Zerospace 005: Afraid of the Dark

[Phaedra is alone in her bed. She thought she would have Papa with her! But it was the middle of the night and was alone and can’t sleep…] -11:13 Oct 26
[Tremdorias is on the couch and about five seconds from getting up and sneaking out to leave Phaedra alone forever. It would be easier than telling her he’s leaving face to face in the morning.] -11:16 Oct 26
Phaedra: Just when she would get her eyes closed, she’d hear a little sound and jump. A dog barking, a car drive by or a drip from the sink. Even the creaking of the apartment! Phaedra was so paranoid something was lurking around in the dark where she couldn’t see. It must have been near two AM when she finally gave up. Rolling out of bed in her night gown and tip-toeing in to the living room. Very, very quietly, she knelt by the sofa and gently poked at his shoulder. "Tre…" -11:21 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He turned his head to look at her. "You should be asleep." he said. "Do you sleep?" if she didn’t then why were they pretending whe was? He would have to make his move as soon as her bedroom door closed again. He couldn’t be close to her and not hurt her it seemed. -11:24 Oct 26
Phaedra: "Yes, I need sleep…" she mumbled softly. And looked a little embarrassed by it. Now she had the index fingers of both hands gently tapping at his shoulder. "I don’t want to bother you but…" Phaedra took a deep breath and let out a frustrated huff. "I’m a little scared to stay in there alone. I can’t sleep. Every little thing is making my heart beat fifty miles a minute. …would you mind too much staying in bed with me…? I would ask Papa but he’s at his hotel and he spent such a long time on the bus." -11:29 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He sat up and looked weary. "You sure?" he asked "I don’t mean I wouldn’t It’s just that…" what if he did things to her? What if he snuck off and it made her feel worse. She was just trying to break away and make it on her ow. Stupid angel empathy. "I’d be happy to." he stood slowly but looked away. "I’m sorry." -11:35 Oct 26
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed softly and took his hand to lead him back to the room. "It’s not your fault. It’s stupid really. I mean, I am a grown woman, right? I shouldn’t be afraid. I’m sorry." She assumed this was a huge bother for him. Why wouldn’t it be? She nearly got him killed, she upset him by being careless with her questions, and now she was waking him up in the middle of the night. was kind of selfish! She paused in the room at the foot of the bed, not looking so sure any more. "Although if this makes you uncomfortable, I can always call up Papa and go stay with him." -11:40 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He shook his head. "Not uncomfortable." that was a lie. "And It’s too late at night to go all that way." he reached out and gave her a hestant hug. "Just remember, I don’t sleep so if you need something don’t be afraid to ask. Pkay?" -11:43 Oct 26
Phaedra: "You don’t?" So she hadn’t woken him at all! …that just meant he was lying on the sofa being bored out of his mind, maybe. Phaedra let go of him to crawl in to bed, shifting around the blankets and arranging the pillows so he would have his own side. There wasn’t too much extra room, the bed hadn’t been meant for more than one person. But Phaedra was small enough to make it work. She pat the empty space, inviting him to climb in. -11:48 Oct 26
Tremdorias: He slipped in and lay flat on his back with his arms either side of him staring at the cieling. "I don’t, which is nice when you don’t have a place to live. You can just keep coulf around and never have to worry aout where to sleep." -11:53 Oct 26
Phaedra: "Does that mean you can’t sleep at all?" It was strange, since for her it was a necessity… and she knew her Papa could sleep when he wanted to. Phaedra pulled the covers up over them both and layed down facing him. A little hesitant about touching him. He was so stiff and tense… It kind of made her want to hug him so he would relax, but she wasn’t sure he’d like it. "You have a place to live now, though. I’m really glad you’re here." -11:59 Oct 26
Tremdorias: That made a pang appear in his chest and he turned his head towards her and looked at her. "You are?" she was because she didn’t know. "Even though I might…" he couldn’t even say it but it did make him pull the blanket over himself and curl up. "What if I do…?" -12:05 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra had no idea what he meant, but she was assuming again… He was afraid of something, and what else was there? Phaedra scooted closer to him, stealing his hand under the covers. "Yes, I am. Because I don’t have to be afraid all by myself. …you don’t have to either?" -12:14 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He tucking his face under the covers so she wouldn’t see it. "I’m not afraid for myself." he said. "And I’m not afraid to be alone. What if I hurt you without meaning to?" He plled away from her and felt the edge of the bed. "Phaedra, you know nothign about me but you trust me, why?" -12:22 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra retreated. He would fall off the bed if she didn’t! She curled up with her pillow instead, shrugging her shoulders, though he wouldn’t likely see with his face covered. …she couldn’t resist, and ended up reaching out to tug the blanket down at least so she could see his face. "You’ve been nice to me. You haven’t done anything to make me not trust you. …and… um… I can see your strings…?" -12:29 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "My strings?" he asked genuinely perplexed and moving forwards to pull a pillow under himself and watched her. "What do you mean my strings?" he was worried she meant she could see into his sould and could see what he was. -12:32 Oct 27
Phaedra: "It’s um…" Phaedra tried to think about how to explain it. She normally didn’t even try to. People didn’t understand. "Uuum, they are strings on people and sometimes things too? They’re always tied to stuff or pointing in directions. And… you have um… a lot of strings. A lot of strings." -12:52 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "You mean fate?" he asked uncurling. "I don’t know if I believe in that. If there is so much fate then why do people make mistakes, why do people hurt eachother?" he moved closer to hear her answer better. "Believing in fate means there is nothing we can do to stop bad things happening, I can’t believe that is true." -12:56 Oct 27
Phaedra: "I guess it doesn’t work the way people always think? At least, they have never looked permanant. I can tug on them when I want to. Or pull them off completely. And sometimes they split in so many directions." He was almost close enough that she could feel his body heat. And that compulsion to curl up against him was really strong. She hugged her pillow tighter. "People pull their own strings most of the time, I suppose.. but then people like me can pull them too, and I guess that is where the bad stuff happens." -01:05 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "I don’t think you could ever make bad things happen." he said. "But then you say the same thing about me. You should sleep. I’m here if you need me." he closed his eyes and shifted to get comfortable. He would tell her he was leaving in the morning, and then she wou even thing ld be safe, safe with her father. So hard to think of that demon as a man. -01:10 Oct 27
Phaedra: "I have before, though…" she murmured, she was definitely getting sleepy but she liked talking to him… Against her better judgement she scooted closer again, just barely resting her head on his shoulder and curling her arm around his. "I pulled one of my mother’s string when I was too small to know what I was doing. And then she hurt Papa. I think she is afraid of me, sometimes." -01:15 Oct 27
Tremdorias: She knew what it was like to accidently hurt good people? "I’ve hurt someone I car about too." he said "And I never want to again but I don’t know how I can not do it again. I’m scared." -01:19 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Accidents happen sometimes. We just try out best to learn and not make them again?" Phaedra shifted until she entwined her fingers with his. He was lost and broken. With more strings she had ever seen on anyone. He needed her. "I’ll help you, Tremdorias. I promise I’ll take care of you. So you don’t have to be scared." -01:25 Oct 27
Tremdorias: She’d help him? He almost told her right then but intead he put an arm around her and pulled ehr against him. "You’re too good. Too good for what’s happened. "Promise me if it happens again you’ll fight back. Don’t let it happen again." -01:29 Oct 27
Phaedra: Breakthrough! At least one enough where he could trust her. Phaedra wanted him to trust her! She curled up against him, tucking her head under his chin with a grin. She was supposed to be comforting him and making him feel safer, but this was a nice feeling. "I’ll try to? I promse I’ll try to… I didn’t know what to do before, but I have a better idea now." -01:33 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He curled the otehr arm around her and sighed. "We’ll work on that, but unless you want to be asleep when your father gets here tomorow then you’d better get some now. I’ll be here." he nuzzles into her hair and sighed. Why did she have to make this so pleasent, and somewhere deep inside there was a spart of happiness, a spark of fufillment, and a spark of triumph. -01:39 Oct 27

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