Take Me Under 004: Running from the Corpses

Take Me Under

[Dakota has taken her new friend to a bar. What better place to say FUCK YOU to the man, than booze and debauchery?] -02:38 May 08
[BK 201 handles his booze better than he does his feelings. Turns out ancohol is one of the toxins filtered out by his stomach so if hes going to get drunk its going to take more than a few drinks.] -02:39 May 08
Dakota: Dakota had a very high tolorance for alcohol… but even her tolorance wasn’t THAT damned high. She set down another shot of vodka in front of him, tilting where she stood just a bit. They went through several of them already, and she hadn’t even gotten him fuzzy yet. "One more… and then I give up. This is riduclous. I am gonna have to find a gallon of the stuff…" -02:42 May 08
BK 201: He lifted the glass and the threw it back into his throat before swallowing. "How are you feeling?" he teased. "I’m sure Dakota can handle her drink better than a corpse whose never drunk a drop in his life." he turned to her grinning. "Or maybe you need stronger booze." -02:48 May 08
Dakota: "Shtoppit." She pointed a finger at his nose, probably a little too close for comfort. …she couldn’t quite judge the distance well enough. "I have never.. never been drank under a table…" The phrase came out too slowly, but at least she wasn’t so drunk to be completely stupid. Still, she smiled wide at him. "You win. Where do I take you on our next adventure…?" -02:52 May 08
BK 201: He took her hand and moved it away form his face slipping his hand around it. "You’re the one showign me ‘how to live’ and ‘that theres more woman than just dakota’ so you choose." -02:56 May 08
Dakota: "Thas right. There are more women in this world that you could ever dreeeam of." She was tilting again, but now turning her head to eye the people in the room. Granted, she had no intentions of letting him roam off with a street hooker, but at the very least he could interact with other females. Or men if he turned out to swing that way. "You should dance with someone. Can you dance armas?" -02:58 May 08
BK 201: He looked at her. "There are two dances I know. One involves weapons the other you taught me last night." he grinned "So it you want me to… show me how." he was wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed off the back that he was modified, though it turned out there were a lot of people sporting fake mods and many of them were flashier than his. Who’d have thought. "Unless you’re too drunk." -03:05 May 08
Dakota: "Drunk is the perfect time to dance." she responded with a smirk, grabbing his hands to drag him out to the floor. Seedy bars always had the best music for dancing, and Dakota had no problem moving with the rhythm or pulling his arms and nudging his body to move with her. "To dance is a basic human right, all the way back to the first tribes of mankind. They don’t even let you dance and it’s buuuuullshit." -03:10 May 08
BK 201: "Theres not much point to it." he said "Theres no rule we can’t we just… don’t." he watched her then slawly started to immitate her "You really don’t get the ‘feeling nothing -03:14 May 08
BK 201: "You really don’t get the ‘feeling nothing thing do you?" he asked his eyes on her. "And you don’t get why I had sex with you either…" -03:15 May 08
[Dakota enters.] -03:18 May 08
Dakota: "I honestly DON’T understand feeling nothing. Emotions are as important to living as breathing. So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m still a little confounded by it." She was still dancing, so easily focused on the sound of the music and the way he moved, just as naturally as those emotions she talked so much about. "The sex I understand. That’s an experience you haven’t had and I was available and willing. You don’t need to feel regret over it." She didn’t. …she felt a little bad about it, but it was something he needed. -03:22 May 08
BK 201: "I don’t regret it." he said moving with her his brain catching onto the tempo of the music and timing his movements to match. "And I didn’t do it because I never had before. I did it to thank you." -03:24 May 08
Dakota: Dakota laughed, possibly way too loud. She slid an arm around his neck to draw her body closer to his and mumbled in his ear. "I appreciate the gesture. But I did it for you, not for me. If it was for me, that would have lasted much… much longer." She grinned wide, kissing his cheek quickly. "Just promise me you won’t have sex with everyone you’re greatful too. Some won’t appreciate it as much as I do." -03:30 May 08
BK 201: "So what you’re sayign is only have than you sex with you… got it.." he wasn’t being serious.. motly.. though with his arms tightning around her it was hard for it not to appear that way. "But you know theres no reason it can’t be for both of us." -03:38 May 08
[(Timeout) Dakota has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:43 May 08
Dakota: "You can have sex with anybody you damn well please." she muttered with a grin. Dakota went ahead and put her other arm around his neck. "What I want doesn’t matter. You have a whole world to discover, you know? You can take a look at all the people in this bar. There’s millions of people everywhere. I am going to be a small stepping stone to the rest of your life." -03:43 May 08
BK 201: He turned his head away from her. Why did that sound like a bad thing? "You said I could do whatever I like, with whoever I like.." he said his mood having taken a blow by her implication she would leave him at the drop of a hat. "What is that person what I choose is you..?" so he told her while she was drunk, somehting he was apparently incapable of achieving. -03:47 May 08
Dakota: Dakota paused, pulling back to eye him. This was what she was afraid of. She had taken what she wanted on a whim, and now she planted a seed in him while he was vunerable and easily manipulated. Pretty much no better than the assholes that jacked him up. "…You don’t know what you like yet. What you want. I’m here, I’m easy, I’m safe and trust worthy. You don’t– …. you don’t understand." Dakota broke away and returned to the bar, signaling for another drink. She let herself get carried away and now she was screwing him over. This was a bad idea… -03:53 May 08
BK 201: He was catching up to her when one of the men at the bar leaned back looking at her ass and then with a grin leached out for it ready to drop a cheesy line then a half-metalic hand tightened around his forearm. "She wouldn’t like that." Armas growled before twisting the arm with a sicknign craxk and a pop. Then he put his other hand to the back of the man’s head and and slamed it into the bar. "ANd neither would I.." he then lifted the man and threw his bodily onto one of the tables knocking it over and spilling several drinks. He was about to turn to he bar when various patrons started to gather.. all looking less than happy and all looking at him… "Fine.." he muttered "I have some new feeling I think I know how to vent." -04:00 May 08
Dakota: Dakota froze mid drink at his voice, taking a look over her shoulder. He snapped the man’s bone without any effort. …which under other circumstances would be -awesome-, but seeing as now there was an entire bars worth of a gang gather around, all suped up with illegal implants.. not such a great moment. Dakota finished her drink, and rose a finger for one more. ….make that two more. "Armas, I don’t need you breaking people’s bones for me. I can handle my own business." -04:06 May 08
BK 201: He looked over at her. "Trust me.. this is for me. I have a hundred new feelings I don’t really like righ now and they’re all telling me to.." he ducked a pool cue and then grabbed the offending arm and wrneched the embow joint before throwing the person into a few of the empty barstools. Then hell btoke loose and the fight began, and it wasn’t everyone against Armas.. it was old scores being settled and wild punched being thrown. That didn’t stop his using his military grade implants to do damage though. -04:10 May 08
Dakota: "Hrrrmm. Men emotions. Amusing." It -was- amusing. …didn’t stop her from picking up her two shots and downing both of them as quick as she could before she had to dodge someone’s body from getting thrown over the bar. She could end this whole damn thing in two seconds. ….but if he needed to get it out, who was she to stop him? Dakota just made sure to shove anyone away that got to close to herself. "So what, you’re pissed off at me and going to take it out on a bar of assholes?" -04:15 May 08
BK 201: He punched one of the gang members feelign the jaw shatter against his knuckles with a satisfying crunch. "Fight now, talk later." he tried using a chairas a peagon but it shatter with the first blow and he abandoned the peices. "And yes.. I’m pissed off at you, you have a problem with that?" another preson foolish enough to get close. WHo cared if he was trying to get away. Grab him but the anck and throw him against the wall and let him drop… and just like that he was out of punching bags." -04:22 May 08
Dakota: "I am TRYING to do what’s best for you. And if that pisses you off, that’s fine, but that needs to be at ME." …not that she didn’t love a good bar fight. Dakota sure as hell wasn’t moving to help anybody. There wasn’t anyone in here but scumbags and criminals anyway. However… there was the faint sound of sirens, which meant someone actually squealed to the police. The place would get surrounded by guns in no time. "Goddamnit, see! This is why we don’t start fights in public!" Dakota stepped over fallen people on the floor, tossing a good chunk of money at the annoyed looking bartender as she headed out for the back way. -04:26 May 08
BK 201: He followed "Beign shot didn’t hurt this much. YES I’VE BEEN SHOT AND YES IT HURT. I could feel pain and hunger and physical sensations. I just never felt the need to do anythign about it. We’ve had agents starve to death because they never felt the need to get food because they were hungry. You only don’t let yourself die because you’ve been ordered not to. Thats what you took me away from and if you don’t want me to thank you for it WHY am I even following you." he was following her out of the bar and down the alleyway. "You know what, FUCK ALL OF THIS. I’m not becoming human, I’ll find my own thing to be." -04:31 May 08
Dakota: Dakota wanted to stop, turn around, and sock him in the face. But they needed to be out of the sector as soon as possible. She wasn’t running, but she was walking quickly. Very decisively choosing her directions. And it was painfully clear, that for the very first time she was angry right back at HIM. Not amused, not making a joke. Annoyed and pissed off, barely keeping it reigned in. "You can’t STOP being human. You are what you are, armas, and you are going to have to deal with it. THAT is what I’m trying to show you! That YOU are the one who needs to deal with it, not anybody else!" -04:35 May 08
BK 201: "I am a weapon." he spat back "Thats what I was built as before you made me something else. Thats all humans have ever done for me, made me into what they want me to be. You throw all thise new feelings at me and expect me to pick it all up in a day. I’m done with being what you, or they or what anyone wants me to be. You humans are all alike thinking yours is that best way to be. I’ll find my own way back." -04:40 May 08
Dakota: "Like hell you will!" She couldn’t let him wander the city on his own. Dakota grabbed him and shoved him roughly through a doorway in the alley. The room was dark, probably the back storage room for a business. Rolls of fabric and boxes were stacked everywhere. "You are a HUMAN that was modified. Being changed doesn’t make you any less human." Dakota made sure the door was closed behind them, but she was still shouting at him. "And I don’t fucking expect you to pick it up in a day! Why the hell would I tell you to experience more if all I wanted was you to do as I say?! Don’t you think I could kill you, fuck you, make you do anything I wanted, if that was my game?" -04:47 May 08
BK 201: He pushed her away from him and stormed to the other side of the room. "You would be making a big mistake if you did." he growled "It being a drone has taught me two things its that humans are bastards and that I should not put too much value on my own life. I would kill you even if it meant I’d die too." he was breathing hard still pumped from the barfight and his voice was lower with more growl to it. "I try to make one choice and you tell its its the wrong one, I try to do somethign for you and you laugh at me. I think we’re done here, I think I’m done with you. I think I’m done with beign told what I should thing or what I should feel. If I die, who gives a fuck. If they take me back, well you may or may not see me again, but I’m going to take a few of those assholes with me one way or another. Learnign to feel seems like to much work, I think I’ve just going to focus on what I feel for them and act on it." -04:55 May 08
Dakota: "GOOD. FUCKING GOOD. THAT’S WHAT I WANTED." Her loud, screaming tone was a sharp contrast to his low growling. Dakota wasn’t sure what she was more frustrated with. The fact he thought he could destroy her, or the fact he was biting the hand that was trying to fucking help him! She definitely wasn’t thinking with common sense, though. "Charge off like a total dipshit! Go in there guns blazing like you know all your shit! Go ahead and forget the fact I am trying to show you that your life actually MEANS something. You mean something. So go ahead and throw that away because you can’t think past your own damned conditioning to understand that every human has their fucking right to exist whether they are an asshole or not!" Dakota wanted to hit him. Even had fingers ready to start swinging, but she didn’t trust herself to do it without cracking his skull open. -05:03 May 08
BK 201: "No, maybe I can’t think pat my conditioning, bis fucking suprise it’s all I’ve even known. Oh and guess what! Thats what you can’t stand. I’m as diffrent from you and its possible to be and that drives you mad. Because I don’t see fucking around as a good way to learn about the world because I’m willing to stick with what works and because I don’t put myself first all the time. I said I hated you.. truth is I just hate all humans, maybe thats why I can’t learn abut them. Maybe that why I can never be one." -05:10 May 08
Dakota: "But you are one! You can’t stop being one! God DAMNIT!" Dakota gave in to frustration, but instead of punching him, she swung her palm to slap him. Hard enough that any normal person would have been knocked to the floor. "You don’t WANT to learn, is what your problem is! It’s easier to hate the world and hate all humans! Be bitter and pissed off. Attach yourself to the first person that can think for you instead of thinking for yourself. It’s too fucking hard for you, because you are a coward. But you’re right…! You are not like me… I thought you could be different, you could me more than what they tried to make you… but you are exactly what they want from you. A puppet too frightened to even change yourself…" -05:16 May 08
BK 201: He hated her for sayign what she did and hated her from slapping him but most of all for he hated her for sounding right. He grabbed her arm and glarred at her. "I just said I was done with you didn’t I? How it that attached?" the one point he could counter her on and he balled his fist. "I’m not going to pretend I feel anything for you beyond that you are the only person who would ever give me a chance. But you obviously don’t want someone like me hanging over your shoulder so I have to wonder why you still argue. I can’t hide what I feel… I don’t know how and you’re so good at it that it leaves me at a disadvantage. Yes I’m afraid but how the fuck can I not be. You have no idea what this is like… NONE… You’ve been feeling your envire life and if you pretend to know what I[‘m thinking or what I feel what I do just remember I am holding back so much but I can’t. I can’t hold anything back, Its too much. Its all too much." -05:27 May 08
Dakota: Dakota was still mad, still furious, and he was right. She couldn’t understand what it was like to feel nothing. But she understand plenty what it was like to be overwhelmed by emotion. She jerked her arm out of his grasp and shoved him back. "Don’t fucking assume you know what my intentions are…! I want you. Not for any agenda I just like you! But what I want isn’t right. I can show you the world, but if I keep you with me you won’t ever know if it’s because I was the safe choice or because it was YOU who chose to stay. -I- will never know. Don’t hold it back, armas. Feel it and learn from it… But don’t fucking put me in the same category as those douchebags who control you!" -05:37 May 08
BK 201: His fist relaxed and he took a breath. "Nothing I do is safe Dakota. The same people who want you want me back. I’ve known people, targets, contacts, none of them would have cared enough to do any of what you have. I was asleep last night for a long time, when I woke up you havn’t run of or killed me or sold me. Do you know what that tells me about you? It means I can trust you. Just because I’m new to emotions. Doesn’t mean I’m new to judging people." he wasn’t angry or growling anymore. IF I wanted safe I would leave the city. Go beyond thier reach adn find someoen with no idea who or what I was." -05:44 May 08
Dakota: All of that fire seemed to rush out of her at once, and as she dug her hands in to her hair on top of her head, she was heaving a heavy frustrated sigh. "Just because you can trust me, doesn’t make what I feel for you right. It’s unfair and ill-timed and I knew better…" It started as a game. Teasing and taunting, and then… then he was more than just a persuer. And now it wasn’t him she was angry with, but herself. Her arms were covering her face as she sank to sit on a crate. "You should go, armas. Do what you want to do, discover the world or get revenge. Do it without me pulling the strings." -05:57 May 08
[(Timeout) BK 201 doesn’t post enough.] -06:17 May 08
[BK 201 enters.] -06:17 May 08
BK 201: He sat down next to as and hsi hard, metallic arm circled aorund her. "You’re afriad too." he said. "Afraid you won’t let me learn and discover." he said. "WHo said anything we make of eachother has to last forever. Show me what you feel and let me learn from you and I’ll show you what I feel and maybe you’ll learn something from me." -06:21 May 08
Dakota: Dakota laughed, dropping her hands in to her lap and turning her head to cast him a wry smile. "I have never been afraid of anything in my life, armas." She went silent, thoughtful. "But maybe I am afraid it’ll be me that wants more than I can have and one day you’re going to realize there are better things." -06:28 May 08
BK 201: He didn’t know a lot about affection or relasionship, ot any of that stuff so when he stoof it had too look like he was going to walk away. But instead he reached down and tood her hand leading her out into the center of the stoor room. "Show me how you do that dancing things again.. just ofr a little while, then we can think about dininfecting my knuckles." -06:32 May 08
Dakota: She was sighing. A soft sound conceeding defeat. Dakota arranged one of his hands around her waist, and took the other in her own. She was still looking thoughtful, but after a moment there was that slight hint of a grin. "Later we’ll talk about when is the right time and the wrong time to act on certain emotions…" -06:37 May 08
BK 201: "See, its a win-win.." he said his eyes meetting hers. "I take it that lesson will lead to fewer bloken arms in the future?" the corners of his mouth twitched then curled upwards into a slight smile. The it wes then that there was a deep boom and the wall exploded inwards. -06:42 May 08
Dakota: "Fuck damnit!" Was the first thing she said. The second was move, as she grabbed a hold of him and pulled him along with her to the covered of some of the stacked crates. She promised she would protect him, and that’s what she was going to do. "You can’t move from this spot. I don’t want you getting kidnapped or something stupid, okay?" -06:48 May 08
BK 201: He looked ar her. "You’re forgetting I’m trained for this!" he snapped but without a gun there was nothing he could do but wait for them to come time him. "Shit." how did they find them, who where they, cops come for the barfight or…. he stole a glance… "FUCK!" -06:50 May 08
Dakota: "See. Fuck. Let me take care of it." Dakota was grinning again. That wide cheeky look that greeted him the first time he saw her up close. On impulse she grabbed his head and gave him a quick kiss. "Stay still." Then she was up, hopping over the crates and crossing to the center of the room as if she was meeting an old friend. Cocky as hell and completely unarmed. -06:53 May 08
BK 201: She was going to get herself killed. He hadn’t figured out his she had frozen his legs or thrown ixe at him even after sedating and searching her but he was sure she hadn’t been expecting this. "Dakota.." he souldn’t let her go out theres alone… couldn’t "Get back here or I’m coming to get you." -06:57 May 08
Dakota: "Would you stop giving your spot away!" she shouted back at him. Dakota wasn’t -too- worried about him, she could handle this, but should things get worse, he wasn’t helping by being adorably protective. …and she needed to hear. Dakota ducked when something went wizzing past her head, be it bullet or dart, she didn’t care which. She just needed the direction to aim. The minute she spotted someone peeking through that blown out wall, it was light she threw at them. Popping the light socket above their heads and sending it flying in a blinding flash of blue. Whether or not she hit the target wasn’t important, she was turning around to run. "Now run! Up and run!" -07:04 May 08
BK 201: He didn’t see what she did but he heard the sound it made. "What the…" he didn’t need telling twice. The smashed his way though the door leading deeper into the building then made sure she was on his heels. "This is why I want a gun." -07:07 May 08
Dakota: "I’ll remember to psychically predict when you’ll need weapons, next time, babe!" Dakota only stopped long enough to freeze the doorway behind her. It wasn’t going to stop anybody, but it would be -annoying- and buy extra time. ….If they weren’t met out front. "Stairs, go to the stairs and to the roof, that’s easier for me." Better access, better maneuverability… she hated confined spaces and now she actually had someone to think about when throwing powers around..! -07:13 May 08
BK 201: "Right.. because you took mine.." e said mounting the stairn and running up them slamming his shoulder into the steel and sendign it flying off it’s hinges, the roof was almost certainly a dead end but he trusted her "Now what?" -07:18 May 08
Dakota: "Do you know why your former employers are so interested in my family? Or are you still a little bit in denial?" She asked, turning to take a good look at what was around them. There was nothing useful on this roof… but there plenty of building tops in the city, and all she needed was something to make a big splash. …Litterally. A water tower was a couple roof tops away. That’ll do it. "Want to see a neat trick?" Dakota grinned wide. -07:25 May 08
BK 201: "Then want you because you display interestesting genetic mutation." he said "A mutation what was introduced to my DNA before my birth… all I know it it failed to have the results they were after and so I was built into a weapon and not a sperm factory. I’m pleased with that outcome so far." he was eying her and looking weary. "What are you planning?" -07:29 May 08
[Dakota enters.] -07:30 May 08
Dakota: "Not a mutation, armas. It’s a birthright." Hoping on to the ledge of the roof, she called the sky. The clouds, the dark, stormy clouds. There were several of those corpses down below, only now noticing they were on the roof. What followed was a rush of energy…! A POP of thunder, the lighting dropping right out of the sky to strike the water tower. She had to pop it a second time just to get the thing to start toppling. But once it did… Dakota called the water, directed it. Flowing it only down that street and over their persuers below. And better yet… drawing it in to the building to snatch up those that were already inside. She wasn’t taunting or cheek now, all of her focus was on keeping it from getting out of her grasp! -07:34 May 08
BK 201: He had never seen anything like it, he didn’t want to believe what he was seeing, but it was undenyable from the sudden change in weather to the water… the water that she was controling. "What are you?" he asked awed. "No wonder they want to copy you." -07:41 May 08
Dakota: Dakota had the water rising all the way up to the roof and though there were gaps all through the building, it was enough. With a push and a hiss of breath she froze it. Top running all the way down to the bottom where some where trying to flee. They wouldn’t be moving now, and most would survive. …but they sure as hell weren’t going to give chase! She looked a little tired, but casting him that smirk. "A god, armas… A Descedant. …now we need to go." -07:45 May 08
BK 201: When she said a god he had no choice but to believe her. "Cultural folktail…. ovbiosly not…" he looked at her.. "You’re tired, get on my back and I’ll show you what I can do.." -07:49 May 08
Dakota: "Out of practice." She wasn’t tired. …okay maybe a little. It was easier to do nearer the ocean, and it had been such a long time she tapped it… Didn’t stop her from crossing the roof, hopping on to his back and circling her arms tight around his neck in her amusement. "This better be fun…" -07:52 May 08
[(Timeout) Dakota doesn’t post enough.] -07:57 May 08
BK 201: He didn’t hesitatein running to the edge of the roof and jumping from it landing with a heavy thud on the street below then continuing on without breaking stride. He didn’t stop for anything, people were knocked aside, cars were dodged or jumped over, he was burning hard and she could probably tell from his body tempreture. Humans could do what he was doing and he would have to recharge later, and by recharge he would have to eat a lot.. more than any human could. "You’re going to have to tell me more once we get back…" it wouldn’t take long at this rate.. and now she could see the kind of thing she had been running from. -07:57 May 08
Dakota: Crazy… interesting crazy! He had hidden a lot of his strength from her too. She mumbled in to his ear. "Anything you want to ask, I’ll tell you. ..Or show you." she smirked. -08:05 May 08
BK 201: He was back at her hideaway before long and openeing the door without stopping letting her down and going strait to the fridge to empty three bottles of cold water in the space of five seconds. Pushing himself like that always took it’s toll. "I want to know how they found us…" he said looking for food, he needed food, lots of food." -08:09 May 08
Dakota: "Besides you drawing attention to us by smashing up a bar?" Dakota was wondering too. As he snooped around for food, she was leaning her hands on the counter. That WAS very fast. Normally, it would be a few days before they caught up with her… "Next time we go out, we’ll be less… obvious. No breaking people or things. No screaming in storehouses." -08:13 May 08
BK 201: He has stuffing his mouth with felfover, it didn’t matter how long they had been in the fridge, he really did have a very good stomach, then he tore the topp off of a can of soup and crank the entire thing from the can…no more, he couldn’t have another bite and would have to wait for the digestion to catch up… in the meantime he flopped down on the bed. "Could be they can track me…" he said, knowing how though thought. "Could be inside me they have a transponder… do you know anyone who can work on this grade cybernetics to remove it if they do?" -08:17 May 08
Dakota: "That’s a very likely possibility… and with our luck, the right one. We’ll not be able to stay in one place too long." Dakota gave it some thought. There were a lot of useful people around. …find one they could -trust- might be tricky. She had followed, trailing after him to rest her hands on her hips and think it through. "I’ll find someone. I don’t know how much time it will take…" -08:23 May 08
BK 201: "Well I’ve been here too long already we should both go when you do… but today has taken a lot out of me.." he looked at her and sat up. "It will tkae them time to get another team together at least.." he patted the bed next to him and sighed. "In the meantime you can tell me about what you are…" -08:27 May 08
Dakota: "I’m fairly certain ‘a god’ gives an accurate description." she mused with a smirk. But she stepped over and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I’m human. Hrrm… with a lil true god mixed in. One ancestor started the line, he killed a sea god and took his power. Somewhere along the way that line married the blood descendant of another sea god, then years and years later you have me and my family. Two bloodlines, one very… strange family." -08:30 May 08
BK 201: He wrapped his arms around her and and listened. "I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t have seen it… but I guess they believe it too.. "he put his hand on her cheek and turned her head so he could kiss her lips. "But we have the power to fight them at least…" -08:34 May 08
Dakota: "I didn’t know what they were doing to people… If I did I might have intervened sooner… Normally we take care of ourselves. We take care of the world, no one takes care of us." …Dakota hadn’t realized that bothered her. There was a tight loyalty in her family, but they were never close. They were never together in one place, that had been a problem in the past… "I didn’t choose to be what I am either, but I accept it…" she mentioned, just to make the point. And then she was grinning, resting her head against his cheek. -08:43 May 08
BK 201: If you didn’t you wouldn’t have your tattoos." he pointed out rubbing the back of her neck. "And I’ll take care of you.. as well as I can. As long as you take care of me.." he leaned his head against hers and sighed. "I don’t care what you say." -08:49 May 08
Dakota: "That’s a big promise to make, armas. I hope you won’t regret it later." Dakota finally curled her arms around him. This was something new for her. Comfort from someone else that wasn’t in the form of sex or booze or punching someone in the face. "But I’ll enjoy it while I have it." -08:55 May 08

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