Dressing Duncan as a slave, MacBeth as the owner and Bronwen as the guard, they sneak on to the planet. They have to stop somewhere to get some information. At The Shadey Lady Bronwen is trying to “sell” Duncan to get close to the guy for some information, but the deal goes bad and there’s a fight! Duncan gets himself all beat up while Bronwen chases down Vince and clobbers the information she needs out of him. MacBeth tells Duncan a big story again, and when Bronwen returns she’s cackling. MacBeth thinks she might just be crazy, evil or both. She shows some concern of Duncan getting his ass kicked and suggests he’ll stay on the ship next time. Bronwen makes MacBeth plan WITH her about Cassius’ rescue. They return Duncan to the ship so they can leave and fetch supplies.

[Bronwen sometime later has finished her disguise… and put it on! Now to have a little “fun.”] -12:44 Jan 28
[MacBeth is at the front with Duncan.] -12:44 Jan 28
[Duncan steers the ship to Osaka 9.] -12:44 Jan 28
MacBeth: *Keeps an eye on Duncan to make sure he doesn’t switch to auto-pilot and decide to offer his services to Shadowstar. He contemplates getting Duncan neutered but decides against it. He doesn’t need Flyboy bitching and wailing all over the place about it.* -12:46 Jan 28
Bronwen: *Wearing a black and brown almost militarish armor, including a perfectly sized helmet to cover her whole head. There was no way to tell she was a woman, let alone a Shadowstar! Armed to the teeth… Bronwen sneaks to the control room and bursts in!* UNATUK AKU YETA GARUBI! *The helmet has a wonderful voice corrupter! She aims the massive gun at the men!* -12:46 Jan 28
Duncan: CRAP! *He falls out of his seat and tumbles head over heels, facing the chair and hitting his head against the steering!* Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! *He starts cursing in what sounds like at least several different languages but what might just be a bunch of gibberish.* -12:48 Jan 28
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit as he watches Duncan fall over. Then he glances over at Shadowstar and looks her up and down.* Not bad. Not bad at all. This idea of yours may work after all. -12:49 Jan 28
Bronwen: *She pulls off the helmet grinning like a cat!* You really like it? Took me an hour to fix the voice scrambler, but it’s just what we needed. -12:50 Jan 28
Duncan: Phew! Good one, Cap’n! *He sighs in relief and leans back against the control panel. He stands, still rubbing the back of his head, and settles back into his chair. At this rate, he’d have to find a helmet to wear himself with all the abuse his old noggin’ was taking.* Would ya like some help getting the armor off, Cap’n? They look mighty heavy and uh, hot in there. -12:52 Jan 28
Bronwen: It’s light enough to beat the hell out of you if I have to. Especially if you’ve been in here screwing around instead of getting us to Osaka 9? -12:53 Jan 28
Duncan: Heh heh. *He’s quickly grabbing the steering now and shakes his head.* Not at all, ma’am! Let’s see how the ol’ Briar Rose runs and give Morgan a real run for her money! *He flicks a few switches which turns on a few lights on the control panel.* Might want to sit down, Cap’n. Engaging in hyper-drive in 3 … 2 … 1 … And BLAST OFF! *He lets out a wild "WWWWOOHHOOO!" as he slams his fist on a large red button that activates the hyper-drive and sends them streaking into space.* -12:56 Jan 28
Bronwen: *This time she was well prepared for Duncan’s tom-foolery, having braced herself up against the wall before she went splatting somewhere unpleasant. * You don’t have to sound so damned excited! -12:58 Jan 28
Duncan: *Is clutching the steering so tightly it just might break! He manages to glance over his shoulder and wink at Shadowstar, though!* Hee hee. It’s all about the presentation, Cap’n! -12:59 Jan 28
Bronwen: Such a load of crap… *She mutters to herself, twisting her hair back up and stuffing her head in to the helmet.* Better behave, or Mac will sell you, slaveboy… -01:04 Jan 28

{The trip passes by rather quickly thanks to the hyper-drive. It’s not until they’re in full view of Osaka 9, the large space station orbitting the small orange planet. It seems like a long gray stick with rings around it from top to bottom, at least thirty stories tall. Four “arms” attach the rings to the center.: } -MacBeth

MacBeth: … Why wait? Let’s just sell him now. *He says as he slowly lets go of the arm-rests.* -01:06 Jan 28
Bronwen: … *Bronwen cackling sounds all the more dark and evil under a voice disguise! She mutters something about getting a good 4600 squids for Duncan as she arranges her weapons to perfection!* -01:08 Jan 28
Duncan: I’m really starting to feel the love. *He sighs and huffs but continues to steer the ship on its course. They pass a few ships here and there along the way, but it’s mostly quiet. No big ships that could be Morgan’s though. The ship soon reaches one of the half dozen rings and slips in through an open panel big enough to fit a cruiser about ten times the Briar Rose’s size. There are countless ships already parked in the hangar and as they touch down, the doors close. He shuts off the ship.* Well, just remember who got you here all safe and sound like. -01:11 Jan 28
Bronwen: Don’t be afraid little man, you have a bodyguard. *Bronwen pats her big gun.* Now how do we make Duncan look more slavey? -01:15 Jan 28
MacBeth: *Gets up and looks Duncan over.* Well, we can’t pass him off as a slave if he isn’t clean and he’ll freeze to death if he strip him to his pants. Any chance you found something that could pass as a collar or some cuffs back there? -01:17 Jan 28
Bronwen: You wouldn’t believe what he has stashed back there. Or would you? *Chuckling as she exits the room to fetch something appropriate!* -01:19 Jan 28
Duncan: *Crosses his arms over his body as he sits there, staring at them.* Hey, I thought we weren’t going to do this until we got to uh, whatever place you wanted to go! Not now! Over here! *As soon as the Cap’n is gone, he bolts!* -01:20 Jan 28
MacBeth: Oh no, you don’t. *He grabs Duncan by the shoulder and slams him down, back in the seat before he makes it to so much as the doorway.* You’re gonna be a good slaveboy or we’ll have to flog you. -01:20 Jan 28
Bronwen: *Retrieving a nice neck collar and even a leash, she returns with more cackling!* We need proper disguises, Duncan! Especially after what happened on that last planet. -01:21 Jan 28
Duncan: Awh, c’mon! There’s gotta be another way! *He kicks and struggles for dear life! This isn’t looking very fun anymore!* -01:22 Jan 28
MacBeth: I’m not keen on getting shot again. *Is pretty effective at keeping Duncan down and isn’t even putting much effort in doing it.* And this place has a lot more scum than that chunk of rock we just left. -01:23 Jan 28
Bronwen: Hey, if we ever get to a part of space I’m not recognized in, I’ll let you collar me as slave. ..Now hold still! *With all his squirmy, she still managed to clamp the collar around his neck with a quick little CLICK!* -01:25 Jan 28
Duncan: *That part about her letting him collar her makes him stop!* … You’ll … be the slave …? Instead of me? And I get to be the armed guard and watch over you? *He stops struggling once the collar is fastened to start pulling at the collar instead. He really likes the sound of that!* -01:27 Jan 28
Bronwen: Uh huh. If there’s a part of space I’m not recognized. …Are we all set now? -01:31 Jan 28
MacBeth: *Doesn’t look too happy as he takes his shoulder holsters off and leaves his guns on the seats. He doesn’t like it but it’s necessary. He has to show complete faith in his armed guard or he won’t be taken seriously.* Now we are. Do you have any leftover currency? -01:35 Jan 28
Bronwen: There should be plenty for supplies and everything else we need. *Bronwen pulls out a small little pouch… It has a few little bits of currency. Something handy she lifted off that alien after the booze-shooting!* -01:36 Jan 28
Duncan: *Sighs! There is always a catch! He suddenly knew what a dog who just saw a bone on a string ripped away from him feels like!* -01:36 Jan 28
MacBeth: We can do the shopping as soon as we dig up the info. If we’re paying a trip to Lunas 034, I’d rather not be surprised by anything. *He takes the pouch and slips it into his own vest.* So, you got a name for yourself? *He asks Shadowstar.* Just call me Caine from here on out. -01:41 Jan 28
Bronwen: *There’s smirking under her helmet.* What about Valentino? Sounds manly! -01:43 Jan 28
Duncan: *He glances from the Cap’n to Mac and back again!* What about me? Don’t I get to pick a name for myself? -01:47 Jan 28
Bronwen: …You can be Puppy. -01:50 Jan 28
MacBeth: *Manages not to snicker or even grin when she says that.* -01:51 Jan 28
Duncan: Puppy?! *He looks like he’s about to go ballistic or something!* -01:52 Jan 28
MacBeth: It’s only for a little while, Flyboy. Calm down and let’s get this over with. Don’t talk, keep your head down, and do what I say. *He takes the leash.* Got that? -01:53 Jan 28
Duncan: *Sulks!* … Oh okay. *This is so humiliating! Of all the rotten, picking things to do–!* -01:54 Jan 28
MacBeth: Okay what? *He tugs on the leash HARD.* -01:55 Jan 28
Duncan: Ow! *He jerks forward and pulls at the collar but it doesn’t loosen even a tiny bit.* Okay … Master. *He grumbles. Man, he can’t wait to get this over with!* -01:56 Jan 28
Bronwen: *Oh she’s enjoying this way too much!* All right, boys. Shall we? -01:56 Jan 28
MacBeth: … Good enough. *He glances at Shadowstar and nods.* Let’s. *He leads the way and doesn’t stop, even though Duncan jerks forward and stumbles to catch up. As a rule, Mac doesn’t walk slowly and this time is no exception!* -01:58 Jan 28
Bronwen: *Bronwen definitely "helps" keep Duncan on his toes by periodically poking him with one of her weapons. Yes, she’s enjoying it way waaaay too much.* -01:59 Jan 28
Duncan: OOoff! Hey! *The Cap’n’s poking isn’t gentle at all but it does help "encourage" him to stay at Mac’s heels. He quickly learns not to lag behind and is glad he gets to keep his head down, to spare him at least a tiny bit of his dignity.* -02:00 Jan 28
MacBeth: *As soon as they leave the hangar, they come to a small room with a giant caterpillar-like creature sitting behind a high counter. A pair of guards flank the door they just came through and across of the room, there’s another pair of guards flanking the door to leave. The creature is busy stamping with his "hands" and looking over logs and doesn’t pause when they stop in front of him. However, he demands to know their names, business, length of stay, and name and make of the craft they came on. Mac answers everything with practised ease and after being informed of the small "fee" to be allowed to dock at Osaka 9 and do business, he’s given a plastic card of some sort and they’re waved through. They go down a long tunnel, one of the "arms" that connect the ring to the center. It’s transparent but thick, allowing them to look out as they walk but keeping them protected.* -02:13 Jan 28
Bronwen: *It’s nice being in a helmet, she can look around at anything she pleases without looking like she is… Especially being a bodyguard! Buahahaha! She prods Duncan again!* -02:16 Jan 28
Duncan: *Was looking at all the pretty lights flashing on and off and–!* OOooww! *He winces and jumps forward, snapped out of his daze by the prodding! He quickly closes the gap between himself and Mac and can’t help but rub the bruised side.* -02:17 Jan 28
MacBeth: *They soon cross the tunnel where another pair of guards are standing. As soon as they’re shown the card Mac was given, they wave them through. Inside, Osaka looks like one giant busy street. There are people everywhere, flashing signs and lights, shops and buildings and stalls. There are hovering cars for getting one place to another quickly and large enough for a handful of people. It’s noisy, too. Everyone is trying to be heard over everyone else: conversations, advertising, arguing, and laughing. The ceiling is so high, it’s nearly invisible!* -02:22 Jan 28
Bronwen: Better keep up puppy. *Eeevil chuckling! Oooh… If they didn’t have to go under disguise she’d love to hunt things down in this place. Imagine what she could pick up for her ship…* -02:24 Jan 28
Duncan: *Grumbles under his breath but at least he’s learning not to look up. Not that he wants to anymore. At least, not in this condition.* -02:25 Jan 28
[Bronwen is not going to be the one that gets in trouble. Nope!] -03:02 Jan 29
[MacBeth leads the way to the center which seems to be a gathering place of some kind.] -03:03 Jan 29
MacBeth: *The center is called The Square because the area is shaped like a square. Buildings, stalls, any type of structure is built around it. There’s a large platform at the center with stairs leading up to it on all four sides. People are gathered around the platform which is now filled with a chubby man in robes selling a few half-naked slaves shackled and collared. He elbows his way through the crowd but stops in the middle.* -03:05 Jan 29
Bronwen: *Now this is a place one could cause all sorts of trouble in. If there weren’t more important things to do, and if Mac wouldn’t pitch a huge temper tantrum about it… Ah well!* Why are they always half naked? -03:08 Jan 29

{The chubby man has two armed guards, burly men packing a lot of heat. He pokes and shows off the slave beside him like a butcher would a piece of meat.: }

MacBeth: *Figures the question is a rhetoric one. He appears to be looking for someone and isn’t paying attention to the chubby man on the platform.* Do you see a thin man in a suit wearing an eyepatch? -03:13 Jan 29
Bronwen: *If she had a squid for every time someone asked her that one… Bronwen looked around the crowd as best she could.* Not yet… what is one-eye going to do for us…? -03:17 Jan 29
MacBeth: He’s going to sing. *He says, still looking around. He finally turns to her.* We need information and he’s the best one to give it to us. Of all the slavers here, he’s the one who travels to Lunas 034 the most. The problem is we can’t get too close to him. He considers himself freelance but he’d sell his mother if it meant he’d get a profit. *He’s thoughtful for a moment.* Scratch that. *I* can’t get close to him but there might be another way … *He smirks a bit.* -03:24 Jan 29
Bronwen: Oh, Mac. Whatever could you be thinking? *Judging by that smirk, she had a very good idea… Oh if one could see her wicked grin!* Well, then. Let us get our information, then? -03:26 Jan 29
MacBeth: Let’s. *He says, turning back to continue looking. As he turns, he finally stops.* There. He just went into that bar, The Shady Lady. *He elbows his way back through the crowd, jerking Duncan’s leash as he follows.* -03:29 Jan 29

{The man with the eyepatch is followed by half a dozen heavily armed goons. The Shady Lady has the outline of a naked woman sitting with her legs stretched out over the words, The Shady Lady, in script. The entire sign flashes on and off, a hot pink. The bar is big but dark. There’s a large bar to the side with tables scattered in front of the stage where scantily clad women dance on poles lined up along the stage.: }

Bronwen: There’s a way to make some extra bucks. *She muttered… Occasionally giving Duncan an extra prod. Ohoho. It’s good to be captain wasn’t it?* -03:35 Jan 29
[Duncan was silent up until now.] -03:37 Jan 29
Duncan: Ow! *As soon as they’re in the dark of The Shady Lady, he takes the chance to look up and rub his sore spot.* That smarts! *He takes a look at the stage and whistles.* Hello, ladies! -03:38 Jan 29
MacBeth: *Spots their target sitting at the table right in the front. His goons are around him and he’s obviously enjoying the show.* So, Captain. How would you like to handle this? *Fortunately the music is loud and he’s only speaking loud enough for her to hear him.* -03:39 Jan 29
Bronwen: I can take Puppy over and offer him up as a nice little treat. Have a nice smoochie conversation… or we could get dangerous and I switch places with Puppy. -03:42 Jan 29
Duncan: *Is too busy eying the women dancing to really pay attention to Cap’n and Mac. He only catches snatches of what they’re saying and even that goes in one ear and out the other.* Um … Anyone have a few squid I can borrow. You know … to uh … contribute to those lovely ladies? -03:46 Jan 29
Bronwen: … *She clonks Duncan with her gun!* We’re doing something serious here…! -03:50 Jan 29
Duncan: *Winces and rubs his head! He sighs and looks dejected.* Awh man … I guess I’ll see those wonderful women in my dreams. *He sniffles.* -03:51 Jan 29
MacBeth: *Is starting to wish he hadn’t left his guns back in that flying tin can.* How about a little of both? Go with Plan A and get down and dirty if it comes to it. A small struggle shouldn’t bring in the station’s security. And I’m sure our little friend over there has quite a bit of cred he could part with. -03:51 Jan 29
Bronwen: Aye, aye, mate. Come with me, Puppy. We’re getting you a new master! *Taking Duncan’s leash, she drags him off towards the big bad man! * -03:55 Jan 29
Duncan: *Is suddenly being dragged along! He has no idea what’s happening!* Hey! Uh … What in the blazes …?! *No matter how hard he tries to stop her or at least go in the other direction, it makes no difference. He finally realizes that if he doesn’t behave he’ll get a conk on the head and quiets down.* -03:57 Jan 29

{The man isn’t enjoying the show as much as one would think he would. Before the two approach the table, they’re stopped by two of the man’s guards! They demand to know what they want with the boss!: }

Bronwen: *She jerks the leash with Duncan attached!* I have a Puppy here the man might be interested in. For a good price… -03:59 Jan 29
MacBeth: *Watches as the two stop to talk to a couple of Vince’s goons. He better find a weapon just in case but where on such short notice and without any funds? (True he still has the creds Shadowstar gave him but he isn’t about to waste them on guns when there are still plenty on the ship.) He spots the bar and the bartender. Bingo.* -04:01 Jan 29

{The men glance at each other and one of them finally leaves to let the Boss know someone’s come to see if he’s interested in a slave. After a few moments, the man returns and gestures for the two to follow him. The second man steps away to let them past and continues keeping an eye out for any trouble.: }

Duncan: *Gulps! Now, he’s really not saying a word or taking a chance to look up! How the hell had he gotten into this mess?! Why did he have to be the slave?!* -04:03 Jan 29
Vince: *Leans back in his seat and looks the armed guard over.* What’s this I hear ’bout you having a slave I might be interested in buying? *He rubs his chin.*
Bronwen: My Puppy is a fine little thing. Strong, muscular… And much stamina. *She jerks Duncan’s leash to give him a good look at poor Duncan!* Worth many squid. -04:07 Jan 29
Duncan: *Winces but doesn’t go "ow!" as he usually does when she jerks his chain and he staggers up to the guy! He doesn’t look up at him but it gives him the creeps how he can feel Vince’s eyes on him. He really didn’t like this guy and he was wishing even more that he was somewhere far, far away from this!* -04:10 Jan 29
Vince: Hm. I’ve heard that one before. *He stands and snaps his fingers. One of the four men surrounding his table comes by and begins to inspect Duncan. First he pats him down to make sure he isn’t concealing any weapons. Then he starts pinching and stretching and poking. He even forces Duncan’s chin up and opens his mouth to get a look at his teeth. All this time, Vince is standing behind him, taking note of everything. After several minutes, the man turns to him and Vince nods.* Okay. So he’s not bad. How much do you want for ‘im?
Bronwen: 6800 squid. No less. Perhaps a little entertainment at your table? *She gives a nudge of her elbow! Poor Duncan, she almost feels bad for him!* -04:15 Jan 29
Duncan: *Entertainment at his table! Now she was blinkin’ nuts! He starts struggling and squirming! There’s no way he’s going to stick around for anymore of this creepy shit! He’s getting the hell out of here! No employment in the entire star system was worth becoming some sick guy’s boy-toy! Hell no!* -04:19 Jan 29
Bronwen: *Bronwen held that leash firm and stepped on Duncan’s foot! If he doesn’t cut that shit out, he’s going to get them in trouble!* -04:22 Jan 29
Vince: *Smirks.* He’s fiesty. I like that. But 6800 squid is too much. I’ll give you 3000 squid for him.
Duncan: *Clenches his teeth to keep from crying out but he gets the message and he stops fighting. This smarts!* -04:27 Jan 29
Bronwen: That is barely the price of a whelp. This Puppy is pleasure trained. Not a new toy. 6800 is reasonable. -04:27 Jan 29
Vince: You insist he’s pleasure-trained. I’ll give you 3000 squid now and 3000 squid after I’ve been given a proper demonstration.
Bronwen: A fool would take that bargin. All upfront, or none for you. -04:36 Jan 29
Vince: *Smirks.* No one calls me a fool. I’ll take your precious slave and save myself some squid. Boys, take him out. *He snaps his fingers and all six of them surround Bronwen and Duncan.*
[Duncan knows this can’t end well.] -01:50 Jan 30
[Bronwen … crap!] -01:51 Jan 30

{Vince: *Watches as his goons surround the two.* Now, is this going to get ugly or are you going to be smart and hand over your slave?}

Bronwen: Nope. *And she whips out her gun, ready to fire!* No one steals from me. You make a deal or I’ll kill you. -01:53 Jan 30

{Vince: You’re fiesty, I’ll give you that. But I make deals with no one. *He steps back and is instantly blocked by two of the goons who start to close in on the two.*}

Duncan: *Wishes he could hide behind her this time but that would do no good! He pushes up next to her!* Um … If you have a plan … right now would be a really good time to do it. *He whispers.* -01:55 Jan 30
Bronwen: I have a plan. *She really doesn’t. So… she shoots at the guarding goons! No one tries to steal her property! NO one!* -02:00 Jan 30

{The goons certainly hadn’t expected someone to be stupid enough to just start firing! Four of them scatter while the other two attempt to cover their boss’ back as he makes his way to the exit! Once Vince is out of sight, all six of them disappear behind tables as the dancers go screaming backstage! Bronwen and Duncan are still surrounded!: }

Duncan: *As soon as she starts to shoot, he hits the ground with a speed that can only be described as pure reflex! He covers his head, too afraid to move from where he is!* -02:04 Jan 30
Bronwen: Son of a…! *Bronwen is a quick little thing and dodges between a couple goons to go chasing after the Vince! She shold have just tried to shoot him in the first place!* Stay out of trouble, Duncan! -02:05 Jan 30

{Vince: *Shoots out of The Shady Lady and dashes down the alley that runs behind it! He kicks up water puddles and knocks over trash as he tries to run to safety! He’s headed for the crowd!*}

Duncan: *His head jerks up! Before he can even demand to know what she’s talking about, she’s gone! Three of the goons are quick to surround him while the other three chase after Bronwen! One of the three grabs him by the back of the collar and hurls him into a table!* -02:09 Jan 30
Bronwen: *Slinging her gun back on her back, she gives chase! Hoping over trash cans… diving to tackle!* -02:10 Jan 30
[MacBeth pats the unconscious bartender on the floor beside him behind the bar.] -02:11 Jan 30

{The goons remember that the boss wanted this one but they see no reason why they can’t rough him up first! One of them grabs him by the shoulders and lifts him up, then hurls him against the stage where he slams against the sides!: }

Duncan: *Really wishes this was just a bad dream right about now! He doesn’t even have the strength to lift a finger after having the air knocked out of him. He’s pretty sure they rearranged a few of his organs as well! He coughs, aware of the pain radiating from his spine after being slammed up against the side of the stage!* … Can’t we … *Cough!* Talk … about this …? -02:14 Jan 30

{Vince is tackled! He lands with his face in a puddle but he isn’t about to go down easily! He rolls and attempts to knock Bronwen off of him! His other three goons are hot on his trail!: }

Bronwen: *Bronwen balls up a fist to sock him in the face!* Why don’t you stop strugglin’ and we have a little chat! -02:18 Jan 30
Duncan: *Punch to the jaw! Punch to the gut! He drops to the ground and tries to shake it off so he can escape! This is not looking good! Someone grabs him but just as he’s about to get pommeled in the face again! Shots ring out! The goon holding him falls to the ground! The other two look up and start firing!* -02:18 Jan 30

{Vince: *Coughs and shakes his head as he’s punched! He sputters!* You’re gonna pay for this! Get the fuck off of me! *The 3 goons are gaining and they fire a warning shot!*}

MacBeth: *Takes the other two down without breaking out a sweat! They managed to break much of the glass and furniture but that was about it. He helps Duncan up.* Still alive, Flyboy? -02:21 Jan 30
Bronwen: *Ignores their warning shot, preparing to sock him again!* That old hag Morgan has a Shadowstar captive on Lunas 034? Wanna tell me about him? -02:22 Jan 30
Duncan: *Looks at Mac with a dazed expression on his face. He touches the first mate’s cheek.* Ma …? Can I stay home from school today? *Then he just passes out!* -02:22 Jan 30

{Vince: I dun know nothin’! You hear me! Nothin’! *The goons arrive and because they can’t shoot Bronwen without endangering their boss, they decide to attack her with their bare hands instead!*}

Bronwen: *Cracks somebody in the knee and reaches for her gun again!* Call you men off, or I’ll slaughter you with my bare hands! -02:25 Jan 30

{Vince: Okay! Okay! Lay off, boys! *The men reluctantly step back.* Uh … Shadowstar … Yeah, yeah she’s got ‘im over there. He’s a genuine nut, that one. They have him locked up in a workshop somewhere. That’s all I know, I swear! }

Bronwen: *She aims her gun at his nose!* Is that really all you know…? A smart man like you should have all kinds of tidbits… -02:28 Jan 30

{Vince: *Stares at the gun!* Um … uh … Yeah! Morgan’s keeping him under lock and key! Rumor’s got it that she’s hyped up security lately! No one knows why! And she ain’t spilling! That’s it! I swear on my mother’s grave!}

Bronwen: I bet you miss your mother. After trying to take my Puppy, I ought to make sure you meet her.. *She threatened! But, despite the brilliant idea, Bronwen let him free and stood up.* You’ve been ever so helpful. -02:32 Jan 30

{Vince: *Has his hands up and doesn’t take his eyes off of her!* Uh … Yeah. Um … No problem. Really. Uh … I’m uh, I’m really sorry about tryin’ to take your slave. Just–just business, is all. No … no hard feelings?}

Bronwen: Uhmm. Better start running. *She raises up her gun to aim! Muahahaha! Plenty of hard feelings!* -02:38 Jan 30

{Vince: *His eyes grow wide! He doesn’t need to be told twice! As soon as the words are out of his mouth, he’s skidding off with his three goons right behind him!*}

Bronwen: *Keeps her aim until he’s out of sight… Then she pulls off that stuff helmet so she can cackle with amusement!* Ha..! No one steals from a Shadowstar! -02:41 Jan 30
MacBeth: ~Back at The Shady Lady~ *With an unconscious Duncan slumped over the bar, he helps himself to a drink. His sixth sense is tingling and he figures he might as well get a drink while he can. He has no intention on trying to move Flyboy back to the ship by himself so as soon as he’s done with the shot, he blasts Duncan with some cold water.* Rise and shine, Flyboy. -02:43 Jan 30
Duncan: *Sputters and his head whips up so fast, as soon as it does, he lowers it and rubs his temples!* Ooo … What happened? *His mouth is dry as he tries to smack his lips together.* Drink … Please. -02:44 Jan 30
MacBeth: You mean you don’t remember? *He slides a bottle of beer across the counter to Duncan.* Why, as soon as Shadowstar left, you took matters into your own hands and shot every man here. *It’s hard to detect the sarcasm in his voice. In fact, it’s near damn impossible to tell he’s not telling the truth.* -02:45 Jan 30
Bronwen: *Like a cheshire cat with a canary prize, she returns back to The Shadey Lady with her helmet under her arm! Cackling still!* -02:46 Jan 30
MacBeth: *Looks up, leaning against the bar.* What’s the plan, Captain? -02:50 Jan 30
Bronwen: If you love me, you’ll give me a beer first. …What did they do to your face, baby? *Bronwen stops her cackling to brush a finger at Duncan’s chin. Oooh… That was nasty. Didn’t he know how to fight?* -02:52 Jan 30
MacBeth: *Raises an eyebrow at her for a moment before he grabs a bottle of beer, pops it open, and slides it across the counter to her. Something is definitely up and it must be good. It’s hard to tell when Shadowstar is cackling because she’s happy or just cackling because she’s evil. Or both.* -02:54 Jan 30
Duncan: *Is trying to put on a brave front. His heart is melting! She actually called him "baby"! Sweet!* Nothin’ I won’t recover from, mark my words! Why, I took down the other three goons who did this to me! Ain’t that right, Mac? *He glances at the first mate before turning his attention back to the Captain.* -02:55 Jan 30
Bronwen: *She took a sip of her beer, giving Duncan a worried, but obviously disbelieving expression…* I’ll be the slave next time. I think I’ll leave you on the ship. -02:58 Jan 30
Duncan: *He cracks one of his signature "devil may care" grins.* Aye-aye, Cap’n. *He salutes and takes another gulp of his beer.* So, what’s next now? -03:01 Jan 30
Bronwen: Lunas 034, of course. We’re going to pick up Cassius. Under lock and key with extra armed guards. The old hag is expecting me! -03:03 Jan 30
Duncan: *Blinks and gulps but remains silent. Lunas 034? Awh man, he was definitely going to stay in the ship this time …* -03:05 Jan 30
Bronwen: Maybe a big distracting explosion while I sneak in… hmm. *She was lost in planning. And if Duncan was waiting with the ship ready… in and out, only a few minutes..* -03:10 Jan 30
MacBeth: *Waits as Shadowstar starts mapping out the plan and enjoying his drink. If security was going to come, they should’ve arrived by now but with gunfights going on so often, it didn’t surprise him that they hadn’t showed up at all.* -03:13 Jan 30
Bronwen: And then we… *Bronwen blinked. She reached out to grab macbeth’s arm and tug him down to her eye level.* Are you just going to drink, or are you going to help me think this through? -03:15 Jan 30
MacBeth: … I’ll take "going to drink" for 500 squid. *He replies.* Alright, I’ll help plan. It’d probably help if you came up with a disguise, one of the guards there or some slave delivering food. Cassius is under lock and key but they still have to feed him. -03:19 Jan 30
Bronwen: Better. …And which of us will teach Duncan how to fight? I’m afraid to leave him alone now… -03:22 Jan 30
MacBeth: *Glances at Duncan and sees her point.* I’ll do it. If you start teaching him, he’ll only end up imagining you without your clothes on or whatever the hell he thinks about when he gets that stupid look in his eyes. *He’s thoughtful for a moment.* You’ll probably have your hands full with Cassius. -03:24 Jan 30
Bronwen: Suppose I can take a tranq dart to him if he’s haboring junk again… *And she’s serious too, Knowing Cassius… Bronwen suddenly smirked!* What if he imagines you without your clothes on..? -03:27 Jan 30
MacBeth: *Gives her a level look.* … Pray you find another pilot by then. -03:28 Jan 30
Bronwen: *She laughs…! Much too loudly!* Ha…! I can imagine you naked trying to teach him kung fu! Blazing manly glory…! -03:30 Jan 30
MacBeth: Disturbing. *He mutters as he takes a gulp of his beer. Shadowstar seems to be on a roll with this one and he’s not about to ask her why she’s imagining him doing something like that. The female mind is a strange thing, indeed.* -03:33 Jan 30
Bronwen: Oh, bleh… *Blast! She took her own imagination way too far and got in to scary territory! Never imagine that again!* Hmm. What is in this beer? *She glanced at the bottle quickly before setting it down and sliding it away.* We need to supply the ship, and fix Duncan before he dies. -03:36 Jan 30
MacBeth: *Checks the label.* Worms. *He replies. He glances at Duncan who is snoring loudly, his cheek against the counter. Drooling.* Want to draw straws to see who does what? -03:45 Jan 30
Bronwen: *She makes a face at the mention of worms, and cast Duncan another glance..* We can both drag him back… and then decide on what to do. Hrmph… Jerk makes me want to pass out too. *He looks comfy, she’ll give him that..* -03:48 Jan 30
MacBeth: Better get going then. *He stands and walks around the bar, to start lifting Duncan up and slip one arm around the back of his neck.* The longer Morgan waits, the more likely she is to upgrade security. *He waits for her to get Duncan’s other side before starting to walk to the door.* -03:50 Jan 30
Bronwen: *Bronwen slides under Duncan’s other arm, and grins!* But the more men she wastes on security, the much easier it would be for me to…ah… Take over one of her fleets. -03:52 Jan 30
MacBeth: *Is silent for a moment as they exit The Shady Lady and move through the crowd. It takes some elbowing and pushing but they get through intact.* Point taken. *They stop to show the card Mac got from the strange caterpillar creature a few times before they finally reach the Briar Rose.* -03:57 Jan 30

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