Heartbreak and Romance 004: Working Together (TBC)

[Severance thinsk hes made a sex adict out of an angel without doing anything!] -04:49 Sep 14
[Hanael has discovered a fun new thing! And now…. it’s making work difficult!] -04:50 Sep 14
Hanael: It was one of her typical singles events at the Service. Which meant lots of moving from person to person, chatting it up, introducing people and getting a good idea of people’s personalities and quirks when it came to speaking in social situations. Normally, Hana was spot on. ….Today…. She couldn’t stop grinning at her guest! -04:52 Sep 14
Severance: He had dressed smartly, a dark navy evening jacket over a red collared shirt and navy pants and had found himself a tavle that he was sharing with Hanael when she could and a plate of sausage rolls. Still he was doing less eating and more smiling at her and stroking his chin. He didn’t care that her guests were talking, he just couldn’t take his eyes off her. -04:56 Sep 14
Hanael: Being on the other side of infatuation was such an interesting experience! It was also hard to resist! The moment she felt like she was unnecessary for a few minutes, she escaped. Stepping up next to him with that wickedly devious look. "You can’t just stand around and watch me work, it’s distracting!" -05:01 Sep 14
Severance: "I’m sitting." he said with a grin. "And this night is for singles, something I’m not calling myself anymore." he flashed her a grin. All these singles finding more but I’m the one who gets the best prize of all, not that you’d mtch anyone else without yourself and if you dud it was because it was meant to be, and then I’d take over our… bond." -05:04 Sep 14
Hanael: Hana plopped on to his lap, forgetting the need to be professional or considering what her employees would think. She was craving the physical contact, and it was a weird, but very pleasant feeling! "For a breakup artist, you sure know how to spin a pretty word. Maybe I should put you to work here too, hmm?" -05:08 Sep 14
Severance: "A ‘breakup artist’ working in a dating service. That would be irony but I think think I’m the type. I’m the oposite of the type." he put an arm around her and pushed a sausage roll against her lips. "And maybe I’ve been saving these words for the right person and well… she just fell into my lap!" -05:12 Sep 14
Hanael: The sausage roll was snatched out of his hands and chewed on, while she kicked her feet back and forth and grinning. "Jumped. Jumped in to your lap! Lap falling is reserved for creating a new-meeting moment." Hana leaned to kiss his cheek. He smelled clean, but there was also that spicy demon thing about him. Demons were weird. -05:15 Sep 14
Severance: He immediatly turned to catch her lips with his runnign her tongue against then to get the pastry crumbs before he leaned back. "Either way shes in my lap and I’m very happy about that." -05:19 Sep 14
Hanael: A stolen kiss was an adorable thing! A lick of the tongue though… that was sizzling. Hana chewed on her bottom lip for a second. Then she was throwing her arms around his neck to hug him and nuzzle against his ear. "I had no idea a new spark would be like this! I can’t think about anything other than skipping out on work and leaving with you." -05:25 Sep 14
Severance: He grinned against her cheek. "I’d be more than fine with that but you’d be abandoming your clients and as your business partner I might have to protest. Yu need to work your magic and I’m meant to be giving you new cases as they appear." -05:27 Sep 14
Hanael: Hana was pouting. She spent every day her entire life working, and for once she wanted to skip out and was getting denied! "Okaaay. Work, then. Have you spotted pairings that I shouldn’t get my hopes up over?" -05:29 Sep 14
Severance: "Yes actually." he said "That couple next to the punch bowl, hes been talking to her for about a minute and doesn’t know that thats his ex’s cousin that that she’s going to get into thier business if thyey hook up." -05:31 Sep 14
Hanael: "Well that’s not good! Who he is dating is none of his ex’s business." Hana leaned to get a good look at them. There was a love line, but if they were headed straight to a breakup… She could find a stronger love line. "…so I won’t match them!" -05:35 Sep 14
Severance: "Its going to be difficult for them, that all I’m saying. There are not enough peices in place for me to get a definite picture." he leaned his head against her watching them. "I see a baby too." -05:39 Sep 14
Hanael: "Baby? …then maybe they -should- be together… Um." Hana never had a little helping knowledge about potential futures before! This was trickier than she assumed it would be. She was twisting her mouth up this way and that as she thought about all the potentials. "…this might’ve been easier with just yeses and nos." -05:51 Sep 14
Severance: "Then I need to talk to them. You run this place you can make it happen." he kisses her cheek and nuzzles against it. "Then I’ll have a yes or no." -05:53 Sep 14
Hanael: It was reasonable, and Hana was more than happy to let him go do it. Except… she was in his lap and they were snuggling. And she didn’t want to move. "I guess I should let you. It’s important details to know." …yet, still clinging with her arms around his neck and kicking her feet back and forth. -06:07 Sep 14
[Severance enters.] -06:21 Sep 14
[(Timeout) Severance got too distracted for their own good…] -06:29 Sep 14
Severance: "We don’t have to do it right now." he pointed out. "Now when we’re so comfortable." he kissed the side of her neck and grinned. But we can’t disappear and and do out own thing until I do." -06:29 Sep 14
Hanael: Hana sighed happily, leaning back to smile. "Buuuuut, if we work quicker we can be even more comfortable sooner? It’d be nice not worrying about it or feeling guilty for neglecting it." She cast a quick glance at the room. Guilt wasn’t hitting her yet, but Hana was sure she -would- feel bad… -06:34 Sep 14
Severance: He "By that logic we should say hi to everytone and then run for the nearest alley to get naked." the nipped her neck and nuzzled into it. "But we have to proove we can work together." -06:39 Sep 14
Hanael: A soft giggle slipped out, but he was right. They had to prove they could work together, even if it was just to themselves. Hana reluctantly slipped out of his lap. "Go and talk to them then. …say you are my new business partner!" -06:51 Sep 14
Severance: He stood and stole another kiss. "I’ll see you in a bit Angel." He moves over to the couple and offered his hand. "Hey, I’m Hanael’s new business partner. Mind if I ask you a few questions?" -06:57 Sep 14

Both people ended up shaking his hand, not being surprised to meet one of the employees of the service, Though ‘business partner’ was new! The lady spoke first. “Hello! I didn’t know more than one person owned the business…” -Hanael

Hanael: Hana slipped in to his vacant chair, taking the opportunity to steal more of the little snacks on his plate. With a watchful eye, she made sure to keep tabs on how they responded to him. -07:06 Sep 14
Severance: "I’m new." he said with a pleasant smile. "She wanted to expand and I was more than happy to lend my experties and capital so I’m also semi-working here and paying for the priveledge." he checkled at the joke. "Have you two paired off before? I noticed you really seem to be getting long." he was reading thier energies adn thier destinies and the strings that tied them to fate. -07:09 Sep 14

The lady was suddenly blushing, and the guy was grinning wide. “First time we’ve met, actually.” he responded first. She nodded in agreement, then spoke. “I don’t come to the events very often!” -Hanael

Severance: "Never been to one myself but I’m making sure I’m not sinking my money into a wasted enterprise. Shes a nice girl. I’ll go and mingle." he smiled and grabbed a glass of punch before heading back to the table. -07:20 Sep 14
Hanael: Hana was near bouncing in her seat when he came back, more than a little eager to find out what he could see for their future. Aside from worries about the future, it was still a really neat thing knowing she could use it to make better matches and spare people heartbreak. "And? Aaaaaaand?" -07:25 Sep 14
Severance: "And…. They’re going to get pregnant. Tell the cousin to get stuffed and move to Missisipi to get married." he said sitting oposite her. I saw no beakup, no premature death, no a small seperation but they’ll get over it, its true love." -07:34 Sep 14
Hanael: A loud squeal was followed by her clapping. …and then slapping her hands over her mouth when people turned to look. "Well then…!" she said, after regaining her composure, "That was easy! …But of course, lucky too. I’m sure not everyone will be as simple." Still, Hana was pleased. She was -always- pleased about true love. She wanted to know that everyone she matched would always be together. -07:37 Sep 14
Severance: He sat and sipped his punch. "They’re naming their daughter after you, and sending pictures of her to your e-mail a year from now. And thats all I saw, usualy at this point I’d go on to the next couple. What do you do?" -07:40 Sep 14
Hanael: Naming their baby after her? That’s a little embarrassing, but a sweet gesture! Her face was tinged red and she shrugged, but it was really just out of habit. "I do the same! Though, it’s usually more research for me than arranging. Researching and learing, then a touch here and there to get the ball rolling." -07:44 Sep 14
Severance: He took a roll and stuffed it into his mouth watching her. "You enjoy your job, don’t you." he was grinning as he chewed. "I’ve never enjoyed my job, you’re lucky." -07:55 Sep 14
Hanael: "I adore my job! You could too now. Since we are working together, it won’t be all doom and gloom and tragedy, yes?" Hana scooted closer to him. She liked that she could give him that too. Job happiness. It was strange that a demon didn’t enjoy heartbreak, but she sure wasn’t complaining now. -07:59 Sep 14
Severance: Well thank you for giving me the best gift I’ve had in millenia. A freedom from the tragic side of fatalism. I’d kiss you if I wasn’t likely to drag you under the table for some fun." -08:04 Sep 14
Hanael: "I don’t think they say nice things about demons who kidnap angels under tables!" But the thought amused her, and if it wasn’t her work place she may have preemptively pounced him. With a quick look, she glanced around to see if there were any other obvious things she -should- be doing. …but once that was satisfied, she was tugging on his jacket sleeve. "I want to be alone with you." -08:07 Sep 14
Severance: He stood and waitrd for ehr to do likewise. "I couldn’t agree more Hanael." he gave her a wicked grin and then pulled ehr to him and pressed his lips into hers not caring who saw. "Very much." he sucked on her lip then released her and sighed. "I think you have me wrapped around your finger." -08:10 Sep 14
Hanael: Her smile was wide and it might have even been wicked, if she wasn’t so pleased! "I might! I know all the tricks of seduction, so I am naturally able to charm and entice?" Work and employees were definitely the farthest things from her mind, as she took his hand to lead him through the party. "I live in a suite here at work. It’s upstairs and it’s really not as nice as your apartment, but it’s alone!" -08:13 Sep 14

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