Genetic Bride 026 006: Fired

[Baldor has been called to the manager’s office.] -03:18 Jul 26
[Khloe had a morning date, which at least didn’t SUCK. And on her way home is getting Bai a present!] -03:19 Jul 26
Baldor: He got home early, before her, he wasn’t meant to be there when she got back but now he was lying on the couch trying to get a nap befre Hloe got there. -03:23 Jul 26
Khloe: For a couple weeks, Khloe had been stashing money! Since Bai always fussed when she tried to help with bills, there was little else to do with that money. So Bai was getting a present instead. Khloe thanked the employee that helped her, checking the gift in the box to make sure it was the right one. Then was off to do chores at home! Only, when she got home, she was very surprised to see him on the couch when he was supposed to be at work. Very quietly she leaned over him to see if he was awake and alive. -03:25 Jul 26
Baldor: His eyes were open but he hadn’t moved until he was keaning over him, then he turned his head towards her and looked up at her not saying a word. What was there to say, he was noiw unemployed and short for rent and if he didn’t find another job… He did however curl his legs up to give her room to sit. -03:29 Jul 26
Khloe: "Are you sick today?" Normally he’d at least say hello! Khloe reached down to check his forehead with the back of her hand. No fever… Twisting her mouth up in a frown, she set her small box, purse and jacket aside and fussed with checking the rest of him. Gently prodding to see if hurt himself at work or was ill elsewhere.side -03:33 Jul 26
Baldor: He waved her away and sat up. "I’m fine." he said putting his firehead in his hand and taking a deep breath. "Well not really, I’m not going to be able to order pizza like I promised." he leaned back and looked at the ceiling. "Not for a while anyway." -03:36 Jul 26
Khloe: "No?" He was very upset. Frowning, she knelt on her knees in front of him, gently tugging at his sleeves. "If we have to save money, that’s okay. I still have some in my purse if you want it?" -03:39 Jul 26
Baldor: He turned his head and looked at her. "I don’t want your money, I just lost my job thats all." he stood and started walking towards the kitchen to get himself something to drink. "How was the date?" -03:42 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe looked stunned! But he was working so hard… "It was okay… Why did you lose your job?" She got up off the floor to trail after him. No wonder he was upset! Once she caught up to him, she was circling her arms around his waist from behind and hugging him. "I’m sorry. Do you want me to go and yell at them?" -03:45 Jul 26
Baldor: "No." he said a little disconcerted at her arms but ignoring it to take a gulp from his bottle and then attempt to move back to the couch. "They said I was getting too distracted at work, and its true so.. leave them be." -03:48 Jul 26
Khloe: …oh that was bad. If he was distracted at work, surely it was because she was always there. If not when she had a shift, then because she took her dates there. Khloe didn’t let go. Inching across the room with him as she held on to hug him tighter. "…but that’s not fair! You really were working very hard and you’ve been there so long! I can tell them I will quit and not go there again if they don’t hire you back." -03:50 Jul 26
Baldor: "That will just leave both of us without a job." he said not really wanting to talk about it so taking a long drink from his bottle and then putting it down on the floor and leanign abck to close his eyes. "I’ll find another one." -03:53 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe moved and shuffled him about until he was seated on the couch, she was on his lap and still hugging him. She finally just took his face in her hands and gave him a soft kiss. "I’ll take care of everything. Don’t worry. I’ll work more there and get a second job too. You can find a job that you like even better?" -03:57 Jul 26
Baldor: "Don’t…" he said closing his eyes and tilting his head down. "I don’t want your money or you to work more than you want to." he put his hand on her leg and sighed. "I’ll go looking tomorow, we’ll be fine." he really didn’t want her money or her to go out of her way, it was his problem. -04:00 Jul 26
Khloe: "You’re so stubborn! I live here too, it’s the right thing to do for me to take care of things when you can’t. I won’t accept no for an answer." He had taken care of her all this time, when he didn’t need to pick some strange girl up off the street. Now it was her turn to take care of him, and he was going to take it! Khloe tilted his head up forcing him to look at her. "I want to work for you." -04:05 Jul 26
Baldor: "In case you were not listenign I don’t have money to pay you." he said purposfully misinterpreting her meaning. "And why are you always trying to do things for me I don’t desurve?" He stopped short of snapping at her but not very short. "I’ll find a job and if I need money.. I’ll borrow from you. Alright?" -04:08 Jul 26
Khloe: He was arguing with her, and Khloe couldn’t fathom why she thought that was cute. She was trying to repress a smile. He didn’t need her ill-timed smiles while he was hurting. "You’ll take my money. …now do you want a present? I got it for you today and I was going to save it for your birthday, but I think you should have it now…" -04:12 Jul 26
Baldor: He shook his head. "Do you even know whenmy birthday is?" he asked running his hands though his hair and putting a foot on the couch to make his lap inaccessable. "You don’t need t get me anything, you earn your money so you should use it to make yourself happy." -04:14 Jul 26
Khloe: "As a matter of fact, I know it was soon!" Khloe ignored his blocking off her, and ignoring his fussing too. She just rolled on the couch until she snatched up the small box off the table, then she was plopping next to him and handing him the box. "And maybe getting you a present does make me happy. I saved for a few weeks to get it and I asked a sales person for help." -04:18 Jul 26
Baldor: He let out a breath in surrender and put an arm around her to pull her to him and kiss her forehead. "Still think you’re wating your money." he said "You should be getting pressents for you boyfriend not some guy you did somethign with once." still he let go on her and turned his attention to the box. He was curious, of course and wanted to know what was in it. -04:22 Jul 26
Khloe: "Until then, you can take this and not fuss!" She waited for him to open it, very eager to see his response. Inside was a new phone, almost identical to hers with just a few extra fancy things. He had told he missed his old phone, and she remembered well. It took forever trying to explain to the salesperson what she needed! "It’s good, right? You can use it for job hunting!" -04:30 Jul 26
Baldor: Once he saw it he looked at her and then without a work pulled her into a hug. "I’m not going to ask how much it ws because I think I’d strangle you if I knew." he sighed. "Why do you have to be so sweet?" he was smiling though, and hiding it against her shoulder. -04:35 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe grinned wide. He liked it! She curled her arms around him to hug him. Almost giggling in the process. "I connected our numbers too, so it doesn’t cost any extra to call me or send me messages. I was hoping I could send you messages while I am out. But now you can send them to me when you’re job hunting." -04:39 Jul 26
Baldor: "Well your work calander said you’re free tomorow." he said. "You going to come with me?" he asked taking the phone out and looking at it. "Hey this one can send picture messages…." -04:44 Jul 26
Khloe: ….that made her smile vanish. Khloe leaned back and looked very apologetic. "I can’t tomorrow. I have a date with the Mister James again. …but I will come with you for all of your other ones!" -04:48 Jul 26
Baldor: "Oh…" he let go of her and moved back to stand and put the phone down on the table. "I’ll make food then." retreating to the kitchen and opening the fridge he started searching for somehting he COULD cook. "Did you eat?" -04:51 Jul 26
Khloe: "It has been a few hours…" Khloe wondered if he knew how much he emoted through his movement. Or maybe she was just that attentive? He was unhappy again, and those she could figure was that he didn’t like her choice in dates. One mention of them and he was cold. He was the one that said she needed to in the first place! "I could cancel it if you’d like me to…?" -04:56 Jul 26
Baldor: "Don’t be silly." he said beciding on just makinf a few sandwedges since where was so little else around. "You need your fun, I’ll worry about work." he worked quickly without paying much attention to what he was doing. "Besides wouldn’t want to disappoint ‘Mister James’ or anything." it was once he had them togetehr that he realized his didn’t feel much like eating. "So do you want or are these going into the fridge for breakfast?" -05:00 Jul 26
Khloe: "You say his name like he’s a super villain. He’s been really nice, and honestly the only one out of all these awful dates that I actually like." Khloe stepped in to the kitchen, and at first she thought it was to fetch her food. But instead she was tugging at his arm and turning him to face her. "I -can- cancel, you know. You lost your job, that’s more important than my date. And I will, if I can’t cheer you up tonight." -05:04 Jul 26
Baldor: "I’m fine." he said pulling his arm away and openign the fridge to put the sandwedges inside and stalk off towards the bedroom. "I don’t nees you to find a job so theres no need for you to cancell." -05:08 Jul 26
Khloe: "You’re not fine, you’re upset!" Khloe followed him, relentlessly! Gripping the back of his shirt when she caught up to him, and making him turn around to face her again. "What is so wrong with letting me help you? You don’t have to do everything by yourself!" -05:13 Jul 26
Baldor: He turned to look at her. "Maybe I do." he said. "Maybe I’m just used to it. Used to having no one there when I need someone, anyone to just… forget it. Its my problem and I would feel guilty if it got in thee way of you having a good time. So don’t cancell, for me, Now goodnight." he shed the shirt and was bundled under the covers before she had a chance to react! -05:16 Jul 26
Khloe: He was frustrating her. Khloe kicked off her shoes and climbed in bed, no gentleness involved when she pounced on top of him, blankets and all. She shook him! "Someone is here for you, right now! And you’re being a … butt about it." Khloe refused to let him go to bed upset, even if that meant sitting on him, and shaking him some more. She pushed at his shoulder. -05:22 Jul 26
Baldor: He tried to ignore her and succeded for a bit before he he was forced to uncover his face and look at her. "When you have a boyfriend and to to love with him, then what? I’ve always done things for myself so thats what I’m going to keep doing.Its how I’m happiest." -05:25 Jul 26
Khloe: "Liar." she accused. Now that he uncovered his head, she was trying to steal the blanket from him. "If you were happy you would smile more. You rarely ever smile. Who says I can’t come back here to spend time with you? Or about right now when I could make you feel better if you would just let me?" -05:28 Jul 26
Baldor: "Your way of making people feel better is sex, all you know is physical comfort but what do you knwo about deep emotional needs?" he asked "I don’t need sex, or notsex, I need… I’ll figure that out eventually." -05:30 Jul 26
Khloe: That… hurt her feelings. Khloe leaned back and there was no hiding her expression. "I see… I’m sorry that I can’t understand." She slipped off him and then out of the bed. This was another new feeling. She didn’t know why his words hurt so much. "I’ll let you sleep…" Khloe stepped out, making sure the lights were off when she did. -05:34 Jul 26
Baldor: He watched her walk out and immediatly felt bad. When she leached the door he called to her and got out of bed to try and hug her. "I’m sorry. I am stressed and I shouldn’t snap. You’re only trying to help." -05:37 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe dodged his hands, which was probably the first time she had ever refused someone touching her. Her chest hurt and her eyes burned, and taking a deep breath just made tears spill. Khloe was mad and hurt… and she didn’t know what to do with it. "You are upset. Just go to sleep." -05:44 Jul 26
Baldor: "I ruined your present giving." he said. "Fine I’ll sleep, but I’m taking the couch." he moved past her and flopped down in the lounge and put his head on the arm rest frowning at the wall. He really knew how to take a happy moment and stomp all over it. -05:47 Jul 26

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