Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 005: Night Class

[Chantilly managed to get transfered to the nigh classes too, much to the confusion of her parents. She totally explained it off as her trying to make time to have a parttime job in the day!] -09:54 Jun 18
[Will is waiting outside ‘Tilly’s house in the evening, for once not having to hear his hoodie!] -09:57 Jun 18
Chantilly: She was yaaaaaawning. A few books stuff in her bag, along with the classroom number. The night class had so few people, it was only one teacher who gave out all the courses. Everything else they had to keep up with on their own. Not a problem for Chantilly, but having to stay awake all night was going to be tricky! "You look all bouncy and bright eyed…" -10:00 Jun 18
Will: "I’m a creature of the night, don’t worry my sun gear is in my bag. I got up early to get you coffee." he held up a bad with a paper cup in it. "Mocha! My old favorite before I couldn’t drink it anymore. I kind of wanted the smell…" -10:02 Jun 18
Chantilly: "You’re the sweeeetest!" Chantilly took the coffee and was on her toes kissing his cheek. It was nice that she got to do that now without him going "eeeew tilly!" and without it being all weird. "Today I was reading a ton of books and looking stuff up on the internet. As long as I eat lots of food with plenty of proteins you can prolly chew on me every other day and I’ll be just fine." -10:10 Jun 18
Will: "I still down’t want to overdo it." he said putting an arm around her and kissing her forehead. "But few, protiens, AND iron, and I’ve found a supliment designed specifically for helping anemic pacients produce more blood cells." he really didn’t want to hurt her… "But we should be worrying class." -10:16 Jun 18
Chantilly: "I’m waaaalking. I guess being late on the first night would suck. I wonder what the teacher is like! What kinda person spends their evenings teaching night school anyway?" She paused for a moment, casting Will a sidelong glance. "Um… besides vampires, I guess. I doubt he’s a vampire, though. We’d probably have dead students all the time." -10:20 Jun 18
Will: "That’s racism." Will complained jokingly. "Maybe he’s a wizard… Maybe he’s just a guy and we should keep our… specialness hidden." he looked around and smiled to himself. "You have no idea how beautiful the night is when you can see in the dark… I can even see every crater on the shaded side of the moon." -10:24 Jun 18
Chantilly: Chantilly looked up at the sky, squinting at the moon to see if maybe she could make it out too. Nope. Apparently having two different colored eyes didn’t actually help change your eyesight at all. "I guess it IS nice. The atmosphere and all. Moonlight and stars and all that stuff. It’s kind of creepy with the fog, though. Can you see through all that too?" She was pretty curious! -10:27 Jun 18
Will: "There’s fog?" he asked looking at her and then lookign around. "I… guess that means I can…? Huh… I wonder if I can turn into a bat…" He looked at her with a grin and then looked away quickly finding his eyes drawn to her neck. -10:34 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Bats, bleh…!" Chantilly didn’t bother to hide the shudder. She didn’t know why people thought they were so cute, she thought they were pretty scary. Knowing all the nonsense they had gotten in to, she wouldn’t doubt for a minute he COULD turn in to a bat. Then she’d be running and screaming her way to school. "Better not try… at least not around me! Then I’m gonna have to try witchy stuff on you to make you unbatty." -10:38 Jun 18
Will: "No, I think enough street lights exploded in harry potter for you to give that a miss." he teased before grinning at ther. "You taking your supliments by the way? I think if I need to feed waiting until AFTER class if a good idea…" -10:42 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Yeeees. I did! And after class is probably better, I need all the focus I can get." Speaking of which, Chantilly was chugging down the rest of her coffee as quickly as she could swallow it. Then stashing the empty cup in to her bag. "…and for your information I moooostly have not exploded lights now. I’m kinda figuring out how to control those weird surges. It’s just… it feels kinda strange." -10:49 Jun 18
Will: "I know, imagine having nothing in your stomach… I’ve stopped pooping and it all feels empty. I’m starting to wonder if it will all just dissapear." He shrugged. "I wish I could sendmyself though an MRI and look inside myself." -10:56 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Wiiiiill, that’s so gross!" Chantilly covered her ears for a minute. Pooping was the last thing she needed to know about or imagine him doing. Not even when they were just friends! She dropped her hands after a moment and swatted his arm. "Although I guess this means you’re totally full of shit!" Casting him a big cheeky grn, Chantilly let out a laugh and gave him another swat. Then she was taking off running down the sidewalk! -10:59 Jun 18
Will: He appeared suddenly in front of her seemingly out of nowhere, then looked really confused and looked around looking for the reason why he would suddenly seemingly teleport or maybe it was just moving really quickly and suddenly he was feeling slightly woozy and looking sick. -11:02 Jun 18
Chantilly: Chantilly crashed right in to him with a yelp. At first thinking it was some stranger and then being startled that it was Will. Of course he was looking about ready to barf, and she was quickly grabbing his face in her hands so she could steady his sightline on her instead of him wobbling about all woozy. "…don’t do stuff like that! You’re going to make yourself sick!" -11:06 Jun 18
Will: "I didn’t do anything, I just wanted to catch you and…" he put his hands on her shoulders and steadied himself." I’m really like something out of a horror movie aren’t I?" He moved away from her to start walking again taking her hand in his and making for the school. "May want to dump that cup in the bin next to the gate as we go in." -11:08 Jun 18
Chantilly: "I dunno, you don’t seem so horrible to me. You don’t sparkle either, but I can settle I think." Another cheeky grin and she was swinging their hands back and forth gently as they walked. She could barely see the school coming in to view now. It looked complelely different at night without all the cars and the students hanging around. THAT was creepy. "Maybe you should be practicing your vampire stuff too. Just to be sage." -11:14 Jun 18
Will: He looked at her and shook his head. "I’ve figured out that the more I use them the more blood I need and you need blood too. If I accidently took all of it then there would be only one way to bring you back and then there would be two of us needing blood." he paused at the gate and looked around. "I don’t know it feels sort of… homely. He stepped though and then took her other hand so that they were facing each other. "Care to dance?" -11:20 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Yeah, but if you dunno how to use them and control them, isn’t it worse?" In through the school gate and then he was taking her hand. It was kind of weird asking her dance all of a sudden, but… oooh. He was so cute. "I would love to dance but, uhm…. school?" Yes, school! She couldn’t just stand there in the moonlight staring in to his eyes, no matter how awesomely romantic it was. -11:30 Jun 18
Will: "Afterwards then." he said with a charming smile and a wink. Then he was taking her hand and taking her to class somehow without needing to ask the room number. There was something in the air, something he could follow. -11:37 Jun 18
Chantilly: "Yeeeaaah." A wink and a smile, she was totally weak in the knees! Where did that even come from? She knew Will for years, this was so weird! Chantilly just enjoyed the happy moment for what it was though. Pausing in the hallway once they entered, just long enough to toss her empty cup in the trash. She was just about to dig out the classroom number and tell him which room, when apparently he found it already. Room 206 and thankfully they had reached class before it started. "Sweet! This is gonna be kinda cool! I don’t know any of these people though…" -11:41 Jun 18
Will: "Then just sit next to me and I’ll keep you safe." he put his arm around her and opene the door to step inside and look around. The teacher was already there, early as always to keep the peace, sitting on a desk with his feel on the chair a tall and broad shouldered student was in the middle of telling a story when he turned at the sound of the door. -11:52 Jun 18
Chantilly: Protect her! FRom what exactly? Chantilly was in the middle of giving Will a very amused looked when they entered the room and…. all eyes were on them! Wow, and that guy looked like he could pick up a desk and throw it with arms like that. Chantilly coughed! "So hello…! We’re new classmates, I guess." Sorry to disturb… um, which seats are open?" -11:55 Jun 18

The teacher stood, a tall greying man who looked to be in his mid 40s. “Class, this is Chantilly and Will two recent transfurees to our class.” he gestured them over and then opened a drawer. “Seats 23 and 24 are open, Chantilly I think concidering your interests I brought this out of my personal library as a little welcome.” he pulled a book out of the drawred and placed it on the desk, inside the cover was a folded note. -Will

Chantilly: "Cool! Thanks!" A special gift from a teacher? That appealed very much to her need of being teacher’s favorite. She was trying not to grin as she took the book and scooted over to her seat. Pointing at the one she wanted Will to take. "A good impression already." -12:14 Jun 19
[Will enters.] -12:17 Jun 19

the boy on the desk turned and looked at the newcomers his nose twitching, then his lip raised slightly refealing a long canine, not a fang since it was also much thicker and stronger than a normal tooth. “Welcome to class.” he said to Chantilly before sliding into the seat next to her. “I’m Galdrin.” -Will

[(Timeout) Will was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -12:41 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Hiii. Thank you. I’m Chantilly." What a sneery sort of grin. Chantilly couldn’t help but stare for a minute. She made herself busy digging in her bag looking for her paper and pen. "Oh, this is Will! Is the teacher a good one?" -12:41 Jun 19
[(Timeout) Will was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -12:57 Jun 19
[Will enters.] -12:57 Jun 19
Will: Will waved and shifted in his seat uneasily. This stunk, literally. Doggish smells were everywhere and thet is what he had followed to this door and this Galdrin had him on edge. -12:59 Jun 19

“The best teached for the unusual there is, something about your eyes tells me you belong, and your… friend too. Even if he looks a little batty.” -Will

Chantilly: "My eyes.." Oooh, now she was embarassed, but it would be pretty dumb to sit there with her eyes closed. "Are people a little strange here in the night classes? I was kinda suspecting as much! I mean, it’s kinda weird when people are awake all night especially students." Now she was looking around to eye the other students in the class. "Will isn’t batty, though, he’s awesome." -01:04 Jun 19

The boy leant back in his head and folded his arms giving him the air of a relaxed bear who was still ready to pounce and maul at the slightest provocation. “You’ll figure it out soon enough. Besides I htink out first class is about to begin… -Will

Chantilly: Class was… pretty normal at first! Some of the topics started getting really strange. Just about the time Chantilly was dozing off in her seat, reading the new book the teacher gave her. By the end of class Chantilly was asleep with her head on the desk and the book on top of her head. Night classes were going to be rough! -01:16 Jun 19
Will: Will tapped Chantilly on her shoulder. It seemed most of the class were pretty tired but Will was wide awake. "Tilly! Wake up, time to go home." He whispered into her ear leaning over and brushing her hair back away from her neck to kiss it gently. -01:20 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Hmm" Ooooo that felt good. He could do that again. Wait! They were in SCHOOL! Chantilly sat up quickly, placing a hand over her neck. "Wiiiilll behave… is class over already? I missed the last lecture!" -01:29 Jun 19
Will: "It was a good one. Sleep during the day alright." he slipped an arm around her to squeeze her before moving away to stand. "Right now though you should eat, something sweet because I need to eat too." he offered her his hand. "And I owe you a dance." -01:31 Jun 19
Chantilly: "I have to do research in the day while the libraries are opeeeeen." Chantilly took his hand, and leaned to stuff her book in her bag and pull it over her shoulder. "The donut place is probably open by now. And do you reeeaally want to dance, Will?" She giggled, swatting at his arm. -01:38 Jun 19
Will: "Doughnuts for breakfast AND youu insist on staying up after I bite you?" he said leading her out after the other students. "Fine but you’re having something else too, protien! I’ll pay since I don’t need to pay for food anymore." he squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "And only if you want to." -01:41 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Donuts and sausages then! You don’t have to worry so much about me Will, I can take it." He was being soooo cute about it though. She was squeezing his hand, and like any lovestruck girlfriend was walking with him and hanging on his arm. -01:46 Jun 19
Will: "And not too much caffien. What was the book by the way?" he asked lokign at her as they exited the shool and turned towards the doughnut shop. "It’s a bit odd to give you something on the first day." -01:50 Jun 19
Chantilly: "Oh! Uhm, it kinda read like a spell book but the language is a little weird, kinda like a mix of dialects and stuffs. I’m not super great with laguages, but I think I can work some of the stuff out with some studying." She rest her head against his arm, frowning a bit. "That’s a weird book to give a kid… tomorrow I’ll ask him about it, I guess." -01:56 Jun 19
Will: Will looked thoughtful but didn’t say more on the subject. "Where are we going after you eat? My place? Treehouse? I don’t know if me spending the day in your bed is a good idea if you’re going to be out." -02:00 Jun 19
Chantilly: "First I’ll need a nap. So… your place? I think you dad would be a lot more forgiving of finding me there sleeping, than my parents finding you in my bed." Yeah, she didn’t wanna find out what her dad would do to a boy in her bed. "And at noon I’ll get up and go to the library to study, I guess. And after than I will practice spell casting. And then I’ll back and wake you for class?" -02:14 Jun 19
Will: "You’re really not giving your body time to rest." he scolded before stopping her and turning her to face him and pushing his lips into hers. "You should look after yourself, especially since I’m out for most of the day. But it’s a good plan." -02:20 Jun 19
Chantilly: A kiss pretty much stopped any fussing she was going to make. Chantilly really, really, really liked the new random kissing part of their relationship! She grinned and circled her arms around him. "And what are you gonna do about it, huh? I’m the one taking care of YOU now so you’re just gonna have to deal with it." -02:33 Jun 19
Will: "Maybe I’ll just move to a castle in transyvania and look after myself then." he teased before starting to walk with ehr again with an arm around her. "Or I’ll make sure you eat and take your supliments so I don’t need to find someone else to supliment my diet. I really don’t want to do that… even though I really don’t like hurting you. -02:38 Jun 19
Chantilly: "I sure don’t want you chewing on any other girls." She scowled, and made sure he SAW that scowl. "I mean it too. I don’t mind you biting me cause you have to. If you go chewing on any other girls I’m going to kick your ass SO hard, Will." -02:44 Jun 19
Will: He sighed. "I know Tilly. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I don’t want to put you in danger either that’s why I’m being so insistant you keep up your supliments and actually sleep sometime. I do love you you know." they arived at the show and Will walked in with Tilly and sat down. This he didn’t like, sitting in a resturant and not being able to eat. -02:49 Jun 19
Chantilly: Chantilly eyed him when they sat down. Once she caught a waitress she ordered a box of donuts to go and some of the sausage. Juice and toast and the hot oatmeal too. "Lets not worry about it right now then. I’m only making a big deal about it cause I don’t wanna see you sucking on some other girl. I’d get jealous." -02:57 Jun 19

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