005 (Unfinished!)

[Felicia was awake before the sun even rose, and making herself a pot of coffee. Who can sleep in this drafty old place?] -02:19 Jun 19

“Where’s my coffee?” complained old man Mr. Peters who had just appeared in a stool at the counter. “You quit work and no one serves me my damned coffee anymore, Caldwell. I ought to complain to your manager.”

[Bernhard arrived in the kitchen not long after the Peters fellow, on his own two feet, through the door, instead of teleporting.] -02:23 Jun 19
Felicia: *Felicia nearly sent sugar flying all over the kitchen from the sudden start. Not Mr. Peters too! Were all of her regulars dead people?!* …Mr. Peters… don’t you think it’s strange that I’m standing here in my pajamas and you’re in my kitchen at 4:30 in the morning asking for coffee…? -02:24 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Smirking as he sat down some distance away from Mr. Peters.* My, you have been doing this for awhile haven’t you? And just never knew it. *He looked as smug as the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.* -02:26 Jun 19

“I know that if I don’t get any coffee, I’m going to have a fit, and don’t you dare serve this young upstart before me!” said Mr. Peters, who clearly wasn’t going anywhere without his morning coffee.

Felicia: *Felicia, like any good employee would, poured Mr. Peters his cup of coffee, two spoonfuls of sugar and a drop of cream, just the way he liked it.. and set it in front of him.* It’s not all that funny. You’d think I’d realize I’ve been talking to dead people. …or that my coworkers would have said something! -02:29 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Leaned forward on the counter with his elbow on the table and his chin on his hand. He was slightly amused at the thought of being served by anyone, much more a Montgomery.* … How do you know your coworkers weren’t dead, too? -02:29 Jun 19

Mr. Peters drank his coffee. Ghosts can drink coffee if they damn well please. It helps when it’s served by a Summoner, at least!

Felicia: *She looked horrified at the thought!* … That couldn’t actually be possible… could it? I mean, I did get paychecks and tips… Someone alive was running the place. -02:31 Jun 19
Bernhard: Anything is possible, especially in your line of … business. The fact you got paid confirms that at the very least your manager was alive. -02:32 Jun 19

“Are you gonna keep yapping or am I going to get my breakfast muffin?” exclaimed Mr. Peters.

Felicia: Well, damn. Next thing I know, I’ll find out all my exboyfriends were dead people too. *Felicia poured Bernhard a cup of coffee as she rolled her eyes at Mr. Peters.* You know, there’s not any muffins, I’d have to bake them myself, and that’ll cost extra considering you’re in my spooky house and not a coffee shop. -02:34 Jun 19
Bernhard: Would it explain a lot if they were? *Smirked and accepted the coffee.* Ah, my thanks. -02:35 Jun 19

Mr. Peters made sure it was known that he didn’t care what it cost so long as he got his damned breakfast muffin.

Felicia: *A grimace!* Ugh, no. I think that’s wishful thinking on my part. *Mr. Peters wanted his breakfast and who was she to deny him? She snooped around until she fetched what she needed and pulled out some goodies from the fridge.* At least I hope I could tell the difference between a dead guy and a live one. -02:40 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Chuckled softly.* I’m quite sure you could. *He sipped his coffee.* After you serve your customer here, what did you have planned for today? -02:45 Jun 19

Mr. Peters had an empty coffee cup and he wanted a refill! “Those dead people give me the creeps. Always walking in an out of places and hovering around like a bunch of wraiths!”

Bernhard: Yes. Well … they were very much like that when they were alive … without the disappearing and reappearing trick. -02:48 Jun 19
Felicia: *Demanding old man. She poured him another cup of coffee and returned to her mixing.* I’m either going to explore, so when I’m running for my life I know where I’m going or I’ll see about some sort of self defense class. Do you suppose teachers make house calls? -02:49 Jun 19
Bernhard: They probably would … provided your house wasn’t the Montgomery estate. You could try summoning a self defense teacher but that can prove risky. -02:50 Jun 19

Mr. Peters snorted. “Got a wise cracker over here. You want me to dispose of him, Caldwell? Then we can have a quiet breakfast without some idiot butting in!” He really was a crotchety old man.

Bernhard: *Smirked.* Take a number, Grandfather. -02:51 Jun 19
Felicia: *Pouring batter in to a muffin tin she cast a side look at Mr. Peters.* Mr. Peters, did you want something besides breakfast? Or do you just want to be ornery and sour all morning? -02:53 Jun 19

The ghost snorted, drinking his coffee with that superior air that old people usually got when they admitting something that they thought was embarassing. “I wanted my damned cup of coffee, and you’re the only wench that’ll serve me any. You got a problem with that?”

Felicia: *She sighed! Why she felt sorry for a mean old dead man, she didn’t know! Felicia slid the pan in to the oven, and finally poured herself a cup!* Then stop being so wretched. I’m trying to have an important conversation with Bernhard. -02:59 Jun 19

Mr. Peters snorted again. But he shut up, not forgetting to give Bernhard a glare.

Bernhard: *Innocently sipped his coffee.* -03:04 Jun 19
Felicia: I guess you’re going to be teaching me more than useful Montgomery things, if I can’t get anyone to come here. If I have to scream for help everytime something is trying to get me, I think eventually you’re gonna feed me to the wolves. -03:04 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Smirked.* Not to worry … we don’t have wolves. *He chuckled softly.* But I see your point. I suppose we could ask a few of your relatives but the only ones to know useful self-defense techniques lived back in the 1700’s and earlier. -03:06 Jun 19
Felicia: Great… This must be life’s way of punishing me for not staying in college. *She was muttering to herself as the timer on the stove dinged. A handy pot holder and she pulled out the pan, plucking out muffins to set on plates. One for Mr. Peters, one for Bernhard, one for herself and some extra for Kylie when she woke up.* -03:09 Jun 19
Bernhard: You’ll do fine. I’ll teach you what I can. *He sipped his coffee again.* -03:13 Jun 19
Felicia: Born to do it and all of that destiny stuff, right? *Giving them each their breakfast, she also set out a dish of butter. Mr. Peters liked his with butter.* Would either of you like a glass of milk too? -03:15 Jun 19
Bernhard: *Smirked.* Destiny has nothing to do with it. No, thank you. *He started to eat his muffin.* -03:16 Jun 19

“Milk is for babies.” grumped Mr. Peters, who was already buttering and devouring his breakfast muffin as if he hadn’t eaten in decades. …It might have been true!

Felicia: *Shaking her head at the old man, she ate slowly, debating on the best thing to do for the day. She really wanted to avoid any summoning. Another accident like that last one would be a disaster. Were there sticks you could hit aggressive ghosts with?* -03:20 Jun 19

Good old Uncle Larry appeared, looking as wonderful as ever! “Well, well. Montgomery serving a demon and a ghost breakfast. This IS a sight to see.”

Bernhard: *Sipped his coffee and ate his muffin.* -03:26 Jun 19
Felicia: Would you like breakfast, Uncle Larry? *She was done with hers anyway, she picked up her cup for a sip.* -03:27 Jun 19

Uncle Larry pointed a finger at her mug making the thingy boil! “No, no. Looks much too hot. I thought today was a grand day to teach my eldest niece something useful.”

Bernhard: … Like how to be a complete jackass? *Asked casually.* -03:29 Jun 19

“Oh ho! Dear, remind our servant that he’s not to speak unless spoken to.” sneered Uncle Larry. “You should come out to the graveyard with me, Felicia. I will teach you how to summon properly.”

Felicia: *Blink…! She frowned at her cup and sat it back down on the counter.* I already have plans today. -03:31 Jun 19

Mr. Peters muttered. “Who let the asshole in?” …With that he promptly and wisely poofed!

Bernhard: *Raised an eyebrow and chuckled softly. He was beginning to like Old Peters.* -03:32 Jun 19

“It’s really not a request, little niece. After all, it’s vital to learn the tools of your heritage and who else better to learned from than your dear highly skilled old uncle?”

Felicia: You know, I think I’m going to get dressed so I don’t start my day running in terror while still in my pajamas! *She announced quickly, heading for the door!* -03:36 Jun 19

Uncle Larry let her leave, choosing to sit in the stool next to Bernhard. “I don’t intend to let you teach her any of your filthy demon habits.”

Bernhard: *Sipped his coffee.* It is her choice, after all. At least I’m not tossing her out of windows and leaving her in the cold. -03:43 Jun 19

“The girl thinks you’re harmless, but we know better don’t we.” Uncle Larry smirked. “I won’t sit idly by while you give lessons…”

Bernhard: *Sideways glance at Larry.* You would know better than anyone, wouldn’t you? Now, now, what’s this? Afraid I might actually teach her something you possibly can’t? -03:49 Jun 19
Felicia: *Felicia escaped to her room, getting dressed faster than she normally would so early in the morning. Some jeans a long sweater, socks and shoes. Uncle Larry said ‘not a request’ and that seemed to mean she was going to get shoved off a building or dropped in the snow somewhere. …She still thought there might be wolves.* -03:49 Jun 19

“My niece seems to be able to do things that Kylie cannot… More than some demon could teach her, I am sure. There is no reason to allow you to leech such knowledge from a stupid clueless girl.”

Bernhard: *Smirked.* Of course. No reason. Because you intend to do exactly that. -03:53 Jun 19

“Yes. I do.” The look on Uncle Larry’s face suggested he planned on doing exactly that, as he suddenly ploofed away!

And that was when a wolf jumped out of Felicia’s closet! A big furry, drooling, and very hungry looking wolf! Greeoowl!

Bernhard: Of course. *Sipped his coffee and ate his muffin. His shadow suddenly broke away and disappeared under the door. -03:57 Jun 19
Felicia: *Felicia paused mid fixing her hair… and quickly climbed on to the dresser! She knew there were wolves! How do wolves get in to closets, anyway?!* Get back in the closet! -03:58 Jun 19

Uncle Larry appeared, floating above Felicia and clucking his tongue! “Didn’t he say there were any wolves here? That demon is a rather bad liar. I could teach you how to deal with summoned wolves, Felicia.” The wolf didn’t think the dresser was that high of a jump and it lunged!

Felicia: *Felicia jumped off the dresser to scramble on top of a much higher wardrobe! She might as well figure out how to deal with a wolf and not call Bernhard for every little thing. This was bound to happen a lot.* I’m sure I can handle a wolf, Uncle Larry. -04:01 Jun 19

“I don’t know. He’s rather not a normal wolf is he. Do you even know how to vanquish or summon?” Uncle Larry asked, hovering still as the wolf had climbed on to the dresser to leap up on the wardrobe!

Felicia: *Sliding off the wardrobe to fall right in to bed, Felicia grabbed up one of the blankets.* If you’re just going to hover and comment, maybe you should dissappear or something! -04:08 Jun 19

The wolf bounced on to the wardrobe and then lept in to the bed after Felicia! “Is that a request for help, dear niece? Uncle Larry would be more than happy to assist if you wished.”

Felicia: *Got it…! She tossed the blanket over the wolf, and with all it’s thrashing it ended up with itself tangled in the sheets!* I’d rather get help from another wolf! -04:10 Jun 19

“I will take that as a ‘Yes, Uncle Larry, save me!’” he said with a smirk! Hovering over her again he snagged her by the shoulders and… PLOOF! Right in to the graveyard! “Oh, whoops! I brought the wolf too!”

Felicia: *Now balacing precarious on a headstone, she toppled off and landed right on someone’s grave! There was the wolf now ripping it’s way out of her sheets, and all she could do was groan.* Thanks a lot, Uncle Larry. *She thought quickly for something that sounded like vanquishing!* -04:15 Jun 19

Riiiiip! The wolf shredded it’s way free, drooling and foaming, catching it’s prey in it’s sights! It ran full steam ahead before it pounced!

Felicia: *Crap…! Thinkfastthinkfast!! Felicia rolled out of the way!* Discostare! Remove! Vanquish! Scram! -04:27 Jun 19

The wolf landed where Felicia had been sitting seconds before, and jumped to lunge again! As it pounced it dissapeared nose first down to his tail like he had jumped down a rabbit hole in mid air! The wolf had poofed!

Felicia: … Oh thank god. *Felicia plopped over on the cold ground. She was really digging for these spells, and thought she might’ve summoned up a mutant or something.* -04:30 Jun 19
[Felicia ended up in the graveyard anyway. Thanks Uncle Larry.] -02:32 Jul 08
[Bernhard figured Larry was up to something … so he decided to track Ms. Felicia down!] -02:33 Jul 08
Bernhard: *One can never be too careful when dealing with Larry Montgomery so … he decided to go the incognito route. My, this should be interesting …* -02:34 Jul 08

Uncle Larry chuckled. “That was mighty impressive, little girl. How ~do~ you open those portals?” Uncle Larry was sitting on top of one of the gravestones.

Felicia: *Felicia stood up and dust herself off.* If I knew, I don’t think I’d tell you anyway. *She held out her hands!* Any more wolves, Uncle Larry? -02:35 Jul 08
Bernhard: *And they said demons were terrible. Humans were more so. He moved closer to keep Felicia in his sights. It was a good thing he’d thought to use a little magic and a tracking spell.* -02:36 Jul 08

Uncle Larry seemed to think about it for a moment or two. “No, no more wolves. But aah… You’re so clever maybe you can open another portal for me, if I tell you the right words.”

Felicia: Yeah, I’m really going to fall for that. *At least she could see the house from here, she started walking!* -02:39 Jul 08

Uncle Larry poofed right in front of her. “Now Felicia, how am I supposed to give you lessons if you won’t try things out. It’s only a few simple little words and a small finger prick. You’ll be serving the dead their coffee in no time.”

Bernhard: *Followed after Felicia. He wanted to know more about what Larry was up to and … yes, he was a tad bit curious about how Felicia would react. She was spirited but Larry could be … persuasive. He stayed within earshot.* -02:41 Jul 08
Bernhard: (testing.) -02:41 Jul 08
Felicia: See, I might have tried but then blood had to be involve, and nothing with blood involved is ever good. *She stepped around Uncle Larry!* -02:44 Jul 08

Uncle Larry though being a ghost had grabbed her wrist! Whoopsie! He was wearing one of his jagged little rings and now she had a little bleeding knick. “Ah! See there, spell half ready, might as well give it a try. What were those words… Distrugga il demone?”

Felicia: Ow..! What the hell! *She had snatched her arm away to examine her wrist, trying to rub the itchy pain away. At least it wasn’t like.. a suicide slice!* …That’s not words for opening a portal, that’s destroying a demon! -02:49 Jul 08

“Of course! You can’t safely open a portal when there is a demon lurking in the shadows ready to attack. You have to clear the area first.”

Bernhard: *Eyes narrowed into slits. He had a pretty good idea which demon Larry had in mind, too! But he’d never been considered a threat before …* What’s the matter, Larry? Can’t I tag along? *He appeared to one side of Felicia.* -02:53 Jul 08
Felicia: *Felicia jumped! Eyeing Bernhard carefully… sneaking around invisible like that, he was lucky she didn’t-..er.. well.. scream or something!* -02:55 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Turned to Felicia and grinned.* I felt lonely. *He clasped his hands behind his back.* And I figured I come on a field trip of my own. -02:57 Jul 08

“Yes, she’s so lucky to have you around. Oh but… It’s strange how he said there wasn’t wolves but there is… And how his shadow detaches and ‘rescues’ just in the nick of time. And yet there’s a shadow always trying to devour my little Kylie…” Uncle Larry looked dreadfully concerned!

Bernhard: Indeed. No normal wolves. But of course, you are such an expert at these things, aren’t you, Uncle Larry? However, even you know I cannot harm a Montgomery, in any shape or form. That includes my shadow. It says so in the Everto Pactum. The Demon Contract. -03:02 Jul 08
Felicia: It’s strange how you showed me off the roof of the house, but I haven’t vanquished you…. yet. *Felicia muttered sarcastically. Always a joy with Uncle Larry.* -03:02 Jul 08

“Oh yes! The contract! Has your little demon friend told you what he ~did~ to a Montgomery, that he had to have a contract placed on him?”

Bernhard: I believe the punishment fit the crime, has it not? But I guess if Miss Felicia wants to, we could even take a trip down there sometime. -03:04 Jul 08
Felicia: Okay! *Felicia held up a finger!* I love playing cat and mouse, really, but it’s kind of cold out here so maybe we can take a trip to the wonderful history of the Montgomeries inside the house. -03:07 Jul 08

Uncle Larry scowled flicking a hand off in the direction of the house. “Your lesson isn’t over with yet. But yes. DO go back to the house. Please.” That scowl of his suddenly turned in to a wicked smile!

Bernhard: … I guess the stories were true and your mother was a goat, Larry. You look just like her. *Said off handedly.* -03:10 Jul 08

Uncle Larry hissed through his teeth before he PLOOFED and disappeared! But, for Bernhard’s enjoyment, he left a present… or three! A few pretty wolves!

Bernhard: He never did take jokes well. *His shadow moved and morphed into a large shadow cat again and clawed at a wolf who came too close.* -03:14 Jul 08
Felicia: *At least it’s just wolves and not like… wel, she couldn’t think of anything worse at the moment! She stepped behind Bernhard! What was that portal spell again?!* You’ve really got a way with Uncle Larry! -03:15 Jul 08

The first wolf tangoed with the shadowcat while the other two circled around their prey! Big shining teeth and drooling jaws! Both pounced, snapping for legs!

Bernhard: *The shadowcat hissed and batted, then jumped out of the way of a pounce! Meanwhile, Bernhard wrapped one arm around Felicia’s waist and jumped onto a thick branch of a nearby tree. He made a sweeping motion with his hand!* Matris terra voro lemma! *The earth shook and gave way right under the wolves as if the earth was trying to swallow them up!* -03:19 Jul 08

The wolves yelped as they tried clawing and leaping on falling rocks to get back to solid ground but they found themselves eaten up by the earth! Only a few pitiful wolfie yelps remained!

Felicia: *Tree!! Okay this was kind of weird. She was pretty sure this sort of thing happened in anime. Maybe she shouldn’t be thinking about anime when they were in a tree.* So, just to make sure, you’re not gonna get tired of dagging me out of trouble and eventually say ‘You’re on your own, Felicia!’? -03:24 Jul 08
Bernhard: *The earth stopped shaking and closed up as if nothing had ever happened. The shadowcat went back to being a shadow. He seemed to be murmuring something under his breath but he opened his eyes and glanced over at her. He grinned.* If it is any consolation, I haven’t had this much fun in years. But … I digress. We were headed back to the manor. *He glanced down at the ground at least twelve feet down.* I assume you want to go the human way and walk? -03:26 Jul 08
Felicia: *She glanced down. …and quickly back up again!* Not if we have to take the human way out of this tree too. -03:29 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Soft chuckle.* You humans are a blast. If you’re going to walk the human way, you might as well get out of a tree the human way. *He grinned.* So it’s either the human way or we do it the demon way and teleport. -03:33 Jul 08
Felicia: I’d swat at you if I weren’t afraid of falling out of this tree! *She looked down again… and groaned!* The demon way! -03:34 Jul 08
Bernhard: Right away, Miss Felicia. *He reached out and took her hand and the two of them disappeared! And reappeared in the all-too-familiar study!* -03:39 Jul 08
Felicia: *One or two misteps, trying to keep her balance from the sudden shifting… and ignoring that strange feeling that came along with it.* I hate that part, I really do. *She glanced around wearily… everything looked normal…. as normal as the Montgomery house could be anyway.* -03:41 Jul 08
Bernhard: You get used to it after awhile. Do you need something warm to drink? -03:45 Jul 08
Felicia: Yeah… That’d be really nice, actually. *She grinned at him. He went from bodyguard to butler in three seconds, it was kind of funny!* -03:46 Jul 08
Bernhard: Right away then. *He started for the door only to pause and turn back to her.* Perhaps … you’d like to accompany me? Considering … *He gestured.* Everything. -03:48 Jul 08
Felicia: *She pointed towards the books.* Actually, I was going t- *She blinked, seeming to think twice about that!* Yeah, I’ll just stay with you. -03:50 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Chuckled softly as they walked to the kitchen.* I won’t be long. Why don’t you tell me something about yourself while we past the time? *They got to the kitchen and he whipped out the tea kettle.* Like the coffee shop you worked at. -03:57 Jul 08
Felicia: *Felicia slid in to a chair, tapping her fingers on the counter.* Freedom of Espresso… Just a typical coffee shop. I’ve worked there since I quit college… -03:59 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Filled the tea kettle with water and put it on the stove to boil.* Sandwich? *Grin.* Fighting wolves works up an appetite, doesn’t it? -04:01 Jul 08
Felicia: *She nodded!* …not that I was fighting the wolves. Well, those wolves. …I didn’t really fight that wolf in my room either, I was busy climbing the furniture and avoiding it’s teeth. You know, it’s really no wonder there aren’t any Montgomeries left at this rate. -04:03 Jul 08
Bernhard: Yes, I see your point. *He reached into the fridge.* Turkey or ham? -04:05 Jul 08
Felicia: Turkey. I was wondering… seeing as how most of the Montgomeries seem to be a bunch of crazy jackasses… We’re you…uh… trying to save any of them. Besides Kylie… -04:08 Jul 08
Bernhard: Besides Kylie. Just one. *He pulled out the turkey and a few things besides such as the tomatoes and the mayo.* -04:16 Jul 08
Felicia: I don’t count considering I asked you to. But I guess that answers my question. *She rest her chin in her hand.* If I hadn’t offered to break your contract, would you let me die too? -04:19 Jul 08
Bernhard: No. The one I tried to save was your father. *Appeared to think about that for a moment.* But no, I would not let you die, truth be told. Mayo? -04:22 Jul 08
Felicia: Oh! *She blinked, sitting up straight again.* Yes, please. …Was he different from everyone else? My father. -04:24 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Added mayo to the sandwich, followed by lettuce and the turkey.* The others were more concerned with their power than he was. He wanted to keep to the old ways, to guide the dead and vanquish the evil. He didn’t like the road the Montgomery bloodline had gone down, nothing but corruption and greed. -04:34 Jul 08
Felicia: Strange words for a man that cheated on his wife. *She frowned, slumping in her chair again to rest on her arms.* I didn’t think I was annoyed by it, but it came with a few extra surprises.. -04:36 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Small shrug.* He was human. Things become complicated when love and lust are involved. *The tea kettle began to whistle so he took it off and poured the hot water into a cup.* Few extra surprises, hm? -04:38 Jul 08
Felicia: Finding out about your real father doesn’t usually come along with haunted houses, demons, and family legacies… -04:39 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Nod.* Point taken. But for someone who just learned all of this and is still learning, you are doing very well. -04:50 Jul 08
Felicia: *She gave a small halfhearted grin.* Which means sometime in the near future somethings gonna happen and I’m either going to flip out, or be just totally screwed… -04:52 Jul 08
Bernhard: Well, until that time, what will you do? Tea? -05:01 Jul 08
Felicia: With lots and lots of sugar. I thought I would look for a cure to your contract, stumble over the solution to the Montgomery murders, and… not die. Think that’s too much? -05:03 Jul 08
Bernhard: *Chuckled softly.* Seeing as how there is little else to do here, I do not see how that would be too much. *He placed her tea in front of her.* -05:18 Jul 08

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