Princess 101 004: Town

[Adrian is in town for a meeting and picking up a few things.] -09:37 Oct 18
[Autumn walked all the way to the local town, which was a WAY longer walk than she thought it was!] -09:38 Oct 18
Autumn: Her feet hurt. Ysabelle’s pretty princess shoes were not made for walking down long winding roads and around hills and over rocks. She remembered the town only being five or so minutes away, but that was cleary via a car and a terrible estimate by foot. Now she was trying to read the signs on the buildings to find out which one was a small drug store. One of them had to have hair color! Autumn was now stuck wearing a hat because red roots were showing instead of black. -09:42 Oct 18 Autumn
Adrian: Adrian was wearing boots, and a jacket, and padded pants. In face he didn’t look like himself at all but that was the price of riding a bik down the mountain and wankign to get to the bottom alive. Beneath the anti-road armor was a suit , of course, one didn’t arive at a meeting lookign like a holligan. -09:58 Oct 18 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn had one of her language books in her hand, glancing back and forth at the signs and the pages. Once she found the store she was looking for, getting in and picking out just the right box was super easy. The blackest black could she could! At least she knew how to count euros and pay without getting confused. She was out in the span of a few minutes… which really sucked considering how long it took her to walk there. She shuffled back and forth on her feet on the sidewalk, thinking about a break somewhere until her feet stopped hurting. -10:07 Oct 18 Autumn

A few moments later someone stopped next to the girl, and didn’t really speak at first. Only smiled. Then he siddled closer. “Say, you look familiar, have we met before?” His english was heavily accented, but he spoke it well enough. -Autumn 10:14 Oct 18

Autumn: "Hi! No, we’ve never met, I would have remembered." She smiled at him, sticking her pack in her coat pocket and then her hands in her pockets. Talking to a stranger was no big deal, she was just glad he could speak english and she didn’t have to flip through her translation book. -10:19 Oct 18 Autumn

“No? That is too bad. I am Frederick. Are you visiting here? A tourist? A student?” He held out his hand offering for a shake. -Autumn 10:22 Oct 18

Autumn: "Um, I’m a student, I guess! At the school up the road." Autumn shook his hand, and only frowned a little bit when he didn’t let it go. "A long way from here! Perhaps you would like a ride back up? My car is near by, we could exchange stories. You haven’t yet told me your name…" he replied. "Really, you could give me a ride? That sounds great, actually! I didn’t know how long the walk was going to be. Oh, my name is Au-um… Ysabelle." -10:27 Oct 18 Autumn
Adrian: "That’s princess Ysabelle and I’m glad to say she doesn’t need the lift after all." he said from RIGHT BEHIND her. "I’m sorry for the confusion Ysabelle but it seems I can take you abck after all, the… engagement ended earlier that I thought. And you… Gruber? Thanks for the offer but I can take it from here." there was the sweetest smile on his lips but his eyes were likr a predator’s searching for weakness. "Are you ready to head back now Ysabella?" -10:57 Oct 18 Adrian

The man stepped back with his hands in the air. He knew who the girl was, and he know who this one was too. No one was going to mess with a rogue Rubrum. He left it alone and walked away… this time! -Autumn 11:08 Oct 18

Autumn: Autumn stiffened. That was the last voice she wanted to hear out here! Well, outside of the Dean, or the police, or royal guard, or whomever was sent after fake princesses. "Um! I could get a ride, it’s really not that big of a deal. …and what are you doing out in town anyway?" Now that she thought about it, no one was supposed to leave the school. Autumn peered over her shoulder. -11:08 Oct 18 Autumn
Adrian: "I could ask you the same question, so why don’t we both agree not to?" he said before putting a gloved hand on her shoulder. "Now you do need a ride back. Up is a lot harder than down and at least you know I won’t do inprincly things to you along the way." his voice was as neutral as ever as he steered her towards an alley that lead to a car park. "I insist." -11:24 Oct 18 Adrian
Autumn: "…I don’t know, you’re dressed like a Hell’s Angel. You look like you could do a lot of unprincely things." This was a very strange look for him, and maybe it suited him, but it also made him a thousand times more alarming when she didn’t want to run in to him. "And you’re leading me off to an alley too, what am I supposed to think about that compared to a very nice stranger!" -11:27 Oct 18 Autumn
Adrian: "Yoou’re meant to think that you actually know who I am and I am not a stranger. I also came here by bike so the outfit works. I would get a padded jumpsuit but those are harder to hide and launder, and with me you know once we get back no one will hear of either of us heading out of the school again. Next time you meet a stranger out here don’t give them your real name." -11:30 Oct 18 Adrian
Autumn: "Why not? He gave me his." Autumn was trying to imagine him in a crazy one piece leather jump suit, and that made her forget all about wondering why he was there and worrying about getting caught, because she was too busy grinning. "You shouldn’t get upset with me if you’re sneaking out too. I wasn’t out getting in to trouble. You look like you’re out to cause some trouble…" -11:36 Oct 18 Autumn
Adrian: "I anly cause through for people who desurve it." he said loving past a few bins and into the parking lot. "And I’m not upset with you I’m just advising you. You don’t want it to get out that princess Ysabelle has been sneaaking out do you? You could probaly pass at a tourist you know." -11:39 Oct 18 Adrian
Autumn: "You look all huffy and scowly and ready to strangle me with your serial killer gloves." she responded, now at least -trying- to hide her grinning. He didn’t appreciate the humor as much as she did. And… he was right. She really didn’t want people thinking she was sneaking out. Then again, wasn’t sneaking out and being troublesome something that Ysabelle was known for? Everyone seemed to assume so! "All right, next time I will use a different name, then. If that will make you less scowly." -11:43 Oct 18 Autumn
Adrian: "I’m not scowling." he said moving towards the cented if the lot and adjusting his messenger bag before pulling a couple of keys from his pocked and reachign out to snag a helmet from the handlebars of a sporty midnight blue bike. "I only have on helmet, do you want it?" -11:46 Oct 18 Adrian
Autumn: "What is this thing." Autumn had just assumed her was dressed strange for the fun of it and had a car. Not that he drove a motorcycle in to town. "…you know, I think it’s a much better idea for me to ask Frederick for a ride. This thing can’t be safe at all." -11:50 Oct 18 Autumn
Adrian: "It’s as safe as the driver, just like any other vehicle." he said jamming the helmet onto her head and doign up the strap before mounting the machine and startign the engine and reaching back to puth the read footrests down. "Get on on and hold on, and then relax. It’s a nice ride up there." -11:58 Oct 18 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn had a helmet stuffed on her head before she could even argue any further. She huffed and hesitated, but finally conceeded to climbing on the back. Then she was having trouble trying to figure out where to put her hands. "And how often do you actually drive these things?" -12:04 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: "Put your arms around me and hold on." he repeated while sliding the bike into gear. "Often enough." then they were off, moving slowly through the lot and then accelerating out onto the street. "He didn’t speak while driving, especially without a helmet. -12:08 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: There was a yelp and then she was holding on tight. Fingernails and all! How often was often enough? Did he even know how to drive one with a passenger? Rich people didn’t think about this stuff! If Autumn could hold and tighter she would have. -12:13 Oct 19 Autumn
[(Timeout) Autumn was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -12:47 Oct 19
Adrian: DAMMIT DIANA -12:47 Oct 19 Adrian
Adrian: As soon as she was hlonding on tightly he accelerated out of town and into the pass the would lead to their school. He liked the road, it had a lto fo gracefull turns and the views were spectacular. He did however to a little slower than he usually would because he was pretty sure she had never been on a bike before! -12:50 Oct 19 Adrian
[Autumn has definitely never been on a motorcycle before!] -02:28 Oct 19
Autumn: "Holy crap! Do we have to go so fast!" Autumn was sure they’d flip off a mountain side if he turned a corner too hard. Her eyes were squeezed shut, head, helmet and all pressed against his back as if she could bury it there. -02:31 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: It didn’t take them too long to get to where Adrian stopped and pulled over out of sight of the school and nudges her to dismount so he could wheel the bike into a small prefabricated shed that lay behind a stand of trees and was draaped in camophlage netting. "Then he was pulling the helmet off of her to hand on the handlebars. "Much safer than takign rides from strangers." -02:35 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: Her knit hat was askew and her hair was a mess. To make it worse her knees felt all wobbly and humming, so she was teetering a bit while grumpily pulling the hat off her head to straighten up her hair a bit. "I don’t see how that’s safer than a quick car ride!" Her mouth twisted in to a curious half frown at his little hidden spot. "Were you forbidden from riding around too, or is that all school policy?" -02:41 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: "School policy. Besides this engine isn’t exactly quiet, if they heaard it they’d know we left." he stepped closer to her and ran his fingers though her hair straitening it a bit while replacing her hat. "And it’s safer because you can trust me. I only inconvenience those who desurve it, remember. Besides you’re useful to me." -02:53 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: "I’m useful to you…?" Autumn couldn’t think of why. Probably because he ran his fingers through her hair and she was struck dumber than a classic heroine in a silly romance novel. He was just so tall. "Um… anyway, I am not so sure I can trust you. I’m pretty sure you’re a mobster." -02:58 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: There was a low checkle that exploded into a laugh. "No I do nothign illegal." he petted her on the head and unzipped his jacket to turn and start heading for the gate, his hand slipping beneath his jacket to retried the bribe for the guard. "I’m just a man who does what he thinks he has to do to get his father to notice him." -03:04 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: "I’m just supposed to do what I’m told. I don’t think I could impress my mother even if I tried." Autumn decided she loved it when he laughed and would later find ways to make him to it again. She stuffed her hands in to her own jacket as she caught up to walk next to him. "Why go through all the trouble, anyway? If I owned the world, I’d find what made ME happy." -03:09 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: "I don’t own the world, my father does." he said. "He took it inch by with ruthles efficiency." he looked down at her. "And when the man you’re trying to impress did that… you have your work cut out for you." he squared his shoulders and fell silent, handing the guard his brabe before stepping in and gesturing her to follow. "I expect you want to return to your room now?" -03:16 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: "I should." She followed him, though, regarding him with that still-curious stare. "You didn’t really answer the question, though. Why do you want to impress him so much? Is that all you really want to do, when you probably have all the money and power in the universe to do whatever you wanted? Some people don’t have that opportunity, you know!" -03:19 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: He stopped and half turned. "Because he is my father and he has never once said he loves me or is proud of anything I’ve done." he said. "And yes, I have other reasons. This is the first hing where I can say I’ve achieved something my way and that I’ve left my mark on the world. After that I will see what the world has to offer." his voice was quick and his wording precise like he wanted to get it out and never have to repeat it again. "I am an ambisious man, princess." -03:24 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: She was silent, examining his face and considering his words. Maybe she was the one that had it wrong, then. Was there something wrong with her because she didn’t have the burning desire to tell her mom to stuff it and prove she could do what she wanted to do? "Then I admire you for that. You know what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. I don’t think I have it in me." -03:30 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: He fully turned and examined her face caarefully. "The queen of Rhineland that hard a woman?" then he examined her face further. "You do have it in you, you’re just afriad to make promises to yourself. When you do and work towards them then you will achieve more than you ever dreamed of." -03:33 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: Crap, she was forgetting to watch what she said again. He always made her forget she was supposed to be pretending! Autumn went a bit flustered, crossing her arms as she shrugged. "Queens are like that, aren’t they? You have to grow up and be responsible and all that. I’m just being realistic about what my life is going to be like." That was just as true for Ysabelle as it was for herself. Ysabelle was the royal heir to some country, and Autumn was going to have to go to school and be an accountant and have good work benefits. "It’s easy for you to say those things, anyway. You don’t HAVE to do anything. You could probably stare down a walrus and make it do your taxes." -03:39 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: "One, walrusses make terrible accountants, I had to scrap my artic tax division because of that, second if you have less that just means you’re achievements will me even more amazing when you think back on them. We define who we are, no one else." -03:43 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: "Oh really? Then what do you think I am Mister Adrian Rubrum?" she asked, resting her hands on her hips. He acted like he it all under control, but really he just wanted to impress his mobster father. …though maybe she was only asking out of personal curiosity. Autumn wanted to know what he thought about her, and still hadn’t come up with any legitimate reasons why she needed to know. -03:47 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: Ne stepped up to her so that they were less than an inch apart and looked down, then he leaned down even closer. "Do you really want to knwo that, princess?" there was a smile pulling at the corner of his mouth like a playfull kitten. "I think you’re a terrible actor… for one." -03:56 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: Oooh, there was that look again. When he went all predator and did that I can read your mind smile that made her want to melt to the floor in terror and dreamy sighs. Why did that make her want to kiss him? Did she want to kiss him? What was wrong with her! "Um. What makes you think I’m acting? I’ve been pretty princessy so far." At least she managed to stay rooted to the spot. Despite leaning backwards just a bit. If she had ANY self of self preservation, she’d run back to her room instead of acting like a dummy. "I want to know." -04:02 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: "Because you are, and if you try adn deny it… I’ll be forced to gather evidence to prove it and you might not be comfortable with me knowign what I might find." there was a soft chuckle and he leaned back to stand upright. I think you’re a decent person, trying to make her way through a world she doesn’t believe she has a lot of choice in. But she has more than she realizes. I also think you’re a person about to have swiss chocolate covered almonds by way of thankss for her company." he punzipped his messenger back and reached inside to pull out a box. "You might not want to let anyone see them since they’re not available on the school grounds." -04:12 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn definitely did not want to find out how good he was at snooping, especially since she was so bad at keeping secrets. She suspected he might already even know but… but if he did, why wouldn’t he have said so? And now he was bribing her with candy, which was the most absurdly silly thing for a man to do. Forgetting herself again, Autumn laughed out loud. "I think you’re the strangest person I’ve ever met. Is that what you were sneaking out for?" -04:16 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: "One of the things." he admitted. " I could have it shipped in but I was going to town anyway." he raised an eyebrow and shook the box. "Do you want them or not? I can get more but I doubt you can, And in future if you need a lift to town I can oblidge." -04:19 Oct 19 Adrian
Autumn: She snatched the box from his hand and held it to her chest like a new little prize. Sticking her tongue out at him in the process. "Fine! Next time I need to sneak out, I will tell you. If you continue giving me candy bribes!" -04:24 Oct 19 Autumn
Adrian: "Sounds like a deal.He said with another smile and a hand squeezing her shoulder. "We should go back to our rooms now. You have candy and I have… work." he leaned down and kissed her forehead before turnign to walk off. "I will see you sometime in the week." -04:27 Oct 19 Adrian

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