Since You’ve Been Gone 006: A Picture Perfect Mess

[Hasn Is delayed by dery disturbing news and sends Gunther ahead to tell Yvaine he’ll be there as soon as possible.] -04:57 Mar 25
[Yvaine woke up early today for the sole purpose of having an early date with Hans before her show that evening. She was in a fantastic mood!] -04:57 Mar 25
Yvaine: The weather was a little cooler than it was over the weekend, so she had a light jacket over a simple short dress. She walked down the sidewalk, ever so often casting a glance over her shoulder. …just. Well, she was paranoid. Hans said she was jumpy and she was trying not to be. But when she got nearer to their meeting place she wasn’t seeing Hans at all, which left her a little disappointed. There IS Gunther though! -05:02 Mar 25

“Yes I’m sure. They made it the king’s desk. He’ll be feeling the pressure long before he gets on camera tomight….. Yes in there now, send the hounds.” Gunther’s german was rapid and flawless, but he cut the conversation off and hung up as Yvaine aproached. “That was Hans..” he said. “He won’t be long but he sent me here to beek you safe until he arrived. Business came up.” the phone now hidden away he stood tall and menacing over the girl. “This way please.” He led her away from the meeting place and towards a quieter side street. “Its best you show more discression then running off to the south though. You never know who sees what. Remember hes a public figure.” -Hasn

Yvaine: "That didn’t sound like Hans…" she didn’t mean to question him, but it was pretty obvious he wouldn’t say ‘The King’s Desk’ TO Hans… Of course, Gunther didn’t know she could understand German. She followed, clasping her hands behind her back as she walked. "He wouldn’t get in trouble for a short weekend, would he?" -05:17 Mar 25

“He can do what he likes, there is no ‘trouble’ for the king. There is only public opinion.” Gunther said roughly ignoring her first comment. “I am only concerned for his pulic image.” they came almost all at once, a tv van screething to a halt, a car pulling over and a photographer jumping out. People with microphones. A clamor of voices in english and german as the wave of bodies closing in on them. -Hasn

[Yvaine enters.] -05:34 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I would never do anything to harm his reputation. I care about him." she responded. But before Yvaine could really question him about it, there was a bunch of reporters. At first she thought maybe they were after something else, but found herself really uncomfortable when realizing she and Gunther were the only people on the narrow street. "Is something strange going on?" -05:39 Mar 25

Gunther put his hand on her back adn pushed her along keeping her moving. “They’re asking about your weekend.” he said simply before they were cup off by a camera crew. “Ms. Care to tell up about the photographs circulating of you and the King?” -Hasn

[Yvaine has timed out.] -05:51 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine really wasn’t going to stop with Gunther keeping her moving, but she did have the urge to turn around and run for the nearest door. The last time she had a bunch of cameras in her face there was the trial ten years ago… and it was bringing up some very uncomfortable memories. "I’m sorry, but what photographs…?" -05:51 Mar 25

another reporter took a picture and the flash lit if the street for a split second. “Is it true you’re having an affair with the king.” “Can you explain why artocles are appearign that the King’s reform was brought on by an american woman workign for the goverment?” “What are your ties to Berlin?” “Look overe here for a picture Miss…” On the other side of the crowd a car pulled up and the door popped open and without a moment to loose Gunther grabbed Yvaine’s hand and like a battering ram moved through the crowd pullign her along. One reported to didn’t get out the way fart enough had his camera simply crushed in Gunther’s fist. “Get in.” he said as Hans’ face appeared to help her in from the inside. -Hasn

Yvaine: "I’m not– I don’t think– Where?" Exasperated, Yvaine really didn’t know what to respond to first. Not that she should have..! Gunther had her pulled through the crowd and she found herself grasping on to Hans’ hand and climbing in to the back of the car with a great deal of relief. "There’s a lot of people." she muttered, still a little shaken by the whole thing to even comprehend it yet. -06:03 Mar 25
Hasn: Hans didn’t wait. He reached over and pulled the door closed and them the car was movign as Gunther waved to them from behind. Presumably he’d catch up. He looked stressed and on his lap had to be why. A newspaper with shirtless Hans chasing Yvaine thought he shallows of the Rhine plastered ofer the fromt page and another with Yvaine on his back in the forest. "I have a press conference in an hour." he said. "And an interview before that, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut this short.. But I couldn’t not see you." -06:07 Mar 25
[Hasn is now known as: Hans] -06:08 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine picked up the paper quickly. If the pictures had come in any other form, she would have loved them… but on a newspaper. "Oh no… Oh, Hans I’m so sorry! I didn’t know I would get you in trouble! I guess this what Gunther meant…" Lord only knew all the things Hans would have to do, especially with as many reporters were hanging around! -06:14 Mar 25
Hans: "Its not your fault." he said with a sigh. "I wouldn’t trade the weekend we had for the world." in spite of everythign he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Its no differnt frim after I got home. I got htough that.. I’ll get through this." -06:19 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I know but… I really should have considered the consequences for you better. You have a very important job and I’m just– I’m sorry." Now it was Yvaine sighing. Leaning back in her seat with a huff and looking down at the pictures in the paper with a twist of her mouth. "They are sweet pictures at least… I would’ve liked some." -06:22 Mar 25
Hans: ?me looked away for a second, he couldn’t tell her he had more, and much worse ones. "Its really not as bad as it seems…." he smiled placing a hand on her cheek. "Tell you what. After you show, I’ll make cutting this short up to you. If will be just us." -06:30 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Do you promise? I won’t be keeping you up late when you have business? The show runs pretty long." Yvaine felt terrible, but it seemed she really couldn’t resist him. Smiling soft she leaned closer to kiss his cheek. -06:37 Mar 25
Hans: "I’ll be done by then." he said softly as the modd soomed to call for it. "Sorry I won’t make it see you dance but the media are throwing a fit and is split down the middle. I need to get as much as possible on my side before the big anounce ment I have planned. ANd when I do I want you to be there. I know if you were it wouldn’t matter if they has pitchforks, I’d still face them." -06:42 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Anywhere you want me to be! I’ll be there with you." Yvaine grinned. He was so very sweet, and he could ask her run naked through the street and she might consider it. "So after my show then? It’ll be almost midnight." -06:46 Mar 25
Hans: "Perfect. Midnight walk under the stars, I’ll bring a jacket and pick you up aat the theatre." he was smiling again. "And then take you off to see one the the sights hardly anyout outside my family gets to see." -06:49 Mar 25
Yvaine: "REally? You won’t get in trouble for that too?" She had Gunther’s angry voice ringing in her head still, which had her chewing on her bottom lip in thought. "I think I made Gunther mad. Will you tell him I’m sorry?" -06:55 Mar 25
Hans: "I will." he said. "ANd don’t worry, where he’re going is one of the most secure places in the city, second only to the palace." he shot her a look "Not embarresed to be seen around the city with me?" he teased as the car stopped at a light. "Because I could always drop you off around the back." -06:58 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I would dance in the streets with you if I could get away with it!" she laughed, leaning to rest her head on his shoulder. "I wish we could have more time though. I didn’t realize how much I would miss you after just one night." -07:02 Mar 25
Hans: "I knew the feeling.." he put his arm arounf her and let her lean against him. Turning anf giving her a kiss while he still could. "I’m sure you’ve stolen my heart." -07:06 Mar 25
Yvaine: Thier car ride was much too short and Yvaine was dropped off at the Theater. As expected there were reporters waiting there too, but thankfully the back stage door was clear and free for her to exit the car without being hassled. …of course he BOSS thought the images in the paper were excellent publicity! Bragging about a sold out show for days. Yvaine spent the show being a little nervous by an unusually attentive crowd. But by the end she was so excited to finally be free to go meet Hans, all of her worries were forgotten. -07:11 Mar 25
Hans: The interview was a nightmare, wit awkward questions and pointed remarks. It was like overnight the nation had forgotten about the sweeping reforms Hans was putting in place. The press conference though was hell. Every picture shown and every detail qustioned. It was a pittle Yvain missed it though. Through it all Hans told the trush about who she was, how they had met and what they were to eachother. It was a tired king who waited in the back seat of his car as Gunther drove. -07:19 Mar 25
Yvaine: When Yvaine wanted to be elusive, she was very good at it. Maria almost cornered her, as well as several cast mates. She had to rush off stage after the final bow to gather up her things, and she didn’t even bother changing out of her last costume. It was nothing more than a sparklie ‘public safe’ version of Clara’s Nightgown, but appropriate enough since they would be alone! Yvaine had just enough time slip on a pair of shoes and pull on her coat before sneaking out the back stage entrance. Luckily it seemed the reporters still expected her to be inside and doing interviews with the rest of the cast. -07:24 Mar 25
Hans: The car’s lights turned on and the engine started enev before the door popped open. It was lie some sort of milirary operation to get her out. Though that didn’t stop Hans getting out of the car to help her into it. "Hey." he greeted her simply. "WHere are you running off to at this hour?" -07:30 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine grinned. Stepping towards the car and trying to play coy, despite her grinning. "Me…? I was going to meet a handsome man for a secret rendezvous. Are you jealous?" -07:33 Mar 25
Hans: He didnt bat an eye. "Get in and I’ll escort you there. I lady such as yourself should be delivered safely to her date with minimum trouble. Besides. I know where you’re going. You don’t." -07:38 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I don’t know… but I guess you look trust worthy!" Giggling softly she slid in to the car, arranging the skirt of her costume neatly around her knees. She felt a little bit like a princess running off for a love affair… and in truth she almost was! -07:41 Mar 25
Hans: He got in after her and closed the door and the car slid out of the alley into trafic. "Do you like it?" he asked referign to the car. It was an older model mercedes 300, the kind of limo you’d expect a third world dicator to be driven around in. "This one won’t be rocognised as mine.. It was my father’s and hasn’t been driven in over a decade." -07:44 Mar 25
Yvaine: "It’s very classy and makes me feel like I am staring in an old movie." she admitted, running a hand over the seats for a moment. "Were your conferences stressful? Or the press? I wish I could have been there, but my boss wouldn’t let me out of the building at all today. He seems to love the publicity…" -07:48 Mar 25
Hans: "I got through them. There were crazy questions but its not as bad as they could have been." it was true, the press onlu have the non-pornographic pictures and ones the set thier relationship in a good light. So far they were a headache but on the helped him. So far.. "How about you, your performance that is.. I see you’re still in costume. Didn’t run from stage did you?" -07:56 Mar 25
Yvaine: She looked sheepish for a moment and shrugged her shoulders. "Almost! I bypassed changing since Maria intend to shake me down for info. I am used to large shows, so the number of people wasn’t a bother… I guess I just felt a little self concious! But the show went well, and now that I know your interviews weren’t so bad, I am relieved!" -08:00 Mar 25
Hans: He took her hand and held it tightly. "And now I’m stealing you after the show… Perfect dress to dance under the moonlight. We’re almos there.." the car stopped in front of an old iron gate they swung open automatically. A guard could be seen in a booth an assault rifle over his shoulder. "Welcome to the royal park. Where no one but the royal family may visit… I plan to open it to the public when I hand over power…" -08:05 Mar 25
Yvaine: "So Yvaine Bardwin gets the very first public tour?" Yvaine was smitten. Was is more romantic than a midnight meeting in a park all alone? The worries of the day were quickly forgotten as she leaned over him to look out his side of the window. Just for the excuse of being closer to him. "It’s wonderful that you’re opening it to the public, though. So many people will be able to enjoy it." -08:09 Mar 25
Hans: Even after the gate there was a long drive up to the parling lot, relatively. Evoung to let him lean close and point out several features. "You see that gazebo." he ointed to a white marble construction "You can see ever part of the park from there, its a favorite for picnics. The there, the royal swans roost there and have for hundreds of years.." -08:16 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I danced in Swan Lake last year." So beautiful…! Yvaine was looking forward to the walk, and even better that she would be alone with Hans again. "Did you come here often?" -08:17 Mar 25
Hans: "Every weekend." The car stopped and Hans kissed her on the cheek. Gunther got out and moved to open Hans’ door. "Now I get to show it to you. You don’t want to know how many time’s I’ve wanted to." -08:20 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I think I DO want to know how many times..!" Yvaine teased with a grin. She waited until was out and took his hand when he offered it. The grateful look she gave to Gunther was a little awkward, but she wouldn’t be a bother to him yet. Tomorrow she could talk to Gunther and apologize. "Okay now… what do you want to show me first? King’s choice! -08:25 Mar 25
Hans: "This way then…" he led her down the path from the parking lot towards the lake. "There a surprise I had prepaired, you should try to guess what it is." he chuckled as they walked thier hands swinging between them like school children. "And I hope this is makign up for earlier." -08:29 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Should I close my eyes too?" she asked, and whether or not he wanted her to, she did. Because you can’t guess what something is and then accidentally see it too soon. "…is it an elephant? Because I don’t have anywhere to keep an elephant!" -08:31 Mar 25
Hans: He laughed "Now you’re makign me wish it was an elephant. No, and you don’t have to close your eyes unless you want to but then you’d miss the park. The surprise it at the end." -08:35 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine opened one eye, then the other. Laughing softly as she rest her head against his arm and squeezed his hand. "Good! Because I really didn’t want to miss the park." Everything was lovely here. Unlike the grounds at his summer castle, the park was very taylored and well kept. It had it’s beauty and charm, and Yvaine was sure the public would really adore getting to take walks like this through it. "Another guess then… hum… A lake of kittens?" -08:37 Mar 25
Hans: He gestured at the lake as it came into view. "See any kittens?" he teased "Though this family of swans is the same one thats been momign here since this lake was dug." he put his arm around her and gave her a squeeze. "I learned to swim in there." -08:46 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I can see a young Hans splashing around here very easily…" Chasing swans with sticks too, she figured. The birds were lovely, though. Yvaine always favored swans. She wrapped her arms around his waist, which made walking a little more awkward, but that didn’t phase her in the least. "Okay, my final, final, final guess. Is it… a giant godzilla statue, your family’s secret shame?" -08:53 Mar 25
Hans: "I’ll have you know my father used to madke us watch the old puppet-filled movie every new year. And its something you can fit in your pocket." he stopped and looked up at the moon over the lake. "And if you’ve ever faced a monther swan proteckign her chicks, you’ll know I stayed clear of them." -09:00 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I can happily say I have never had an altercation with a swan." she grinned, stopping with him to look out over the lake. The moon reflected in the water and even the stars could be seen. Leaving little sparkles glittering over the water’s surface. "Well… I think I give up, anyway. What is the surprise that fits in my pocket?" -09:04 Mar 25
Hans: "You’ll see!" he said grining. "something you’ve asked me about." he teased. Then he slid his hand donw her beck and turned to face her and placed his hand on her cheek his arms moving to hug her close. "Though now I want to see you dance swan lake…" -09:10 Mar 25
Yvaine: "You want to see me dance now…?" Yvaine flushed, and she wasn’t sure why she was even embarassed at all. He already saw her dance at the theater, but here alone. "I might make your swans jealous!" -09:14 Mar 25
Hans: He chuckled. You don’t have to now…" he kissed her forehead. "though I though you were my fair swan princess." he pulled back to look into her face. "You know. I don’t know why I didn’t bring you here first." -09:19 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine smiled wide, tilting forward to lean against him. "Ask me to dance again, on a special day just for you and me when I have not just left a show. And I’ll teach you to dance Swan Lake." She liked the idea very much. A chance to dance with Hans and another promised date. She would sneak as many of those as she could and not feel apologetic about it. "I think this place is as wonderful as the castle. Although I don’t care much where you take me as long as you’re with." -09:23 Mar 25
Hans: "sounds like a date." he said his mind drifting to the ballroom in the pallace. "he leaned downs and kissed her softly his hand moving to run through her hair. "Not planning on making me spend so much time with you I move into your place are you?" -09:28 Mar 25
[Yvaine ] -09:33 Mar 25
Yvaine: She giggled! "Right now my place is a barely large enough hotel room, so I think I will spare you from that for now." Though, a thoughtful look crossed her face. At some point she was going to have to go back to the states, and an ocean is a really far distance. King or not, they couldn’t see each other every day. …Yvaine tried not to think about it so soon. "But I am definitely going to monopolize as much of you time as Gunther allows me." -09:37 Mar 25
Hans: "I’m a busy man." he teased takign her in his arm and starting to walk again towards a rising path with stairs every so often that led up to the gazeebo. "Though as much time as you want is yours. Its not like I can resist you. Now your surprise is just up here…"" -09:42 Mar 25
Yvaine: "You can’t resist me?" Yvaine’s mischevious grin was a promise of much wickedness, but she was so curious about this surprise that she refrained dragging him away to kiss him silly. As they stepped up the path, she was all the more apprehensive and curious! -09:53 Mar 25
[Yvaine has timed out.] -09:57 Mar 25
Hans: He led her right into the gazedo which was plainly empty. He turned to face her again and took her hand and slipped something arounf her wrist. "Somehting to rememeber our weekend, and tonight." he said softly. "And so you know you didn’t dream this when you get back." -09:57 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Hans.." Were she not holding on to his jacket, her knees might have buckled out from under her just from delighted infatuation. Yvaine threw her arms around his neck, smiling as she nuzzled his cheek. Then kissed his lips in several quick kisses. "You are so sweet…! You really are a dream! And sweet, and wonderful.." -10:01 Mar 25
Hans: He closed his arms around her and kissed her back standign there and holding her for a moment. "YOu are too, coming back into my life after all these years and still as I remember you…" he sighed deeply. "Its the best thing that could have happened in my life, no matter what happens now." -10:05 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Shush! Please don’t jinx it!" She pulled an arm back just to lay it over his mouth. Her frown looked overly serious. "If I get my way, I’ll be around forever. And nothing bad will happen ever again! …at least we can pretend I won’t have to leave, for now." -10:08 Mar 25
Hans: He shook his head. "Sorry, next tiem I’l just say ‘You’re the best thing to happen to me’ and leave it at that." he looked over her shoulder at the moonlight on the lake and bodguard waiting paciently. "Because either way its the truch." -10:12 Mar 25
Yvaine: "And you are the love of my life." she murmured, resting her forehead against his temple. "Everything will be wonderful, I promise." -10:19 Mar 25

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