride and looked around at street names. "We’ll try this way." -08:08 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He squeezed her hand back and looked at the two, he didn[‘t feeling liek he was contributing much to the conversation up to now. "I know a place.." he said beaking Cupio’s confident stride. "It’s close and nice." -08:12 Oct 19
Phaedra: "Really? Oh, that’s good… you know, it means you aren’t totally without memories. I think that’s a really good sign." …of course, it hadn’t occured to her until right that moment that she never asked just how far back his memory went. Phaedra clamped her mouth shut again. -08:15 Oct 19
Cupio: His tail twitched and he turned. "You do? Great! Do they serve demons there? Not to eat because if you eat anyone other than Phaedra I’ll kill you." he giggled after getting revenge for not allowing his to decide where they go without deciding where they were going. "Dammit neither of you are good at getting double meanings." -08:19 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "Eat Phaedra?" That didn’t sound very nice and he looked at her and shook his head. "I don’t ant to eat demon, and Phaedra isn’t full demon she.. I guess you know that already. It confuses me how who was dorn from a demon and a human." -08:21 Oct 19
Phaedra: She looked a little relieved at knowing she wasn’t going to be eaten. …then a bit suspicious at Papa pouting about double-meanings. Maybe she would ask about that later. "I don’t think it’s so weird, I mean, if they had me, then it’s bound to have happened lots of times before. I was doing studies about the cultural history in school." -08:25 Oct 19
Cupio: "Yes, Jaydens whole family have been angel, human, demon, mixes. Which is why I was ablr to get her pregnant. I didn’t even know I could when it happened but I couldn’t have been happier. Now where is this place of yours Angel? Lead the way, and if it’s kiddie land I’m laughing and getting myself a drink." -08:31 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He nodded, understanding a little more and then pointed in a direction across the street and started walking still holding Phaedra’s hand. "This way, it’s just over there." -08:35 Oct 19
Phaedra: It reminded her that she wanted to put together a timeline of Mother’s family tree. They’d never be able to trace Papa’s, but Phaedra wouldn’ve liked to know where she came from. "I like the kiddie lands. I haven’t played in a ball pit in forever!" -08:38 Oct 19
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -09:06 Oct 19
[(Timeout) Tremdorias was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -09:10 Oct 19
[Cupio enters.] -09:13 Oct 19
Cupio: "Kiddie land is for kids… but a ball pit does sound like fun. I wish they had good drinks there or had one in a… not getting distracted." He was the one following now and his tail was swishing watching them together. Why did Phaedra have to be so cure holding a boy’s hand? Dammit Phae! -09:19 Oct 19
[Tremdorias enters.] -09:20 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "what is a kiddie land?" he was curious now even though this place wasn’t that, it was a tiny little bar/resturant and they were already outside of it, nearly invisible between a comic book shop and a larger cafe. "And what is a ball pit?" -09:23 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed again, swinging his hand back and forth. "It’s like a swimming pool filled with plastic balls, and it’s kinda crazy weird how you sink in them and can’t get back out. But it’s a lot of fun." She tilted her head, eyeing him curiously for a moment. "How much of your memory are you missing? You don’t seem to be missing too much vital stuff… just little things." -09:25 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "I haven’t been here that long either!" he protested. "It’s just… I don’t know if I want to remember, it’s hard to explain. I…" he lookes at Phaedra standing still and then just put his arms around her and hugged her. "I’m sorry I’m so incomplete." -09:31 Oct 19
Phaedra: She didn’t know why she was being hugged so suddenly, but Phaedra assumed he needed the comfort. If he had issues anything like what she had over the past two days, she definitely understood the need for hugs. So she put her arms around him and hugged him back, offering him a wide reassuring grin. "Don’t worry about it! You’re not alone, so we’ll get it all sorted out." -09:38 Oct 19
Cupio: From handholding to hugging, he was wierd but he could almost forgive him as he chanted ‘kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss’ in his head clutching his hand to his chest and almost, almost, squealing. "You two can join me when you’re done." he said stepping around them and slipping inside. "I’ll order you something to drink while I wait." -09:41 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He clung to her, happy to be alone and not letting go. "We will, I know you’re afraid too but you don’tneed to be so long as I’m here, so long as I am me." he sighed and glaned at the retreating demon. "We should go after her before she orders us somehting nasty?" he didn’t know Cupio very well, but demons were tricky and this one was definately no exception. -09:44 Oct 19
Phaedra: It was an unexpectled nice feeling to have someone who wasn’t one of her parents say something like that. Still grinning, Phaedra nodded. "I’m sure he won’t give us anything gross… but he’s clearly feeling mischevious today. He’s not bothering you too badly is he? I can ask him to stop pestering you." -09:48 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He shook his head. "I don’t want you todo that, he looks like she is having fun and trying to be friendly in her own way. I understand demons are not like me and likinf with different types of people makes life interesting, right? I know my life got more interesting after I let you." -09:55 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra looked apologetic again. ‘Interesting’ could have easily meant ‘dangerous’ or ‘insane’ and she still felt so bad about it. "I just want to keep you safe, I guess. Even if it’s just from my Papa being weird." Phaedra took his hand again to lead the way inside. "But I’ll not worry about then, either! We’ll just enjoy tonight!" -09:58 Oct 19
Cupio: He was at a table and had ordered three drinks, nixe fruity, delicious, strong drinks and had already taking a sip when they arived. He had his wongs spread out to purposfully blocj anyone sitting hixt to him in the booth so that had to sit next to eachother and was pretending to play with his crazy straw. Apparently one of the staff had recognised him and they had been promised free hot buns and a plate od nachos to enjoy with thier meal. People were nice! -10:04 Oct 19
Cupio: "We’ll keep eachother safe, but I don’t want your family to have to act differently around me. If we’re going to be staying togetehr they need to like me and…" he looked at the stall offered Phaedra to sit first and changed subject. "What is this?" he was looking at the glass. -10:07 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "We’ll keep eachother safe, but I don’t want your family to have to act differently around me. If we’re going to be staying togetehr they need to like me and…" he looked at the stall offered Phaedra to sit first and changed subject. "What is this?" he was looking at the glass. – -10:08 Oct 19
Phaedra: Phaedra slid in to her seat with her tail curling on to her lap, and without hearing what the drink was called, was already taking a sip. Sweet! She liked that it was pretty and colorful too. "It’s not bad.. orange and pineapple and… hmm… Some other stuff, I can’t tell." -10:11 Oct 19
Cupio: He smiled. "You can’t just start drinking." he said. "This is a special night and we need to make a toast and… NACHOS!" the plate had arived and set in front of them. "I like this place, but anyway, a toast. To new lives and new beginings. My Phae is all grown up!" -10:15 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He didn’t know what to think about the toast but she was obviously a proud parent and that was touching. So see demons act like this was stange but heartwarming nad he smiled and took a drink… and it was nice and warming and… just nice. -10:19 Oct 19
[Phaedra enters.] -10:22 Oct 19
Phaedra: So much excitement over chips and cheese! Phaedra gave a nervous, embarassed giggle before sipping her drink too. Then setting it aside to steal one of the chips and pop it in to her mouth. "Pretty sure I’ve been grown up for awhile, but this new life stuff is definitely an adventure." -10:25 Oct 19
Cupio: "There you go, that’s the spirit. See youa re old enough to handle this. You two will do fine." he also stole and chip before pushign it out into the middle of the table and sipping his drink. "I’m just tockled to see you living in your own place, with a man, even if the man was a suprise but I think he’s too much of a wimp to hurt you. My little Phae with an angel." he did it, he squealed and if there wasn’t a table between them he would have jumped on them and hugged them both! -10:29 Oct 19
Phaedra: "That’s not nice! He might not be a wimp!" Anybody could be knocked out and surprised by an evil demon. …though Phaedra was casting the angel a small side glance to see how he took the comment. -10:34 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He was blushign adn he didn’t know why, glancing at phaedra and trying to hide it by taking a large gulp from his glass and putting it down, then turning to stare at the other seat. Again he was kind of left out of the conversation but that was fine, he was spending time with Phaedra. He caught her eye and took her hand under the table. "It’s fine, I don’t like fighting so wimp is a good word for me, but it’s a compliment. I will fight si I have to to keep you safe, but only if there is no other way." -10:36 Oct 19
Cupio: This was too cute for words and he just sat there grinning into his drink and watching. He picked up a creacy chip and nibbled on it and adly played with his tail. There was no doubt about it. Wimpy hos papa’s aproval! Now he just had to get them to kiss. -10:41 Oct 19
[(Timeout) Phaedra was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -10:47 Oct 19
Phaedra: The drink really was good, it was hard not to drink it fast. She squeezed his hand when she smiled at him. See, he understood how she felt about hurting things! …it took meeting an angel to find someone that agreed, but still! "I wouldn’t call that a wimp at all though. Chosing not to fight and hurt things is your choice, and I think that’s great! There’s so many more awesome things to do." -10:47 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He squeezed her hand again and leaned closer, his shoulder resting against hers and took another sip of the fruity drink. "I don’t mind what people call me, I don’t want to hurt people, or demons, or anything that can feel pain. I am happy with that, so what others say doesn’t matter. Being happy with yourself is what matters." -10:53 Oct 19
Phaedra: "See, that is how I felt too. But Mother fusses so much about me not learning how to fight things, and I said I’d never need to know! And- hmm." There was a trail of thought she didn’t want to get in to. Phaedra quickly shifted gears. "What kind of job would you like to look for, Tre?" -10:57 Oct 19
Cupio: Nooooo don’t tlak about work! Work was for when there wasn’t chemestry in the air. "Worry about work tomorow after I leave." he said cutting his daughter off. "Yes I’m leaving tomorow but only for a few hours since I do actually have work here. And since you don’t want me to have fun taking you shopping he can borrow my clothes, now back to talkign baout eachother, what do you think of him?" -11:04 Oct 19
Phaedra: "Papa, I already told you I liked him, he’s nice." She really didn’t get him sometimes. Phaedra sipped her drink again, frowning a bit when she realized it was gone already. "Um, I guess we -should- talk about us so we know what we’re living with… like um… was the couch comfortable?" -11:10 Oct 19
Cupio: Phaedra was hopeless with guys! "You like him! Sow what do you like about him? What don’t you like about him, how do you like him? Like a friend or like a boyfriend? How does it feel like to hold his hand, to look into his eyes and say that you like him?" -11:12 Oct 19
Phaedra: That was far too many questions at once, and she was feeling a little too hazy to be able to shoot back with responses quick enough! Phaedra got stuck on looking down at their held hands, twisting her mouth up in a thoughtful expression. "You could ask him questions too, you know, he is sitting right here!" Oh, that was mean of her. Siccing her Papa after him. But he did say he could handle it. …Phaedra just wasn’t quite ready to answer! -11:18 Oct 19
Cupio: "No, I want to know what my daughter thinks of the man she’s holding hands with, then I’ll ask him. I know what he thinks about you already, I can smell it. Phaedra, you’re the only one I can’t and that’s frustrating when you won’t talk to me." -11:22 Oct 19
Phaedra: Oh that wasn’t fair at all! He could smell what Tre felt? Now her face was red again, and she most certainly was -not- going to gaze in to anyone’s eyes. She liked him and he was nice. Phaedra couldn’t think of any other words for it… she liked holding his hand, and liked being hugged. And liked that he wanted to stay and help her and protect her even though she didn’t ask him to. "What do you think about me?" she avoided answering her papa, but not on purpose. Phaedra wanted to know what he was smelling! -11:30 Oct 19
Cupio: Yes, asking him, she was making moves and Cupio, love doctor was in the house to make sure there was hookup. He sipped his drinks, those two drank quickly and either was taking it very well. Things couldn’t be going better. Cupio might be the one on the couch tonight! -11:36 Oct 19
Tremdorias: "I…" he went led. "I like you." he said quietly examining the table with all too much intencity. "I think you’re gneerous and tusting and I don’t betray your trust want to. You’re the kindest person I’ve met and I want to be just as kind back to you if I can. And holding your hand makes me feel warm inside." -11:39 Oct 19
Phaedra: "I see…" She might have blushed redder if that was even possible. And she understood exactly what he meant by warm feeling, because the words were so sweet she was almost dizzy with giddiness. That was a weird new feeling! "I’m glad I ran in to you. You make me feel like it wasn’t an accident at all and that I was meant to meet you. I like that feeling." -11:48 Oct 19
Cupio: "He liiiiiiikes you." Cupio purred. "He wants to huuuug you. He wants to kiiiiiiisss you." he drained his glass and grinned. "My nose never lies, and you two are in danger of falling in love and I’m so happy mt daughter has found a soft gentle wimp to look after. I would hug you both if we were standing." -11:56 Oct 19
Tremdorias: He took refuge in draining his glass and blushing like hell. "I… Do… maybe?" he didn’t let ho of her hand and just kept his gaze anywhere but the two of them. "I want to talk aout somethign else." -12:05 Oct 20
Phaedra: It was too late now, they were knee deep in it, and now that earlier conversation with her papa was on her mind again. A man that moved in with you wanted to have sex! And so far she was 2 to 0. "If that demon hadn’t been there, would you have raped me, Tre? Or are you going to later…? Men move in because they want sex and I don’t know if I am ready for that yet, but I don’t want to say no…" -12:11 Oct 20
Tremdorias: He snapped to look at her and his hand left hers under the table. "N…NO! I… NO! Never I…" he was surprised and outrages and… he remembered. He had raped her, twice and… "I…" he wasnted to cry and quickly got up to walk away quickly, anywhere where he could be away from them, bathroom! -12:23 Oct 20
Phaedra: Phaedra looked bewildered for a moment, but soon realized she said the exact wrong thing. Insulting and hurtful and… she couldn’t believe she let that come out of her mouth without thinking first! Phaedra moved, having every intention of going after him! -12:28 Oct 20
Cupio: He got up too and caught up to Phaedra and put a hand over her shoulder to stop her, then stepped past her and pushed into the bathroom, he after all what a guy… right? "Tremor, she didn’t mean to hurt you. She just doesn’t want it to happen again, and I don’t want it to happen to her again either, did something happen to you that night?" -12:33 Oct 20
Tremdorias: "You don’t understand…" he said shocked to see the demon had followeded. "What if I do hurt her, what if I already have, what if because of what happened she needs to be alone for a while. I want her to be safe and hapy and what if she’s not take with me? She needs someone who can protect her, not a wimp!" -12:37 Oct 20
Phaedra: Left outside the bathroom, Phaedra was stuck standing there like an idiot, twisting her poor tail up in her hands. Why couldn’t she seem to do anything right on her own? It was the simplest thing in the world to have a friend, and just by being her she was messing it up! -12:40 Oct 20
Cupio: "That’s stupid. You said you would fight for her so fight for her. You’ll never get anything nice if you just give up on day one. Get back out there or I’ll bring her in here, she’s probably out there feeling bad for hurting you, whickh means staying in here is hurting her. So get out there or I’ll slap sense into you!" -12:44 Oct 20
Tremdorias: "So I hurt her no matter what I do, she is better off not knowing me. I should leave and never get close to her again." -12:51 Oct 20
Cupio: He stepped forwards clenching his hands into a fist. "You’re lying, I can smell it. You don’t really feel that, and if you run from her she will think it’s her fault and she will probably move back in with me and never step out of the house again because she would be too afraid to. Is that what you want for her?" -12:53 Oct 20
Tremdorias: "No.. I… I want her to be happy. There I said it, everythign you said is true but I would never hurt her. She has been nothing but kind to me and what have I done to her?" -12:55 Oct 20
Cupio: "What HAVE you done to her." Cupio was bristling, his voice a low hiss and once of the bathrool stall doors was knocked open with a crash as his wings came out. If he had hurt her he would die painfully, very painfully. -12:57 Oct 20
Phaedra: Phaedra was leaning her head against the bathroom door, trying to hear. But voices were too muffled to make out. She jumped when it sounded like something crashed, and in an instant she was pushing in to the bathroom, despite the fact girls weren’t allowed in there. It wasn’t hard to tell her papa was angry, and she was quickly putting herself between them with her hands up to stop her papa from advancing any further. "Stop..! Mother wouldn’t like you getting in trouble here! I can talk to him, please.." -01:03 Oct 20
Cupio: He stopped then Phaedra intervened. "are you sure this isn’t the man that raped you?" he hissed. "I smell fear, I smell guilt, I smell…" he hissed again and then blinked. "I don’t know what that is…" interference from another scourse? -01:11 Oct 20
Phaedra: "A human and a demon, and he’s not either!" but… Phaedra turned around to look at him again… really examine him. The other two, there were similarities. She didn’t want to think about it, but she was sure they had said very similar things. …He didn’t seem to be anything like them, though! "I’m sorry! I don’t want to upset you, I just… I don’t know…" -01:19 Oct 20
Tremdorias: He folded his wings and brew in a deep breath. "We should get him out of here. I’m taking everyone for icecream then we’re going home. No one is going to be angry." he took Phaedra’s arm and took her bloser to the man who was sitting on the floor and took one of his arms. "Things will be stresful for everyone but it will pass. You two are too cute together to break apart before you’ve started." -01:24 Oct 20
Cupio: He folded his wings and brew in a deep breath. "We should get him out of here. I’m taking everyone for icecream then we’re going home. No one is going to be angry." he took Phaedra’s arm and took her bloser to the man who was sitting on the floor and took one of his arms. "Things will be stresful for everyone but it will pass. You two are too cute together to break apart before you’ve started." -01:25 Oct 20

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