The Demon and Angelle 006: Angelle’s Mission

[Angelle did not mean to fall asleep. But for the first time in many, many, many days she actually felt secure enough to sleep deep!] -02:13 May 03
[Virote actually spent the entire night with her, despite not sleeping, coverign her with his wing and keeping her warm.] -02:15 May 03
Angelle: Sleeping deep enough to dream might have been a bad idea, but thankfully the few dreams she did have were so vague that the only emotions to ever cross her face was the occasional twitch of a grin. Angelle shifted, a soft sound escping her as she curled up closer to the very warm thing that was all too comfortable. Still not quite awake enough to be aware of where she was. -02:21 May 03
Virote: His eyes were open and focused on her. she looked so… happy like he had never seen on.. anyone. He was almost afraid to toutche her in case he disturbed it in some way. Then she snuggled against him more and he reached out and placed his hand on her cheek. His face twitched and he withdrew his hand… He could only imagine what it felt liek to he her right now. -02:24 May 03
Angelle: There was a soft murmur from her about not wanting to get up for work. She was shifting more then, until she was wearily opening her eyes, rubbing one with weary confusion, recognition, and finally a very embarrassed expression. "You have woken me." -02:30 May 03
Virote: "I.. I’m sorry.." he said closign his ahdn and pulling it away "I didn’t want to you looked so… peacful. I.. I’ve never seen anyone sleep like that…" he closed his eyes "I was just enjoyign watching you sleep.." -02:34 May 03
Angelle: That probably would have, and should have sounded really creepy. …but he actually looked almost embarrassed. Angelle grinned at him, until she realized there was a wing wrapped around her. …then she was very curiously sneaking out a hand to brush her fingers against it. "I don’t mind. I am just glad I could sleep… Don’t you ever sleep?" -02:40 May 03
Virote: He shooke his head, as well as one could on thier side. "No, I don’t. I don’t need to and can’t even if I wanted to. It looks nice though." he closed hsi eyes wishing he wasn’t feeling so… he didn’t even have a word for it, then he didn’t have fords for a lot of the things he had felt in the night. "I’ve been thinking, and reflecting, and deciding." -02:49 May 03
Angelle: He was very confused. Pensive. Angelle understood how that felt… She was also quick to make decisions. He proved he could be more than just a mean scary monster. Thus Angelle decided she would prove there was more to the world than terrible things. Even for demons. She leaned forward brushing a soft kiss against his cheek. "What sort of things have you decided?" -02:54 May 03
Virote: He kiss brought a sigh from him but he didn’t move to touch her back. His wing even withdrew slightly before settling back in place. "How to feel. About me, about what I’ve done. About what I have to do. About you. About what you did for me. About humans. About demons… About angels. Yes, those exist too. They just don’t come here as often as we do." -02:58 May 03
Angelle: Angels too? Surprised crossed her face, but it was gone just as quickly. Maybe she was getting used to this constant well of new discoveries. She was, however, very curious about what conclusions he specifically came to. Because so far he hadn’t answered the question. "…have you decided to leave here after all and just run? Or will you go back?" -03:01 May 03
Virote: "A promise is a promise. I will help you defeat my master and make you safe. Its what coes after that that needs deciding. And I havn’t yet." He admitted. "Its not something thats easy to decide, and the choice isn’t entirely mine to make. But that can come later. I don’t want to go back. But the only alternative is to.. well thats not really a posibility." -03:05 May 03
Angelle: She was examining his face. He wasn’t entirely forthcoming with his thoughts, and now she almost wished she could hear them so she knew what he meant. "Is to what? Stay with humans? I don’t think it would be that bad…" She was toying with the thought of him staying with her. That was sudden and kind of alarming. No doubt a result of being way to comfortable curled up in bed in an intimate situation. Maybe she should be thinking more smart about things instead of running with how she felt. "I don’t think it has to be as complicated as it seems." -03:12 May 03
Virote: "You’ve lives with feelings your entire file. I’ve lived without them for an eternity. Tell me its not hard." he said "Have you forgotten what I did, to you. How I was." he was suddenly looking at her very intently. "You shouldn’t be as good to me as you are." -03:15 May 03
Angelle: "You didn’t understand what you were doing…" she started slowly. In truth, she knew it was probably insane. That forgiving him was likely a mistake, and that she was probably a really stupid person. …but there was so much more to him, and she could see that. What if all it took was one person taking the risk? If she was wrong, it wouldn’t matter anyway. But if she was right…! "You understand you made a mistake, and that is enough for me. I trust that it won’t happen again." -03:24 May 03
Virote: "Not just to you.. its who I am.. was.. I don’t know." he wished he could sleep to escapr his thoughts and at the same time knew with then he wouldn’t be able to anyway. "I will never understand why you’re so forgiving… but I don’t have to. Not when we still have a job to do." -03:29 May 03
Angelle: Angelle really wanted to ease it all for him. But there was little she could do. Instead, she settled for leaning forward again, brushing a kiss to the corner of his mouth and offering a smile. "Stealing a relic, right? I can get dressed and help." -03:32 May 03
Virote: He sighed again and moved hsi hand to her cheek. "You really shouldn’t do that you know.. I’m still a horny little bemon you know." he looked into her eyes. "And I can’t do it without your help… since I can’t enter the basilica without.. side effects." -03:36 May 03
[Angelle enters.] -03:42 May 03
Angelle: "I did say I would help you with anything that you needed." she responded, closing her eyes when he touched her cheek. It was still amazing to her to from being hit by this man, to such a soft touch. "Will we take a plane there, or will we have to fly the other way?" One eye opened, and it was pretty clear she didn’t like the idea of flying without the saftey of walls and seatbelts. -03:46 May 03
Virote: "Human transport is so… slow… we’ll be taking a shortcut." he said. "But its still day there, to we should give it some time." it was his turn to lean forwards and bruh his lips against hers. "But you know you have one meal yesterday, and you should eat before we go." -03:52 May 03
Angelle: "I can’t believe I slept so long…" she cast a quick look over her shoulder looking for the clock at the bedside table. It had to of been twelve hours or more. No doubt from all of the stress and the fact he made good use of her body when she was asleep… and after! Angelle huffed, turning back to him to curl her arm around his waist and bury her face at his shoulder. "This is more comfortable. I don’t want to get up. Don’t you have demony force powers for moving things across the room?" -03:58 May 03
Virote: He frowned. "Yes, they’re called hands and they work very well." he said bus despite his irritated his irritated tine he put his arms around her and pulled her body against his. "And I think this is called snuggling?" -04:02 May 03
[(Timeout) Angelle was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -04:11 May 03
Angelle: She nuzzled against his shoulder, nodding. "Yes, this is snuggling. If demons did more of this, they wouldn’t be so angry all the time." Angelle was hungry. But she needed the snuggle time. A little bit of this, then she could deal with hunting down relics and proceeding to find and kill a master demon. -04:11 May 03
Virote: "And this makes you feel safe?" he asked sliding his hand up her back into her hair. "Safe is good.. safe is sureity." he closed his eyes "Safe if knowign the future.. but you don’t do you? You can know what you want but can you know what will be? You can know what you like.. and what feels good… and thats it.." -04:17 May 03
Angelle: "You can’t ever really predict what’s going to happen. And even if everything is okay now, it could be really bad later… or bad now and really good later." Those were awfully serious thoughts. But as long as she was being held, she didn’t mind the scope of the conversation. …as it were, she should be thinking about these things too. "Yes, it does make me feel safer… It’s important to live in the present and not think too much about the past, or worry too much about the future. We can only decide and change what we do right now?" -04:23 May 03
Virote: "So thats what humans think, how they deal with all this." he said "By being.. human.. huh.." he nuzzled into her hair. "If it makes you feel safe. I’m here." -04:25 May 03
Angelle: Angelle laughed softly. "It’s not how humans think… but it’s how -I- think. A lot of humans are totally different." Angelle suspected he hadn’t had much interaction with humans at all, outside of being bossy and chasing them around. …then there was that vague reccolection of something he said last night before she fell asleep. She tilted, examinging his face with a thoughtful look. "…where do demons come from..? Are they born or made…?" -04:35 May 03
Virote: He lookes at ehr examinign hr expression trying to read her thoughts. "Both, some are born, but birth rates are low. Six demons can start sex but only have one survivor, and no demon wants to be durbened with a spawnling so infant mortality rates are high. More, much more are made, usually from promising souls of humans." he took a breath "And by promising I mean those of the worst of humanity, or those that have been tortured for so long that they’ve lost their humanity. Hells not a very nice place.. did I mention that?" -04:41 May 03
Angelle: "Yes you mentioned that… and I had the pleasure of seeing some of it." Angelle really didn’t want to remember him being tortured. She had been mad at him, but she hadn’t been so mad that she wanted him to suffer like that. …then her expression fell. A hurt and worried look. "Then why was I there…? Am I a promising soul to be a demon?" Was she a bad person, or well on her way to being one? Angelle was aware she didn’t exactly handle everything in a way that should have been normal… -04:45 May 03
Virote: He shook his head "You were there to be raped and played with. A toy to use until you were no longer fun. You could have been anyone, it didn’t matter." he said "You’re a good person, they’re and most fun to break down.. It also stops them going to heaven… which is amusing to demons." -04:52 May 03
Angelle: "So I will not go to heaven now…" That didn’t help her train of thoughts at all. Angelle untangled herself from him slowly, sitting and letting out a slow breath. It wasn’t fair. Who made all of these crazy rules about demons and angels and humans and how things are supposed to be really horrible, or heavenly, or just… people getting stuck in the middle who didn’t do anything or have an awareness about it! It just… really wasn’t fair! For a moment it looked like she might cry, but Angelle held it back. …what she didn’t hold back was her frustration with it and that cross expression on her face that revealed serious contemplating. -04:59 May 03
Virote: He sat up. "You got out. You’re not in hell anymore and you retained your humanity." The look on his hace was sympathy and concern "So you might, so long as you’re desurving.." he tilted his head "You’re not going to get screwed over by technicalities just… make sure that when you die theres no demons around to stop you going to heaven.. you’ll be safe." -05:03 May 03
Angelle: "But what about everyone else… All of the people taken away by demons. Or all of the people rejected because of something they couldn’t help? It’s not fair. Why does it have to be that way? You didn’t understand why it was so wrong to hurt me. And I didn’t understand what was even going on. How many people are stuck like that..! And they get screwed because no one cares!" She hated it. Hated it a lot…! But now Angelle was aware. She saw a world no human ever got to see, and was still alive to do something about it… …could she do something about it? Angelle slipped from the bed, immediately fetching her clothes to put them on. -05:09 May 03
Virote: He watched her his eyes narrowing. "There are billion os demons and millions of trapped souls. What are you going to do about it?" he asked "There is a legion of hell, just so you know.. several in fact. They spend most of thier time fighting eachother but they’re there. You can kill one demon with my help. Can you really kill billions?" he got up and put his arms aorund her. "Do you think I’m going to let you kill yourself trying?" -05:15 May 03
Angelle: "I am not going to kill billions of demons. I am going to teach them." She said it so seriously, and with a straight face, there was no possible way she was joking. Angelle meant it. Yes, many of them were probably horrible creatures… but how many were unaware that there was a better way to do things? "You don’t have to help me with all of that. Your demon master is your mission, but after that… I’ve never accomplished anything and I always run away. I can’t know all of this and then do nothing. Why would I still be alive if I wasn’t meant to try and do something..?" It was insane, yet it made sense! She survive when she shouldn’t have. In a situation that was impossible. …even if it wasn’t fated destiny, and least Angelle saw the opportunity in it. -05:22 May 03
Virote: He moves his hands to her shoulder and shook her "You are alive because you got out. Now you want to go back. I was right, Humans are insane…" he looked at her. "But you’re right. If you can change me. Maybe… But I’m not letting you do it alone. I promised I’d keep you safe and you’ll need me." he let her go "Can’t let you get yourself killed right after I make you safe can I? Besides, anything is better than going back there alone." -05:28 May 03
Angelle: Angelle cast him a wide grin. It WAS insane. She was crazy. It was suicidal, and she was probably going to die. Which scared her more than she cared to admit, when she was in the middle of trying to be brave and ambitious. "If you’re going to help me change the world, you’ll need clothes. I can’t… take you seriously naked!" -05:32 May 03
Virote: He stepped back and looked down… he was completely nakes with his erect member pointing strait at her… seing her take charge must be sexier than he thought. He grabbed a pait of pants from the dresser and pulled them on. "So.. food first?" his wings melted away and he pulled out a shirt. He’d prefer to stay in the room and bend her over the dresser with the big mirror .. damn humans needing so much food to stay alive. -05:36 May 03
Angelle: She was still grinning. Hands clasped behind her back, watching the motions he made and the expression he gave… He wanted her, but he wasn’t talking her… And why she thought that was amazing, she’d never know. "I am hungry, yes. Unless you would like to ask something else from me first." -05:39 May 03
Virote: He leaned against the wall and look at her his expression peircing her. "You’ve just gotten dressed it would be a shame to make you do it all again so soon." he folded his arms "On the other hand you taught me somehting new yesterday and practive does make perfect…. and you did ask me if I wanted to do anything before we left." -05:44 May 03
Angelle: Angelle nodded. Eying him warily, but still grinning. He looked a bit like a predator watching her like that. Which was still really scary. But she was putting her faith in him now, and trusting him. "If my clothes come off, I could take a shower. I kinda of forgot I wanted one in my, um… over enthusiastic new idea… I guess I jumped the gun a bit." -05:48 May 03
[(Timeout) Virote doesn’t post enough.] -06:30 May 03
[Virote enters.] -06:47 May 03
Virote: "The shower…" he said "I’ll join you but you might not get clean strait away." he gave her a wink and walked up to her placing his ahnd on the back of her neck and pressing his lips into hers. "I’m still a horny demon Angelle, but I want to make sure you love it as much as I do." -06:51 May 03
Angelle: Angelle laughed. "You have horns too." A stupid thing for her to suddenly find funny, but… it did make her wonder about them. "So you have horns, and wings, and dark eyes… no tail or anything else weird?" -06:55 May 03
Virote: He smiled against her lips. "When you see me angry you will see a tail, witngs, horns, eyes, and scales. Its affected more by mood than anything, the wings I can control though. The horns never fully disappear, if I were bald you’d see that." -06:58 May 03
Angelle: She tilted back just enough to run her hands through his hair looking for them. It was so very different, she found it fascinating. "..and scales too? That I can do without seeing." Angelle broke away to lead the way to the bathroom, she really did need that shower! "When I get angry, I just cry. It kinda sucks." -07:10 May 03
Virote: He followed takign her hand and squeezing it. "I know… I’m going to have to change that. Can’t have you crying when its time to be slaying… But I think you have the right kind of motivation to overcome that." he grinned "I’m surprised at you… but oddly.." he searched for the right word thrying several out in his head before he arived at one that fit "Proud." -07:16 May 03
Angelle: Angelle looked a bit sheepish, and embarassed by the… compliment? She tugged on his hand when she stopped in the bathroom, casting a quick smile. "There’s probably some really good quote about one person or one event totally changing someone’s life in one moment… except, I can’t think of one. Some actress, huh? I should probably know better lines…" -07:28 May 03
Virote: "You’re not an actress anymore." he reminded her sliding his arms arounf her and lifign her shirt up over her head. "You’re living the adventure now. And have changed my… life?" was that the right word? "And it feels strange to be on this side of the fight…" or that might be him just feelign strange. -07:32 May 03
Angelle: Once her shirt was off, she plucked gently at his shirt. She was looking thoughtful again, but was very interested in pulled his shirt off and actually taking a good look at him. He looked like a normal person now, but it seemed so different knowing he was a demon. "I’m not so sure about adventure… but I am glad you’re not angry and bitter. And happier… I hope?" That was important. That he was happier. Happier meant better for everyone! -07:41 May 03
Virote: "Anything is happier than I was." he said "You.. can imagine what it was like, I showed you when I was in your head.." he took half a step closer and run his hand through her hair. "And I’ll be happier still when this is over…." he brushed his lips against hers and sighed. "And maybe when this is over I’ll understand why you’re helping me." -07:46 May 03
Angelle: "Probably because I am crazy." she admitted in a soft mumble against his mouth. Angelle ran her hands down his chest, letting them hook in to his waistband to gently tug. "I just want everything to be better. For you too. It’s kinda weird I guess. Yeeees, even for humans." She tilted her head back up to grin at him again. -07:53 May 03
Virote: His hand wondered to the back of her neck to rub it gently. "Then I’m glad its you I found… even if I put you though hell… literally." He was still guilt ridden by that.. here she was beign sweet as could be and he had done the unspeakable and every time he mentioned it his gaze dropped. "I can never apologize enough for that." -07:57 May 03
Angelle: "It could have been worse. I know it could have. So you can stop saying sorry and just show me instead?" Every time he said he was sorry, she was glad, but it also made her heart hurt. Retribution was such a double-edged sword! Leaning up on her toes she brushed a kissed at the corner of his mouth, then shifted to press her lips against his. -08:08 May 03
Virote: He leaned forwards nuzzling his lipes against hers and circling his arms around her pulling her to him. "I will." it was a promise, on he planned to keep. "I’m never leaving you until I have." -08:11 May 03

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