Demon Vexed 004: Surprising Results

Demon Vexed

[Elisandre is wide awake and downstairs working…. a whooooole lot of magic!] -06:07 Feb 20
[Cupio had sex… and then hoke her up for more in the middle of the night. Now he’s asleep and feeling much better.] -06:07 Feb 20
Elisandre: Pacing back and forth, to and fro all around the room with a giant book in her hands, Elisandre was making a lot more progress with chores and research. Especially seeing as she was multi-tasking without even lifting a finger. A potion in the fireplace was stirring itself. In the kitchen, breakfast was throwing itself together. On her desk with all of her vials and rocks, and stone was being whittled away, and a broom was taking care of any little accidents the spells made. Ever so often she would pause and wave a finger over her head, churning that flow of magic she had feeding all the spells. Elisandre had everything down to a science! -06:13 Feb 20
Cupio: There was a yawning sound from upstairs before the demon appeared behind her and slid his hands around her to kiss the side of her neck. "You seem perky." he said with a grin before untangling himself, his tail slapping her rump as he moved towards the kitchen to see what was cooking. "What’s going on, wasn’t what we did last night was it?" he meaned against the counter to face her giving her a grin, that was only half a joke. -06:17 Feb 20
Elisandre: "Good morn-Hey!" She rubbed her ass and gave him a scowl. "Of course not, what do you think I am, a succubus? I slept very well and you are a living thing… Living things are very energizing." Perky, please. What a completely ridiculous word to describe her with. Elisandre snapped her shut and let it fly off to the shelf, only to be replaced by an equally large volume. She was one again reading and looking pretty pleased with herself. "I have been working, however! You are an absolute terror, and though impressive, really does require a multitude of time, planning, and power. WHICH means your summoner has an extraordinary capacity for magic, even beyond needing the coven’s circle. I am fairly certain they didn’t even need the coven to summon you, which meant, she had a completely different motive for summoning you in the center of so many witches…" Elisandre kept pacing while she talked, going over the pages in her book. -06:24 Feb 20
Cupio: "Could have been a sacrifice to me." he said crabling a mug of water and eying her. "The covern that is. I am after all an absolute terror." he was pleased with that description and stalking back towards her. "So my little non-virgin witch, what else did you discover?" he stood next to her but wasn’t paying attention to the book. "I hope you have clues as to who it was, I mean we know who it was but because your covern has inconvenient laws you’ll need proof. I’d just kill her and be done with it, or claim her as my own, she may have uses. But then that’s me." -06:30 Feb 20
Elisandre: "You are not going to use Lucretia." She didn’t like the sound of it, and didn’t want to know what he meant about it. She did, though, look very pleased with herself when she wasn’t glaring at him. "I figured it would be a sacrifice. More than likely soul magic. Either for charming you in to a stronger bond spell, or taking an entire coven’s power for her own. On the bright side, the spell was an utter failure and you are bound to the wrong witch. On the downside, Lucretia is so much more dangerous than I ever realized… " Elisandre didn’t seem all that concerned about it. Hmm. He smelled nice. Just being near him had her skin prickling. Elisandre took a few steps away. She couldn’t make a habit of that. Only when he needed. "I will have to retrace your summoning spell to see what ever she may have done…" -06:36 Feb 20
Cupio: "I can’t not when I’m bound to you." he said sounding displeased about it. "Even with sex my time here isn’t going to be easy. I’m so loosly bount to you I know what I want to do but can’t that that final step to do it. It’s hard on a demon. On the other sand with you all perked up more than a kitten on sugar things should go quickly, so I’ll leave you to your work until breakfast is done. What is being done for breakfast?" -06:41 Feb 20
Elisandre: "Why don’t you find out? The spell takes care of itself in the kitchen, I haven’t paid it any mind." Elisandre was almost curious to know herself, but instead she was waving a hand for the kitchen to handle dishing up plates and cups and everything else in between. Her eyes were down on the book. "The weak bond is a problem. After she was here yesterday I don’t doubt she is going to try and take you back. I’ll either have to figure out how to return you or make the bond stronger. None of these books are being even remotely useful on that subject…! Why is every book of demons riddled with sex!" -06:47 Feb 20
Cupio: The table flew across the kitchen and hit the wall. "No you will not." his voice was a low hiss as his wings spread and a hot wind blasted out from his direction. "You will not enslave me more than I already am." his growled turnning towards her, non existant flames seen reflected in his eyes. "I don’t care what you feel the risk is I will not allow it. This one only took hold because I’m vulnerable when I’ve just been summoned and I wasn’t expecting it. I can hold my own against any witch when I’m here and I can see them, or else all those things you’ve read about me doing owuld have been stopped by someone with a bind spell." -06:53 Feb 20
Elisandre: Elisandre snapped her book shut and with a flick of her hand, she righted the table and everything right back where it belong. She tucked the book under her arm and clasped her hands together, giving him frown and a quirk of an eyebrow. "Yes, I will. If I cannot send you back, I will make the bond stronger. I am not going to let a witch like Lucretia have you. And despite the fact your reputation is quite fearsome, I can be to if I wish." -07:00 Feb 20
[Elisandre enters.] -07:02 Feb 20
Cupio: "Just you try and you’ll find out how resistant I can be." he growled again his own magic making the air around him hum and pushign that of the room away, destroying it’s flow. "I will tear this pathetic bond you have on me apart or I will turn it around, then this forest, the village, everything… you’ve read up on me, I don’t need to elaborate." it he weren’t naked his clothes would be incinerated. "I will not be a slave." -07:05 Feb 20
Elisandre: "My will can’t be bonded." He was seethingly angry, enough that he snapped her entire river of magic and all of her spells dropped. …but she wasn’t mad. In fact, she was still feeling so fine, that this entire exchange was actually amusing! Enough that while he was threatening to shred the very fabric all she held dear, Elisandre was just smiling wider and wider. She had realized something important. "Fear is a very strong weapon, Cupio. But I believe it works better on you than on me…" -07:13 Feb 20
Cupio: He was at her in a second and his claws cut into her thoat at he lifted her off the ground. "Then don’t push me or I’ll show you I’m a demon and not some puppydog so be bound and used. Witches are all the same, warlocks, mages, scorcerors… I will rid this worl of every single one of them if I have to." he let go and headed towards the back door. "I’m going to gorge on something fresh and raw. Don’t wait up for me." -07:17 Feb 20
Elisandre: That started her, and once she had her balance back on her feet, she ran her hand over her neck to see just how much blood he drew. Grimacing, and he truly did was prove her point! And she certainly wasn’t going to wait for him. Elisandre followed! "I am not trying to push you, you are pushing yourself! You are so terrified of being bound to someone, or being made a slave, that you instantly react. Can you even fathom how vulnerable that makes you? It’s not the summoning itself that makes you weak! And if you take the time to listen to me, perhaps you’ll find I am NOT the same old witch!" -07:22 Feb 20
Cupio: The tore the door off it’s hinges as he moved out and then stopped. "You want to bind me, just like everyone else. So sorry Elis but millenia have taught me, never trust anyone which is fine because you really cannot trust me. Don’t try and help me, you know what they sya about demons. And we’re all the same. You’ve seen what they write about me. All I care about is sensation. I am drawn to it and I create it around me. Sooner or later I will screw you over. Get rid of me as soon as you can." -07:29 Feb 20
[(Timeout) Elisandre was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:35 Feb 20
Elisandre: The door… damntaion. NOW she was irritated. Elisandre left her book at a table and now she was stomping after him. "Has it not occured to you that not once have I yet to try to use you, abuse you, bind you, or really truely force you to do anything against your will? That perhaps I actually care about finding a solution that will set you free with as little damage to everyone, including your highly erradict self, as possible? Maybe most demons are exactly as I expected, but you haven’t been. AND I AM NOT JUST ANOTHER WITCH!" That alone had her seething and his flood of emotions had her tipping off again, picking up on things she would never otherwise care about. "If I must bind you, it will be to help you, because you are CLEARLY not trying to help yourself!" -07:35 Feb 20
Cupio: "Then STOP latching only my emotions." he snarled. "You can’t help me if you’re feeding on my energy." He snapped. "You have emotions of your own, don’t you? ANd I do help myself, all the time and when I do people die. It’s my nature. You just havn’t seen it yet because I AM bound." he pulled on the invisible string the linked them, testing it. It he could creak free she would be his first victim. He’d end her inquiry, end her doomed belief in him. -07:41 Feb 20
Elisandre: "I can’t help it!" Now she was shouting, and desperately frustrated. For a demon who thought himself so wise, he was so unobservant. "I am fueled by LIFE. Living alive things! And YOU and the most gods be damned ALIVE thing from here to kingdom’s edge, and on top of it you’re bound to me so I can’t even TRY to disentangle myself from you! Do you have any idea what it’s like to live in the middle of a forest just so you aren’t constantly pushed, and pulled and twisted in every direction on the whims of insane human beings?! YOU SHOULD. YOU HAVE BEEN BELLOWING ABOUT IT FOR DAYS." Something in her head tugged in a very unpleasant way and a wave of dizzy washed over her. …stupid demon! -07:49 Feb 20
Cupio: "Then perhaps you understand after all." he said slowly, each word carefully sellected. "I’ve had a very long time to watch myself and you know what I found? I have no control." his tail flicked tracing a train of hot, lingering balls of energy in it’s wake. "I get pushed, I fush back. I get restriced I go everything I can to break free. I walk, I talk, but everything I do is powered by feeling. Maybe that makes me a beast mor than a man but I’ve never claimed either title. I am not chaos because I react and am govrened by my enviroment… I am not order because I spread disorder through my actions. If I stay here sooner or later I’ll be fed evil thoughts, and then I will embody them. You have to know that." -08:00 Feb 20
Elisandre: Elisandre couldn’t fathom how one conversation could use up so much, to the point that she now felt ill. That hadn’t happened with him before. She rest a hand on her stomach and took a deep breath. Now speaking through her teeth to keep from shouting again. "When I said if I needed to I would make our bond stronger, I didn’t mean so I could enslave you. You have no control, but I do. No one could bend your will or influence your thoughts if you were mine. The only one who could influence you would be me." -08:09 Feb 20
Cupio: "It is my nature to resist restrictions." he repeated. "I will resist not matter what you tell me." he felt a tug inside him and he stapped forwards taking hold of her shoulder. "You feel that? That is the most alive creature for miles. That is hell." -08:20 Feb 20
[Elisandre burned all of that precious precious energy screaming at a demon. How does he do this to her?!] -06:41 Feb 21
Elisandre: What she felt was a great deal of irritation, to the point her vision was getting spotty. Elisandre almost swatted his hand away, but the contact surprisingly made it a little better. That was weird. "You are making a hell for yourself. You are making a hell for me! At least you are consistent in the fact you will always be belligerent and difficult." she muttered at him. There was a slight temptation to lean forward and see if more contact would ease that ill feeling. "Resist, then. I will do what I need to, regardless." -06:47 Feb 21
Cupio: He drew her closer and slid his other arms around her, his nostrils flaring as he gauged her reactions. Weather her heard her or not was bedaitable because he was picking her up to cradle her against him and walk back inside with a wing moving around to cradle her as he loved deeper into the room. "You need to stress less." he said. "It is the oposite of release and depleates it faster." he was heading strait for the staircase. "I’ll take care of you, don’t worry." -06:51 Feb 21
Elisandre: This was weirder…! Demons didn’t do this, and she was trapped between the strong urge to curl up against him, and the need to stare at him in baffled confusion. "How exactly am I to stress less when I am the benefactor of a terror and potentially going to have to hunt a rogue witch? Do you have any idea how much work that is?" -06:56 Feb 21
Cupio: "Yes, yes I mose definately do." he said, but didn’t elaborate. "All the more reason so save your energy." he mounted the stairs and headed up, one at the time. "Killing them it harder, but you have a secret weapon." he ducked though the door and headed towards the bed. "You can manage your speels from up here, right?" he asked leaning down and gently placing her on the bed and sliding his wing out from under her. "Because you have a hungry terror." -07:00 Feb 21
Elisandre: She hadn’t understood what he meant yet, and was casting a haughty look. "I can. I told you, everything in the cabin is perfectly well placed so I can be anywhere I please on the property and still flow the spells exactly where the need to be without any trouble an- Why are you looking at me that way." He couldn’t possibly mean doing that. Now. -07:05 Feb 21
Cupio: He ran his thumb over her lips and sat next to her. "Shhhhhh." he said softly. "I know exactly what you’re feeling, and I’m going to make it all better." he leaned down to kiss her, harder than he otherwise would have but now this wasn’t her first time. "If I didn’t know you I’d experiment with my other form. But I doubt that’s your thing." his hand when to caress ther side of her neck as his other traveled down. "Just lean back and enjoy." -07:09 Feb 21
Elisandre: At the moment she was feeling like she completely lied about having any self control, because if she did, she wouldn’t have leaned in to a kiss she absolutely didn’t want, nor would she be completely amused with him saying lean back and enjoy. Elisandre did finally swat his hand away, and tried to force a serious, no nonsense frown. "There’s not time for all of that. Besides the fact you pricked me enough with those claws, I should wash this blood off." -07:18 Feb 21
Cupio: He grabbed her hair and pushed her back down and leaned in to run his tongue up her thoat. "I got it." he said tasting her clood and moving to slid on top of her, holding her in place as he lickd again getting more of it and his wings came up to pin her arms in place. She wasn’t going anywhere, not until she was energized. -07:20 Feb 21
Elisandre: "Cupio…! This is.. not acceptable!" Ihat made her stomach lurch, though not in a digusted way.. A strange, flushing feeling she was really getting annoyed at feeling everytime he was handsy. Elisandre squirmed to get her arms loose and cursed her suddenly dry mouth. "…you’re being impossible. …I am.. not a snack!" -07:26 Feb 21
Cupio: "This is for you." he hissed lifting the bottom of her robe and loving against her befor her pressed his lips into her throat and kissed up towards her lips. Then he kissed then his hand left her hair and slipped down her front to pull aside the last barrier in his way, and gently stroke her folds. -07:31 Feb 21
Elisandre: "This isn’t-" Oooh… blasted demon. She let out a soft plaintif hiss, shifting her hers to pull away but not finding much elsewhere to go. One little touch and it was like lighting her blood on fire! "m-mission accomplished, you can top now…" A breathless plea. They couldn’t just… do this at a whim! It was insane! -07:36 Feb 21
Cupio: "Not quite." he whispered pushing her lips apart and pushing his tip between them, thursting in and pushing his hips to hers. "Maybe you’ll understand…" he said before thusting again and running his hand though her hair. She was such a strange creature… but like it or not he needed her. -07:38 Feb 21
Elisandre: Elisandre gasped and tilted her head away. For a split second she had tensed, trying to retrieve her arms again and bucking up beneath him, but… How could such simple motions feel so wonderfully good? She was melting again, twisting and mumbling a complaint about it, just out of pure spite. -07:44 Feb 21
Cupio: His wings moved away as he thrust again, his lips nibbling au hrt jaw to chase her lips. Again and again gaining speeb, okay maybe this was a little for him too. He moved mercilessly, pushig her more than before. He was a demon and after her performance he wasn’t the most pacient, he would have her surrender completely in climax, if she wanted it or not. -07:48 Feb 21
Elisandre: Freedom…! Another, soft groan and she lift her hands to grip his shoulders. Then intent was to push at him, take some control of herself! Instead she was struck gripping, squeezing. Drawing her legs up, resistance was forgone there too. Elisandre pushed up against him, digging her teeth in to her lip to keep from groaning again. The sensation had coursed all the way to her toes, it was impossible to remain still! -07:56 Feb 21
Cupio: His hands went down, bother of them to grip her hips as he tail grabbed her ankle and pull her leg around him and he pushed harder, moved fasted. The air shimmered and becames sweet, nothing was spared to drive her inwards, faster and faster towards climax. He would give her what she needed to get on her feet again, and more. Biting his tongue he broke and surface and then leaned forwards without breaking rythm pushed the blood against her lips. -08:00 Feb 21
Elisandre: She hadn’t even the sense to be wary of kissing magic. Her arms went around him, hands diving in to his hair as she ravished his mouth. The taste was something else, a strange after thought mixing with the intoxicating scent in the air. She drew her tongue across his lips again, the soft sounds of her approval falling against his mouth everytime he shifted. -08:07 Feb 21
Cupio: He fed her, both his fis tongue, adn with the the way he pushed against her, strained and gripped. He was getting closer and he could tell she was too. They were linked and he could feel the blood affect her as it affected him. He shighed against her and it became a growl as it built faster than expected. "Finish, Elis." he hissed. -08:11 Feb 21
Elisandre: That demon had absolutely no command over her bo-~! "Oh hell…!" Maybe he had a better command of it than she did! Or at least the hiss of his voice, and that burning now coursing through her blood faster than her heart could beat. Her fingers tightened in his hair as he head fell back and she was gasping. Her back arced her body up against him when she let a small cry slip. Intoxicating wasn’t a good word, consuming was what it was! -08:16 Feb 21
Cupio: He shivered againse her and bit her lip as he emptied into her as well, pulling in her lip painfully and letting go once the all emcopasing wave of pure undiluted sensation passed over him adn he could breathe again, think again, move again. "There." he whispered slipwly moving off of her and giving her a slow lingering kiss as he caressed her cheek, claw marks clearly visible on her hips where he had gripped her. "Now you’ll feel better." -08:19 Feb 21
Elisandre: Elisandre had fallen limp, but it was completely different from exhaustion. She was very nearly writhing in the feeling. A soft, over pleased smile splayed across her mouth as she stretched like a pampered cat. Wait…. damnit! She froze, finally opening her eyes to give him an examining expression. "…is that what happened." she muttered, piecing it together in her head. A little bit of this and she spends a morning bussling around like mad. Elisandre could even feel it now, that nice warm strong feeling. "Sex magic." This baffled her! -08:26 Feb 21
Cupio: "If that’s what you want to call it." he said kissing the corner of her mouth again. "Now you can use your spells to work on the hunger I was actually talkign about, the one in my stoach that needs food" he said running his hand through her hair. "Food and something to drink." -08:29 Feb 21
Elisandre: "Of course. Food." If that was what he originally meant… the demon read her thoughts too well. With a defeated sigh, she rolled and curled up against him. Taking a moment to throw out an arm and start the magic flow back up again. An effortless motion, the triggered her very useful household spells. "You are insufferable." -08:32 Feb 21

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