Take Me Under 005: Inside Armas

Take Me Under

[Dakota is pretty sure she has control over her whims and emotions now. NOW to make sure her knew friend understands humanity to avoid any more of those little fights.] -04:24 May 12
Dakota: Walking down the streets out in the open would seem like a bad idea, except it was totally a great idea. No one sent out mercenaries in to public streets when they have a reputation to protect and it was easier to disappear in a sea of people. Later they would meet a ‘friend’ to see about lingering tracking devices, but for now, Dakota was trying to show him what non-asshole people did on a daily basis. "Everyone here has something they’re doing, somewhere to be, someone to talk to…" -04:28 May 12
BK 201: He was dressed more conservativly, jeans, hoodie, boots. Not that it mattered, he was a walkign beacon to everyone who wanted to attack them. "Something they want. Someone they’re taking it from.." he looked at her. "Why are we here Dakota, what pupose does showing me a street full of people serve? I’ve seen streets before. I could kill anyone were without the man next to him noticing.. and so can the people after us. We should be moving against them." -04:32 May 12
Dakota: "Because there’s no point in going to defeat evil and get revenge if you don’t know what you’re fighting for." Helping him understand and deal with emotion wasn’t hard. But having to explain the very basics of existance… that’s what irked her. How could one person know so much, but comprehend so little. "My family and your coporation are similar entities. Very powerful. Can take any of these people and crush them or mold them… but it’s how we choose to exist that makes the difference, get it? All of these people are just trying to live. To survive, be happy, take care of their families. They’re not thinking about what they can take from others or how much power they have over others." -04:38 May 12
BK 201: "Surviving is what I plan to do, there will be time for dalliances when theres no one trying to take us in or at least I’m not transmitting out position every second of that day. If this is how you run I’m suprised it took me a week to catch you." he whimical nature was frustrating. "So if we’re here to do something, lets do it." -04:41 May 12
Dakota: "We’re on our way. There’s no reason to rush without thinking." Dakota half wondered if he thought ANYthing through or if that was part of his conditioning. So she asked. "I am surprised you caught up with me at all if you rush in to everything without second-guessing a choice or a decision and giving it time to develop. Did it occur to you that I might actually know what I’m doing?" -04:43 May 12
BK 201: "Then it was cold logic like you cannot imagine Dakota. Know there is a heat inside me I can’t desctribe. You don’t knwo the kind of person they’ll send next but I do, I was one of them. It won’t be a squad of idiots like yesterday. So please, tell me why we’re here. Enlighten me or am I not worthy of your infinite wisdom?" -04:47 May 12
Dakota: Dakota was tempted to punch him through the closest window, but instead she laughed. He didn’t quite understand her yet either, but that wasn’t important. "I told you. I’m showing you what you’re fighting for. A long time ago, an ancestor said there’s no point in going in to a battle against evil unless you have something to fight for more than just ‘surviving’. Surviving is great, but you don’t get that will for it without incentives." A little farther down the street, she stopped on a corner, looking down both ways. Zippy little cars wizzed by both with wheels on the streets and some in the air above their heads. "Shit, I am having a really hard time thinking up good examples.." -04:55 May 12
BK 201: He looked at her stepping in gront of her and put a closed fist on her chest. "I have plenty reason already, and the only reason why I am excluding everyone you see from by to eliminate list is because of you. You’re not an asshole dickfuck who only wants to play god, ironic as that is, so not everyone is, ergo everyone desurves a chance. You’re the only example I need." -05:00 May 12
Dakota: "Hmm." Amazing how a simple comment could be so pleasing and so worrying at the same time. "And what happens if I die? I could be wrong, and the others like you could be stronger and quicker than I anticipate. I could make a mistake, get captured and die. Would you go back to being their mercenary? Would you get yourself killed for vengeance?" -05:05 May 12
BK 201: He brough his face and inch from hers "They will never take me, and they won’t get you because I know them, I know how they thing, I know how they’re programmed." he grinned "When they come, you just work your magic and leave me to watch your back, your soft.. suple.. tatooed back.. and theres no way in hell they’ll ever get you." -05:09 May 12
Dakota: "I love your confidence, armas, but I’m a little worried you’re getting all the wrong life lessons from me…" Daaaang. If she weren’t careful, she’d forget common sense, kidnap him and spent the rest of their days on a little island somewhere sinning. "Okay, at least promise for -my- peace of mind that if I die, you’re not going to give up on life and humanity? Let it be the only selfish thing I ever ask you to do." -05:15 May 12
BK 201: The fist on her chest pushed "To give up on humanity would be a stupid thing to do, when I have to live with it, when I’m a part of it, or are you forgetting all the things I’ve told you. You though also stop being so stubborn, you’ll be asking me many selfish things before too long. I can make my own mind up about some things too, such as being with you…" -05:20 May 12
Dakota: Dakota leaned back, her hand resting over his fist almost about to pull it away. There was a faint scowl from her. "I’m just making sure. Shit, you learn fast, don’t you… If we didn’t have somewhere to be, I’d show you a whole new fun lesson about getting pushy with me…" That scowl faded in to a wide cheeky smirk. -05:27 May 12
BK 201: "Then keep it in mind for when we have the time…" he replied, you’ve seen how I can run, now imagine that strength and stamina put to… other uses and you have our evening… perhaps…" they were not talkign about humanity or what they were doing in this street and he was tempted to move his lips the last inch to hers. "Is that the kind of motivation you need tell me why we’re out here?" -05:31 May 12
Dakota: "Not the kind of motivation I was going for, but definitely chock full of personal incentives." she muttered. Dakota gave in to temptation, by breaching the gap and brushing a kiss over his mouth. But it was brief and she was already pulling his fist from her chest and breaking away. "We’re almost there. Just a little down the street and we’ll see about that tracker." -05:36 May 12
BK 201: His grin was a cocky one as he slipped his hand around hers and sqeezed it before turning to walk with her. "You see, you’ve taught me a lot about humans… and made me not hate you. You should be proud." -05:38 May 12
Dakota: "I think I’m more fearful of how you’re gonna use that on me in the future, but it’s going to be entertaining, that’s for damned sure." Holding hands wasn’t something she ever thought she’d enjoy. He might just be accidentally teaching her new things too. "Assinine teaching lessons out of the way, after we destroy an evil corporation… what is the first thing you would like to do with newfound freedom?" -05:42 May 12
BK 201: "That all depends on how that happens." he said "But I’d use my freedon to keep you in my life, one way or the other. If you want to know me the value of freedom and free choice, then let me show you the value of stability and having someone you can depend on to speak thier mind and be honest to you. Freedom is one thing, confusion, chaos, and lonliness are another and I know you’ve felt their sting." -05:47 May 12
Dakota: That caught her by surprise. So much so that she even tensed at the words. Her hand tightening on his for a second, and that slow frown forming on her face again. Dakota tried to brush it off. "I’m all for honesty and dependability, but what makes you think I am confused or lonely or living in chaos. I’ve had a grand old time until the Corp got in the way." -06:02 May 12
[BK 201 enters.] -06:19 May 12
[(Timeout) BK 201 doesn’t post enough.] -06:21 May 12
BK 201: He shook his head "Intuision, I’ve always trusted it, one doesn’t have a grand old time then tell a person the best way to experience life is not to be a part of thiers. Like it or not I will be. Is I can ask one selfish thing from you.. its that." his eyes were scanning the street and the people in it. "Proove me wrong, say no, It won’t change what I think, or what I feel. And if theres one thing to be said for your Armas its that hes a stuborn one." -06:24 May 12
Dakota: "MY armas. You realize that word means beloved and I was being a facetious asshole every time I called you that?" Dakota was a little uncomfortable having someone so determined to be part of her life. She might have made a mistake in confessing information about her family. …though… it was also kind of nice. Different. "It IS your choice, I’m not going to make you leave if sticking around is what you want." -06:37 May 12
BK 201: "Its also my name." he said reminding her if she needed it or not. "And I’m grab we’ve got that settled. If it helps you feel better its not because you’re the only person I’ve had sex with or because you were there when… my pax wore off…" he looked at her "Its because I like you. You’re determined, stubborn even, but you care about what I think and feel. I have no idea what you think or feel about me but I’d like to find out." -06:43 May 12
Dakota: Dakota cast an enigmatic smile, and offering no explination. "Plenty of time to find out when we’re done being responsible." After a turn down a smaller side street, they were walking past several unmarked doors at the side of a building. It was a district where the more… interesting… people conducted their business. "We’re almost there. They is a bit of a tweaker, but he knows what he’s doing." -06:52 May 12
BK 201: "They’re alrady configured for optimal performance. If something breaks. Then maybe he can.. tweak.. but tight now hes just getting rid of a tracker." he sounded almost possessive, and understandibly so, it was his body he was talking about. "I am eventually going to need repair and a doctor isn’t going to be able to do anything.. can he be trusted?" -06:55 May 12
Dakota: "I froze his dick to a hoverbike once, I’m pretty sure he knows the consequences of pissing me off." She cast him a sideglance and a grin. She wouldn’t want somebody messing with her bits either. That shit was freaky. Dakota stopped at a door, metal that was painted at some point. She banged on it hard with a balled up fist. -07:02 May 12
BK 201: "Thats sounds.. interesting." he tried to keep the jealousy out of his voice and inly part way succeeded. "If I made you angry would you do that same to me or would you simply have my head on a stike?" he gave her a glance before he pulled off his hoodie explosing his arms. "Best let him know its me hes going to me working on and not you right from the start." -07:06 May 12
Dakota: Dakota didn’t have an opportunity outside of a smirk to ask if he was discovering jealously again, before the door swung open. A wirey form was standing there, barely Dakota’s height wearing a set of welding goggles on his head, covered in burn marks and looking pretty surprised to see who was there. Dakota pushed him back to allow herself and her Armas inside. "Soolie, I have a job for you. A very special, very discrete job, if you get my drift." -07:09 May 12

Soolie was looking between them both, having a hard time deciding if he was more interested in Dakota’s appearance, or the very obvious tech-under her companions skin. “Wassat gonna be? Cuz, I ain’t too pleased wit the LAST time you showed up.” He was already stepping off to grab for a tool kit, though. -Dakota

BK 201: He followed her giving the man a forced smile before taking the nearest available seat. He would let Dakota do that talking it was obviously her game, her world, her rules. He did however stretch out the metal in his arms grlinting under the skin. -07:12 May 12
Dakota: "My friend might have a tracker in him and I just want you to take a look and get it out. I’ll pay you, don’t worry." Dakota took a look around. She trusted Soolie to do good work, but it was good to know what other projects he was up to… -07:15 May 12
Dakota: "My friend might have a tracker in him and I just want you to take a look and get it out. I’ll pay you, don’t worry." Dakota took a look around. She trusted Soolie to do good work, but it was good to know what other projects he was up to… -07:15 May 12

“Trackerz easy. Payments good too. Err’ time I whip my dick out for you, you gots some fool ass excuse for not payin’.” Soolie pointed at Armas, directing him over to a pretty shoddy looking examination table surrounded by equally as shoddy equiptment. “Up on dere, now. I’ll haves a look.” -Dakota

BK 201: Imagining crushing the man’s skull was too satisfying but it was with only a hard gaze that he stood and sat on the table looking at the equipment around it. "Not exactly.. well equipped are you? I’ve heard of butchers shops like this where people get kitted with things that break down in a year ot are just for show, and go septic and end up killing them… Thats not going to happen today.. is it? Or what she’ll do to you will be the least of you problems." -07:22 May 12

Soolie didn’t seem all that intimidated. In fact his big partially toothless grin was amused. “Not the first time I ‘erd that. Donchu worry. Trackers ain’t no thing.” He pointed over at Dakota, having her circle over to the otherside where his machine power controls were. “Set ‘un at… eh, this beast needs a ten. Dial ten. Where you been at, Kota? Streets all up in a roar bout bounties.” -Dakota

Dakota: Dakota was on the other side of the examine tablet, fighting with the damn machine. She moved the dials and jump started the power. The thing came life after a few noisy rattles, finally settling in to a high pitched hum and a bright show of cyan light from some of the cracks in the hardware. "Living the high life with a penthouse suite. Don’t be so nosy, Soolie. My friend’s new enemies might pay you a visit." -07:31 May 12
BK 201: "I prefer to think of them as former employers." he said his voice makes with sarcasm. "Dakota if he screws up.. shoot him." he didn’t know if Dakota knew anything about the kind of technology he had in him… he almost hoped she didn’t." -07:36 May 12

“oh yaaa, Laciendas, den. The favorite hideout for a descendant on the run.” Soolie snorted. Grabbing a big hunk of metal off the machine that looked more like a re-kitted shower head and any sort of useful equiptment. Then he hovered it over Armas, starting with his head. Scanning him over with the cyan light. “Bossy beast with Kota, eh? Not such a good idea, less that dick o yours is detachable. One little trigger and it’s FZZZZT crazy Kota, no kissy Kota.” -Dakota

Dakota: "Soolie, don’t tell stories. I’m not helping if he tries to kill you." She didn’t know how this damn machinery worked, or what was going to happen if it found something. Her curiosity was answer though when there was a loud POPPING sound and all the power in the room went out. -07:59 May 12

“Found it.” Soolie said in the dark, some rustling following. “Just a min.” -Dakota

BK 201: Of course, wouldn’t want it to be too easy. "Center of the chest, they hade a sense of humor after all. No need for painkillers, the subdermal armor has an access hannel right where my sternum used to be. Shouldn’t be too dificulft from there. I’ve watched them open it up enough times." he looked at Dakota. "Yes they made me watch.. not that I cared at the time." -08:06 May 12

There was some jostling, banging, and even a little cursing. The power in the whole place came on after a couple blinks. “Ha…! Dats one hella high zone device… They track you from here to the poles, with signals like dat.” Soolie had himself his tool kit again. Dropping it with a clank on the examine table. “Take off your shirt and layon down. I’mma open you up ‘n pluck it out. Kota be watchin, donchu worry.” -Dakota

Dakota: Just open up his chest like he was some sort of machine instead of a person. A cold reminder that the Corp had been allowed to get away with this kinda shit for too long. Who knew a descendant would have to start fighting a whole new kind of evil… "Be easy with him, Soolie. I AM watching." -08:15 May 12
BK 201: He did as he was told. pulling off his shirt and handing it to Dakota before lying back. "If course, they wouldn’t let a million dollar man out of thier sight." he reached up and took Dakota’s hand bet if it was for her benefit of his he didn’t say. "Alright, lets do this." -08:16 May 12

For Soolie, opening up a man was way more interesting than goading Dakota. He wasn’t shy or considerate about where he poked and prodded, pushing the skin to find the panel. Getting out a little powered screw driver, it only took a few brief moments to open up the chest and take a look inside. Soolie was whistling. “Aaaah damn, sure you dun want some upgrades or how bout some downgrades? Could swap out yer bits while I’m at it…” -Dakota

Dakota: Dakota gave an uncharacteristically tender smile to the man on the table. Squeezing his hand. But she did not have that expression for Soolie when she glared up at him. "Tracker only. Don’t screw around with him. Punishment instead of payment, and you know what I mean." -08:23 May 12
BK 201: "Best do what the lady says." he said through gritted teeth. It hurt to be opened liek this but it was a pain he was used to. As normla to him as emotions were to the woman who caught a glimmer of a smile.. she was standing up for him. No one had ever down that. -08:26 May 12

“Right, right. Dick violence, gotcha. Yer a mean woman, Kota.” he grumbled, but got to work. “Gonna hurt. Likely got some protections on it, but I do the best I can.” Between all the wires and mechanics in there, it was a miracle -anyone- could decifer what meant what. Finally, Soolie seemed to find what he was looking for, because he gave a triumphant HA and was grabbing for more tools. Then it was the arderous task of prying, twisting, bitching at getting zapped, and more prying. He hadn’t been ‘taking it easy’, at least not until Dakota reached out and smacked him hard. Then he was grumbling and trying to be a -little- more gentle about it. -Dakota

Dakota: "Don’t be a shit about it. I’m not playing today." Dakota shouldn’t have trusted he wouldn’t need some sort of pain killer. As far as she was concerned, this was a surgery and the fact that he was awake through it freaked her out a little bit. "Tell me if it’s too much, armas." -08:35 May 12
BK 201: He squeezed her hand. "There no nerves once you get past the skin." he said "Its just kind of a banging and …" he grit his teeth "Few shocks.. just try to make sure he doesn’t damage any of the squishy bits… or the silvery one on the right side of my chest.. That one is yours." he grinned… if she pushed him on that he’d chalk it up to the pain and blood loss." -08:38 May 12

“So thas what that is. Huh.” Soolie was mumbling to himself now. Mostly concentrated on what his hands were doing and trying to avoid more shocks. For something that was supposed to be ‘easy’ it was taking longer than it should have. Nearly an hour of fighting with it and Dakota’s increasingly dark stare went by before he had a tiny little nail sized square pulled out, and he was arranging everything back where it belonged before closing him back up. “Total mess!” -Dakota

Dakota: None too soon, because Dakota was a breath away from pulling Soolie’s arms off. Her expression was unpleasant, and hard to shake even when she was looking to Armas again. "All done. Took FOREVER Soolie, but done." -08:47 May 12
BK 201: He wasn’t exactly feeling all better. It had been an hour of pain, an hour of shick and having his insides fiddled with and once or twice he has lost consciousness for a moment. "Right, close me up and I’ll be throwing cars in no time. You got bonding gel for my skin or is a niidle adn thread the way to do it outside the tower?" -08:50 May 12

“Waaah? Course I do. What kinda crap joint you think dis is.” Where he wasn’t at all concerned about the half machine on his table, he was pretty percptive to Dakota’s mood. He was edgy when he got the panel closed up, warily looking her way to make sure he was doing it ‘easy enough’ and made sure he was sealed up and cleaned up. “Good as new, Kota. Like ain’t nothin’ been done.” -Dakota

Dakota: "Good." The curtness was unlike her. Dakota let go of Armas’ hand only for a few moments, pulling out a role of paper-thin metal about the size of a shotgun shell out of her pocket. She tossed it at Soolie. "Payment as promised. Don’t do anything stupid with it." She moved to lean over Armas, mumbling softly. "Do you need me to take you back?" -08:57 May 12
BK 201: "He pulled himself upright wincing as the motion put starin on the unhealed wound on his chest. "You’ve seen the about of metal in me. Do you really thing you’d be able to carry me?" he held out his hand for his shirt and then pulled it on. "Not changing you mind about me are you?" -09:03 May 12
Dakota: "I got you back to my place somehow." Her smile had returned, but it was more a worried smile than anything else. Dakota swatted her hands for Soolie to get out of the way. Taking Armas’ arm to help him off the table and to the door, whether he wanted or needed her help or not. "I’m not worried about your wires, armas. It’s the rest of you I’m concerned about." -09:09 May 12
BK 201: "You can thank modern alloys for that." he said "Lightwieght and still as string as titanium, even bone in my body cut out and replaced… Ow.." maybe he did need her help. Or a recharge. All the short circuits must have drained him. The only way to get his mechanisms charged again was physical activity followed by more food than most ate in a week. -09:13 May 12

Soolie followed them to the door when he was done drooling over the metal he was rolling in his hands. Once they stepped out in to the street, he waved. “No thanks necessary! Dats cool! Come back if you want some work done, yeah?!” The metal door slammed behind them. -Dakota

Dakota: Dakota didn’t worry about Soolie, she was busy giving Armas a look like she thought he’d drop dead at her feet. "I’ll get you back home. You just tell me what you need and I’ll do it." -09:19 May 12
BK 201: "I’ll be fine." he said "I just need to charge myself up by.. doing stuff, working my muscles." he looked at her "If theres anything wrong with me I’d know. I’m programmed to know. ANd right now… it feels like part of me is missing. Must be the transmitter." -09:21 May 12
Dakota: "It better be. Or Soolie’s going to think a frozen penis is heaven compared to what I do to him…" Dakota had his armed pulled around her for the support, and not just because she felt better knowing she could catch him if he face-planted. "Food and charging, that I can do. You’ll be back to learning things alarmingly fast in no time." She grinned up at him. -09:26 May 12
BK 201: "Loving, learining adn living." he saidpulling her against him as they walked. "With my favorite human." he looked back at the alley and marked its place in his mind. "Sounds like fun… so what will I be learning?" -09:28 May 12
Dakota: "A hundred and one ways to stay active alone in a penthouse suite." Dakota smirked. She could think of a couple already, and it would be divine. -09:34 May 12

They were gone well off the street before Soolie slipped in to a back room, picking up a small palm sized phone from a table. A few button presses later, a voice answered and Soolie spoke. “Yeah, yeah… about the rouge Corpse and the mark bounty. I have information…” -Dakota

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