Bloodlines 005: Her Last Meal


Zeren: There was nothing quite as confusing as getting a taste of the world, then finding yourself stuck in a small room with a locked door and having no idea what you did wrong. It must have been at least two days since she awoke in bed, alone, and with her arm bandaged all the way up to her elbow. Zeren didn’t know what happened, but assumed it must have been bad because she couldn’t leave her room and the Captain didn’t come to talk to her. She was miserable. -05:02 Apr 18
Jarrod: Another town, this one alive… they were docked and loading ont he fuel and supplied they needed… they’d be leaving soon, but Jarrod had a promise to keep. Zeren’s door unlocked and he opened it. “Ready to go keep our date?” he asked “Something to eat, just like I said.” -05:03 Apr 18
Zeren: “YES!” She was on her feet quick, rushing across the room to throw her arms around his waist and hug him in relief. Just as quickly she was letting go and escape through the threshold in to the hall, almost afraid he’d lock the door on her again. “I thought you forgot me!” -05:04 Apr 18
Jarrod: “You’re the most important thing on this ship, one of a kind where everything else, even me there are others that can replace us. “Th last one was a lie, the Fortitude have been destroyed with all hands a day before, he was not the last. He did however take her hand and go with her through the streets. “See anything you like? I’m not just talking about food you know.” -05:09 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren held his hand, but it wasn’t the street or the buildings she was watching. She was smiling up at him and trying to contain that rush of glee of being out. “I thought you were angry with me. I haven’t seen you, and I’m not sure when I had an accident…” She raised her hand up to looked at the bandage in confusion again. The cut itself was pretty bad, she had peeked under the bandages. Zeren just couldn’t seem to remember what happened. -05:13 Apr 18
Jarrod: “There was an accident.” he lied, The lower decks are not safe and the upper deck unstable. You’re safest in your room.” he lied again “I’m sorry, but I’ve been busy… and you were hurt.” he changed teh subject my pulling her into a market and pointing to one of the stalls that sold clothing. “See anythign you like? You’ve been wearing the same thing since you came aboard.” -05:20 Apr 18
Zeren: “I understand.” He wanted to keep her safe and she didn’t doubt him. Zeren had no reason to, as the captain had done nothing so far but take care of her. Zeren glanced down at her current clothes. There were ripped spots and splotches of dirt and blood. It was definitely past due to wear something a little cleaner. “Do I get to pick what I want?” -05:25 Apr 18
Jarrod: “I wouldn’t ask you if you didn’t” he said letting go of her hand and smiling down at her. “Go on, whatever you like, choose.” -05:28 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren had never been shopping before…! This was a new experience, circling around racks like she was some sort of predator. Plucking at fabrics to see how they felt in her hands, wrinkling up her nose at unpleasant colors or patterns. There were so many choices…! Zeren picked out a flowery skirt that was short, pants that were dark and long… and a light loose shirt. …and a scarf! She liked the scarf! Once she had her prize, she bounced back to present them to the Captain for approval. “These! ….. yes?” -05:34 Apr 18
Jarrod: “Perfect.” he said taking them and petting them put into a bag for her and paying. “Though for your feet?” he asked, “And then we can find unboxy food.” he took her to where the shoes were, inspecting a pair of leather boots for himself. -05:38 Apr 18
Zeren: “I’ve decided I don’t like shoes, and I might not ever wear them again.” she responded in all seriousness. She was bouncing around him now, half spinning, half dancing. “Look at the sky! It’s really blue today! We can make some clouds for it while eating?” -05:44 Apr 18
Jarrod: “You and I are the only two here who can do that you know.” he said with a grin, buying the boots and carring them along with her clothes. “So fine, as long as you don’t mind alarming the locals.” He looked up and smiled closing his eye for a second and making a cloud the shape of a whale form… he liked whales. -05:47 Apr 18
Zeren: Walking backwards so she could be facing him as she talked, she threw her hands in the air and with a fwaaah! and a flick of her wrist, his whale now had a bunch of upside down ducks listlessly drifting by it. “…um… hmm. I think I did that one wrong. Hey! Can I put on my clothes now?” -05:52 Apr 18
Jarrod: “Not unless you want to change where everyone can see you.” He said as he took her hand and took her to a restaurant, a proper restaurant with a kitchen and bathrooms and a roof, and everything, it was her last meal in civilization, may as well treat her. “Go into the bathroom and change, I’ll find us a table and then we’ll get food.” -06:39 Apr 18
Zeren: A real restaurant! Zeren skipped off to the bathrooms, where she made quick work in shrugging off her old clothes, and even took the time to freshen up before putting on the clean ones. She at least pulled her boots back on though, despite the fact she would have rather gone without them. When she caught her reflection in the mirror, she was a little hesitant… glancing over her shoulder. There was nothing there. With a shrug, she had her old clothes stuffed back in to the bag and was exiting the bathroom. Attempting to keep her bouncing under control. A lot of people were watching her bouncing, and she remembered the Captain saying it was better not to draw attention to herself. She slipped in to her seat. “New clothes are great!” -06:44 Apr 18
Jarrod: They are.” he agreed pushing the menu towards her “Anything you want, on me.” or course it was his treat, she had no money, “Then we can walk around a bit before going back to the ship. But not too long ok?” -06:48 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren flipped through the menu with a grin. There were a lot of things she would like to try. “I’ll pick one thing now, and then one day when we come back I’ll try something else. Okay?” She glanced up at him. He was pensive again. He would smile but he wasn’t really smiling. “…are you sure you’re not mad at me..? We could go back to the ship now if you want to.” -06:53 Apr 18
Jarrod: “You should eat he said. This is out last stop for a long time, next time this town sees the ship tjw world will be saved.” he stifled a yawn “So what do you want to try most? Anything you’ve always wanted to try but never could?” -06:56 Apr 18
Zeren: He didn’t answer the question and she looked a little hesitant. “Chocolate cake for dinner? With ice cream? And french fries.” That sounded like a perfect combination. Zeren closed the menu and pushed it back towards him. …but she was watching his face carefully, not even hiding that she was trying to examine his expression as she leaned over the table. “When we’re done saving the world, what would you like to do? You’ve done a lot for me, I’d like to do something for you too.” -07:01 Apr 18
Jarrod: When she began examining his face he put the menu up between them. “I’ll have..” he wasn’t really hungry but he had to get something.. or why hold the menu up between them. “Just a felafel.. and a salad.” he said before finally lowering the menu… “All I want is to save the world, after that if I survive I’ll sail away, maybe find a life somewhere, help rebuild. Just because no man tells me what to do doesn’t mean I’m free Zeren, what I do is not my choice.” -07:10 Apr 18
Zeren: “That doesn’t seem fair…” she responded, resting her arms on the table and her chin on them. She was still watching him, but at least she wasn’t staring anymore. “You said you wanted to visit a beach, right? And sail on the ocean itself? If you save the world why can’t you do that for the rest of your life?” Zeren understood responsibilities, but as far as she could tell his one responsibility was saving the world… Once that was done, he should be happy! -07:13 Apr 18
Jarrod: “Because everything that’s happened here, everything since he came back is the fault of my father, and of my uncles, my family made this mess and I have to help fix it, to help rebuild, to find a wife, to have children… there are things a man has to and things a man wants to do. What he has to do comes before what he has to do.” He wanted to keep her alive, he wanted to sleep his her in his arms, he had to kill her. he had to save the world. -07:18 Apr 18
Zeren: “Hmm. …You can do both! I’ll help. We’ll do everything you have to do together, then it will get done faster and you can be happy. That’ll be my duty before doing what I’d like to do.” Perfect solution. It was important to work hard for rewards, and after all he’s done for her so far, Zeren had no problem offering her help back. “I promise!” -07:22 Apr 18
Jarrod: He looked at her, it was hard to believe behind her determined face a small part of Vardri lurked. “That would be very kind of you.” he said before their food arrived and he strew himself into eating he that he wouldn’t have to talk. -07:25 Apr 18
Zeren: Problem solved! Once there was food in front of her she stopped pressing him. Dipping fries in cake and then cake in ice cream, then making an entire mess of the thing but eating it anyway! Zeren reached to try his too, offering him a chocolate covered fry in return. As far as Zeren was concerned, it was a beautiful and amusing day. -07:29 Apr 18
Jarrod: It always started with the screaming. Never gunfire. Never sirens, or alarms, or warning of any kind. The screams, the spine-chilling howls… Jarrod froze, then rose from his chair and grabbed her hand. “Back to the ship…. NOW!” he pulled her form the restaurant and throught the market, this time there would be no stopping for survivors, no brave fight… Jarrod could feel something, something he feared, something he dreaded… him.. -07:34 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren didn’t argue. The moment she heard the first scream, she knew those grendal things were near. Those she couldn’t stand. Terrified her and she never wanted to see them. But this came with a different feeling. Something really heavy, and despite what her instinct was telling her to do, Zeren was tugging on his hand towards the oncoming screams. “I hear… my name…!” -07:37 Apr 18
Jarrod: “NO!” he turned to her and using both hands throw her over his shoulder. “ITS HIM! I CAN FEEL HIM WE NEED TO RUN!” he was going as fast as he could towards the ship, already preparations were being made to leave, and they weren’t the only ones. “WE CAN’T FACE HIM HERE.” -07:40 Apr 18
Zeren: A soft hmmph escaped her, and she was bracing her hands on her back trying to look behind them. There was chaos, but she was trying to see… what was calling her name! Who was the voice in her head, so sharp above the other voices. “He wants me to come home… He says you’re lying to me…!” What did that mean..? -07:46 Apr 18
Jarrod: He didn’t answer as he ran up the ramp and it began to close. The engines whined and he didn’t stop running until he was putting her in her room. “Stay here, we don’t have much to to…” there was an explosion and all life seemed to leave the ship, then more howls… Jarrod turned to see a crewman coming up the passage stop.. and start to change.. the ship was spinning slowly in the air was it began to fall… “Gods.. nooo…” he pulled out his gun and fired at what used to be his crewman… “Not now.. not this time..” -07:50 Apr 18
Zeren: Her whole momentum was thrown off in the movement of the ship. Zeren was trying to get on her feet, but found herself tilting from side to side and falling against the wall with everything moving so much. Zeren finally grasped on to the door to hold herself steady. That call in her head was strong, but the warming of the amulet against her skin had started burning so hot, she immediately was trying to reach for the Captain. -07:54 Apr 18
Jarrod: He looked as her uncertain or who or what he was looking at, his gun was coming around, his hand trying to hold himself steady. “Zeren….?” they hit the ground, splintering wood and bending steel the only sound heard A Jarrod was thrown from his feet and down the corridor… His ship… their transport… their hope… gone. -07:57 Apr 18
Zeren: Her slipped through her fingers when they hit ground. Zeren found herself sliding down the floor as everything seemed to tip and buckle. She crashed landed somewhere next to him against a wall. Groaning out loud… but giving a startled yelp when broken bits of the corridor were dropping at them. Zeren wasn’t thinking when she swung an arm and flung herself over him. A thick arc of ice forming over them both, shielding them from the brunt of what was falling. It was hitting hard, making the ice crack and splinter… but it was holding so far! -08:02 Apr 18
Jarrod: Jarrod was knocked senseless his vision blurred and his head a mix of pain and panic, he held her and it cleared, not completely but enough, at their shelter was buried he put his arms around her and pulled her closer, his lips finding hers for a brief moment, and lingering a moment more… then he pushed her away, just enough to allow him to breath.. and remember what he had to do. -08:05 Apr 18
Zeren: “What was that…!” She liked that! Whatever that was… Zeren was now more startled by IT than the fact they were quickly buried under a mountain of ship wrecked debris and her ice shield was quickly cracking. In fact she was still staring at him in wonderment up until another loud crack caught her attention. Zeren was on her knees and pressing her hands against the ice above them, hoping to hold it in tact! -08:10 Apr 18
Jarrod: Jarrod was determined to forget that… he grabbed a plank and used it to prop up the ice roof and then another, and another, as many as he could find and wedge in. Then he took a deep breath. “We stay here until they leave.. until it gets dark at least…” -08:19 Apr 18
Zeren: The space was so confined and small. Trapped was what they were, and Zeren couldn’t imagine how they were going to to get out. But at least they were alive. She sat, bracing her back against the wall… or was it ceiling? It didn’t matter. The voices in her head stopped. All of them. Leaving the tiny space feeling really empty and really far away from the world. “Are we going to die in here?” -08:24 Apr 18
Jarrod: “We’ll get out.” he assured her “Didn’t come this far to die in a hole. Or did you think i was only good at shaping clouds?.” the ice was making it cold but it was better than the fires outside that could faintly be seen flickering. “He just have to wait a bit… and then find another way to get north..” -08:28 Apr 18

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