Breaking Delilah 006

Breaking Delilah

[Delilah Red spent a night in rage, trapped inside an ancient tomb. Followed by more studying than she had done in her entire lifetime. And then a clever escape. Now, there she was on the beach. Looking like a wild woman, she was presently roaming the beach and setting up clever booby traps.] -02:51 Feb 12
[Ferius sails the Moira into the bay his personal penany flying in the still wind as he drops anchor and prepairs to go ashore alone.] -02:54 Feb 12
Delilah Red: If she had explosive mines, they would have been buried all over the island. As it were… she had to make due with the supplies she actually had. A gun without power, a short knife and a sword. There were trap ditches all over the beach, swinging sticks in the jungle, and she… she was just going to chop off every single limb from his body the moment she got her hands on him. After all… leaving her in that tomb had givin her the opportunity to learn a few very interesting things about his curse… -02:56 Feb 12
Ferius: He walks up the beach seemingly unaware of the traps or concerned that while he couldn’t see her she could almost certainly see him. He stopped halfway between the sea and the trees and stared inland, seemingly waiting for her move. -03:00 Feb 12
Delilah Red: He couldn’t have stopped in a better place. Buried under the sand was the weavings of a net. Delilah called out from her hiding place, behind a large cropping of rock along the beach. "Dearest Captain. I am starting to believe you truely do have a death wish. Why else would you leave me here, on this lovely little island to discover just exactly what makes you tick…" All the things she learned. About the weapons that can kill. About the medallion that feeds his power, and even how to break his curse. All Delilah had to do was choose. Take his power for herself and rule the seas, or just enjoy the pleasure of destroying him out right? Before he moved, she swung the sword to cut a rope. A tree was released from it’s binding, thus tugging the attached net up from under Ferius’ feet to drag him across the beach. -03:06 Feb 12
Ferius: Trapped in a net he seemed unphased as he took out a dagger and began cutting the net. "You sound sure of yourself." he called back as the first rope parted, then the second. He wouldn’t have much time before she revealed herself, but he wasn’t as helpless as he appeared. -03:09 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "What did you think you would accomplish? That I’d learn of the curse and fear you?" she called out. Delilah shifted from her position, lifting up a make-shift and pulling an arrow. Crude, but delightfully painful. While he was busy trying to cut himself free, she took aim. "I have a sword that can kill you, that low and behold you cannot take from me. I have your shiny little trinket that aids your power and that leaves you at my mercy. And I am not feeling very merciful." Delilah fired the arrow, aiming for his legs with the intend to be as irritating as possible. -03:15 Feb 12
Ferius: Sh she was talking he did and odd thing. He cut himself. Not that she hadn’t seen it before but why would he now. She aimed and he pushed his arm out of the net, blood running down it then the arrow flew. It was like a red wall momentrally appeared and the arrow was pushed off course, then he was free and standing before her dagger in one hand and the other bleeding the blood seeming to pool in mid-air around it he he stood and grinned. "I am not out of tricks yet Red." -03:20 Feb 12
Delilah Red: She lowered the bow, one eyebrow raised and a look of bafflement across her features. "What the fuck is that shit?!" Was her momentary declaration, but she was quick to correct herself. Delilah pulled her sword. "…all right, Ferius. If you wish to die, I am happy to fullfill that wish." Without any sort of trepidation, she was out from behind the stones. Swinging her sword in full force. -03:25 Feb 12
Ferius: He ducked and rolled coming up to throw the blood into her face where it stawed blocking her vision and airways like a pool around her face in defiance to gravity. "Dying was never on my to-do list Delilah." he growled as he punched her in the stomach. "And neither was killing you so put down your sword." -03:30 Feb 12
[Delilah Red growls.] -03:35 Feb 12
Delilah Red: It wasn’t the way she would expect to be choking on his blood. The hit to her stomach had her coughing even more, but she didn’t drop her sword. Delilah spun, aiming her elbow for his nose. "Never quite sure what is on your goddamned to-do list, besides me!" she hissed! -03:37 Feb 12
Ferius: He took the blow to his face and stumbled back the blood around her falling to cover her clothes. "Then you havn’t been paying attention." He tossed the dagger into the air and caught it by it’s blade before throwing it at her and dodging away as more blood leaked out of his arm and he raised bother and makign it hover before him forming into razor sharp shards. "Either way you have once again underestimated me." -03:42 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Her next turn to swing was interupted by side-stepping the thrown knife. The gash at her arm it cause going unnoticed as she pointed her sword at him and warily circled around him. That crazy shit he was doing with his blood… it was disconcerting and leaving her more than a little bit wary. "Oh. I’ve paid plenty of attention. Enough attention that I might even know something you don’t… But I think taking everything you have is going to be a lot more gratifying!" Delilah kicked a wad of sand up towards his head, using the distraction to run at him again. -03:48 Feb 12
Ferius: The distraction worked, kindof. HIs blood dropped to the ground and he couldn’t stop her, but what he did do was draw her blood out of her wound and foridify it arounf her arm to pull it away fo that it was her body and no her sword that slammed into him and sent them both to the ground. -03:52 Feb 12
[Delilah Red has timed out.] -03:59 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Her cry of surprise was not just from crashing bodily in to him, but the wierd sensation of having HER blood pulled and bent like it was some sort of rope..! Somewhere in the sand she had dropped her sword. So it was with empty hands that she swatted and grabbed at his arms. Forcing them down and trying to disconnect his blood magic. "Just… STOP it..! Fucking fight like a real man, not some wizard!" -03:59 Feb 12
Ferius: He did. He needed to get her off of him so he grabbed her shirt and pulled her to the side rollign on top of her to hold her arms down. "All fair in love and war red." he spat. "And this has growing amounts of both." he didn’t seem to realise what he said but it was clear his was fired up and and nowhere near tiring. "You’ve lost your sword… now what are you going to do?" -04:05 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Delilah was stunned in to silence. Not because she was pinned underneath him, or his lack of tiring despite how hard she was already breathing, but by his words. It took her a moment to regain her senses. Struggling to get her arms free. "I don’t think you even realize half the shit you say to me." she muttered under her breath in a growl. "First, I’m going to strangle you. Then when you pop back to life I’m going to strangle you AGAIN." -04:11 Feb 12
Ferius: "In case you havn’t noticed." he said "You are in no position to make threats." his eyes were locked onto hers "Or did you think I came here expecting you to not try and kill me? When I could have left you here. You know what the worst part of living forever is? It the people you watch die." -04:17 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "Are you trying to warn me, Ferius?" she asked, squinting her eyes as she examined his face. The struggle to try and kill him, abandoned for this new, unexpected argument."There is not a thing in this world that ties me. You can pull my strings, but I am not your property. You cannot keep me tied on your ship, or anywhere else!" -04:27 Feb 12
Ferius: He growled. "You are a stubborn woman bound by your pride as much as anything." He pulled her arm to where she could see it and you will die, one day or the next." he growled again crearly frustrated and experiencing conflicting feelings of one kindor the other. -04:34 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Delilah yanked her arm back, swatting at him even though she would just have likely punched him. "And why do you even GIVE a shit…! This is MY life. I want to CHOOSE what I do with it, or I will spend the rest of my life trying to end yours, you scurvy bastard!" she complained, finally giving in to that compulsion to swing a fist at him. She was stubborn, but the man never fucking listened to anything outside of his own voice..! -04:39 Feb 12
Ferius: His head turned with ehr blow but he did not let go, compultion and frustration driving him forwards as he pressed his lips into her his grip on her lossening. She has daring, stubborn and too tenavcious for her own good but of all the women on she sea…. He pulled back but only for a moment as his kiss alighted on her throat and he gripped her shirt pulling open the front. -04:46 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "Stupid prick…" she muttered under her breath, but it might just as well of been a sigh. Why? was the only question left, not just for him, but for herself! As she could have easily went grabbing for her sword, yet she was grasping at his shirt to pull it over his head and tugging his hair so she could plant an oddly tender kiss across his mouth. -04:51 Feb 12
Ferius: His kiss was far from tender, it was pasionate and needy. His hand slid over her body and his tongue flicke out searching for hers. "Damn you Red." he whispered as he again gave himself over to saatiating his apitite for her instead of what he came here to do. -04:55 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Her response was a sly curve of her lips and a tangling of her hands in to his hair. Damn her indeed, because she clearly wasn’t thinking…! Slipping her tongue against his with a soft purr in the back of her throat. One leg shifting as she rubbed her foot against the back of his calf and up his leg. -05:02 Feb 12
Ferius: All though had been driven out of his mind as well and before he knew it he was pulling on her pants and undooing the to lit his finders tickle her hip as he allowed himself to be pulled deeper into the kiss with only a sigh and his tongue flicking agaist hers. -05:06 Feb 12
Delilah Red: She couldn’t blame it on the blood bond, or some insatiable hunger. Nor the want to punish him or make him suffer. Delilah kissed him until she was breathless. Gasping for air as she nuzzled against his cheek. Her hands falling down to his shoulders and to glide over his arms. -05:12 Feb 12
Ferius: He pulled back to pull into her eyes and smile coming to his lips as he cupped her cheek. This wasn’t like the other times, was it? He leaned forwards agai to kiss her… his ahdn gliding down her neck as his hips settled agaist hers. -05:17 Feb 12
Delilah Red: There wasn’t that same feeling as any previous moment. This was most certainly new, leaving that strange warm feeling tingling through her skin. Even her expression shifted from her usual sarcastic glint to something more confused and nearly curious. She tilted her head up to brush her lips against his. Letting her fingers dance down his chest between them and take a grip at the waistband of his pants. -05:24 Feb 12
Ferius: He breath shuddered agaist her as he tilted his head to push her lips into hers softly as he ran a hand through her hair and his other guided her hand to his belt. He wanted her to undo it, to willingly pull him out and guid him to het, for the hisrt time to give herself to him willingly. It was a new feeling and as jaring as it was unexpected. -05:27 Feb 12
Delilah Red: How something like this was exciting was beyond her! Delilah nibbled his bottom lip gently. Seeming to take her time at pulling his belt loose. A single finger to undo the ties at his pants, and slipping her hand down to curl around his shaft. Always keeping her heavy-lidded gaze on his eyes. -05:33 Feb 12
Ferius: His eyes never left hers as his hand moved to her back his hips welcoming her toutch by shifting towards her as she toutched his shaft and a soft groan scaped him. -05:36 Feb 12
Delilah Red: She pulled him closer, only releasing when there was barely any space between them. She curled her leg around him again, pressing him tight against her. Her arms doing much of the same as her hands grazed up his back. -05:43 Feb 12
Ferius: He pressed hie tip agaist her and slowly pushed into her. He her embrace he was losing himself further anf he nipped her lip as thier hips met his eyes half closing but still looking into hers. -05:48 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Definitely a new experience…! Delilah sighed against his mouth. Her hands moving up his back to grip his shoulders as she widen her legs to accomidate him. Her blood was running hot as she shifted beneath him. -05:53 Feb 12
Ferius: It was ten, ne a hundred times sweeter to have her move to let him in deeper and he alrost broke the kiss in surrprise at the rush of pleasure that shot up his spine strait to his head. He gripped her and helped her pull themselves closer he hips sliding agast hers. His lips lest hers and he mipped her neck his teeth momenterally presing into her skin. He didn’t need her blood, not where they were sharing this, theis, passsionate lovemaking. He moved to kiss her again but there was a massive explosion close by that shook the trees…. he gasped and looked arounf, to see a last tailing his flag slowly tip and fall with gathering speed. His ship was under attack! "BASTARDS!" he was instantly filled with anger and almost kept going inside Delilah but broke away and pulled up his trousers. "Another time." he spat and picked up his dagger and began headign for the beach. "THATS MY SHIP YOU NO GOOD BRINESHIRP." he bellowed as the battle aboud the two ships in the bay. "I’LL SWIM OUT THERE AND GUT EVERY ONE OF YOU IF I HAVE TO." a cannon ball wanded on the beath and sent wants and fraglents of one one Delila’s traps flying but Ferius was alread pullign the boat back into the water. No one attacked his ship. -06:04 Feb 12
Delilah Red: "Fuck! Shit, cockass, sonofa–!!" She let out every curseword she knew from English to Italian. That one singular moment where she didn’t want his murder, his blood or anything more than just to feel him around her and… gone! Gone in an instant and leaving her wondering how she even allowed herself…! Righting her clothing and finding her sword in the sand, Delilah was fast on his heels. She still hadn’t decided if she was going to stab him or the ones that interupted, but she was hopping in to his boat as he pushed it off from shore. -06:09 Feb 12
Ferius: He didn’t question why she was in the boat , he was too bust climbing in and rowing out to his shit. as they got closer they could hear the sounds of battle and see that it was his mainmast that hed fallen. Ferius was livid, damaging his ship ws worse than wounding him. He jumped out of the boat witout even tying it up and was up the ladder in seconds draw9ign the sword he had left untoutched in his battle with Delilah and jumping right into the battle caving in a man’s skull with the hilt of his sword as a cheer went up from his crew. Thier captain had joined the fight. -06:16 Feb 12
Delilah Red: Hauling herself aboard, a fight like this wasn’t foreign to her. Hell, Ferius slaughtered her own crew and sank her ship. She knew damn well how it felt. His mast destroyed, it could be her moment to end him once and for all…. but… but now she wasn’t so sure… Her sword flew up, clashing against someone else’s. "I am not here to fight you!" she shouted, but those words seemed to fall on deaf ears. In fact, like most stupid men, not a one that came at her seemed to listen that she was on their side! -06:22 Feb 12
Ferius: He parried and slashed cutting a path to the figure that had to be the attacking ship’s captain. It wasn’t the first time someone had come to kill him and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last. "No shortcut to fame for you." he shouted bodily pickign up the last man between them one handed adn throwing his ahainst the splintered mast. "No weapon you bare can hurt me." -06:25 Feb 12

The Foreign Captain sneered. For someone facing the Blood Pirate, he lacked any sort of fear as the other man approached. He brandished his sword, the steel glinting in the sunlight. “Come and test that theory against the tip of my blade!” He shouted. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: Something burned hot against her chest, catching Delilah off guard until she realized it was the small trinket hanging around her neck. She glanced around quickly, looking for Ferius in the fray. Fully expecting it to be reacting to him and his magic. Yet, instead it tingled against her skin at the moments of the invader. The movements of his sword. It only took a moment for the realization to dawn on her, and she was quickly crossing the deck and slashing her way through people! -06:31 Feb 12
Ferius: The deck between them was clear and he held his sword losely between them. "Fine then!" Ferius spat. "But today is your last." he rushed forwards slishing wildly. Whoever this upstart was he was makign all the wrong mistakes. -06:34 Feb 12

The man showed great patience, not moving a muscle until Ferius was nearly upon him. Swift agility had him blocking the Captain’s swings, circling around him until his back was blocked. He then swung his counter, slashing against Ferius chest in a deep wide arch and stepping back to assess his handy work! -Delilah Red

Ferius: There was a grunt of pain, FUCK it wasn’t meant to hurt. Not Ferius was at the disadvantage. "You think some fancy trinket will save you?" he asked circling the other man. "Prepair to die." -06:41 Feb 12

Seeing the pain in his opponents face seemed to be exactly what he was looking for. The power of his sword confirmed, the forgein Captain went on the offensive. His swings were calulated and quick. Taking risks with open swings, but being fueled by taking the first flood and having found the Blood Pirate’s weakness! -Delilah Red

Ferius: It was all he could do to ward off the abrrage of blows assailing him, he had only one choice, to wait for the other captain to tire. That was the plan until one of the blow git throught his guard and sent him falling backwards onto the deck. He looked up at the other man blood running from a wound on his shoulder. He looked at the blood then stabbed his sword into the deck leaving it there. "Perhaps you’re like to see what else I can do." -06:49 Feb 12

“I don’t intend to give you the oppotunity to try.” he sneered. His sword flurishing before holding it up high over his head. He was swinging it downwards for a killing blow, it he stopped mid air. A look of startled surprise across his face as blood began dripping down his mouth. As he glanced down, there was the tip of steel sticking out his gut. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: "No one steals my kill…!" Delilah hissed. Yanking her own sword out of the man’s back. Snatching his weapon away as she shoved his dying body to the side. Now it was she standing over Ferius. Not just one, but two weapons ripe for taking his life now in her hands. "So that is what it does…" she murmured. Her hands tightening on the hilts… Does she kill, or…! Delilah still hadn’t made the decision. And the fact she was struggling with it was striking her with more fear than anything else ever had. -06:56 Feb 12
Ferius: He stood slowly facing her as the battle around them died. "Well Delilah..?" he asked. "I can’t defend myself, you have the weapons. Whats it going to be?" His eyes searched hers as he did his best to slow his bleeding. "You going to kill me… or not?" -07:00 Feb 12
Delilah Red: It was her chance. To strike him down once and for all. To take his power, or break his curse… And all at once her stomach sank. Her answer dying on her throat. Without reply or explination, both swords were sheathed in her belt and she was running. Shoving past those trying to flee now that their Captain was dead. Grabbing the nearest rope to swing herself to the other ship. She barked out orders the moment her feet hit the deck. Not looking back… not daring to allow herself to do so! -07:05 Feb 12
Ferius: He watched her go in silence. Not moving to stop her or to follow. Hos ship was in no shape to pursue and he was wounded. But still. "This is interesting." he murmered. "Until next time dealesr Delilah." -07:07 Feb 12

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