Take Me Under 006: A Feeling Worth Holding On To

Take Me Under

[Dakota is glad she can afford to feed Armas, because making sure he is well fed is quite the challenge.] -01:04 May 14
[BK 201 has eaten just about all there was in the cupboards and is feeling better, he charge level is rising but he needs to burn energy.] -01:06 May 14
Dakota: Dakota was sipping hot coffee, finding amusement in watching him. He looked far less ill, which eased her concern about opening him up for that tracker. He really did recover fast. Of course, demolishing every thing in the kitchen in the span of an hour was also impressive… "Now I have to go shopping… I suppose I get to show you what being domesticated is like." she grinned in to her cup. -01:09 May 14
BK 201: He stood, even with all that food inside him his movements were faster and more fuid than theyhad been an hour ago. "So insist I choose freedom, then domesticate me? But since I just ate everything you have… I think we can make it work. Now I just need to work up a charge.." -01:14 May 14
Dakota: She cast a wide smirk, turning to lean against the counter with the mug in her hands. "I said show you. I’ve got no crazy notions of domesticating anybody. That tends to mean I’d get domesticated myself." Dakota tilted her head, taking the new dilema in to consideration. "A charge, hmm? Now that you’re tracking free, we could go anywhere, do anything. What do you want to do?" -01:16 May 14
BK 201: He was rolling his shoulder and looking at her. "Well theres somehtign I want to do for you, and not the otehr way round." he said walking closer. "We’ll have time to explore the world later, for now.. If you want.." he put his hand on her cheek "We could explore eachother.." he wasn’t skilled with metophore or inuendo and he hesitated wondering if he should explain what he meant.. "Nothing needs to happen, I want to spend time close to you.." -01:22 May 14
Dakota: Honesty, in it’s simple, bumbling, non-flowery form seemed to be so much better than all the come-ons and smooth talking Dakota usually had the pleasure of dancing around. She set her mug aside on the counter, turning her face in to his cheek and holding her hand over his. Funny how such a simple thing was so nice. "I won’t object to exploring us." She kissed the palm of his hand before turning a wicked look to him. "Did you want naked exploring, armas?" -01:29 May 14
BK 201: He smiled back his eyes moving down her shape before coming back up to her eyes ans he stepped forwards kising her forehead. "We’ll get to that eventually. But for now, no commands, no instructions. We do what comes naturally to humans when they’re close and they want eachother." -01:33 May 14
Dakota: Dakota laughed softly. "I’m not sure I can do that… Being commanding kinda comes naturally." That WAS a challenge. A fun challenge though… Since the moment he appeared she was having to do things she wouldn’t have done otherwise… Dakota leaned forward until she was wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head against him. -01:38 May 14
BK 201: His hands came up and rubbed her back. "You’re a goddess, demanding is in your nature." he nuzzled into her hair. "And I’m a man, with feelings and a woman in his arms.. I think what comes naturally is presing into your leg." -01:41 May 14
Dakota: She laughed again, the sound muffled by his chest. "And here you told me not to give instructions… What are you going to do about this now?" Dakota shifted so she could sneak her hands up under his shirt. For someone with a bazallion unnatural pieces, his skin was still warm to touch. There was always that spark of subtle electricity, and she might have been used to it by now, but it still baffled her. -01:46 May 14
BK 201: He looked down at her his hands sliding down her back to her waste, "Then demand with your movements and not with your words." he leaned down to kiss her. "This isn’t for you, or for me but for both of us." -01:50 May 14
Dakota: "I see. That I can do." she mumbled again his mouth with a grin. Dakota tilted her head to brush a soft kiss over his mouth. It wasn’t sweet by any means. Deliberately tempting with a nibble of teeth and sweep of her tongue. Her arms stole all the way up under his shirt, pressing her full form up against him. -01:54 May 14
BK 201: We had to react… he hands coming around and sliedign her top up his hands brushing her stomach as his lips moved against hers. "And you’re gooda t demanding…" -02:05 May 14
Dakota: "Even better at getting a man naked." she smirked. It took little manuvering to get his shirt off. His pants would have immediately come next but she found herself grazing her fingers over his chest where she remembered that panel was hidden under the skin. Dakota hadn’t expected herself to feel so strongly about seeing him opened up on a table. But as her fingers ran over him, it was as if it never happened at all. -02:09 May 14
BK 201: He kissed her agains his lips sliding over hers. "I’m not naked yet…" he lifted her top off of her and let it fall to the floor. "What feelings do you feel for me? Name them and describe them so I know which is which and if I feel the same for you." -02:14 May 14
Dakota: "That’s… a strange request." Never heard one like it. Of course she’d been asked for dirty talk before, and even someone that wanted her to call him Big Daddy… but talking about feelings? That was different… and a little alarming. Though… "I am concerned for you." she mumbled, leaning to kiss his chest where his heart was. "More than just a natural care for another human being. I was worried for you. And this confuses and surprises me…" Dakota let her hands slip down to his waist band, glancing back up at him with a smile. -02:21 May 14
BK 201: He looked down at her his hand slipping down to take hold of her arm, stopping her. Concern and surprise… nothing else? You want to teatch me about feelings but don’t feel much yourself.. so descride what you feel and what it feels liek to feel them." his eyes searched hers and he let go of her arm. "Otherwise this is a mistake." -02:24 May 14
Dakota: There was the surprise again, going unmasked on her face. "Surprise, armas. Because what I feel for you, I have never felt before. And describing it isn’t easy…" Apparently he needed this. Dakota took a deep breath and exhaled. "Days ago when I asked you to kiss me, I was being an asshole. Playing with you… but when you did… it was like… electricity. Invigorating, stunning, surprising, alive. I offered to helped you not just because you needed it, cause I really wanted to feel that again. I feel guilty for taking advantage of you. …but I also feel that if you left I would be losing something that could be amazing." Dakota softly shrugged her shoulders, a sheepish expression coming over her features. "So, it’s surprise. Surprise that I could fall in love with you over something as simple as one kiss." -02:33 May 14
BK 201: His eyes searched her face and he leaned forwards to push his lips into hers. "It fills your chest and makes your stomach feel like it’s alive. It makes you want to reach out and never let go. It makes you want to explore…" he slid his hand up her arm nsd pulled her closer. "And it is all still from just that one kiss?" -02:37 May 14
Dakota: "No. Now every day it’s something new." There was that smile again. Brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth and nuzzling his cheek. "A touch, or word, or a stupid expression… You make me wonder about the future, and actually want more than just what I could experience today." -02:45 May 14
BK 201: He ran his hands through her hair and kissed her back takign her hand and putting it on his waistband before hsi arns circled her. "Its the same for me.. and I’ve never felt anything like it and I don’t want it to stop." -02:49 May 14
Dakota: "Then don’t stop. Get lost with me." Lost was an excellent way to describe it. If it was love, she could get used to this… Dakota pulled the belt and button loose from his pants. Opening them up to slide her hands down over his hips and circle around to grab his ass. Not even with a lecherous squeeze, she really did just enjoy touching him. She returned his kiss with a faint sigh, leaning her hold body in to him. -02:56 May 14
BK 201: He slide his hands up her back getting lost in her feel, slowly running his lips agaist hers tilting his head to the side. It was an enrapturing feeling and he was exploring it with her. "Is it always like this?" -03:02 May 14
Dakota: "I really, seriously, hope so…" she responded softly. Dakota pushed his pants down over his hips, letting her fingers dash over his skin without any rush. Never had anyone ever made her want to just make him happy instead of taking it all for herself. -03:08 May 14
BK 201: He took hold of her shoulders and pushed her back against the bed before his hand traveled down to unbutton her pants and pushe them down as he kissed her again. "So.. this is new for you too?" he asked smiding his hands up her slowly… and for some reason that made him smile. "And what would you call this new feeling?" he moved his lips to the corner of her mouth. "I need to know because I feel it too." -03:15 May 14
Dakota: Lust was the first thing that came to mind, but he smiled… and the fact she didn’t want to push him to the floor and bang his brains out, meant it wasn’t lust making her grin in response so stupidly. Dakota really did like this feeling. "Love, maybe? I don’t know armas. I just know I want to keep this feeling and not let it go." Dakota shifted to wrap her arms around his neck. Nuzzling against his cheek, relishing in that feel of skin against skin. -03:23 May 14
BK 201: "Armas…" he repeated as he kissed her neck and huzzled into it. "Loved one… beloved.. so its a fitting name for you to call me.." he fell on top of her pushing her onto her back pusing a hundred soft kisses into her neck. "I’m happy you were an asshole and made me kiss you, and I’m glab I was confident enough to think I’d be unafected…. Its lead us to this moment… And be being your Armas.." -03:28 May 14
[BK 201 is now known as: Armas] -03:28 May 14
[Dakota enters.] -03:29 May 14
Dakota: "My Armas…" she had said it once before. Then she was afraid he didn’t understand what that meant when he said it. She might have just been more afraid what it meant to her. "Strange how little moments change everything…" And she was so glad it did. Dakota buried her hands in to his hair, pulling his face to her so she could kiss him again. Long and deep, with all of that pent up feelings she was so afraid to let loose on him. -03:34 May 14
Armas: He kissed her back as he pressed his body against hers. He pulled her to his and moved against her wanting to feel it all, love, passion, he nipped her lip and moved his hand to the back of her head. "And we’ll explore the change together. .." he could feel hiself pressed against her and slowly, reveling in every moment he pushed, his tip parting her lips. -04:20 May 14
Dakota: Her sigh came out in a low hiss, and head tilting to the side with eyes falling closed as he pushed in to her. There was something alluringly fullfilling about it. Opening her legs wide for her body to adjust to him, Dakota was almost purring when she stroked her hands over his shoulders. -04:29 May 14
Armas: He kissed the side of her neck and he pushed again thrusting into her and letting his breaht flow over her. The feeling if her against him and around him gave him chills even as his skin seemed to grow hotter. "If this is what love is Dakota.. I think I light keep loving you foreve.". -04:32 May 14
Dakota: "Armas, if this is love then I will make sure you feel it forever…" If this was love… Dakota might just be domesticated after all. Just to hear him say it filled her with more joy than she thought sensible. Every movement he made sending her skin flushing to the point she was biting her own lip just to prevent herself from being swept away by it too soon. She matched him, moved with him. Touched and let her fingers dance over his skin. -04:38 May 14
[(Timeout) Armas was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -04:44 May 14
Armas: He pushed with her a soft sound forming in his thoat. Forever, somehow that didn’t hell like long enough. Every push, every time he moved inside her felt live fire and ice in his veins and beneath his skin. He nuzzle into her cheek wanting to feel her soft shin agaist his even though his entire body as sliding nad pressing against hers his sweat beadign up and running down to her as he kissed her harder than ever before. -04:44 May 14
Dakota: Passion was never something she lacked in her life, but this… this was something extraordinary. For once, she was so glad she gave in to whim. Petting her hand through his hair and gripping his arm… She couldn’t where she wanted her hands the most. Settling for resting them at his cheeks as she kissed him. Her eyes open in a fond heavy-lidded expression to watch his and every expression he made… -04:49 May 14
Armas: He could feel something rising inside him. Both a fire and a pressure like he had felt the night she had taken him in. It was ridiculously wonderful and when his eyes found hers his skin tingled. He held it back, or tried to but when his lips left hers there was a shuddering gasp. He hadn’t climaxed yet but the voice he gave the gasp could not be masked. -04:57 May 14
Dakota: Every little thing he did was enchanting, from the sound of his voice to the way her toes curled in pleasure from the way he look at her. Her mouth parted over his, letting her tongue brush softly over his lips. Dakota slipped her arms around his neck to embrace him. She loved him… she did love him. Her arms tightened when the realization made her spike. Breath catching in a high pitched whimper of desire when her body clenched and tightened. She never looked away from his eyes, even when she was shivering, shaking and biting her lip from the rush. -05:08 May 14
Armas: He pushes again and again his lips parting as they met hers his tongue sliding agaist hers. She was wonderful, amazing, enchanting, so many other words and none did the way she made him feel justice. Then his arms slid around her and he shuddered his climax flooding his entire body with sensation from his head all the way to his curled toes. He kept his lips in hers kissing her slowly his tongue sliding against hers. There was never a better feeling, than her agaist him in that moment. -05:14 May 14
Dakota: She never wanted this to go away. A soft kiss, and a stroke of her fingers through his hair. Dakota spoke softly. "I do love, armas. I will give you the world if you choose to stay with me…" -05:17 May 14
Armas: He brushed his lips against hers, savoring the feeling, the moment, all the moments. "I would stay with you if you offered me nothing Dakota." he whispered nuzzling into her. "And I will, I’ve founf somehting to fight for and a person to fight with all at the same time. We’ll be free and spend out freedom together." -05:21 May 14

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