My Demon Roommate 004: Not a Great Day

Jayden: Jayden did not have a good day. Jayden had a very BAD day. Which was not how she wanted to spend her day back at work after being bedridden with an unexpected cold. When she got back to the apartment, she was slamming the door closed and looked ready to kill just about anything. She was already kicking off her shoes, throwing her jacket off and marching to the kitchen. -05:47 Aug 02
Cupio: He had just made her bed and was now aranging the bottled on the bathroom shelf. He was practically floating and very nearly literally. He heard her come in and called out to her. “Hey Jay great news!” he was grinning as he poked his head out. I’ve got another tryout, thanks to you!” -05:51 Aug 02
Jayden: YOU!” She pointed at him as she snarled. Jayden completely missed his comment about a new tryout, and was almost derailed by that grin on his face. No! She was too god damned pissed off, he wasn’t going to be hot and get out of it! Abandoning her accusing pointing, she was growling all over again and dragging a beer out of the fridge. It was opened and the entire contents was drank in five seconds flat. -05:54 Aug 02
Cupio: He paused “Jay?” he entered the room and leaned agaist the back of the couch. “You… coming to the tryout?” he really wanted her too. She was so far the only human he had a connection with. “I’ll try to get them aranged for a night you can make it.” -05:59 Aug 02
Jayden: “No! In fact, I don’t think I am going to do anything with you ever again!” Even as she was shouting it, she knew it wasn’t true. Still, she was pissy and was going to make it well know. Jayden grabbed another beer and stalked passed him. On the way she was taking off her shirt and throwing that to the floor too. She needed to get out of those clothes. -06:01 Aug 02
Cupio: He looked like he had been slapped in the face, and he even ignored th.. okay he threw the shirt into the hamper and followed her. “Jayden, what happened?” he was concerned, it was obviously something big and… his fault? He though his day at her work went great. -06:04 Aug 02
Jayden: Her skirt came off next which got kicked off in the hall, leaving her in just the underthings and stockings. She turned on her feet to stalk back to him. Poking his chest with the beer bottle. “What happened? Where do I start! With the security video of me dancing on a desk, the guy from filing feeling up my boobs? Burt in acquisitions asking for another ‘Burty Special’? My boss slipping his hand up my skirt when I bent over his desk?” -06:29 Aug 02
Cupio: He was speachless.. “I…” she was angry and “I told them I wasn’t you, I even said I was your demon room mate filling in for you, they all understood, or acted like they did.” he was comfused but he knew how to fix it… “I;ll go in tomorow and explain, -show- them I’m not you. Alright?” -06:32 Aug 02
[Jayden enters.] -06:40 Aug 02
Jayden: “It’s too late for that now. You’re lucky I’m not in JAIL for assault right now!” By the end of the day, Jayden had enough. She held up her now twice bruised hand as proof. “I broke somebody’s nose today! Why did you thinking having sex with people in my office was a good idea?! With MY looks? Do you know how dumb most people are!” Speaking of hitting things, she socked his shoulder and then was pulling her hand back with regret. Too solid…! That hurt! -06:43 Aug 02
Cupio: He has now starting to feel terrible. “IStill if they know it wasn’t you they’d see it was a misunderstanding. I can’t have you losing your job because of me, not when I only have a tryout coming up and…” he put his hands either side of his head and sighed. “I’m not letting you lose your job bacause of me, now call your boss and I’ll talk to him.” -06:47 Aug 02
Jayden: Damnit. He was very quickly knocking the wind out of her sails. It was really hard to stay pissed off when he actually felt bad and wanted to fix it. She visibly wilted a bit. “No… It’s fine. …I’ve already quit. Y’know, even if it -was- me sleeping people, that asshole didn’t have any right to grab at me like that.” she grumbled. Jayden definitely had a problem with people being grabby. -06:54 Aug 02
Cupio: He looked defeated and moved over to sit on the bed. “I’m sorry… but it was one of the people at your work that gave me the number to call for me to set up and interview. I..” he stood and moved past her into the lounge. “I’ll get you another beer.” -06:56 Aug 02
[(Timeout) Jayden has timed out.] -07:02 Aug 02
Jayden: And there it went… all of her anger gone, and she was feeling just as defeated! Setting her second empty bottle on the nightstand, Jayden fell face first in to bed and groaned. “I hope you get that job… cause I sure as hell can’t pay the bills now!” her savings would last, what, a month? That wasn’t too bad. Surely she would find a new job by then. -07:02 Aug 02
Cupio: He put the bottle in her hands and opened his own. “I’ll get the job, I’ll kill to get it if I have to.” he put an arm around her. “Still sorry though, I.. I just don’t know humans I guess. You tell them one thing and they believe another.” -07:16 Aug 02
Jayden: Jayden tapped the bottle against her lips, that scowl of hers quirking up to a small grin. “…on the bright side, now tons of people think I am sexy as hell AND I don’t have to work at that shitty place anymore?” It really wasn’t much of a brightside at all. But Jayden was a little amused that a demon had so much remorse. She didn’t think demons cared about stuff like that. -07:20 Aug 02
Cupio: “I’m sure they thought you were sexy before.” he said taking a gulp fron his bottle before getting to his feet to head to the door, her skirt was getting to him. “How about I take you out to a bar tonight.. your choice of bar, and I’ll look like this the entire time.” he had a little money enouhg for a night out anyway. -07:30 Aug 02
Jayden: “Oohh nooo, I don’t get to take out my girlfriend?” she responded, the words dripping with sarcasm as she rolled her eyes. Him as his adorable girl form… she hated it! “Okay, then! I can use a night out that doesn’t involve grabby hands or damsels.” Jayden tugged off those stockings. No more filing assistant uniform! -07:33 Aug 02
Cupio: He checked her skirt into the hamper and shot her a look. “I said that to get that guy off my case, I thought it might work… or don’t girls date girls here?” he pulled off his shirt and pulled on something a little neater then decided his face could use some stubble and went with that stepping into the bathroom to take a look. “I’m a little curious about what the places YOU like to go to look like.” -07:40 Aug 02
Jayden: Now Jayden was flat out grinning! “Plenty of girls like dating girls. Not me, though. I like being the ONLY girl.” Finishing off her beer, she was up to dig around in her closet for something to wear. Some slacks and a really nice blouse. In fact, nicer than her usual crumpled clothes that she wore out on errands or to work. “You’ll like where I go. …er.. well, there will be a severe lack of sweaty orgies. But it will be clean.” -07:44 Aug 02
Cupio: “No place I’ve seen has orgies here, that is probably a good thing… a demon in a human orgy would get messy. With one person I can controll myself, when its everywhere..” there would be blood, and most likely humans would die…. demons were very sensitive to their enviroments! “But I’m nto going there for sex… do you have a ring I could borrow?” -07:49 Aug 02
Jayden: A ring? That was a weird request. Stepping over to her dresser she dug around until she found where she had a mess of items and jewerly all scattered in a drawer. Jayden picked it up and held it out to him. “What’s it for? Didn’t think you were the jewelry sort of demon.” -07:55 Aug 02
Cupio: He tool it and tried to find a finger it would fit on eventually finding the little hinger of his left hand and pushed it on. “I’m not but its a sign to other demons I’m not looking for sex.” he looked at it and tried to judge if it was suitable. “Tonight is about you and I’m coming back home with you. Its probably not needed by just in case.” -07:59 Aug 02
Jayden: “You sound like a boyfriend.” she smirked, tapping her hands on her hips as she watched him. Tonight is about her, huh? She could use a night like that after the day she had. She moved past him to claim a pair of heels and slipped them on. “Anywhere I want, and you’re paying, right?” -08:03 Aug 02
Cupio: “I have some money, not a lot but I’m going to make sure I get than job, I’m calling them tomorow and seeing if I can schedule my tryout tomorow night.” he was ready and holding out his hand for hers. “And he live in the same appartment and have sex with eachother, I think i can sound like a boyfriend if I want to. Now where are we going?” -08:07 Aug 02
Jayden: Jayden rolled her eyes again. “Oh, you think you can, huh? That’s pretty presumptious!” She was still taking his hand, though and leading him out of the apartment. She only stopped long enough to lock the door behind them. “It’s down the street a couple blocks over. I’ve been there once when a friend took a bunch of us out to celebrate a job. We’ll call tonight my liberation from accounting tyrany party?” -08:12 Aug 02
Cupio: “Sounds like a good name for a party.” he said following her. “And one of the great things about being a demon is I can sound liek what I want to sound like and blame it on cultural missunderstanding. I…” he was eyeing as out of place dust bin on the street corner that had caught his eye when he was unable to tune it out fast enough. “I… it would have to be put in it’s place.. but where was that? there were no palces where it would feel right. It… it was just WRONG. “I…” -08:17 Aug 02
Jayden: She was watching him again. A slight furrow of her brow as she tugged his hand and squeezed it. Another neat freak meltdown? He really was totally messed up about that stuff! “Hey! I’ll go with your for your tryout, again. So long as you promise I don’t have to punch anyone else in the face. You’re gonna have to fix my hand at this rate.” -08:21 Aug 02
Cupio: That got his attention and he looked at her and smiled. Then pointed at the trash can and it melted away into a cloud of smoke that blew away in the wind. “Don’t hit anyone and we’ll be fine. I really wanted that last job but I really NEED this one.” he started walking with her. “Though I promise not to let myself get into situations like that again.” -08:28 Aug 02
Jayden: Hmm. That fuck me smile. Jayden was starting to think he was some sort of incubus. …she needed to not grin back at him when he did that. “See, avoid trouble and I won’t -have- to hit people.” To keep his attention on her and not the scattered disarray of litter and fuck knew what else he’d get freaky about, she was softly running her fingers up and down his arm. -08:35 Aug 02
Cupio: He looked down at her finger, then at her save and grinnign wider, then he winked at her. “You’re going to make me want to turn aroudn and head back to the bedroom, but.. I will wait until the end of the night.” he leaned down to kiss her cheek then contunue walking towards the bar still curious about what the kind of bars she liked to go to. -08:40 Aug 02
Jayden: Christ, he actually made her blush with that one. After all the crazy shit they had talked about! “I’m not trying to seduce you, Coop. Just keeping you sane long enough to get us there.” And it didn’t take long. The walk was quick, and they were outside of a very modern, very expensive looking place. All glass and steel, very classy. And the insides matched. Clean simple lines, polished white and black marble. The music wasn’t too loud, but the lightening was wonderfully dim and it smelled faintly of sweet smelling cigars. He couldn’t stand messes, and the place was the exact opposite of a mess. “Less distracting than the last bar, right?” -08:46 Aug 02
Cupio: Hey I happen to like you a lot, you don’t have to seduce me.” he said before htey entered and he could look around. There was a waitor wiping a table and putting the condiments in thier places and… it was great! “Definately!” he said lookign at the neat row of bar stools and.. “It feels a bit cold though, its certainly neat, but unloved.” it was curious feeling and he reached out to touch the wall. He didn’t look unhappy, quite the oposite, more unfamiliar with this type of surrounding. -08:53 Aug 02
Jayden: “Unloved, really?” she couldn’t hide the amusement in her voice. He was a weird demon. Jayden tugged his hand and led him over to the bar, where she slipped on to one of the stools. She was a lot more comfortable looking here compared to the stripclub. “And what would make this place better, then? It’s clean and crazy organized. No screaming or sleezing or unidentifiable sticky substances… Demony fire, maybe?” -08:58 Aug 02
Cupio: He was still looking around. “Theres no… the decore is completely conservative they no pictures of anything.. I’ve never been in a place like this it makes it feel clinical.” he said deciding he liked looking at her better anyway and sliding into the seat next to her. “Is this what humans like? Well I guess I shouldn’t have worried, no demon would ever come here on their own. You can have your ring back.” he put his hand around his finger and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and… “Its stuck.” -09:03 Aug 02
Jayden: “I’m not surprised. It’s a little small.” Jayden took his hand to see if she could twist it off. “So you don’t like dirty messy, and you don’t like stark white stainless clean. You’re really confusing!” Dang, the thing really was stuck pretty bad. Jayden was slipping out of her chair and turning her back to him so she could hold his arm around her and try twisting it from a more familiar angle. “Some humans like places like these. I these better than the bars. …though I guess it IS a impersonal.” -09:07 Aug 02
Cupio: “Hold on I got it.” he said lookign to make sure no one was looking and then the hand in hers because a lot smalled and a lot more feminine, and the pressure on her back changed too and once it was off he returned to normal. “There now… What do you want to drink?” -09:12 Aug 02
Jayden: Jayden rolled her eyes. Figures it would slip off the fingers of little Cupio! She hopped back in to her seat, sliding the ring on to her middle finger and then tapping her nails on the bar. “Something strong, maybe bourbon. If you want we can head upstairs too. They let people out on the room and you can see the whole city up there. It’ll be less clinical?” -09:15 Aug 02
Cupio: He pulled the price list towards him and took a fold of notes out of his pocket and counted them.. then nodded. “I’ll get sent up, you go pick us a table and settle in.” he smiled at her again and then turned his attenting back to the list. He did like the night air. -09:19 Aug 02
Jayden: “Hmm. All right.” Jayden was a little concerned about leaving him alone out in public, but the place of clean and he didn’t look like a dainty stripper. She patted his leg and headed off to climb the stairs for the roof. A nice out of the way table sounded like a good quiet way to spend the evening. -09:21 Aug 02
Cupio: He ordered a bottle of burbon and ice to be sent up to the roof and payed before heading up and and joining her, spiding into the seat oposite her nad looking up at the dark sky. “You’re right, this is better. And soon we’ll be able to toast our new occuaatons, I don’t think you want to work in the same place as me, though I’v sure you’ll hind a job, you have a resume, and an ID, and proof that you exist. I barely have legal rights and the paperword is in for my ID… thats another thing I did while you were at work.” -09:26 Aug 02
Jayden: “Yeah, I’m not so sure you have the best choices in career options.” she was grinning, resting her chin in her hands as she looked up at the sky. “Dunno where I’m going to apply though. I hated being stuck in that office all day pushing around paperwork and falling in line.” Her eyes finally gell to him and Jayden gave him a cheeky grin. “If I didn’t hate douchey McGrabbyhands so much, I might’ve considered stripping once!” -09:31 Aug 02
Cupio: “I’m working with what I have.” he said. “I don’t have any human skill, contacts, knowledge… anything.” he looked at her. “Though you’re hot enough to be a stripper.” he was tempted to ask her for a private dance, hell he could give her one in return! In the form she liked. -09:36 Aug 02
Jayden: “You’re a neurotic sex crazed demon, I think everybody looks hot to you!” Speaking of hotness, he had that wicked plotting look on his face again. She narrowed her eyes at him. “You’re a twitch away from smirking, Coop…” -09:40 Aug 02
Cupio: “That guy wasn’t… the girl in the cat ears wasn’t…” he eyed her. “I was just thinking about a private strip show in your bedroom, we could take turns, and I wouldn’t even change, you’d get the Cupio you like doing it just for you.” -09:44 Aug 02
Jayden: Immediately she grinned, and just as quick she was wiping that look off her face and trying to appear disinterested instead of like a kid just offered a free candy store. “The Cupio I like, huh? Is that gonna be worth me taking all my clothes off and dancing badly?” -09:52 Aug 02
Cupio: He paused as the bottle arived and was poared for them and he then he was grinning. “I hope so otherwise I light have to use the other one if you don’t like this one enough. -09:55 Aug 02
Jayden: “Ugh.. blegh…! Wound me, why don’t you!” Once she had a glass, she took a sip. Wonderfully cold and smooth and just the right kind of burn. It was really hard not to smile at him. “You really do act too much like a boyfriend, Coop.” -09:59 Aug 02
Cupio: He stuck out his tongue at her and leaned back to sip his drink, its was good. “Good call on the drink.” he grinned taking another sip, and another. And then a gulp! “You do a little dance, I do a little dance, it will be something nice, and you get to tell me if you want another on your birthday… which is somehting humans have! I found out about them when filling out forms. They told me to put the day I was summoned, so thats now my birthday!” -10:05 Aug 02
Jayden: “Oh, I have to do it first, huh! I see how it is!” She laughed anyway, though. Jayden was fine sipping from her glass this time. Her bad mood had already faded, and it really was nice to just sit there and relax. “I guess since I missed your birthday and a summoning fuck doesn’t count as a present, I could dance for you. …but just that once!” -10:11 Aug 02
Cupio: “Thats…” he grinned at her “Thank you.” he took another sip and looked at her over his glass then out over the city. “Its nice to relax like this. I don’t think I’ll be looking to go back after all. I could never do this there.” -10:15 Aug 02
Jayden: “What, relaxing? Really?” Why did she even sound surprised, Jayden seriously doubted that hell was a great place. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called hell and every demon in the universe wouldn’t always be trying to run wild on earth. Jayden scooted until she was sitting next to him, giving that wicked grin again. “So what else haven’t you ever done that you want to do now? Or am I supposed to boss you around a bit?” -10:22 Aug 02
Cupio: He eyed her. “Our contract is comcluded.” he said “You don’t have to do anything and nor do I, what I do is out of choice and because, like I said I really like you.” he poked her cheek with his finger. “And I don’t really know what I’ve never done until I hear about it or do it.” -10:26 Aug 02
Jayden: Jayden turned her head and bit his finger gently. That same wicked grin spread across her face. It was fun to tease him. “And you like me because I give you room and board and a good screw? What a demon! My poor human heart!” -10:33 Aug 02
Cupio: He leaned forwards and nipped the nip of her nose. “Its more than that. Or do you believe me a heartless self-serving creature of the underworld, simply living in your house and having a good fuck with you and now that you’re jobless and of no use to me I’ll drop you like a rag and find someone else to bang?” -10:38 Aug 02
Jayden: “…Well, I wasn’t worried about that. Until now.” She narrowed her eyes and examined his face. Hmm. Naw, she really wasn’t worried about that. If he was going to take off like THAT, he would have done it already. “Why do you stay, then? Call me curious and a glutton for punishment.” -10:42 Aug 02
Cupio: “After we completed the contract? Well its obvious you didn’t know what you were doing when you summoned me. You didn’t try to use me, or bind me, or do any of that. I’d found someone I could trust. Its not easy for our kind to trust and its a good feeling.” he emptied his glass and refilled it. “For that, I owed you, and its my fault you lost your job. I have to repay you for feeding me and clothing me and being there.” -10:48 Aug 02
Jayden: “You really know how to embarrass a girl.” He made her sound like some sort of saint, when she was pretty sure she spent of the time screaming at him and taking advantage of no-strings sex. Jayden was flushing again and huffed. “You’re welcome, I guess. You don’t have to repay me, though. Room mates throw in equal shares. You’re gonna be paying all the bills while I hunt for a new job. It’s a tit for tat thing…” -10:52 Aug 02
Cupio: He was grinning again. “I’m lucky I got summoned by you instead of someone looking for a bound sex servant. That happens, the more powerful the harder they are to bind though, sometimes binds break… then blood happens.” he sighed. “So I’ll stay with you until… we agree its not working with us anymore I guess. So for the forceable future you can trust I’ll be there.” -10:57 Aug 02
Jayden: That was sweet… too sweet! Sexy demon or frustrating demon might be easier to take than sweet demon! To break that awkwardness, she leaned in close to brush a kiss against his cheek. “You know… I could still have you as a bound sex servant…” -11:01 Aug 02
Cupio: That sounded almost like a challenge, and if it didn’t he’d make sure it did. “You underestimate my power.” he said before nipping her lip. “You could bind me, but you already get sex, and could you keep me bound? Or would you one day find a free and furious demon on your hands?” -11:04 Aug 02
Jayden: Now she was smiling wide. “And you underestimate me! Maybe I’ll get you drunk and tie you up in my bed with my stockings. And if you get loose, you’ll be too damned tired to be furious.” Jayden too his chin to kiss the corner of his mouth. Her libodo was winning out again, and for a second time she couldn’t blame the booze. She just liked him! -11:08 Aug 02
Cupio: “Ooooooooooh that kind of binding…” he was grinning from ear to ear. “Thats another matter entirely Jay. I think that kind of bonding the consequences for getting osse would be less bloody and more…” he nipped her lip “Fun.” -11:10 Aug 02
[Cupio might be tipsy which is a little embarresing for a demon, so he’ll never admit to it! Though as he enters the appartment he looks at his finger and frowns… that ring had been nice.] -03:46 Aug 04
[Jayden shouldn’t have worn heels and a whole bottle of bourbon was a bad idea. But she was giggling and amused, so who gives a shit?] -03:47 Aug 04
Jayden: In fact she was now standing on one foot pulling off a shoe and tossing it randomly in the room. …and then she was on the floor because keeping balance on one heeled foot was impossible. After a moment of confused blinking, Jayden started laughing all over again. She was drunk and she knew it. It was nice to be drunk after her day! -03:49 Aug 04
Cupio: He saw the shoe and poinced on it, then pounced on her other foot to tear the shoe off of that too, and then tickle it with his fingers. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed grinning before he put both shoes together next to the door and sat on his ass to take his off too. "You’re drunk, stay there and I’ll carry you to bed." -03:52 Aug 04
Jayden: Jayden laughed again when tugging her foot free and wound up on her back on the floor. "No, no, no, no, no… we agreed to stripping challenge. No bed." Jayden rolled over on to her hands and knees, straightened while still on her knees. Swaying a bit when the blood rushed out of her head. The room kept tilting even when she pressed her hands to her head to keep it still. -03:56 Aug 04
Cupio: He threw one of his socks in the vague direction of her over his shoulder. "Where better to have on that the bedroom?" he asked, then blinked and aswered his own question. "I’ll move the coutch." He pushed himself onto his feet thenusing the wall for balance straitened then and turned unabl to resist striking a pose and grinning at her. Okay.. couch, he walked over to it and turned it so that the lounge area was mostly clear then flopped down on it to spread his arms out over the top. "There we go Jay… you’re up." -04:01 Aug 04
Jayden: Getting back on her feet was easier without the heels! And he threw a sock at her and moved furniture in her living room? Jayden’s smile was wiiiiide and mischevious. She was SO going to point out that he was forgetting to be a freak. Jayden tossed the sock elsewhere as she sauntered and ‘danced’ to the middle of the floor. Jayden was not a great dancer ever by sober standards. So being two sheets to the wind, it was a ridiculously over exaggerated display of wiggling and plucking at her shirt buttons. "You messed up my living room, Mister Demon." she muttered. Off went the shirt tossed in a corner. -04:09 Aug 04
Cupio: He was watching her and grinning. "If you don’t point it out I won’t get the urge to fix it." he said sticking his tongue out at her. "And desides the roon is repurposed, places change and.." he licked his lips when the shirt flew before biting it and moving back in his seat. "You’re very distracting Miss Human… Very, very distracting." -04:15 Aug 04
[Jayden enters.] -04:19 Aug 04
Jayden: Jayden unbuckled her belt, swaying from side to side until it was undone. Then it was tossed at him. "Always fun to watch someone being completely stupid!" she chirped in amusement. Jayden turned her back to him as she unbutton her pants. And with a lot more grace than could be expected out of a woman who could barely keep on her feet, she slooooowwwly pushed them over her hips and let them slide down her legs. A kick and they were off to another corner! -04:24 Aug 04
Cupio: He was grinning he hard his face might fall off as he tilted his head to watch ever new inch of skin expose itself to the air. "You’re talkign about me arn’t you." he replied. "Because you are good at this, and the thoughts in my mind…" the thoughts indeed, if he acted on half of them sh wouldn’t be able to walk for a week. -04:29 Aug 04
Jayden: She laughed again! He was totally bullshitting. But hey… it was amusing, so who cared if she was great at it or not? Jayden turned as she danced, and if she was keeping a rhythm it was impossible to tell. "What are you thinking, Mister Demon? That you should have went first?" With a little pop her bra was undone, and made a grand show of pushing the straps off her shoulders, pulling it off… and then tossing it up over her head! -04:32 Aug 04
Cupio: He watched the bra sail though the air before landing in a heap on the floor. "That you’re a tease." he said, that I wish these pants were off od me so I don’t bust the zip looking at you, you know I think I might be a little drunk too." not something a demon would admit to anyone. "But I’m glad you’re going first, If I were naked right now it would be harder to resist jumping from this couch and tackling you to the floor." -04:36 Aug 04
Jayden: "Well… you know how to make a woman feel sexy, that’s for sure!" Sex maniac demon or not, Jayden rather liked the idea she had him all randy and riled up. She slipped her hand in to her panties down the front side, very deliberately getting touchy. If she was a tease, she would be a tease! Then she was slipping them off, one foot at a time and threw them at his head. Being butt naked wasn’t a problem for her sober, but it was a lot easier when drunk. Hands resting on her hips, she smirked wide at him. -04:41 Aug 04
[(Timeout) Jayden was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:46 Aug 04
Cupio: He caught her panties and pulding thme in his hand smelled, adn then kissed then grinning and he looked her up and down his teeth showing, two very obvious fangs being scraped across his lower lip. "So now that you’ve stripped…." he folded on leg over the other an leaned forwards. "And have a horny demon drinking in as much of you as he can get through his eyes, my turn?" -04:46 Aug 04
Jayden: "Hell yes!" Jayden nearly launched herself at the couch, plopping down with an over-eager bounce of her body. Even shoved him off with her feet so he’d go faster. Then Jayden made herself real comfortable. Laying on her side and resting her chin in her hands. She looked pretty lecherous! "Better make it good too!" -04:50 Aug 04
Cupio: He stepped away from the couch and turned to face her. "Are you implying a demon can’t strip?" he asked stepping backwards away from her and running his finger across his lip then took hold of the bottom hem of his shirt and turning slowly on the spot his hips bounsing slightly to the music, weather it was in his head or not made little difference, lifted ti up so that when his back was haching her it was halfway up, and when he was facinf her again after his was just above his nipples, then he pulled it off the rest of the way two wings unfolding as he did so, then he grinned at her. "You’re still making it difficult not to jump you." -04:57 Aug 04
Jayden: Oooh wings. Her eyes had widen, along with that ridiculous grin she wore. Jayden was now kicking her feet back and forth behind her in an unsubtle expression of giddiness. "I’m just sitting here. Open up the wings! Show me what you’ve got Mister Demon." Now she was trying to contain her giggling by chewing on her lip. -05:02 Aug 04
Cupio: Unfolding them untl they almost toutched the ceiling he turned his back on her allowing her to see how they met his back, then with the jingle of his belt buckle the dropped to the floor and he tuned his head to look over the top of his wind at her. "Too bad you can’t touch them, they’re very sincitive." he said takign hsi hhnd and taking running a finder over them then turning side on to her his wing streaching back for her to see the underside as he bent and pushed his pants down. -05:06 Aug 04
Jayden: Can’t touch them, huh? Jayden gave an expression that suggested she damn well WOULD touch them eventually. She tilted her head to the side, appreciating his bending. The way all that demony muscle seemed to move under the skin. "You know what else is really sensitive, Mister Demon?" Jayden didn’t hide the suggestive tone. In fact, she very deliberately made it sound as creepy as possible. -05:15 Aug 04
Cupio: His eyes slid over all the parts of HER that were sensitive and he grinned at her evily kicking his jeans across the floor at her before stepping closer and leaning over her. "My horns?" he asked innocently as they pokes out of his hair and he ran his thumb over the line of his boxers before takign his hands away and bending his wings to push them down to fall to the floor. -05:19 Aug 04
Jayden: His wings could do stuff by themselves. That was giving Jayden all sorts of potentially bad ideas. Jayden tilted to reach a hand up poke a finger gently at one of the horns. "I dunno… if I lick one, would you shiver?" Another wicked smirk. -05:25 Aug 04
Cupio: He nipped at her hand before grinning down at her. "I think I would but theres only one way to be sure." having them be touched was nice but that didn’t stop his stepping away and turning to show off his tail, a lock thicker and stronger looking than is had been in the strip club, but no less restless. -05:29 Aug 04
Jayden: Jayden watched his tail like a cat getting ready to pounce. She even reached out to swat at it, but even being ridiculously drunk, she didn’t go grabbing. "Sooo, Mister Demon… You get these fancy wings and tail. What interesting things can you do with them, I wonder?" -05:32 Aug 04
Cupio: "Well.." he turned back to her and put a knee on the edge of the couch to swing the other over and put the other side of her his tain singing down between his leg to curl around her thigh and slither upwards with only on place to go. "I’m sure I could make you finsigh with the latter alone…" he was grinning wide as his wang folded down to brush her sides. "You can touch them you know." -05:37 Aug 04
Jayden: A kid in a candy store. She was biting her lip again before wiggling her fingers and very gently reaching out to touch his wings. His tail, on the other hand, had her squirming on the couch. He wasn’t even touching her bits yet, but she was already twinging for him. "All that with just wings and tail huh. And what about with your hands in the mix?" Jayden was trying to purr out the words, but she was giggling too much! -05:43 Aug 04
Cupio: He raides his hands and looked at them, then grinned down at her and tacked then behinf his his back and balancing in his knees leaned down to lick her nipple the walnth of his tail traling up to glide along her hip and then uncurl from her leg and run up her inner thigh. "If I didn’t know better I think you’d liek that I’m a demon." he said the tease obvious in his voice. "I know I like that you’re human." -05:47 Aug 04
Jayden: Jayden gave a choked squeek. Talk about feeling something all the way down to your core! One little lick and she was delerious. Jayden closed her legs together, giving him another big smirk. "I miiiight have a super secret fetish for demons ever since one wound up in my apartment." His head was in reach again and her hands went up in to his hair to find those horns. Yeeeaah, she was definitely liking sexy demons. Drunk or sober. -05:52 Aug 04
Cupio: He leaned down to brush his lips against hers holding onto the back of the couch and using the other to run his claws up her side. "Who knew Jay wanted the sex fiend she axidently summoned. Is my little Jayden a closet freak?" he chuckled deviously and nuzzled his lips agaist hers again. "I don’t think I mind one bit." He really wanted her legs open…. "So here… or in the bedroom?" -05:58 Aug 04
Jayden: "You can fuck me anywhere you please, Mister Demon." She really liked the way he said his little Jayden. That was pretty damned sexy. As for her being a closet freak… it didn’t feel so closet at the moment. She was smirking again, sliding her arms around his neck and using his weight as leverage to pull herself up and off the couch. Jayden pressed her body to his, returning his all too sweet nuzzling with a nip of her teeth. -06:01 Aug 04
[Cupio enters.] -06:17 Aug 04
Cupio: "Anywhere I want hmmm….?" he asked grinning madly against her "Don’t tempt me Jay. I don’t think the ceiling can hold out wieght and I’m too worked up to last long enough to fly you somewhere, so unless you want to cling to me and fuck me as I fly… an interesting thought… right here is good." the whole time to was talking his tail was miving against her thighs up to her cortch seeking a way in, gently pushing and wigling. -06:22 Aug 04
Jayden: "Oh…!" her eyes were wide again with that surprised look! That was… that felt really different, and not in a bad way. Her arms tightened around his neck and Jayden found herself squirming on her toes. Which left her body brushing up against him in all of the best ways. Imaginging flying sex tricks would have been entertaining, but she was now lost in closing her eyes and nibbling along his jaw. "You have some fun ideas. We should make list and try them all." -06:26 Aug 04
[(Timeout) Cupio has timed out.] -06:33 Aug 04
Cupio: That had him grinning too and he nipped her lips back and niddles on it. "He should but only if you add to it too." he gut a hand on her leg and pulled it around him allowing his tail to brush agaist her soft spot and for him to pull her closer the apemdage that as alwasy seemed to have a lind of it’s own dipping inside her. "I think you’ve given me a human fetish, you’re dangerous Jay." -06:33 Aug 04
Jayden: "Boy… have a got a list for you…" gone was that giggling tone, replaced by something more husky and needy. He really did know how to get her all riled up. Jayden hung around his neck as she hopped, curling her other leg around him too. So she had her ankles locked behind him. Smirking, she softly liiiicked his jaw from chin to ear. -06:39 Aug 04
Cupio: He let his tail rud agaist her more feeling her reactions agaist him, then it pushed into her not just a dip but an actuall thrust and when it did so he nipped at her lip and smiled. "I’ve always wanted to try this.." he said lettin ghis claws grip the back of her head and pussed then even closer together, his other arm circling aroun her back. So what if he was giving more than he was getting, he would have his turn. -06:46 Aug 04
Jayden: She gasped, her legs tightening around him enough to make her rise up a bit. "Something Mister Demon hasn’t tried? Very surprised." Yeah, she wasn’t going to throw out real sentences now, she was barely holding her senses together! Hanging her arms over his shoulders, Jayden was reaching out to touch his wings again. One hand delicately petting, while the other curled in to his hair and pulled. Jayden nuzzled against his ear. -06:54 Aug 04
Cupio: "You’re living with a demon but you still don’t understand us." he said as his tail wiggled and seemed to vibrate inside her and he turned to nip her neck. "We ton’t give pleasure, we take it, partake in it, share in it, revel and explore it, sefless giving… no." he bit her neck and inserted his tail in deeper his fangs scraping across her skin. He was enjoying her reactions though. -07:00 Aug 04
Jayden: Now she was whimpering, squirming even. She may not have understood demons, but she had definitely just learned demon + tail = extraordinary! Her head fell down against his shoulder where she was practically groaning. "Feels like you’re taking to me." she muttered against the skin with a quick sigh. -07:09 Aug 04
Cupio: He chuckled in her ear before nipping and nuzling into it. "Sounds like you’re enjoying it.." he say pleased. He even slidding a hand between then to massage her breast, running his thunb over the nipple as he moved the rest of her body against hers. "I won’t say I’m not having fun." -07:14 Aug 04
Jayden: She groaned again. This was slow torture! Jayden had enough of that! She shifted, grabbing his head roughly with her hands and planted a kiss on him. Hard and deep, invading his mouth with her tongue without mercy. "And I won’t say I dun wanna no, I’f you’d like to take me to bed and fuck my brains out. In fact, do it." she hadn’t left his more more than a moment to growl the phrase at him before she was crushing her lips to his again. Greedily nipping and tasting every little bite. -07:20 Aug 04
Cupio: Arms circling around her he lifted her from the couch his tail staing inside her ans still moving as he used his wings to keep stable and kiss her back. Then he was walking into the bedroom and aflling on top of her on the bed his tail pulling out and his hand going down to guide him and his shaft replaced it wasting no time as his tail curled back around her leg. -07:24 Aug 04
Jayden: Out and in again, was there nothing on this man that didn’t make her squeal in delight? With the bed at her back, she loosened her limbs, but only to give her the room to move and rock with him. His head sure wasn’t going anywhere. Jayden brushed her thumbs against his jaw while she ravished his mouth. Tempted fangs with her tongue, nibbled his lips with her teeth. Swallowing up every little sound her made. -07:33 Aug 04
Cupio: He pushed and moved with her returning her ravishing and biting and pulling her lip with his fangs. He loved the sounds she made and making sure her legs were firmly around him he pushed as hard as he dared his claws digging into her. His head was becoming confused, she was a human but so much liek a demon in her apitite, if he ever let go and gave it his all… oh he wanted to. -07:38 Aug 04
Jayden: Oooh, it hurt just a little bit, that pricking of her skin. But all it seemed to do was drive her wild, intice her to drive him crazy. "Harder. More!" she growled at him, almost laughed even as she drug her nails down his neck and dug them in to his shoulders. Jayden wasn’t thinking, she was just feeling… and this was feeling a lot like it was going to shatter her to pieces when it broke. She loved it! -07:42 Aug 04
Cupio: He did push harder, he had so much more to give. He pushed, stronger and harder than she dould ever push back, both hands moving to grip and down into her shoulder small pinpricks of blood appearing where his claws dug into her, his feet had then too though dug into the foor to anchor him and he continued. He couldn’t speak, but he could certainly tuse his tongue to look for hers. -07:47 Aug 04
Jayden: Jayden got what she wished for, groaning and crying out against his mouth. What had started with a slow build up was coming hard and fast… faster than she expected! She was screaming in delight, no doubt loud enough for the neighbors to hear and she didn’t care! Before long she was bucking underneath him, climax taking her by surprise and so violently it almost sounded like she was in pain as she dug her fingers in to the sheets and gasped. -07:52 Aug 04
Cupio: He continued, not stopping when the climaxed, his grip only tinghtnign as he moved and pushed his winges spreading wide above them then coming to rest flat agaist the bed Then he pushed the hardest yet and there began a deep sigh that grow until it almost became a roar. Sweaty but barely panting he looked at her his eyes searching hers. -07:58 Aug 04
Jayden: He wasn’t stopping and any sane person would have regretted tempting a demon! It just kept going, prolonging that aching throb between her legs. Making her writhe and squirm. And with catching his eyes, Jayden could only grin! Half laughing through another gasp when her body shuddered again. Taking her so high the air rushed out of her and she was dizzy! -08:05 Aug 04
Cupio: He pushed and squimed and pushed his eyes not leaving hers as both hands moved to hold her head, htne he mleaned down to kiss her hard enough to bruise her lips, pushing until he climaxed his breath coming out in a rush as his wings closed around her, his tails squeezed her leg and a whimper sounded in his throat. -08:09 Aug 04
Jayden: It hurt almost to the point of being uncomfortable, but she was so consumed by the rush of it Jayden never would have noticed. Her arm slung around his neck, and the minute she felt his body slacken, her returned kiss was soft and lazy. There had been something she wanted to say, but she was lost in a post-euphoria and busy nuzzling against his cheek with a smile. -08:13 Aug 04
Cupio: He rolled them both over so that she was on top and ran his fingers though her hair and caressing the back of her neck with the sharp tounted of his claws as his wings closed arounf her completely. He didn’t change back right after finishing thise time, claws, tail, horns, wings, and fangs were all in place as he let his eyes close and gave a deep contented sigh. "You are on tough human…" he said softly. "I almost lost it there… I don’t know what will happen if I can’t hold back." it was a compliment, and endearment and said softly and sweetly. But it was true, he was yet to use his full strnth on her. -08:18 Aug 04
Jayden: "If that was holding back, I look forward to next time." she mumbled softly. It was nice being wrapped up like this. Her body still humming with feeling. Though she was sure she’d regret going so rough in the morning. Her head rest against his chest as her breath finally slowed to an even pace. -08:24 Aug 04
Cupio: He nuzzled against her the xomzing besoming simple holding. "I demon not holding back as a good chance of killing a human if only by accident." he teased. "Do you really want to suffer a death by sex?" he liked her against him, her breath, her smell, her body, slightly cooler than his against him. "I’m sure if anyone can take it its my Jayden, my freaky, sweet, wonderful Jayden." -08:28 Aug 04

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