Genetic Bride 026 005: If it’s not Cheating

Khloe: Life with Bai seemed to fall in to a decent routine. Meals and work days. Snuggling and bath time. Sometimes she would break a rule and sneak a touch or a kiss, but Khloe was learning how to keep her hands to herself. With a little practice help from Dating. Dating was a complicated and tricky thing. In fact, most dates turned out to be not so great. After a few, she figured out why touching without someone’s permission kinda of sucked. And none really gave her that feeling she was searching for. At the moment she was sitting at a table at Bai’s work, her chin in her hands as she listened to her current date talk. Wishing it was over already! -08:26 Jul 25
Baldor: Bai was in the kitchen though at the moment there was nothing to do but sit on a stool and watch out the window as Khloe was on another date. She had been on a few and every one make him frown and distracted. At least he had managed to keep and eye out for her though, thats what friends did right? Still the whole thing was stressing him out and hardly anyone was odlivious to it. -08:32 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe almost wished this one would get handsy just so she could slap him and storm away. But he just kept talking about construction work! Which, might have been something Khloe was interested in had he not spent three hours talking about it. As luck would have it, a coworker must have seen the lost look on her face, because there was Miss May sauntering over. "Oh honey, I know yer on a date an all, but we’re totally short a few people so can you give us a hand." "YES!" Khloe exclaimed immediately, almost a little too loud. She coughed and gave her date an apologetic. "…I’m sorry. Work is important? Maybe I will call you!" The guy looked a little disappointed, and even offered to linger but May was already shooing him away. They need that table after all! -08:48 Jul 25
Baldor: An order came in and he skid to his feet grabbign the pre-prepaired ingredients and slappign them together and trabbing a patty and puttign that in too then handing it over to the counter staff and then sitting back down. Her happiness, thats what mattered. -08:48 Jul 25
Khloe: "I am thinking about giving up on this dating stuff…" Khloe said darkly, once the guy was gone and May was sitting down at the booth with her for a break. "For realz? Girl, why ain’t you tapping Bai like he’s tasty piece of meat? Err’body knows he sits back there brooding like a sonofabitch when you bring a man in here." Khloe cast a quick look over to the back, shrugging her shoulders and frowning. "He has his girlfriend and he loves her. I’m not supposed to consummate with him or he’d be a cheater." May just laughed. "Honey, please! If that girl ever was any kind of woman she wouldn’t let no other girl be living with her man! He only smiles at you now. If you had any sense you’d take that boy home and fuck him good whether he liked it or not! Give him a thing or two to think about!" Khloe looked a little confused but… maybe it was a good idea? Miss May was a woman, after all. She knew how these things worked. -08:58 Jul 25
Baldor: Things were getting bust and there was little time for brooding, he was happiest at work when things were bussiest, in fact there were rumors of a new kitchen manager being needed soon and Bai was hopeful so he was doign his best, but kept looking at the front… all too often. -09:00 Jul 25
Khloe: Once May’s break was over, that left Khloe alone to sit and think! Most dates were awful, though there was one or two that was okay. One guy she had seen two or three times. But none of those dates had ever felt as nice as her date with Bai. And lately he had been even more unhappy than usual! Scowling and huffing, even thought she had been following his rules. And really, she believe May was right. If Bai’s girlfriend was so great, why wasn’t she making her boyfriend happy? Khloe would do anything to make him happy and she wasn’t even his girlfriend. ….and she would tonight! She waited patient for his shift to be over so she could head home with him. -09:10 Jul 25
Baldor: He worked half an hour extra to rest though the rush and then pulled on his jacket, clocked out, and headed out from behind the counter. "Hey." he said giving Khloe a small, strained, smile. "How did it go." he would always ask even though he never enjoyed listening tot he answers. -09:13 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe made a face. Very obvious that it wasn’t great. "Not the worst… but if I have to listen to another lecture about the different types of cement again, I am going to scream." Khloe took his hand, and lightly leaned against his arm. That wasn’t his real smile… all the more reason for Operation: Seduce Bai! "It was busy today, was work okay? Lets go home." -09:19 Jul 25
Baldor: "It was alright." he said leaving out the door with her. "I’m just working extra hard to try and ger more money to pay for food and rest this mnth, also theres rumors of a new kitchen manager being chosen and I might get the position." he sighed. "Its dies make the shoulders ache though. I’m looking forwards to a nice shower." -09:23 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe smiled. A shower would be a great start. "I will try to work more shifts so you don’t have to worry so much." She linked her fingers with his and rest her other hand on his arm, squeezing his arm gently. He never asked her to work or asked her for money when he really should have. -09:27 Jul 25
Baldor: He smiled at her likign the feeling of her next to him. "You don’t have to. I’ll have enough after next week, which reminds me I’m workign on Thursday instead of taking the day off." he receah back with his other hand and kneeded a spot on his neck. "See anything you want to spend you money on yet?" -09:32 Jul 25
Khloe: She nodded, a more mysterious grin coming across her features. "Yep. I will show you later!" Khloe made no effort to explain as they walked down the street back to his apartment. And once the key was turned and they were stepping inside, she was helping him get his jacket off. "You should go ahead and get in the shower!" -09:35 Jul 25
Baldor: He pulled off his shirt and threw it into the pile. "I’ll do that.. would it be too buch to ask for you to help me with my back in a few minutes? Theres a knot right under the shoulder I can’t reach." -09:40 Jul 25
Khloe: "I would be happy to help, yes!" Khloe was already slipping out of her shoes and setting her purse aside. She wore a smug little cheshire grin, and maybe it was lucky he wasn’t paying attention because the expression would ruin her entire plot! Khloe nudged him on towards she shower. -09:42 Jul 25
Baldor: Shoes, socks, belt, pants, all off and into the bathroom to take off his boxers and into the shower to turn on the water and get it into his hair to cool him off with a sigh. -09:46 Jul 25
Khloe: Almost giggling wickedly, Khloe made quick work of throwing off her date clothes. What she changed in to was something special she was saving for the right sort of time. And May’s advice tonight gave Khloe a very good excuse to wear it! When Khloe stepped in to his shower behind him, she was wearing a very cheeky little maid’s dress. It probably couldn’t even be called a dress! More a form fitting tight corset and a sorry excuse for a skirt and apron. "Now, Mister Bai… where would you like me to help first..?" -09:55 Jul 25
Baldor: He was facing the wall and hadn’t seen her outfit as he handed her the soap over his shoulder. "Work your magic fingers on my back." he said. "Then I feel I can sleep for a week." he wasn’t joking there was a lot of tention abck there from watchign guys hitting on her. -10:00 Jul 25
Khloe: Lathering the soap in her hands and setting it aside, Khloe wasted no time in laying her hands on his back and working her fingers in to his spine. She took her time and worked soft. Stepping close enough that he could feel her breath on his back and ever so often a nuzzle from her nose. "You could use a good rest, I think." -10:04 Jul 25
Baldor: I think so too." he said grunting as she hit a spot and leaning against the wall and sighing. She really was good, but then he tensed up again thinking about her doing it to someone else. -10:13 Jul 25
Khloe: "And you have to relax if you want this to actually work…" she mumbled softly, leaning forward to press her body against his back and let her hands run down his sides. -10:18 Jul 25
Baldor: He sighed and cleared his head just relaxing into it or trying anyway. "Sorry." he mumbled, he should be sorry he was unhappy at her happiness and that was stuped. -10:21 Jul 25
Khloe: Her hands went up to grip his shoulders and rub his neck, making her raise up on her toes to be able to reach comfortably. "When you are done in the shower, would you like me to rub your feet too? Or anything else…?" And with that ‘anything else’, Khloe deliberately let her hands slip down his back to squeeze his behind. She almost giggled. -10:28 Jul 25
Baldor: He jumped and frowned still facing the wall. "You don’t have to he said trying to recover and sighed ridding himself of more tention. "You’re being extra sweet tonight, whatsup?" -10:35 Jul 25
Khloe: "I’ve been busy and a bad room mate… You’re always working and you haven’t been very happy. And I miss seeing you smile." Khloe took his arm, forcing him to turn around and cast him a wide grin as she backed him up against the tile. "So it’s my mission to make sure you go to bed smiling…" -10:38 Jul 25
Baldor: "I.. waoh!" he saw what she was wearing an blinked the water of the shower only making it stick to her more. "What do you mean by go to bed smiling?" she hadn’t tried anythign in ages.. what was going on? -10:43 Jul 25
Khloe: "I want you to be happy and relaxed and smiling. There isn’t a lot to it…" Khloe advanced closer, pressing her hands against his chest, only to let one dip low and brush over his shaft and balls. -10:49 Jul 25
Baldor: He let out a whimper and grabbed her shoulders pushing her away to the partition between the shower and toilet pressign her against itas he stepped closer to her he lips parting and eyes on her. Then he dropped his gaze and bit his lip. "Is that what you want? And just to make me happy?" -10:53 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe almost thought she was being rejected again, but he stepped closer and his expression almost derailed her entire plan! "Yes. I want to make you happy. It’d me me happy too…" Khloe wasn’t sure which part would make her the -most- happy, but being encouraged by his body language she was letting her hands run over him. -10:58 Jul 25
Baldor: He bit his lip and looked at her from her outfit to her expression to her cleavage to her hand touching him. "Its hard to hide that I want to." he said his breath rising and falling and his eyes taking her it, one of then going down to push her boob and spide it out of her dress further. "I just…" he took her wrist, takign ehr from him, and her other so that hand couldn’t tough him either and then.. kissed her hard pushign her head back into the wall of the shower his lips ravaging hers. "Can’t…" -11:04 Jul 25
Khloe: This wasn’t quite going how she planned it, nor was he responding the way she expected…! Kissing her like that made her whimper, and the sudden rush of feeling that had her stomach doing flips and her head all fuzzy was making it very hard for her to remember she was trying to seduce him. "Not even just a little…?" she breathed, arcing her back just a bit to press her body against his. "I won’t make you consummate…" -11:12 Jul 25
Baldor: He let her hands go and placed a hand on her cheeklooking into her eyes. He didn’t answer but her did kiss the corner of her mouth and cling her against him breathing deep. "I… what do you mean?" -11:17 Jul 25
Khloe: "I can make you happy and it won’t be sex…" she mumbled soft, stealing the opportunity to kiss him again with a quick turn of her head. Her initial plan was abandoned in the wake of just genuinely wanting him to smile and not to be worried or conflicted about what they did. Khloe wanted him to want it and not say no! -11:21 Jul 25
Baldor: He let go of her and turned off the water pulling a towel from the rack and burrying his face in it. "I can’t cheat… but if its not cheating.." he handed her the towel. "I’ll see you in the bedroom." -11:29 Jul 25
Khloe: …he didn’t say no! By the time that sank in and the surprise had passed, he was already out of the bathroom. Khloe dropped the towel on the bathroom floor, not wasting time with drying. She made a very wet exist to the bedroom, where she all but tackled him in to bed. Khloe kissed him hard and nipped at his jaw. Hands running all over him when she shifted to softly sink her teeth in to his neck. "You will not cheat… you won’t have to do anything, I promise!" -11:35 Jul 25
Baldor: The wet tackle was a surprise but hsi ahnds came up and he burried then in her wet hair. "I trust your promise." he said turnign his head to look at her. He really hoped this wasn’t cheating… -11:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Her tongue flicked over his skin as she straddled herself over him. She was most definitely not wearing anything under that now clinging wet excuse for an outfit. So there was nothing between the sensitive skin between her thighs and him. But she promised no consummating, so there would be no consummating! Khloe squirmed over his lap a bit, biting her own lip to feel him so close. -11:50 Jul 25
Baldor: He put his hands on her sides as he felt her against him. It was almost unbearable and he let out a small whimper his hips squirming and body moving under hers. Then he settled and looked down at her wondeing what she was going to do what wouldn’t count as sex. -11:53 Jul 25
Khloe: Oh..! He shouldn’t move… that was… Khloe very nearly gasped. She could feel heat rushing through her body and there was hardly anything to it yet. Khloe brushed a kiss over his mouth before she sat up. Resting her hands over his as she ever so subtly rocked her hips. It wasn’t sex if she didn’t take him in, but he could feel her and she most certainly could feel him..! -11:59 Jul 25
Baldor: He watched her sucking in a breath and biting his lip. She was doing this for him but looked like she was enjoying it too. He didn’t know if it counted or not but he wsnted more of it couldn’t have been able to stop it if he wanted to. -12:07 Jul 25
Khloe: She was wet and it wasn’t just because she didn’t dry off from the shower. It was slick and so easy to move. Grinding her hips over him, and finger tightening her fingers over his hands every time a movement seemed to make her gasp. Khloe wanted to stay focused on him, but she hadn’t expected it to feel like this! -12:13 Jul 25
Baldor: He let go me his lip a low deep sound coming from deep within him. Hi ships moved with her and his eyes went to hers. He had never felt like this before and it was tantilizing and intoxicating, and already pressure was building. If this wasn’t sex.. then what did sex feel like? -12:16 Jul 25
Khloe: He really wasn’t supposed to move… it was so very distracting! She had to focus on him, not on herself. Khloe released his hands, tilting forward to brace them at both sides of his head. It let her spread her legs wider and press harder against him. But the feeling…! Her mouth parted open as she stared down at his eyes. She was so tempted to take more! -12:23 Jul 25
Baldor: He looked up at her his back rising from the bed. It was ovewhelming, too much, he wouldn’t be able to hod it. He plced on han on her side to feel her move and she other on her cheek for a moment as his hips churned under hers responding to the change beofre he closed it’s ahnd around her arm and closed hsi eyes.. soon, so soon. -12:27 Jul 25
Khloe: She loved to watch him like this! To see him writhing with pleasure, and wondered if it was the same as she felt then. Khloe increased her pace, holding her breath when it seemed to set her senses on fire. The soft sound she let escape was quickly silenced by biting her tongue. -12:34 Jul 25
Baldor: He gripped her and and whimpered clixaxing over her stomach as his back jerked up ad shuddered and he fell back panting his eyes only half openeing as he looked at her. -12:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Success! There was that vague wishing that she could have drawn him on for longer, and she still very much tingling from the touch of him. But Khloe leaned down, brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth and smiled softly. "Are you happy, Bai…?" -12:44 Jul 25
Baldor: "MMmmmmmmmmmm…" vame her answer as he put an arm around her to pull her against him.. "Thank you." his eyes were still heavy and his mind dancing in sensation. "I am." -12:47 Jul 25

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