Priestess of Athazagorus 004: Question the Dead

Priestess of Athazagorus

[Isolde isn’t sure what help she is to her llyr, but she is with him and remain so. Even when things get a little…. weird!] -09:32 Jul 20
[Athazagorus needs answers and is ready to break nature and pervert magic to get them.] -09:33 Jul 20
Isolde: Before long it would be sunset and Isolde was feeling the length of the day. That wasn’t her llyr’s fault, there were things he needed done. So she hid her tiredness as well as she could, by being bright and pleasant. Most especially because he needed the smiles. The man never said a cross word to her, but she could feel how he was seething. "What next, my llyr?" -09:39 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He had spent a lot of the day in thought on that bery question, but as the sun sunk loger he felt he had an answer. "Now we get answers Isolde." he said. While the dead were still fresh he needed to ask, she had been right, some of the citivens of the city had been neutral, a few faithful and he called to those. Calling them to dring through the trees and over the hills to him, adn to bring the spirit of a noble with them, one wh had been close to the false king. -09:44 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde watched him curiously. How he commanded the world around him wasn’t unlike in her dreams. It was strange to see it in reality, sometimes to feel it and sometimes not. Nothing about it gave her anything to fear, at least she had never fear much before. …up until there was spirits of the dead looming closer. Isolde almost squeaked, scooting to hide behind him, just under his wings. -09:51 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He rested his hand on her shoulder. He wished he didn’t have to have her here for this, he wished she didn’t have to see this war. His hand went to her while his other raised to stop the march of the dead. They were torn and bloody, a silvery glow surrounding them. "You have earned peace.." he said to them. "But I have things I must know before I can grant it." there was no sound in reply, only a change in the crowd that was undefinable. "Bring him to me." -09:56 Jul 20
Isolde: She could have easily closed her eyes or hid her face, but Isolde was finding it hard to look away. It irked her to see them this way, trapped between life and death. She stayed closed to him, holding tightly to his arm, not thinking that he might need it or that being in his space could be in the way. -10:02 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He took a breath as the unwilling of the number was brought forwards, then he reached out and took hold of the ghost’s forehead, toutchign it as his it was solid adn lifted it from It’s feet and spoke. "You served the king closely?" the reply that came sounded hollow and unreal. "Yes.. Emidio." "Then you can tell me what god he serves." The soul struggled but could not break free and Athazagorus’ fingers sunk into it making it whimper. The dead could still feel pain. -10:07 Jul 20
Isolde: Her hands went over her mouth to stifle another squeak. Maybe she couldn’t watch after all. Isolde turned until there was nothing but feathers in her vision. Only ever so often looking up to see the expression of her llyr. -10:12 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "The undorn god… beneath the mountain… that is all I know." "What mountain?" "I swear to you my lord I do not know." "Then you are useless to me." there was a sucking sound the the soul vanished, and he turned to the assembled others. "You have earned your place of rest." his expresion went from hard to sad as they too faded, so many dead for so little gain, but it was damage control, a first blow in a war that would not be forgotten. "They’re gone Isolde…" -10:20 Jul 20
Isolde: She had cringed at the sound too, looking all too apologetic when she shifted just the slightest to peek over her shoulder and see if they were truely gone. Isolde let out a soft breath, though she didn’t yet step away from the saftey under his wings. "Forgive me. I didn’t realize it would bother me to see them." -10:24 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He let out a sigh and took her hand. "Its natural. I did give you the choice of staying behind." he looked at her and managed a small smile. "But I am glad you are here." -10:27 Jul 20
Isolde: "Afraid or not, I am always going to be with you. I just hope it will get a little easier…" she returned his smile with a sheepish grin. It would get easier wouldn’t it? …but probably not until it was worse first. But Isolde was sure she could take it. She tugged gently on his hand. "Do we seek others for information or search mountains?" -10:31 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "I can search a lot faster in my dreams." he said "Right now… I need a break." a god admitting they needed a break, or was it for her that he called them to rest? "We should find somehting to eat." -10:35 Jul 20
Isolde: Time to rest would be a blessing. Her smile was soft and she still tugged gently at his hand. "I can make something for you, my llyr. If I had things to cook with. I think I’ve promised you many different things that I experimented on the high priest with!" The high priest who had turned out to be a betrayer! Her expression turned sour for a moment. That was going to be difficult to get used to… -10:39 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He smiled softly. "Something cooked by your hands. Sounds perfect." he turned back to the cotage and looped his arm around her. If you need something, just ask." -10:41 Jul 20
Isolde: "I need fish and fresh vegetables. Hmm… and herbs. You can sit and I will cook." Isolde very much liked this idea that she forgot her lingering weariness for a moment. Having meals together in a dream was nothing compared to really tasting. And this time it would be something special she made for him. -10:44 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He nodded and made sure those things were waiting on the table before they got back, showing off his power again, for her. If he could male meteor appear from nowhere, why not a little food too? "ANythign else he asked pushing open the door to reveal it waiting there for her. -10:54 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde looked pleased and when she moved away to check over the ingredients on the table, it was the first time she moved further than a few inches from him almost the entire day. Happy with what was there, she bustled about looking for a good pan. "What about… something very nice to drink? And… flowers for my table?" Neither of which were necessary, but he asked as if he wanted the challenge. Flowers and drink weren’t challenging, but she was considering some other things. -10:58 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He put a jug on the table, where he got it from was impossible to tell but the smell was of a mixure of fuits. Then from brhind his wing he pulled a bunch of flowers and layed them out on the table. "I was talking about for the food." he teased. "I could do full meals but then I wouldn’t get to watch you cook." -11:01 Jul 20
Isolde: "When it is your turn to make dinner you can surprise me with something tricky." Isolde stopped her bustling about long enough to pick up one of the flowers to smell. She gave a soft sigh. They were some of her favorites and smelled a bit like honey. She leaned to tuck it between a few feathers in his wings before she resumed taking things over to a counter. "I don’t know how many times I have been in a kitchen talking to myself when I wanted to be in the chamber talking to you." -11:06 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "Now you can do both." he said sitting and lookign at the flower before pulling one leg up to lean against it. "You gave me more thna enough of your time though, even sneaking in at the dead of night." -11:08 Jul 20
Isolde: "A very nice bed of my own, but I still slept better being there with you. The priest that did the morning rounds was always startled to find me there." She knew how to use a kitchen knife at least. Chopping a nice mix of herbs while waiting for her pan to heat. "It was before you came to see me in dreams, and it didn’t matter where I fell asleep anymore." -11:13 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He slipped off of the counter and moved to her wrapping both arms and wings around her for a moment. "How could I not visit you after that?" -11:16 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde set aside her knife to turn in to him, the comfort of embrace being too nice to resist. She laughed laughing. "I remember the first time. I was ill and unable to come and visit the chamber. You told me you were waiting for the rest of my story, and didn’t like to wait." -11:21 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "Well I don’t." he said releasign her and stepping back to watch her cook. "And the night after that was your birthday." he smiled. "I still wish I could have gotten you something." -11:27 Jul 20
Isolde: "i am fairly certain that having the god you’ve pledged your life to come to visit you in a dream is the best something to get!" Isolde had thought so anyway! Enough that she had talked about it to everyone, and had a temple full of priests and priestess scoffing at her. But she didn’t mind. Grinning, she turned back to the counter, cutting up vegetables quickly to toss in to the pan. -11:31 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "That was before you really knew me." he pointed out. "And now here we are in the flesh with you cooking for me like you always said you wanted to. Dreams come true sometimes. I just wish…" there wasn’t a war. -11:38 Jul 20
Isolde: "You wish it was better circumstances. But maybe it was destiny and fate after all that it’s happened this way. A plan of the universe?" Isolde like to think things happened for good reason. Even the terrible things. On top of the vegetables she layered the fish and sprinkled some of the chopped herbs on top. "You’ve slept for so long to protect the people in the world, and now you are up for something important. When it’s all over and done, you can finally have something to make you happy?" -11:43 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "I should still be sleeping." he said. "But you are right. I’m here, now and I will make the most of it. I’m happy you are here too. I know without you I would be out there causing more deaths right now. But here I can plan." -11:47 Jul 20
Isolde: "An angry, vengeful Emidio set loose on the world has rarely ever been a good thing." she cast him a wide teasing smile. Isolde didn’t doubt for a moment that he would burn the world and everyone in it. She was glad she could temper him and offer him peace of mind. While food was cooking, she moved to him to brush her hands over his wings. They were still a fascinating thing! "Are you going to return to the machine when it is all done?" -11:53 Jul 20
Athazagorus: "What choice is there?" he asked sincerely. "Someone has to power it to protect the world, someone with the power of a god." he looked down at her. "Who else is there that can? If I had the temple staff and a city full of magi I could maybe modify it so that I wouldn’t have to be in it all the time… But I do not." -11:56 Jul 20
Isolde: "I could find them for you…? New priests and priestesses and mages?" Isolde wasn’t sure how but… she wasn’t sure when it was time that she would be able to let him go. She was a terrible priestess! "…there is time to work on it at least! You can look for the unborn god and I can do the rest." -12:04 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "Its a deal.." eh said hopign she could furpill her promise. "Because as nice as your dreams are, I prefer seeing you in person, and feeling your heart beat when I touch you." he sighed. "Now what are you making?" -12:08 Jul 21
Isolde: She flushed, remembering to focus her attention on what she was cooking, rather than at him. It was far too easy to forget about everything when he said things like that. "Nothing extraordinary, but it smells nice, doesn’t it?" And fish always cooked quick, it was good she remembered the pan in time. Isolde found the plates to serve them up. "…I like having you here with me too." -12:15 Jul 21
Athazagorus: He took his plate and sat down before poaring them both a cup of cold juice. "The to us, mey we be togetehr for longer than just this war." he said "Because I never want to leave you Isolde, ever." he drank deep then tried the fish.. it was good. "ANd you are a good cook." -12:20 Jul 21
Isolde: "You haven’t eaten fresh made food in ages, you may think anything is good!" But she was pleased with the compliment and his words. Enough to sit there smiling for several moments before realizing she should eat too. If he wasn’t her god and the threat of a god’s war looming over them both, how easy it would be to think they were nothing more than a smitten couple. -12:26 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "I still rememebr what food tastes like." he said "And I still remember what I did and didn’t like." he poked at her with his fork "You should cook again tomorow." -12:29 Jul 21
Isolde: Isolde laughed, shying away from his poking and using her feet to push at his knees. "I will. I’ll make you something different every night and you can make breakfast in the morning when I am too lazy to wake." -12:31 Jul 21
Athazagorus: He chuckled. "You want me to cook? You are brave." he said jokingly. "I have to say though I’d happily have a hot meal appear in your lap evry mornign it if meant more time next to you." -12:34 Jul 21
Isolde: "You should be careful, my llyr. It’s very difficult for me to resist the temptation to just stay in bed." She was toying with her food more than eating, but it may have just been because she was distracted with poking at him with her foot. Isolde liked being able to touch him elike this. -12:40 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "I know my head priestess can resist temptation." he said "Unless my faith in you is misplaced." he was teasing her back and grabbed hold of ehr ankle to tickle her foot. "That kind of temptation anyway." -12:42 Jul 21
Isolde: "Not when it concerns the comfort of be- eee! no!" Apparently the priestess was very ticklish because she near fell out of her seat trying to pull her foot back and lean to swat him at the same time. -12:47 Jul 21
Athazagorus: He caught her hand as she swatted and help onto it smilign at her. "So you can’t resist the temptation of being in bed next to your god?" he asked with a grin. "That doesn’t sound liek somethign I’d mind." -12:54 Jul 21
Isolde: Isolde curled her fingers around his hand, and gave him a chiding look. "Maybe I can’t! To spend every evening with you in dreams, and now having you in reality, I might just prefer to stay wrapped up with you in blankets and feathers." -12:59 Jul 21
[Isolde enters.] -01:04 Jul 21
Athazagorus: "I think I might have the same problem." he said smiling at her. "But then you are a priestess and I am your god… whose going to call it wrong?" -01:11 Jul 21
Isolde: "Not I. But I am also irrevocably infatuated with a man who brings me flowers." Isolde stood and leaned over him to kiss his forehead. "No one can tell me it’s wrong, my llyr." -01:14 Jul 21

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