Zerospace 006: Papa In Trouble

[Tremdorias is next to someone. In a bed.] -02:48 Oct 27
[Phaedra is sleeping well for the first time in a couple of days. …and late!] -02:52 Oct 27
[Cupio is sneaking in the front door the the kids forgot to lock!] -02:54 Oct 27
Phaedra: Soooo cozy and warm and safe. Phaedra was practically draped over him. An arm, a leg, and even her tail wrapped around one of his legs. Even if he had tried to leave in the middle of the night, she may not have let him. Phaedra was still sound asleep, with no signs of waking! It seemed she really did need sleep badly. -02:56 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He still had his arms arounf her and had his eyes closed though it was questionable if he was truly asleep. He felt good in her arms and had forgotten about the plan for leaving. She was just so cozy, and there was no way to get out without waking her up! -02:59 Oct 27
Cupio: He closed the door softly and looked around. No one on the couch, interesting. Dumping his bag on it and moving quietly to the bedroom doorway and hiding behind the frame and sniffed, ears pricked. Both of thier smells, he was still in the appartment, but nothing the smelled like sex… no sounds either. -03:02 Oct 27
Phaedra: Perhaps she had good instints, because she had that twitchy feeling something was watching. Phaedra didn’t want to wake up, but paranoia was a terrible thing. She was suddenly very tense, hiding her face at his shoulder and softly jostling him just a bit. Phaedra couldn’t even seem to squeak out a noise, she was so afraid there was a demon there! -03:09 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He made a foft sound and pulled her closer with her movement and breathed a deep sigh rubbing on her back to get ehr to relax. She was nervous as hell and it was his fault. Frowning slightly he mumbled at her to sleep and relaxed. -03:13 Oct 27
Cupio: He rounded the corner and smiled. They were all snuggly and Cupio would get to gossip with Phaedra later, but for now there was things to do. "I brought clothes." he saiddumping his butt on the foot of the bed and breathing deep through his nose. He sex smell, but they were getting there and he was grinning and eyeing the two. "So who’s ready for breakfast. I brought half a bakery and those chicken pies smell divine." -03:16 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra jumped! And it was only the fact she had been too afraid to squeak that kept her from screaming. But instantly on recognition she sighed in relief. Papa was so darn sneaky! …and she was clinging to poor Tre like he was her pillow! Phaedra untangled her tail from him, and tried to sit up with at least -some- dignity. "Papa, doors are made for knocking, you know!" -03:19 Oct 27
Cupio: "They are also made for locking, you should do that next time." he dug into a paper bag and pulled out a pie for each of them and held them out. "Clothes are in the lounge angel boy. Both of you might want to shower before we go out. You can keep the whole bag as long as you need it, I’m going to stay like this!" he was trying not to burst right int the gossiping and was looking between them happily. "Oh, I also got iced coffees. Not mocha, I have things to do today. Speakign of which my night time shoot went great and I’m free until the afternoon!" -03:25 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He untangled himself from "Phaedra and sat up quickly stratening his shirt and propping a pillow up to lean against taking his pie and using nibbling a corner as an excuse not to say much. "Thank you…" the demon had clothing for him, he hoped it wasn’t like what ‘he’ was wearing, that would not go over well. Though he wouldn’t put it past Cupio. -03:26 Oct 27
Phaedra: How could she forget to lock the door…! Someone really could have snuck in so easily! Phaedra forced herself not to focus on that, though and on her Papa who was doing what he did best. Enthusiastically taking over! She broke a piece of the pie off the pastry and popped it in her mouth. "Tre can shower first, I think. Would you like to do something special today, Papa?" -03:30 Oct 27
Cupio: "Mall, then lunch." he said before taking a big bite of his pie and chewing, cheeks bulging. "I need to get you a housewarming present and an old knife and a can of mace doesn’t count." he shifted his legs fully on the bed and focused on Phaedra. After lunch I have to work, but we have all morning, what’s left of it sleepy heads." -03:35 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He listened to the plan and hoped it would go better than the previous day, speaking of which now was the perfect tiem to slip out of bed and head for the lounge. "Shower." he explained and went to look for hte bag on the couch and see what was inside. Okay these were definatly not tiny woman clothes, and in fact looked a little too big for him. He would ask Phaedra later, when it wouldn’t seem rude. If he was still around. -03:38 Oct 27
Phaedra: The room felt a little empty without him in it. That was a strange feeling! Phaedra was chewing thoughtfully before she grinned at her Papa. "Sorry… I didn’t mean to sleep late. I was having a hard time getting to sleep, and had to ask Tre to come stay in here with me. You nearly scared me to death sneaking in here!" -03:42 Oct 27
Cupio: "Yeah, I saw you two snuggling." he said srinning and his tail begining to swish from side to side. "Must have felt good, didn’t it? Warm and fuzzy and like you didn’t want to leave?" hereally wanted to know and lay down on his side in the spot just vacated to look up at his daughter. -03:45 Oct 27
Phaedra: Her face was red, and she did her best to be casual about it. Phaedra didn’t know why this was so weird for her. Maybe it was just because it was the first actual male she had been entangled with! "Well…. yes! It did! It’s not like you or Mother. Which is nice, but it’s a whole different kind of nice." -03:49 Oct 27
Cupio: "Oh, you like him. I don’t even have to smell to know that." he squealed and threw his arms around her. "I’mm so happy for you Phaedra. He’s kind and sweet and afraid. And if it doesn’t work out you’ll have learned from it. And your Papa will always be a phone call away, even if I have to fly here on my own wings." -03:55 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra hugged him, but she didn’t look near as sure about it as he was. "You move so fast! I like him, but he isn’t my boyfriend just yet. I’m not sure he’s ready for anything like that. He’s a little fragile." -04:00 Oct 27
[(Timeout) Tremdorias was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:14 Oct 27
Cupio: "But you like him, and I think he likes you. Keep him closem snuggle with him at night and some time in the future feels light try giving him a small kiss. You can do this at yout own pace." he hugged her and leaned against her. "I’m just happy my little girl is growing up, and love is one of the best feelings in the world." he kissed her cheek and let her go. "Even if it’s not love yet, it still has a chance to grow." -04:14 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra finally gave in to his whimsy. She always wanted to be level headed and smart like Mother, but her Papa was a romantic, and Phaedra really really loved that about him. "I’d love to fall in love… I want to meet someone like you did!" -04:18 Oct 27
Cupio: Oh if Phaedra knew hos they met and what followed… "You’ll do things your way. If you did what we did Jayden would murder the poor guy." he let go and leaned back pulling the bag closer and taking out creame horns for desert. "And I think you have a much better chance of falling in love than I ever did. You’ll do great." -04:25 Oct 27
Cupio: Oh if Phaedra knew hos they met and what followed… "You’ll do things your way. If you did what we did Jayden would murder the poor guy." he let go and leaned back pulling the bag closer and taking out creame horns for desert. "And I think you have a much better chance of falling in love than I ever did. You’ll do great." -04:25 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Wasn’t it easy for you? You’ve said you wanted to have sex with Mother since the moment you saw her!" Oooh, that was her favorite pastry. It was in her mouth in a heartbeat and she was licking her fingers in second. They would have to give one to Tre! He’d like them! -04:28 Oct 27
Cupio: He looked guilty. "Sex is not love Phaedra, I wasnted to have sex with yout mother but I didn’t love her. That came afterwards. I had just gotten out of hell and I didn’t even know what love was, it took Jayden to show me. But I don’t want you having sex with people who are not your boyfriend. All I’ve ever wanted is for you to have a good and happy life Phae. Which is why I got you out here, so you can be happier and live. You’re my daughter and I love you." -04:33 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Oh, Papa…" Phaedra moved to hug him tight and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I love you too! You don’t have to worry so much about me. You and Mother taught me everything important, and I’ll be just fine. I got a little wobbly there for a bit, but I can do it!" -04:37 Oct 27
Cupio: He hugged her back tight. "Better go make sure angel boy hasn’t browned himself in the shower, I’ll just check in with Jayden I promesed to call every morning buring my business trip." he leaped for the foot of the bed to dug around for his phone, there had been a few calls that he had ignored, hopefully nothing too important. -04:42 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra hoped he wouldn’t be able to drown himself in the shower. Quickly she was hopping out of bed and off to the bathroom. Without thinking to knock, despite having chided her father for it, she was bursting in to make sure Tre was still alive! -04:45 Oct 27
[Tremdorias is next to someone. In a bed.] -04:46 Oct 27
Tremdorias: The door opened adn he was only covered by a towel and drying himself off. "Phaedra!" he jumoed back and knocked a few bottles off the shelf. "You… Hi I’m just done." he traped the towel around himself covering as much as he could. "I’ll just get out your way." -04:49 Oct 27
Cupio: He dialed Jayden’s number and put the reciever to his ear. "Sorry Jay, I have a photoshoot at night and slept in a bit. Rest is wondeful after dr… dinner followed by a shoot. The pictures will be in your inbox for approval by noon. I just had breakfast and lounging in bed, getting up is hard." -04:51 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Oh! Sorry! Um…" Maybe she wasn’t entirely sorry, she was giggling nervously, and wasn’t really making any effort to look away. So this was a naked man… Phaedra stepped to the side, though she was barely getting out of the way for him. "I had the silly misconception that maybe you drowned, but… that was silly!" -04:53 Oct 27

“Oh really? So all you did was have a little rest last night?” It was easy to tell her tone over the phone. In teh background there were a lot of voices. She clearly took that call despite there being several people around. -Phaedra

Tremdorias: "Drowned?" he was frozen in place and reluctant to move. "I wouldn’t drown in a shower even if I tried. I.. just… I’ll get dressed." he slipped past ehr brushing against her as little as possible and grabbing the bag to drag into into a corner and wait for Phaedra to close and bathroom door. -05:08 Oct 27
Cupio: "I went out a little, okay? Nothing fancy just a quiet drink and then to the hotel, then to the photoshoot that lasted until past midnight." his tone was less creary and more subdued, he was in trouble, he knew already. "Jayden, are you alright?" -05:10 Oct 27
Phaedra: "I know, I wasn’t thinking." Curiosity was a very peculiar thing. He looked very nice when wet! Instead of leaving, she just turned around once she realized she was staring. "…so Papa would like to take us out for shopping and lunch. Then he has to work… I was wondering if you would come with me while I do my job hunting? I know it’s probably more practical if we split up, but I’m a little nervous about going out alone." -05:13 Oct 27

“I’m doing just fine. For a woman who has been crazy with worry over her run-away daughter. By any chance have you -seen- Phaedra lately?” Ooooh, if she were there, she would eat him alive. No amount of puppy mcboobs eyes would save him. -Phaedra

Tremdorias: "I’ll be there with you." he promised as he dried his hair and quickly started getting dressed. The clothes were a little too big but they fit alright. And the shirst were a nice fabrick. He had to roll wear shorts thought, the pants were too long! -05:16 Oct 27
Cupio: "I told you, she’s not run away Jayden." he tried to remember the cover he had used. "There was a trip with a friend from when she used to come to the office and you were in a meeting and I caid she could go. But no I haven’t seen her, I’m not even in the right city Jayden." -05:19 Oct 27
Phaedra: "Great! I bet you could apply at all the places I do anyway. So it’s not totally a bad thing." Phaedra stole a glance over her shoulder. He must have been several inches shorter than Papa… She always forgot how tall he really was when he was a girl! "Are the clothes okay?" -05:20 Oct 27

“Funny, because I have a pciture here on my desk. Of my daughter, my Cupio, and some GUY. Together.” How many ways could she punish him without killing him? Jayden had a few good ideas! -Phaedra

Tremdorias: He looked at her. "It would be fun working together, even if I have no skills, I bet I could be good with people. "Hello, how maye I help you today ma’am. I’ll get right on that, are you alright to wait five minutes? Cerainly, thank you for stopping by." he grinned. "I think I need somehting that fits better for work… but these are gread for now!" -05:23 Oct 27
Phaedra: Phaedra like when he grinned. He looked so much happier and not so lost. Now she was smiling too, and had that terrible urge to go squeeze him! "You’re realy good at that. I bet it’s going to be super easy for you to get hired somewhere. I still have a bit of money, so we can get some better fitting clothes today… it will be fun!" -05:26 Oct 27
Cupio: BUSTED! "Jayden… I… Phaedra wanted to live on her own for a little, she has a right to that if she wants, and I’m here to make sure everything works out." motormouth explaining time. "She’s not a child anymore and she can make her own choices, so what if she’s not a virgin anymore, Tre is a sweet guy and Jayden. He’s and angel, literally! And they were snuggling when I walking in on them this morning! Our little Phae and an angel snuggling!" from explain more to excited gushing mode. "Oh he smells like cinamon and pollen, and he cried when Phaedra asken if he was going to rape her. CRIED! He’s a wuss but he’s trying. Be cna’t hold hos liquor for anything too. I don’t thinks he’s ever drunk a drop before. But it he hurts on hair on Phaedra’s head I’ll be getting and angel sou;d for you to play with all you want. Everything will be fine Jayden." -05:28 Oct 27
Tremdorias: He moved to sit on the couch, by the sound of things Cupio was on the phone but was talking to fast to make out, no that he was paying attention. "It will be, but you don’t have to spend money on me, I have… Okay I don’t but… you’ve done too much for me already. You’re a good person, I think you make a better angel than me." the last like was said as if it were a joke, and maybe it was… maybe. -05:32 Oct 27

Okay. Jayden was fine with the whole grown up, living on her own bit. But then it got bad. “She’s not a WHAT anymore?!” Clearly she shouted it so loud that everyone there silenced instantly. Then she was hissing in to the phone. “She’s been gone not even a week and some asshole has gotten his hands all over my kid? Oh I hope you’re with them right now, Cupio, because when I get, I’m going to rip his little wings off and then beat the shit out of you with them.” -Phaedra

Phaedra: "How am I going to make a better angel than the real deal?" Her tail was swishing in that pleasant shipper way. Pheadra really did like him. A good night’s sleep, a nice breakfast, and a little time with her Papa was enough to have her back in top form. "You’re fussing too much! It’s a roommate’s partnership, okay? You’re doing me favors too, so it all balances out! I am not so nice." -05:36 Oct 27
Cupio: Shit.. "Virgin…? Some human took advantage of her when she was asking for directions.. and a demon broke into ehr appartment, that was before I got here but I’m here now and so is Angel Boy. And I gave Phae the rulebreakes and a can of mace. And I have that demon’s scent. If I catch wind of him I’ll tear him to peices. Literally. Just stop worrying Jayden, I’ve got this, she’ll be fine. It anything happens I’ll tell you exactly where to find us and you can bring an entire army with you. Alright?" -05:37 Oct 27
Tremdorias: "You’ve only been nive to me." he said. "I’ll pay you back, somehow, dinner out when I get money, how does that sound?" wait, did he just ask her out? "As room mates. And you Papa too is he is still around." he was wearing the proof that that demon was a man at least some of the time. "Even if it is difficult picturing him as you rfather and not your mother. It’s strange seeing demons like this, so domestic and not being demon-like at all." -05:40 Oct 27

“Fuck that. I am coming to bring her home. I was fine with whole little adventure thing, but she’s been out for DAYS. -Days- and two people have already hurt my daughter. I don’t need you to tell me where you are. I WILL find you. And then I am going to lock her in the basement, and you in the attic.” And there’s where she hung up. Jayden’s threats were more like promises than anything! -Phaedra

Phaedra: "Just wait until you meet my mother! Or um… maybe not. …well, anyway, she is very demonlike! Much more than Papa. And it’s very funny." Phaedra was rocking on her heels. She wanted to be in his space… how was she supposed to behave and not be strange about it? This was so much different from people she felt friendly with. "I would love to go out for a dinner. That sounds like a lot of fun." -05:46 Oct 27
Cupio: "Jay…" the line was dead, Jayden was pissed, he would wait a bit then try calling again. He walked into the lounge. "Angel boy, food." he handed the bag with the cream horn to Tre and turned to Phaedra. "Your mama knows, she says she’s on her way. I’ll talk to her again but you should find a job quickly so she’s less likely to drag you back home." -05:54 Oct 27

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