Your Starr 005: The Real Deal

Your Starr

[Drake Is in a new bed! will new to him…] -07:21 Mar 22
[Madeline is cuuuurled up sleeping in bed. Even, she was sure she fell asleep on the couch watching movies.] -07:23 Mar 22
Madeline: Arm slung over his chest and nearly in his face, Maddie was perfectly content with her sleeping arangements too. Face buried against an arm, sheets tangled.. if it weren’t for the fact she was still dressed it might have looked pretty condemning. When her alarm clock went off a pillow was snatched and her arm moved as she tossed it towards the dresser. Then it was right back around him, despite the now muffled beeping across the room. -07:26 Mar 22
Drake: "That is a useful trick." he mumbled as he resettled against her his nose brushing against hers which might back been on purpose. "I don’t think it would work on a british nanny though." he had watched movies with her until she had fallen asleep, and then had carried her to her bed and joined her in it, better than driving him in the middle of the night, even though he probably had a billion missed calls! -07:30 Mar 22
Madeline: "….I am not alone in this bed…" Why did she even say that out loud. He already knew he was there. After a few moments of being confused about this sudden-man predictament, and that wary, sleepy wonderment on how she got from point a to point b, she relaxed again. Ignoring that muffled beeping. Preston Starr was in her bed! Maddie suddenly could not turn the grin off. "I bet it would. But twice as likely to have something thrown back. -07:33 Mar 22
Drake: "Like a harsh talking to about respect and having ears pulled." he said draping an arm over her and mumbling something unheard about knowing how that felt first hand and having thrown a pillow at her… why he’d done so would remain unsaid. -07:38 Mar 22
Madeline: "I’ve had a couple harsh talkings to before…" Laaaame, it was MaddieMay to the rescue. In her head anyway. Maddie scooted up closer and tried to resist that urge to cuddle him and pet him and be his personal champion against the evils of nannys. That would be totally insane! "I told my mum she could shutup and go to school for me if it was "so damn important" and then she dragged me out of bed by the feet." -07:43 Mar 22
Drake: "I was pulled out of regular school." he said "You can’t do that and be a pop star at the same time to it was home school, guess who taught me. I told her she could teach me in bed, then stuck out my tongue at the face she made. It was worth it…" he sighed. "That leftover pizza is calling to me…" -07:55 Mar 22
Madeline: "It’s good to know you’ve always been a deviant." She smirked, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then reluuuuctantly was rolling out of bed and confiscating that stupid beeping clock from it’s smother-place. If it weren’t for this thing, she could have spent all morning in bed with Preston Starr! "I guess I actually have to put real clothes on today. You eat and I shower? That is, if spending the night with me doesn’t count as date two.." Spending the night and just sleeping. How did that keep happening? -07:59 Mar 22
Drake: "What if it does? Do we switch roles? You eat and I shower? Or do I have to eat in the shower? I can think of one sense of the words where that wouldn’t be unpleasent." he winked at her before climbing out of her bed and stretching. -08:02 Mar 22
Madeline: Maddie nearly dropped and knocked the clock back off her dresser. Eat in the shower…! That was just. She didn’t know if she were going to laugh, curse her luck, or die on the spot. Thank gods he couldn’t see the look on her face. "…I think it will be less distracting for all parties if I shower without you getting involved." When she turned she stuck her tongue out at him, and what should have been a graceful snatching up her towel from a hamper of clean laundry that never found it’s way put up, ended with her backing in to the bathroom door and having to catch it before it swung back and hit her. -08:09 Mar 22
Drake: "Smooth." he said before yawning and grinning as he headed out the door and towards the kistchen. He didn’t feel bad about being jegected, it wasn’t a serious offer, entirely. Still there were a couple slices, one each then heading out to beakfast… -08:14 Mar 22
Madeline: She might have taken a little longer in the shower than she meant to. But dealing with ice cold water and trying not to think about things you really shouldn’t be thinking about when you were trying to have at least SOME sense of self control was a hard quest! Then there was the trick of taking him serious about the whole… dress like you’re trying to impress thing! It was one thing trying to impress pop idol Preston Starr for a fan-date dream come true. But this… this was actual date. So when she finally stepped out of the bedroom, trying to fluff some of the dampness out of her hair, she was wearing some dressed up jeans and her favorite brown jacket. "Kay, I feel a lot less crazy now, but a lot more hungry. Sorry that took so loooong… " -08:28 Mar 22
[Maddie is wearing DATE CLOTHES cause now she’s going on a REAL date with Preeeeeston Staaaaaaaarr!] -07:27 Apr 20
[Drake is waiting at the door jingling his car keys and looking out the window. He doesn’t think he’d seen a neighborhood this rough in a long time.] -07:36 Apr 20
Maddie: "Still can’t believe you actually drove all the way out here. I’m pretty dubious you can even drive…" She was just kidding, of course. Well, about wondering if he could drive. She WAS still surprised he drove himself. Maddie made sure she had a small wallet shoved in to her back pocket and her keys dropped in to her jacket pocket before she was leading the way to open the door. "So what kind of car is it anyway, some crazy black SUV with giant – what the fuck!" She hadn’t taken more than a few steps out the door before she spotted it. Honestly, who could MISS that thing! "Are you completely nuts?! -07:42 Apr 20
Drake: He looked at her. "Look I know lambos tend to tail out in the corners and this is no exception but I like that. It’s a wild ride taking one of theses around the track…" he was not only completely missing the point but also concidering takin her to the track to show her how fun the car was. "Don’t tell me you’re a ferrari girl…" -07:46 Apr 20
Maddie: "No I mean, you’re lucky it’s still HERE." She was staring right back at him like he was crazy. Waiting until he was out the door before she locked it up. "The only people with nice cars out here are drug lords, and that’s only cause no one is dumb enough to jack one of their cars… -I- don’t even have a car. Cause IT was stolen! It wasn’t even worth stealing!" That thing was shiny, he probably kept it locked up in a garage somewhere most of the time. Her hands were on her hips. "Did you drive this out here to impreeeess me?" -07:51 Apr 20
Drake: "You should move in with me then." he said "No one ever steals anything there, and what if I did? She’s my favorite. You want to know the real Drake right? Not Preston well Drake believes the Itallians do three things right. Food, suits, and supercars. Thier political policies they can keep to themselves. Now come onwe have a date to get to. And wait until you see what I’ve done with the inside…" -07:55 Apr 20
Maddie: "I don’t really know anything about cars…" He made it so hard to tease when he out right admitted it. …and… Maddie was a little derailed by the casual invitation to move in with him! He wasn’t serious. …She also had thought he wasn’t serious about her marrying him, and then there was the drunken proposal at the club! She waaaarily approached the car, more than a little worried the slightest scuff or knick was going to have him in a fit. Car guys were weird about their cars. "Leopard print seats? Dice on the mirror? Neon lights maybe?" -08:00 Apr 20
Drake: He turned off the alarm and pulled open the driver’s door and flopped into the seat that automatically adjusted to perfectky cup hisbody mased on the pressures he put on it. It was tricked out but nothing was there that wasn’t fitted in the factory other than an umpty sluchy cup in the cup holder. The system he had spent the most on however was the sound. It had a complete song library that synced with his home library when it was in the garage and a total of 18 speakers made sur that no mattere where you were in the car you were completely immersed in sound. Chances were too that if maddie wanted a song it was on there. "Why don’t you pick the music and we’ll head over to my place so I can change." -08:07 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie didn’t know what to think about this car. It was ludicrous and awesome and intimidating. How was a car even intimidating? Once she was seated and buckled in, though, a promise of picking the music was all it took for her to be grinning ear to ear and flicking through his playlists. "Oooohooo, what is best for morning drives. Bouncy party music, sweeet mellow jazz. Electrifying metal… Don’t even know why I’d be surprised a pop star has so much music… I haven’t even heard of some of these people…" Oooh. Maddie picked a song she loved, and wasn’t one of his songs. -08:11 Apr 20
Drake: "So you do have tastes outside of the Starr or is this your first time?" he teased popping the car inti gear and pulling away down the street. We really did like this car. On street settings she was a well behaved kitten, trach setting she was a roaring skidding monster. "Do you know much about cars?" he asked her while giving her a glance and pulling onto the highway, it being the fastest was across the city and he did not mind paying tolls. "Because you would not believe how tempted I am to show you what this one can do." -08:17 Apr 20
Maddie: "You might be my greatest love, but nope, you’re not the only one I listen to." The song was playing and she was still flipping through the music library. When he sped up on the highway, she did end up grabbing the sidedoor handle and warily looking up at the street. "I know art, I know a little music and clothes. But uhm, not a lot about cars… They are all pretty much the same, anyway, right?" -08:25 Apr 20
Drake: "Pffffft!" he laughed and petted the steering wheel as if placating the car after Maddie insulted her. "No… very much not the same." he said. "You havn’t seen many good cars, obviously. That’s a lot like sating all paintings are the same or all sculted blocks of stone are the same. They’re not." he was keeping his eyes ahead as they got close to a toll booth and he started slowing. "Do you know what? While we’re in Germany we’re being bad and disappearing to the grand prix." -08:33 Apr 20
Maddie: "I can’t believe you’re taking me to an overseas concert." Maddie want to squeal about it so bad. But she was still stuck in post-shock mode! You could only squeal and dance about something so much before you blew out your vocal chords! She leaned back in her seat grinning. "Watching cars spin around in circles doesn’t sound so great, but I bet you’re gonna tell me you drive on those tracks?" -08:36 Apr 20
Drake: "Those tracks are pricy. There are some around that you just a show up on a track day and go around with a bunch of other cars as much as you feel like without there beong positions or any sort of compitition. It’s the only kind I can really do under my contract." he glanced at her again and then payed the toll and pulled away. "Think of it as a couple hours alone with me in an enviromentally controlled bow with a one way window and more food than we can possibly eat before we head over to the concert I am most certainly taking you to. I need someone in the crowd to look at as I sing." -08:41 Apr 20
Maddie: What she really couldn’t believe was how her brain was somehow trying to put this new fact about Preston Starr in to a new fanfic. So many years since she wrote one, and she still had those dumb urges! Never agaaaain. Madie shifted in her seat until she was staring at him. A squinty eyed look as if she were still trying to figure out where the ‘catch’ to it all was. "I’m gonna have to use up my vacation days, but totally worth it! But I am pretty sure you’re gonna be super busy making with the magic-eyes to all your adoring fans to think twice about your dumb melting fiance in the crowd." Another teeease. -08:46 Apr 20
Drake: Fiance sounded wierd but only becuase he wasn’t used to the idea of having one. "You’ve been to my concerts and know how it is." he said yurning the wheel and pulling onto an offramp. "Coffee or tea though." he asked glancing at ehr as they entered a much nicer part of town. -08:50 Apr 20
Maddie: "I like coffee." Maddie couldn’t tell if she got him or not. She was still looking for that magic button that shook him a bit, or embarassed him, or… anything! Probably because she was clearly immature and had the mental capacity of a thirteen year old teenager with a crush. At that realization she just embarrassed herself and was turning to the window to look out at the houses. "Uhm…! Yeah. All the ones I could get to anyway. I think you’re a lot better live than over recordings. You always sound different when you’re performing for people." -08:54 Apr 20
Drake: "Studios are sterile." he said. "The only people I get to see listening are the sound technicians and my manager." he pulled over and killed the engine, the music staying on as he unded his seatbelt. "I still remember my first concert over in the riverside ballpark before it became an office block. A lot of people hated me back then because I was so young and they though it was all autotuning and sound correction. That was a long time ago…" -08:59 Apr 20
Maddie: "And you at you now. The Starr of every girl’s dreams and silly stories." Maddie gave him a cheeky grin. He was definitely the star of hers. At this rate she was gonna start giggling about nothing and looking like a lunatic. "I liked hearing you sing Nirvana at the studio, though. That was pretty awesome." -09:03 Apr 20
Drake: "you were there." he said flashing her a smile and sitting listening to the music and being with her for a bit before heading inside. "Speaking of there is a secret surprise at the concert that no one is allowed to know about beforehand. Not even you!’ now he was opening the door and exiting quickly with a cheeky grin and turning off the radio by turning on the alarm. Then he was heading for the front door that opened before he got there. "Nan!" he said giving the woman a one armed hug and looking back to make sure Maddie was keeping up. "Two mugs of coffee in the bedroom and I’ll be taking a shower, then you have the rest of the day off no matter what my mum says. Get yourself a manacure or something on me." -09:07 Apr 20
Maddie: "What! Hey..!" Special concert surprise! He couldn’t mentioned something like that and then run off. Maddie was practically on his heels ready to launch in to a barrage of questions to weasel the answer out of him. Maddie had to clamp her mouth shut when they ran in to his Nanny though! The woman probably wasn’t all that pleased to see her again. "Uh… Hi..! Nan… Me again, hellooo…" She didn’t even know the woman’s name. Madde definitely felt like she was a dumb kid. -09:14 Apr 20
Drake: She might have cracked a smile she might not have but she moved back into the house and Preston shed his jacked into a chair and then mounted the stairs two at a time heading towards the bedroom. He would have to match her look and then add a little Starr power to it. Easy enough he had a lot of things to choose from. "Maddie up here." he called back. "You can wait in the bedroom while I get clean." -09:19 Apr 20
Maddie: "You know, on any other guy I’d be cracking some ‘I’ll help you get clean!’ joke!" …aaand she said that too loud. His nanny probably heard that. Maddie cringed to herself and practically fled up the stairs. She remembered which room was his from her first interesting encounter with his home, so when she stepped in to the bedroom she wasn’t stunned by it. At least, not as stunned as the first time. Maddie still couldn’t get over how it looked like one of those posh magazine cover hotel rooms… "I think your bedroom alone is bigger than my place." -09:23 Apr 20
Drake: "Makes sense." he called from the ensuit before turning on the shower head. "It’s built for two." humming he grabbed the shampoo and got started for once happy that he hadn’t gone for the completely transarrent shower walls. -09:27 Apr 20
Maddie: "Built for twooooo." she murmured softly to herself. Oooooh, he had no idea how tempted she was to strip off all her clothes and step in the shower with him. Maddie had -plenty- of shower fantasies about Preston Starr. Thankfully that need to not mess up her date make-up and avoid getting a restraining order had her behaving. Maddie wandered around the room peering at his things. Stopping to take a look out the window, and plopping in to a desk chair. Just because she was nosy she poked around at the papers on the desk, glancing at notes here and there. He wrote a lot of notes… "You oughta be careful who you’re making propositions to, Mister! One of these days I’m going to accept and you won’t know what hit you!" -09:34 Apr 20
Drake: "I thought I’d already proposed." he called back interupting a soft song that was mostly drowned out by the running water. She had walked right into that one. Then he was back to scrubbing and humming, he wanted to make sure he smelled good for their date… even if where they were going had sipped his mind. -09:37 Apr 20
Maddie: Crap. She did totally accept his drunkie drunk proposal. "Blaaargh." That he couldn’t hear, as she pushed back and spun around in his chair a few times. Maddie made a mental note that she’d avoid all booze when Preston Starr was concerned. If she was gonna jump on him like a lovesick hussy, she wanted to do it sober! Once she stopped spinning, she was right back to flipping through papers. Leaning on a elbow and only half reading pages as she turned them over. A lot of the notes were ideas for lyrics, but something strange finally caught her eye and gave her pause. "Whaaaaat..? Nu uh.." At first it really didn’t seem like anything more than another song, but damned if it didn’t almost word for word mention things she had written in one of her dumb stories! In fact, she was pretty sure it was straight out of Prince of Starrlight! -09:46 Apr 20
Drake: The sunds of the water stopped and he stepped out of the shower to start drying himself. His clothes were there and like any good nanny coffee was already on the table without Madeline having ever noticed it placed there. He dressed in smartich black pants that still had a splash of color int he form of a red strip of fabric on the right hip and a prettymuch the same shirt he had worn in his last concert, if he was hinest with himself he had no idea how to dress it was his celebrity status that just immediatly furned any ensamble me put on into fasion. -09:50 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie heard the bedroom door close, and thought it was Drake stepping out of the bathroom. Which left her making a fumble to pretend like she wasn’t going through all the papers on his desk and scooting backwards in the chair. …nope! There was coffee sitting there, as innocent as could be. Maddie wasn’t sure if that was worse or not. Nanny McMean catching her snooping red-handed. Why didn’t she say anything…? Before she wound up caught for real, Maddie scooted on over to pick up a mug and take a sip. He wrote a song about her fic. Inspired by her fic? Maybe it was a joke… but it actually sounded like a good song. Maddie was baffled! -09:56 Apr 20
Drake: He stepped out of the bathdoor and dropped into the bed to pick up his mug and take a sip. "You know you’re dressed too nicely. Trying to impress me?" he smirked at her before taking another sip and putting his still bare feet on the bed and settling down. "Lunch date with Maddie who is dressed up like she’s going to see the queen… I think she’d complain if I ended up taking her to Fishy Joe’s…" -10:04 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie looked down at her clothes, which served as a momentary reprieve from wondering about that song. "…okay maybe I over did it a little. But you said I should dress like I was going out on a date, and when I go out on a date I dooo want to impress. So meet Maddie the Impressonator…? Or something like that!" She couldn’t think up a good name. That’s how stuck she was! She wanted to shake her coffee at him and ask him about the song! "…so um. What sort of things are you inspired by when you write..?" There. That was subtle. -10:08 Apr 20
Drake: "lately I havn’t really been inspired." he said. "That’s one of the bigger priblems with me taking control of things." he sipped his ug and looked into the murky brown depths of the coffee. "But usually… well I just know it when I see it." he gulped down more and then rested the mug in his lap looking at her. :Not stealth interviewing me for a magazine, are you?" -10:12 Apr 20
Maddie: "I think you know my writing well enough to tell I am totally NOT a journalist." Well enough to have remembered her story in a sea of other silly fanfics and write a song about it. …now she was melting with infatuation. With her mug in both hands, she was sipping and walking away to take a look out the window. He she looked at him, she was just going to blabber about her snooping. -10:14 Apr 20
Drake: "Been tricked before." he said keeping his eyes on her, she was definately up to something… "I’m sure you read The Scoop’s story on my a few years ago… that misquoting ittle… it’s amazing how celebrty journalists take things out of context and twist them into thier own vertions and visions… What inspires you to write?" -10:18 Apr 20
Maddie: "I suck at lying way too bad to even attempt to trick you." And that was the honest truth. Trying to hold back she snooped was now driving her insane, and it had only been a few minutes. His question, though, made her laugh and shrug. Maddie turned back to him and stuck out her tongue. "Obsession, I guess. Fantasy and pretend? All of my stories were dumb mary sue day dreams, although I guess some I had inspiration for. Kinda the same way I paint. I see something or hear something and then I want to put it somewhere." -10:26 Apr 20
Drake: "And i’m the unfortunate victin of your inpiration by virtue on being the focus of a lot of your obsession?" he grinned at her then his eyes fell on a pile of papers that were not quite where he had left them. "Hmmm…." he placed his mug down and stalked towards the desk. "Hmmm.." -10:30 Apr 20
Maddie: "Yeah and you made sure I suffered plenty for it by relentlessly trolling me." He was making that hmmm sound, which was some sort of crazy vocal truth serum. Maddie quickly had her back turned to him again and gulped down a huge swallow of coffee. She was so busted. Soooo busted. Reading papers wasn’t exactly a crime though, they were sitting right there…! -10:33 Apr 20
Drake: He reached he desk and picked up the papers looking at them and then turned to sit on the best looking at he as he tapped them. "You know snooping through studion property can get you sued right?" he said scanning the page left on the top and then placing them down on the desk next to him while using his foot to turn the chair Maddie was in towards him then resting it in her lap. "Unless you tell me what your thought of it, then you’re a paid consultant." -10:39 Apr 20
Maddie: "I wasn’t snooping." she defended,"… I was keeping myself distracted so I wouldn’t think about you in the shower." See. That was honesty. Embarassing honesty with a few details left out. "Some of the songs read really amazing though. Those are ones you’ve written all yourself?" -10:46 Apr 20
Drake: "Yes." he said folding his arms. "I did go trough singwriting school after all instead of regular school." he out his other foot in her lap and tilted his head at her. "You’re being honest and not a fan? They’re actually good?" -10:49 Apr 20
Maddie: She glanced down at his feet, so tempted to try and tickle, but she couldn’t reach the desk to set down her mug and she didn’t want to find out the hard and splashy way that he was a kicker. "Yeeees. They’re good. I don’t like your music just because you make it! I like it cause it’s awesoooome and there’s something special in it…" -10:54 Apr 20
Drake: He piked them up again and paged through them until he found the one he wanted, then used his feet to pull her closer and hold it out to her. "Take a loot at this one, it’s called "Following Starrdom" where I draw parallels between my fans and the three wise men from the bible and use that to try and say I don’t want a religious following of nutters and I want people to be obgective about my art and not just follow blindly through the three kings questioning thier own logic of following the brightest star… Sometimes I overthink things…" -10:59 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie took the paper and looked it over, her nose and corner of her mouth twisting up as she read the lyrics and debated what she thought of the song. She was also trying not to be amused at him shuffling her around in that chair. "Okay, yeah, maybe you over thought this one a lot… But still, the idea is great and I know with a little bit of tweaking you could have a great song. …and then of course hoards of dumb fangirls would totally miss the entire meaning of the lyrics and do the exact opposite of what you were trying to say!" -11:03 Apr 20
Drake: "They do that no matter what I do so that’s no big deal." he said rolling hsi eyes and then sliding another page on top of the one in her hands. This one he did not say anything about he just waited, peering at her and folding his arms again. It was a fairly generic concept as far as pop songs went, and just about every singer har one.. the one about the girl who could never see tham as anything but what they were in public. He of course put hi own spin on it. -11:07 Apr 20
Maddie: Hell in a handbasket, he was going to give her one page at a time until she cracked! Now that she was close enough to the desk, she set her mug down and leaned back in to the seat. That felt a little more comfortable and a little less like being squeezed for information. "I like this one better. But maybe I am a little biased to these kinds of songs." Maddie couldn’t help it, his feet were in her lap and now that her coffee was out of the way, she tugged gently on one of his toes. -11:14 Apr 20
Drake: He ignored the tug, instead he held up the next page and scanned the lines and then started singinging slowly and clearly, broken open… reading wouldn’t do it justice and he knew EXACTLY how he wanted it to sound.. so why not give her the full experience? -11:17 Apr 20
Maddie: Mystified was a good word for that feeling. Maddie made a show of huffing and leaning forward to set the other two pages on the desk. But it was pretty plain across her face that he was doing something she liked, and she couldn’t hide it. Not the chewing on her lip to keep from grinning like a fool, or the shifting in her seat because she was trying not to sigh or squee when he was barely a foot away from her. He really, REALLY sounded so much better in person and in intimate spaces…! -11:21 Apr 20
Drake: He finished the song without stopping no matter how tempting it was to look at her instead of the words. Then he was smiling and leaning forwards. "I don’t think I’ve seen a gappier face since little Anna Smish and the Make a Wish Foundation… And she was 6 and getting a puppy plushie from me." -11:27 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie was leaning too close, and he had noooo idea how much she wanted to jump and hug him, and probably kiss him until he was unconcious. She gave up trying to hide that stupid infatuated grinning. There was no way to control it. "Yeah, well… I am a hopeless fan, after all? On the bright side, I am not on the floor in a pool of my own drool, so I guess that’s something. I like it though, the song. Some of them give me chills, it’s neat.." -11:32 Apr 20
Drake: He took his pages abck and placed them on the desk, then he was leaning in to kiss her forehead and then lean back. "I think you’re overdressed for my bedroom…. and I do not mean that in a get undressed kind of way. I mean that in a we should either step out or you should shower and got that make up off so we can head over to the home entertainemnt system kind of way." -11:34 Apr 20
Maddie: She rolled her eyes and stood. But instead of stepping away, she was running on impulse to take his face in her hands and plant a kiss at the corner of his mouth. He earned and kissed, and if she didn’t do something, it was all just gonna build up on her until she tackled him to the floor! "The only way you’re getting this makeup off me, sir, is a date well had! So lets have this date?" -11:39 Apr 20
Drake: "he pushed the chair and her away before standing and stretching. "So if I smudge it you’ll keep it on.. gotcha." he started walking towards the door and then glances back at her. "Finish your coffee. I’m just going to try and find a fair of shoes that don’t look like they’re compeating for the most goth award." -11:43 Apr 20
Maddie: "I put on fancy date make up for you, you know! The least you could do is wait to smudge it until after the date part is over." Or wait. That sounded like it was open to all kinds of promises. Maddie quickly reached for her mug and swallowed the rest of her coffee as quickly as she could. -11:49 Apr 20
Drake: He did find a pair of plainish boots and then suck on a watch and waited in the living room. Where to take maddie? Clubs would be closed, nice resturant? She was dressed for it… French? He didn’t like overly fancy meals… steakhouse it was! -11:52 Apr 20
Maddie: Maddie hopped down the stairs with a strange mix of joy and… something weird! Warm fuzzie feelings of infatuation still lingering. If she was careful, she was going to get lost in some fantasy that she had no business being in. Still, at the bottom of the stairs she was grinning at him and rocking on her feet. "Where are we going then? And what is the big surprise at your oversea concert?" Might as well slip that in and see if she could get an answer. She hadn’t forgotten. -11:58 Apr 20
Drake: "Secret." he said getting his car keys and looking at her. "No talking about it where people can hear either. Got it? I shouldn’t have even gold you." he moved away and exited into the street before stretching and looking at the rows of houses. "Brunch…" with a girl so overdressed ti would be obvious to everyone she wanted in his pants. -12:04 Apr 21
Maddie: "Uuuggh… I hate surprised!" That was a lie. Maddie loved them… most of the time! She hated knowing there was a secret and she couldn’t know what it was. She followed, giving him the occasional obvious look that she was pouting about not getting to know. "Yeah, I know. Don’t tell anyone about super pop star secrets. I’m not a complete idiot, Drake. You can trust me." Maybe she should be insulted? For a brief moment she was a little self concious about it. "You’re eyeing me again with that unreadable look." -12:10 Apr 21
Drake: "The eyes are the ket to reading any look, they are the windows to the sould after all… I read that online once." he opened the car door and getting in. "You ever notice hos this car looks like the latest batmobile just you know, a car?" he asked petting the steering wheel and doing up his seat belt. "All angles and wedge shaped… I wasn’t allowed to install rocket launchers though. Now… Where do you think we’re heading?" -12:18 Apr 21
Maddie: "I think this car looks like a car. A really shiny fancy car." she was leaning back in her seat with her belt clipped and casting him a wide sheepish grin. Maddie kinda liked how enthusiastic about his car he was. It was pretty cool seeing what he enjoyed besides music. "And I dunno. I’m not really sure what to expect with you, you’re kinda unpredictable?" -12:21 Apr 21
Drake: He pulled the car off and pointed the car torwards the road out of town. Then he was smirking as he looked at her and drummed his fingers on the wheel. "Glad that I am even to my stalkers. Means I havn’t been eaten alive by the bizz yet. Still some hope left for Preston Starr. Now…" he was grinning as he pulled onto the interstate and acceletated outwards. "What did you say about all cars earlier?" -12:26 Apr 21
Maddie: "Yep, I think there’s plenty of life in you and years worth of mysteries to uncover. Um…" Maddie cast him a curious look. Was he going to lecture her about cars now? She was amused, but not even Preston Starr was going to get her interested about all those crazy details. She didn’t know an engine from a radiator! "That there’s not much different about them? I mean I know there’s differences. But this car, shiny as it is, really doesn’t all that different from the one I drove." -12:31 Apr 21
Drake: He looked at her and kept his eues on her as he slowly lowered his foot on the acceletator and the v8 roared as a higher and higher pitch, then there was a thump from nehind them as just behind eacj window a trianglar air scoop opened very much visible as if she looked, then he shifted up still keeping his eyes in her and the engine roared higher as they were pushed back into thier seats. "And this is her being behaved…" -12:34 Apr 21
Maddie: "Holy hell…!" She hadn’t meant for it to come out like a high pitched squeak. But the damned thing sped up in an instant and with enough force to shift her body. …and he was staring at HER instead of the road! "At least watch the street and where you’re going…! Oh christ." Maddie caught a glimpse of the speedometer when she had turned back around. Were they really going that fast? It went so smooth! "Okay, maybe I am a little curious at what ‘she’ does when misbehaved!" -12:39 Apr 21
Drake: He grunned and let ‘her’ slow down on her own lookign ahead again. "Good, that’s exacly what I had in mind." hider grin and a chuckle as he shifted in his seat and the air scoops folded back again becoming flush against the bodywork. "Because we’re eating at the Checkered Flag." He pointed ahead at the resturant just outside the race track. "But first.." he slowed and turned into the garage area where race cars would be being prepaired, only stoppug at the gaurd booth to open the window and pay the entry fee. "Five laps?" he asked as he pulled out onto the track, there were no other cars… good. Then he stopped and started pushing buttons, changing the car to tack mode even if the only way to tell for now was the car lowering slightly. Then he was tapping his fingers on the treatign wheel with his other hand idle tapping the gead paddle on the side of the wheel. -12:52 Apr 21
Maddie: "Now?" Another squeak. It wasn’t like she had a fear of cars or rollercoasters or fast things. Maddie loved those. She was just… a little dubious about a pop star’s ability behind the wheel while going a hundred miles per hour and making sharp turns. Maddie was giving im another dubious look. "Do you need a license for these sorts of things? You’ve never crashed before, right?" -01:01 Apr 21
Drake: "If I had I wouldn’t risk my car… well not this one anyway…" he said as he reved the engine, the whine of the turbo audiable even over the roar of the big v8. Well then, let’s misbehave…" then he they were off, the gforces pushing them back as the tires squealed leaving a trails of smoke behind them. Still there wasn’t much time to think beofre the first corner came up and he tured the wheel, the nose rurned the then…. the rear lost grip and slid around but he turned the wheel the other way before it became a spin and dropped his foot on the gas drifting around the corner. He laughed with a slight maniacle tone to it and grinned. "Never a lamborgini with a 8v that was any good that didn’t try to kill you in the corners." he said with a childish grin plastered over his face. "That’s what makes them fun." there was another corner coming up and he took it the same way the blue smoke behind them thick and he glanced in the mirror. "Eeeehhhh going to need new tires.." he said but that didn’t stop him flinging the car into the next corner in then letting her give the long strait all she had counting up the speed incriments in his head as he did so… he had a personal record to beat. -01:10 Apr 21
Maddie: "Eeee…!" A few other barely restrained exclaimations and squeals were heard out of her. Maybe even a curse word or two, especially when the turn almost felt like it would flip them, and when she turned around to look back at smoking tires. Could tires burst in to flames? That laugh was a little scary, and for a split second she might have been eyeing him like he was mad. But he loved this… he loved this a lot! That at the very least was infectious, and despite the fact her heart was pounding through her chest, Maddie couldn’t help but laugh in response. "So you LIKE your cars trying to kill you! That’s a little wild! Oh, eeii!" Another corner, Maddie slapped her hands over her eyes. She never could watch it coming. -01:18 Apr 21
Drake: "YES!" was his only responce as the spedomites clicked over and then he hit the breaks at the last second and twistd the wheel. "Shit shit shit shit shit." they were close to the rumble strip on this drift and getting closer. "Shiiiii." his cursing was barely audiable then the car lurched at the back clicked the grass and then they were on the strait and Drake’s knicled on the wheel were white. "Yes, I like it a lot." he said as they rockedted past the start finish line. "Now… just four more times…" -01:22 Apr 21
Maddie: HIM cursing was the last thing she wanted to hear! Her hands had moved away from her face, with one now gripping in to his arm and the other on to the solid door handle. If she was going to die, she wanted to see it happen! ….maybe! "Okayhowabout you -don’t- sounds like we’re a hair’s breadth away from utter carsplosion annhilation on the next lap…!" A deep breath! That was better. It really wasn’t -that- bad. The car just had her whole body vibrating and she swore she could feel every little nudge he made on the wheel. Weird! -01:27 Apr 21
Drake: "Then take your habd off e I really need to concentrate." he said as they continued getting faster despite the corner rocketing at them. Then they were going sideways again and he was feathering the wheel left and right as he kept the slide stable. -01:29 Apr 21
Maddie: Maddie yanked her hand back quick. There was nothing like the thought of potential death by distraction to keep you from over thinking a request. This corner went so much smoother, it was impressive! She turned to look behind them, giving a still shakey, but amused laughed. "…that’s a better turn, yeah? What is that rule, faster on corners, not slower?" -01:33 Apr 21
Drake: "The rule is to now ley the mad over engenered itallian beach box kill you." he said taking the second corner and then back onto the mong strait where hsi whole expression changed and he eyed the speed and the revs for the perfect gear changes. "Come oooon ….. so close." slower this time but further away from the grass on the exit. "Enjoying youself?" -01:38 Apr 21
Maddie: She was clinging on to her seltbelt now for something to hold on to, and cast him a quick glance. There was a twist of her mouth and a narrowing of her eyes while she debated, but she finally gave a sheepish grin. "It’s scary! ….but it’s like a good kind of scary. Safer feeling than a rollercoaster, but more completely horrifying at the potential for deathly fires… I kind of like it!" -01:41 Apr 21
Drake: "So do I." he said as he went into another corner, then there was a loud bang and the car lurched and spin completely around a couple of times as Drake held on tight and did his best to stop it as they bumped over the uneven grass and back to a stop. "Ohhh." he said as if he himself were physically hurt. "That was a tire going." he undid his seatbelt and opened the door to get out and walk around the cat seartching for damage but thankfully it was only the tire, now only a scrap of rubber clinging to the rim that was gone. "Tom will bring a tow truck meantime walk to the resturant?" he asked leaneng against the car and looking at her. -01:48 Apr 21
Maddie: That time she hadn’t even screamed. The loud pop and sudden spin may as well of made her swallow her own tongue. Maddie was still frozen in that death grip to her seat belt, giving him that are you insane stare at such a nonchalant question. Breathe! Breeeatheeeee. "Craaaa-zyyyy." she was muttering to herself, though it wasn’t clear if she meant him or her. Her seatbelt was unclicked and she climbed out of the car, more than a little shakey on her feet. She still felt all vibrating and the sudden ‘surprise’ had her a little edgy. "My legs feels all wibbly!" -01:53 Apr 21
Drake: He put an arm around her and closed her door then started walking. "Need to ride on my back?" he asked looking at the distance between then and the resturant. There was already the siren of the tow truck adn it would be taken to the on site mechanic to be checked over. "Maybe next tim I’ll bring soemthign else and you can tell e if they’re the same." He was back to grinning and and teasing. Adrenaline was a funny thing. -01:57 Apr 21
Maddie: She was very careful about how she stepped. More than once nearly losing her balance and having to grab on to him. Heels were only a piece of cake when your knees weren’t all creaky and your blood wasn’t running like crazy. Maddie took at least a quick moment to punch him not too hard on the harm. "You -should- carry me! That nearly scared the fuck out of me! I’m glad you think this is funny!" …and least it was obvious she wasn’t really upset. Maddie’s attempt at scowling was being ruined by the grin that so readily responded to his. "Next time check the tires first too…" -02:01 Apr 21
Drake: "You swear?" he remarked. "Shit, I don’t think I can date you anymore." and then that was enough teasing for Maddie as he sweapt her up into his arms and walked towards the eatery, puthed open the door with his foot, and plopped her down in a seat. It was mostly empty but almost immediatly they had menus put down in front of them. "I want the Indie special." he said without even looking. "And vanilla milkshake… Mddie you should have somethign sweet too." -02:07 Apr 21
Maddie: Maddie was all ready to respond with a sacastic ha ha ha, but in an instant she was literally swept off her feet. And that seemed to do more damage to her dizzy head than spinning in circles and being scared to death. "It was just a big scare, not like I’m dying of bloodloss or something." she finally got out. "…but yeah a milkshake! Strawberry. And the big burger and fries! A slice of pizza for breakfast just doesn’t seem to do it when your fiiiaance takes you on a wild ride." Maddie stuck her tongue out at him. Everything was still tingling, and she was tapping her feet on the floor to release that pent up energy. -02:12 Apr 21
Drake: He grinned at her then rolled his eyes. "You know we’re a gussy-uped girl and a guy with a fast car.. all we’d need is me in sunglasses and we’d be the ultimage douchbag couple." he made a face and leaned back as their menus were taken away and orders taken down. "Also, I’m stealing some of your fries."" -02:18 Apr 21
Maddie: "Next time you tell me I should dress how I normally would for a date, you should be more specific!" He was going to end up making HER think too hard on it. The last thing she needed was some crazy ‘did I do this right?!’ complex. She was trying really hard not to act like a neurotic lunatic. Maddie leaned on the table and rest her chin on her hand. "You dress all fancy all the time. I don’t get to, so dates are special and get special clothes. …and if you wanted fries you should have ordered your own. I’m not gonna feel bad about prodding you with a fork." -02:23 Apr 21
Drake: He leaned over, reached out, and pinched her nose. "You really have no idea how much this dates costing me with a new set of tires do you? I’m taking my fries and there’s nothing you can do about it Maddie. I’m not going to feel bad about stealing the entire plate if I have to to get my dues." -02:28 Apr 21
Maddie: She swatted his hand away from her nose, and was trying not to grin in the process. This was Maddie serious face for as long as she could hold it. "Hey, I let go of your arm long before you blew out that tire! That was all you, buddy. So if you want my fries, you’re going to have to fight me for them. And I’ll warn you, I’m pretty scrappy!" -02:32 Apr 21
Drake: "Who’s paying?" he asked. "Me, they’re mine." he stuck his tongue out at her and patted her on the head. "Don’t worry I won’t just you. They’re just you know. My fries. If you can’t accept that I guess I’ll just jave to go to germany alone to make sure my friend there stay mine." -02:35 Apr 21
Maddie: "Oh ho really, is that the way it is fancy popstarr? And what if I challenged you to, say, a game of kiss chicken, for the honor of those fries? Do you think you’ll win?" This was fun. She wanted to both smack him and kiss him. …so what better way to crush and ego and get a kiss. -02:39 Apr 21
Drake: "You just like kissing me don’t you." he said "No, not going to work. You’re just wanting an excuse to kiss me and I’m not giving it to you. I thought you could share with me, I guess you really can’t so I’l calling it quits." he leaned back and folded his arms. "I’ll order my own." -02:43 Apr 21
Maddie: Ouch! Maddie leaned back herself looking confused and maybe even a little bit wounded! When did that go from playful to… not! She frowned, tapping her fingers on the table. "So what if I do want an excuse to kiss you. I didn’t realize that was a deal breaker! But you- …nevermind." Maddie wasn’t even sure what she wanted to say, she was still stuck for a loop! -02:50 Apr 21
Drake: "Drunk nights out aside it’s a very bad idea for me to be kissing you in public Maddie." he said. "I though you knew that, unless you want a sea of reporters outside your house so thick you can’t get to work in the morning. A proposal is one thing, actual romantic kissing is another, it speaks to people much more than any announcement or… You don’t think I want to too? Then you had to remind me about it and I had to remind myself we can’t." -02:56 Apr 21
Maddie: "No, I get it. You don’t have to explain." She had forgotten about the whole public facade and image thing. And that most of it was all just a show. …she just had thought maybe he didn’t want to play by those rules! Now she was mad and didn’t have a right to be. There was a soft huff from her as she fussed with one of her earrings. "It’s fine, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking." -03:03 Apr 21
Drake: He eyed her hard. "I’m trying to ease your intergration into my life, I’m trying to look out for you frankly PR would be more than happy with us making out in bachstreet diners but as much as you might think you do you don’t know how visious this life can be and I don’t want you to be scared off by it. I don’t want you to be scared off at all." he ran out of steam and rested his face in his hands, defeated. "I suck at regular dates." the last phrase was mumbled to himself. -03:08 Apr 21
Maddie: Now she felt bad for him, and like a jerk for getting pissy. …but it still sorta made her mad! Her expression softened down to her chewing on her lip. After a moment of silence, she was huffing again. Sliding out of her seat to scoot in next to instead. "Do you remember when I said lets not worry about reporters or managers or public relations and all that jazz, and for us to just… be us? I wasn’t kidding. I mean, I surived through high school, I think I can live through a bunch of stalker paparazzi and gossip columns talking about Preston Starr’s new girlfriend looking fat in her jeans and stuff. It’s hard enough trying to be normal and like like a crazy psycho fanmaddie, without you telling me that normal me is wrong too.." -03:16 Apr 21
Drake: He looked at her. "It’s not a few, I have millions of fans. Your entire street would be jampacked with people. Not just reporters but other fans too, some of them probably pretty jealous and throwing things. You’re aready open to that kind of thing. I worry about you." he said putting an arm around her. "Morso now that I’ve seen where you live." the milkshakes arived with a ‘Here you go Mr. Starr.’ from the waitor and then he was reaching for the milkshake. He really was bad at dating… -03:24 Apr 21
Maddie: "You’re exagerating. There’d never be that many people on the street. The cops would think it was a riot and send in the swat." Maddie was trying to make a joke, but it was probably in poor taste. She leaned to bumped her shoulder against him, and rest her forehead against hist cheek. "Look, my neighborhood isn’t that bad. My car getting stolen was the worst that’s happened in five years. I AM scrapy, I can take care of me. Okay? There’s nothing to worry about over me." -03:30 Apr 21
Drake: "It I worrk it menas I care." he said pulling her against him and sipping on his milkshake. "The press if both a fascinating and terrifying thing Maddie, never underestimate them." he said looking at her and leaning down to rest his ceek against her forehead. "And you know scrappy it the poster child for hated cartoon characters right?" -03:34 Apr 21
Maddie: "Then it’s perfect. I’m already every fangirl’s nightmare, running off with thier favorite idol. A name that fits, yeah?" This sucked…! She wanted to hug him and to kiss him, and ease all of his worries. Typical white knight MaddieMay for her Prince of Starrlight. …okay! That super lame trail of thought fix it. With a sigh, she pulled her own shake closer to take a sip. "I guess you’re not gonna smudge up my makeup after all?" -03:40 Apr 21
Drake: "You’d think a raw confession of feeling from their idol would be enough for most girls." he said nudging her. "But fine I’ll drive you to my place and he’ll continue this date there." -03:48 Apr 21
Maddie: "Some more Drake originals music and snacks provided by Nanny McBadass?" Maddie wasn’t so sure how that woman was going to respond to her hanging out there again. …especially after having seeing her snoop! Urrrg. She almost forgot about that. "Does that woman even like me…? I am pretty sure she’s given me the evil eye more than once." -03:52 Apr 21
Drake: "She gives the evil eye more often the Sauron." he said glancing at her. "It’s just the way she is, you’ll get used to it… Quite frankly I don’t thin she would believe me if I told her we haven’t slept together… well he have slept in the sme bed but there wasn’t any sex. Even with a lot of the looks you’ve been giving me. You’re not exactly good at hiding that you want to push me down adn make me see starrs." -03:58 Apr 21
Maddie: Maddie choked, coughed, and immediately groaned. "Gaaawd… you’re supposed to pretend like you don’t notice so I can keep on believing I don’t look like some sort of creepy sexual predator everytime you’re involved…" she muttered. That was great. Why did she even bother trying to hide it if it was so obvious? "It’s your own fault. If it was just the Preston Starr stuff I would have gotten over it after a day or two. But it’s not. It’s little things and it – you know what I’m just gonna shut up now!" -04:01 Apr 21
Drake: "I mention it because I wanted that reaction. He chuckled and sipped his milkshake. "And I don’t want you to shut up, I want you to be offended and deny it." -04:04 Apr 21
Maddie: "That’d make me a big fat liar. And we already know I’m a terrible liar…" Didn’t stop her face from being red though, and she was trying to take a sip of her shake with all the dignity she could muster. "But I would, you know. If I could get away with it. Push you on the floor maybe tie you up, and then later wind up in jail and have three different restraining orders." But ooooh, Maddie bet it would be so worth it. -04:07 Apr 21
Drake: So that was why she hadn’t. "I don’t remember that from your stories." he said glancing at her right before thier food was put down and he moved away to give himself room to eat. -04:19 Apr 21
Maddie: "I haven’t because you said you wanted to wait. I am a girl, I totally understand what wanting to wait feels like!" She picked up one of her fries to dip in her shake, and paused there baffled for a moment. "…you know, that’s never happened before. Me -not- wanting to wait. But I guess I never really met anybody that plays kiss chicken and gets me plastered on the first date, but doesn’t try to sleep with me." -04:24 Apr 21
Drake: He was already stuck into his food and chewing while she spoke. "When you say it like that I sound like the words date rape artist in recorded history. Add in the fact that I proposed to you and well that’s pretty damning." he sighed and looked at her. "I’ve never met someone I’ve wanted to wait with either but well… I really don’t want to screw things up." -04:28 Apr 21
Maddie: She blinked at him, before her face turned to a slow grin. "Really. See, you say things like that and it makes it worse. It’s prolly safer for you if you dun get me drunk again, I dunno what I’ll do." -04:32 Apr 21

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