Demon Vexed 005: The Village of the Dead

Demon Vexed

Elisdandre: Elisandra didn’t like this. "This" being, going on a mission with her "familiar" in tow. There was always leaving the demon alone in the glade. But how many different ways could a powerful demon get in trouble all by his lonesome? Throw in Lucretia to the mix and here Elisandre was. Stomping down a forest path towards a local village, now having to do her job with an unpredictable sex demon. "I wasn’t kidding about the clothes. Manifest something to wear or I’m going to do it for you." -10:07 May 12
Cupio: Cupio smiled and bowed his head. "I would hate to see wha you want to see me in… or would love to if you were in the mood." purple smoke swirled around him and formed into long flowing robes leaving his head explosed as he folloed the witch. "Why are we here anyway, the stench of the souless is on the air and they aren’t worht my time killing. No sould means no gain." -10:35 May 12
Elisdandre: She got distracted for a moment considering the things she might want to see him in. Maybe some pirate pants and a vest.. hrmm… Elisandre shook herself out of that thought to cast him a small frown. "Sometimes a witch is called out to do a good deed. Work. Assholes are out there giving a good witch a bad name, and tus we fix it… In this case people have been turning up missing in a village, and it’s likely to be some stupid sorcerer grabbing bodies for things. An easy fix." -10:39 May 12
Cupio: "Take voer the village to lure the sorceror out, then kill him, then harverst the village and move on." he said lookign at the small collection of huts before them. "You’re fight, easy, silmple, clean. Didn’t think it was your… oh… you want to help them don’t you." -10:43 May 12
Elisdandre: "Yes. HELP them. …but yes also kill the sorcerer and take what he’s hoarding." …and this was why she didn’t want to bring a demon. How did any witch survive having a demon familiar? Elisandre was rolling her eyes at him, up until the huts and small buildings came in to view and they crossed through the village border. Then her demeanor was completely different. Poised, wary… searching! There was a single human, beast, or otherwise anywhere to be seen. "….This is strange…" -10:48 May 12
Cupio: "It’s a trap." he said simply not stopping as he moves forwards into the village. "But I do like the idea of getting some good toys out of this, I wonder if any of it will be usable by demons ot might help break this link…" through who hoked in the back of his robes that hadn’t been there a secong earlier his wings unfolded af he gathered energies, prepairing himself. "You coming?" -10:52 May 12
Elisdandre: "It wouldn’t be the first trap set by some asshole sorcerer. I’m coming." she muttered, more wary about the demon now than the idiot she was going to have to kill. The lack of people was alarming. She walked with him, pulling a wand up out of her belt, reaching outwards…. nothing. Not a life. Not a soul. The entire village was completely devoid of it. So why was all the hair raising up on the back of her neck and her skin crawling! "Sorcerers do tend to have very nice ancient items scattered around their lairs." -10:57 May 12
Cupio: Coop reached the central square that contained a well and there was still not a single person to be seen, but coop her other senses. "We’re surrounded." he said taking a breath. "Any second now the trap will be sprung and we’ll be surrounded… Smells like undead.You didn’t say he wa a necromancer… that means… interesting. I’ll be sure to search his lair thouroughly." -11:00 May 12
[Vay is now known as: Cupio] -11:07 May 12
Elisdandre: She flinched at the word undead. And her heart might have skipped at the word necromancer. But there was no other expression when she took a deep breath and seemed to shift her casting energy immediately to direct aggressive attack. …and not a moment too soon! As if summoned by the demon himself there were suddenly strange groans. Grunts. Creaks and shuffles. Hands pushing out of doorways, bodies crawling up from under high standing buildings. Dead people circling around the huts, all circling around the two at the center of the village. "Gods all be fucking damned!" Elisandre popped off her spells, quickly and with deadly accuracy! Not a single one of those things were coming near her! -11:08 May 12
Cupio: Coop heard the groans, felt the shift in energy from elis and folding his arms sat on the edge of the well. "Time to see what a witch can do." he said holding up a hand and the same purple mist that made his clothes sworling in his hand to create, or rather summon from elsewhere, an apple that he bit into. "There are a lot of them.. say if you die do you think I’ll be free?" another bite of apple and coop grinned. Elis wasn’t in any real danger. IF they came close Coop always could grab her and fly away. -11:12 May 12
Elisdandre: "Glad to see you are AMUSED." The calm out exterior did match what was going on in her head. Elisandre didn’t fear the undead, this was an entirely different problem! When rapid fire shots wasn’t making a quick enough dent, she switched spells. A fist clenched in the air and a flick of her wand send out a pulse. Bodies dropped in an instant. A deep breath was taken in, trying to gather back that energy quicker than the new circle of zombie things shuffled their way. Another pulse. Another circle of bodies dropping…. it wasn’t reaching out far enough, and it was taking longer to recharge every time she repeated. How many people lived in this goddamned village?! -11:20 May 12
Cupio: "I think they’re coming out of the well too." he said standin slowly and slowly walking towards Elis, a wing shielding him from her pulses as if it was just a breeze. "They’re also getting back up… want to watch out for that. Don’t have any spells they work on the undead?" they were closing in too and now Coop was getting a little concerned. He’d expected Elis to be able to deal with this. "Don’t you know the first thing about neromancy?" -11:24 May 12
Elisdandre: "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" Of COURSE they were getting back up! It’s not like she would get the EASY town of headshot zombies, no. She got the asshole ever-walk zombies that required the spells she couldn’t cast while she was desparately trying to keep them at a distance far enough away for her to even be able to look for their master. And none of this she could explain to him because her last pulse spell completely fizzled. Failed to hit. Her wand wasn’t channeling and her spells weren’t casting. She was switching to a knife snatched right out of her boot and the first undead that entered her personal space had it rammed right upwards through the jaw. Right. Only a a hundred left to go…? Elisandre was starting to stumble! -11:30 May 12
Cupio: He caught her and sat her down on the ground. "The run if negative energy, the oposite of life force, you either need to counter it with healing magic.. or take thier energy away from them." The voice that say this wasn’t his normal voice but a softer more feminine voice. "Leave this to me Elis." Lips were pushed against her before Cupio rose and the robes vanished back into smoke. Wind cane rushing towards then from evey direction as the demon rise from the ground. Thene there was a sucking sound as beneath cupio’s wings vark vortexes openes and though then long thin shadows emeged and immediatly punched into the chests of the neavest zombies. A cry of delight from the cemon adn they fell to the ground only for the process to be repeated, more and more shadown emerging from the vortexes, and more and more zombies disintergrating into ash. -11:40 May 12
Elisdandre: Elisandre was about to fight and stab the hell out of whatever grabbed her. Kissing was not what she was expecting, and not from… the tiny dangerous lady demon Cupio. All of her energy seemed to be put towards scowling at him. …Her. And the very strenuous activity of staying on her feet. "They’re dead… too dead. There’s nothing for me to take, only for me to lose and…" And she was dizzy again tilting forward muttering something about asshole necromancrs. -11:45 May 12
Cupio: They were gone, nothing but ash in the wind when Coop landed again and placed a hand on Elis’s cheek before kissing her hard. "Elisamdre?" there was another kiss, testing for a reaction and if she was awake. "They’re gone… whoever made those was skilled, thier energy tasted divine… not as in holy energy just really delicious. Are you alright sweetie?" -11:49 May 12
Elisdandre: "..why is this woman kissing me…" more muttering. She clearly forgot who she was talking to and where she was for a moment. Hmm, but kissing felt good, even if it was a woman. Warming. Iiinteresting. …awareness was coming back and Elisandre swatted him back a bit. "…I’m fine…! Just. Zombies." -11:51 May 12
Cupio: "Would sex help you feel better? I can fly up somewhere and then when we’re done we can find the necromancer." he flicjed the tip of his tongue againsr her fils and ran a hand down against her cheek. "You should really try healing magic next time… it turns zomnies back into simple corpses." -11:54 May 12
Elisdandre: "You’re a woman." there was a very distinct disdain that she didn’t have the energy to hide. And the fact the her body didn’t seem to care about him being a woman was just irritating and confusing. Elisandre was feeling well enough to push him back. "Everyone has a weakness, Cupio. I can’t cast healing magic on them not for long. I need life around me for any of my magic to work and that is the very complete and utter opposite of life…" -11:58 May 12
Cupio: Pushed away and.. insulted? "I’m not really life either…" an unsure demon pulled away and was quickly hidden back under the robes, this time a hood obscuring his head. "We should get you out of here then. Back to life. I will sniff out the sorceror." -12:05 May 13
Elisdandre: "You are the most alive thing around for miles. There is no one better for me than you." That might have came out strange. Elisandre didn’t seem to notice, she was picking dusting herself off and trying to regain some of her sense. "This is my job, I will carry it out. I’ve a very large dislike for getting nearly murdered." -12:08 May 13
Cupio: "You were never in any danger." he said, still small under the robes. "The energy they posess I FEED on. That was like a meal to me. They’ll need something more than zombies to get me, and I won’t let them get you." Now elis was getting hugged and there was a sigh beneath the hood. "You’re too fun to let die… and I’m still bound to you." -12:14 May 13
Elisdandre: Hugs, what..! Out of reflex Elis was putting her arms around the now-small demon. The scowl was still painted on her face, but she was gently patted his hooded head. "I’m not sure if that is agonizingly frustrating, or endearingly sweet. You do not need to worry about me, Cupio…" -12:18 May 13
Cupio: He pulled hsi hood back and looked at the witch. "I do, you frustrate me, and you insult me and you don’t liek the closest thing I have to a natural form but I do worry about you. If I can get out of this without hurting you I will you’re stupidly nice and I want you to like me, all of me and that’s really confusing when when I let you all I wanted to do wa s rip your heart out and capture your soul. I think I need to read about me more." -12:23 May 13
Elisdandre: How odd…! The way he just blurts things out in a whirlwind of silly blabbering, just like some addle headed village girl. Her scowl melted, and it was a reluctant witch that was grabbing his head to pull him forward and plant a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Then let me make a promise. I will take care of you and I will protect you. No one will bend your will. And when I break this bond you can do as you please. As long as you promise to do the same for me." -12:28 May 13
Cupio: "Do you really trust a promise from a demon?" he asked her looking into her eyes. "Because if you do then I promise." Then he was pushing his lips into her and pulling away the form under the robes shifting into the one she knew better. "Now, let us find thisn sirceror." -12:37 May 13
[(Timeout) Cupio has timed out.] -07:52 May 14
[(Timeout) Elisdandre was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:52 May 14
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[Cupio has saved Elisandre’s life, and has forgotten what form he’s in.] -07:53 May 14
[Elisandre is still wavering on her feet, and not sure how she feels about relying on a demon! At least she is less perturbed by now-man again Cupio than his female form.] -07:58 May 14
Elisandre: Elisandre never made promises she didn’t intend to keep. And she also never left a job unfinished, even when that moment she wanted to be in her bed and unconcious for the next week. She was pulling her wand again and tapping it on her palm to see how much magic she could pull up now that she wasn’t being sucked dry by zombies and had a few strangely energizes kisses from a lust demon. -08:02 May 14
Cupio: He haw still basking in the energy he had just tunsumed when he turned to Elis and raised an eyebrow al her feeble attempt to cast magic. "You draw on life for your energy, can’t you draw on the sun, the source of all life?" He tilted his head and offered her his hand. "Or I can take you, wherever you want to pick up the trail." -08:07 May 14
Elisandre: For a moment she had thought he meant the other taking and her face had turned crimson red. "The sun is energy, but it’s not living energy. It’s made up of entirely different stuff. We do need to find the source though and get that done." After deliberating, she went ahead and took his hand. -08:16 May 14
Cupio: "I can smell that you know." he said. "That rush of feeling, the hint of pheremone in the air. I know what you thought about." he teased her and pulled her to him, supporting her as he gazed around the deserted village. "East." he said turning his head. "That is where the spell came from, I suspect we’ll find a hilltop with traced of magic… sorceror is difficult for me to read and you seem to have trouble with necromancy… so why were WE sent? Maybe you need to call for help." -08:21 May 14
Elisandre: "East, then." She didn’t respond to his comment, she was too busy trying not to enjoy the fact that even just being so close to him was enough to make her feel worlds better. Elisandre frowned. "I’m a strong witch. I’m sure if the Matron knew it was necromancy, she would have sent someone else. It doesn’t matter now, we’re going to carry it through. As long as we’re not battling an entire zombie legion, I’ll be fine." -08:29 May 14
Cupio: "Pfft." he walked with her towrds the east and kept sniffing the air as they went. "A legion of corpses doesn’t scare me Elisandre. There is nothing a necromancer can summon that I can’t desctroy or turn against them. I only don’t have my own undead army consisting of those zombies is ecause then you’d be on the ground foaming at the mouth and you’re a lot more useful than zombies. Whoever set this thap knew your weakness but didn’t expect me to be here." -08:35 May 14
Elisandre: "Isn’t that comforting." It wasn’t. Elisandre was trying to think of who actually have a shit enough to want to kill her and was coming up short. …aside from Lucretia. Lucretia wanted the demon and the only thing in the witch’ way was herself. Elisandre siiiiiiighed and groaned out loud. "Great. A personal enemy. I was trying so hard to avoid those… If it IS true and we find them, they need to be dead on the spot. No toying around… I don’t want enemies escaping and lurking about." -08:39 May 14
Cupio: "That’ no fun. -08:40 May 14
Cupio: "That’s no fun." he said glancing at her. "When I get my hands on that witch that summoned me, I as going to tear her soul out inch by inch and I am going to imprison it. Then I am going to hand it over to the one being that will be able to take the apropriate revenge…" he grinned. "At lease I hope you do and you’re not flowers and rainbows and sex all the time." -08:43 May 14
Elisandre: "I would like to know exactly WHEN have I been nothing but flowers and rainbows?" That was… almost insulting! Of course she was a nature witch, and she -liked- flowers and rainbows. But she was clearly not a sunny disposition. Elisandre reluctantly cast a smile. "I believe in life and good things, but I am not above revenge. There’s never any excuse for being a horror and a terror. I’ve got no patience for it, and no naive misconceptions of redeeming the irredeemable." -08:48 May 14
[Cupio enters.] -09:00 May 14
Cupio: "You can’t take a pun, clearly." he said as they exited the village and he looked up a slope with a goatherd’s hut halfway up and a sumit overlooking the village. "This would be a good place." he looked at her, if they were going to a place with a lot of necromantic residue then Elisandre might have difficullty coping with it. "Sure you wouldn’t rather ‘rechange’ befor going up?" -09:08 May 14
[(Timeout) Cupio doesn’t post enough.] -09:14 May 14
Elisandre: Hrrnnnng. Why was it so hard now to resist the offer? Because she know wonderfully, delicious, rewarding it could be? And addicting too… if she weren’t careful… "Not now. Later…" and the way she said it sounded too much like a promise. Elisandre was huffing at herself as she started up the hill towards the hut, welling a bit of magic to pop off any instant spells she might need. "And the sooner we’re done here, the sooner we can get home!" -09:14 May 14
Cupio: "Are you asking me to rush the course of vengence so that you can get good sex sooner?" he checkled and advanced up the slope past the hut and looked at her. "It’s a good thing I’m a lust demon and not a vengence demon, but because it’s your gob I won’t rush. I wouldn’t want to have to kill those they send to take me away from you." -09:38 May 14
Elisandre: There went her face again, a flush of red and a slight scoff. "I would never want to rush through anything worth doing right." And perhaps for the first time ever, Elisandre flashed him a wicked sort of grin. -10:11 May 14
Cupio: He prabbed her chin and pulled her smile closer to lock his lips against it and slide his tongue across them, slowly. "You think about that while not rushing." he wrapped hsi tail around her leg and continued on, the air changing as they got closer. -10:16 May 14
Elisandre: Not rushing. No rush. It might have been the first time she had ever considered abandoning a job for pure, personal reasons. Once they reached the hurt, though, the change of atmosphere almost had her retreating instinctly backwards towards him instead. Simply because he was her living anchor. "Well, it is the right spot. There is no one alive here, either… " Even as she said it, she was pushing the door open and warily waiting for something jump out and attack. -10:22 May 14
Cupio: Nothign was in there, except a spell that triggered when he entered. It was a spell decised by someone who kney him, someone who had touched him, and someone who had tried to summon him. It didn’t break the bond between them but it changed it so that he couldn’t feel it. Life blared in the hut, and it was blown to peices as wings unfurled, robes vanished, adn a feral yell tore through the air. Cupion was out of control. -11:06 May 14
Elisandre: He was not the one she was expecting such a sudden reaction from, so when he shouted she jumped several paces away. Pulling her wand out and nearly shooting off a spell at him. Something stretched. Elisandre couldn’t put words or explination to what it was. Just a strange pulling, almost snapping feeling. ….and she didn’t like it! Because now her demon familiar was emitting feelings she had not gotten from him before. "…you’re practically sparking! What’s the matter with you?!" Another trap, that is what was the matter. For him this time, no doubt! -11:10 May 14
Cupio: His eyes glowed a sicjly yellow at he looked at her, throbbing with power. "You’re shaking." he stepped towards her the emotion on his aspect coming to the fore and seeping into the air. "Are you afraid, witch? I’m not going to kill you would make an excelent pet." -11:24 May 14
Elisandre: Elisandre was quickly running over the possibilities of what just happened, through a quick loop in her head. Spells, what sorts, potential ill reations… She took a deep breath trying to squealch that ill-at-ease feeling at feeling the bond stretched so thin… That’s what it was! His bond to her. The one fragile thing that kept him from raising a literal hell. Now she HAD to stay calm! "Cupio, I am not afraid of you. Worried about you, perhaps… And you terrible taste in pets…" -11:28 May 14
Cupio: He reached out and placed a hand on her head gripping her hair. "I can change you, make you mine." he slipped a claw under her rown and sliced downwards. "How would you feel about bigger… ‘accets’?" -11:34 May 14
Elisandre: "Bigger doesn’t mean better. I am right fine as I am." Calm. Caaaaalm. Her instinct was to fight him, physically or magically, it didn’t matter. This was a demon who was putting a very dangerous vibe… But demons loved a good fight, and this one had the misfortune of tapping in to how she felt and throwing it right back at her! "How do you feel about returning home with me Cupio. Away from this village." -11:38 May 14
Cupio: He grit his teeth his hand moving to her chin to hold it. "But this village is mine, I can populate it with servants, gather strength and kill any witches sent my way before I move against them more powerful than they ever imagined. Cities, or thier ruins will be mine. Countless souls… I offer you the position of my concubine and the freedoms that come with it. If you refuse yours will be the first soul I take." -11:43 May 14
Elisandre: She almost mimicked his expression. That gritting of teeth and just the slightest hint of a growl. "I am no one’s concubine, slave, pet or otherwise." There was more ferocity behind it than she meant to emit jerking her head away and simply from instinct gathering up the energy tp cast defensive spells. He had enough energy for her to pull from and nothing was a drain on her now! At least the bond had it’s uses! "Don’t test me Cupio. Not when I made you a promise." -11:47 May 14
Cupio: She was using making and his claws came out. "The promises of witchlings extends only as far as they are able to keep them, If I tear your soul from you and keep it as a plaything then what do I need your promise for?" he snarled at her. "Tell me, how exactly do you plan to stop me when all your power comes from me and I know your weakness?" -11:54 May 14
Elisandre: "The tricky thing about some souls is that they are not so easy to catch and bend to you will." she muttered. Had he completely forgotten who she was and the promise? He was… practically feral! But at the very mention of her weakness, she reacted from dubt and fear instead of common sense and was making the move first! Elisandre directed her energy and the spell to trying to seal his power! -12:07 May 15
Cupio: Elisanbre hit a button, and a big one. A rush of air erupted away from Cupio as he growled. "I WILL NOT BE BOUND. NOT AGAIN." he came at her his eyes focused on her to drive a shoulder into her. Who had to use magoc when mundane solutions were harder to block? -12:14 May 15
Elisandre: She was hit hard enough to send both of them to the ground when she lost her footing, and with just as much desperate hissing, she was shouting back at him! "AND MY WILL IS MINE." Elisandre didn’t have the physical strength, but with his bond she had the power! It was with another spell that she threw him off her and rolled away to clammer back to her feet. The bond, the bond… that’s what was at risk here! It was stretched too thin! "…but I could willingly give a kiss! Unless you are afraid of a witch’s kiss." The plan forming in her head was completely slap and dash, but a plan was a plan. -12:23 May 15
Cupio: He stood and growled at her. "You do not desurve it." there was a boom and dark lightning lept from the ground at Elis, wounds in the earth forming where it came from, sounds and smoke emitting from them, the screams of tortured souls. "Oblivioun is too good for you, witch of life." -12:30 May 15
Elisandre: "Oh gods be damned…!" He was going to use her weakness! Elisandre couldn’t think of a moment she had ever been more infuriated! A promise made to take care of him, and he was going to kill her without a second thought. Or worse. Try to bind her in ways she didn’t even want to begind to imagine. But there was already a bond, and he was NOT going to break it. In her fury through every ounce of thought and energy in to that. He wanted to bind her, well they would be bound! Stronger than before! -12:35 May 15
Cupio: He felt it and rebelled. "Bitch." he spat his claws clamping arounf his head causing blood to flow down his face. "You little witch I’ll…"he felt her, her desperation and he fell to his knees. "NO!" he slumped and his hands dropped to his side. "I was so… close." -12:41 May 15
Elisandre: Even when she felt it surge, Elisandre held it tight, fed it stronger. Maybe it was simply out of spite and fear that she needed to be the one in control of the bond! Either way, she didn’t let it go until she knew it was strong and she too was crumpled on the floor look weary and disappointed. Hurt, even. She knew that demon would turn on her the moment he had a chance, and he had just proven it… "I’m sorry." She shouldn’t be. -12:45 May 15
Cupio: "I was so close." he repeated lookign at his hands that were now clawless. "You want me bound… you want to use me." he stood, slowly. "I’m never going to get home." He turned away from her and started walking in the direction they had originally come from. He was alone. Who in this world would care about a demon?" -12:49 May 15

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