My Demon Roommate 005: The Mobster’s Joint

[Cupio if havign his second tryout and a new place, hes excited but worried too, last time it didn’t go so well.] -03:11 Aug 08
[Jayden is no where near excited, but a good room mate is supportive!] -03:17 Aug 08
Jayden: Jayden was dressed nice this time. Might as well look good when going out, on the off chance she can talk herself in to a job somewhere too. …not that she was having the most faith in the next place Cupio wanted to work. As they walked, Jayden was getting the feeling he only applied at specific kinds of places. "…well, I hope this place is less trashy." -03:21 Aug 08
Cupio: He looked at her. "I have no idea what its like." he said "I’ve never been to it." he felt like he had just been insulted wince that kind of place was all he knew. "It should be coming up on the right just." he stopped and blinked. "That is…." there was a steel bace shaled like a naked body it’s legs spread adn by some trick it was filled with dancing flames. ".. impresive." he stared for a second before he started movign again. "Are you going to meet me inside again?" -03:24 Aug 08
Jayden: "Yeah, I can meet you inside. I-" and she trailed off. …Virgin? Really? What an ironic name… Jayden was grinning now. "Yeah, I’ll get a drink and meet you inside. I think this one might actually be amusing." -03:27 Aug 08
Cupio: He moved into the back and was greeted with a surprized look. "Who the hell are you?" "Cupio… I’m trying out tday." "I have your name on my list but… Oh woah did not expect that.. go with in erm.. miss…" this place has a guard, that was good, one with a wapon too, a big one. At least they’d keep the riff raff out. Cupio had a good feeling about this. -03:37 Aug 08
Jayden: Jay went through the front. It helped being a good looking chick dressed all nice, and name dropping to get in. The place was rather snazzy! Old school class with a bit of a theme. WAY better in terms of atmosphere than the last sleezyass place. Inside she ordered a drink at the bar, and spied around. Aaaaalmost made her give stripping a second consideration. Almost. -03:40 Aug 08
Cupio: Okay this uniform certainly hid more skin, it was really more a dress with a very low front hardle any back, and ending a long way above the knee, still there were nice shoes to go with it… still he had to modify it a little to allow for tail , the wings were fine though. "Right new girl you’re on, the boss will be watching you to see hos you do. Remember your job is to keep the clients company, let those on serving duty worry about getting them drinks." Then he was out and on the floor finding Jayden and tapping her on the shoulder. "Hey, I have a bit of time before I have to start working properly, what do you think?" -03:48 Aug 08
Jayden: "You look like a girl." the response was deliberately assinine. She was still painfully jealous of his female form. Jayden shrugged a shoulder. "You look cute, I guess? Getting lusty looks already. Apparently men like dainty little demons." -03:51 Aug 08
Cupio: "I meant the place Jayden." he said facing the other way next to her "I kind of like it. Its… warm." he looked at her and poked her arm. "Whatever you’re drinking I’ll have one, just one though I don’t think I’ll be out of here for a while. Baring what happened last time. THough this place is… tidier, is this what you meant by class?" -03:54 Aug 08
Jayden: Right! The place. Jayden really needed to get a gripe over herself. She leaned over the bar to order a drink for her girlfriend, then was glancing around again. "Yeah, this is more classy… not like top of the line classy, but way better. I think they keep a tight reign on things at least. I’ve never seen a place where bouncers packed guns." It was unusual, and they hid them pretty well. but you just can’t mistake a gunholster when you see one. "Are you going to do the fancy dancing or the drinks serving?" -03:59 Aug 08
Cupio: "Tonight I just have to kep them company until told otherwise… oh you should have seen the gun on the guard at the back it had to be…" he held his hands out a couple of feet apart. "This big…" he took the drink and took a sip. "Thank Jay." turning he kissed her on the cheek and then leaned on the bar. "How long you thinking of hanging around?" -04:05 Aug 08
Jayden: Jay rolled her eyes, but grinned all the same. She shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I can stay until it’s time for you to go home. It’s not like I have anywhere else to be." No job in the morning, just bleak, broke existance! She tried to imagine the gun in the back. That was… even more weird. Why did a strip joint need so much security? -04:08 Aug 08
Cupio: He frowned and poked the corner of her mouth. "You don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself. Have another drink, relax, Jay…" suddenly the bar didn’t seem important, Jay did. "Come, I’m taking you to dance." -04:12 Aug 08
Jayden: Jayden smirked. "That’s going to get you a lot of brownie points, dancing with a girl…" No sarcasm there. Men loved hot ladies all over each other. Jayden was just amused enough to forget being jealous. She finished off her drink, but didn’t order another one. "Fine, dancing and trying to relax. I kinda feel like your pimp!" -04:15 Aug 08
Cupio: He pilted his head and stopepd to pull her closer and cup his ahdn to whisper in her ear. "Just remember who gets to see me on my other form and who get to have sex with me." he pulled her onto the dance floor. It was classic swing on a live band, not something Cupio had ever heard ebfore but the movements of the other people aroun wer easy enough to copy and the music had a simple tempo.. it almosy made his long for demon music… that was more challenging. -04:19 Aug 08
Jayden: "Great, now I’m imagining you in bed dressed like THAT!" And as much as that didn’t sound sexy at all, it DID make Jayden laugh and improve her mood a little bit. Jayden wasn’t exactly a world class dancer, but it was easy enough to follow a rhythm when she wasn’t drunk as hell, and even easier to take the lead when he had to be so damned petite. -04:25 Aug 08
Cupio: "If you were into it…" he said leaving the sentence unfinished letting her take the lead… still though this was fun and he was smiling. "In fact if you’re into anything all you have to do is say so Jayden. I’m a demon I’m sure I can take it and more. Its not exactly strait sex all the time in hell all the time." maybe not the best thing to be talking about on the dance floor but it was something he had been wanting to bring up. -04:29 Aug 08
Jayden: "I don’t dig girls, Coop, I already went through that phase!" she rolled her eyes about that. Jayden had enough problems dealing with herself without having to throw other females in to the mix. Even if the female was also a guy. Then she was just laughing about the rest! "You’re pretty much offering yourself up as my kinky sex slave, then? What makes you think that’s going to be a good idea?" It was funny! Mostly because none of the stuff Jayden was thinking up right now really seemed like it would be out of line for a demon. And she was trying really hard to think of something terrible! -04:39 Aug 08
Cupio: "I didn’t mean that Jay." he said dancing closer to herso that they could talk. "If you leave me hanging I’ll have to take the initiative." a wicked grin that was pure evil no matter the face he wore crossed over his features and his eyes droped to purposfully check her out. "You can take a lot for a human, I already know that much. I’m curious about just how much you CAN take." -04:46 Aug 08
Jayden: If this had been one of her girl friends, Jayden wouldn’t have been so uncomfortably awkward feeling. It was just the fact she had plenty enough hot sex with this guy that there was the tension even though he had biggers boobs to her, and that irked her to the point of turning red. Jayden deliberately played coy. "Whatever do you mean, Coop? I only try to keep up with my demon room mate, he’s some kind of sex fiend, I think!" -04:51 Aug 08
Cupio: His eyes rolled upwards and fangs appeared on top of his lip as he tried he best to look unharmful. "Thats actually a very accurate description." he said "Hedonism is one of the traits demons of my kind are known for. You’re just so much fun though, and different even from other humans. I just want you all to myself sometimes." his hand went to the back of her neck and he was biting his lip again a hungry expression crossing over his features, and there it was, the musk… -04:56 Aug 08
Jayden: "It’s not like I hang out with anyone else, lately." she muttered. Aw damnit. An arm around the mini-Coop’s waist and Jayden was nuzzling his cheek. Girl or not, there was always something about him that made her want to fuck his brains out. She was going to kick his ass for this later! Before she could even open her mouth to complain…. or more likely sneak a kiss… a hand clamped on her shoulder. Jayden’s annoyed frown quickly turned to a glare. It was THAT guy! -05:04 Aug 08

“Ah, so we meet again.” He murmured with that slick smile. The guy didn’t look so pissy tonight. Dressed to the nines himself, and apparently holding a great deal of amusement. “Allow me to apologize for the other night. Not a great day for myself. What a coincidence that your…girlfriend is now here working at MY joint.” Slick smile to a smug one. He really was amused. -Jayden

Cupio: He was grinning ear to ear at the reacton from Jayden when they were interupted… Cupio shifted away from Jayden to make sure his dress was pulled down and then blinked at the man "Your joint…" he wouldn’t have come if he had known that but his arm hooked around Jayden’t and he looked at the man. ‘Self control you need this job, you need this job.’ -05:08 Aug 08
Jayden: "She’s not working here yet, and I think she probably won’t. I’m not keen on her working with douchebags." Jayden hissed back. She clearly wasn’t thinking about the job, self control, or anything close. She was very keen on the idea of breaking his face. -05:20 Aug 08

His eyes ran up and down the demon’s body, and his smile was even more smug. “You wound me. I am trying to apologize.” He signalled over to the bartender. “Have any drink you like. On the house. In the mean time, I need to make sure this beautiful lady gets the proper kind of interview.” -Jayden

Cupio: He tugged on Jay’s arm. "Jay, we need this job. Or did you forget I lost you yours. And I’m still sorry about that." this was all said in a whisper. "Its just an interview, talking, he tries anythign more and believe me you will hear my reaction and you can come running. Alright?" -05:28 Aug 08
Jayden: "If he does, it’s gonna take more than a puffed up bouncer with a gun to stop me." Jayden didn’t bother to whisper. She wanted the asshole to know what she was going to do to him. She did, however, back off. Coop felt bad about the job thing, she didn’t want him to feel worse… -05:33 Aug 08

“Have a drink. Please. I’ll only have her for a minute.” All too smooth he held an arm out for the demon to follow him, and led the way through the club towards the offices that were in the back. The back rooms had two security men standing there too preventing anyone outside of those approved from getting in. -Jayden

Cupio: "I’ll be fine." he let go of her arm and bounced away after the guy trying to catch up in the dress and shoes. If only he could have his wings bigger and flown. This footwear wan’t exactly practical. Two big beefy guards though… He looked back at Jayden as the doors closed. Well there went backup, anything happened he was on his own. -05:41 Aug 08
Jayden: Jealous, over-protective girlfriend. That’s exactly what she felt like. Jayden stomped on over to the bar and ordered another drink. Might as well take advantage of the offer! Why the hell did Coop have to be one of -those- girls when he was a chick? -05:51 Aug 08

Once he stepped in to his office, he held the door open for the tiny woman and closed it behind her. Locked it. Moving away from the door he put a hand on her back, thumb caressing the skin as he guided her further in to the room. It was actually quite large and looked more like a posh lounge than an office. Complete with sofa and table, and it’s own private bar. “Your girlfriend doesn’t like me very much. It’s a shame, she could have worked here too. …but lets talk about YOU instead… I believe we need to test your talents…” -Jayden

Cupio: Walkign up the corridor he had had his tail in his hands and been biting his lip but as soon as he was inside he let go of the tail and took a breath. Then there was the click of a lock and he turned. "Jay is… protective." he said "Though shes not really my girlfriend, well we haven’t said anything officially he are staying together though, I asked her to come so I’d have someone familair." a breath. "He san’t niave we had locked the door and thought he had Cupio trapped. "You said I was here for an interview." he waled up to the couch and plopped down. "So what questions do you have?" -05:59 Aug 08

That seemed to make his smug smile even worse. “We don’t allow boyfriends – or girlfriends – here. So it’s good that you aren’t breaking a rule right off the bat.” He followed not bothering to sit, rather standing in front of her instead. “I made a request last time, chicka, and if you want to work here, you better obey your boss.” -Jayden

[Cupio enters.] -06:18 Aug 08
Cupio: He looked up at the man crossing his legs at the knee. "You’re not really going to appologize." it wasn’t a question. "You’ve brought me back here to your private kingdom to… earn my job and… make up for last time." he said moving the foot that was not against the floor wdie to side and leaning against his left hadn that was flat on the couch. "This place is tidy, I like tidy places and I remember making a mess last time…" -06:23 Aug 08
[(Timeout) Cupio was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:35 Aug 08

“You’re a smart little chicka. I like that.” Eying every movement she made, he stepped even closer to the sofa, resting a hand on top of her head. “You put on a real nice show last time, and your woman is amusing. But I want what I asked for, and I’m not going to ask twice.” -Jayden

Cupio: He remained calm leaning back on the couch to look up at him. "You must really like demons." he said pulling his feet up on the couch to push himself up to sit on the back. "But theres one thing you should know about demons, yes we like sex and can’t get enough of it, yes we hardle even stick to one partner and really really like to pull eachother and humans somewhere, it doesn’t even have to be private for a quick fuck." he poked his chest "But we choose who gets that priveledge and unless you’re a demon too, you don’t want to make one angry." -06:45 Aug 08

He smirked, stepping closer until he was setting a foot on the sofa and leaning forward to brace both of his hands on the back of it. “No one tells me no. Not out there, and not in here. I’ve laid up whores hotter than you in the hospital. That’s where you’re gonna be if you don’t put that mouth to better use, chicka. You and that disrespectful bitch out there too.” He grabbed the tail and tugged hard. He did like demons, and he liked them fiesty! -Jayden

Cupio: A demon’s tail is a very sensitive part of it’s body, and this guy had just threatened Jayden. Cupio winced. "Threatening demons now?" there was a hint of laughter as the absurdity of it all. With one move he could have claws burried so deep in his chest he’d be looking at his own heart before he died. "You’ve never had a demon before have you? Not one that didn’t want to be had…" he brought a hand up claws shining in the light. Then he looked down and pulled on the dress… it would be a shame to ruin it, he liked it and the claws melted away and he looked deeply into the man’s eyes. "Whats your name anyway?" -06:56 Aug 08

“I’ve had plenty of willing little girls, just like you.” His eyes narrowed at the claws but once they were gone, he gave a satisfied smirk. The tail he wrapped around his hand and tugged sharply again. “Abram Bartolo. You will call me Mr. Bartolo, chicka, and if you’re reall good I might even let you call me Master Bartolo.” That dress -was- too nice to mess up. With his free hand he reached up to push the straps off her shoulders. “Take this off.” -Jayden

Jayden: Jayden was now three drinks in at the bar, casting a death glare across the room at two bouncers and a closed door. She wasn’t sitting there idly, no… she was contemplating what was probably an insane drunken plan of madness. A rescue that involved setting the bar on fire so security scrambled, crashing a chair over someone’s head to steal their gun, and then blowing that asshole’s face off. It’d sure as hell not be the kind of blowing he expected, the fuck. -07:04 Aug 08
Cupio: Turning he hookes his legs over the back of the couch and slipped onto the floor behind it taking hold of his own tail and looking back at the guy. "I’ll beed this back." he said pulling on the tail. If this had actually been someone worth the time if might have been erotic but right now it was just tiring. "Let go and you’ll see what a real demon can do, not one of those stupid ‘little girls’ who dress up like us. Because I assure you Mr. Bartolo that I’m not some little girl whose all innocent and complying with everything, every demon has fire in them. If you think your can take my fire let go. Because its bery obvious you’re never fucked a demon or been fucked by one." -07:12 Aug 08

He grinned so wide there was a flash of perfect white teeth. He let her tail go, a slow, deliberate motion. -Daring- her to try something stupid. As he stepped back, he was taking off his jacket. One sleeve, then the other. In his belt was stuffed a gun. He pulled that out and cocked it. Holding it up near his head, ticking back and forth as a warning. “What a brave little chicka to threaten me in my own joint. You wanna go down, little chicka? I will fuck you and your bitch until you’re black and blue with this little friend here. Try me. I can always get another whore for dancing.” -Jayden

Cupio: He looked at the man pulling his almost luminous red hair over his shoulder and exposed that back of his neck adn there was a slight, deliderate pout to his lips. "I’m already doing what you asked, thats why I need my tail back. I had them pange the dress to I can’t take it off with someone holding my tail." reaching back he unded the hooks that held the dress closed at the back and moved the straps from his arms. He wanted to keep this dress, job or no. "Do you want to know my name Mr. Bartolo?" he asked "Its Cupio, it means Desire." the dress was now dropped to the floor and hadn’t brough any underwear with him. Facing away from the man he claped his hands against his chest. "One more thing… there was an almost indescernable flutter to the two tiny wings on his back as his tail twitched. "Never threaten Jayden…" the move was faster than the human eye could follow, one second there was nothing, then next a fireball was hitting him strait in the chest the explosion making the lights flicker, and though the smoke shot a demon claws already burrying themselved in his chest… wait… be had meant to say ‘never threaten a demon…’ -07:34 Aug 08
Jayden: There was a loud sound, and it was almost undescernable had the lights in the whole building not flickered for a second, and had Jayden not already been -waiting- for any excuse to raise hell in that bar. ….figuratively speaking. At this point, she didn’t care if it was Cupio of not. She was drunk as shit and pissed the fuck off to the point of being completely out of her mind. Picking up a pack of matches from the bar, she light one and dropped it in to her half finished drink. Then, slid the damned thing down the bar, until it went flying off the other side. In her mental plan, there was supposed to be explosions. But at least the simple bit of burning booze -did- draw out several security to go clean up the mess. Jayden stomped on over to the doors where those thugs were still standing like statues. "I am going to get my demon, get the fuck out of my way!" …after that, Jayden wasn’t entirely sure what happen. One moment she was kicking a guy’s shin and swinging to break his nose, and the next she was looking up at the ceiling! -07:41 Aug 08
Cupio: The office door was pulled open and out stepped a red-headed naked demon girl with blood on her lips and chin and the claws of her hand. "I’M TAKING OVER." she yelled breathing hard. "ANYONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH THAT THEY CAN TALK TO MASTER BARTOLO." Cupio pulled the body out of the door and bumped it on the floor outside the ofice. The entire fron of the body was burned to a crist but on the right side of the chest there was a lange haping hole. The heart was missing. "You to, bring her in here and get rid of this sack of meat." The door was closed again and a still-angry Cupio bent down to right the cane stand next to the door, then tip the couch back onto it’s legs and put the cusions back. He had made a mess AGAIN. -07:50 Aug 08
Jayden: Everyone in the place kind of froze. No one was sure what the right sort of protocol for this sort of thing was. But with Mister Bartolo being crispy-dead, and a pissed off demon in the building… no one wanted to find out just what else could piss that demon off. When Jayden was hauled up off the floor, she was still all spitfire and fury and hadn’t quite registered what was going on yet. It was like trying to drop an angry cat when they launched her in to the office and quickly escaped out. Jayden was not quite stable on her feet as the door slammed behind her and she was peering a very nice office with one hell of a big, charred, blood stained on the floor. "I will KILL HIM where is he?!" -07:57 Aug 08
Cupio: "Dead." he said from the book case having just straitened the books and turned around. "I killed him Jayden." there wasn’t an ounce of remorse in his voice as he walked up to her and threw his arms arounf her. "He threatened to hurt you if I didn’t give him what he wanted, to I…" he looked over his shoulder at the spot on the floor. "Thats going to take forever to clean.. new carpeting…" -08:04 Aug 08
Jayden: "You killed him already…?" Jayden actually sounded disappointed! Likely had she been sober, she might had been much less accepting of murder. For the time being she was just mad she couldn’t do it herself. Jayden wrapped her arms around him and sighed! "I hate when you’re a girl…! I worry about you, and then I have to punch things. And those guys out there hit hard enough to knock you unconscious with one swing. I think I got pistol whipped but fuck if I can feel a thing." Back to nuzzling again, girl or not, Cupio still smelled like Cupio. -08:08 Aug 08
Cupio: The nuzzling was nice and he popped up to catche the corner of her mouth with a quick kiss. "So long as you’re alright I won’t have to kill them too. He was getting blood on her and her clothes but he didn’t care. "You know I like that you worry. That you care. Almost enough to want you to me by girlfriend for real. I’m just not sure if I know what that means enough to humans, in this world so its not a good idea for me until I do." another kiss on her neck then a sigh and resting his cheek on her shoulder. "At least we’ll have money now though." -08:17 Aug 08
Jayden: "I don’t think you can kill a guy and steal his business in the human world." …Jayden didn’t THINK so. But then, nobody was in here trying to stop him either? What the fuck did that asshole do here anyway? Jayden blew it off. Too drunk to care about that, and he just said he wanted her to be his real girlfriend. That had her grinning and feeling stupidly pleased! "You’re too short and your massively huge boobs are in the way." Jayden muttered, grinning and pulling him closer anyway for a tight hug. Blood was the least of her concern… at least until she was tasting it. Then without really letting him go, she was trying to wipe it off her face with a sleeve. -08:22 Aug 08
Cupio: He was grinning up at her a little too much at seeing her reaction ot the blood. "And thats why I need to stay like this, if they got a good look at taller Cupio I’d never be able to hide from them." he was running a claw along her collar bone and then looking up at her. "Even if I am thinking what I’m thinking." his hand was on ther back of her neck again and the grin was taking over. "Lock the door." -08:27 Aug 08
Jayden: And let go of him when he smelled so good? Bah! Jayden released him and stepped back, a wobbly stumbling motion. That continued all the way to the door where she practically ran in to it, laughing on the way. A soft click and the door was locked. And Jayden was looking very mischevious. "What -are- you thinking, Coop? ‘Cause I remember you talking something about initiative and freaky stuff earlier…" -08:33 Aug 08
Cupio: He was walkign away from her, then half turned. "You had to remind me about that didn’t you?" he asked falling onto the couch and patting it next to him, take a seat, then is unless I’m too girly for you." the grin was still there. "We’re going to have a little talk, then we’re going to have a little… fun." -08:38 Aug 08
Jayden: "Uuungh..!" the frustrated sound was really just for the sake of being contrary. Jayden shuffled across the room and plopped down in the seat next to him, like a child pitching a tantrum. Jayden was even pouting. "I don’t want to talk. And you’re too delicate and squishy." she huffed. -08:41 Aug 08
Cupio: He turned getting onto his knees and sitting on his haunches as he looked at her and tilted his head. "A human calling a demon that could be considered and insult." he said before placing his hands either side of her head and turning it towards him. "No matter what I look like, I’m still her." then he pounced pushing his lips into hers and pushing his tongue against them his arms moving to slide around her neck. -08:47 Aug 08
Jayden: This wasn’t fair! Jayden was already all riled up for a good variety of reasons, and he was already irresistable when she was sober! Even as she returned the kiss, she growled while she was doing it. It felt felt different, yet still very much the same. Either way, it was confusingly frustrating trying to fight off her libido while still feeling so weirded out at the same time! Jayden finally had her hands on his waist, which had her breaking away with a roll of her eyes. "I want to pet you and cuddle you and feed you chocolate like this, not fuck you, you ass! Stop being cute!" Jayden was going to give him a good shove but… he really was too adorable! It was back to hugging him tight and the nuzzling. -08:55 Aug 08
Cupio: Moving to lean agains her one leg over hers and nuzlign her back he sighed. "This is nice and chocolates sound good." he was enjoying the closeness that was surprising even of itself. Snuggling against her and smiling into her he closed hi eyes. "I almost don’t want to change back so I can have more of this even if I am having a case of post-kill sexal drive." There was a slight nip to her neck adn then a big smile as his tail around around her waist to hold her. "So this, or changing?" -09:02 Aug 08
Jayden: Jayden started laughing! Which left her breath falling over his shoulder up until the moment she bite it softly just to tease him. "We can do this when you’re a man too. …You know you can ask me to do any perfectly non-sexual snugglie type things any time you want, right…" It was only fair to throw that back at him, after all. If she could ask him about kinky sex, he could ask her for cuddles. She finally tilted her head to whisper in his ear, taking the opportunity to also run her fingers up his bare back. "It just makes it easier for me to take advantage of you after snuggles when you’re a man." -09:07 Aug 08
Cupio: He pulled away to look at her his brow furrowed and bit his lip. "Humans do that?" he asked "Just hold… and…" closing his eyes he changed form and then put a hand on her cheek. "You know you might get asked for that a lot now." he said looking at her. That and chocolates." -09:11 Aug 08
Jayden: Blinking a few times and squinting at him… that shapeshifting thing was just… well, her vision was a little blurry anyway. At least now he was a naked -man- which made him far less ‘cute’ and made her cranky white knight instinct simmer down. Jayden grinned wide at him. "Please do. I like snuggling and cuddling too, you know. Just how I like dirty sex. No reason why we can’t have both." Jayden was right back to snuggling again. He wanted snuggling, she could resist groping him for a bit! "And chocolate. We can have chocolate too." -09:16 Aug 08
Cupio: He nipped her neck and pulled her into his lap as he nuzzled into her neck. "I still think its a good idea if they only see te me they know." he sighed. "But thank you for being here, even if you do ruin me for other humans." he hand his hingers though her hair. "I like your dress by the way, I don’t think I said." -09:23 Aug 08
Jayden: This was definitely a lot more to Jayden’s liking. She was the woman. She didn’t want to be jealous of her own boyf- Hmm. That made her grin again. Jayden brushed soft kisses over his shoulder and was very softly running her fingers over his collarbone. "Then be a fluffy girl when you have to be. I might borrow your dress though for fun." she muttered with a giggle. -09:27 Aug 08
Cupio: He pulled away and stood. "I was wondering long and hard how you would look in it." he said walking around the couch and scooping it up to hold it out to her. "Put it on and we’ll dance, as man and woman… theres also a bar back there, want anything or are you drunk enough?" -09:30 Aug 08
Jayden: Whoa, that was quick! He must really like that dress. A little surprised, Jayden really didn’t waste any time slipping out of her own to pull that scrap of fabric on. It was much tighter around her hips that it was on him, and dipped far lower over her chest. Jayden wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But there was no way she was gonna be able to bend over! She was smirking. "I’m plenty drunk enough! Any more drinks I’mma black out, then you’ll be the only one having all the fun…" -09:33 Aug 08
Cupio: That sounded like an invitation to have his evil way with her comatose form adn he grinned. "You loook nice." he said setpping up to her and taking her hadn in his. "Shall we dance? Soory if I’m underdressed but theres nothing in the room my size." he leaned forwards to kiss her again nipping her lip then looking down her top making sure she saw him doing so. -09:36 Aug 08
Jayden: Jayden linked her fingers with his, and narrowed her eyes at him. For his reward, she outright bite him. Sucking on his lip to sooth it and snickering under her breath. She did say she liked both soft -and- rough! "You got some terrible manners, Coop! I oughta teach you a lesson!" -09:42 Aug 08
Cupio: "Soundslike fun." he said moving out into the space behind the couch with her and then siming as if her were letting her bite slide, then there was something in her dress with her, somthing wrapping around her thigh and tighling the inside of it. "I wonder if there anything to tie you up with in here…" -09:46 Aug 08
Jayden: The tickle made her jump and squeak. And immediately try to play it off like she hadn’t done it at all. "You mean tie -you- up with? I’m teaching the lesson here. Catching ME isn’t so easy! I just beat up a bunch of thugs with guns!" So she was exagerating a little, and she was the one that had wound up on the floor. The point, was that she’d give him a good fight. Jayden very subtly reached down to swat at his tail and unravel it from her leg! -09:50 Aug 08
Cupio: And he had just killed a man.. apparently for threatening her. "Oh but then you’ll never know the last words the previous owner of his bar ever heard." he said his wings sprouting to wrap around her as he leaning in close. "Take a guess, go on…" there was a chuckle ad he grinned. "..because you never will." -09:53 Aug 08
Jayden: Jayden must have had a secret fetish for wings, because she probably would have thrown herself at his feet and did anything he asked after he wrapped them around her. She was also grinning like an idiot pushing gently at his chest. "Was it something suitably badass? Because I think I would have said something along the lines of ‘I hope you never get fucked in hell, douchebag!’ and then shot his face off…" -09:57 Aug 08
Cupio: "Oh… hes not going to hell… yet." there was a dark checking from him and he grinned. "Actually it was ‘never threaten Jayden’ but you’re right, that would have been better." he pushed his lips into hers and pushed the shoulder straps of the dress off of her. "Now lets get to the fun part shall we." -10:01 Aug 08
[Jayden is drunk as hell and fiesty. Grinning like a mad fiend.] -03:55 Aug 09
[Cupio is in the middle of undressing Jayden even if her a little put out that Jay doesn’t like both his forms.] -03:55 Aug 09
Jayden: Grinning so wide, her face might crack. "Never threaten Jayden?" she repeated. That was all kinds of pleasing to hear. Enough that if she weren’t careful she’d be in danger of an infatuation with the demon that wasn’t technically her boyfriend. There went all ideas of playing the tease-and-chase game! Jayden ran her hands down his chest, occasionally dragging a nail over the skin. "I’ve decided I like your line better." -03:58 Aug 09
Cupio: "I was surprised by it muself." he said moving to nuzzle into her cheek and nip it lightly as he unfastened the dress and let it fall abck to the floor then fun his claws lightly up her bare back making sure to get a couple up her spine, then both of them came ou to cup her head and he kissed her and then froze… "Your phone is ringing…" -04:04 Aug 09
Cupio: "I was surprised by it muself." he said moving to nuzzle into her cheek and nip it lightly as he unfastened the dress and let it fall abck to the floor then fun his claws lightly up her bare back making sure to get a couple up her spine, then both of them came ou to cup her head and he kissed her and then froze… "Your phone is ringing…" -04:04 Aug 09
Jayden: Skin on skin, just the way she liked it! Jayden was near swooning. But sweet words ended up being nonsensical words. …at least until she realized he was actually pointing something out and not giving her the sexy talk. Jayden scowled and slipped her arms around his neck. "Screw the phone! I’m busy!" -04:06 Aug 09
Cupio: He grinned and pressed his wings around her leaning down to fress his hangs into her shoulder as his tail swished behind him. "Busy? Bust with what?" it was a tease "Should I answer it?" -04:12 Aug 09
Jayden: "Busy screwing you in a minute." she growled at him. Impatience was quickly becoming the foremost emotion in her swimming head. She grabbed his hair to tug back and kiss him hard. But even with taunting his mouth with her tongue, that ringing phone was starting to irk her. "Fuck! Answer it! Tell them to go to hell!" -04:15 Aug 09
Cupio: "I could send them there instead?." he chuckled and moved away from her but not before ni -04:16 Aug 09
Cupio: "I could send them there instead?." he chuckled and moved away from her but not before nipping her lip and swatting her hip with his claws…. and blowing a hot breath over her shoulder where he had bitten her. The he was grabbing her bag and pulling out the device and sitting on the couch. "Hello, Jayden’s phone, I’m afraid shes busy at the moment." he glaned at her "Just a moment." he changed and his eyes on her. "Speaking… yes… oh a job? Yes I do, alright I’ll be there." the look on his face was now less frustrated horniness and more happy horniness. "I’ll see you then…" he hung up and grinned at her changing back into the form she liked. "Guess what that was about? They want me to try out for a photoshoot." -04:21 Aug 09
Jayden: Jayden had closed one eye as she watched him. Swaying a bit on her feet. Crossed her arms when he switched to his female form, and frowned just slightly. It was odd that he did. Now he was back to normal and… what? "Are you freaking kidding?" First of all, she had no idea how they knew to call HER phone. As far as Jayden knew, he hadn’t applied to places other than strip club! And they wanted cute petite demon Cupio for photos. Now she was scowling even worse! -04:24 Aug 09
Cupio: He was far from scowling, in fact he was moving back over the back of the couch with a predatory gleam in his eye staring at her intensly. The he stread his wings and leapt hands graplinging her as his lips pressed agaist hers and he knocked her over to hold her against him. He bit her lower lip between his teeth and pulled, hard then ran his tongue against it. If jayden wasn’t careful she was going to get herself mauled. -04:33 Aug 09
Jayden: She screamed just out of reflex, and it was quickly silenced by a kiss that was fueled with almost enough lusty goodness to knock her senseless. Almost! Jayden swatted at him with another growl. This was seriously pissing her off! She was just having a hard time deciding where that rage was stemming from! "No! No, fuck that! Why are they calling hot sexy mcboobs Cupio for photoshoots? On MY phone late at night?! What kind of photoshoot? Dirty magazines? Porn? You’re not a slut! No one ever offers me this shit and the one time they did, it was -you- with my looks!" -04:40 Aug 09
Cupio: He has stroking her hair and nuzzling into her. "No not porn." he said softly as he kissed her again. "They saw up on the news and apparently found your naem adn number somewhere." he gripped her hair holding her locked in place at he comtinued to kiss down her neck. "I don’t care though, you’re now sexy mcboobs Cupio’s manager. You know humans and are the only one I can trust." -04:44 Aug 09
Jayden: It was really, really hard to focus on being mad when he was doing stuff that set her skin on fire. Jayden squirmed and pushed against his shoulder. Still holding that glare, even though her look was bordering on smoldering. "I don’t know anything about managing. And we’re supposed to take over this club too? Sexy Mcboobs just likes getting in to everything, doesn’t she." -04:47 Aug 09
Cupio: He nipped her ear and moved to run his hand up and down her side as he flicked his tongue lightly against the lobe. "I’m a demon Jayden." he said barely above a whisper before moving down to grin at her his hand squeezing her boob as he slowly leaned down to flick the tip of his tongue against her nipple. "I like having things. Pretty things, costly things." another flick and he leaned down to kiss it lightly. "A demon also said he trusts you, do you have any idea how unusual that is?" -04:55 Aug 09
Jayden: "Trust is unusual in general…" she muttered, her tone just barely above a whisper and far too husky for her liking. Jayden swatted at ones of his hands and squirmed to inch herself away from his mouth. Too distracting! "I have been here forever, and you’re a woman twice and suddenly you’re the hottest commodity since edible underwear!" Then she narrowed her eyes at him. "And they’re gonna try to fuck you too. I’ll kill them if they do." -05:01 Aug 09
Cupio: He grabbed her legs and pulled her back his hand going to hold her shoulder against the floor as the other pushed a finger agaist her lips. "If they try, they’ll end up like the last person who did." he said leaning down to replace the finger against her lips with his mouth, open his tongue teasing her, looking to draw hers out. -05:20 Aug 09
Jayden: She wasn’t trying to play hard to get, but still the persistance was kind of sexy. So was him threatening to kill people. Which really should have been a warning sign about her insanity instead of a turn on. Jayden half sighed and half growled against his mouth. Eventually she caved, parting her mouth to greet his tongue with a flick of hers and a quick sharp nip of her teeth. "I don’t want to share you with anyone else." she hissed against his mouth. "They always try to grab you when you’re small and cute.." -05:26 Aug 09
Cupio: He nipeed her back and his tail slid against her thigh hooking around her panties to pull them down. "They should know better." she wanted him excusivly… he didn’t know how to feel about that bit his did make him move his hips against hers and look deeply into her eyes. "What is your favorite thing abut me?" he asked a hand going down to cup her thigh. -05:32 Aug 09
Jayden: Aside from simple movements the drove all thought out of her head, leaving her with nothing but very very dirty things on the brain? Jayden was shifting again, only this time she was brushing her hands against his cheek, letting them slide down his neck and nuzzling against his nose when she leaned up. "I like how you feel the mood of and vibe of a room, and make everything around you just right… even when it means taking my towel and pissing me off.." -05:38 Aug 09
Cupio: That made him smile. "I thought if just made you pissed off in general." he said rewarding her answer with a kiss and moving off of her to pull her panties all the way off and then look down at her, and lean forwards to blow over her crotch, then he kissed just above her hair and still holding her thighs pulled her towards him letting his kisses trail up her stomach as he did so. -05:42 Aug 09
Jayden: Jayden tensed and almost immediately melted. At this rate she was going to have very interesting floor marks on her back, but if he kept on with the kissing she’d forgive him. She sucked in a breath and her stomach twitched when he moved over a ticklish spot. "I am pissed off, very pissed off." …What was she pissed off about again? Jayden tilted up on her elbows to narrow her eyes at him. …but the expression wasn’t nearly as vicious as she was hoping it was. Especially when he smiled like that! -05:47 Aug 09
Cupio: He mover his kisses to her nipple ignoring her words and put and arm around her before kissing ther other nipple and pulling back to grin at her his other hand going back down to take hold of her leg and pull it around him. "I’m horny, very horny." he retorted. "And I don’t want to fuck anyone other than you either." then he was pushing against her his tip guided by his hand and pushing inside. -05:52 Aug 09
Jayden: Aw man, she was randy as hell too, he had no idea. Maybe he did. She was already wet and needy, and fuck being pissy! She wanted him! Jayden kept herself braced up on her elbows, only raising up her hips to make pushing in easier. Her mouth parted open with a gasp and her head tilted back when she groaned. "Good…!" she gasped out. "Not above beating the shit out of people to make sure!" -06:03 Aug 09
[Cupio enters.] -06:15 Aug 09
Cupio: He grinned then grabbed her hair roughly he pulled her into an equally rough kiss and thrust again "I like it when you say that." he said pulling and pushing thier hips together. "You sound so much like a demon I just want to see if you can take as much as one." pure lust in his eyes and the grin against her lips as both hands moved to hold her hips and he started to thrust rougher, harder. -06:18 Aug 09
[(Timeout) Cupio doesn’t post enough.] -06:34 Aug 09
Jayden: There was an expression that said I’m gonna fuck you stupid if she had ever seen one! Her legs circled tight around him while a hand gripped the hair that had her hair. Jayden was smirking wide, very suddenly throwing all of her weight in to twisting her hips and throwing him until it was him with his back to the floor and her on top. If he wanted good and rough, she could ride him like a racing pony! "How many bruises am I gonna get today, Coop…? I’ve half a mind to give a few back!" -06:34 Aug 09
Cupio: His winges spread out across the floor, flat against to as he looked up at her and licked lips. Reaching up with a clawed hand to grip her shoulder as he moved under her. "We’ll count them when we’re done." he said showing his fangs as his tail whipped up between his legs and aound her hip to find her clitoris and wiglle against it and grin widening. -06:45 Aug 09
Jayden: "Oh…!" Jayden squeezed her eyes shut. Sometimes it wasn’t fair that he had the extra help. She tilted forward to place her hands at both sides of his head. Finally opening her eyes to cast him a challenging glare. A very smoldering desire-filled glare. Jayden took advantage of the position to take control of the pacing. Long, deep and slow. No gentleness about grinding against him, just tormentingly languid rocking. She could drive him crazy too! -06:54 Aug 09
Cupio: He moved with her and let her hear a groan as he grippeh her shoulder tighter his wing coming up to frap arounf her and tickle her back as his tail slid agaist her clit and her lips arounf him surprisingly subtle he was seriously thinking of turning the table again and the thought had to show on his face. He wanted her to ache though too. -06:58 Aug 09
Jayden: Jayden could feel the prick of her skin, but pain was absolutely meaningless when her blood was rushing through her like a tidal wave and everything little touch felt like electricity. There was an almost feral look to her expression, even when she was squeezing her eyes shut again and biting her lip so hard she could almost taste blood. Her head finally tilted, her teeth biting in to the hand that gripped her shoulder. Givig him a growl of warning. At this rate she would be done sooner than she wanted to be! -07:06 Aug 09
Cupio: The hand on her shoulder has down to her eldow in a shot and he lifted her yp with both arms and his tail and twisted her around dropping her on all fours and grippign her sides as he took over from behind his tail back against he lifs and clit as he lef his wings fall either side of her taking hsi turn to growl and dig his claws into her. Biting his own lip he added a snarl rto the end of the growl if she wanted all of him… he would give her as much as he thought she could take, and then some more. -07:11 Aug 09
Jayden: Jayden gave a startled yelp, though she couldn’t fathom why it was a surprise he could lift her and turn her and throw her around so easily! A hand splayed over the floor to keep her balanced, while the other lift to grip his hand at her hip. Digging her nails in to his skin everytime he made her gasp or groan. She was climbing, so close to tipping off the edge that every muscle in her body was already twinging with anticipation. -07:23 Aug 09
Cupio: he like her yelp, her gasps, her groans everythign about her, the hay her nails make his skin tingle, the way he back moved under his gaze, he cave and pushed her hard, giving her everything his tail getting out the way as he thrust and grit his teeth. "Damn you Jay…" he snarled. if this hurt her it was her own fault. -07:26 Aug 09
Jayden: Oooh, that was hot… her name coming out of his mouth in that low angry snarl. Both of her hands were on the floor again, both to keep her from collapsing, and to push back against him. Jayden laughed, but that quickly turned to a near screaming moan. She couldn’t hold it any longer. Her hands curling to fists on the floor as she clamped her jaw shut. Hissing through her teeth when she tightened and shuddered. -07:38 Aug 09
Cupio: "one of his claws moved to ehr back as he thrust and they cut her skin as his hand tightened. "Fuck…" he thust deep letting go his seed slipping into her. "You…" the last word was almost breathless as he pulled out and let her go his hand already turning her over and pulling her hips up for him to re enter and holding her loer half in the air grind into her before starting up again his eyes on her face as he bit his lip, blood trickling down his chin and a crimson drop falling into her stomach. -07:44 Aug 09
Cupio: "one of his claws moved to ehr back as he thrust and they cut her skin as his hand tightened. "Fuck…" he thust deep letting go his seed slipping into her. "You…" the last word was almost breathless as he pulled out and let her go his hand already turning her over and pulling her hips up for him to re enter and holding her loer half in the air grind into her before starting up again his eyes on her face as he bit his lip, blood trickling down his chin and a crimson drop falling into her stomach. -07:44 Aug 09
Jayden: "Hrrm… Coop!" Jayden momentary collapse to the floor hadn’t lasted very long before he flipped her over. She gasped out loud, everything between her legs still being hypersensitive. Oh, but so good…! Jayden through her arms over her head, hands digging in to her own hair. It was almost too hard, she could feel where his fingers digging in were bruising, but her stomach was churning and it was like gunning an already warmed up engine! "Coop, it’s…!" no, not too much! She didn’t want him to stop! -07:52 Aug 09
Cupio: He grinned a bloody grin bows at her and pushed harder, his cwaly doing thier gob of holdign ehr in place as he pushed deep and hard. He wasn’t going to last long here either and he wanted them to finish at close to the same time. "Soon, fold on a little longer.. Jay.." -07:59 Aug 09
Jayden: "I can’t…!" she was trying! Well, not trying hard. Jayden was all sensation. Writhing and squirming to be free of his grasp. Her hands slapping over his to grip tight as her back arched. She was whimpering for him to stop, begging him not to and not having the sense to know the difference! -08:10 Aug 09
Cupio: He leaned forwards and grabbed her arma to pull her up to him then holding her tight he bit into her shoulder his hips movign and grinding against her. "Now… cum for me.." he let go and shuddered his fangs drawing red lines across her shoulder and he fell forwars onto her and lay there, breathign heavily. -08:13 Aug 09
Jayden: She didn’t need any other beckoning! Jayden was done in with a flurry of sparks dancing in front of her eyes. A silent gasp escaping her along with every other ounce of energy she had in her. As she lay limp on the floor with him on top of her, it almost seemed as if she had passed out. With the way her eyes were closed and she didn’t move an inch. Finally she was tilting her head to brush a kiss against his temple and dropped an arm around his shoulders. "..we should invest in a first aid kit…" she mumbled. -08:20 Aug 09
Cupio: He moved to kiss her lips his hand brushing against her cheek. "He should, for you. I heal up on my own fretty quickly." he kissed her again and pulled her against him. "What does being a boyfriend mean?" he asked. "To humans?" -08:31 Aug 09
Jayden: "Hmm?" She was so deliciously languid it took her a minute to realize he asked a question. The only moving she was doing was where he was moving her. Aside from that wide, pleased smile. "An exclusive mate… someone you trust to take care of you and who you take care of. Free sex and snuggles and no concerns about sharing." -08:36 Aug 09
Cupio: "No sharing…? So I get to have you all to myself?" he kissed her and draped an arm over her chest to nuzzled into her hair "I kist the sounds of that." -08:42 Aug 09

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