Since You’ve Been Gone 005: A Walk Along the Rhine

[Yvaine is going to take a walk with Hans on this beautiful day! She almost asked if she could wear the crown, but that would have been way too childish for a grown woman. Alas, she can dream!] -02:08 Mar 22
[Hans has sent the cown to a national museum and declined to comment on how it was found. His disdain for the press still not waned in ten years.] -02:09 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine was in a dress again, skirt falling just to the knees and colored in a dark purple. She didn’t think to bring a jacket, but the day was warm enough and it gave her an excuse to hold Hans’ hand and lean close to him. Not that she needed any more excuses, she had stayed close to him all morning after being paranoid about creepy things. Yvaine would think twice about watching scary movies before bed. "I’ll have to go back tomorrow. I don’t think I want to!" -02:17 Mar 22
Hans: "I don’t really want you do either." he admitted. "But I can only rule from here for so long without peopel finding out." he shot her a smile as he ful his arm around her as they walked along the back and sigh escaping him. "Tomorow we’re back to our lives. But at least we have today to be together. Thanks again for coming with me." -02:24 Mar 22
Yvaine: "It’s not often someone gets to sail a boat, find a lost treasure and spend a weekend with a King." she giggled softly, resting her head against his shoulder as they walked. "It’s the sucky thing about being an adult though. Having to go back to work. I love my job, but I think I might always think about running away to here now…" -02:27 Mar 22
Hans: "Well you’re free to whenever you get the chance." he promised. "Soon I’ll have a lot more time on my hands too, maybe even to visit you." he smiled down at her, for once glad it was summer or Yvaine would freeze in that dress. "It looks good on you." he said out of nowhere. "Though I’m far from impartsal" -02:32 Mar 22
Yvaine: She laughed, stepping away from him only to twirl under his arm. "Do you like it? Maria complains that I don’t have to look like a ballerina all the time, but I can’t help it." When she stopped her twirling she took both his hands. Rocking gently on her feet as she smiled up at him. "I’ll be here the rest of the month, I told you I think? After that the tour is over and I’ll have to go back home." -02:39 Mar 22
Hans: "Yes you did, back back there there will be les time to just be us." he squeesed her hands and looked into her eyes. "So I just want tosavor the time we still have." he pulled her closer and caght her in a hug his lips pressing into hers for a moment. "I like it when its just us…" -02:42 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine curled her arms around his waist, returning his kiss with a soft brush of her lips and a grin. "I do too. And I like that it’s different now. No brother and sister to pester, or Gunther being grumpy, or fathers or uncles, or crazy people… Now if the whole world would go away." At least for a little longer. The weekend went by so quickly! -02:47 Mar 22
Hans: He ran his finers through her hair and sighed. "Its not over yet." he said "we still have today, and tonight." he kissed her again, softer and less rushed this time. Maybe he liked the dress more than he thought, he did make her look like a ballerina. -02:53 Mar 22
Yvaine: It was all too easy to linger and lean in to his embrace. If only it really stopped time instead of that sensation of it. She was the first to breakaway, tilting to kiss his cheek before skipping down the riverbank closer to the water. "We’ll make the most of it! And if we’re lucky, we’ll forget all about going back to the real world." Yvaine slipped off her shoes in the grass, and took a few careful steps in to the shallow river water. She was looking for fish. -03:00 Mar 22
Hans: He chuckled following her, hid own shoe joining hers as, then his shirt, watch and phone, which before he put down he turned off. "I you want to swim you’re going to have to go deeper than that." he teased grabbign her hand and pulling her deeper into the river. "Don’t worry, as I said theres no monsters." -03:03 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Who said anything about swimming!" Yvaine allowed herself to be pulled as far as her knees, before she was tugging to pull him back to the bank. "There could be snakes, or pirana, or river ninja!" She was more worried about swimming than beasts in the water. Not that she couldn’t, it just wasn’t a strong point! She splashed him with a bit of water, then laughed. -03:11 Mar 22
Hans: Ha laughted. "River ninja?" he splashed her backnot afraid he get her clothes wet even if she was. "The only thing you have to worry about in this river is Lorelei . I’ve already old you this." he checkled adn tackled her in the shallows sending thim both down! -03:17 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine shrieked, which wasn’t from fright as much as being startled from the cold water! "Hans!" she huffed as he laughed, swatting at him and splashing him all the more. But her huffing quickly gave way to giggling of her own. "Though, I think they might only drag handsome men away and naughty boys!" -03:24 Mar 22
Hans: "Then we’re both safe." he teased wiping most of the water from his face and hallowing in the shallows for a moment then looked over at her chuckling again. "Though on the yatch is another story…" -03:29 Mar 22
Yvaine: "I disagree… I think you’re very handsome, Hans." There was no false flattery in her words. Yvaine grinned and spoke as naturally as if she was talking about how nice the day was. She leaned back on her hands, entertaining herself with kicking her feet in the shallow water and making little splashes every where. Ever so often she’d kick a bit of water at him, deliberately trying to tease. -03:32 Mar 22
Hans: He pushed himself though the water to her until thier bodies floated next to eachother. "Then you’re have to protect me from the siren of the river." he teased back smiling. "Unless you plan on gettign me eaten and takign my crown." -03:37 Mar 22
Yvaine: "I didn’t wait ten years just to let a siren steal you away." she frowned, the expression looking far too serious for the sillyness of the conversation. "I’d fight a river siren for you. It might not be pretty, but she would likely be so surprised she’d let you go and swim away just to not deal with a crazy woman. -03:40 Mar 22
[Yvaine enters.] -03:44 Mar 22
Hans: "Liar." he teased pokign her nose "You are pretty, if fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the siren was jealous of your looks and attacked." He cupped her cheek and smiled the water for his hand running down her neck. -03:46 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine flushed, shaking her head gently. "It’s no wonder the Lorelei would take you, you’re asking for it, Hans." She was leaning forward to steal a kiss when something out in the middle of the river caught her attention. Just a bit of movement under the water, but nothing really tangible. With wide eyes, she pointed! -03:53 Mar 22
Hans: He followed her hand regrettign the need to look away just before a kiss. "What Yvaine?" he asked biting his lip iritated at the interuption. -04:00 Mar 22
Yvaine: The water was still again. Yvaine huffed! "I thought I was something. A fish, I suppose." She dropped her hand and shrugged her shoulders to give Hans a sheepish expression. So of course when she wasn’t directly looking again, there was a sudden loud SPLASH in the middle of the river! -04:02 Mar 22
Hans: He heard it and his eyes darted from wondering Yvain to the explanding ripples. He got to his feet and pulls Yvain up with him holdign her with his arms around her. It was probibaly a river snake, or large fish… either way it was time to get jumpy Yvaine out of the water. -04:07 Mar 22
[Yvaine has timed out.] -04:13 Mar 22
Yvaine: "River ninja!" she squeaked, fleeing the water with Hans. Once they were safely away from the riveredge, Yvaine was laughing loudly and hiding her face aainst his chest. She WAS overly jumpy, but at least she found humor in everything they did. She finally tilted her head back to grin wide. "Were you worried about sirens for a moment, there? I told you they would get you!" -04:13 Mar 22
Hans: He laughed with her dripping on the river bank. "At least a siren is more plausable than aquatic martial artists." seemed he couldn’t get enough of teasign her today, but instead of followign it up he simply crabbed her and kissed her. "The only siren I need to worry about stealing me away is you. But since I’ve already stolen you away here it seems we have everything covered." the grin he gave her was laced with evil but his eyes were as soft as ever. -04:20 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Have you stolen me?" Yvaine’s amused response was followed by her placing her hands at his cheeks and running her thumbs over that wicked grin. How cute..! She absolutely loved that look, so it was with a very mischevious grin of her own that she pushed him away gently and started running down the bank. "I don’t think you have, yet, your highness!" she called out over her shoulder with a laugh as she skipped away. -04:24 Mar 22
Hans: He set of after her his bare feet slapping agaist the muddy back. "You’ll come back." he called after her. "Unless you plan on stealing my boat." He was fit, they both were. "So maybe I haven’t yet but I will… my ballerina." -04:30 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine ducked behind a tree close to the bank, covering her mouth with her hands to quiet her giggling… unfortunetly she wasn’t doing a very good job at all. "You have to be faster than that!" She turned around to lean and peer around the tree’s trunk. -04:34 Mar 22
Hans: The bank was empty behind her, Hans was nowhere to be seen. "Maybe you need to put your hand over your mouth." the whisper came to her ear and before she could turn around Hans placed his finger to her lips. "Are you ready to be stolen away now, my princess, by the evil tyranical king and forced to do his bidding?" -04:38 Mar 22
Yvaine: She should have been a wonderful actress, having so much experience with shows… but dancing was a lot different than Hans giving her the shivers. At least she managed to still her giggling. "But is he really evil and tyranical..? He might be misunderstood.." she murmured in response, turning her head to spy a glance at him over her shoulder. -04:41 Mar 22
Hans: "And so he takes her." he closed his hand around her shoulder steppign around her to hold her agaist the tree. "And she sees that there is good in his heart that only see can see…" his other hand ran up the back of her neck and he kissed her hard. "And the land rejoices ad a new, just, and fair queen let them see the true nature of their king… and they live, and loved, happily ever after…" -04:46 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Hmm… I like this story…" she was breathless and her head was spinning. The best part was how easily he could have her heart beating so fast in the matter of seconds. A hand pressing against his chest to feel his own pulse, she tilted her face to nuzzle gently against his cheek. "I’d like to hear more of your stories." -04:51 Mar 22
Hans: He kissed her again his hands sliding agaist her damp skin the job of pinning her to the tree taken over by his body. "How about the ballerina who find herself pressed agaist a tree by a wayward king. SHe had done him a kindness many years past and they had fallen in love only to be seperated." his lips moved agaist hers as he spoke with kisses between the words. "my favorite part of that story is how it ends." -04:55 Mar 22
Yvaine: "And how does that one end?" she softly responded in a breathless whisper. The heat of his body made up for the cooling breeze chilling her wet skin. And while has hands wandered, so did hers. Taking her time in exploring the contours of his upper torso with all the patience in the world. -05:00 Mar 22
Hans: His shoulders shook as he chuckled. "I wouldn’t want to spoil it." he whispered. "And it is a very long story." he moved down to kiss her neck, nipping it softly as his hand moved her hair out of the way. -05:03 Mar 22
Yvaine: "I do… enjoy surprises!" Yvaine felt herself sighing. The expelling of breath leaving her all but melting against the tree at her back. He just did not realize how he made her knees weak with such simple touches. Yvaine hooked her fingers at the waistband of his pants, both pulling him closer and caressing his skin with her thumb. Thinking about pulling them off him had her blushing again. -05:06 Mar 22
Hans: His her toutch he pulled back his eyes dartign over her face a smile spreading over his. "And you keep surprising me." he said as his hands slid down either side of her neck pushing the soulder straps ouf her dress apart bfore he moved closer again his lips partign as they found hers. -05:10 Mar 22
Yvaine: There was no room to respond, not that Yvaine could find any more words. Her eyes fell closed as she savored his kiss. Returning it with a soft gentle movments and the gentle nipping of her teeth. Her hand slid along his waistband until her fingers found the button on his pants. Slipping it loose without much trouble. There was a light curve of her lips in to a grin when a single finger pulled downwards to slide the zipper open. -05:14 Mar 22
Hans: His kiss became more desperate, she always had that effect on him. His niped her lip and pu his hands in her hips slowly, very slowly sliding her dress up, his fingertips tickling her skin. -05:17 Mar 22
[Yvaine enters.] -05:19 Mar 22
Yvaine: Her laugh was soft and short, nor did she break away from his mouth. Both of her hands were grazing up against his stomach and over his chest. Stopping only when she captured his face and kissed him deep and with more passion than she had ever felt for anything! -05:23 Mar 22
Hans: He lips parted hers and his tongue slipped into her mouth his tickling becoming his nails run along her skin. He only bloke the momenterally to whisper "I love you Yvaine." -05:26 Mar 22
Yvaine: Completely forgetting they were outside in the open, all Yvaine could think of was how much he made her toes curl. "I love you so much.." she responded, all of that earlier patience gone and replaced with a need to have him in every way imaginable! Her arms circled around his neck, crushing him too her as her mouth collided with his. -05:31 Mar 22
Hans: "….. mmmmmm" her enthusiasm, so different from last time.. he pushed back his hands grippign her. God she felt good, he could just devour her. He had enough presence of mind to push down his pants and step out of them his naked form pressed into her… not even the chillign with could save him from becomign lost in her. -05:36 Mar 22
Yvaine: Later she’d wonder when she’d gotten so brazen. As it were then, she was fearless and no with worries of being awkward, she was swimming in his presence. Her hands dove in to his hair, smoothing back wet locks while she ravished his mouth with kisses. Her leg rose to caress the outside of his thigh, leaving her toes tickling the back of his calf every time they curled. -05:44 Mar 22
[Yvaine has timed out.] -05:48 Mar 22
Hans: He broke the kiss and tore her dres from her hanging it over the tree and then pressed him lips into hers again. Her newfound enthusiast was electrifying, consuming even as his own passion rose to meet it. His nailes pressed into her as he bit her lip… now there was only the question of position… -05:48 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine’s thoughts were much less contructive. So caught up in the sensation and emotion that anything coherant thought outside of Now were impossible. The single thought even came out in her mumbled plea, "Hans, I want you…" as lips brushed and kissed a trail along his jaw to only top stop for a nibble at his ear. Her dress gone and the air chilling her damp skin, made the heat from his body as she held herself tight against all the more deliciously hot. -05:54 Mar 22
[Hans enters.] -06:15 Mar 22
[Hans has timed out.] -06:22 Mar 22
Hans: He flicked his tongue agaist her the skin of the side of her neck and followed up with a kiss. "I want you too." he breathed as he hooked his thumb under her underwear and pushed it down her legs. Then she was bare before him, only her bra keepign them from being completely naked together as his hips began to grind agaist hers. -06:22 Mar 22
[Yvaine enters.] -06:31 Mar 22
Yvaine: The moment her legs were free, she pulled all her weight up with a quick hop to circle them around his waist. Strong enough to hold her up, that left her arms free to unlock from around his neck. Hands roaming from his hair to gently run over his shoulders and squeeze. Yvaine never left his ear a nip of her teeth followed by the gentle sucking on the lobe. She could feel his shaft pressing up against her sensitive skin, which sent jolts of tingling desire running through her. -06:37 Mar 22
Hans: He ran his tongue up her neck as his hand moved do grip her butt helping to move her agaist him as he pushed her agaist the tree. Sliding under to his shaft his hands pushed his tip agaist her as he nipped her neck again, slowly getting his tip in the right place his hips moving until he could feel her lips arting agaist it, then his teeth gripping her skin he pushed in. -06:44 Mar 22
[Yvaine has timed out.] -06:48 Mar 22
Yvaine: Her breath expelled as a pleased groan in to his ear. Despite the tree bark being less comfortable, it felt so good being in his embrace. Yvaine’s legs tightened. Hooking her ankles to keep her leverage even while she spread her knees wider to pull him as deeply as she could. Her hands glided down his arms and back up again. -06:52 Mar 22
Hans: HE pushed in deeper a shiver coming to he dreath as he grunted his shart sinking deeper into her warm embrace. It was only thier second time but it felt more right than any anythign else in the world. His arms braced around her keeping most of her back off he tree and supporting her form as he moved his lipe to kiss brush agaist hers. -06:56 Mar 22
Yvaine: He seemed to make her feel everything all at once. From love to desire, to impatience, and excitement. Yvaine’s returned kiss seemed to mirror those emotions. Hard and rushed, with the brief gentle flick of her tongue at his mouth, only to invade and conquer. His arms bracing her weight, left her free to move. Rising and falling as her body slid against him with ease from their damp skin. Her hips moved in instinctual time, building up that delicious tension. -07:04 Mar 22
Hans: His tongue fought back pushing and sliding agaist hers and his lips locked with hers. His breath, his movements, his desperate thoatal sounds that forced thier way into her mouth mirrored her own emotions. His tongue cured around hers as his hands tried to grip her slick skin in vain his nails sliding agaist her as his fingers curled. -07:11 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Gods, Hans…" she breathed against his mouth, her forehead falling against his when her eyes squeezed shuts. The rising sensation was like torture! A sweet torment she couldn’t get enough of, but couldn’t bare all at the same time. Yvaine squirmed in his arms, her movements growing faster as she grinded against his hips. She held tight to his shoulders, when she tilted backwards against the tree. Squeezing hard every time her body lift in to the air. -07:24 Mar 22
Hans: His lips remained parted as his breath washed over her. His hands had finally found grip and she was grinding agaist her faster. Every thrus brought his hips agaist hers ginding hard and he would lie if he was holding onto contol by the merest whisker. "I love you…" he whispered agaist her lips as she rise and fell agaist him "Yvaine…" -07:30 Mar 22
Yvaine: A million different ways she could say she loved him, but instead of coming out in words she kissed him. Her hands placed at his cheeks. Despite her frenzy, the kiss was slow, sweet and deep. Only cut short when she gasped loud. Her hands moving up to grasp tightly in to his hair as her body jerked and shuddered. Muscles coiling and contracting around him with her fiery release, and passioned moan. -07:40 Mar 22
Hans: He kissed her back his lips sliding slowly agaist hers his hands pullign her closer his him. He thust deepier into her agaist her clenchign and his hips shaking released his own orgasm hr name comign agais his his lips. "Yvaine… mmm.." he couldn’t supress a checkle as what they’d just done.. "You’re amazing." -07:43 Mar 22
Yvaine: Amazing was such a good way to describe how he made her feel. The way the blood just seemed to rush out of her head, leaving her feeling limp and weak in his arms, but so divine that she could easily remain there forever. Yvaine smiled as she buried her face against his shoulder. "I think I can’t feel my toes, and I don’t even care..!" she giggled against his skin. -07:47 Mar 22
Hans: He kissed her neck softly pulling himself out of her and slipping her into his arms bridal style. "Grab your dress." he said as he started moving away only stopping to retrieve her now muddy panties as unseen on the other side of the river a shadow with a camera make it’s escape. -07:50 Mar 22

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