My Demon Roommate 006: Demon Club

[Jayden is letting Coop pick their place out tonight. Why not? They’ve apparently taken over a mobster’s strip joint and he’s soon to work as a @$^$@# model. Might as well enjoy the money.] -12:00 Aug 11
[Cupio has heard about this place from someone at the club, they said it was just the place for a homesicj demon to go to, so to celebrate getting money hes taking Jayden there.] -12:02 Aug 11
Jayden: After spending a week with Mcboobs Coop discovering the ins and outs of their new ‘business’, it was nice being with male Coop so Jayden could finally relax and not be worried about needed to break someone’s neck. She supposed that’s what men felt like. That constant fear someone was gonna steal and bang thier chick. Weird! Jayden ran her hand through her hair, swatting a bit at Coop. "So are we here for work or pleasure?" she teased. -12:06 Aug 11
[Cupio ] -12:06 Aug 11
Cupio: "Pleasure." he said grinning. "They say this is the place all demons come when they’re feeling homesick, so its perfect for me. And you’ll get a taste of what my life was like before I met you." he was grnning wides as he knocked on the steel door in the side of the unmarked building. The peep hole opened and a greff voice sounded. "Password." Cupio didn’t say anything, but his horns sprung from his hair and he grinned showing off his fangs. "Right, you can come in." there was a clang as the bolt slid open and Cupio moved to enter. "Don’t worry, just stay close." -12:12 Aug 11
Jayden: "So you’re taking me in to a demon’s den. Kinda glad I’m not a virgin…" she was amused. Fuck knows, she’d prolly end up a virgin sacrifice, otherwise. Isn’t that always what happened? Jayden was pretty interested to look around though. Demons happened, but you never really saw a lot of them all in one place and rarely ever -obviously- demon! -12:14 Aug 11
Cupio: Cupio was wearing a vest, and now it was obvious why. His wongs came out to hold behind himself against his hand at he walked through the coridoor and though a curtain into the club. The room was dominated by a statie of a naked demon, half man and half woman, the groin covered conveniently by the tail, that had barbs running down it’s entire reanth. The music, far faster than any human beat an going into ultrsonics pounded and Cupio have an involentary shiver as multicolored strobes ached lazily over the floor. "Fuck. Yessss." he hissed taking it all in. It seemes the only one not displaying wings and horns was Jayden. -12:21 Aug 11
Jayden: Talk about sensory overload! Maybe it was just because she was a human and not demon. It was almost a little intimidating to see nothing but demons in such an environment. …Almost! Jayden was pretty damned interested. "It’s like a demon fetishers secret playground in here." she almost laughed. -12:28 Aug 11
Cupio: "You should be at home then." he said flashing her a grin as he moved deeper into the club past a waitor that was commpletely nades except for a bag hooked over their shoulder. "This was every night for me." he said putting an arm around her as he slipped though the crowd and strait to the dancefloor snaggin them a couple of drinks and swallowing his in a single gulp, ot burned going down and made his lips glow. "I should have worn a ring…" -12:32 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -12:36 Aug 11
Jayden: "Afraid I’m going to start a fight if someone hits on you? I only do that when you’re a girl…" Which was weird all in itself, but she wasn’t concerned about that tonight. Jayden sipped her drink, swaying slightly with the music. Normally she’d suck it down quick, but for once… she kinda wanted to be aware what was going on! Out of curiosity she reached out a hand to brush a thumb over his mouth. Also weird! -12:36 Aug 11
Cupio: He didn’t take his arm away from around her, he didn’t want her slipping off or getting grabbed either. She smelled human, and every demon around them knew it. "You’re not the one in danger of starting a fight tonight." he said squeezing her side and grabiing himself abother drink. "I havn’t had this stuff since you summoned me…." "She summoned you? Not bound are you?" the voise was that of a waitress. "No, but she is mine. How about you get us the real stuff, I’m sure she can take it." -12:44 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -12:44 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden was grinning wider. Apparently she also had a secret love for the danger factor. Because any sane person would not want to know every demon in the place knew exactly what she was and was probably eyeballing her like a meal. "All yours, huh! Your totally hot human sex slave?" Why did that make her want to -snuggle- him of all things? Jayden refrained. Snuggling was probably the last thing that should be going on in a demon club. Jayden did bounce on her feet, though. Dancing with him a bit. A very wide smirk on her face. -12:48 Aug 11
Cupio: "All mine as in you’re here with me, and I don’t think you can take five demons at once. You can take a lot but I don’t think that much. Especially since I’ve always held back, and in this enviroment no demon can." he grinned at her and leaned forwards to flick his tongue against her lips and then modes to dance with his his hands on her hips his body twisting with surprising subtlety and his tail thrashing behind him. -12:59 Aug 11
Jayden: "Five at once? How often does that happen?" Jayden was trying to figure out how that even worked. …she’d think about that more later. Sensual over-pleased demon Coop was a very fun thing to play with. Jayden moved with him, stealing a touch here or there. -01:02 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -01:12 Aug 11
Cupio: He liked her touches and touched back his face fixed in a grin. "I think I’m going to come here more often." he said drinking in the atmosphere. It made him wings and hirn grow talins appearing on the joints of the wins and a second set of smaller horn appearing behind the first. "It happens Jayden. Could happen right here on the dance floor. Don’t worry, I’ll jealously hiss at anyone who tries." he checkled as he ran his claws over her cheek the drinks he’d ahs combining with the atmosphere, then the waitress was back and handing them each a glass. The red liquid inside glowed snightly and bubbled. "You’re a lifesaver." he said to the waitress and knocked this back too his head rolling back and wings shaking as his spine tingled and the glass was taken from him… "You too human, before it eats though the glass. That stuff isn’t cheep you know." -01:12 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden was snickering and about to comment on the hissing… but she was interrupted by a very dangerous looking drink! She cast it a distrusting stare, especially since it could eat through the -glass-. Then after taking a deep breath, went ahead and drank it down! -01:15 Aug 11
Cupio: He was grinning at her and he threw his wings up in the air and grabbed her hands to dance wildly, like he hadn’t in a long time even before boming here, but he was giving his best moves, for her. Toutching, brushing, feeling, smelling, musk… -01:22 Aug 11
Jayden: That drink gave her a really, really weird feeling… like it was laced with something a little extra. Jayden had been down that road before! Lucky for her, that tingling wasn’t too bad and she trusted the demon that seemed to be quite happy in his own element for once. His mood was infectious, and far more intoxicating than the drinks. In fact, as they danced, she was thinking about all the fun things she was going to do to him when they got home. It was hard not to! -01:26 Aug 11
Cupio: He wasn’t the only one adding to the smell of the room. Then he was sliding both hands either side of her neck to grip her hair and pull her to him pushing his lips into hers and biting them, hard. There was a growl in his thoat as he pulled back and licked his lips staring at her his breath coming hot and heavy. -01:34 Aug 11
Jayden: It was really easy to forget the rest of the room when he was like this. …or when she was like this. Cause Jayden wouldn’t deny she was hot for him almost all of the time. She ran her hands up his chest, sucking on her bottom lip where he bit her. Almost too hard, but she never was shy about being rough either. Jayden stepped up real close to him, nuzzling against his cheek with a wide grin. -01:37 Aug 11
Cupio: His hand moved to grip the back of her head as he moved to kiss her again his other hand going to grep her ass as he ran his tongue against her lip then he loved to his her forehead and flick his tongue against her there too… it was then that he noticed, they weren’t the only ones getting touchy. At hisr this made him thin, but there were other demon closing in on his human now to get touchy. The first tame up behind her to press against her and Cupio pulled her away his wings closing around her hiding her almost completely from view. "I think we have a problem…" -01:43 Aug 11
Jayden: With Cupio she had no issues being touchy-feely in public, but on the instant of being touch, there was that instinct of wanting to kick someone in the face. It happened in the blink of an eye too, that instant switch from emotion. Was she that drunk already? She didn’t -feel- drunk though. Just… very very aware! Jayden curled her arms around his waist and nuzzled against his chest. "The go home early for fun kind of problem, or the Jayden’s about to stab someone sort of problem?" she mumbled against him. -01:53 Aug 11
Cupio: Even with her cluched agaisnt him with hidden from view his hand was pushing down the back of her pants. "The orgy has started.." he said and as if on cue there was a groan from not far away as one pairing started baring skin. His entire body burned as he moved to tongue and suck the top of her earlobe. More and more skin was visible in the flashing lights, more smell, the air becoming thick with it, sounds. The drink busned in his stomach and seeped up his spine. Jayden was in more danger than even he realized. -01:58 Aug 11
Jayden: "The what now…?" She wanted to turn and take a look, but she was a little distracted with his attention and trying to supress a sigh. …suddenly she tensed. What a damned minute. Demon orgy. She pulled back just a bit to narrow her eyes at him. The hilarious part was that she wasn’t mad about the whole room full of potentially sexing demons. She just didn’t want to share. "You’re not getting in to a demon orgy, I’ll slay every demon in here if I have to." -02:03 Aug 11
Cupio: "No one is getting you." he growled grabbing her arm and pulling her to him her back against him and pushing his ahnd down the frint of her pants this time as he bit her shoulder, then pulled away, looking for a safe place… "The cage, go…" he said pushing her and following closely. "It will just be us…" -02:10 Aug 11
Jayden: To the cage. That was the last thing she ever expected anyone to ever say to her. Jayden was being pushed before she could protest. What they should be doing was going home. Even as she was nearly stumbling in to the cage, she was very aware of what was going on around them. Twisting touching bodies, groans of pleasure. Boy, he imagination had nothing on the real thing and Jayden was realizing real quick she was probably on the tame side when it came to being freaky. "…okay, I might be a little unqualified for all this!" Especially when it was consuming her senses. Almost like she could feel it running through her, and it was the weirdest sensation! -02:16 Aug 11
Cupio: He entered after her and pulled it closed his wings folding to fit. And then he was eying her. Every groan around them, there gasp, every rip, every smell, blood, there was that, musk, he seemed to be growing. "Jayden…." hsi voice was full of warning, and desire. The sounds, smells and sights echoing in his head. Then his hand was one her thoughder gripping tightly as his other tore at her shirt with his claws. -02:23 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hey…! -02:24 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hey!" she growled, swatting his hand away with more force than she normally would. "Hold the phone! I’m all for rippy passion, but let’s not not kill my GOOD clothes in a room full of horny demons!" He looked hella dangerous like this. It was both incredibly sexy, and a little bit frightening. Good thing Jayden had an underdeveloped sense of fear. "We should go home." now she was warning. -02:27 Aug 11
Cupio: There was another throaty growl as he pushed her back against the bars. "I want you." he said his voice different, deeper, growlier. "Jayden… I can’t.." there was another rip and he was stepping closer. He really couldn’t help himself. His skin burned and blood boiled. She was lucky he was able to go as slow as he was. "I can’t hold back this time." -02:31 Aug 11
Jayden: "My clothes, damnit!" Of all the much more dangerous things going on, THAT was what was pissing her off. Probably because, despite it, the entire thing had her breathing heavy and ‘her loins afire’ like those damned books she liked to read. Jayden never got that phrase until now. She gripped HIS vest and ripped. "How do YOU like it." she muttered. That wasn’t going to help anything, but it made her feel better. Or fiestier. Both! -02:35 Aug 11
Cupio: The skin under the vest was tight and in this state ever nuscle was engorgesd and ready making him look even more like a male model than he usually did. With her rip the last of his resustance unraveled and a hand shot out to grip her throat pinning her to the cage as his other hand tore the crotch right out of his pants and then undid hers his member coming out and trobbing with his pulse. -02:39 Aug 11
Jayden: Oooo, was a stupid thing to think. Jayden was wrestling with want, and that last shred of sense she had somewhere in her head. She gripped his hand trying to pry it off her, and lift a foot to press against his chest and push him away. If anything she was flexible. "Coop! For fuck’s sake!" -02:49 Aug 11
Cupio: He grabbed her ancle from his chest and moved closer bending the leg upwards. He was strong, very strong, and his claws dug into her. Then his lips were against hers, her leg pinned between thier chests as his hand slipped from her neck to grip the bars and pin her between him and them, then he was pushing against her with his tip. "Ffffuuuuck." he was in and his eyes found hers as his tail went to twist arounf her thigh. It wasn’t enough.. it… The look of need swisted with a grin as his tail unwound and already slipery twisted around behind her to push into her other hole. -02:57 Aug 11
Jayden: One minute she was gasping, the next she was yelping! Her expression went from surprised to smoldering. Okay. If they were going to do it, then they were going [i[do[/i] it. Jayden could rise to an occasion, and it helped she was fueled with booze that spine tingle and an atmosphere that made desire feel like an inadequate word. Jayden reached up and grasped the bars behind her, twisting in his grasp and groaning from the feel of it. -03:08 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed and soaked in the feeling of her, but it was still not enough, there was a grown and he pushe harder his muscles tensing and he breath rolling over her. "Fuck it Jayden…" she was making it worse.. much worse. No he couldn’t hold and with a purly beasial snarl he lat her have it the snarl turning into a groan. -03:12 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden gasped louder, her hands tightening on the bars. But she met his growl with one of her own. He was always holding back on her, and she was done with that! "Fuck me, Coop." she hissed through her teeth. The hardest part was forcing her body to relax, to take him in as much as she could get. Even just the scent of him had her clenching around him. This was insane! -03:23 Aug 11
Cupio: His hand dropped to hold her hip wher he wanted it as he pushed her against the bars, deeper, harder. His breath in time with his movement. He wasn’t holdign back and her clenching couldn’t slow him. He was a damin, fully riled and buting her shouder his tail writhign and thrusting he realized he didn’t want to do this with anyone but her. Pulling his head back to pushed his lips into hers his tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth. In this room full of demons and sex, he couldn’t view her as anything else, anything else but Jayden, the human who could take it all. -03:28 Aug 11
Jayden: She moaned against his mouth, which sound very much like blissful agony. It hurt just as much as it drove her wild. Jayden returned the kiss with eager ferver, releasing one of the bars to dig her hand in to his hair and jerk his to the side and give her a more comfortable angle to bite his tongue. -03:34 Aug 11
Cupio: He returned her grip and groaned it was going to happen soon, he could feel it building and he pushed deeper, and harder. "Fack Jayder I’m going to…." he kissed her again desperatly his voice fulled with nothing but extacy as his claws dug into her. -03:37 Aug 11
Jayden: "Then do it, baby.." her voice was strained from the effort of trying to breath and not be all consumed. …Jayden finally just let it go when catching his eyes. Her head falling back against the bars, and her other leg curling around his when her body began to squeeze and shake. Jayden’s nails dug in to the back of his neck when his claws dug in to her, and she was gasping at the sensations coursing through her. This was one hell of a ride! -03:46 Aug 11
Cupio: He did, pushing against her and biting his lip as he thrust and spilled into her his eyes locked on hers and hands pripping her. His breath was heavy as he leaned forwards to kiss her and run his claws down her back his tail pulling out of her and disapreaing into the pile of torn fabric on the floor to clean itself. "More…" he breathed snaking his arms around her and stepping back to rumpe her on the floor and ly on top of her pripping the bars at her shoulders and pushing in again. "More… Dammit Jayden you make this so hot." -03:51 Aug 11
Jayden: "More…? Oh..!" Her question turned to another gasp! She was still trying to catch her breath, and her limbs feeling loose and tingling when he dumped her on the floor and entered her again. She wasn’t too drunk this time, though, and Jayden more than welcome the more. Her body squeezing around him, twitching from the continued thrusting. Her hands circled around his wrists just for something to hold on it, and with a growl she bucked up against him now that she had the leverage to do so. -03:57 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed his mouth against hers once more and using the leverage pushed her against the bottom of the cage and without polding back or being able to hald back thrust biting her lip and letting out his breath in a rush. Too much, not enough, need burned deep within his eyes titilation sensation seeming only to add to it and he growled in frustration as he pulled back to look into her face. If he hurt her… no he wouldn’t she could take it. "You’re the best." -04:02 Aug 11
Jayden: Mind numbing… worse when he said things that made her laugh and made her stomach lurch with pleasure and the desire to just give him everything she had! Her hands rose up his arms, tracing a line with her nails until they were digging in to his hair again and grabbing a hold of his horns. She tugged him down sharply until his mouth wasn’t more than a fraction from hers. "And you… taste like pure sin…!" A hard kiss followed, invading his mouth with her tongue and running it over his fangs. -04:09 Aug 11
Cupio: His tongue fought back sliding against hers and penetrating deep into her mouth. To have her like this, giving her everythign he had and having her return it. It was heaven. Not holding back he thrust deep feeling it build again faster this time but he didn’t break the kiss, he wanted to take her breath from her mouth as she came. -04:15 Aug 11
Jayden: The second time was always too fast. Skin and muscles already fine tuned, and humming from the friction. Jayden was trying to fight it, to prolong it. Twisting beneath only making it hit harder. Her hands fell to grip at tattered fabric under her. Her fingernails digging in to her own skin deep enough to draw blood. She was screaming in to his mouth when it broke, body siezing up almost violently as she bucked against him. -04:21 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed seeming to swallow her scream and then he was filling her and kissing her hard a heavy grunt becoming a long sigh in her mough as he moved his hands to run through her hair and over her shoulders. He was breathing hard when he pulled away and stood on his knees looking down at her. "More.. Still not enough." he turned her hips and pulled her onto her knees and gripping her hips tight pushed agaist her and sunk in. There seemed to be no stopping him his apitite unquenchable and he showed no signes of tiring. -04:26 Aug 11
Jayden: "Still…!" Thank god she wasn’t drunk! By now she would be passed out in well loved bliss. Still, her limbs felt wobbly, and when he push in again, it wasn’t a soft yelp but another scream. ..oh man..! Jayden was still riding the last one and she was immediately responding. Twitching shuddering that forced her to raise her torso and grab on to the bars to hold on for support. There was no thought left in her now but that mix of lust and desire. Heady waves of pleasure making her every sense vibrate at the feel of him. -04:33 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -04:37 Aug 11
Cupio: In this position there was nothing stopping him from going as deep as he could and push her hard, red dots welling up around where his claws dug into her. He pushed and moaned. Letting it take over and pull him along. "I can’t.. get… enough.." he said between heavy breaths and deep thrusts. It was already building, slowly, so slowly his shaft tingling with overstimulation. And all he could look at was her. -04:40 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden couldn’t form a witty reply like she so vaguely wanted to do. Her response was just a whimpering sigh, that hitched every time he rammed in to her. So good, and so numbing that all she could feel was that solid mass pushing in and pulling out. Taking her body with it like a tide. Her arms were curled around a bar to hold herself steady, but it was slipping. Especially when that climax struck her again. This time without tensing motion, but like a breaking damn. Rushing out in delicious, tormenting waves and taking her with it. -04:48 Aug 11
Cupio: He pushed until he felt it too, the delicious rigors of orgasm that shot through him. His chest was heaving as he pulled out and pulled her towards him turning her on her back and pulling of top of her to kiss her and run a tongue over her lips. "Lets only have sex with eachother from now on." he said "You’re my girlfriend and I really really really want you all to myself." -04:52 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hokay." Not the most elegant response, but Jayden was smiling wide. Blissed out, heavenly, infatuatedly in love sort of wide. She was more limp than a noodle, only vaguely moving with her legs rubbing together and the curling of her toes. How she even managed to lift an arm to run her fingers gently in to his hair was a mircle. And her kiss was feather soft compared to the previous fucking. "Only you and me, then." she mumbled, almost purring. -04:57 Aug 11
Cupio: He kissed her back and was then moving her legs and going to stand on his knees pulling her hips up off the floor. "If anyone could make a demon fall for a human its you." he said holding her hips and licking his lower lip and he pushed in her lips parting easily. "Its a good thing that you seem to feel better every time." -05:03 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:10 Aug 11
Jayden: He had no idea. Her plaintive moan was low and soft, and her head tilted to the side as her eyes fell closed. There was no resistance from her, no tightening, just her face flushed with heat and her arms dropping by her head with her fingers curling in to her hair. Jayden tried to fight the exhaustion, to feel him again. But she was done in and slipping in to unconciousness, rocked by soothing, sweet motions. -05:10 Aug 11

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