Bronwen and MacBeth leave the Briar Rose to fetch supplies and figure they need to sell those weapons they stole from Morgan’s goons. They head to the Vixen’s Playground and meet with Lady Heather who seems well acquainted with MacBeth. Bronwen tries digging up MacBeth’s past relations with the Vixen’s Playground and he dodges questions. While they’re loading up the cargo to take back, Duncan comes out to ‘help’ and Bronwen yells at him to go take a rest before she gives up and gives him a kiss just to shut him up! Bronwen resumes pestering MacBeth and making him uncomfortable! They make their deal with Lady Heather and head off to fetch supplies.

[Bronwen and MacBeth on a shopping adventure?!] -01:13 Feb 02
[MacBeth has laid Duncan on the bed and is ready to get some business done.] -01:13 Feb 02
MacBeth: Well, Captain, what’s first on the agenda? *He asks after they’ve left Flyboy and the Briar Rose.* -01:13 Feb 02
Bronwen: Food, tools… Considering the look at that hunk of junk, I think we need just about everything. *She sighs! If Duncan didn’t have to get his ass kicked, she could have whored him out again!* -01:16 Feb 02
MacBeth: Not to mention that at this rate, we’ll probably need a doctor just to tend to Flyboy every time he gets his ass kicked. *He steps around a man squatting to pick something up.* We could try selling those ‘gifts’ we got from that barren rock. *He added, remembering about the guns they’d picked up from the warehouse.* -01:20 Feb 02
Bronwen: Hmm. A brilliant idea my first mate! Ohoho.. Morgan’s toys will catch a pretty penny, won’t they! But where would we find someone… *She glanced around as if she’d spot someone right on the corner..* -01:22 Feb 02
MacBeth: Malenk knew someone who did business here. She runs a whore house that caters to both men and women and … non-humans. She also sells things on the black market. She could be looking for some nice, new firearms. -01:28 Feb 02
Bronwen: Well then! *She links her arm with his!* Lead the way, first mate. We’l make a fine dollar, and maybe even celebrate! -01:31 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* That’d be nice. *He admits. He leads the way to a nice building finer than the ones surrounding it. For starters, it doesn’t look decrepit or in need of repair. It’s solid and painted a dark red. The building stands about ten stories high and nearly all the windows are light. The only sign it bears is the one above the rotating glass doors. It reads: Vixen’s Playground. There are two large men in fine suits standing guard in front but they nod when Shadowstar and Mac approach. Through the glass doors is a fine lobby. It’s well-lit with chandeliers and nice carpet. The ceiling is painted and at the back are elevators. To the side is a small restaurant with a few people and on the other side is a lounge area followed by a counter to check in. A slender fair-skinned woman with black hair and slanted eyes in a black vest, slacks and her hair tied back stands behind the counter.* Is Lady Heather in? We’d like to see her. Let her know MacBeth is here. -01:38 Feb 02

{The woman: *Looks MacBeth and Bronwen up and down before nodding once.* Please, wait here. *She says before disappearing through the double doors next to the elevator. As they wait, another woman with dark brown hair and eyes dressed in vest and slacks and her hair tied up approaches them.* Wine? Champagne? *She offers politely from the filled glasses she’s balancing on top of the tray she holds.*}

Bronwen: Why yeees, thank you. *Oh, she’s playing a part now. Being all coy and haughty as she takes a glass of wine! What a fancy little place for a brothel. If she decided to run a brothel, she’d definitely have a setup like this! * -01:41 Feb 02

{The waitress: *Nods and offers Mac a glass, then heads to the lounge area to see if anyone else would like a glass.*}

MacBeth: *Shakes his head when he’s offered a glass.* No, thanks. -01:42 Feb 02
Bronwen: Do you come here often, Macbeth? *She says, smirking in to her glass… * -01:43 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Raises an eyebrow at her.* Very funny. -01:46 Feb 02

{*The elevators open just as the woman behind the counter returns! The woman who steps out to meet them is tall, 5’10”, slender with dark blonde hair. She doesn’t look a day over 40 years old with dark blue eyes. She wears a light blue gown, low-cut with spaghetti straps that cling to her body with slits to her knees on either side. She wears heels and a black choker with a sapphire tear-drop. Yet, there’s nothing ‘trashy’ about her appearance.* MacBeth, it has been far too long! Come here and give me a hug! *She says, smiling as she approaches them.* And introduce me to your companion.: }

MacBeth: *Grins a bit and does just that. They share a hug, then he steps back and gestures.* Lady Heather, this is my new Captain. Captain, Lady Heather, the woman in charge here. -01:47 Feb 02
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinks! …Could she pull off a look like that? Hmm…* Bronwen. I’m Bronwen… -01:47 Feb 02

{Lady Heather: *Chuckles softly and shakes Bronwen’s hand.* Welcome to Vixen’s Playground, my humble establishment. *She smiles and winks.* Enough formality. However can I help you two?}

Bronwen: *She discreetly leans and nudges Macbeth.* Well, we have this wonderful shipment of weapons. And I, having such a small crew, have no real need for most of them. So we were wondering if you would be interested in buying. -01:53 Feb 02

{Lady Heather: Right to the point, I see. *She grins.* I like that. But let’s talk business in my office. *She turns.* Faye, no one disturbs me. *Then she gestures and they follow her back into the elevator she used. As the doors close behind them, she punches a code into the keypad and the elevator moves. Moments later, they walk into a large office. There aren’t many furniture here. Just a long desk, a tall-high backed chair behind it, with two smaller chairs in front of it. There is a large screen with a control panel beyond the tall chair and a few bookshelves against either wall. She gestures for them to have a seat in the chairs as she takes a seat in the larger one.* Weapons, you say. There are always buyers for those. What kind of weapons are we talking about and what type of condition are they in?}

Bronwen: *Bronwen sits and crosses her legs!* Perfect condition, never been used, very fine weapons… Practically an entire armory, really. -02:02 Feb 02
MacBeth: You were the first one we thought of for a potential buyer. If anyone could sell these puppies, it’d be you, Lady Heather. You did, after all, start your business from scratch and make it into an established little place. -02:06 Feb 02

{Lady Heather: *Is thoughtful for a moment and smiles softly when Mac mentions Vixen’s Playground.* Ah, that I did … Such hard work but what wonderful rewards … *She snaps herself out of her daydreaming to focus on the matter at hand.* Well. How about you bring your cargo here and let me get a look at it? Then we can perhaps discuss a price depending on how everything looks?}

Bronwen: That sounds fair. *Bronwen offered a wide grin! She liked this women! Of course, she still wonders what a guy like MacBeth would be doing in a place like this… but that was for another moment!* -02:10 Feb 02

{Lady Heather: Excellent! *She gets thoughtful again.* Hm. You mentioned a small crew and I see only you and MacBeth here … Could you use some help to bring the cargo here? *She chuckles softly.* I assure you, any assistance you accept will be completely neutral. I haven’t sunk so low as to hire my men to assault potential sellers just to save me a few squid here and there.}

Bronwen: *She nodded slowly!* Normally I’d have my boys do it, but you know how they get when you leave them alone. One wrong word and they get themselves socked in the gut. -02:18 Feb 02

{Lady Heather: Ah, men can often get in over their heads. *She’s looking at Mac as she says it though! Then she turns to Bronwen.* Well then, how many crates are we thinking about? If there are enough, we may have to resort to getting you a hover-lift in order to move them all.}

Bronwen: *She turns to blink at MacBeth.. what was that look all about?* Er.. yeah, there’s at least a dozen of them. -02:26 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Is wearing the usual, indifferent expression on his face! Let nothing show. Let nothing show. Let nothing show.* A hover-lift would save us more time. *He stands.* -02:28 Feb 02

{Lady Heather: Of course. I will phone ahead and the hover-lift will be waiting for you. There will also be an operator waiting to help you but if you would like, you may dismiss him. However, he will forget anything he sees or hears if you do decide to use his services. *She stands.* Since a dozen crates are quite obvious, how about we meet at the back of Vixen’s Playground? There is a garage and it is large and clean enough to suffice for a meeting place.}

Bronwen: *Bronwen stood and nodded again.* Will do. C’mon first mate. We have loading to do. *She was trying to bite back some smirking. Questions she had…* -02:40 Feb 02

{Lady Heather: *Takes them back down and bids them a “See you in a little while” before they disappear again.*}

MacBeth: *Walks out and is strangely silent as they make their way back to the Briar Rose. He’s walking pretty fast as if trying to put as much distance as he can between himself and Vixen’s Playground.* -02:42 Feb 02
Bronwen: Oh, first mate. You never did tell me how you met such a wonderful women as Lady Heather! -02:45 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Glances at her briefly, although it’s hard to read the look in his eyes.* Yeah, and I don’t intend to tell you either. *If he did, he’s more than certain he’d never live it down!* -02:46 Feb 02
Bronwen: Ah so you had a really weird experience back there huh? Was it with your first woman? *Smiiiirking!* -02:51 Feb 02
MacBeth: … I bet you would just love it if it were that, wouldn’t you? *He definitely doesn’t like this subject at all! He’s walking even faster now!* -02:52 Feb 02
Bronwen: *Oh, but she can walk pretty fast! That was a nerve was it?* Oooh.. was it with Lady Heather herself? -02:54 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Blasted Shadowstar! He mutters something under his breath and Mac being Mac, chances are it’s a curse of some sort.* Just drop it, Shadowstar. -02:57 Feb 02
Bronwen: *She scoots in front of him to walk backwards and smirk while she harasses him!* Learn everything you know about the ladies there? -02:59 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Keeps walking! Damn it, would she never quit?* … Yeah. One always thought she’d end up being a nun and one has a degree in how to be a royal pain in the ass. Maybe you know her. -03:05 Feb 02
Bronwen: You do know how to flatter a girl, MacBeth. Ah… Now that I think about it… You must have accompanied my brothers there! -03:07 Feb 02
MacBeth: Maybe. Maybe not. The last time you looped me into revealing I knew them at all, you damn well tried to strangle me. Like hell if I’m going to let you pry this one out of me. -03:08 Feb 02
Bronwen: Hmm.. Wellt hat was when, I don’t know.. You were HIDING everything from me? But now.. Oh this is just for fun! -03:10 Feb 02
MacBeth: I was *not* hiding everything. *He muttered.* I just forgot to mention it. *Blasted Shadowstars. If it wasn’t one of the Shadowstar men getting him into trouble, it was their sister! They finally got to the hangar where they found the hover-lift waiting and the operator.* We’ll take care of it. *He told the guy who only nodded and disappeared to do something else. The hover-lift was a platform with a device at the bottom to allow it to hover and a place to stand with a control panel at the back. He wasted no time in starting to move the crates onto the lift. Duncan is heard asking what they were doing, where they were going, and if he could come along, too.* -03:14 Feb 02
Bronwen: *She was laughing now…! At least she knew what got MacBeth all riled up! But now it’s time for work.. She supervised, including shooing Duncan away to keep him out of trouble or… dying all over the place!* -03:17 Feb 02
Duncan: *Limps out of bed and is very curious!* Awh, come on, love. Let me on it. Is it a business deal or somethin’? I can help you know. Here, let me show Matey how lifting is really done. *He actually bends over to try and pick one up!*
MacBeth: *Is actually glad for once that Flyboy is here. Maybe his stupidity can keep Shadowstar occupied long enough for him to get all this done and retain some of his dignity. That is, if the four Shadowstar men hadn’t taken every ounce of it already.* -03:19 Feb 02
Bronwen: Get your ass away from them boxes and back to bed! I don’t want your damned guts spilling out over the floors! *Argh..! Stupid Duncan…!* -03:20 Feb 02
Duncan: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! *Startled, he drops the crate and starts limping around when he stubs his toe against the corner! Then he ends up backing into the wall HARD and starts dancing around the cargo hold even more!*
Bronwen: … Serves you right, you ass! I told you to stay in bed until we got a real doctor to look at you! Might as well shoot you and put you out of your misery! *She seems to be seriously considering it!* -03:24 Feb 02
Duncan: Awh … *He stops dancing around and flops down on a small box.* Would you at least tell me where you guys are headed with all our stuff?
Bronwen: Selling our overstock and making us lots and lots of money for supplies. Are you happy now? -03:27 Feb 02
Duncan: I will be … if you give me another kiss. *He gives her that “oh so stunning, you can’t help but kiss him” lopsided grin!*
Bronwen: Fine. *Why the hell not, if it’ll shut him up and send him back to bed so he doesn’t kill himself. She grabs his face and gives him one whopper of a kiss! Then promptly shoves him off back towards his room!* Go to bed! -03:32 Feb 02
Duncan: *Is stunned! He tumbles back to his room and disappears without another word! He’d just died and gone to heaven! Bliss! Sweet bliss!*
MacBeth: *Believe it or not, is done loading the crates! He returns from putting the last one as Duncan leaves. He disappears himself to grab his guns and slip his shoulder holsters back on!* -03:36 Feb 02
Bronwen: Bleeech… *She wipes her mouth with her sleeve… Now she’s got Duncan germs!* MacBeth…! Are you ready yet! -03:39 Feb 02
MacBeth: Yeah. *It feels good to have his guns again. He didn’t like going anywhere when he wasn’t armed but now that they didn’t have to continue playing the "armed guard-slaver-slave" game, he could wear them again.* Do you know how to drive one of these things? *He asks as they head out and onto the hover-lift.* -03:42 Feb 02
Bronwen: *She rubs her hands together…* Oh, I do indeeed. -03:42 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Has a feeling he’s going to regret ever asking her something like this. He just shrugs and climbs on after strapping the crates down to the platform. He remembers to sit down.* Ready when you are. -03:45 Feb 02
Bronwen: *Bronwen plopped in to the seat, and for a second there it might have looked like it was a very bad, bad idea in letting her drive! But she was being good.. for now!* So… How many of Lady Heather’s ladies have you met, MacBeth? -03:48 Feb 02
MacBeth: *If he was a religious man, this would be a good time to start praying. He glances at her and then shrugs.* I’ve met all of them. Why? *He has a sneaking suspicion she’s up to something, besides what will probably be reckless, maniacal driving.* -03:50 Feb 02
Bronwen: *Oh, but she drove like a mild mannered, very good young lady. Which was completely opposite from the tone of her voice.* How many did you have sex with? -03:51 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Spears her with a hard glance.* You’re not going to drop the subject, are you? -03:52 Feb 02
Bronwen: I’m taking great pleasure in making you uncomfortable. *She grins, wide as a well fed cat!* -03:54 Feb 02
MacBeth: *Had a feeling she was going to say something like that! The sooner she finds something else to focus on, the better! Like the profits from the guns so they can shop and never speak of the women of Vixen’s Playground ever again!* -03:55 Feb 02
Bronwen: I can only imagine the adventures you had in the Vixen’s Playground! Surrounded by so many lovely ladies! -03:57 Feb 02
[Bronwen arrives with cargo to the Vixen’s Playground!] -11:50 Feb 06
[MacBeth is ready to get this over and done with!] -12:06 Feb 07

As the two head around back, another bulking bodyguard is there to meet them. He opens the garage for them and closes it behind them, after mentioning going to let his boss know the goods are here.

Bronwen: *Leaning close to MacBeth she whipsered* How many ladies did you visit? Or were you too shy? -12:08 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Glances at her as if she’s nuts and as far as he’s concerned, she is!* Would you cut that out already? *Whispers back loudly.* And why the hell are we whispering?! *Growls louder now! He gets to work unloading the crates and doing his best to ignore Shadowstar!* -12:10 Feb 07
Bronwen: Well if you want me to speak loudly about your escapades with women! I’m just curious is all! *Curious and enjoying getting him all ruffled up!* -12:11 Feb 07
MacBeth: … Bloody hell. *He swears under his breath as he puts down one crate and stalks over to pick another one up.* Just drop it, Shadowstar. *Damnit all, all four of her brothers combined were not this much trouble!* -12:13 Feb 07
Bronwen: What are you so embarassed about anyway? It’s manly nature and all that nonsense. -12:15 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Despite his better judgement, he actually responds to that!* Unlike most men, I don’t brag about my so-called ‘conquests.’ And whatever I did is between me and the woman I did it with. -12:16 Feb 07
Bronwen: So only one women, huh. That’s not much of a record. *Now she’s really curious, since most men are certainly like her brothers or Duncan. MacBeth is a weirdo…* Did you used to be a woman? -12:19 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Raises his eyebrow at her.* You would just love it if that were the case, wouldn’t you? *He puts down another crate and moves to pick up the next. He’s almost done.* -12:20 Feb 07
Bronwen: Explains a name like MacBeth. You were Beth and became a man, and added the Mac. *She couldn’t possibly being seriously thinking that’s true…* -12:22 Feb 07
MacBeth: Hate to rain on your parade, Shadowstar. *Puts down that crate and turns to her.* But that’s not the case. I am, and always have been, a male. MacBeth is my real name. -12:24 Feb 07
Bronwen: I’d ask you to prove it, *She grins wiiiiide!* but we’re in a public place. Maybe later then? -12:28 Feb 07
MacBeth: You’re freakin’ nuts, Shadowstar. *He mutters as he wipes his forehead with the back of his hand.* -12:30 Feb 07
Bronwen: I don’t disagree. *She clasps her hands behind her back and rocks on her heels.* -12:32 Feb 07

{*The garage opens and in walks, Lady Heather. She chuckles softly.* If it isn’t my single most favorite person in the world and his captain. Welcome back. Now, how about we take a look at the merchandise?: }

Bronwen: Yes, lets! *Oh what a grin thrown over at MacBeth! Favorite person in the world huh?* -12:37 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Catches her giving him that grin and glares back darkly. He moves to the crates and opens each one, letting Shadowstar do the talking and displaying.* -12:39 Feb 07
Bronwen: *Ooh, she likes that look. All the smiling she does!* These, are state of the art quality… Note the brillant craftmen ship and design. Create for more bang for the power and less maintenance. -12:43 Feb 07

{*Lady Heather nods. She even holds and weighs the guns in her arms. She does that for each one and even uses one for a little target practice. Afterwards, she places it back in the crate.* And how much are you asking for these fine weapons?: }

Bronwen: Hmm… What do you think, Mac? Enough weapons to fuel a small army… What’s the market value of that, these days? -12:51 Feb 07
MacBeth: Small army …? I’d say 75,000 squid at least. But with the demanding market and the limited supply of these beauties, the price should round up to 90,000 … 95,000 squid easy. Rather difficult to get these weapons here. Customs and space pirates and other potential buyers. -12:57 Feb 07
Bronwen: That is a pretty penny. I like the idea of 80,000… A nice reasonable number, and should take care of things quite nice. -12:59 Feb 07

{*Lady Heather crosses her arms and thinks to herself.* Hm … I see … *She chuckles softly and unfolds her arms.* Very well. 80,000 squid it is. Although … I’ll give you an additional 10,000 squid if you could do me one little favor.: }

Bronwen: What sort of favor are we talkin’? -01:04 Feb 07

{*Lady Heather smiles.* Nothing too big. I have a little package for an acquaintance’s of Mac’s. I was going to give it to him the next time he visited but … *Her face saddens a little.* It’s been many years. It would mean a lot to me if you could get it to him and let him know he still owes me a dinner at Khatrans’.: }

Bronwen: That’s easy enough. Who do we take it to…? -01:10 Feb 07

{*Lady Heather sighs softly in relief and smiles again.* Brennan Shadowstar. He used to come here a lot with his brothers and Mac. *She gets a wistful look in her eyes.* It’s been far too long. *Then she snaps out of it.* Well, let’s get your payment and I’ll give you the package as well. Just leave everything as it is. I’ll have my men take care of it for me. *She leads the way through a door which turns out to be a side door to the Vixen’s Playground. They enter the lobby and take the same elevator.*: }

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinks! Which is followed by a quick disgusted look, then a peculiar stare at MacBeth. Brennen and a romantic interlude? Well… it’s something to harass MacBeth about. ….Eew!* I’ll be sure Brennen gets the message! -01:18 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Just follows Lady Heather. He has a feeling he’s going to be hearing a lot about this later but for now … He’s just going to enjoy the peace. For however long that lasts.* -01:19 Feb 07

{*Lady Heather has them sit and puts a case down on the desk. Then she gets to a secret vault via a hidden switch triggered when she pulls a book out slightly. She opens the vault and fills the case up with 90,000 squid. She locks it and hands it to Bronwen, along with a little slip of paper with a 3-number combo on it.* Memorize it, then destroy it. Not even I know the combination so you will have to be careful. It is state of the art so even a gifted thief would have trouble opening it without the right numbers. As for the package … *She retrieves a small box wrapped tightly and could hold anything from a gun to a book or even both.* Here is the package.: }

Bronwen: *She puts the numbers to memory before stuffing the paper down the front of her shirt. The package looked interesting, and she was tempted to snoop… But it’s not like she won’t find out what it is later!* We appreciate your business. -01:26 Feb 07

{*She chuckles softly.* As do I. *She takes them back down and shakes Bronwen’s hand, and gives Mac a hug.* Take good care of her, Mac. And Bronwen, keep an eye on Mac here. And be careful. My sources say that Blackguard has been spotted around here.: }

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