Your Starr 006: Drunk Confessions

Your Starr

[Drake is drunk and at a club a 3 AM and wel.. things arn’t going to well.] -07:23 Apr 21
[Madeline is sleeping, because she has work in the morning!] -07:23 Apr 21
Madeline: A day of fast cars and then dancing around a pop star’s house would tire a girl out. At least she didn’t fall asleep there, despite the fact Maddie had been more than tempted to find an excuse to spend the night. She got to bed a little late, but thankfully all she’d have to do was shower and run out the door when she woke up in the morning. -07:26 Apr 21

her phone rang, and rang, as long as it needed to to get her to answer it it rang, the number was a landline number from the city and when it was answered a burley voice was on the other end. “Madeline? Yes, we need you to come done to the Blue 19… the person who gave us your number needs you to come and pick them up. Sooner is better than later.” -Drake

Madeline: "Huuwaaah…?" She was groggy,half asleep and didn’t recognize the number, or the name, or the voice. She raised up to squint at the time. It was 2am! "Who is thiiiis? Tell them to call me tomorrooooow." Maddie plopped back on the pillows with the phone still at her ear. -07:31 Apr 21

there was a sigh from the other side. “Look I’m tired of dealing with drunk celebrities so We’re on 31st street, Blue 19 club and just walk in the door. Your fiance is in no condition to drive.” then the line went dead. -Drake

Madeline: "Fiance?" Asshole hung up on her. Good! She wanted to sleep! Maddie rolled over and curled up with her pillow. After a few minutes the call sank in and she was sitting up quickly, confused and bewildered. "Seeeeriously?" …who was she even talking to! Maddie groaned to herself, flinging aside the covers as she hopped out of bed and scrambled for her clothes. In a few more minutes she had a cab and was heading out for some random club, half asleep in the middle of the night. When she arrived and bouncer stopped her at the door, she almost growled at him. "I’m supposed to go in there! I am here to pick up Drake, er… Preston Starr…" -07:39 Apr 21
Drake: The bouncer gestured to another to take his place and for Maddie to follow and entered the club. There were still a fair few partiers at this time but the bouncer skirted the edge and stopped outside a bathroom that had been closed off. "He’s in there, I’d have a bucket if you don’t want to have to clean your seats." If you need help moving him I’m right here. -07:43 Apr 21
Madeline: "Right, I got it, thanks." She should be asleeeeeep. Maddie wasn’t sure what she was going to see when she stepped in the room. She just hopped she wasn’t going to find him full of heroin and with bimbos on his lap. She wasn’t sure what would be worse, and wanted to kick herself for thinking it’d be girls. "Drake! Why is a bouncer calling me at 2am!" -07:49 Apr 21
Drake: There was a noice from one of the stalls and a foot sticking out of the open door moved. "Maddie?" he was leaning against a toilet on his butt on the thankfully clean floor and looking sick, though that might be the vomit sitting in the bowl. "Maddie! Hi." He made a weak attemot to get up but didn’t get that far and ended up just pulling his legs closer to himself. "Did I pass out or are you really here?" -07:54 Apr 21
Madeline: Man, she remembered this kind of drunk. She audibly huffed, stalking over to the sink to snatch some of the paper towels and wet them. Then she was stalking back to take his chin in her hand and clean his face. "It’s me. At 2am. When I -should- be sleeping cause I have work in the morning. How much did you drink to manage to piss off a bunch of bouncers?" -07:59 Apr 21
Drake: He looked at her and tried to pull away from the wet towls. "They’re not pissed, they’re cool… they…" he reacheout to take ould of her arms and pull her down to sit with him. "Maddie maddie maddie. I like that name, did, did you know that? You know usually they’d call my mum or my nan but I wasnted you. I havn’t had anything I trust to pick my up and mean anything… the other girls… I though they meant something but with you there is so much diference… Why do you make me fall in love?" -08:05 Apr 21
Madeline: Eep, not of the floor…! Maddie was trying not to cringe, and managed to at least stay on her knees. Leaning over him as he fussed and slurred and…. all of that irritated growling she had left in her melted. Fall in loooove? Wait, he was batshit crazy drunk right now. Maddie resumed scowling and focused on the present predicament. "You’re too drunk to say stuff like that and mean it… Now did you drive here or get dropped off? C’mon off the floor, I can’t pick you up by myself." -08:09 Apr 21
Drake: He looked up at her. "What about think it and mean it… because I did that today before I screwed up… and…" he got onto his knees and swayed. "Rickie should be here, we all came together. He drove. But look Maddie…" he used her to pull himself to his feet and leaned against her. "You’re an angel." -08:12 Apr 21
Madeline: "No, right now I am actually a really annoyed chick! A tired one!" Rickie, whoever that was, was not her problem. And frankly, if Rickie was so great a friend, he wouldn’t leave his buddy barfing alone in the bathroom. Maddie made sure he stay steady on his feet by wrapping her arms around his waist and guiding him towards the door. How the hell could he be so drunk, and still be so damned cute. "We’ll get a cab and I’ll send you home, okay?" -08:16 Apr 21
Drake: He shook his head. "No, can’t go home like this." he hugged her back and swayed humming a tune. "Your couch is closer. No barfing in the cad… they get annoyed and I don’t want to let you go." he grinned and started humming again. "maddiiee." -08:19 Apr 21
Madeline: She was gonna ask ‘Why Not?’ but one thought about Nanny McGrr and Maddie got the jist of it. It’s not like it was the first time he slept at her place. More huffing and she was leading him to the door. Weaving around other painfully drunk people, relieved looking bouncers and the guy at the door who gave her a thumbs up and – thank gods! – already had a cab called up for them. She had to hand it to those guys, they took care of their customers! Maddie shuffled Drake in to the back of the cab and fussed at him to get his seat belt on. "Yeaaaah, don’t throw up okay?" -08:23 Apr 21
Drake: He smiled at her and couldn’t take his eyes off her, then he was fumbling with his powet to pull out his wallet and after fussing with the leather just held the whole thing out to her and flopped back against the seat. "I’ll try not to… did you know your eyes are perfectly symetrical?" -08:27 Apr 21
Madeline: "I think that’s the weirdest observation anyone has ever made about me!" Maddie sighed and slipped his wallet in to her coat pocket, grumbled her address to the cabbie and plopped herself in her own seat. Minus the seat-belt! She was busy dabbing at his face with more of those wetted paper towels. Something cool always kept -her- from throwing up, it was worth the shot. "Why are you so dang drunk? You can’t just go out like this, or at least go out with friends that aren’t dirtbags and just going to abandon you there.." -08:31 Apr 21
Drake: "Rickie is a good guy alright, he was the only one available tonight adn I needed something… just having sex with you would have been smarter.. we should have sex… sex in maddie’s bed… with maddie!" not taht he had the energy to move right now and just smiled at her. "I’m not good at not having sex." -08:35 Apr 21
Madeline: That made her laugh out loud, and when she realized he could have been serious, she coughed and tried to keep a straight face. "I am pretty sure you’re all good well and fine when it comes to sex. Unless you’re one of those crazy kink maniac guys with the disturbing fetishes." They always said stars were in to weird things. And here she was imagining all the things she could do with him. But he was -drunk- and she was exhausted! "Okay, no talking about sex. Talking about music or stories or something! We’ll be home in a few minutes." -08:39 Apr 21
[Drake is drunk. And not just regular drunk, super amazing, staggering, speaking everythign that pops into his head drunk.] -07:33 Apr 23
[Madeline is in a cab with a very, very drunk Preston Starr and they are just pulling up to her place. Because that’s apparently where you take drunk pop stars!] -07:33 Apr 23
Madeline: "Thanks, keep the change." she mumbled the cabbie, passing him a few notes out of Drake’s wallet before it disappeared back in to her coat pocket. Then she was making quick work of getting his seatbelt off and trying to pull him out of the cab. "Waaaatch your head, c’mon now. You seriously need to go to bed…" -07:34 Apr 23
Drake: "What’s wrong with sex?" he asked when he was out of the cad and moving hsi arm searching for it to lean on when it had already pulled away. "I like talking about sex to pretty girls and like having it with them even more… you… maddie you.. are a pretty girl. And I’m not saying that because I’m a little drunk." he staggered towards the road and just caught himself before toppling over the curb. "I’ve always thought you’re pretty…" he was lookign at her and having hsi arms in her direction until then found her and he held on. "You… YOU… you just don’t give yourself enough credit. I’ve met some fucking crazy girls… trust me. Propper fangirl psychos wanting to get pregnant with my kid and trap me the whole deal… You… you’re just a fan. You… You’re amazing. You…" he held up a finger and turned to the side heaved a couple of times but nothing came out. "You maddie… what was I saying…? You.. you love me. As a fan but you ave a head and you use it. If I were an asshole you wouldn’t come get me late at night so you must think I’m pretty cool and I thik you’re pretty cool too… And I want to buy that painting…." at least he’d forgotten about sex. -07:42 Apr 23
Madeline: "It’s…" Oh gods. Maddie was almost kind of glad he WAS drunk cause she was probably ten shades of red. Of course, he was drunk, half the things he was blabbering on weren’t likely true. …she didn’t think so, at least. On the bright side, having him nearly hurl was pretty good for helping her not get caught up in a fantasy moment. "In the morning, you’re gonna feel pretty dumb about buying a painting of yourself." That’s was the safest thing for her to acknowledge as she grabbed on to him again and got him walk towards the front door. -07:48 Apr 23
Drake: He put and arm around her shoulders to keep himself upright. "In the mornign I’m going to feel like an idiot if I don’t say this…" He burped and then paused. "Not that.. that was an accident. I want to say that I really don’t care what my mother says. I really do like you Maddie." he cling to her and thumped his fingers into her chest for emphasis. "I like you and I’m in danger of falling for you. I’ve never felt this way before and I need you to tell me right now if you feel the same. Because if you do then I’m going to do a…. lot okay? A lot… and and and… you have exquisite eyes. did you know that? I’m going to write a song about them. -07:57 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie wanted to punch him in the face, and dreamily sigh all at the same time! She huffed at him, shifting him to the side so she could fumble with her keys, one-handed to get the door unlocked and push it open. Well. He wasn’t going to remember any of this anyway, it didn’t matter what she said or admitted! "I’m glad you like me, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to break my heart." Iiiinn through the door, and kicking it closed behind them. Maddie ushered him straight towards her room. "I like you a lot. More than I thought I would, and I mean you. The guy that trolls girls on the internet, and plays kiss chicken, and driving scary cars, and gets weird on dates and gets stupid drunk and says crazy things. And it’s not that smart of me." -08:08 Apr 23
Drake: His face was a mix of distraght and delight but the former won and he pushed himself away from her to stagger backwards and fall over. "Maddie…." she though she was going to hurt her? He looked to the side trying to fight through the cloud of alcohol suffocating his mind to think of something to say. "I’m stupid drunk because I upset you." he eventually said. "Today with the fries and the press thing and the… I don’t want you to get hurt. You so… untainted. This life has an ugly side and you think you can handle it. You think you even know it." he saw close to a sob. "You remind me why I still do this. Why I want to song." -08:21 Apr 23
Madeline: He was on the floor and without missing a beat, she was stooping to grab him by and arm and try to pull him back up to his feet again. So he was off getting drunk cause he felt like an idiot…? That was kind of an idiot thing to do! But so sweet… Maddie was chewing on her lip as she attempted to drag him the rest of the way to the bedroom. "Getting drunk is a dumb way to deal with upsetting a girl! Flowers and snuggling is a better idea…. And you know, you don’t have to protect me? I’m a grown woman, I can handle my life. Now pleeeaase get off the floor, we need to get you in bed." -08:25 Apr 23
Drake: Instead of attempting to get off the floor he tried to pull her onto the floor. "I mean it… you reminds me why I sing… I didn’t want to for a long time when I started. I was unhappy with the oublicity and there was little joy in it. Then I met and fan and they we had a talk. They were smart and knew why they liked my music and… I want to make people like them.. like you.. happy. It sounds lame I know but if you’re driving to work, the mood you get there in will affect your whole day… I want good music on tha radio for good moods, I want people who are sad and lonely to have a voice there to comfort them, I want people out having fun to have something to dance to and I want to express myself and people singing my song to express themselves through them and… It’s a crazy I’m drunk… I… I’ve never bought anyone flowers…" -08:32 Apr 23
Madeline: The weird tug of war ended up with her nearly falling on him, braced on her knees which were definitely going to be bruised by morning. Which, now that she tilted and eyed a clock up on the wall, was no more than two hours away. Worse, he was making her want to kiss him. Kiss him and cuddle him and more. And she’d never forgive herself if she did! "Drake…" Maddie siiiiigh, giving in to the impulse to hug him and nuzzling her nose against his cheek. He deserved it, just this once. "You can’t make music with a bad hangover though. Tomorrow you can buy me flowers and write me another song, but you’ve got to sleep, okay? You can’t sleep here on the floor." -08:40 Apr 23
Drake: He turned his ehad an kissed her. "I’m going…" he whispered before struggling to get up and stagger towards her bed and fall onto it. "I want more of that though… I want to be close to you." he fumbled with his boots and jacket before falling back onto his back and yawning. "You’re a good person Maddie May… If you think I’m going to hurt you and let you leave my life so easily you’re… you don’t know me as well as you think you do." -08:46 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie grinned, moving his boots and jacket out of the way, then leaned over him to fuss him fully on to bed and pillows. "I know that you turn in to a romantic when you’re super drunk. I’d like it if there was an Us, though." Maddie leaned to reach over and grab one of the blankets to pull over him. -08:51 Apr 23
Drake: "Isn’t there?" he asked looking at her. "I’m in your bed… we go on dates… we’re engaged… is there an us?" his voice was fading, the fact that he was in bed was the cue to his body to shut down adn take his brain with it, his eyes were already mostly closed. "Is there an us?" -08:54 Apr 23
Madeline: This was so cute…! Kind of heart-aching knowing he’d not remember any of it. Maddie sat down on the bed after tucking him in and brushed her fingers through his hair. She really, really wanted there to be an Us. "I hope so…? Yes… I’ll be yours forever if you ask me to. But you have to ask when you’re not drunk…" -08:57 Apr 23
Drake: "I’ll remember to." he said with a smile before putting and arm over her and nuzzling into the pillow and then going still. It wouldn’t take him long to fall asleep, not while this drunk. Soone he was breathing easily, slowly, and beeply, his mouth slightly open and eyes closed. Asleep and dreaming, and heading for a hangover. -09:02 Apr 23
Madeline: She was trapped! …pleasantly trapped. He was as good as unconcious and she couldn’t stop stroking his hair. With a sigh she shifted to snatch up her phone. It had been forgotten in the sheets in her mad rush to get out the door, and dialed her work number. "Hey, this is Madeline King. I’m not gonna make it in to work today, sorry…" she tossed her phone on the nightstand and leaned back with a yawn. Before long she had fallen asleep too, still in her jacket and shoes and fingers lost in the hair of a passed out Starr. -09:07 Apr 23

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