Since You’ve Been Gone 004: The Treasure Hunt

[Yvaine decided she was in love with the Summer Castle on first sight.] -04:00 Mar 21
[Hans Has taken Yvain to the summer castle on the Rhine river after they consumated thier relationship and has let her have free run of it. After all no ones knows they’re there right?] -04:01 Mar 21
Yvaine: It was like a giant cottage secreted away at the foot of a hill and surrounded by trees, aside from the riverbank it faced. Once she had her things put away, Yvaine immediately wanted to explore everything she was allowed to get her hands on. …Which somehow ended up with her being in the library, pulling books from shelves and scanning through them just for the joy of seeing such old books from generations past! -04:05 Mar 21
Hans: The Castle Had been in the family fir generations and had been extensively modornised over the decades. Watchign Yvaine explore it reminded Hans of his own summers spent here as a child and he was more than happy yo show her the more secluded areas some of them half hidden during renovations. In face thier bedroom was behind a hidden pannel! It was the perfect setting to thier fairy tale story… -04:08 Mar 21
Yvaine: Yvaine could easily confess she was just as likely looking for a secret passage as she pulled another book from the shelf and thumbed through the pages. This one was a history of myths and legends local to Rhineland. And original copy written in German, though a lot of the words were a bit out of her vocabulary. She was wearing a simple sundress as she stepped away near a window with the book. It was just as nice looking out at the scenery, and Yvaine was having such a hard time focusing at one thing at time! -04:13 Mar 21
Hans: Hans wasn’t reading, if fact he was writing, sittign at the table in the library his pen making a scratching soice that other than Yvaine was the inly sound int he library. To his regret he was working, writing up a revision to a bill that was to be passed in preperation fr the handing over of power that was only months away. -04:16 Mar 21
Yvaine: She wondered if there would be any animals out there in those woods. Which was probably a silly thing to wonder, so she more specifically pondered what -kinds-. The book spoke about monster myths and other interesting creatures, which amused Yvaine with some creative ideas. When she turned away from the window, she tucked the book back on the shelf and drew out another. This one looked much different than the eloquent volumes and more like someone’s old personal journal. "Oh neat…!" she exclaimed out loud without meaning to. It was fairly old! -04:22 Mar 21
Hans: He lifted his head at her exclamation. Then setting his pen down got up and walked over to the window and sitting down leaving enough space for her to join him. "I’m done for today." he said with a sigh. "They may want to haggle over ever detail but I’ll let them do it when they’re in charge… what have you got there?" -04:25 Mar 21
Yvaine: "I think it’s a map, but I am not entirely sure." Yvaine crossed the floor to take a seat next to him, the seat being just wide enough for two bodies to sit touching intimately together. It suited Yvaine just fine. She wanted to ask a bit more about his work, but felt that for the time being he needed a break away from so much responsibility. Yvaine handed him the slip of paper as she open up the journal and thumbed through the pages. "It fell from here." -04:30 Mar 21
Hans: He opened the page and spread it over his lap, imediatly looking for identiflying features. It took him a minute but soon he was sure. "Its of the castle." he said "But from before the more recent renovations…" the labels were in a mox of German and French but Hans could read both and knew that the last time the castle had been renovated byt a french architect had been. "1792.." he said pointing at a date in the corner. "This looks like a plan that was then drawn on by one of my ancestors…" -04:35 Mar 21
Yvaine: "How neat! Those are the grounds around it, right?" She leaned closer to point. There seemed to be instruction to all the areas of the castle itself as well as the grounds surrounding it. Yvaine couldn’t read the French, but at least she was familiar enough with the German to understand most of the notations. "I wonder what it was doing in here." …and the best way to cure the curiosity was to read! Yvaine scanned the journal pages a little more carefully, looking for the spot the paper was tucked in to and hoping there might be a mention of it. -04:40 Mar 21
Hans: HAns however concentrated on the map. It was interesting to see how a buildign he had spent much of his childhood in had been over two centuries ago. A lot had changed but the castle was still largly the same layout. It had to be to remain standing. "Anythign in there…" he asked herfore pausing and lookign at Yvain poaring over a book hand written in German.. then a small smile came to his lips but he didn’t comment. Why ruin the moment?" -04:44 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Her name was Gretchen Heilbronner…" Yvaine wasn’t sure if it was the place where the map was stashed, but she couldn’t stop reading over the current page! Gretchen was part of the royal family, not one of the Princesses of noble enough. And she wrote about her love of a Pirate who had fled up the river looking for a place to hide! Yvaine held out the journal for Hans to see and read himself. "Do you suppose the map leads somewhere? The notes on it are unusual!" -04:51 Mar 21
Hans: He took the journal and layed it out on the map. Various notes and riddles were scribbled in the margins but they made no sense… until he looked at the map. "Half of the notes on the page the other half on the map. You’d need both to decifer anything." he said with a chuckle… "But… Yvaine.. have a look here. I think I found the reason for the secrecy… other than what would have been considered a treasonous love affair.." -04:55 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Really? What is the secret?" As if a love affair wasn’t amazing and romantic in it’s own right. They stumbled over a family mystery and she was thrilled! How often did things like that happen in real life? -05:02 Mar 21
Hans: So she wasn’t going to read what he was goingting out, with a short shake of his head he picked up the journal. "The story ends with the royal guard closing in on the lovers and the Pirate makign his escape in a small boat heading downriver to their hiding space to wait for her. But unable to take his treasure with him they hide it in the castle along with the only think of value the maiden has, a crown entrusted to her by tradition for ehr to give up only when the hier chooses his future queen. It ends with her leaving to join her love the treasure still undisturbed. And thats where the riddles and map lead…" -05:07 Mar 21
Yvaine: "That’s amazing! Has anyone ever gone back to find it? It’s been such a long time." Yvaine doubted the treasure would still be hiding there. After all, there were very few secrets left in the world and a royal crown was a very important thing NOT to find. "Could we go look? It would be fun!" -05:13 Mar 21
Hans: "Yans took her hand and smiled." You know I heard about the crown during history. It disappeared in the late seventeen hundreds.. and was never found.. I think we have a treasure to hunt." He took the map to a copier and grabbed his pen ad notepad tearign off the fresh sheet and translating the noted an closely as possible as the map was copied, then handed then both to Yvaine. "So, m’lady. Where do we start?" -05:17 Mar 21
Yvaine: She was excited and it showed on the way she was barely keeping it contained and bouncing lightly on her feet. With the copied map and the translated notes it did make it a lot easier for her to read at a glance. "To the… west wing and taking a hidden door. Will it still be there after rennovations? I suppose we might have to get creative with some directions…" None of that seemed to bother Yvaine. The exploring would be the most fun part, regardless of the destination. -05:21 Mar 21
Hans: "Went wing." he repeated takign her hand again and leadign the way though the familiar corridors. "Hidden pasage… the one behind the statue of Barbarosa?" he ducked into the recces and pushed on the panned feelign it unlatch and swing back. "The statues not that old… before then this was where the flag hung.. I think." -05:24 Mar 21
Yvaine: She was bouncing on her feet again, giving way to that girlish need to clap and squeak her excitement at their first sucessful step. …it was ridiculous and the moment she realized it, she was clearing her throat and trying to contain herself again. However, she was definitely the first to slip through the passage, only slightly huffing a startled surprise when she stepped in further and nearly walked in to old spider webbing. "Well… it seems no one has been -this- way in awhile, at least!" -05:29 Mar 21
Hans: "I should probobally mention it was closed because it almost comapled burign the last renovations." he confessed. "But its the fastest was to the basment level… which hasseen the least change over the years. If there anything hidden its most liekly down there." -05:31 Mar 21
Yvaine: "As long as you haven’t locked giant spiders in here, it will be okay!" Now she was thinking it might’ve been wise to find some flashlights first. The passage was really dark, and if it weren’t for the occasional breaks of light from places where other hidden doors must had been scattered through the building, she might have had a fit. Yvaine thought she was doing fairly well leading the way, until something loud made a big THUMP several paces in front of her and she found herself turning around quickly to flee and ran in to Hans! -05:37 Mar 21
Hans: He almost fell backwards but catght himself, and her. His arms wrapped arounf her he spoke softly. "There nothign to worry about. COme one one step at a time." wit her still in his arms he took a step, then another, then another until his foot toutched somehting soft on the floor and he stopped. Letting go of her he bent down and examined it in the half light. "It a carpet." he said finally "Rolled up and stored in here. It mus have fallen over when he got close." -05:41 Mar 21
Yvaine: At least the one good thing about the dark was that he couldn’t see how embarassed she was. Even a big rat would have been more threatening than a rolled up rug. "It’s just a little dark…" she admitted sheepishly. It was good they had paused, though, as there was small narrow staircase a little farther foward, beginning a spiral descent downwards. She might have tripped down it not seeing it! "I found the stairs!" -05:55 Mar 21
[Hans has timed out.] -06:15 Mar 21
[Hans enters.] -06:15 Mar 21
Hans: "Great, watch the third one down its wobbly, at least it was then I last came here without permision." he had been 13 and had almost broken his neck on those stairs. "Here hold onto me if you need to." -06:17 Mar 21
Yvaine: This time she let Hans go first. Yvaine really didn’t mean to use him as a shield, but it did help that he knew the stairway better. She left her hands holding on to his shoulder so she could keep herself steady and on the off chance that she slipped, she had something to hold on to. "The instructions say follow all the way to the bottom of the stairs." -06:30 Mar 21
Hans: "That door was always locked." he said following her his hand on the dusty wall to keep himself steady on the steep staircase. "I’ve never opened it. I heard it used to be a store room ack when the castle was built. I always imagined it full of suits of armor and swords…. wait a second." he paused as he rummaged in his pocked and fished out his phone and turned the brightness on the screen up to full. It didn’t provide much light but with a pute white background it was better than nothing. Handing it to her he urged for forwards, excitement starting to get the better of him. -06:36 Mar 21
Yvaine: That was so much better! Just the little bit of light had her feeling less like she was in a cramped cave, and renewing that excitement of being on an adventure. She held it up so they would both be able to see better. And every time she spotted a spider the light would jump and her hand would squeeze his shoulder, though she never made a sound. "There must be a way to get it open besides a key. A key would be too easy, don’t you think?" -06:40 Mar 21
Hans: "Especially since no one knows where it is. I asked about it before they closed this passage. Just a few more stairs…" he couldn’t hide his smile, treasure hunting in his old hideaways, just like he used to do as kid, only now he was with Yvaine and they had a solid clue to go on. "Theres the door." it was an aldo door, made of oak with bands of iron in an intricate design. "There no door matching it in any of the basements so it doesn’t lead to any part of them still accesable from another direction… what do you thinks is behind it?" -06:44 Mar 21
Yvaine: "A sleeping princess?" she replied in jest, though that would be amazing in itself! Once at the bottom of the steps it was safe for her to let go of him, and in the faint light that look of curiosity was plain across her face. Yvaine was bouncing on her feet again, holding the phone up to the door as she took a good look at it from top to bottom. She tried pulling the latch. Definitely locked! But there wasn’t a keyhole either. "There must be something useful in the journal or map… A trick to the latch or a hidden lock?" -06:48 Mar 21
Hans: He held up the copy of the map against the wall and examined the notes in the margin.. then the door his brow knitting in thought. The he moved to run his fingers over the detailing. "This is the old coat of arms" he said "I rememebr it… but look." on the map was the same design, spamped on the plans when they were new. "The crown… its in the wrong place…" -06:53 Mar 21
Yvaine: Phone in hand, Yvaine examined the coat of arms on the door. When she glided her fingers over it, the crown specifically felt a little loose. "This part moves… I think!" -07:01 Mar 21
Hans: "Hmmm…" he put his hand on it, then put two fingers on its top and pushed it down onto the lion’s head. There was a loud clunk a a sharp intake of breath from Hans as his skin got caught in the mechanism. Putting his bleeding himger in his mouth he pushed with his other hand, the with his shoulder, and slowly the door becan to creak open. -07:04 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Are you okay?" The door was opening, which was more than thrilling! But Yvaine was more concern with taking Hans’ hand and using the phone to check his finger. Nothing serious, and that a quick kiss wouldn’t fix. Then she was releasing his hand to inch towards the open doorway, almost too afraid to take a look. ..almost! -07:08 Mar 21
Hans: The door jammed halfway but it was enout for them to enter. After the narrow passage the moor looked huge, too big for the phone’s ligh to toutch the oposite wall and the thich carper of dust made it clear no one had been down here in a vary long time. "Which way now?" he asked peering in behind her. "Its hard to see anything." in his excitement he might have pushe her a little to get into the room faster, but this was a part of the castle he had never seen before. -07:12 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Um…" Yvaine stepped in to the room, juggling the phone along with taking a look at the map and notes. "There should be a passage door in here that leads outside and we follow the path to the woods." There was so much dust and their entrance seem to kick it up a little. Yvaine sneezed suddenly, which by itself wasn’t terrible… but her jumping had her bumping something behind her and the passage doorway started closing shut! -07:17 Mar 21
Hans: Hans was too busy warrying about Yvaine to se the door in time and despite a fumbling grasp at it it slammed shut and there was a loud click. Cursing Hans grabbed the handle an pulled but it was no use the lock had re-engaged and there was no way to open it from this side. "Scheiße." he swore glade that Yvaine probibaly didn’t understand the curse. "Well it looks like forwards is our only way out…." -07:21 Mar 21
Yvaine: Thankfully he missed her grin in the dark. She didn’t know why Hans cursing was cute! "I’m sorry! But forward is best, I don’t want to turn back now." She was going to quickly regret the statement though, as the light of the phone was starting to dim. The battery was running low! There would be no light and they’d be stuck in the room. Yvaine paled. "Hans…" -07:25 Mar 21
Hans: His hand grabbed hers and he led her towards the exit before the battery died completly. "I’m here." he said at they where plunged into blackness. "Just one step at a time and keep going strait. Tell be when you find a wall." -07:28 Mar 21
Yvaine: Unlike the passages, in here there wasn’t even the tiniest bit of light. If Hans hadn’t been holding her hand she might’ve started screaming…. if she could even catch a breath at all! She was squeezing his hand so tight she couldn’ve cut off circulation to his fingers if she held on to long. But finally (it was only a few steps but seemed like forever!) there was the wall on the far side of the room, and she was tugging on his sleeve to show him. -07:35 Mar 21
Hans: As he stepped closer he almost walked into her. As it was thier foreheads colided and he put his arm around her to make sure he didn’t lose her in the darkness. Then on instinct adn still caught up in adventure his hand found her face and guided his lips to hers where for a moment in the complete blackness he gave her a hard kiss in way of thanks for reminding him what it was liek to be a child. Then his hand followed hers to the wall. "We sould bothe follow the wall until we find a door." he whispered as if speaking too loud would wake up something in the darkness. -07:40 Mar 21
Yvaine: Now there was a whole new reason for he breath to be taken away, and she was so instantly grateful she was there with Hans. Her fear was mometarily forgotten as she smiled unseen in the dark. Yvaine didn’t speak much louder than he, if only because the moment seemed to call for it. "You won’t let go?" -07:46 Mar 21
Hans: He smiled hsi eyes straining uselessly agaist the darkness as he gave her hand a squeeze. "Not in a thousand years, or until I can see your smile." he said a slight teasing tone barely showing though the sweet overtones and it she could see him she would see colour come to his cheeks. -07:48 Mar 21
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed softly, her head dropping against his shoulder as she let out a steadying and sigh. She turned just enough so she could turn around and place his hands on HER shoulders. She pressed her own hand against the wall to help guide her forward. "It will just be a door?" Yvaine tried not to think of any accidental spiders on the way. -07:55 Mar 21
Hans: "On this side yes, on the other side its peobibaly better hidden." he matched her pace his hands losely grippign her shoulders. Ither than the floor beneath him she was all he coud percieve with any of his senses. *I just hope we’re going the right way along the wall." -07:58 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Oh, don’t say that..!" she didn’t mean to sound worried, but Yvaine wasn’t sure how long she could wander in the dark, even with Hans closeby. Luck was with her, though, as her fingers brushed over the frame. "I found it!" Yvaine searched quickly until she found the iron loop of the handle and even tugged at it frantically. It wasn’t budging for her, but it was also a door mostly made of heavy wood and stone, and likely sealed up for ages! -08:03 Mar 21
Hans: He followed her arm to the door and felt arounf the wood with his hands. then he found it, an ald cast iron latch. It was rusted almost shut but with a grunt and another curse word later it was open. All that was left was to pull the door open. There was a reaping sound as it began to hinge inwards and then something appeared appeared in the cracks around the door… sunlight! -08:07 Mar 21
Yvaine: All it took was a little but of sunlight and Yvaine was hopping to help him pull the door open. The first of it was so difficult to get moving, that when it finally gave way suddenly and swung open, both she and Hans were left stumbling backwards to fall on the very dusty floor. But once it was open and eyes were able to adjust there was a beautiful view of the back woods from the doorway and the light was giving a much better view of the storage room behind them. Not a single spider to be seen. Yvaine was laughing again in relief! -08:13 Mar 21
Hans: Her laughter was infectous and soon he was joining in, the flesh cold air blowing in the door a pleasent change from the stale air of the store room. "Well glad thats over." he said getting up and helping her to her feet. "So its not in the castle, that explains why it was never found…." -08:17 Mar 21
Yvaine: "It says to follow the path through the woods until we find a tree with special rings. I suppose the path is probably over grown by now, but they aren’t too large to explore?" The comment was just as much a question as a request. Yvaine was liking the idea of taking a walk through the woods. She dust herself off as well as swatting dust from Hans. -08:24 Mar 21
Hans: "I wish we had a picknick lunch." he said "But he can worry about that later it looks like we have woods to explore.. we should be able to search them before it gets too late. Come one." with boyish enthusiasm he grabbed her hand and headed outside, it was hard to believe that just earlier he had been re-writing a country’s constitution. -08:28 Mar 21
Yvaine: Yvaine nodded with a grin. She held his hand, swinging it back and forth as they walked. And though she was paying attention to the ground to see if she could spot signs of an old path, she was just as often looking up just to admire the way he smiled. He was enjoying their adventure just as much as she. "It just means dinner will taste so much better after a long day? I suppose we can give up if we haven’t found anything by sunset." -08:31 Mar 21
Hans: "Thats a deal." he said, though he knew even if they hadn’t they’d be out again in the morning. "Though on the subject of dinner what do you feel like?" he stopped for a moment shakign out the map and looking at the plan for the door they had just exited.. then the faint line of the trail at it ent off the edge of the paper. At least they were headign in the right general direction. "Look over there." he pointed as an old stone peeking over the floor of dead leaves. "Trailmarker!" -08:39 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Yay!" There she went again, jumping up and clapping. Whatever sense of propriety she had before was gone now that they were making lots of progress. "Dinner can be a surprise. Or whatever we find! We could make something together." Without any staff or guards or people around in the summer castle, Yvaine was curious to see how Hans survived in a kitchen. …she barely surived in one herself. -08:45 Mar 21
Hans: Grabbing her hand again he was off past the stone and towards the next one. "Cooking hmmm? Are you sure you trust the pamperes price’s panfried prepaired palony?" there he was trying to be witty as then ran though the forest, neither of then dressed for it or really knowing what they were doing. It was crazy… but thast what made it fun." -08:47 Mar 21
Yvaine: "I had no idea I would be treated to alliterations by a King!" Yvaine laughed. Running was no exertion for her since her career was so atheletic in ballet. But that didn’t stop her from catching up enough to jump on to his back and throw her arms around his neck as she giggled. -08:52 Mar 21
Hans: He chucked and move her arms back to support her weight. "Well you are the one who helped me overcome my fear of public speaking…" there was the next one, and now they had crested the ridge and were going down hill. Hasn’s shoes splashed through a stream and then he stopped… "Think thats our tree?" he asked passing her the notes and map as he carried on to and old tree in the middle of a clearing. -08:57 Mar 21
Yvaine: Balancing carefully she eyed the map and the tree in the near distance. She had her chin resting on his shoulder and her breath could be felt at his ear. "Uh huhm. At three we turn… that way." she pointed in the direction the little arrow was aiming. "And hmm… it’s about a hundred feet. This part looks like stones on the ground." She held the map out so he could see, tilting her face so she could see his. And not being able to resist giving him a kiss on the cheek. -09:03 Mar 21
Hans: Her breath tickeled and he couldn’t help but tense his thoughders, then she kisse him and he turned to looks up at her catching her lips in another quick kiss. "a hundred feet.." he said.. heading in the direction of the arrow then… "There we go, 30 meters, 100 feet." he looked down and kicked away some of the leaf litter, and there cam ethe unmistable sound of shoe agaist rock. -09:08 Mar 21
Yvaine: "It’s a gravestone!" her voice squeaked in what was probably an over-exagerated frightened lit, considering there wasn’t the slightest bit of tension in her body as she clung to his back. Yvaine finally hopped down, shuffling around in the leaves to reveal several other old headstones. With a broader look, there was a ruined stone wall surrounding the patch, and a single decrepit mausoleum with a collapsed roof. "Hans, we’re going to wake up angry ghosts." -09:14 Mar 21
Hans: He looked around his face in thought. He had never heard about abouta gravehard out here but bending down and readign the names he recognised sme of them. Minor royalty, dukes, and cousins. Probobaly ones that didn’t have estates of thier own… "These are royals." he said. "If there a most hierloom somewhere they’d want it found." -09:20 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Or safe from pirates and thieves! Luckily we’re neither." Yvaine only felt the need to state the fact just in case the graveyard -was- haunted. She was sure if she was a ghost, it’d be the thing to do. …and she’d seen plenty enough movie adventures to know treasures had a habit of being haunted. She was letting her imagination get away with her though. Yvaine turned slowly as she looked around. "Burying it might be too much trouble to have come back for it later, don’t you think?" She was already watching her step and heading for the mausoleum. -09:26 Mar 21
Hans: He went with her, his hand once again closing around hers. "so that leaves on place…" he looked at the old mousoleum and took a breath. "The roof has colapsed to thing inside might have come open… are you ready to look inside? -09:33 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Ready to find a lost treasure? I was born ready!" She laughed again, giving him a quick kiss and a grin. Then she was tugging him excitedly towards the ruined building. The door had fallen off ages ago, blocking the majority of the entrance but still leaving just enough room for Yvaine to bend and squeeze through. The fit was a little tighter for Hans, which left Yvaine giggling again, but she was more than happy to help poke prod, and even tug at his shirt to help him get inside. -09:37 Mar 21
Hans: By the time he was inside his shirt had torn in a couple of places and he was touroughly dirty but he was still smiling as he looked around. "theres only one place to hide somethign in a mousoleum." he said moving to the stone lid of the sarcophagus. "Give me a hand here…" -09:44 Mar 21
Yvaine: Her eyes were wide, if only because she was expecting they were going to find someone’s skeleton in there, whether that was treasure in it or not! But Yvaine moved to his to help push at one of the corners. She likely didn’t help at all when it came to moving the heavy lid, but it inched away with a grinding of stone against stone. Suddenly she was jumping away with a loud shriek when a big fluffy squirrel came pointing out. Followed by her stomping her foot with an embarrassed huff. "…I really wasn’t expecting a squirrel! There must be cracks in the bottom too… Oh..! Is there anything in there?" -09:48 Mar 21
Hans: He pushed the lid off further and looked down… "Its empty.. but theres a crack in the bottom and what looks like a hidden reccess beneath the whole thing.." he reached down and lifted a section of the foor away and then looked again. "A false bottom, whatever is hidden in here, looks like one of us has to climb in." -10:00 Mar 21
Yvaine: Glad that there wasn’t any bones in there, Yvaine moved to lean over the side of the sarcophagus and take a peek. "Hmm… I can. I think." she didn’t look too sure about the idea, but would still volunteer if she needed to. After all, it was just squirrels in there and not ghosts. -10:04 Mar 21
Hans: He pulled hilself over the lip of the coffin and just liek a an acrobat on hoops lowered himself down with a hand on each rim. Then when his feet toutched bottom he let go and looked ar Yvaine the sarcophagus comign up to his chest. "See easy.. thoguh I think I’m standign on the squirrel’s home." he bent down and now below floor level found somehtign int he dim light. "There we go…" he grabbed and iron handle and pulled and a wooden chest.. a HEAVY wooden chest came filting from the roots and dirt at the bottom. "Here grab hold" he said lifting it up to here. "I think this is what he came for." -10:10 Mar 21
Yvaine: He was very impressive and very brave, and Yvaine felt 15 all over again! Grinning ear to ear, she had the chest and pulled it out, dropping backwards on the floor with it from the weight. Yvaine was sure it had to contain something pretty heavy! While Hans was pulling himself out of the sarcophagus, she was opening up the chest. …and blinking in surprise. "These are letters!" Yvaine pulled out a stack of them, tied up with twine. "…how sweet! They’re love letters!" Yvaine had forgotten to look through the rest of the chest, she was opening one of the letters to scan over it’s contents. -10:21 Mar 21
Hans: Hans, now out and with cobwebs clinging to him he croutched next to the chest and spotted something Yvain in her haste had missed. "And here it is." he said lifting the dusty crown from the bottom of the chest. "After all this time its been found… you know this will be in the news… adn everyone will know you went treasure huntin with the king. He held it out to her. "You know its traditionally worn my the woman chosen but the king or price to be the next queen…" he smiled over it at her "Its fetting that I found it with you…" -10:28 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Hans, really…" she laughed softly. Not letting herself assume it was any more than really sweet flattery. His love she didn’t doubt, but asking someone to be his wife and queen just seemed so unlikely! Yvaine took the ground, blowing a bit of the dust from it. "It’s really beautiful!" Delicate and simple with only a few jewels and a fantastic bit of engraving, it was definitely a Lady’s crown. Yvaine also couldn’t resist setting it on top of her head… just once! When else would someone have a chance to wear a real crown! "I think everyone will be so happy to have a national treasure returned." -10:34 Mar 21
Hans: With it still perched on her head he went for the kiss and put his arms around her for a full secind before breakign away. "Now Yvaine, we should get all this nack to the castle, and see about that cooking…" -10:36 Mar 21

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