Bloodlines 006: One Small Request


[Zeren is trapped under ice and debris with the Captain. She has fallen asleep and the ice is starting to drip and melt.] -01:23 Apr 19
[Jarrod Wakes up to water dripping on his face.] -01:24 Apr 19
Zeren: There was no telling how long she had been asleep. It had to be dark outside, as almost nothing was visible in their little trap. Zeren had her head on his lap and an arm curled around one of his legs. -01:28 Apr 19
Jarrod: He sat up his hand going ot his face, the looked up.. the dome was cracking.. "Zeren." he whispered shaking her shoulder. "Time to go." he put his hand to the ice and toon it began to rain outsidem putting out the fires and hiding them as he got ready to move.. "First things first is to see if there a working skiff we can use in the wreckage." -01:31 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren sat up, rubbing her eyes and just looking all around exhausted. Once she remembered where they were, she was looking upwards a little worried. "We’re not gonna get crushed to death and be buried alive forever?" -01:35 Apr 19
Jarrod: "No, we’re not we’re getting out of here." he said. "He placed his hadns on the ice and concentrated, he neded t get this exactly right or they were dead… Three, Two, One… Lightnign his the wreckage and blasted it apart, enough for them to not me under piles of rubble anyway… -01:41 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren had ducked, just in case. Her arms over her head as she sat behind him. On peeking through her arms, it seemed safe enough. They could see all the way up, where there seemed to be a giant gapping hole right through the side of the ship. "That’s a neat trick!" -01:45 Apr 19
Jarrod: "So is yours with the ice." he said. "We make a good team." he ws crawling out of the dome and climbing out towards the hole, it was dark and cloudy and wet but he didn’t feel any Grendels or Vardri around, they were safe for now. "This way, we should get out of here as fast as we can." -01:50 Apr 19
Zeren: She grinned, happy with the compliment. "It’ll make saving the world and building it back up easier?" She followed, a little more awkwardly, but seeming to have plenty enough energy for figuring out how to climb or trying again when she slipped. "Where are you crew?" she asked curiously when they passed a door and she leaned to peek inside. Everything was tossed to one side, but she didn’t see any people. She didn’t hear anyone around either. The sounds around them were nothing more than the creaking of the crashed ship. -01:55 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Probably dead." he said continuing to climb until he was on the splintered deck of the ruined ship and began pushing planks aside until he found what he was lookign for, a battered but working skiff they could fly at leas as far as they needed to go. "Help me with this…" -01:59 Apr 19
Zeren: "Oh. …I’m sorry." Up on the deck, she moved to help him. Tossing debris out of the way and trying to keep her footing on the slick deck. "They were your family?" -02:04 Apr 19
Jarrod: "They were liek my family but no, not blood relitives, they were mostly on bogger ships like this doing that same thing I was, but I havn’t heard from them in months." he turned the skiff over and and checked it.. it started and had enough supplies already on board for them for a couple of weeks. "We’ll go just far enough to make camp… then continue in the morning." -02:12 Apr 19
Zeren: "Hmm… I’ll be your family now! You’ve taken care of me, so I’ll take care of you from now on." And to get started on her new mission, Zeren inspected the skiff and supplies. Making mental notes about how she would handle things and manage for both of them. She wasn’t great with cooking, but she could figure it out. "After we save the world we can get you a new boat, maybe one that sails on the water!" -02:17 Apr 19
Jarrod: "If we live through this." he said for the forst time expressing doubt. He got in and adjusted the controls as it hovered an inch above the deck then helped Zeren in and they were offheadign away from the town and towards the sea. He didn’t speak as they flew and seemed to be back in thought as the clouds cleared and the horison began the glitter in the moonlight, the waker and waves getting closer. -02:21 Apr 19
Zeren: "We’ll live! You’ve kept us safe so far? Even with a whole ship falling apart." Granted, she helped a little with that one. But that was the best part! They could help each other. Zeren scooted to sit next to him, pointing up at the sky. "Look! Are they pretty? They look like sparkles… I didn’t get to see so many looking out my window." -02:26 Apr 19
Jarrod: "You can use them to tell where you are." he said "We use them for that all the time, there is the north star." he said pointing forwards. "As long as we keep that in fron of us we’re going north." hs tone was quiet "If you cna draw maps then you though rememebr that, the skies have maps too." he brought them lower over the sand of the beachslowing them and prepairing to land. "We’ll sleep here.. if you feel anythign strange… tell me even if you have to wake me up." -02:31 Apr 19
[Zeren enters.] -02:36 Apr 19
Zeren: "I feel where the land is… that is how I draw maps." she responded, taking another look at the sky. That meant the stars where always right there? She would remember! They were along the beach now, and before he even had the skiff landed, she was hopping out, curiously kicking at the stuff. "Are you sure I should wake you? You will need the sleep…" -02:39 Apr 19
Jarrod: "There are things more important than sleep." he said spreading a blanket over the sand and pulling out some crackers, cheese, and a can of soup and a camping stove. "And if you promise to be careful I can sleep while you fly, so long as you can read the stars by then." -02:42 Apr 19
Zeren: "I can find our way with my eyes closed. See." Closing her eyes she wandered and spun on her toes around the blanket on the sand. But that was abandoned quickly when she become more interested in the sand itself. Zeren plopped on to the edge of the blanket and dug around. "When your boat crashed and I put up the ice, the thing that you did… was that sex?" she asked suddenly, and as casually as if she were asking about the weather. -02:46 Apr 19
Jarrod: He didn’t want to think about that.. mistake.. "No… that was… that was just a kiss." he said "And it didn’t mean what sex would mean." he said . He had been watching her dance but now distrcted himself with openign the can and setting up the stove. -02:50 Apr 19
Zeren: "So kissing doesn’t take your soul? My mother said sex is just a way for men to syphon your soul away." She found a shell! Zeren brushed the sand off it to give it a closer look. "I think I like the kiss, though. So I’m glad it doesn’t steal souls. it made my heart beat strange… in a nice way! Not the scary way." -02:56 Apr 19
[(Timeout) Zeren has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate] -03:01 Apr 19
Jarrod: He looked at her a spoon hanging from his mouth. "Sesh do.." he took the spoon away. "Sex doesn’t take your sould either." he said suprised she had been told that. "Nor to men.. only mad gods." he emptied the soup into two bowls and started cutting up cheese to drop in. "And I shouldn’t have kissed you, not without you knowing what it means." -03:01 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren scooted to sit next to him, probably closer than she should have, but she was particularly interested in what he was doing and the topic of conversation. She set her claimed shell on the blanket in front of his bowl. "I see. …What does kissing mean then? It’s like a hug, yes? Because we were lucky and safe?" -03:05 Apr 19
Jarrod: "A kiss is more than a hug." he said "In the same way that sex is more than a kiss. A kiss like that.. means something close to love.. which Is why I shouldn’t have done it. -03:16 Apr 19
Zeren: "Oh." Zeren was trying to piece it together in her head, as she watched his face. A hug was for people you liked, which meant a kiss was for someone you cared for. And Zeren was happy to think he cared for her… but he shouldn’t have done it? Which left her tilting her head in confusion, still trying to understand. "You kiss me because you care about me, but you shouldn’t care about me? Or you don’t? …So I can’t ask for another one. Or could I just give you one, since I care about you. You don’t have to care back." -03:24 Apr 19
Jarrod: "I do care about you." he said, almost snapping "But its more complicated than that, we can’t be together. I’m the descendent of Ferius, another god that tried to kill Vardri but could only seal him away, you are… you are Vardri’s descendent…" -03:29 Apr 19
Zeren: That took her by surprise! Enough so that it shocked every other thought out of her head as she turned and scooted away to sit on the corner of the blanket. She was… the dark god’s descendant? Zeren didn’t want to believe it, yet… her family had always been so… There was no way it could be false. "So I am a bad person…" That seemed to hurt the most. Was that why she had never been allowed to go anywhere or do anything? Because she would be a bad person? "No one can care about me." -03:34 Apr 19
Jarrod: "You’re not a bad person." he said loudly, then his voice dropped "You’re a better person than me.." he took a spoonful of soup and then put the bowl aside "And I do care about you but … remember I said I need to find a wife and have children…" he shook his head "This is more complicated than it needs to be, thats why I shouldnt have kissed you, because I can’t care for you as much as I want to." -03:39 Apr 19
Zeren: "I’ve got bad blood and one day I’m going to hurt people." That’s what he was trying to say. Her family was evil… and worse they were the evil that was killing every village and making grendals and destroying the entire world. To care about her would go against his responsibilities, and he was already breaking rules even being nice to her… Zeren turned her back to him, hiding the fact she was tearing up and about to cry. She took a deep breath to try and keep her voice even. "I understand. I will keep helping you anyway like I promised. And you won’t have to care about me. I can leave after…" -03:47 Apr 19
Jarrod: He came up behind her and put his hadns on ehr shoulders "You decide who you are Zeren, and once he is sealed away he won’r be able to influence you. Your life is yours to do as you want." until I kill you… let her cry, she’ll be more accepting of her death. "By helping me you’re proving you’re a good person." -03:50 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them. "You don’t believe that. If you did, you’d be able to care about me." She ran her hand over the bandage on her arm. Something she didn’t even remember happening. Moments like that might happen a lot and one day she could hurt someone. Hurt him even. Why should he put himself at risk? Zeren laughed softly through the tears, brushing her arm over her cheek as she turned back around and tried to smile. "…can I have one kiss, then? I don’t have a lot of nice memories to take with me. I’d like one special thing. And I promise I won’t ever ask you again." -03:59 Apr 19
Jarrod: He looked away "I can care about you, but only after he is dead.. for good not just sealed away." he said "And that.. is not going to be easy btu its what I plan to do.." one kiss… one kiss and then … could he kill her? "One kiss.." he put his hand on her cheek and leaned on the other leaning closer "Then you will believe I care about you." -04:04 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren nodded, but by his expression she knew that he didn’t believe he could kill Vardri. That even if he cared, she couldn’t stay. "You don’t have to make promises to me, Captain. I will understand." She pressed her own hand against his. It would be sad that she’d have to leave, when she had grown so attached. -04:10 Apr 19
Jarrod: He leaned forwards without andother word and put his lips to hers the hand on her cheek sliding to the back of her neck to hold her against him. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the kill for waht it was… then slowly slide his lips against hers an dpushed them harder before he finally pulled away. -04:13 Apr 19
Zeren: Her eyes had fallen closed, and for something so simple it made her feel light headed and warm. If a kiss was something close to love, she really wanted to feel more of it! …but it was over far too quickly, and when he pulled away she looked disappointed. Zeren had to forced herself to release his hand. She had promised not to ask for another. "Thank you." she murmured with a soft, sad smile. -04:18 Apr 19
Jarrod: He handed her her soup and a spoon along with the cracks before going back to his, "If we’re both alive once this is over… there will be more of those…" he could give up now, live with her for the short time before Vardri found them.. did he have to kill her? -04:21 Apr 19
Zeren: She accepted the bowl with a sigh, crumbling the crackers in to it and stirring them around. Zeren wasn’t so sure they would be alive after, but it might have simply been her meloncholy and that near broken hearted feeling in her chest. She shrugged her shoulders in her silence, unsure of what she could say… and not sure she could trust her voice to respond without falling in to tears and making things worse. -04:29 Apr 19
Jarrod: He ate in silence, he didn’t feel like eating but needed to keep his strength up and when he was donw he put his bowl aside and waited for her, he took he bowl from her and then put his hands on her shoulders pulling her down onto the blanket. "Listen Zeren… I don’t know what you’ve been taught so.. tell me, what do you know about love?" -04:33 Apr 19
Zeren: Pulled down on the blankets, she curled up next to him on her side, resting her head on her arm. "It’s something special and strong and safe. And probably not real…" she finally admitted. It may as well have been a fairy tale. Her mother said she loved her plenty of times, but in the end… Zeren shrugged her shoulders. "I’m not sure anymore." -04:39 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Its when you care about someone so much you’re willing to do anythign for them, then you want to spend you whole life with them and when they feel the same about you. You said your heart beat funny… love feels kind of liek that." he rolled onto his back to look at the stars. "But all the time… only more when you kiss." -04:43 Apr 19
Zeren: "Like when holding your hand or playing with clouds?" If love was so simple, was that what she had the whole time? Zeren reached out to tug gentle on his sleeve. "Is it stronger than bad blood?" -04:51 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Sometimes." he said still oooking at the stars "Sometimes its only as strong as you can hold thier hand and sometimes it can survive the end of the world, and sometimes.. sometimes its strength is only surpassed but its surprise. Love is what you make of it." -04:54 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren inched closer, linking her hand with his. If love could be as strong as that, maybe he could care for her after all? If they could protect the world. She rest her face against his shoulder. "Hmm. I think when we’ve saved the world, I know what I’d like to have, then. I’ll work hard for it." -04:58 Apr 19

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