Breaking Delilah 005

Breaking Delilah

[Delilah Red escaped from the Moira’s Gloom by stealing the ship of Captain Anthony. And though the crew were surprised to see a woman show up instead of their captain, she was covered in blood and holding not only their captain’s sword, but a token from the fierce Blood Pirate Ferius. The escape would have been flawless, but a hurricane seemed to sprawl right up out of the sea. The ship was sank and Delilah Red found herself the only survivor climbing on to the sandy beach of an unknown island.] -01:30 Feb 09
Delilah Red: The island itself didn’t seem unusual, but Delilah quickly found she wasn’t the first to walk on it’s beaches. Following an almost hidden trail through the jungle, there was a carved out cove of rocky arches. In it’s center, tucked away hidden was a chest and other old items. …And who they once belong to came as the biggest surprise at all. With a journal in her hands, Delilah was reading. Unaware of how much time had passed. -01:30 Feb 09
Ferius: There was a sound behind her as Ferius slowly drew his blade. “So Red, I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay on my island. I came here many years ago and killed it’s previous owner, but then you’re already aware of that… aren’t you.” He was alone and out in the bay there was no sign of his ship. “So tell me… What’s on your mind now that I’ve led you here?” -01:38 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah stiffened. But she didn’t drop the journal, turn or draw her sword. “A storm sank my ship. Coincidence at best.” She finally turned, slowly to face him. Closing the journal in her hands and waving it slightly. “I found such interesting things to entertain myself with…” -01:42 Feb 09
Ferius: “Another coincidence no doubt, that a storm came out of nowhere and blew you to where you needed to be to find that.” He gestured towards the journal. “That’s a lot of coincidences don’t you think?” His tone was mocking. “Then you get just enough time to read it before I interrupt you… another coincidence Captain Delilah Red?” He stepped closer, sword held down but ready to come up at a moment’s notice. “Care to let me show you more coincidences?” -01:47 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “How about we cut straight to the point. You were human once. A pirate hunter. Funny how life suddenly turns…” It was in his journal. The man had lived hundreds of years ago. A human before his life took a turn for the interesting. Delilah pulled her sword, point raised. She didn’t drop the journal, though. “Now what are you? Vampire? Devil? Worse? But not unkillable…” -01:51 Feb 09
Ferius: “You’d love to know, wouldn’t you? You have read words written by my hand when I still flew a nation’s flag. Now..” He lashed out. A teasing blow, slow and meant to be blocked but also meant to get her attention. “You do not know what changed and THAT is the question that burns in your mind. Well now. Lets find out.” -01:55 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah blocked his swing with a clang of metal, pushing him back so she could edge away. “They say curiosity killed the cat, Ferius, and I’m not so sure I’m of a mind to test it today!” Still… there was more to read. Had she the time, she would know how he came to be. And better. How to destroy him. -02:00 Feb 09
Ferius: He refused to be pushed back. Instead, he circled around. “Well then I guess I overestimated your drive. I’ll be going now.” He turned and with a hidden smirk on his face ducked between two trees to head further inland. If that didn’t infuriate her, nothing would. -02:03 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Sonofabicth!” The last thing she expected was for him to just walk away. After all of that…! Delilah stalked after him, stuffing the journal in to the belt of her pants. With the sword in one hand, she pulled a pistol in the other. Raising to take a shot at him before he got far! -02:05 Feb 09
Ferius: He was sheathing his sword when he heard the flintlock snapping back. “Oooh, remember what that did last time, Red. I thought you’d just got a fancy new sword to play with too.” He turned back to her. “So unless you have something else to say or get a little closer, you’re going to stay on this island until you rot.” -02:10 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “I don’t give two shits about your threats, Ferius!” she retorted. Stomping close enough to get a good shot, but not quite pulling the trigger. …Gods damn her own curiosity. “But I’ll take your bait. If you tell me why it’s so damned important for me to know.” -02:13 Feb 09
Ferius: “Because you want to.” He teased. “Do you think you’re the first person to try to kill me? To hold that cursed sword against me? There are games afoot here Delilah, and not all of them my doing. Now are you going to hold that gun to me all day or are you going to waste your shot?” -02:18 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah holstered the gun. She didn’t look happy about it, and she sure didn’t put away that sword either. She gave an over exaggerated bow. “By all means. Allow me to wait until your grand bullshittery is done and through before I fill you full of led and cut you from chin to gullet.” -02:23 Feb 09
Ferius: He smiled. “Better, now if you had only done that when I first captured you, it would have saved you a lot of pain.” He turned and began walking in the same direction he had been. “Not that that was particularly difficult once your ship was disabled.” -02:31 Feb 09
Delilah Red: She growled. That was quite low. Delilah pulled her gun and fired as she dashed forward. Raising the sword above her head to lop his head clear off if she’s lucky! -02:33 Feb 09
Ferius: The shot was what tipped him off and he turned, raising his sword as she crashed into him. He went down, but so did she and he used his momentum to roll away and get onto his feet. “You don’t make working with you easy.” He said as he waited for her to get to her feet. “But then it wouldn’t be half as fun.” -02:37 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “I’m so glad this is fucking FUN for you, Ferius!” she snarled, jumping to her feet as quickly as she could. But she was back again, swinging for his gut and trying to run him clear through. -02:41 Feb 09
Ferius: He parried, giving ground, ducking behind a tree and away from it. Letting her come rushing him again. LEADING her where he wanted her to go. “Isn’t that the point of anything?” -02:44 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Don’t you run away from me, you gods be damned coward!” Delilah nearly had her sword stuck in the tree, before having to snatch it back and giving chase again. “I am sick and tired of your stupid games!” She caught up with him again, nearly tackling him with a shoulder when she shoved him. Ready to take a stab again. -02:48 Feb 09
Ferius: He jumped backwards, anticipating her stab and swinging his sword at her throat. Forcing her to react. “Then why are you still playing?” -02:51 Feb 09
Delilah Red: She blocked, just barely missing having her neck nicked. Still playing. Still playing? Delilah growled, rushing at him for another swipe, but when he dodged she just kept running! She had to get off the stupid island. His ship would have to be docked somewhere! -02:58 Feb 09
Ferius: As she rushed past his dodge he slapped her. Exactly like he had done in his cabin. Then he was off again ducking through a tree line. Onto an overgrown staircase where he stood sword ready on the higher ground. “You look good when you’re red, Red.” -03:01 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Just when she thought she was going to cut her loses and quit, he’d just piss her off all over again! Squeezing the hilt of her sword, she stalked after him. Not running to chase, but stomping through the trees and up the staircase. …Where the hell did that stone staircase come from?! Delilah didn’t pay it a second thought, though. She was hopping up the stairs rushing after him again. “Ferius, I am going to strip every bone from your body!” -03:06 Feb 09
Ferius: He raised his sword, retreating up the stairs before her until he was at the top. “I’m sure you would, if you weren’t where you were looking to go.” he said, placing a hand against the stone door at the top of the stairs and pulling away the vines to show the weathered but still visible carvings. -03:09 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “I think I’ll stick with my original idea of not giving a shit!” There was the curiosity, but then there was the desire to wipe that smug look off his face. The moment she was at the top of the stairs, she swiped for his head. Clearing most of those vines with a single cut. But not hitting the target she -wanted-. “And where are we now, Ferius? Are you going to brag this is the place your acquired ultimate power and the ability to fuck me over at every turn?!” -03:16 Feb 09
Ferius: There was no other phrase to use. “You could say that.” He dodged another blow before kicking open the slab and ducking inside the carved passageway. “Or you could say this is where the man who wrote that journal knowingly took something upon himself that he knew would change him forever.” -03:20 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Sounds like a fantastic fucking idea.” she hissed. He ducked in to a passage and she followed. But once she entered, she wasn’t so quick to chase. Her pace slowing, as her gaze narrowed and she warily followed the sound of his voice. “Are you having regrets about your life, il mio amore? Because I am more than happy to help you end it…” -03:24 Feb 09
Ferius: He continued giving ground until they were deep in the underground structure and the only thing visible of him were his shining eyes. “Again I don’t doubt, if you knew how… And it happened in this room…” There was a click and the grinding of stone against stone as a section if the roof slid open and they were bathed in light. Ferius stood on a raised dais next to a long-empty throne. Ended in the back of the throne was a rusted sword that held up the skeleton still lying in repose. “But doing so would have more consequences than you know.” -03:36 Feb 09
Delilah Red: The entire thing was ever so slightly creeping her out. Her hand tightened on the hilt of her sword again, as she stepped carefully in the room. His words slowly sank. More consequences than you know… She was no fool. She could put the pieces together. “You took his power when you killed him, did you, Ferius. … That IS an interesting little tidbit…” Sword raised, she crept closer. Now, if she killed Ferius… would she get his power? -03:44 Feb 09
Ferius: “Not his power.” he responded. “Just his curse, its all here, written on the walls.” He ran his fingers over the hilt of the sword and for a moment he was hovering there, not looking at her. His sword down and his other hand too far away to react. “The power came later.” -03:47 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Quite the interesting story.” His pensiveness almost gave her pause. Almost. But in his distraction, she saw her opportunity. Delilah stepped forward quickly, aiming to thrust her sword right through his back and in to his heart. -03:50 Feb 09
Ferius: He wasn’t a complete idiot. He heard her footfall on the stone floor and sidestepped. Catching her sword arm under his and turning. Using their momentum to wrench her sword from her grip and dropping his as he released her arm and turned around. They were now face to face, unarmed and his eyes met hers. The line he was about to throw died in his throat. He stood there for a long moment, then pulled her closer and pressed his lips into hers. -03:56 Feb 09
Delilah Red: How did she get caught up staring like that. She had the time to move. To swing a fist or more. But something about his eyes… Delilah found herself returning his kiss. Leaning in to him until her senses finally came back. She shoved him away roughly. “Fuck..!” It seemed to be the only word she could throw out! -04:01 Feb 09
Ferius: She returned the kiss and he was about to do more when she pushed him back. This was wrong. He hadn’t brought her here for this. But seeing her standing there… He grabbed her arms and pulled her to him again. His eyes running over every feature of her face as his tongue ran lightly over his lower lip. “Delilah Red..” He breathed as he recognized the feelings flowing through him. His hands released her, though, he hoped she’d stay close to him. For once the Moira’s captain had nothing to say. -04:14 Feb 09
Delilah Red: This was different. Nothing like before. She was suppose to hate him, not feel drawn to him..! Even while her head was screaming for her to back away, reclaim her sword and finish what threatened… That wasn’t what she wanted. Growling under her breath she slapped him. …but then she was taking his face in her hands and drawing him to her in an angry kiss! -04:18 Feb 09
Ferius: The slap was unexpected, the kiss more so, but in a heartbeat he was returning it. His hands came up to grip her head and pull her deeper. His body pressed against her and it seemed to linger longer than it had before. He pulled back and let his hands slide down her back as his lips found her neck. -04:23 Feb 09
Delilah Red: She gripped his shirt, her intentions to push him away. Instead, there she was ripping his shirt. Running her nails down his chest and that scar she gave him days ago. “Why do you do this to me, Ferius..” she murmured under her breath. -04:32 Feb 09
Ferius: “Its not as one-sided as that.” He whispered as he pushed her shirt up and ran his fingertips up her bare skin. His lips once again on hers. -04:34 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Her sardonic laughter died when his lips met hers. If she wanted to examine hows and whys, it was all lost on her then. Her arms came around his neck tight, using the grip to hop up and wrap her legs around his hips. -04:39 Feb 09
Ferius: His hand went to her back holding her close. His bare stomach pressed against hers as he once again pierced his lip and hers, letting their blood flow together. Each time it became more intoxicating, and how long had it been since he had tasted it? He couldn’t think to answer. All he knew was as he placed Delilah down on her back and kissed her, the experience took hold of every ounce of his being. -04:43 Feb 09
Delilah Red: That taste of blood. Coppery sweet, and no doubt the root of her insanity. Why else would she be licking at his mouth, nibbling at his lips and savoring the feel of him as if it was something she wanted more than his downfall. Sanity would have her ripping his fangs out, not reaching down between them to yank his belt away. -04:49 Feb 09
Ferius: His hand were taking in every part of her, from her waist up her sides. His thumbs trailing over her stomach to caress her breasts as his hips pushed into hers. She was removing his belt and he pulled back breaking the kiss to pull at hers in turn. -04:53 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah helped… if pulling her last small knife from her belt and pointing it up to his chin could be considered helping. She smirked wide, though she wasn’t pushing him away or spitting threads. She even raised her hips up to make it easier to take her belt. -04:59 Feb 09
Ferius: He could feel the prick. She wasn’t one to take it lying down, so to speak. He pulled her pants free and they joined their shirts, discarded to the side, forgotten. His eyes stared into hers, wondering where she was going with the knife. Then he closed his eyes and moved his chin, just enough for the blade to pierce his skin and a small trickle of blood to escape. -05:29 Feb 09
Delilah Red: There was his blood, slowly trickling down the blade. She pulled it away, dropping it at her side as her hand went up to grasps the nape of his neck. Delilah tugged him down, flicking her tongue against his throat to lick that trail of blood away. -05:35 Feb 09
Ferius: He cupped her neck with his hand as she took his blood. His throat vibrating under her tongue in approval of her attention. His weight resting on her and his hips grinding against hers, he reached down and drew himself out, ready to plunge into her. -05:39 Feb 09
Delilah Red: The sound he made was just as pleasing as the taste of his blood. Her legs widen, one rubbing up against his invitation. No doubt the only invitation he was ever going to get! She nipped her teeth against his jaw until her mouth found his again. -05:43 Feb 09
Ferius: He pushed his lips into hers at the same moment that he pushed into her. His hips meeting hers as his breath founds its way into her mouth. A soft purr escaping him as his tongue brushed hers. -05:47 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah sighed against his mouth. That solid feel of him deep inside of her, filling her with more fire than the taste of his blood. Her hips rose and fell, body braced against the cool stones of the floor. -05:52 Feb 09
Ferius: He pressed down on her lips, sliding against hers as he pushed in deeper. His breath catching with the feeling of her around him. His hand slid down from her neck and came to rest on her hip. -05:56 Feb 09
Delilah Red: “Gods alive, Ferius…” she hissed through her teeth. Her blood was surging, rushing to her head and leaving her swimming in the sinful feel of his skin against hers. Her fingers curled in to the back of his neck. Her other hand gripping his shoulder. -06:04 Feb 09
Ferius: He moved his attention down. Kissing then nipping her throat, his shaking breath rolling across her skin. There was a soft groan as he held her skin between his teeth and played his tongue across it. He was pushing harder now, faster, lost in the feel of her. The sound of her breath and her passion-laced voice. -06:08 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Jostled beneath him, she curled her legs around his waist, locking him against her. A low moan escaping between her lips as she raked her nails over his skin. -06:17 Feb 09
Ferius: Placing his other hand on her hips, he gripped them as he pushed in deeper. Feeling the pressure building. His lips returned to hers and pressed into them as his breath became more and more ragged. -06:23 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Delilah gasped against his mouth. The sudden onslaught of climax making her whole body shudder, and her back arch to meet him. Her arms went tight around his neck, crushing her mouth to his. -06:30 Feb 09
Ferius: He kissed her hard as he pushed against her. His hand moving up to grip her face. His hips rocked and shook before he joined her in climax. Their naked bodies pressed together. He kissed her until the shaking and climax had long subsided. -06:34 Feb 09
Delilah Red: Bliss seemed to come in the form of a man she despised, but for the time being Delilah couldn’t seem to get her wits back. “It doesn’t mean anything…” she murmured softly. -06:38 Feb 09
Ferius: Her murmur was met with a tendering of the kiss and his hand running though her hair. Then he was standing and looking down at her, her words seeming to make him ponder something. -06:44 Feb 09
Delilah Red: A quiet moment never seemed to last for long. Delilah leaned up on her elbows, narrowing her eyes as she stared up at him. She seemed to know where his thoughts were leading… and why not? Wouldn’t she be doing the same? “Don’t you dare, Ferius…” -06:47 Feb 09
Ferius: He smiled. “Fair is fair Red. And besides, I think you have some reading to do.” He chuckled. Leaving his shirt on the floor, he made for the door. Only pausing when he was in the doorway. “I hope you like climbing.” He pointed at the skylight and a second later the stone slab slid back into place. Sealing her in. -06:52 Feb 09

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