Tower’s Calling 005: Fate’s Twist of Irony

Tower's Calling

[Athos thinks he might finally be getting through to this girl.] -04:36 Jun 21
[Corona isn’t sure where it all took a strange turn, but she’s going with the tide.] -04:40 Jun 21
Corona: They were going back to the tower. Not because she won an argument, but because she needed her books. From there it would be to a place she could bring him back to life, and then right back to his home. It was a comprimise? It was a decision born from being kissed and Corona couldn’t tell if she were enchanted or just plain lost her mind. She walked over stone and glass in silence as she tried to pull those thoughts together. -04:45 Jun 21
Athos: He floated behind her the shard still in his hand. He had never been allowed to touch it and hadn’t thought to once he was the last. If he had donethings differently he might have lived, but then he wouldn’t be here now. "You’re not talking." he obsurved. "Is somethign wrong?" -04:50 Jun 21
Corona: "There are many things wrong, but with me specifically, no. I just don’t think out loud." If there were time, she could sit somewhere alone with her thoughts. At least then she wouldn’t be interupted by the very source of them. ‘Other people’ in her life had always been such an abtract concept before… -04:54 Jun 21
Athos: He moved to float backwards in front of her. "Well Corona, thats a nice name actually.." he mused on it for a moment before talking again. "If you need me to carry things I don’t have muscles to tire out,nor are these roack a problem for me so let me help you." he held out a hand "Just be carful in case it goes strait through. Bon’t let go until I have a hold on it. -05:00 Jun 21
Corona: Corona narrowed her eyes at him. She was fatigued, yes. Overly tired and very weary, but she hadn’t made a single complaint or said a word about it. Perhaps she looked tired and was doing a terrible job of hiding it. "I have it. I feel better having everything in arm’s reach." She swatted his hand away, whether she passed through it or not. "You know, you have never told me your name. You weren’t in the books and I haven’t gone over family trees…" -05:05 Jun 21
[Corona enters.] -05:10 Jun 21
Athos: "I’m not on the ones you have either." he said. "Theres no mention of me anywhere. I guess being a part of the family isn’t enough to be remembered. Maybe I’m on the one in your bag that you took from the vault… "Athos Emidio, once the last Emidio, but you know the story." -05:11 Jun 21
Corona: "You realize, being the last Emidio, you were the only one that could have written your own story." she cast him a wide, teasing smirk. Corona finally sighed and stopped walking to lean up against a tree. Why did the way back to her tower feel like it was taking twice as long? They were still a day or two away, longer if she couldn’t pickup the pace. She was smirking again. "…kind of ironic that your name means ‘eternal life’, don’t you think? Fate has the worse sense of humor…" -05:19 Jun 21
Athos: "Its not mike everyone died as soon I was born, I grew up with Emidios all around me, I was never one of the scribes, then I left and only returned when I got called. By them half of us were alread dead and most of the rest missing. It wasn’t just one god rining back then it was more than we could keep track of." he stopped and let her walk through him to get back behind her. "No one though it would get as bad as it did. But you don’t want to hear all this." he fell silend and gathered his thoughts. Even if Corono did want to hear.. he didn’t want to think about it. -05:27 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Corona has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:39 Jun 21
Corona: "It’s history. Important history. Myth or legend or perfect recounting, it’s something that should be passed on." Because history had a habit of repeating itself. The words from that voice in her head replayed. It had been the only thing that made her pause and not abandon him. It was true and she could even see where it was repeating. The problem was that she didn’t know what needed to change. "Your family line has died out several times before, hasn’t it? What happens after that? To bring it all back again?" -05:39 Jun 21
Athos: "Theres always been one left." he said "And that when the amulet chooses a bearer who will help bring the line back." he said "We’re pirates most of the time, running and hoding and staying alive is what we do best. Except me it seems. I know what I did wrong." -05:45 Jun 21
Corona: "Was it the run head first in to idiocy?" she quipped at him from over her shoulder. The amulet chose a person who could bring back the family line. Corona had read a lot of his family history. The stories for her research. It always chose a woman, and that woman almost always married in to the family. And when it was down to the last Emidio, it was certain fact. …Now it was hers. Corona didn’t have a moment to dwell on that realization. Something started frantically beeping inside her coat. Scrambling through her pockets she pulled out a little device no bigger than the palm of her hand and frowned at the screen. "…Shit." -05:53 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Athos has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:21 Jun 21
[Athos enters.] -06:23 Jun 21
Athos: "One day you’ll say that once too many." he growled the information sharing mood he was in exaporating instantly. "What…" he tone has irritated "If it somethinf I can kill tell me because after what you just said I’m in the mood." -06:28 Jun 21
Corona: "I really don’t want to stand here and find out. I stay in that tower for some very good reasons." All of her sarcasm, teasing and irritation had vanished. Corona sounded concerned, afraid even. And she wasn’t just going to stand and explain either. She hopped over a few scattered stones and was picking up her pace. Very warily keeping an eye around them. -06:33 Jun 21
Athos: He followed her easily flying over or passign through anything that was in his way. "Anf whatevers out here I’v the scariest thing there is… I hope I won’t have to proove that to you." -06:36 Jun 21
Corona: "You’re dead, of course you have nothing to be concerned about." she grumbled in response. The beeping went faster and so did she. Weaving through trees, bushes, stones and old litter as quickly as she could until the beeping suddenly stopped. She stopped with it. In fact everything seemed to stop! There was so wind, no rustling in the trees, no sounds. Just Corona’s breathing as she turned. "This is going to be unpleasant.." -06:47 Jun 21

Without sound or even rustling the foilage around them, the glowing eyes appeared. One organic bright and orange, the other nothing more than a bulb of white light beneath a layer of skin. Crawling in such fluid movements, the strange mix of battered flesh with glints of metal and wire were a grotesque contrast to the nature around them. They might have been once human, but were now nothing more than beasts, sniffing the air and prowling out of the brush with a target in sight. -Corona

Athos: He stopped her too and put the shard into her hand. "Do whatever you can to shield yourself, I’m dead adn cannot be killed, let me handle this… cover your ears." He rose up above the trees and stread out his arms as a wind started to gather, he looked down only long enough to see where she was and if she ahd a shielding spell up before the first strike hit… "Go…" he said s a second on hit, then a third, witht he right amount of power he could get a hundred strikes a minute but he alsi tried to freeze the creature and consurve energy, then didn’t stop him from blasting every bush that mooven in a rolling wave of energy though. -06:55 Jun 21
Corona: "That’s not going to…!" There was no correcting a dead god. She could shield herself from whatever he did at least. The moment he was casting, she was running. He was, at least, a perfect distraction. They would be focused on dodging him instead of chasing her. -07:08 Jun 21

They were fast! So fast that they even seemed to blur when they moved. The magic seemed to crackle around them, and even though some of the lightning had surely struck, they didn’t seem to be affected beyond the sizzling of skin. Worse after several moments of soaking it in, they propelled it back at the god in the sky. Even the ice was propelled in spellform back to him. Despite the distraction, they knew what they were after and through the trees there were two that dived at the sorceress rolling both her and them down a hillside. -Corona

Athos: So… they were immune to magic and fast, no problem… the Emidio had coma a long way since the daws of the sea and things were about to get nasty. The ground shook and split a casm opening up and water gusing up from beep underground superheated by magma enough to melt human flesh. This didn’t just happen in one place but in several cutting them off as a laugh came from the dead god in the sky. Athos was having fun. -07:12 Jun 21
Corona: Corona was glad he was out there cackling up a storm, because she sure as hell wasn’t. She was off the ground in an instant, pulling the sword she claimed to swipe and defend where magic couldn’t. There was some satisfaction to slicing open flesh and wire, but it was short lived. They felt no pain, and they were frustratingly persistant. -07:31 Jun 21

Boiling water was an effective trick. What wasn’t burned and near melting away, was fritzing out with sparks, leaving skeletal masses covered in skin and muscle wired together in stringy bits trying to skitter across the ground. Without spells to propell or a physical body to attack, there was little they could do beyond focusing on their primary objective. The two left with Corona were only biding time and toying with their prey, until they spotted that ample moment of exhaustion to pin her down with spindly fingers. -Corona

Athos: He would have to think of his feet, there were two left and…. worth a try… he swooped down and pased though the one holding her before willing himself into it and… gods… he was inside it’s mind… inhuman, totally inhuman and… HA! He made it turn awa from her and throw itself at the other pushing it other the edge into one of the casm adn following after it. Then he was out of the body and flaoting upwards, along the fround and picking Corona up and carrying her over the rough ground. "No more delays we’re getting you home NOW." -07:44 Jun 21
Corona: Wooo floating! What an odd euphoric feeling..! That quickly descending in to feeling nauseous, and groaning out loud. At some point she blacked out for a second, because she didn’t remember getting pricked and there was no way she could have been that worn down so quickly. "Those are trackers." she finally mumbled. "They hunt down magic blood and the strong types they take back to the old city…" -07:49 Jun 21
Athos: "Fun times all arounf I’m sure." he said rising up with her to get his barings before heading towards the tower. "They’re the kind of thing we fought to prevent, even those of us who turned to piracy, whenever we found smethign liek this we’d find the scourse, call in backup and end it. It was our mission. Things like this were allowed to grow because of me." -07:53 Jun 21
Corona: "Things like this happen, with or without you. If not you, it’s someone else… like me…!" She was grinning, almost giggling even but even that passed quickly and she was back to cringing and curling her arms around herself. "Got too close to me, my fingers are tingling. I left the tower too long…" -08:00 Jun 21
Athos: "Well we’re almost there… and if I hadn’t died there would be a dozen ships dealing with this… probably wouldn’t have gotten this far. The world is a mess because of me. Because I died." he took we strait to the window and put her on her feet. "We’re here, not help me fix this, help me undo what my mistake caused." -08:05 Jun 21
Corona: Corona was smiling again, weaving back and forth on her feet until she leaned far enough to kiss him. Quick and soft, with that cheeky grin to follow it up. "I have been helping. Since before you were awake..!" She flourished an arm towards her open room of shelves and contraptions. And nearly toppled in the process. "I have studied and collected and prepared to save the world and survive after." Corona pointed a finger at him, nearly poking his nose. "Now I am your help. Your destiny…" Suddenly Corona was glad she felt as high as kite, because at any other moment such a revelation might not have been so well recieved. -08:11 Jun 21
Athos: He looked at her… "My destiny?" he put an arm around her and grinned back at her letting his nose toutch hers. "Suddenly it doesn’t seem like a curse…" he kiessed her back his lips sliding slowly against hers. "I think you might have the makings of an Emidio." -08:17 Jun 21
Corona: Definitely power in a kiss. She leaned in to him, both because she had the trouble standing and because it just felt right. Corona was too weary to argue with herself about it. "What if, none of it is a curse… and every rotton horrible, shitty thing that’s happened comes with a reward for surviving…" -08:23 Jun 21
Athos: He kisses her once more softly his hand gliding down the back of her nack. "But I didn’t survive…" he pointed out "… but that doesn’t mean I’m going to waste my second chance if you can really give me one.." he let his hand slide around teasing her neck. "Because if you are my destiny, then destinlt must be met." -08:28 Jun 21
Corona: "You set me back a bit… a virgin’s magic is the best for life magic." she spoke soft as he eyes fell close, raising her hands up in a subtle sweep of her fingers to cast her solidity spell. It was without her wand, but the shard was still in her hand. "But I can still bring you back. …and I can give you more than one kind of second chance." Those trackers could number her and nullify her magic, but they couldn’t take her common sense. So it wasn’t from delerium that she had come to this new conclusion. It had been on her thoughts from the moment they left his family home. "I could give you a second chance." -08:39 Jun 21
Athos: He rested his forehead agaist hers and put his hand on her cheek and kissed her again, if he lept doign that neither of them would get another word out. "I want to live…" he said slowly. ".. with you." he said it, and not it was fact… "I want to help you, not because of what you can do for me.. but because of what i can do for you… I want…" what did he want? "How will you give me a second chance?" a distraction… maybe… please? -08:46 Jun 21
Corona: Amazing how something could just click, after weeks of frustration and confusion and annoyance. How it could make perfect sense where it hadn’t before. She finally opened her eyes again, speaking as serious as she always seemed to be. "I can give you a second chance with me. To do it right. No fear or rage, no doubts or regrets…" -08:52 Jun 21
Athos: He pulled back to look at her not believing what he was hearing even as his fingers pulled on her robe. "A second change.. to show you what its meant to be like?" he said straitning, then pulling her up agaist him his lifs brushing hers , with all the passion and pleasure you missed out on." -08:55 Jun 21
Corona: It would be a risk, the biggest risk she ever took. But if she wasn’t wrong it could be the start of something spectacular. Corona nodded, that brief smirk coming across her features. "I better be impressed, ghost. My standards are nigh unreachable…" -08:59 Jun 21
Athos: "Tough talk for basically a virgin…." he said "But I’ll take my time.." he brushed his hand agaist her neck sliding it up to rub behind her ear. "And make sure you enjoy it. You desurve to know what thats like." -09:02 Jun 21
Corona: "I’ve told you before… I don’t need the experience to know what it should be like." And so far it was an interesting thing. There was still that residual weariness but that came long before their run in with the trackers. Now she was very carefully and very curiously trying to touch his face. "’Course the consequences of your failure is me being the crotchety old witch of the tower. No man wants to be the cause of that." -09:10 Jun 21
Athos: He presed his lips into hers. "That impleas you’ve payed some attention to yourself…" he said before pressign them home again as he ran his fingers through her hair. "Nto that taht would be a baf thing… but I will make sure you enjoy this… I want you to." he put his other hand in her hair and kissed her harderm his fingers sliding through her hair then letting it trail down her back. -09:18 Jun 21
Corona: "I’m a sorceress, not a priestess.." she murmured. All that talking and not enough touching. Corona slipped her arms around his neck, and though she seemed a little hesitant, it wasn’t about sex itself… more of how that was going to work with him as a ghost. He did it once, but that was a very sudden, very high energy situation. -09:23 Jun 21
Athos: He brought his hands rhough and unhoober he robe then lifted it up over her body letting it fall to the floor before putting his hands on her back and tracing hsi nails over her as he kissed her neck. "I wasn’t sure hs the whole vinginity magic worked.." he said before nipping her skin. "Never tried it myself." -09:28 Jun 21
Corona: There was no shyness from her about bare skin, or the situation itself. But the only thoughts she was displaying were the curiosity of touching and the faint grin or snicker at his breath against her neck. "That’s a simple matter of being hole… I am more interested in wondering why a ghost has clothes at all…?" -09:35 Jun 21
Athos: "Something to do with how I see myself I think.." he said "This is what I see when I think Athos…" he sighed and concentrated for a moment, the clothes shifting and melting into his skin leaving his bare before her. "And this is how I am… or was. I don’t think theres anything left of my body…" There was a tatoo on his chest, the compass rose with each carbinal direction being two swords back to back. "There.. now we’re ever… if your spell is good you should be able to touch…. anywhere…" -09:41 Jun 21
Corona: "Anywhere. Such a word has never had so much meaning." she was teasing again, but her attention was completely focused on placing her hands again his chest and testing the feel of him. For all of her studying and all of her researching, this might’ve been the most interesting thing she had ever wanted to get her hands on. For someone who did not have a solid body in this world, he sure as hell felt alive. -09:47 Jun 21
Athos: He let his hand trail over the side of her neck and down her back to cup her buttox and lift her up off the floor and carry her to her desk to sit her on it before he let his ahnds trail up her sides and chest. "Just put your hands where you want them and worry about the consequenses lafer.." he said moving closer up agaist the bdesk his hands brushing her stomach. -09:52 Jun 21
Corona: "Hmm, less worried about consequences, more concerned about mechanics…" But those concerns were quickly getting over taken with every touch of his hands. As for hers… Exploring was definetely a high priority. From the scape of his shoulders to his chest. To slide over his hips and reach around to grab his ass with an all too amused streak of grinning. The best part was that touching him was just as electrifying as being touched. -10:00 Jun 21
Athos: He cupped her neck and squeeshed her muscle his hand massaging deep into the flesh all the way down her shoulder then slip behind and trace a nail down her spine. "For that you just need to put your legs arounf me and I’ll do the rest." he said softly leaning down to kiss a nipple, then flish his tongue agaist it as his hand went to rub the other with his fingertip. -10:05 Jun 21
Corona: "That’s not the..! Hum.. mechanics I was thinking of…!" Corona let out a slow sigh. Screw ghost mechanics! This was working out just fine! Enough that she was absolutely melting. The thrill of desire for something swimming through her newly discovered way. She shifted on the desk, scooting closer to him so she could curl her legs around him. Not because he instructed her to, but because in a few moments she was going to take over and he’d have lost his opportunity to take on his second chance himself! -10:18 Jun 21
Athos: He put his hands on ehr hips and held them in place as he moved closer and then… "…" … "…." he passed strait through her. Not just his tip but his hands sunk into her and he became tranclucent… "I…" there was a geowl of frustration. "Cast your slepp again." -10:22 Jun 21
Corona: That was a strange feeling. Having a ghost pass through you when you were… well… Corona flourished her hands at him, casting the solidity, giving a smirk at where her thoughts were headed with such a spell at her disposal. Then very expectantly stared him down. -10:25 Jun 21
Athos: He watched himself grow solod then putting her hand on her breast guided himselt and…. "Son of a…" He looked at her and down at himself and then up at.. the amulet was glowing slightly.. "Can’t be…." -10:31 Jun 21
Corona: "Are you fucking kidding me?" Corona was waiting for the joke. That just kidding moment. He was serious…! Her hand brushed over the amulet he was now scowling at. It felt warm. Not burning or angry, just warm to the touch… it was negating her spell. "…what kind of bullshit magic is this! I can’t say yes?! All fine and dandy to jump out and assault a woman, but oh no, say FUCK ME and that’s just too much!" She was so frustrated she was seeing spots, having to pinch the bridge of her nose and clench her teeth before she started flinging spells at semi-innocent ghost gods who probably didn’t deserve it… -10:35 Jun 21
Athos: He grabbed for the amulet but his fongers passed right through that too. -10:37 Jun 21
Athos: He grabbed for the amulet but his fongers passed right through that too. "I…" he was beyond words but the looke that he gave Corona was one of pasionate longing that burned and ached. "I… I can’t fucking believe this." he said "Why the fuck… I…. BULLSHIT!" -10:40 Jun 21
Corona: "That’s wonderful. You get awakened, fullfill your desire to father a child on the first woman you see and get no-…guh…" Corona cut-off in a choked intake of breath. A descendant. He was released and his greatest wish was for a descendant so he could die. And there was her… and through all of the frustration and chaos not once had she stopped and noticed. Taking a slow deep breath, she didn’t mention her thoughts out loud. She played it off. "It was probably a bad idea. I should be getting what I need to ressurect you." -10:48 Jun 21

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