The Demon and Angelle 005: What it is to be Human

[Angelle was waking up in a strange dirty bed and run down hotel room. And for a split second she freaked out, until she remembered where she was and WHY she was there. ….then she was just depressed.] -01:49 May 02
Angelle: She hurt a little bit. It was mostly soreness, but nothing of consequence. Angelle was a little surprised her wrists, and the rest of her didn’t sport any bruises… an effect to demon possession? Oh yeah! There was someone in her head. The boss who was…. really, really confusing. Angelle felt like she really needed a shower, but more importantly was dying for something to eat. And clean clothes. And… BAH! She flopped back in to bed. The day was officially too hard. -01:53 May 02
Virote: "Theres new clothes on the chair in the corner." came the voice in her head. "I don’t sleep so I got things done while you did, we have money, he have clothes… I got some for mee too when I’m out of here.. and theres food in the mini fridge… since you enjoy food I though I’d let you eat." He was letting her have full control of everything, for now. "Sorry, I just want to get out of here as soon as possible…. even though it is a nice body." -01:57 May 02
Angelle: Angelle rolled over, eyeing the clothes sitting on a dresser across the room with a little suspicion. She wasn’t sure if she trusted him to pick her clothes… however, food was definitely taking precedence. Angelle was off the bed and dropping to her knees in front of the fridge to rummage around snatch up the first edible thing she saw. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a meal, and the first bite was heaven…! WAIT. He was alone and awake with her body all night? She wished she could stare at him. "…you didn’t do anything weird with me, did you?" -02:02 May 02
Virote: "I got takeout, tried to match the style of clothing to what you normally wear, it took me a while to find an open shop…" it had been in japan, so what? Its not liek he had spent money on airfare. "I didn’t have time for anything wierd as you put it. Besides I don’t want to hurt you anymore." -02:09 May 02
Angelle: She paused picking up a few noodles from a takeout box, staring at the food in confussion since she couldn’t stare at him. ..bother, she could eat and be confused. Angelle took her food to bed with her and just for the comfort of sound, flipped on the TV. "You don’t want to hurt me anymore? I’m not so sure if I believe you…" -02:13 May 02
Virote: "You don’t have to." he said "I’ll be out of your body soon enough then you will lose off the powers you have and I’ll be free to be on my merry way. When that happens I’ll do what I can to keep you safe and you’ll never have to see me again." a simple arangement. "And like I said, I keep my promises, its the other side of hell that bleaks them." -02:17 May 02
Angelle: Now she remembered. He said last night he would keep her safe, and it confused her so much she hadn’t known what to think about it. …She still didn’t know what to think about it. It was easy to hate someone, not so easy to forgive them… She toyed with the noodles in the box. "There’s not much that can be done about it anyway… if it’s some other demon chasing me, it’s probably not going to quit even if they’re more mad at you. …I don’t even know why they were chasing me in the first place… Demons care that much about the theater?" -02:22 May 02
Virote: "You are a toy, a plaything, something to torture and change and maybe turn into a concubine. I helped you escape that that wa a blow to his ego, that I did it so easily. I made him look like a weak fool. For that, what he did to me will be nothing compared to what he will do. For him.. hunting me is personal. And he won’t bother with you until I’m dead." -02:28 May 02
Angelle: "I see." It made much more sense that he helped her only to help himself. Keeping her placated and cooporative would make it easier for him to get what he needed. That fact there was that slightest bit of being offended from it made her annoyed with herself. She was clearly not sane. Breakfast was gone in a heartbeat and she was off the bed again fussing with the clothes. "So I am safe until you die… and so far that doesn’t really look good for either of us…" -02:33 May 02
Virote: "I could kill him." he said "He’d desurve it but hes too strong for me." he said "I’ve been thinking about this all night and I might have a plan that will get him of both of out back forever. So you cna go back to your life. But first things first.. I need to get out of your head." -02:38 May 02
Angelle: "It’d be a relief not having someone moving me around…" First things first. Though she really wanted a shower, she didn’t trust him with her body in the shower… So Angelle peeled off her clothes and pulled on the fresh ones. That did make things feel a little bit better! She sat on the edge of the bed again, occasionally glancing up at the TV as she pulled on a pair of shoes. "So we just find a suitable body?" -02:42 May 02
Virote: "Any one will do, it doesn’t really need to be that fresh I can reshape it once I’m in. Something I didn’t with your by the way before you ask or you’d have a penis and loo exactly like you remmeber me looking I can’t reshape however I want. You said there was a place nearby… -02:45 May 02
Angelle: She made a face. Clearly the idea of being a man wasn’t on her to-do list. Angelle was dressed and ready, grabbing the remote to turn off the TV when she paused. Leaning forward to squint at the screen and one of the newscasts. A crazy video under investigation about a bank robbery, with a person that suspiciously looked like herself pulling a metal vault door right off the wall. "…tell me again you didn’t do anything weird with my body?" -02:48 May 02
Virote: "He saw the image and took control turning her head away, turning off the tv and throwing the remote onto the bed. "We needed money, I didn’t take that much and no one will place you there its five states away. You’re untouchable. Now.. get me out of here." -02:50 May 02
Angelle: "You robbed a bank with my body?! I could go to prison…!" Argh! Demons…! There was no helping it now. Huffing she was getting up and leaving the motel room. But if she could swat at him, she would be. Which was progress, because days ago she had been afraid to even look at him for fear he’d get pissy at her! -02:53 May 02
Virote: "Look." he said turnign her head down to look at a chevrolet impala sitting in the motel lot, the top up and the paint gleaming. "On the passenger seat theres a bag with enough money to keep you going for a long time. Thats your bonus for hepling me out and should get you far enough away, a nice house and a little something to retire on. Its yours if you listen to what I have to say or not. If you don’t want it donate it to charity or something." -03:02 May 02
Angelle: So shiny…! Of course, now she was just as confused as ever. Was this what it was like for housewives that get beat up by their husbands? Harassed and then given a shiny to make up for it? Driving would be so much fun… but the funeral home was only down the street. Maybe she could resist the shiny car once she thought about it for awhile. Angelle walked down the sidewalk. "Why are you suddenly being so nice? Because it’s not your job to be mean anymore?" -03:07 May 02
Virote: There was silence, a long silence that contrasted with the turmoil coming from him. "I’m apologizing." he said finally "I want to make sure you’ll be okay once I’m gone forever and can’t hurt you anymore." he sounded like he didn’t want to say what he just did, and that was confirmed by his next sentence. "I don’t want to talk about it while I’m in your head. If I lose control while in here, you won’t survive." -03:14 May 02
Angelle: Apologizing? That was…! Well. There was hope for a demon yet? Angelle was surprisingly pleased with the thought. Hopeful, even, that maybe things and the universe really wasn’t so terrible. So it was a much, much better mooded Angelle that arrived at the Funeral Home, silently stepping inside hoping not to alert anyone that she was there. "Thank you for being considerate of me." she mentioned softly, hopping to hide behind a curtain when she heard someone coming. She kinda didn’t want to explain she was just there to steal a body. -03:20 May 02
Virote: He punstly pulled her back, they were sneaking now… his area of expertiese… The man stopped and turned then reached over the pulled back the curtain, but there was nothing there because Angelle’s body was above him crawling along the ceiling and dropping down silently to slip through a doorway. He frooze and waited until the footsteps receeded before moving over to the fridges and opening the first one with a name on the door. "I need you to take over now so you’re in control when I leave… all I need you to do it toutch it." -03:25 May 02
Angelle: Angelle would never ever be used to doing crazy demon power things, even if it wasn’t technically her crawling on the ceiling. She made sure the door was locked behind her, and that it was her, and only her that had control of her limbs. Touching a body though! "This is really, really creepy…!" Angel inched closer to the open casket. Already prepared for a funeral that would happen later in the day. Some poor middle aged gentlemen that probably had an unfortunete early death. Angelle was cringing and squeezing her eyes shut when she finally reached down and grasped the man’s hand. So cold and lifeless…! -03:31 May 02
Virote: His mind tensed in her head and prepaired to make the leap.. then it was sliding from her as the body’s eyes opened and rhe frozen muscles cracked and splintered as they tensed. Then the skin begant to melt and reforn, the stitching disappearing and the face reforming into his, her boss’.. it was over surprisingly quickly and when it was he was gone from her head, and sitting up. "Your bag… it has my clothes." -03:36 May 02
Angelle: Angelle was a little disoriented. She hadn’t realized how used to having him there she was, and now her head felt a little empty. She fumbled for the bag slipped over her shoulder, having a bit of trouble collecting herself. She felt so much weaker now! Fragile? Angelle managed to find some of his stuff. She eyed him… "That’s… all, then…?" -03:41 May 02
Virote: He say naked on the cold slab. "If you want it to be. I start running you never see me again. But theres another way, a way we can kill him and not have to run. Like I said I can’t kill him by myself." he pulled the thirt on and hopped off the slab and pushed in into it’s fridge. "But with your help I can… and by doing this I’m betraying all of demon kind but you know what they are like more than anyone." -03:44 May 02
Angelle: She shouldn’t have been staring, but fair was fair. And at least now he wasn’t in her head to read her thoughts. She was ashamed enough as it was to even have them. Angelle held out a pair of pants. "It’d be nice not having to run. And honestly, I think demons betraying each other seems a rather natural thing for them to do anyway…" -03:50 May 02
Virote: "You’re a fast learner." he said pulling on his pants and doing them up. He usually went commado anyway. "There is something that can kill any demon, any one at all including the one I used to kill master. But its a holy relic and I don’t fit that bill so I can’t weild it. You on the other hand might." he paused "Its a sword once blessed by saint cathrine and weilded by the maid of france herself…." -03:59 May 02
Angelle: That’s where the idea sounded not so great anymore, and it was impossible for her to hide the expression on her face. "Me use it? And kill a demon? I’m not so sure I can do that…" Angelle wasn’t keen on killing anyone, not to say she didn’t think that his Master demon deserved it. But… thinking someone needed to be killed and then KILLING someone was an entirely different thing. "…and I am pretty sure that guy will break all my bones and rip off all my skin and worse before I can even stab him!" -04:02 May 02
Virote: He rolled his eyes then pushed her from the room towards the exit. "The last person to use it said that too, I know, I was there. But I was trying to get her NOT to take it. But I was working with the english… its a very long story and long story short its never taken a mortal life, and if it does it’s power is destroyed. For that reason the church has it hidden away. Getting it will be fun." -04:05 May 02
Angelle: Something about that whole story sounded awfully familiar, but more surprising was the fact it eluded to him being much older than he looked. Angelle walked, wary of them running in to anyone else as they left. …and still unsure of the whole idea. "I really don’t know how to fight a demon. …and I think that’s been pretty obvious so far." -04:09 May 02
Virote: "Thats where the whole ‘blessed by a saint’ thing comes in. Do you think Jehanne Dare knew a thing about demonslaying growing up on a farm? Oh sorry you wouldn’t know her by that name… Joan D’Arc" he was talkign fast and in the tone of a smart ass "Yes Angelle its her sword we’re after once we get out of here." -04:16 May 02
Angelle: Yeah, this was the boss she recognized. The one that made her huffy. "We’re going to steal a priceless holy relic?" For a moment, she suspected he could still read her thoughts. A strange side effect from possession. It was luck that they didn’t run in to any of the home workers. So they stepped outside on to the sidewalk without incident. And now she could speak above a hushed whisper. "Did she try to slay you?" Angelle was curious to know. -04:20 May 02
Virote: "Yes, more than onc, fun times were had." he sighed "I got even though…" the last sentence didn’t sound happy at all. He walked with her up the street towards the motel. Theres another thing.. you’ve seen into my mind, you know what I feel, all the time.. I don’t want to hurt you, I promised I wouldn’t so.." he looked away "I’m going to have to find other women." -04:26 May 02
Angelle: "Another woman?" The fact he didn’t to hurt her still had her reeling, but it was far too late for her to back out of things now. "I know I’m not the best choice for all of this, but I am kinda already involved… I don’t want someone else to have to get stuck chased by demons, so it will have to be me. I can learn." -04:29 May 02
Virote: "Not for the sword." he said "For sex. If its not you I won’t have to worry about hurting them, and if they’re not human you won’t have to worry about me hurting them. I saw your memory of what I did to you. Thats never going to happen again. I’m not going to rape you again, so I need someone else." -04:31 May 02
Angelle: That was…. kind of sweet in a totally twisted, screwed up sort of way. Angelle was silent for a moment, mulling it over. "You’re not going to pounce some other human woman are you? Because that wouldn’t be good…" -04:35 May 02
Virote: He shook his head "There are demons I can turn to that I can bargain with not to turn me over." he said "You have to understand, what I feel is insatiable. You felt only a part of it last night. It can’t be satisfied alone and if I try to ignore it you will end up being hurt." -04:38 May 02
Angelle: "It’d be risky to do that… seeking out other demons." She was trying to think logically about it. If he HAD to, she could let him loose on poor human ladies. But if he sought out demons, there was no telling who would turn on him, even if he thought they might be trust worthy… As far as she could tell, demons turned on each other at the drop of a hat. "You could do it to me… If you were soft about it. Then you’d be less likely to get caught and maimed again." -04:43 May 02
Virote: He looked at her his brow knitted "I don’t want you to say that just because you think you have to. You don’t owe me anything." his voice was determined "I could leave when you sleep and come back before you wake up. You’ll never know I’m gone." he was still looking at her intently "You desurve better than me and once this is over you need to leave and never look back." -04:49 May 02
Angelle: "All of this isn’t exactly easy to forget." she admitted. All of the bad, and now… the very strange hintings of good. Angelle had to ask herself if she was offering because she felt like she was forced to… It didn’t seem so. She shook her head. "I don’t have to. But it’s also not going to make a difference now. If you need someone, I can be that someone. And it will be less dangerous… but it does come with conditions. I’m not throwing myself in to a fire here…" -04:53 May 02
Virote: His look he was givinf her changed. "Conditions? You’re sounding a lot like a demon." he said "And again don’t do this because its logical, you desurve better than that." he turned into the motel parking lot "like I said you owe me nothing." -04:56 May 02
Angelle: "I sound like a human who is trying not to be stupid about everything." she responded with a little bit of offense. Angelle pulled out her key when they reached the motel door and let them both inside. "It would be fair trade? I don’t want to be here alone and I know I am in trouble… I want to feel safe and be safe. If you can give me that, then I will do what you’d like me to do. As long as you’re soft and gentle with me. No more hitting, or grabbing, or anything like that…" He kept saying she deserved better, and it was so baffling! -05:01 May 02
Virote: He was still looking at her with an odd expresion on his face. "I’ll make sure you’re safe until this is over you don’t need to give me anything for that. I’m not going to expect you to sell yourself to me for protection. So you will be safe. I don’t know what causes humans to fuck eachother but whatever that is, that should be your motivation. Not using yourself in a trade." -05:06 May 02
Angelle: "You’re actually serious…" Angelle just… didn’t know how to deal with that. Had a day in her head really changed his perspective that much…? Finally, as if she had been tensed the whole time, she let out a sigh. Dropping her bag in to a chair. She stepped across the room to him, and leaning on her toes gave him a quick kiss to his cheek. "Thank you for that… But I’ve offered. So if you need me, I am here." -05:11 May 02
Virote: He flopped down in a crain against the wall well away from her and eyed her with intent. "Why do humans do it?" he asked "What drives them? The need for offspring? Enjoyment? Is that why you want it because you enjoy it? I still think humans are insane but enjoying sex is something we can agree on. He looked at her. -05:18 May 02
Virote: He loked at her tilting his head and grinned "So tell me exactly why you’ve changed your tune." -05:19 May 02
Angelle: He put her on the spot, which left her turning read and being very flustered. If she was truthful, she liked it last night. But that was technically with herself and she never had a problem pleasing herself. It was always other people involved when it wasn’t so great. Angelle moved to the small fridge to confiscate a small bottle of water. "Most humans do it because they like it. I doubt it’s any different from demons. …and I haven’t changed my tune! I just think you’re… That you need to learn things, I guess. And it’s better me, than you attacking some poor lady!" -05:23 May 02
Virote: "Like I said I have demons I can turn to… who like being raped and who can go for days and would want it as buch as I do." he turned to slouch sideways in his chair and put his legs up. "And once this is over and we part ways I -05:27 May 02
Virote: "Like I said I have demons I can turn to… who like being raped and who can go for days and would want it as buch as I do." he turned to slouch sideways in his chair and put his legs up. "And once this is over and we part ways I can go back to those demons so I don’t need to learn anything… so.. why?" -05:27 May 02
Angelle: Demons were crazy. …and that’s when she realized he seemed to think all sex was rape. Angelle blinked, staring at him with wide-eyed surprise for several moments. "…Have you not ever had sex with somewhere where it wasn’t rape…?" -05:30 May 02
Virote: "If by rape you mean they were willing, yes… if by rape-non you mean that if they were not then it would have stopped me then…no." he said. "Thats what it is isn’t it? Carmal pleasure using another’s body to sate your own. Thats what it is to my kind, little surprise theres only one survivor a surprisinly large amount of the time." -05:33 May 02
Angelle: "That’s not… that’s not what sex is supposed to be at all!" Now she was really baffled. Not disgusted so much as just… plain and honestly surprised that an entire species of creature could not understand the simple basics of life! …at least what she considered the simple basics! "You have never thought about the other person while doing it? Pleased someone else? Made love to someone…? Just touched for the sake of touching? ….Do you even know what kissing is, or were you just trying to mirror thoughts at me…?" -05:40 May 02
Virote: He looked away and closed hsi eyes. "I with it wasn’t true but yes. Those were just mirror thoughts. You made me want that though. I’ve never kissed, never touched that wasn’t establising or fighting for dominance. Its the way of things… they don’t call it hell for nothing. Relief but never satisfaction. You felt satisfied last night. That is a feeling no demon has ever experienced." -05:45 May 02
Angelle: "That sucks." Angelle didn’t mean to say it out loud. But, it was true! She was so sure even demons had to feel some sort of contentment, or happiness, or… well. There was a whole realm of things he already told her he never experienced before. She could still remember his confusion and curiosity at all the emotions in her head. "How about I show you a kiss? It’s an easy thing." -05:48 May 02
[Virote enters.] -06:17 May 02
[(Timeout) Virote was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:19 May 02
Virote: "No its not." he said "Its not simply pressing lips together, its the begining, the start of a change I don’t know if I can handle." he slid from the chair and pulling of his shirt unfurled his wings. "This is what I am, this is what I will always be. You’re asking me to be human…. What if I can’t?" -06:19 May 02
Angelle: "I am not asking you to be human, I know you can’t be." He clearly thought she, or at least all humans, were completely dumb! Angelle was perfectly aware he was a demon now, and that wasn’t going to change. …However… "I just thought it would be good if you knew more -about- humans. If demons can feel all that hate and rage and other stuff, why can’t they feel the good feelings too?" -06:23 May 02
Virote: "Compasion, love, consideration…. those are HUMAN traits. You’re asking me to become humane but I am built to be a demon, its all I know, its all I’ve wanted… until now. Why do you make things so…. confusing?" -06:30 May 02
Angelle: "I am trying to make things less confusing." ….At least, she thought she was. If he knew more he could make better decisions? Angelle shook her head and stood, resting her hands on her hips. "It’s just a kiss anyway, it won’t make you feel all of that! It might not make you feel anything at all. But trying something that doesn’t involving hurting someone would be a good experience for you?" -06:34 May 02
Virote: His wings lowered but stayed "I…." he took a deep breath "Trust you.." he stepped closer until he was a foot away from her and there was a moment of cofused hesitation. "No grabbing.." he reminded himself then placed his hand, flat on her side. "You lead." -06:39 May 02
Angelle: "That’s right. No grabbing, or biting. Okay?" …it was a stupid time to be shy, seeing as she was the one that offered. Also knowing he could easily be trying to trick her too… but… Angelle took a deep breath and stepped forward until their bodies were almost touching. Then leaning up on her toes, she brushed a gentle kiss over his mouth. Nothing exciting or extragant, just a simple movement of her lips over his. -06:44 May 02
Virote: He blinked.. "That it? Thats all akiss is? It seemed… more…" despite his words it still had an effect on him and his fingers curled against her side holding her against him. "My turn?" he half asked half stated before he leaned forwards and pressed his lips sloftly into hers. -06:48 May 02
Angelle: Angelle was not expecting a second kiss. …she also wasn’t expecting it to be… nice? It was her curiously testing this time. Comparing those images of what he put in to her head, with how the kiss really felt. That soft, curious, pressure of her lips against his.. Parting slightly as she sighed. -06:53 May 02
Virote: He pushed in harder his hand lovign to her arm to pull her into the kiss as his other moved to her cheek and his eyes glided closed. Against her his pants bulged outwards with surprising speed and he pulled away… taking half a step back. -07:00 May 02
Angelle: Angelle was released, not that she was being held captive… and she felt a little disoriented. Breathless. Trying to regain her common sense, and ignoring the fact she was probably all red-faced and flushing again, she cleared her throat. "That, um… so that was a kiss…" -07:02 May 02
Virote: "It was." he said lookign her up and down and trying very hard not to tear into her and get releif. "Whats next?" he asked sounding almost as breathless as she was… "If we were to have sex?" -07:06 May 02
Angelle: Now she was a little embarrassed. Brushing a hand through her head and debating how to explain it all step by step to a demon who really had no idea! "Kissing and touching… soft touching! Petting and snuggling. That would be before sex.." -07:10 May 02
Virote: He looked at her and then at himself… "Can’t toutch without…" he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor then stepped up to her and pulled her button open and pushed her zip down… seemed he only knew one place to toutch. -07:13 May 02
Angelle: "Wait, wait, wait…!" For a moment she almost panicked. But Angelle got that under control quick. She was doing the teaching, here. She was the boss. "You don’t have to be naked to touch. There is hugging and petting.. sometimes it’s better to have clothes still -on-. For anticipation? …do you understand anticipation?" -07:16 May 02
Virote: He gave her a blank look then shook his head "Shall we move this to the bed and you can show me?" he asked stepping away and looking at her. -07:21 May 02
Angelle: "I…" she glanced at the bed, chewing on her bottom lip. She wasn’t being forced. And she wanted to show him something better… "All right… To the bed." Angelle kicked off her shoes and hopped on the bed first. Scooting all the way to lean her back on the headboard. She patted the spot next to her. "..first rule is that there is no sexing until there is touching and snuggling. I will show you snuggling first.." -07:25 May 02
Virote: Still naked he climbed into the bed his wings melting away into his back. He lay on his side and waited biting his bottom lip. "I didn’t know there were rules in sex." he said "But you’re… the human.." -07:30 May 02
Angelle: "It’s not an official rule. It’s just a rule for right now. One step at a time." Angelle scooted down, and just a little awkwardly scooted up against him. Taking one of his arms to wrap around her. "Snuggling involves petting… Just touching, with no hitting or scratching or anything like that. Kissing is okay too." -07:34 May 02
Virote: He let her lift his arm and then shift his hand up to her neck and back down… "Like this?" he shifted closer eager for more kissing… but didn’t on her lips instead choosing her neck… then her lips. -07:41 May 02
Angelle: "Yes..!" a soft breathless squeak. This had to be wrong. Every woman in the universe would want to hang her for allowing the guy that hurt her to even touch her, let alone this. But… they didn’t know the situation. How much he didn’t understand, and how much she really wanted to see if she could show him. Angelle returned his kiss with a soft one of her own. Then she was hiding her face at the crook of his neck and curling her arm around his waist. This really was a crazy thing. -07:45 May 02
Virote: He let out a sigh moving his hand up into her hair and runnign hsi fingers though it. THis was strange and he didn’t understand it… but it was nice. Once of twice her grabbed her soulder and almost pusher her onto her back and stopped himself. "I don’t knwo why you’re doing this… but thank you." -07:48 May 02
Angelle: …and that made her smile! Wide enough that he could feel it against his neck when she moved and breathed. That seemed to make every little awkward and uncomfortable moment worth it. And as a reward, she was giving him the soft touches. Nuzzling against his neck, and the faint brushing of her fingers against his back. -07:52 May 02
Virote: He toutched gave him pause. He had no word to describe them, he had no word to descride any of this. He was so out of his depth it was lunacy. He sofly nipped her ear, more lip thean anything else as his hand drifter to her hip to slide under her shirt. -07:56 May 02
Angelle: Angelle giggled, his fingers must have hit a tickled spot somewhere. Her breath falling over his neck in brief waves. She tilted her head back, that grin shifting to her chewing on her bottom lip. She reached up a hand to brush over his chin and jaw. Her expression turning thoughtful. Days ago the sight of him would have her groaning and ducking in to another room. Worse when he had his scary demon look. Now she was running her fingers over his cheek and trying to decide what she thought of him now… -08:01 May 02
Virote: He looked at her examinign the thoughtful look on her face and his head tilted. "What…?" he asked his hand rubbing her side under her shirt… "I doing something wrong?" -08:03 May 02
Angelle: "Nothing wrong. I was just thinking."How could someone have been so mean and so awful, and now be so different…? Angelle leaned forward, kissing the corner of his mouth and lingering a moment. -08:13 May 02
Virote: His hand slid up her back under her shirt as he brushed his lips against hers. " don’t know if I could answer that… because I don’t know, maybe I just needed a reason or to be shown what I was missing." -08:19 May 02
Angelle: "You’re reading my thoughts again." She should probably be angry about that. Or freaked out. But she really did like how nice it felt to be touched like this, and not being scared! She took his face in both her hands, running her thumbs against his cheeks. "Now you can kiss me?" -08:26 May 02
Virote: He did brushign his lips against hers again and then pushing them home his lips parting slightly as his hand wandered up her side and back down. He felt vulnerable but warm, like she owuldn’t hurt him even if she could it scared him but at the same time he didn’t stop as his hand queezed her side and he pushed her back. -08:29 May 02
[(Timeout) Virote was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -08:37 May 02
Angelle: Angelle had grinned against his mouth. She might not have heard his thoughts directly, but there was a way he touched her… She rose up on an elbow still offering him that same smile. "This is good, isn’t it? Nice? Imagine doing this all the time!" -08:37 May 02
Virote: "All the time?" he asked "You ane me?" he kissed her again then curled his fingers around the hem of her top and pulled up upwards. "That might get in the way of parting ways when this is all over." -08:40 May 02
Angelle: "I meant this in general! But… Hmm… I understand when things are temporary. This is for teaching, isn’t it?" At least, she was pretty sure it was. Angelle was biting her lip again, raising a hand to run through his hair. Only slightly curious to see if those horns were hiding in there somewhere. -08:44 May 02
Virote: They were, two small lumps under the thick hair on his scalp. With her shirt out of the way his hand ran accross her stomack and he was looking down at her chest.. "I guess… but after this how can I go back…?" -08:51 May 02
Angelle: It tickled again, and there was a slight jump from her. But she was more concerned with watching his face when she wasn’t poking one of his horns with interest. "I am not sure why anyone would want to go back to a place like that. There’s a lot more in the world than just pain and torment and hurting things… " -08:55 May 02
Virote: The content look on his face almost like a cat getting its ears scratched faded and was replaced with something sader. "They are my kind and I belong with them. No matter how much I change I’ve still done then thing I have and should be down there. Its where I belong." He looked at her adn thier eyes met. "Its the way of things, and without the master I have no excuse not to got back." -09:00 May 02
Angelle: "I’ve never been a big fan for just accepting things as they are…" Of course, that didn’t mean she ever tried to improve things for herself. She always did just accept things! At least until he got involved in her life! Angelle leaned up again, taking his head in her hands and kissing his forehead. She didn’t have any control over her own life, but he had plenty of power! He could do whatever he wanted. "Go back, then, if you want to. And show all the other demons how stupid they are?" -09:10 May 02
Virote: He chuckled moving up against her and moving to kiss her back his hand sliding down her sides, then back up to run across her chest lightly. "You’re asking me to change hell? Make it less.. hellish?" he asked "Its meant to be like that. Its punishement, damnation, the wrost place to ever exist by design… You don’t know what a tall orver that is." -09:14 May 02
Angelle: The attention had her flushing, just as much as him laughing at her and thinking the idea was ridiculous. "…okay, so it’s not exactly the easier thing in the world to do… But it could happen? If you can choose to be different, no reason why hell can’t be different too…" -09:19 May 02
Virote: "By forcing them all to share the mind of a human without eating that human’s soul? Thats going to be easy…" he said leaning down to kiss her again his hands sliding down her chest to her stomach then to her pants undoing them the rest of the way.. then back up her stomach to cup her breasts… "But we’ll see what happens…." -09:22 May 02
Angelle: It was a strange conversation to be having in a moment like that, but everything else had be insane too. By the grimace on her face, she clearly didn’t like the idea of more demon possessions, but it was hard to keep that scowling twitch of her mouth when his hands ran over her. She was sighing, tilting to nuzzle against his cheek, curl her hand in to his hair. "I’m sure there’s others ways. I can think of something later…" Because thinking of anything at the moment was getting kind of difficult. -09:27 May 02
Virote: He kissed her neck then nuzzled his chim into it his hand sliding back down between them to pull her pants down and toss them aside. "I see what you said about anticipation." he said nipping her ear then moving his lips to hers then kissing down her chin to her neck as finally his hard mamber pressed against her. -09:31 May 02
Angelle: "You are very quick to learn…" There was that nervousness and worry again. He was a quick study, but Angelle wasn’t a hundred percent sure if she could trust him not to get rough. She curled her arms around his shoulders, though, resting her head against one while trying not to get tense and alarm him. "You remember to be easy? Soft with me?" -09:35 May 02
Virote: He would have pushed in roughly if he hadn’t hve heard her reminder. "I will…" he whistered before he pushed his tip parting her lips and penetrating her his cap and shaft following until his hip butted up against hers. He nuzzles into her as he moved his breath flowing down her neck and over her shoulder… this was definately different. -09:43 May 02
Angelle: Wasn’t so bad…! That was a sharp intake of breath from her, but she wasn’t in pain. Almost immediately she relaxed, squirming under him until her body adjusted and that very warm feeling tingling at her center. She tilted her head, her cheek resting against him as she breathed in again. "Okay…! This is good…!" -09:51 May 02
Virote: He thrust again pushign deeper into Angelle’s warmth and his and braced himself and his other brushed down her side. He could easily summon the streanth to snap her spine with a thrust but he just pushed her hith each time his lips brushing over the skin of her cheek. "What is this….?" -09:57 May 02
Angelle: "Reciprocated sex, permitted sex… hum… really nice sex…!" Really, really nice… and unexpected..! She held him tight in her embrace, ever so often her grip would tight and relax again. Almost the same moment she’d twist or squirm under him. Her arms finally loosened, Angelle nuzzling his cheek before moving to his mouth to plant a kiss over his lips. He deserved a kiss. -10:03 May 02
Virote: He kissed her back his lips parting immediatly and sliding agaist hers, he pushed faster wanting more, wanting to give her more… heel this was fantastic… "I like it.." he whispered "I like it with you…" -10:07 May 02
Angelle: She didn’t think she would like it herself, so the fact she did was just so… strange! Stranger still that she was pleased he liked it too. He had her softly whimpering, but the sound was quickly muffled when she kissed him again. …IT not being so soft, but more of a needy expression of appreciation mixed with that building desire. One of her hands had slipped to the back of his head to tangle in to his hair, holding him to her as she kissed harder and teased his mouth with a quick flick of her tongue. -10:14 May 02
Virote: His tongue found hers and slid against it tangling itself and writhing needily. His hand found her cheek and it’s fingerhooked on the base of her skull holding ehr agaist him and her thust into her a soft moan vibrating against her lips… he could feel her passion in her movements her enjoyment… he was giving and not just taking. -10:18 May 02
Angelle: She loved being held, and it was so much better this way… Physically being touched by him, and not in a violent way. Her sudden jolt had her gasping…! Mouth breaking away from him as her head tilted back against the bed. Her thighs squeezing tight against his hips when she bucked and twist beneath him. It hadn’t quite felt like this before…! "Don’t stop, son’t stop…!" -10:28 May 02
Virote: He didn’t spot, he pushed harder, his hand hips pushing and pushing ah he moved to nuzzle nito her cheek and neck a tingling rising all along his spine." -10:32 May 02
Virote: His arm slipped around her and drew her closer to him pressing her against him as he voice came to her in a whisper. "So this is why humans do it.." -10:37 May 02
Angelle: Angelle laughed, which was probably an inappropriate time to do so… but at least it was short lived, when that jolt hit again. This time making her entire body quake and shiver. She groaned, she sighed…! She wrapped her arms around his shoulders tight and buried her face at the crook of his neck as she did. -10:42 May 02
Virote: He pushed maybe too hard to be considered gently but not hard enough to be rough either, kissing her shoulder and thrusign deep, he was going to finishe soon her could feel it rising, ready to spill over and flood into her. "Angelle…" he whispered "Thank you.." -10:45 May 02
Angelle: There was a soft squeek from her but she was still holding tight, that moaning having shifted to faint short sounds of pleasure. His words made her smile, a wide giggling grin as she curled around him and held him close. -10:51 May 02
Virote: He climaxed and slowly nuzzles itno her the feeling flooding his with intensity liek he never knew. He lay panting slightly to he pulled back to look at her his eyes closign lazily before he nuzzled into her shoulder. "You show me what its like to be human.." he whispered softly into her shoulders "I used to know.. a long time ago.." he closed hsi eyes and sighed falling next to her as a wong covered her and he hold her tight.. not realizing what he had said. -10:55 May 02

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