Starcrossed 004 Truth: (TBC)

[Kendra was awake early…. with good reason!] -05:31 Sep 10
[Evander is just waking up and in hungry!] -05:32 Sep 10
Kendra: Waking up early was a typical thing for Kendra, but now it was just… maybe guilt? Confusion? She might have decided to roll with it and see what happens, but that didn’t mean it sat well with her. She was fully dressed and working on the engine when he stirred. "You sleep too long." -05:34 Sep 10
Evander: He frowned at her. "Magic takes a lot of energy." he looked away though, he had slept wth this woman and it had felt great but this was not Kendara. "It woke me up." he god up and still undressed moved to put a hand on the crystal of the engine. "Its in pain, there is no flow there should be a way to turn the crystal, just move it a little it has been still too long." he had decided to ignore what had happened. They were two adults and had comforted eachother. -05:40 Sep 10
Kendra: "These things aren’t alive are they?" It would figure that magic would have no scruples about using living beings to fuel something. Science had ethics. She kept the comment to herself though… arguing with him had landed them on the floor, which… was great. And that was exactly the problem. It shouldn’t have been. Kendra snatched up a another tool to see if she could shift the crystal around. -05:44 Sep 10
Evander: "They can feel, but not think." he said. "One of the reason we need more in here, without a stronger glow theres no way we will have enough energy. You can’t feel it can you, when you touch the crystal. Those born with magic can, and some who arn’t. I can’t enagine a world without them. They’re just not usually… bound… like this. Bound in a machine, used. For good reason. There is a kind or magic like this that even on my world is looked down on. I hope for both our sakes that this is not it." -05:50 Sep 10
Kendra: "Maybe I can make some sort of renewable energy cycle with it." she muttered. Well, that was great. Bad magics… Kendra didn’t want to be a crystal murderer, or whatever the hell that entailed. "A renewing cycle would mean it could recharge during down time. No draining. Just means a few less fancy quicks in my new little ship." She could deal with that. Kendra managed to get the thing in to a new position. She didn’t mention she could feel it humming under her hands. She had thought it was just a quirk of the power source, not some magical sense mumbo jumbo! -05:54 Sep 10
Evander: He ran his fingers against the warm surface and looked deed into it. "I really havn’t seen one this size before. I can feel some of my own magic into it to keep it fed until I have find more crystals to transport their energy into it until its big enough to take care if itself. But that means I need energy, which means I need food. Before then though I want to see where the controls are." -05:57 Sep 10
Kendra: "Not getting any bright ideas about trying to fly it, are you?" she had a wry sort of grin as she stood and wiped her hands on her pants. Still, she was turning to lead the way down the corridor to the flight controls. Kendra had been so wrapped up in tinkering and thinking, she had completely forgotten about food. "Most of the panels are working fine, but I’ll have to reconfigure everything with the updated engine. Try not to fritz anything." -06:04 Sep 10
[Evander enters.] -06:17 Sep 10
Evander: He entered the cockpit and furrowed his brow. There should be something here… something to… he growled in frustraction. "It said theres a way to get it energy from the sun and that is in this room, enough so that I don’t kill myself trying to feed it an maybe for it to remember more of the ship." -06:22 Sep 10
Kendra: "It said. Not really negating the whole living being thing." Kendra eyed him for a moment before she was quickly looking away to search the controls. She snapped her fingers and pointed when she found them. Sliding in to the seat with ease, and fussing with the buttons. Ever so often she’d tap her foot while she was fussing with it. "The hull has solar panels on all side, but most of them seem to be damaged. I’ll have to fix them. I guess that’ll be priority number one to save our new crystaline friend?" -06:26 Sep 10
[(Timeout) Evander doesn’t post enough.] -06:31 Sep 10
Evander: "Like I said I’ve never seem one this big, so it might be different from the ones I know. And yes, if it dies then we need a new crystal, and one that size would buy a continent where I’m from. Or get you executed if you tried to house a demon in it." he was poking around the controls and feelign the energies around each. "So are we going to eat then get back to work. And he would need to put clothes on. -06:31 Sep 10
Kendra: "Gonna have to eat if you want me to do this right." Kendra very nearly swatted his away from the controls. "I’m great with you going on like that, but maybe some pants are in order. ….and supplies. We’ll need to get supplies for the ship too while we’re out. I can’t find everything here in the junkyard." -06:34 Sep 10
Evander: "I’ll get my robes and language skills." he said moving away back towards the engine room. Money, that was going to become an issue fast if they were not careful. "I hope you like elf food, we’ll be stopping at the mocal produce market.. if they have one. I don’t want to sell absolutely everything I own just to eat." -06:37 Sep 10
Kendra: "I’ve probably eaten worse…" Kendra vaguely wondered if he had only met storybook races, and what he’d do the minute he saw a true alien species. Would he think it was a demon? She was giving that some thought as she watched him leave. He was pretending like nothing happened. Which… she was doing too. So why did it bother her? Kendra scoffed. -06:40 Sep 10
Evander: He got dressed and then took another look around the engine room placing a hand on the crystal. He could learn a lot from it, maybe even expand his power. So many people undervalued illusion. In the past he had traded a stone for the most lavish mean he and Kendara had ever eaten my giving it a permonant illusion of being whatever the looker wanted it to be. Somehow he guessed that Kendra would not approve. -06:43 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra locked up the controls, making sure nobody else was gonna sneak in there and steal her new prize. Then she was making sure she had a weapon on her. A good solid gun was a hell of a lot more reliable than fancy magic tricks. When she rejoined him, her arms were crossed and she was a little wary. But at least not nearly as surly as she was yesterday. "I’d like to get back here and back to work as soon as we can…" …and maybe only slightly because she was surprisingly uncomfortable with the idea that she didn’t have a clue how to behave here. -06:47 Sep 10
Evander: "Then we should go." he turned to head out of the ship through the modest cargo hold and towards th exit of the junkyard. He wasn’t looking at her, he didn’t want to. What would he see? Her eyes or Kendara’s. She didn’t feel like Kendara anymore, and yet he wanted her again even though he didn’t want to. They were getting off this planet. -06:51 Sep 10
Kendra: She followed, ever so often casting him a side glance. Of course he wasn’t going to look at her. He probably regretted the entire thing as much as she did! …except, she didn’t. Which was worse. Maybe not thinking about it and pretending it didn’t happen was the best idea. Her hands were stuffed in to her pockets, as she warily watched where they were going. The place was so much like her home, but the differences… She hated feeling out of place and out of control. "Are you going to be able to deal your way around a market?" -06:56 Sep 10
Evander: "I can haggle." he said. "Elve are terrible businessmen, its the goblins you have to watch out for." he stole a quick glance at her then refocused on looking ahead. ‘You hust keep an eye out for things we need and do not let it show in your body language how much we need it or I’ll have to cast a spell on you." -07:00 Sep 10
Kendra: "Cast a spell on me, and I’m going to shoot you. I’ve done plenty of dealing myself." Of course she was more irked by the spellcasting than the insult about her bluffing skills. Kendra didn’t have her own shop for nothing. Her arms were crossed again and now she was frowning. "I’ll let you know when I need something." -07:04 Sep 10
Evander: Business like talks here safe. "Likewise." he didn’t take her threat seriously though. Unless she suddenly could speak the language. "Its strange being around someone who has no magic on them." -07:06 Sep 10
Kendra: "Well, it’s strange interacting with someone who doesn’t understand technology, and still acts like they have shit down." she muttered. To keep from looking at him again, she trained her focus on studying the people out on the street. Almost everyone was a pointy eared elf… There were others. Maybe a couple humans here and there, but they skittered around so quick, Kendra was wondering if it was such a good idea to be out. "I’ll be glad to get out of this stupid city." -07:12 Sep 10
Evander: "Me too… Elves…" he spotted what looked like a market and headed towards it. "I’ve seen what they do to towns…" he had to supress a shudder. "We should also discuss sleeping arangements, and find out how many rooms we have." -07:14 Sep 10
Kendra: "Three sleeping chambers, a common room, supplies closet, cargo hatch, control panel, combined shower and laundry which kinda sucks space wise." she rambled off the list from memory. After all, she really needed to know her ship in order to fix it and fly it…. and soon live in it. With him. For gods knew how long. That didn’t seem so bad anymore, outside of the fact they weren’t -talking- about things. Kendra stayed close to his heels. The market was more crowded and she had no desire to get lost in a place she couldn’t talk the language. -07:22 Sep 10
Evander: Well played, ignoring an invitation to talk about things, si you obviously don’t want to. So be it. He took a deep breath and distracted himself with the first food stall and having a look at what was on offer. Nothing stood out to him though. -07:24 Sep 10
Kendra: "There’s a tech shop." Her tone might’ve sounded a smidgen more excited than she meant it to. Despite her unease with the place, and this awkward…thing… they had going, Kendra really did like to tinker. She was also ready to fill the silence with anything familiar, with or without food. "If I go to look and promise to keep my mouth shut, I can tell you if there’s something worth getting." -07:32 Sep 10
Evander: "Go, I’ll get food and meet you nack here in twenty minutes." he turned away from the stall. "Not talking won’t help you either you’re not disguised." he walked off not looking back to see if she followed, this food was different from what elves normally ate. Phoenix lives pate was popular, and bevaise fo the nature of peonixed the livers had to be removed while it was alive. But there was a shop nearby the smelled of pastry. -07:35 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra flipped him the finger when his back was turned. It was better than screaming at him in the middle of the street. Why the hell couldn’t she just… Argh! She bottled it. Stalking off towards the techshop. This was so much harder than it had to be. -07:39 Sep 10
Evander: Chaos could be caused here, and he could cause it. He was tempted to just to relieve frustration, but instead he was walking into a bakery to buy bread and a couple of pies and orginising for fresh bread to be delivered every morning to the ship. So she regreted it, and was probablt hating him, that didn’t matter they were still in the same boat together. All he needed to do was get back and read. Why was he so worked up anyway? -07:43 Sep 10
Kendra: "Should try amiable smilie priss, see how that goes over…" she mumbled under her breath as she stepped in to the shop and took a quick look around. Almost immediately, she felt a little bit more at home. Almost like going through the doorway was a nice barrier away from what vexed her. She could swallow her pride and just deal with him. But would he? Mister so damned cocky? …At least on the shelves she could spot a good handful of things they’d need. Kendra made a mental list of them. -07:48 Sep 10
Evander: Sohe had food that they could have without a way to cook, and a need to punch someone, thse two usually didn’t go together. Now he was in a bookshop thumbing though books on technology, they were hard to read but with a wave of his hand they translated themselves. Illusion magic was useful, no matter what anyone said. He’d shove thos book in her have to shut her up and then get around to his reading. WHY WAS HE SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS? -07:52 Sep 10
Kendra: At least most of the tech here didn’t involve the crystals. Those crystals seemed to fuel bigger ticket items. The clerk seemed to be watching her, almost staring her down. Jackass probably thought she was likely to steal something! Kendra cast him a cheeky grin, and followed that up with a quick exit. She had her list, for her new overlord and room mate. That was a nice term of phrase for him. Overlord. Once back on the street, it took her a moment to remember the direction, and then she was stalking off to meet him. -08:03 Sep 10
Evander: He moed to the meeting place and saw her on her way too so he came up next to her and put a pie in her hand. "I have a present for you." he said producing the book and holding it out to her. "It should help you understand what these people do with and without crystals." He took a large bite from his pie and then chewed. "Find anuthing useful?" -08:07 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra looked a little surprised by the ‘present’. But almost immediately she was scowling again. He thought she couldn’t figure this stuff out on her own. She snatched the book, juggling it and pie with one hand so she could flip through the pages. …she could read it. He used illusion magic on it too. "Fantastic." she grumbled. "And I did. The techshop has a lot of the tools I’m going to need. Just the basics so I can do a better diagnostic on the ship." Kendra wanted to take this book and smack that look off his face. But she was repressing it. For the greater, long term good, right? Can’t kill your partner. -08:12 Sep 10
Evander: "Then we should head back there next." and as usual he would pay for everything because she couldn’t part with her guy or whatever else she had. "Or do you want me to give you money so you don’t have me hovering over your shoulder the whole time?" he honestly though she’d apreciate the book, well looked like she apreciated nothing. He’d be better off throwing himself over a cliff. -08:15 Sep 10
Kendra: "I’m helpless without a translator around, remember? I need them now." Of course she would -prefer- doing everything her damned self! Hadn’t he already made it perfectly clear that she was screwed without him? Kendra stalked passed him to lead the way to the shop. The faster they got what she needed and they were back on the ship, the quicker she could dive in to working and not have to deal with him. -08:19 Sep 10
Evander: "Its not dificult to put thing on a counter and shove money onto thier faces." he followed after her anyway. "But fine I’ll do it just put everything you want in a bag and lets get this over with. The sooner you’re not snapping at me the better." -08:22 Sep 10
Kendra: "Right, because I am the only one with a problem today." See. This. This was exactly why it was better off without speaking. He knew he had the upperhand, so he could be all high and mighty as he pleased. …Of course, she was ignoring the fact she -might’ve- did the exact same thing to him prior to last night. But she was busy stuffing that pie in her mouth, the book tucked under her arm, and entering the tech shop to grab what she wanted. Kendra got herself a box to keep everything from getting clattered together and made quick work of snatching up the stuff they needed most. -08:27 Sep 10
Evander: "Clearly, but I guess one of up has more regrets than the other an ddoesn’t want to talk so fine, I’ll leave you alone for the rest of eternity. I should have gone the other way the moment I met you. Things would be a lot simpler even though then I’d be the one with regrets. -08:30 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra was swallowing that last bite, just in time to shove that filled box in to his arms. "Oh. What was that? You wanna have that fight -here-? Cause I am more than happy to let you know what I think about men who fuck you and spend the next morning treating you like a gods damned bimbo knowing she’s screwed without you." -08:34 Sep 10
Evander: He put the box on the counter to be totaled and then turned to confront her. "And I’ll let you know what I think about girls that screw you, then blame everything on you and pretend that they’re all helpless and taken advantage of when I’m just as fucked without you as you are without me. He just about threw the money at the guy without even haggling. "And another thing I get you something I think you’d find interestng and you act like you want to kill me with it. I’m done here. Take you box and find your own way back." he stormed out and disappeared, literally fading into invisibility. He wasn’t going to put up with her playign the victim. -08:39 Sep 10
Kendra: Playing the victim? As if she even wanted to -be- one…! Kendra growled snatched her box, paying no mind to the overly interested clerk as she left. So it was good she was paying attention on the way there. Vanish on her and leave her to deal with shit by herself. Fine. She wasn’t scared. And that twinge she felt was probably just the aneurism he was giving her. …how the hell did they even get back to screaming at each other again! -08:45 Sep 10
Evander: He pushed through the crown adn was toon in the jaryard. He didn’t want to be back but where else was he going to go. He followed the trail of energy he had left and was soon entering the delrelict and putting the food away before laying claim to one of the bedrooms and closing the door. He didn’t want to see her and he didn’t want to talk to her and he had a bottle. -08:50 Sep 10
Kendra: It took her much longer to get back. First of all, she was carrying a heavy ass, awkwardly shaped box full of tools. Second, the streets were clearly designed by idiots because they wound around in nonsensical ways. Kendra just got lucky enough to remember landmarks and strange buildings. So when she got back, she was so damned glad he wasn’t in visible sight, as she might’ve just killed them both in a fit of psychotic rage. Kendra set her box down in the engine room and was immediately diving in to working. -08:53 Sep 10
Evander: He was kicking something as he upended the bottle and drank. He sure as hell didn’t know what an intercome was nor that it made a hissing sound on every other intercom on the ship when he pressed it, or that when it was pressed she could hear him.. or would be able to if he were speaking. "You are an idiot Evander." well maybe he was. "Of course she was going to regret it. Like you should." -08:57 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra had crawled up under some of the machinery and was hyper focused on twisting coils, sautering bits, and stripping out bad wiring. So when she heard his voice, she had assumed he entered the room and bolted upright. Only to clang her head on the steal above her. "Shitfuck!… ow…!" Wait, what…? He wasn’t in there. Nor talking to her… so who regretted what now? …and where the fuck was he? -09:02 Sep 10
Evander: He was takign another drink and could feel the buzz starting and his rant gaining momentum. "So you fucked her, like an idiot, you wake up and shes dressed and working and you know how that makes you feel? Not relieved like you should but hurt and defencive. Like you’re not good enough, like you’re some cheap dick to make her feel better and then tossed aside. So much for having the fist good night’s sleep in.. ever…. I’m going to need more booze." there was a bang as his feet hit the deck and he stood, leaned agaisnt the wall and took a drink from the still half full bottle. "In a bit." -09:08 Sep 10
Kendra: What the hell was all that… Kendra crawled out from under the machinework, and rose a hand to touch her head. With a wince she pulled it back and spied the small bit of blood. Great. So apparently she knocked her head so hard she was hearing things. …what she wanted to hear? No, that wasn’t what she wanted to hear. It just made her feel BAD. Remaining knelt on the floor she pressed her palm to her forehead, a little disoriented. …then she heard the small crackle of the intercom. Ah. …..oh. Kendra got back to her feet, and moved to lean against the wall. Hesitating before she finally pressed the button. "…Evander. I can hear you…" -09:13 Sep 10
Evander: There was the sound of breaking glass and swearing. "What? Fine like I care do whatever it is youre doing I need a mop." and another bottle, adn to get away from the voice in the wall. "How?" it didn’t metter he was pulling open the door and heading for the common area to search for a mop if they had one. He suspected they didn’t. -09:16 Sep 10
Kendra: "I don’t regret what we did." Kendra didn’t answer the question. She just held the button. He’d hear it, anywhere, even if he didn’t know how the damned thing worked. After a long silence, she continued. "…I’m not good at this. I know I say I can handle it and I know what I’m doing. …I hate feeling out of control. I hate being afraid of what’s going to happen next. Last night was the only thing I’ve felt connected to in a really long time. You don’t know how frightening that is." It was easier not being face to face with him. She could say what she wanted to say without having to see the look on his face. -09:24 Sep 10
Evander: He didn’t answer, he had instead made himself at home int he common area with another so far unopened bottle and found the voice was coming from close to a button labled ‘push to talk’. "And I’m excelent at handling sleeping with and then being ignored by the first person who I’ve felt any trust for. We should just agree that the sex was great and even for a moment it made up feel okay. We’re staying in the same ship and it was bound to happen at some point. The inportant thing is what happens now. -09:29 Sep 10
Kendra: Kendra hit the wall in frustration. Almost as good as hitting him. She held the button again, almost growling at the intercom. "Do you think this is easy for me and that I do this on purpose? I feel like I should be guilty, but I’m not. That I should feel bad, but I don’t. I don’t want to fight with you, but there is that voice that says you’re going to leave me. And then I wonder when the hell I lost my mind! …so now I don’t even know if I am pretending to be mad, or pretending to not care, or if I am even thinking anymore at all." It came out as a rush of words. It sounded like complete nonsense, from thought to mouth without any filters. -09:38 Sep 10
Evander: "I’m here arn’t I?" he snapped. "This is a bog city and there had to be someone who speaks human around, you could just as easily leave me. I don’t want to get emotionally attached to anyone but what went out the wondow the moment I slept with you. I don’t even know you but I have three bloody knucked from being angry at myself for leaving you behind. f I were someone else I’d punch me in the face and tell me to stop beign an idiot." -09:42 Sep 10
Kendra: She rest her head against the wall, going silent for several moments. They were right back at square one all over again. What they wanted and what they needed were the exact same thing. So why did they keep doing this? …why did she keep doing this? "You told me last night not to worry about right and wrong and just go with what I feel. …but I feel everything when it comes to you, and I don’t know where it’s coming from. I want to hit you, I want to love you… What am I supposed to do with that? Tell me what you want me to do." -09:52 Sep 10
Evander: He put the bottle down and rested his head on the couch. "Come up here and talk, don’t want to look at a metal box. That is what I want you to do." he stopped talking and started thinking, he really didn’t know what he wanted either, other than her here, in his arms. -09:55 Sep 10
Kendra: Talk to him in person. …Kendra wasn’t so sure she was going to be able to do that. She obviously couldn’t function where he was concerned. Still… she pushed away from the wall, abandoning her work and her sanity to find him. It wasn’t a big ship and it only took a moment before she was dropping next to him on the couch. With her arms crossed and eyeing the bottle. Where did he get that? She could have used some of that… -09:59 Sep 10
Evander: "I don’t know what I want either." he said. "But I am not too drunk to know that I did enjoy last night and I an attatched to you, what you make of that I don’t know. I wanted you up here so that I could have my arms around you. Maybe I am drunk." -10:02 Sep 10

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