Tower’s Calling 004: Something to Live For

Tower's Calling

[Athos Drifts though long dead corridors and past empty decaying rooms.] -05:20 Jun 20
[Corona is claiming artifacts as her own and feeling a little… off-kilter!] -05:24 Jun 20
Corona: The sword and belt cinched tightly at her waist, the fragment slipped in to a pocket to be close at hand… Everything else Corona found useful or particularly interesting, she slipped in to a small sack. She wasn’t greedy about it, nor did she grab what was most powerful. Her choices were carefully selected. All the while she was thinking. A strange mix of anger and frustration that she couldn’t quite put her finger to the source of. Yet knew it was all teh ghost’s fault. A second person’s life…. or death in this case… made everything so much more complicated. Once she had what she needed, Corona left the vault to hunt him down. -05:34 Jun 20
Athos: He had arived in the meeting hall of the Emidio. When he had been a child there had been dozens of them, then the gods rose and it was war, a war that did not go well. When he had last left this place he had been expecting to be back with a wife, maybe a child, start the clan anew. He went to the far end of the room where a throne rested on a daised dias. "I’m sorry." he said slowly to the emty seat. "I’m working on fixing this.." he looked up and then rurned to the room. It had a strong sence of decayed splendor. But he couldn’t see it as it was now, only how it was back then. A sancuary, home, a place he could always return to. Slowlu he sat in the throne and looked out over the room, the entire complex resonated with the power and magic of his family even now. -05:44 Jun 20
Corona: There was so much magic to place. In wards, in construction. Just residual bits of old centuries. Her tower had this same sort of resonance. Corona had pride in that, but there was that grim knowledge that despite all their wards, their safe places, their power… every single Emidio died. Power alone was not enough to survive on. She finally found him, sitting on that throne in what used to be a grand room. Looking like some forlorn shadow trapped for the rest of eternity. Corona rest her hands on her hips as she stopped a few feet away. "I suppose you wish you could just sit there and cease to be?" -05:51 Jun 20
Athos: He was still swimming in memories when he looked at her. "We’re staying." he said his voice having the term of someone decided. "Everythign we need is here and its safer than the tower. No one will find us here." he looked at her and stood, as much a a ghost could stand. "This is the place of the Emidio and if you plan to raise one from the dead, theres no better palce." -05:55 Jun 20
Corona: Corona frowned as she gave it some thought. "I don’t have ties to this place. To cast creation magic, I need a space that feels natural to me. And if something went wrong…" she trailed off as she glanced over her shoulder at the room. "You wouldn’t want that to happen in your family home." -06:02 Jun 20
[Athos enters.] -06:09 Jun 20
Athos: "This place wasn’t chosen at random." He said "This blasted wastland where no plants grow and only creatures toutched by magic calll home. This is where it happened, this is where Dakota shattered the veil." He moved towards her "You were born with magic, so you hold a connection to this place as much as I do the ceramony can be done elswhere, but we stay, and we plan here." -06:14 Jun 20
[(Timeout) Athos got too distracted for their own good…] -06:28 Jun 20
Corona: Now she was scowling. Fingers tapping against her hips. "That’s grand, amazing even. But this isn’t my space. We will stay and plan in my tower where I have all of my research and my things." -06:32 Jun 20
Athos: He was standing right in front of her, inches away. "Stop talking. Stop thinking and listen, feel." he said. "Do you know why gods are so powerful within thier domains?" he had the tone of an impatient teacher "And why thier bound sould give so much power? Because magic is not some invisible force, ormindless tool. You need will to wield it, to control it, and it is alive and if left alone will listen to only the will of gods and it’s own design. There the barrier is thinest, here magic is more powerful but has a mind of it’s own. If you think I shouldn’t trust you then I must trust it." -06:39 Jun 20
Corona: "I don’t need lessons from you about magic. You, who went blindly fighting a star god on your own, knowing it was stupid and suicidal. You, who barely understands his own family history. You, who wants to knock up the first chick you get your hands on just so you can die and escape your legacy just because it got a little shitty for a few hundred years." She shouldn’t have said it, but who was he to lecture her? He might have once been a god, but now he was a ghost. What he thought he knew was wrong. -06:46 Jun 20
Athos: "So you would have me let millions die to save my own life." he said coldly. "Have it your way the sooner I’m alive the sooner I can come back here and rebuild." he floated through her and headed deeper into the complex going through another sealed door and towards the crypts. -06:51 Jun 20
Corona: Corona growled in frustration as she turned and stomped after him. He didn’t get it…! "It’s no wonder you’re dead! You can’t look past your own nose to even think about other possibilities! If all of you were like this, then good riddance! All the power and knowledge of gods, yet no understanding the science and working of your own magics and your own prophecy and your own way of things. Didn’t you ever think about finding a new bearer? Getting others to help you destroy that god? Are you even thinking NOW?" -06:57 Jun 20
[Athos enters.] -07:07 Jun 20
Athos: He turned and threw a lightningbolt that blasted the floor at hew feet. "YES! I WANTED TO DIE!" his voice was dripping in sarcasm. "There was no time, the amulet was in the hands of the enemy, It was act first or he would act and probably kill me anyway. FUCK! Its like you think I did this on purpose. I don’t care what you think, but don’t EVER imply that I didn’t do everythign I could to not die. Because the end of my family and millenia of tradition and fighting was what you seem to think I wanted all along. You’ve never been fighting for you life, or the lives of others. All you’ve done is hide and steal things. You don’t know what thats like and you never will until you experience it. When you have to make a choice like THEN you can judge." -07:13 Jun 20
Corona: She cringed at the bolt, but she didn’t take a step back and her hand was hovering an inch away from pulling her wand. "There you go making your stupidass assumptions again! No one has suffered as much as you! No one knows sorrow like you do, no one knows pain! Did you think I spent my entire life in that tower learning my craft for fun? For thrills and adventure? You and your family have been gone, but evil gods and villains still exist! My father raped and murdered my mother, but I did not march to his goddamned fortress and throw my life away! When I go, I’m going without a shadow of a doubt that I will succeed. ….So…. fuck you!" It wasn’t the way she wanted to cap off that speech, nor did she even want to make it! Her frustration was too high and she was sick of dealing with him. It was futile effort. Corona hissed through her teeth as she turned around to leave. She didn’t need him before, she didn’t need him now. -07:21 Jun 20
[(Timeout) Athos was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:29 Jun 20
Athos: "Oh nice for you to have the option to wait. I did not have that luxury. ANd you’re the one making assumptions about how I feel, how I did things. So fuck YOU. You lost your mother. I lost mine too, and my father, and my brothers, and sisters, and aunts, uncles, cousins, the girl I loved. So just go if you really think I’m a reckless ass who got himself needlessly killed, take what you want and never come back. Just leave the amulet so I stay here. With all that you should be able to defeat him without my help." -07:29 Jun 20
Corona: "I am throwing it back to the SEA where you and your family belong!" she shouted back at him, taking just long enough to turn and flip him the finger in the process. She tried to help him. She tried to be patience, she really did. But he wanted to wallow in his old life. He could have it and haunt the ocean for eternity. Corona shouldn’t have allowed herself to be distracted by someone else’s destiny, anyway! -07:36 Jun 20
Athos: All the doors shut, every single one and the walls began to sing with power. "I said put it down." His voice came from every direction at once he care up behind her to grab her arm and twist. "Put it down or I will kill you, either way it stays." the amulet was glowing, fighting him but he didn’t notice. -07:43 Jun 20
Corona: She could feel it burning against her skin. It felt the same way she did, that annoyance, the frustration. The desire to punch him in the goddamned face. Corona didn’t realize when she turned around to shove him away that she didn’t need to cast her solidity spell just to do it. She pushed him back and pulled her wand to point at him. "No. You say it chose me. It belongs to me now. I’ll do as I wish." -07:48 Jun 20
Athos: He held out his hand and th shard floated out of her bag to hover above it. "And this… is mine, it belongs to the family, it listens to me." he looked at her, glared was more the word. "I can’t believe I wanted to help you, that I felt like I should kill your father. You’re right, I don’t know if you’re the evil one, maybe hes good." the crystal descended into his hand and he closed his fingers around it. "So far I’ve seen nothing but anger and hate from you. I didn’t know the amulet could be tricked like that." -07:57 Jun 20
Corona: "From me? From ME?! You reawaken and raped me, and you thought that I was going to instantly get over it?! You are lucky I’ve offered to help you at all!" How dare he try to turn it on her, as if she were the one that was the problem. He could keep the damned shard. Corona turned away again, and with a snarl used her wand, perhaps even the amulet to swing open the doors with a spell. But before she could walk through them, there was that force… it made her pause. You are being stubborn. For him to hear you, you must also listen. No, HE was being stubborn. History repeats itself time and again, will you allow the outcome to be the same? Knowing you could make a difference? Why should she help someone that didn’t want help. Corona didn’t leave though. "What do you expect from me? What do you even want?" She didn’t even know who she was asking. Him or the voice. -08:14 Jun 20
Athos: "I trust you, you tell me not to. I don’t you get offended." he telled at her as if he didn’t notice her conversation. "I Try to help you you snap at me, I offer to give you the most powerful thing in existance and you threaten to trow me into the sea. What am I meant to think?" All you want to do is disagree with me no matter what I do or say. As long as you do that I can’t help you and you can’t help me." -08:20 Jun 20
Corona: "I am not disagreeing with you about everything, I am just trying to make you hear me! To think!" Patience. Corona took a slow deep breath and turned around. It was obvious she was struggling to regain composure and speak evenly. "You don’t even understand why this is all a struggle for me. You say you think about the world, about other people, but everything you’ve done so far is about you. You can trust me, but you can’t expect me to do everything you ask when I know that everything I do is just to help you die." -08:30 Jun 20
Athos: "And suddenly you care if I die?" he asked. "I don’t want to die but what else is there for me? I want to have a full life with someone I love but I watched the only person I’d ever loved die because of who I am. I want to father children but even child I have will inferit my curse and have to fight gods just like I did. No one want to die, but not everyone wants to live either." -08:36 Jun 20
Corona: "I know what you feel. The desperation, frustration. The bitter resentment of what you are, and your resistance to a fate that has taken everything and given you nothing." she respondedly softly, almost apologetically. But that tone was quickly gone. "But I know if you let it all go, it could be different. It doesn’t have to be a curse. And I can’t stand watching you squander away potential and possibilities just because you feel like there’s nothing to gain." -08:44 Jun 20
Athos: "You’ve spent your life preparing to kill your father and avoiding everyone else, how is that any different. You based your power on your virginity which garenteed you wouldn’t try to make connections. Alone on your tower all day every day except when you were out hunting artifacts. How are we any different? Whats you plan after hes dead?" -08:48 Jun 20
Corona: "We are different, because when I am done ridding the world of that man I am going to live. I won’t have to stay in my tower just so I can survive. I can see the world, the stars, the people in it. I can love, I can exist. And I will be able to do it without fear and without regret." She had a future and she wanted her future. They were completely different. -08:53 Jun 20
Athos: "Do you even know how?" he asked "I plied the skies and saw evey landmass this planet had to offer, I fought battles, I had parties, I read and wrote novels, I loved, I laughed… have you done any of that?" the feeling he got then he realized she probably hadn’t was sadness. Flaoting up to her he put her hand on her cheek. "If you can trust me, and I can trust you, when this is over I’ll show you how. Life isn’t meant to be spand divoted to revenge, you could have left him and takes a ship and lived." he was lookign dorectly into her eyes. "And you havn’t loved until you’ve loved, until you’ve learned what its like to trust someone and open up to them. to hold someone in your arms and feel like you can tell them the world. Until you’re shared a moment of pure unrelenting passion with them. You havn’t lives until you’ve loved." -09:02 Jun 20
Corona: "Just because I haven’t before doesn’t mean I can’t imagine what it’s like and know that I can have it." she mumbled. How could someone so fatalistic talk that way. When did their roles reverse? "And I’m not hiding from it. I am just waiting for my moment. When I can enjoy it and not have it taken away from me. …You shouldn’t be preaching to me about all this, when you were going to give it up." -09:09 Jun 20
Athos: "You don’t wait for it either…" he said "You work at it and make it happen. And when it does, you let it." he was closer to her now "I knew what it was like once… To let go and…" he pushed his lips into hers again harder this time as he put hsi ahdn on the back of her head to held her there. -09:13 Jun 20
Corona: She didn’t know how they had gotten to that point, or how she could touch him without falling right through him. Or why that kiss from him felt more like a promise than anything else. Corona found herself giving in to it, returning his kiss with the confused curiosity that was now so overwhelming to her senses. -09:19 Jun 20
Athos: He put his arms around her and held her agaist him as best his could not being fully solid. "Sweet surrender to another and finding something to live for, for both of us. That is what love is." -09:22 Jun 20

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