Myth and Legacy 005: Confession Part I

Myth and Legacy

Kate: Kate was in excellent spirits after having a great bed to sleep in (even if she had to share it) some really good food, and…that really awkward showersex thing. THAT she was trying to forget even happened. If she started thinking about it, she’d start acting stupid and feelings would happen and just. …Complications. TODAY, she was determined to show Raul which bought he was going to buy her. Because he WAS going to buy her a new boat. “Small enough where it only needs one person to manage it, but it has to be big enough for tours. When I am done working for you, I am going back to doing tours.” -08:22 Apr 01
Raul: If there was one thign Raul knew otehr that the business and legends it was boats. Kate had surprised him with her knowledge before so he was assuming she was compitent too. “A girl like you knows what she likes.” he said a hint of a tease in his voice. “Thak makes me thing you already have one in mind.” he looked at her. “It had better not be a hydrafoil, those things just beg the guats guard to come and have a look.” -08:26 Apr 01
Kate: “Hell no, I want a legit boat.” she muttered. It wasn’t that she was insulted, she did a lot of unsavory business. But with a brand -new- boat and enough money to back her up, she could run a legitimate business without having to deal with assholes. If she stole things, she could do it for fun instead of necessity. “And since you’re buying me a house, I don’t need to live -on- my boat. So we can get one with two levels and great windows for viewing.” Kate was walking down the shipyard dock. That area that had all the ones up for purchasing or renting. “Hmm… but on second thought, having a cabin is great too in case I want to go on a long trip. Okay, two levels -and- a living quarters with enough space for two or three people. It needs to have a good freshwater tank and proper plumbing.” -08:32 Apr 01
Raul: “So Kate white givign up a life of crime to ferry tourists?” somehow he didn’t see it happening. “A cabin cruiser, not goign to be very fast unless its pretty big as well. You are being exactling. So.. out of all theses here of that they can make which do you want. He already knew it was going to cost a bomb, but at least if she neamed one he could beat her, then the shipyard down. -08:38 Apr 01
Kate: “I LIKE giving tours. I don’t do it for the money.” Cause there sure as hell wasn’t a lot in it. Kate walked down the dock, eyeing each of the boats. There were things she liked, and things she didn’t… and none of them were -her- boat. But she finally stopped in front of one. It wasn’t the most expensive (she did want to get the MOST out of him) but it was the one that she liked the best. “This one. It’ll need adjustments though. I’m not keen on the helm or the deck… And we’ll have to see inside.” -08:43 Apr 01
Raul: He nodded, taking notes in his head. “Those can be changed.” he stepped onto the beck not even bothering to check if it was allowed, then held out his hand to helh her do the same. -08:48 Apr 01
Kate: Kate caught herself grinning, and quickly wiped it off her face. With a much suitable, serious expression, she took his hand to hop on deck and released it just as quick. Kate took the lead on inspecting, since it would be -her- new baby. Kicking at the rails to make sure they’d be solid for clingy tourists. And most especially the main controls for navigation and communication. She wouldn’t want to get lost or stranded out at sea. She could sail by the stars, but that was a bitch during a storm… “It isn’t bad at all… I will have to give her a good name.” -08:53 Apr 01
Raul: “Save that for when its built.” he said “Then you can watch her launch.” he opened the cabin door for Kate to look inside and looked out over the warf. “Because if I’m buying a boat its goign to me brand new and built to specification.” -08:56 Apr 01
Kate: “Really?” That had her curious. Not that she would object to having one made exact. It just… left her a little bit stunned and giving him the suspicious eye again. “…made to MY specifications? Or are you going to try a pull a fast one on me and take it back when your whole world saving bit is through?” -08:59 Apr 01
Raul: “If theres one thing that my dad taught be abut boats its that the only person who can say what it must be is the person whose life will depend on it. You know about boats so…” he did not move to enter the cabin, instead he sat on one of the benches. “I fyou’re going to go sailing out of my life when this is done I may as well mak sure you do it in style.” -09:01 Apr 01
Kate: Now why did sailing out of his life sound like something she didn’t want to do? Stupid feelings! This was why sex was always a bad idea! Kate stepped in to the cabin to inspect it… just as much as it was to get some distance from him. Other than making it more comfortable and tayloring it to her interests, it would do fine. “Did you really leave your family just to get out of the whole ‘family business’ thing…?” she called out. He said it before while they were screaming at each other, but she never thought about asking until now. -09:07 Apr 01
Raul: He looked at the open door. “Wouldn’t you?” he asked there was a tone to his voice that hinted the question was not one he would answer. “They did after all deal with some heavy… ‘business’ at you now know.” he knew of course why he hadn’t been there during the attack, so that he could be here now. His motehr had been right… ‘A man often meets his destinint on the path he takes to avoid it, blah blah blah. “Once you have your specifications I’ll talt to the manager.” -09:13 Apr 01
Kate: “Kinda funny you ended up knee deep in it, in a shitty sort of way.” Kate pulled a slip of paper out of her back pocket, along with a short pencil. She stepped out of the cabin, bracing the paper against the wall as she wrote down all the things she wanted and what she’d complain about if they weren’t there. Even wrote it on the note. Will cockpunch you if this is missing. And then handed him the paper. “My requests! Totally reasonable and shouldn’t put you in the poor house. After all, you still have to -buy- me a house. Hmm… maybe we can do that next…” -09:18 Apr 01
Raul: He folded up the paper and slipped it into hsi pocket but made no move to get off the boat. “So this, a house and money and you’re out of my life?” sure he said it like that but maybe he didn’t want that. “A deals a deal…” he help the swells agaist the deck for a minute more then stood. “We shoudl talk to the manager..” -09:24 Apr 01

CLICK. There was not a moment for Kate to respond, as the sound of a gun being cocked caught their attention. Three scraggly looking men had climbed up on the boat. Two of them armed with guns and another with a knife. Up from the top of the cabin came a familiar voice. “You got that right, son. A deal is a deal. Ain’t no woman backin’ out on me.” -Kate

Kate: “God damnit, you’re stupid as shit, you know that!” Even Miguel couldn’t be so dumb to go pissing off one of the Emidio family. Yet here here was with a couple of his thugs and some guns. -09:41 Apr 01
Raul: Raul Closed his eyes for a second before adressing the thugs. “Hes got paying you enough for this, turn around and go home.” he shook his head. “I though that knowing who I was you’d do the smart thing. You had one chance, you don’t get another.” he turned :You don’t even know why they call us Emidio do you?” -09:44 Apr 01

Miguel up on the cabin, just gave his careless smirk. “Don’t really give two shits about it, since you’ll be sinking in the deep. No one believe’s Katie’s fucking stories.” he laughed. “Go on now, kill him. I need Katie alive though, so don’t go roughin’ her up!” Those thugs weren’t messing around. They immediately started shooting. -Kate

Kate: “Fucking shit!” Kate shouted above the gun fire, stumbling backwards down the deck and rolling around the corner before she wound up shot full of holes by trigger happy assholes. There she found herself face to face with Miguel who had jumped off the top cabin to the lower deck. He had his own gun pressed up under her chin before she could start swinging at him. “Seriously, Miguel! Seriously?! There’s hundreds of captains on this island!” -09:51 Apr 01
Raul: Raul never back down from the likes of these thugs. But it was two guns agaist his wits. He took cover behind the wheelhouse adn cursed. He was going to pay so much in damages. Eletricity crackled around his hand and as the first thug came for him he was met with a faceful of it, from Migue’l therespective there was a cracking sounf, a scream and then the smell of burned flesh. The second guy was caught off guardand was met with nothing more then a punch to the face and a toss overboard… then there hes just a knife guy left.” -09:56 Apr 01

The guy with the knife must have been smarter than the other two guys. He didn’t go rushing in. Not after the electricity and how quickly his other partner went over board. He ducked down low to the deck, trying to circle around and get the jump on Raul. Meanwhile, Miguel was grabbing a hold of Kate’s shirt and pulling her along with him. “None fuck as good as you Katie.” he snapped back. His gun never leaving it’s position under her chin. As soon as he reached the railings, he lifted her up and tossed her overboard. Miguel could always hunt her down later. But killing that asshole needed to get done now. -Kate

Kate: Getting thrown overboard was not where Kate expected to end up. So she was splashing around in the water bitching up a fit about Miguel and her soaking wet nice new clothes. She swam for the dock, with every intention of getting back up there and kicking Miguel’s ass, but apparently that other gunman was still alive and she found herself thrashing around near the dock trying to stop the other from reaching the ladder. “sonofa-*COUGH!*movestupid!” -10:08 Apr 01
Raul: Grabbed from behind Raul caught the knife hand just in time, but now he was training to keep it from his throat. “You should have run..” he said through clenched teeth. An elbow to the kidney and a heave and he had brought the man in front of him. Twist his arm and strike and there was a snao-popping sound. Then a forhead to the face and a push overboard.. with a broken arm…. and a footstep behind him. “Do you know why they call us Emidio…?” he asked. “I could give you a practical demonstration. -10:10 Apr 01

There was Miguel, aiming his gun at Raul. He didn’t rish forward or even give the slightest look of fear, despite how quickly his men had dropped. “Good tricks, son. Lotsa people got them. What I don’t appreciate is some scum coming up on my island and snatching what’s mine. Like I ain’t gonna retaliate.” He fired. -Kate

Kate: The gunfire made Kate cringe, which was enough distraction for the guy in the water to dunk her and get to the ladder first. He was fleeing down the dock instead of going back to see if the job though, which left Kate cough and screaming COWARD! as she dragged herself up on the dock. “Ru!?” she called out next, decided if he got himself shot before saving the world, that it would be the most anti-climatic destiny she’d ever heard of. “Ru, if you’re alive, I’m coming to save you from that dickhole!” -10:17 Apr 01
Raul: The bullet never hit raul. He side-stepped at the last minute as a wave hit the boat and picked it up and slamed it into the warp, the a spilering soung the deck buckled and ass it took was a little hel from Raul’s foot to break beneath himself and Miguel sendign them both into the storage space below. Raul landed on his feet at water began poaring in though a crack in the hull. “You know what it means?” he asked as a second freak wave almost tore the boat in two. -10:21 Apr 01

Miguel barely managed to stay on his feet, having fel to one knee. He still had the gun, and thought he looked more than a little freak out, he was still aiming to fire again. “Fuck, son. I don’t know shit!” he shouted back in panic. Pointing at Raul to fire three more times. -Kate

Kate: “RU! YOU CRAZY ASSHOLE!” Kate didn’t even bother to stand. What was she gonna do, summon up a tornado and fly herself over to the battered bunch of chaos Raul was causing? She was just glad no one else was out there to see it. …especially since she was the only one standing there for them to accost for payment. -10:30 Apr 01
Raul: Miguel’s air was ott, his hands his hands were shaking but still one of the bullets grased Raul’s neck and blood began running down to stain his shirt. “You can’t hurn me.” Raul spat “Not in any useful way..” Raul kicked aimign for Miguel’s face. “You’re out of your depth.” The boat split, the front section sinking rapidly but the starn saying afloat in the face of physics. Raul was obviouly beyond reasoning. “Emidio meand half-god…” he growled Grabbin Miguel’s Collar and pullign hi to his feet as he held up his other hand eletricity dancing between his fingers. “I’m going to count to five…” with his grip in Miguel’s collar he pushing him into the sea. “One. Two…” -10:34 Apr 01

Miguel’s gun was gone and blood was oozing down his face from the nose. He was grasping fighting and swinging to get himself loose. “FUCK! YOU CAN FUCKING HAVE HER! THERE’S PLENTY OF CHEAP WHORES! I won’t send any else after you!” he begged and pleaded in terror! -Kate

Raul: Raul let goinstead turning to make sure Kate was out of the water. “Three.” he bgan climbing as the stern finally bgant to sink. “Four.” reaching the top he look down, takign no note of any further pleas. “Five.” a click of fingers and a lightning strike hitting the water the thunder almost loud enough to deaffen. Now all he had to do was jump from the stern and pull himself onto the quey. -10:43 Apr 01

The was no startled man’s scream, only the crack of thunder and that sizzle of electricty. When that tingling feeling abated, all that was left seen in the water was the the last bits of the ship disappearing in to the blue. -Kate

Kate: Kate had covered her head and face at the flash of lightning and crack of thunder. For all she knew and expected was another explosion, and worse, she wasn’t entirely sure whether or not Raul was pissed off enough to kill himself in the process too. Her arms remained over her head and eyes squeezed tight even when it was silent. “Ru..! RU..?!” -10:47 Apr 01
Raul: He pulled himself up his shirt staned but wound already drying up. “So you do care..” he stood as peopel started to look, it woulf go down as a freak accident and the insurence would pay… “Now.. we have a boat to order?” -10:51 Apr 01
Kate: “Stupidass! Of all the crazy shit..!” She dropped her arms only to start beating him with them. Kate slapped him too for good measure. But she stopped long enough to run her fingers over the wound at his neck. “That was too close — ARE YOU STUPID?” -10:54 Apr 01
Raul: He grabbed her wrists. “Next time I’ll just kill the boyfriend on site shall I?” he said glaring at her. “But anyone who looks to take away idependance like that desurves far worse.” He gave her a kiss, unhurried and slow, then let go of her wrists and turned to walk back towards the manager’s office. -10:58 Apr 01
Kate: Kate huffed. Standing there a little baffled for a moment before she turned and trailed after him. He really needed to stop doing that. “He -wasn’t- my boyfriend, you reckless ass.” -11:01 Apr 01
Raul: The manager was on his way to see what the hell just happened whan Raul grabbes his shoulder, spoke a few words in spanish then handed over Kate’s psper. He then continued towards the exit. “Well hes not anymore.” Raul had to supress a grin that he his from Kate. “The there many more I should be worried about running into? Don’t tell me I’m going to need to summon a kracken.” -11:10 Apr 01
Kate: “Any more ASSOCIATES, yes, yes there are. He’s the only one I owed money to though. And a couple of exboyfriends.” she muttered. Kate was pretty close on his heels, though, thinking about hitting him again. “Not that it’s any of your business! Your my boss, not my new boyfriend. Okay?” -11:13 Apr 01
Raul: “Fine.” he snapped. “But its legitimate business concern since one of them just tried to kill me.” he turned around “I could have let him drag you off, let him make you suck his dick then I wouldn’t need to pay you. I’m sure he’d have let me keep the amulet. You call me reckless but I just did what I did to keep you out of his hands. Frankly I should be sisting that whatever you owed him comes out of your pay as a way of paying me back bit I’m not. Do you know what?” -11:19 Apr 01
Kate: “What the fuck are you pissed at me for?! I was just worried you’d get your stupid ass killed! Throwing water around and breaking ships in half and getting shot at!” Kate was offended, and worse, she felt stupid for being offended. She didn’t care what he thought about her, so why should she feel anything about it? Huffing, she shoved past him. “Nevermind.” -11:25 Apr 01
Raul: He grabbed her. “No, you listen.” he was close to shaking her. “Its not OK to just… fine.” he let her go. “Next time one of your boyfriends comes knocking I’ll do nothing unless you ask me to.” -11:29 Apr 01
Kate: Kate had never felt so awkward in her entire life. Things were easy, cut and dry. Hate or like. And Raul was pretty much wrecking it all to shit. “…why did you have to make everything weird!” she finally blurted out, turning around to lead the way with an exasperated sigh. -11:37 Apr 01
Raul: “Because you’re no ordinary woman.” he muttered under his breath. “If all of this is my fault, then why did you choose me over him. Becuase I promised to pay you more? Or because to me sex and business are seperate?” -11:40 Apr 01
Kate: She paused her steps. Once again finding herself stunned and caught off guard by him. He seemed to do that a lot. Kate stuffed her hands in to her wet pockets, not wanting to turn around. She felt stupid enough as it was, did he have to make it worse? “Why is he even an issue? I don’t care about the money, or your whole world saving thing. I wanted to help you. If you’d stop making me like you I do the whole business and sex thing no problem! But you gotta go and be all sad, or in danger, or brave or heroic and it’s fucking with my head!” -11:49 Apr 01
Raul: He stopped the expression on his face meltign as he stared for several seconds. “Kate White..” he said, she had never told him her surname but he had done his research while she had done her shopping. “Hes not an issue, not anymore.” he stepped up behind her and put and arm arounf her leading her th rest of the way to the Invincible. “But did you stop to concider I wanted you around becuase I can’t face this alone, and because I don’t want to not have you with me?” -11:57 Apr 01
Kate: Her hands came out of her pocket to cross over her chest. Kate was still frowning. Offended, a little mad, and really not sure what she was even thinking anymore. If she had any sense she’d say ‘No deal’ and walk away. “I don’t want to leave you alone. …and not because you’re bribing me with money or really great at sex. But if you’re going to get all pissy at me, it better be about shit I actually do.” That sounded reasonable to her. “…and stop thinking I’m gonna run off with assholes! I said I wasn’t going anywhere!” -12:05 Apr 01

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