Myth and Legacy 006: Confession Part II

Myth and Legacy

[Kate is a little off-kilter. It’s not easy going from righteous anger to…. whatever this is!] -12:39 Apr 02
[Raul Wants to know what the hell Kate meant. First she wants a boat, house adn money thats east to understand. NOW WHAT?] -12:40 Apr 02
Kate: Kate entered their room first, after fumbling with the keys and the door. Granted, having a crappy associate murdered with demigodly power was enough to make anyone a little jumpy, but that wasn’t had Kate all awkward and weird. If she had any sense she wouldn’t be there! But for the time being, she was kicking off her shoes and moving to look for dry clothes. -12:47 Apr 02
[Kate enters.] -12:54 Apr 02
Raul: Raul had been tho only one to remain relativly dry. But with Kate escaped from his arm he moved to the bedroom and kicked off his shoes and removed his damp hants and landed on the bed his feet on the floor. "FUCK." he wasn’t swearing at Kate of at anythign in particular.. just.. "You and your surprises." -12:54 Apr 02
Kate: "What did -I- do?" Kate wasn’t so sure she wanted to know the answer. They had already begun a very weird conversation that was treading way too close to ‘relationship’ territory, which was kind of crazy for someone she met days okay tops. Kate could barely manage a business partnership without it going haywire… She dug her clothes out of her bag and ducked behind a closet door to pull off her shirt. It had to be the sex. She would need to put her foot down and not do it again. -12:59 Apr 02
Raul: He turned half on his side propping himself up. "Its not what you did." he said for some reason wanting to make that clear. "Its just you…" he scowled "Kate.." he wated to say something.. "We need to get things strait." -01:06 Apr 02
Kate: "I’m pretty sure we already did that. You said I help you and we’re done. And I said, boat, house and money. To be done." She kicked off the rest of her things and bent over to squeeze the rest of the water out of her hair. She’d need another shower. …but after last time, maybe it was safer for a bath. "And the conditions are pretty straight forward too. Absolutely nothing to talk about!" -01:09 Apr 02
Raul: His look only darkened. "You say that but then you say other things too." He got back on his feet and "I’m going to ask you again what you want from me, other than whats in contract. If there wasn’t anything then would woulf be in it for the money and you already said you weren’t." -01:13 Apr 02
Kate: "Look, just cause I don’t like my business partner getting shot at, doesn’t -mean- I want anything." Kate pulled a long tshirt over her head. It was enough for propriety’s sake so she could step out without being naked. No more nakedness with Raul. That’s what started this mess! In fact she didn’t even look at him when she passed to grab a towel from the linen closet. -01:17 Apr 02
[Kate has timed out.] -01:23 Apr 02
Raul: "I’m helping you because of you." he mimiced her "Well now I know never to trust anythign you say longer than five minutes." he kicked the bed "And to think I let that line get to me. Well done Kate." He had half a mind to storm out but wanted to shout at Kate more. "You’re a pirate, you know that." -01:23 Apr 02
Kate: Kate stopped suddenly at the linen closet door, spinning around with her fists clenched at her sides as she stomped a foot. "What the fuck, Ru! YOU’RE a pirate!" Snarling a cry of frustration, she swung open the door to snatch out a towel. Kate was thinking about throwing it at him. "Can’t I want to help you without wanting something?! Do I seriously have to go down a long list reasons why?!" -01:26 Apr 02
Raul: "So then coming from me its a compliment?" he growled back. "And don’t start with me Kate. You want a work other than pirate? Hows Vixen? And you know a pirate is one hell of a step up from smugler. Just… Don’t say another word. I’m done being confused by you." -01:30 Apr 02
Kate: …she did throw the towel at him! "YOU are the one making everything confusing! I offer to give your stuff back and you complain about that. I don’t ditch you on your island and you complain about THAT. You get mad cause I want to get paid for my boat, and then you get mad when I don’t care about the money! What the hell do YOU want! Think about THAT!" She pointed and accusing finger at him. Twice! And stomped past him for the bathroom. -01:35 Apr 02
Raul: He throws the wowel of the floor and followed. "What did I say?" he barked "You say you only want the money and that you don’t care about it. So the only reason you’re here is the nice room? The hot water? You’re always changing tactics. So If you’re only here for the boat, the money and the house. I’ll give you all three and we’ll be don tomorow." -01:41 Apr 02
Kate: "Get out!" Oh no… he wasn’t following her this time! Kate turned around and was trying to push him right back out again. Hands firm against his chest as she shoved. "And then you’ll just get pissy at me and say ‘Oh Kate! Why are you still on my island?’ or ‘Why didn’t you kill me last night’ or ‘Why did you stay here instead of leaving with a boyfriend’ and start this stupid fight all over again! What is wrong with just leaving it alone?!" -01:47 Apr 02
Raul: He pushed back bracing his arms against the doorframe. "Whats wrong with a strait answer?" he glared at her. "Tomorow, money, boat house and you’re out. If you want." he was repeating himself but Kate had ignored him. "Or you can admit that theres more to it that that. Because I can’t have you under my skin and not sharing and still keep you around." -01:52 Apr 02
Kate: Kate resumed trying to shove him out, this time using her shoulder and trying to use the full weight of her body. "I gave you staight answers before and all you did was overcomplicate it!" she shouted. "I don’t know what I want, I just wanted to be here! Why does it have to be anything more?! You do things that make me grin, or make me feel things, and I enjoy your stupid company when you’re not being a total asshole about everything!" -01:57 Apr 02
Raul: He let go of the door suddnly and grabbed her pullign her out of the bathroom with him. "You make me feel things, nothing is simple with you." he was standign in the coridoorwit his arms wrapped around him and he didn’t even realise his voice had dropped low. "I liked it when you said it wasn’t about the money…" there was a feeling in his chest and he couldn’t place it. "And I don’t really want you to go." -02:05 Apr 02
Kate: "I never said I was going to go. You’re the one telling me to leave." His tone had changed suddenly, which always seemed to catch her off guard. Kate wasn’t trying to shove him anymore, but she was tense and debating whether or not she was going to duck and cover or not. "You say you want me here now because you need me here. But once it’s done and over, you’re not going to any more and I really, really don’t want to get attached and then have to leave." An honest confession. Not that she couldn’t have just said it before… but who ever wanted to talk about these things, when it could have all just been simple? -02:11 Apr 02
Raul: He sighed, then swallowed, partly to buy time and partly to moisten his throat after shouting. "I don’t really want you to go." he repeated. "When this is over." He didn’t say anything more he hust stood there holding Kate his breathing slow and deep, a false front of calm as he looked at her his face trying it’s best to remain unreadable. -02:16 Apr 02
Kate: Kate could have kicked herself for suddenly feeling elated… but it was just as much mixed with terror. She very slowly shifted, pulling his arms away from her as she stepped back. Holding her hands out signaling him to stay right where he was. "…and that’s um. That’s an offer for…? I want to stay. I really want to stay, but staying as employee, or partner or… something else?" Argh! She was breaking her own rule of complications by even asking. And the fact she felt like an idiot for getting so worked up about something that normally she’d handle without a second thought, was driving her bonkers. "…you asked for straight answers first, so…!" -02:23 Apr 02
Raul: He looked at her his hands doing to her arms. "What do you want to stay as?" he asked his voice low but as high as he dared take it and keep it stable. "I know I want you to stay, and I know …. I just want to …" he let out the breath that threatened to catch even as he spoke. "I want to continue what we have an explore it." a vague answer.. "I want you to stay as.. " this was going to sound bad, it was going to… "My woman." -02:32 Apr 02
Kate: "That’s a pretty possessive and dominating term…" Kate responded, the turn of her head and the narrowed side glance she gave him didn’t seem to match that surprised, almost amused tone of her voice. The fact she could even breath, though, was a miracle. No one ever actually asked her what she wanted to stay as before. They just made assumptions or told her what she was. This was different… kind of felt all mushy and romantic… and was a little terrifying. "I could… be your girlfriend? Exclusive girlfriend..?" She clarifying, of course. -02:37 Apr 02
Raul: He tilted hsi ehad down but kept his eyes on her as his hands slid up her arms to her shoulder. "And exclusive girlfriend to and exclusive boyfriend?" there would be no room for doubt. His hand found her hair and he wound it around his finger. "Then you could be a pirate, just like me…" -02:46 Apr 02
Kate: "Yes. Definitely exclusive boyfriend." Now did she feel relieved, or like she had just entered some sort of contract that was way more dangerous than saving the world from an ancient evil god? Kate was a little dizzy. "…okay! That’s, um… that’s all settled then. Problems solved." That meant she could stop holding her hands out like she was trying to stop herself from getting ran over. But now that it was settled, suddenly Kate was feeling shy. Of all the stupid shit…! -02:51 Apr 02
Raul: He pulled her close againg his arms cradlign her agains him. Partly he feel her against him and partly so she wouldn’t see his face. "Settled." he said. "Captain White, you’ll have to name your ship apropriately…." -02:55 Apr 02
Kate: Awkward…! However… she did rest her head against his chest. This being held by your boyfriend feeling was a warm and fuzzy one. "I’ll have to think about it. And I guess you don’t have to buy me a house now." -02:59 Apr 02
Raul: He kisses where her neck and shoulders met on impulse. "Not if you don’t mind sharign mine, it is pretty big…" Tracign her spine with his finger and crawign her closer was ok, right? She was after all his girlfriend now. -03:03 Apr 02
Kate: "On Dead Island?" Tactless as always. But it did sent her thoughts in to motion on the entire range of things that would pop up when someone wasn’t just your boss, but your boyfriend. Kate kept her face well hidden, so her voice was muffled. "A live in girlfriend then? ….are you going to end up killing all of my associates and exs?" -03:09 Apr 02
Raul: "If they try to take you away from me." he said "Though with you on board they might be useful.." he said moving to look down at her his heart deing funny things in his chest. "We are after all going to have a business to run." -03:14 Apr 02
Kate: "Right. Tourism and Slaying Evil." Kate tilted her head back glance at him. …now what! Does she shove him against a wall for intense making out, or drag him to bed for adorable dating snuggling, or just screw the daylights out of him or… Kate decided it might be better if she didn’t think about that at -all-. Be normal. ….as normal as she could be. "You’ll make a miserable tour guide, though. -03:19 Apr 02
Raul: "Who knows the legends better than me?" he asked. "Or can give practical demonstartions of the power in them?" he ran his fingers through her hair, somehow enjoyign the tease… but she naked agaist him again, and the feelign in his chest wouldn’t go away. If only there were a way to stop that part of him pressign into her.. -03:25 Apr 02
Kate: "Not a good idea for demonstrations." She’d like to give him a demonstration. Why was it suddenly so hard to deal with now that she was -allowed- to do whatever she wanted to him? Kate circlered her arms around him, taking in a deep breath. He smelled like sea water, and despite those urges to shameless molest him, it was equally as nice just being held without any sort of reason behind it. Even her fingers were softly caressing at his back. -03:31 Apr 02
Raul: He blushed his lips agaist hers his afingers tracing each vertibra. Then softly he kissed her a deep sigh comign from within him. He always though getting a steady girlfriend would be followed by imediat and rough sex then nagging about chores…. but this was different and somehow.. yes he wanted to pushe her to the floor and fuck her brains out but standing and kissing in the coridoor… felt right. -03:35 Apr 02
Kate: She was done in. A simple kiss seeming to have more power behind it than after danger sex or angry shower sex. Her response to his kiss was a soft mewl, and she was pretty sure she was flushing like a twit. Kate leaned in to him, savoring the kiss with a oddly tentative flick of her tongue. -03:43 Apr 02
Raul: Her mewl crought a purr from him, deep within his throat.. He was sure he hadn’t made that sound before and for a second though it had come from Kate as well. His lips parted letting her tongus pass as his own mover out to walcome it his hand movign up to the back of her nack. -03:47 Apr 02
Kate: Kate supposed it was what a crush felt like. That wistful feeling in her head and tingly feeling in her stomach. So much different from lusty wanting. The awkwardness was still there, but it was quickly vanishing in favor for that smitten romance. Kate was leaning up on her toes now, leaning further in to the kiss with a tilt of her head and the smallest of grins. She curled her hands at his back, very much liking how a simple embrace seemed to make a world of difference. -03:58 Apr 02
Raul: "Dammit Kate." he whispered as hebroke away for a second. His chest was heavign and seemed to be pullign his towards here when she was already pressed against it. His eyes searched hers and then he pressed his lips back into hers a soft sigh escaping him. This could get addictive…. -04:05 Apr 02
Kate: "I didn’t do anything…" she muttered against his mouth. If it were for that frustrating need to breathe, she might’ve just stayed that way forever. Now she was chewing on her bottom lip, tilted back just far enough to be staring at his mouth. She was trying to retrieve her arms out from around him, but all she got for the trouble was caressing his skin all the way down his back and around his sides until she was brushing her knuckles over his stomach. -04:12 Apr 02
Raul: He tilted his head and lowered it to kiss her neck down to her shoulder and brush his rough cheek against her skin, then he flipped his arm out from around her and his other still running her lower back begand to mead her towards the bedroom. -04:16 Apr 02
Kate: The amount of stupid things running through her head was ridiculous. Everything from ‘should I play coy’ to ‘should ride him like a race pony’. All of which left her now clasping her now free hands together as he led her away. Back to the bedroom no less, where any thoughts of being the VIXEN he accused her of being was lost in a flurry of Oh god, what do I do with a boyfriend!? Before even nearing the bed, Kate was suddenly halting her steps in what was probably going to be the stupidest panic attack she ever had. "…so I was going to take a bath…!" -04:25 Apr 02
Raul: "Oh no Kate.." he said softly his hand on her cheek and his lips on the other. "You don’t want to miss out on this." he bent down and hooked his forearm behind her legs and lifter her up his other hand suppotign her abdn and her midrift pressed into his shoulder. Then he stepped over to the bed and dumped her onto it quicklu fallign on top of her and pushign her shirt up he nipped her chest his mouth tracing a line to her nipple before he pressed his lips into it his tongue slipping out to lick it softly. -04:32 Apr 02
Kate: "Wait! I’m not ready for it!" came her panicked response when he picked her up. Which was kind of dumb, seeing as it wasn’t exactly the first time with him. Before he was over her before she could roll off the bed, and his mouth was…. Oh hell, what was she complaining about again? Her choked sound of protest sounded far too pleased. And even though she had grabbed the hem of her shirt to pull it back down, now she was just twisting her fingers in to the fabric. -04:38 Apr 02
Raul: He sucked the nipple into his mouth tonguing it gently as fingertips brushed the other. Then he was kissing down her stomach his hands trailing down her sides as he moved lower, his tongue flicking into her navel as he passes. "You’re more than ready." he said his nails trailing over her hips. -04:45 Apr 02
Kate: "No… No I think that maybe… I have.. um…" Christ where was her train of thought, again? Something about boyfriends. But it was hard not to focus on his tongue, and how his breath tickled her skin enough to make her gasp and her stomach to sink in a flinch. "…I forgot what I was going to say." -04:49 Apr 02
Raul: His hand slid ot grip her inner thighs and push her open as his kisses go lower, he chin just brushing the top of her hood as he moved.. then he let his breath wash over her again his hand comign around the run down either side of her lips. "Then do you really need to say anything?" -04:53 Apr 02
Kate: "Yes?" She was asking. She didn’t know! He made her shiver and Kate found herself biting her lip again. Though he barely touched her, she was already throbbing and her senses were jazzed up to a dizzying degree. Kate released her shirt, leaning up on her elbows to wiggled her way backwards and away from him. Hell if she knew what she was escaping from, but maybe him chasing was part of the thrill. -05:01 Apr 02
Raul: His hands went back to her hips, gripping her and pulling her back. He smiled, leaning down and kisseing again, just to hight to tough anything inportant giving her skin the slightist nip imaginable. Then he let her go to see if she’d run again as his fingertip lightly blushed over her lips. -05:07 Apr 02
Kate: Kate was slid back across the mattress, which had her elbows slipping and her head falling against the sheets. She hit the mattress with a hand, squirming at the all too light touch of his fingers. She wanted to snarl orders at him, yet at the same time (and probably for the first time!) she couldn’t seem to formulate the words. "Holy shit…" she breathed out…! -05:14 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed them, her exclamation all her needed. Circling his arm around her leg he slid his hand down her stomach to rub her hood lightlu as his tongue ran up her pussy flickign against her clit the fingers of his other hand comign up to rub either side of her… "What was that Kate?" -05:18 Apr 02
Kate: "Gods… fucking hell..!" Okay, she was going to have to not talk! Kate clenched her jaw tight, one of her hands swinging up to slap over her own mouth. Those inner muscles already twitching from just the barest of attention. -05:24 Apr 02
Raul: His lips parted and his tongue fliched agaist her tasting her, teasing her. It pushed past her lips and up detween them darting out and the tip runnign a circle around her clit and then flicking agaist it. "Well this is somethign I havn’t done before.." he whispered before he pressed his lips into her pussy his tongue pushing he lips apart and his mouth sucking. -05:28 Apr 02
Kate: "That’s a… a little-" Her hand had left her mouth, if only because it was now clinging to the fabric at her shoulder. "little hard to believe…!" she gasped out. Her hips turning as her legs twist. His breath was so hot in camparison to the almost cool feel of his tongue, and it was crazy! -05:32 Apr 02
Raul: He pushed his lips agaist her harder slowly sliding them up and down agaist her as his tonue moved into her again, one of the fingers slid from next to her and fushed in from below goungin his tongue in rubbing her wall. It was ompossible not to have some of his breath blow against her as he expelled it from his mouth and nose. He never though he would do this to a girl.. give pleasure and not take it, maybe that was part of havign a girlfriend, maybe it was just Kate. -05:40 Apr 02
Kate: She was whimpering. Her teeth biting in to her own lip trying to hold back any further exclamations. She couldn’t think of the sensation as anything other than seering. Penetrating so deep in to her skin than she was writing against the sheets and digging her nails in to the mattress. "Gods, Ru… stop it..!" It felt so good it almost hurt! -05:49 Apr 02
Raul: He mover deeper his finger pusing and rubbign her clit. Her cries wouldn’t stop him. "But Kate…" he whispered gainst her "You taste good." his tongue pushed further, spreadign her as he waited to see if she’d cum. -05:53 Apr 02
Kate: Kate didn’t know how any woman took it without losing her mind. All her screwing around, and no guy ever made her– "Fucking Christ! I-" There it went, taking her so suddenly her upperbody rose off the bed before falling back down with a plop. Her body clenched so tight, and was so hyper sensitive she could feel her folds squeezing around his finger. Her gasping whimpers and writhing shudders mirroring every movement of his tongue and finger. -06:09 Apr 02
[Raul ] -06:18 Apr 02
Raul: He sucked again lapping up her juice then fulled away his face wet "See, you’re more than ready…" he said crawling up over her pushing his lips, still covered in her, into hers. -06:21 Apr 02
[Raul has timed out.] -06:29 Apr 02
Kate: There was a strange sort of eroticism in tasting herself on his mouth. Kate was still wallowing in that lazily sweet euphoria. Having little energy for more than raising a hand to brush against his cheek as she returned his kiss. Yet, it didn’t seem to take more than a moment before it shifted from soft and over-pampered to fervent and needy. …Did he even realize how he made her feel?! She might just be in love..! -06:32 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her back as she semed to read his mind. He was hard, throbbing and more horny than he had been when they had started. He ran his hand down her throat to her breart to sqeeze and rub his palm against it sliding her nipple between his finger and thumb. -06:38 Apr 02
Kate: "I don’t know what you do to me." she murmured against his mouth. More than willing to be compliant for just about anything at that point. Kate was in bliss. Brushing her fingers through his hair in an almost loving pet, not even realizing her expression might have looked just as smitten. She nuzzled his cheek and kiss along his jaw. -06:45 Apr 02
Raul: "I could say the same thing." he murmored before kissing down her neck his hand still caressing her. Then he pulled back a warm smile on his face as his eyes drank her in. "I don’t think I’ve told you how good you look." he said tilting his head as his eyes traveled from hers, down over her crumpled shirt and her ecposed breasts and lingering in her stomach as his other hand bagan to rub it, thn down to her wet lips. He could feel every time his shaft throbbed and it was enough to brive him crazy. "Take me out.." he whispered. "I want to feel how much I want you." -06:52 Apr 02
Kate: Kate was biting her bottom lip again. Pleased with the compliment and being admired in a way that, for once, didn’t make her want to sock someone in the nose. She leaned up on an elbow, surpressing a sigh when his hand was trailing south again. She brushed her own fingers against his chest. Glancing up at his face when they lingered just above his waistband. With her thumb she undid the button. A finger to slide down the zipper. Then she was slipping her hand in to his pants to graze over his cock. So hard, she could feel it pulsing in her hand as she drew him out and gave him a gentle squeeze. -06:59 Apr 02
Raul: His eyes slid closed lazily as his hand on her breast sqeezed in time with her. A sigh escaped him and the hand on her stomach went to push his pants down and away. "You feel that? That all you.." he said as his looked at her again. "Thats this." he moves to run the fingertips of both hands over her face, "And this…" he ran them through her hair. "…this.." down her neck and shoulders. "…these…" cupping her breasts, thumbs brushign the nipples. "This.." down hers sides his his thumbs trailing over he stomach. "This… these.." under to her ass and down her thighs "And this…" back up and to her crotch. "And everthything else about you." -07:06 Apr 02
Kate: Kate was definitely in love. If someone else had said it or if she had seen it on a movie, she’d find the whole thing ridiculous. But the look on his face and the soft touch of his hands… The honesty was so compelling, she doubted another compliment would hold any weight against it. Kate took a hold of his head, her hands digging in to his hair as she practically dragged him on top of her. Her mouth crushed against his in a frenzied, unexpected passion. And the desire to give him every reason to love her too. -07:14 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her back his body fallign on top of hers. He could feel the effect his words had on her ne her need, her despiration and it didn’t take long for him to return it and start grindign agaist her his dick presign against her but not penetrating. "Dammit Kate." he said again as his eyes almost closed. "You had to make me fall for you didn’t you…." -07:23 Apr 02
Kate: "Gods, Ru, if you don’t quit talking I’mma flip all over again and there won’t be a dick in the mix." Fall for her… she took him in another kiss. Circling her arms tight around his neck. He had her toes curling in to the sheets already. -07:33 Apr 02
Raul: He bit her lip, as he moved his hand down to her lips, feeling them and giuding himself to her. "There are other places dicks can go." he said his ahnd lifting her hip. "I just really like it here…" he pushed in and let her know jsut how much with a low groan he his hips settled agaist hers, teasing her with stillness for a second before he began to move, the need to tease her evaporating and replaced with his previous hunger. -07:38 Apr 02
Kate: "Is that so…!" she hissed through her teeth. Already so sensitive, having him push inside her was not only gratifying it was sensational. Kate matched his movements. Any former tiredness gone in the wake of renewed lusting. ..or loving! She wanted to tease and taunt him. To argue and fuss. But Kate wanted just as much to please him and draw out that wicked grin, and make him so tired he’d do nothing but lounge in bed with her the rest of the night. -07:44 Apr 02
Raul: His kiss because rougher he he moved hiside her. His throbbing member so sentitive he almost came from pushign into her. "God.." he breathed agaist her as he gripped the bed either side of her before hsi hand found and gripped hers, his heart pounding already. -07:49 Apr 02
Kate: She loved that tone he had when he was lost in it…! Kate bucked against him suddenly, using the surprise to roll him so that she was the one on top. Her knees braced at either side of his hips and her hands linking her fingers with his to pin them against the sheets. She didn’t stop moving, but rather took control of the pace. Slowing, pulling him deep. "Tell me what you want, Raul…" -07:57 Apr 02
Raul: HEr move caught him but suprise and the next thing he knew he was looking up at her as she moved on top of him. It took him a moment to realise she was even talkign to him and he looked up at her his hips moving with ers beynd his control… "You Kate… I want you." -08:02 Apr 02
Kate: The sideways smirk she cast could only be described as wicked. Kate leaned over him, bracing his arms aboved his head with her hands still linked with his. "That’s not what I’m asking this time…" She murmured against his lips, still with that smile. Kate slid upwards, his shaft coming out all the way to the tip, where she held her hips for a long excrutiating moment before sinking down again. Slow and deliberate. "What do you want to do with me?" -08:08 Apr 02
Raul: His hips rose and sunk with her, if she wasn’r holding his arms he’d throw her down and fuck her brains out. "Tie you down and have you until you passed out…" he grolwed in frustration. "And if I had a collar and a pair of cuffs I’d have you unable to move your hands more than three inches from you neck." -08:14 Apr 02
Kate: It wasn’t the response Kate was expecting, but it delighted her all the same in to a quiet fit of giggling. Her breath fell over his cheek with a mix of laughter and desire. And his reward was her griding her hips just a tiny fraction quicker, to where the pace was not excrutiatingly slow, but merely frustratingly slow. "Well. You can’t." she giggled softly again. "But if you tell me what you’d like me to do for you…" -08:21 Apr 02
Raul: It was everything he could do not to spit every cursework in the book at her as he squirmed and tried in vain to get her off… She has goign to make him say it, and with his toes curling and legs bent he looked her in the face. "You can get on your hands and knees and let me fuck you from behind of.." he couldn’t believe that this was the one he wanted, and his voice lost the hard edge to it when he said it.. "…you can ride me… faster.." -08:32 Apr 02
Kate: "Faster… Or the first? Better pick, Rauuul…" His name came out like a soft purr in his hear. Kate did increase her pace. Having to release his hands just to brace one arm at the side of his head. Her free hand gripping hard in to his shoulder every time she slid against him. -08:40 Apr 02
Raul: He squirmed, even moreso because he knew she was enjoying it but he was poweless to stop her… "Faster amor mio." he said. -08:46 Apr 02
Kate: "As you command…" she whispered, before taking his mouth in a hard kiss. Kate savored his mouth and his words for a moment before she was sitting up straight. Rocking her hips hard and quick. Her own breath coming out in short gasps as she bit her lip and tried to surpress her own tension in favor of watching his. -08:53 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her back, hard and needy, his hipy rocking with hers as he suppressed a shudder. Watching her above him, feeling her around him… it drove the thought of getting back at her out of his mind… "Kate.. I think I love you." his hips twitched and writhed beneath her… he had never been ridden before. -08:58 Apr 02
Kate: "Ru…" There went all ideas of making him cum first.. or even her! Kate nearly fell on top of him when she grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him again. " I know I love you..!" she muttered between frenzied kisses. If she had any doubts before, she sure didn’t now. Just his expression and his words and rocking hard…! Kate gasped against his mouth, coming before she wanted to, but unable to stop the violent quaking as she tightened. -09:07 Apr 02
Raul: He kissed her hack his handsgrippinf her and pullign her closer as she came around him. Then he pushed her off of him and pulled out, grabbing her hips and rolling onto her stomachhis hands lifting her ass as he took position behind her, he hadn’t cum yet and he would… He held her stead as he pushed in from behind his hips movign he hers and grinding hard. He wasn;t holdign anythign back… it was strait to making him climax… and it wouldn’t be long. -09:12 Apr 02
Kate: "Sonofa fuck…!" she exclaimed in surprise! Now it was getting too much. Her body hadn’t even quit it’s shuddering. His reentry left her squeaking, over stimulated nerve endings on fire with the different angle. Kate buried her face in the sheets to quiet her groaning. Arms curling around her head with nails clawing at the bed. -09:19 Apr 02
Raul: He gripper her hips now in a position he was far more used to. He thrust deep and fast his nails digging into her skin. "You feel good like this too." he said his voice toned with exertion and passion. "I can’t get enough of you." he was going to cum, and soon. "Shit…" he moaned as he tried to hold it back even now. He wanted more of her before he climaxed. But he couldn’t.. he amlost double over on top of her he his hips slid against hers shaking. -09:25 Apr 02
Kate: Kate couldn’t count how many times her body gave way, all she knew was that it never ended. She was near screaming in to the sheets, hitting the mattress with a balled up fist, and was even still quivering even when it had all abated and the only sound left in the room was the two of them gasping for breath. "Holy… hell, Ru..!" -09:29 Apr 02
Raul: He released her, sliding from her and falling to the matress besides her his arm movign arounf her weakly. "Kaate." he purred deep and low between pants. "You’re really quite something…" there was no thought ot shower, or bath, he just wanted to be there with her and recover. -09:32 Apr 02
Kate: "Gods.. I’m never leaving you.." It was a strange confession to make over something as simple as sex. But it.. it wasn’t just sex! Kate stretched out like a cat, though she didn’t roll over or scoot. His arm around her felt like heaven and she turned her head so she could peer at him with one open eyed. "Do you really love me? And weren’t just saying it?" -09:35 Apr 02
Raul: He lifted his head and dragged himself closer. "I really meant it." he said befores pressign his lips into hers. "Why do you think I was so confused by you?" he molded his body to hers looking on leg over hers. -09:38 Apr 02
Kate: "It’s what happens when things get complicated." Kate was smiling in exhausted bliss. "I was trying not to love you, but you kinda fucked that up for me by being you…" she mumbled. Kate didn’t want to fall asleep but her eyes were falling closed despite herself. -09:43 Apr 02
Raul: "Lucky me.." he breathed nuzzlign against her cheek. "But if you ….." he wasn’t going to start an argument over somethign that didn’t even matter anymore. That could come later. "I’m not leaving you either. Not now, not ever." -09:46 Apr 02

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