Princess 101 006: Secret’s Out

[Adrian Is enjoying a day off… for once, singing in his room.] -09:57 Apr 09
[Autumn is having ONE OF THOSE DAYS.] -09:59 Apr 09
Autumn: It all started with itchy contacts. After all, her eyes weren’t naturally brown, just like her hair wasn’t naturally black. The contacts were high quality since Ysabelle paid for them, so they were supposed to last her for the entire charade. All she had to do was drop them in a glass once a week with the solution to clean them. Except no one accounted for Autumn’s TOTAL CLUMBSINESS. So she called the local prescription place to put in a new order. But she couldn’t walk out the doors without someone noticing. That is when THE WORST IDEA EVER came in to play. -10:08 Apr 09 Autumn
Autumn: Autumn tied a couple sheets together and started her descent out the window. She had it all under control – until the got to the second sheet. The rooftop below was farther than she anticipated – and then her sheet started coming loose. A squeal and a fall later, Autumn was sitting up hiiiiissing about a bleeding elbow and feeling pretty stupid. Reluctantly she fumbled for her phone and dialed. "Aaahhhm… Theoretically, how far down is it from the second tower to the ground floor..?" -10:08 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: In the background a tennor voice sung in Itallian as Adrian answered the phone. "About a hundred feet, that’s… about thirty meters for your metric system." he answered walking to his window. "Why were you the bang I just heard above my head? For a princess you get in a lot fo trouble." -10:20 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "Why would I be on the roof, that’s ridiculous." It WOULD be her luck to land above his head. And blast it, it was cold out there! "I’m just curious. How many windows are on the floor above you?" Autumn climbed to her feet, wincing the whole way. She was going to have to inch her way across a ledge of something. -10:23 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "Just follow the voice of Luciano Pavarotti." he said before turning the volume up on his speaker system which he wasn’t meant to have but all the posh noncence in the world couldn’t stop money and the finer things in life. -10:32 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "But I’m not-" Blast it. There was no sense in denying it, especially since it was going to be an easy way back in. She didn’t want to explain what happened to someone else. Autumn huffed audibly over the phone before she hung up. She needed both her hands to help her balance as she crossed the roof precariously. Avoiding wet and icy spots or other roof hazards. It only took her a few moments to figure out which direction to follow. He was going to make so many people mad with that! Stepping off of the nice stable part of the roof and inching her way along a precarious ledge took longer though. Once she found the right window, she elbowed it gently with her NON bloody elbow. There was no way she was gonna turn around! -10:37 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: She was grabbed grom behind and deposited on her feet. "You should feel honored t have one of the nost iconic vocalists of the 20th century mask your footsteps on the roof." he said before turning the volume down with the remote and makign sure the door was locked. Maybe now he could get answers. "Tea?" -10:42 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn made sure her face was turned away and her hair hid her eyes until she was only solid ground. Then she dug around in to her purse to quickly slip on her sunglasses. "As much as I would love something hot, I don’t have time for tea. I am… uhm. In the middle of something." She probably should have planned her excuses a bit better. He locked the door and she rest her hands on her hips. "Everyone listens to Pavarotti here." -10:52 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "And you don’t. What do you want to listen to?" he asked taking a seat and ignoring her urgency. "And why are you wearing sunglasses indoors? Are your eyes hurt? Do you need me to close the curtains?" -10:58 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "You shouldn’t question a princess so much. What makes you think I won’t get offended and have you banished or something?" She really should leave, she needed those contacts… but now she just realized she was in HIS room. And even though her sunglasses were making it a bit difficult to see indoors, Autumn wanted to snoop. Starting with his collection of music. "Maybe they are. You should dim all the lights and stop staring at me." -11:02 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "You are not princess HERE, princess. And even if we were in your lands you are in my room where I rule the roost no matter who walks through the door." he stood again to draw the curtains closed before turning on her. "I really shouldn’t let you out of you’re unwell so whatever you’re going to get from town I’ll go." -11:16 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn was feeling sassy. Probably because her sunglasses were pretty cool and they hid her eyes, so it was easier to feel like she was keeping secrets and being super stealthy. "You’re so bossy. I am only allowing you the priveledge of my company because I’m curious about your CDs!" She even flipped her hair a bit with a griiiin when she spun back around to snoop through his shelf. Autumn lift her glasses up so she could read the titles. "I can go to town myself, but I could use a bandaid." She set her glasses on her head to check her elbow again. At least she didn’t break anything. -11:27 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: "Who has CDs anumore, my entire library is digitally stored on the cloud and synced right to my ipod, whiiich has a password and the anti-theft stuff enabled… you’re hurt. Sit downa and I’ll get iodine." -11:28 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: She had no idea what the cloud was, but it was likely something people with a great deal of money use to store all of their supervillain music files when they ran out of space on their ipods. "Iodine buuuurns. All I need is a bandaid or two! It’s not that bad." The sunglasses went back on as she turned to frown at him. Hands on her hips again. If she were SMART she’d leave, but… it was kind of nice talking to an American whom she could actually understand. "Well, am I going to get to see this ipod?" -11:37 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: He returned from with cotton wool, a bottle of disinfectant, and various other things. "It’s on the speakers… and if you’re a princess I, a lowly American commoner have to look after you, while at the same tiem being able to ignore your commands because FREEDOM." he offered her a wry smile. "Now give me your arm." -11:41 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: "No. It’s going to burn. It hurts enough by itself." As amused as she was with FREEDOM she wasn’t going to have him fussing over a few scratches with rich guy burny stuff. This is what papertowels and bandaids were for! Especially since it was kind of sweet and almost cute and he was super tall and she had FINALLY gotten to a point where she was ignoring it. Autumn retrieved the ipod and side stepped out of reach. -11:47 Apr 09 Autumn
Adrian: He folded his arms. "You’re putting on a very convincing act of being a spoiled little princess." he said giving her a look. "Almost enough to be convincing." he moved to try and corner her. "Fine I’ll just dress it, no disinfectent." -11:51 Apr 09 Adrian
Autumn: She tried side stepping again, but ended up picking the wrong direction because she could see where she was going. Autumn tumbled over the arm of a chair and plopped on the cushion. She huffed in defeat. "Okay! If you’ll stop fussing!" He was getting insistant about the ifs and almosts again, which made her nervous! If he really knew wouldn’t he have said something by now? "A princess is supposed to sound spoiled – which is not what I’m doing now, though! Taking care of myself by myself is the opposite of being spoiled." She sounded a little offended. -11:56 Apr 09 Autumn
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[Adrian ] -01:17 Apr 10
Adrian: "I didn’t mean to imply anything, princess." he said with a grin taking her arm and examining the scrape. "So how did this happen and why were you on my roof?" -01:18 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn flushed just a bit, frowning and pursing her lips. Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly, not that they could be seen behind her sunglasses. She huffed, turning her face away so she could fiddle with his ipod in her other hand. She had to push her sunglasses up again so she could read the screen. "I was climbing out of the window for a secret reason and misjudged the whole thing. Next time I’ll just stick with doors." -01:23 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Probably wise…" he commented before dabbing iodine on the wounds while she was distracted and holding the arm tightly. "You don’t want to get an infection that could lead to a scar…" speaking od scars he scanned her arm for ones that could be linked to anyone as he covered the wound in gause and then wrapped it up neatly in a bandage before she could react. -01:25 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: She winced and hissed a bit at him, jerking her arm away proved to be futile so she settled for glaring. It was over quick, though, so there wasn’t much reason to make too much of a fuss about it. He was still getting glared at though, that stung! "Are you always so stubborn and bossy? You must have been a terror to your mother." -01:31 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "You can’t rule an elpire of money and business without being stubborn, bossy, and one hundred percent curtain of what you want." he said with a smile as he lift her to her perusal of his music which featured all the popular tracks as well as a get specialized colelctions. "And I was more of a terror to my father." -01:45 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn checked his handywork on her elbow once he was up. Moving was a little stiff now in more than just her arm. She was going to be hurting bad and sore like hell tomorrow. Her stiffness was the only reason she stayed in the chair and settled on flipping through his music library. Not because she liked when he smiled, and it was hard to get him to do that. And now that he wasn’t in her space, it was easy to forget she left her sunglasses on the top of her head. "Have you even listened to all this music? Oh..!!" She found her favorite Sia. "It took me three months to get this right on violin." -01:53 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Every track, the ones I don’t enjoy get deleted." he reached for a pitcher to pour her a flass of water and place it next to her before sitting and lacing his fingers together. "Soyou’ll be wanting a lift into town? Guess that means it’s time to give you my present." -02:00 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Since you’re determined to bully your way in to my escapades, you could take me to town." she said slowly, peering over his ipad to narrow her eyes at him again. Every time he laced his fingers together he looked like he was plotting something wicked. Which was probably true since she still thought his dad might be a mobster. "Why a present? What sort of present?" -02:04 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "It’s cold up here and the back of the bike is windy so I got you some biking leathers. Just a jacket but it will protect you of you come off. Proper leathers are built like armor." he stood and stepped over to his cupboard and opened it to take out a baby blue backet in her size, custom made by the looks of it and he wasn’t lyign about it being built like armor with inserts under the tough leather. -02:24 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "If you want to put someone on your bike, you shouldn’t tell them about the potentially falling off part." Her face was going red again. WHY and WHERE was he getting something so finely made, and worse, fitting so well. Did this mean he had been plotting to take her places on a regular basis? And she really liked it, so it was hard to hide that giddy bouncy expression. Especially when she was standing up to check out how it looked in the mirror. "This is pretty!!" -02:30 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "If they’re aware of the posibility they’ll be careful. Wieght distribition is important and if they’re wriggling around on the back it makes the entire bike unstable and hard to drive. I’d also feet very very very bad if you got hurt because of me." She belonged ehre even less than he did after all. -02:40 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Staaaahp." Oh gods…! She hand to clamp her hand over HIS mouth. First of all, his explination on how one ride could go horribly wrong was NOT helping. She’d over think it and they’d both go careening to their deaths somehow because she threw them off balance or something. Secondly, he said very one too many times and it was sweet and embarassing and at this rate she was going to have a crush on him and that was the wooooorst possible thing to happened next to getting her head chopped off for being a princess impersonator. "If you want me on the bike, don’t say scary things. Okay?" -02:45 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "If you hold on tight and relax then we’ll be fine. Your wieght will be next to mine and you’ll be able to follow my movements. I’ll have to wear good colongue." It was hard to tell how serious he was being as he took hold of the jacket and pulled the zipper all the way up. "Also got a spare helmet, tinted and polorized visor so you won’t need your…" he looked into her eyes and then in the low light of the room squinted, his forehead creasing. Were they… -02:55 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Hold on tight to mister super tall, enough to smell his cologne even. WHY did he have to zip up her jacket for her! That was such an intimdate chick about to get kissed moment, and she was probably already rocking on her heels and giving him the big green-eyed wistful stare of- Crap! Autumn very quickly broke away and tugged her sunglasses back on. Stupid stupid stupid!! "Uhm… we better go before everything in town is closed." -03:02 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: Also fromt he cupboard he pulled out a box, hooked it under his arm and went to unlock the door. "Then off we go, in the meantime you can tell me why no one knows you can play the violin." -03:17 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Urp. She let too much slip out again. Autumn considered cracking him over the head and running for it. He always asked too many questions and if he noticed… She shuffled on her feet, but followed. "Aaahm… People can’t know everything there is to know about someone right? I can play a lot of instruments. Can’t you do things no one else knows about? Besides being the Prince of a tiny private island?" -03:24 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: He laughed. "That is well known, one of my dad less… legal moves… cause quite a stir. I ca sing, but that isn’t a secret. I can solve a rubix cube in under two minutes… I can pilot a plane… sail a yatch… sneak just about anything in or out of the accademy…" -03:29 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "So you are a super-genius who is the son of a super-villain who is now smuggling a princess out of a castle." He laughed and it was too easy to forget she was supposed to be CAREFUL around him. This was exactly why she didn’t want to ask him for favors and tried climbing out a window earlier! Autumn very briefly debated if she should just tell him and hope for the best. -03:35 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "HA! Super genius yes, sone of a super villain… debaitable. Never did put lasers on sharks so until he does that it’s a grey area." he went through the kitchens into the grounds and made for the shed where they coulf get through the fence to where his bike was hidden. "And I only smuggle willing people, princess ot not. And I don’t do cross border runs unless you have your passport." -03:50 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Shark lasers. Now she was giggling. "I’ll keep that in mind if I have to flee the country." It was silly that they were grown adults having to sneak out just to go to town. The life of the rich and royal was weird – but fun. At least when it didn’t involved falling out a window. Squeezing through a fence was easier. "Adrian, why did you ever come to a place like this if you were going to break it’s rules all the time?" After getting an earful of Ysabelle’s reputation, the princess was the same type. Autumn was curious! -03:55 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "I’m not here to follow the rules, just learn them. I’m not really a prince but I want to know how they think. The really simple explanation is I want to make a star. Take some girl with tallent, pay for any trainign that would benefit her, record a few albums, get the hype train going and on its coat tails my dad’s company will get a foothold in the European markets, or that is my plan. But to get anywhere in europe you need to be able to deal with its royalty… so here I am." -04:00 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Well, yeah, but that only explains your intentions. Not why you’re so…" You was the only word that wanted to come to mind. Autumn ended up just laughing. "It’s ambitious, but what if that backfires? What if you end up with a girl that is a crazy diva and turns on you and your company? Or if everyone finds out your plot and bans you from their countries!" -04:09 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "One, ambition is the lifeblood of greatness, two if she turns then we’re down some money but our name will still be out there and we can always get another and three, it’s not a plot, it’s a marketing stratergy and every company in the world has those. It’s not like we’re doign anythign illegal or what anyone else would if they had my brain, and my resources. It’s sound bussiness, not evil plot." -04:25 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "You people really have no idea how these grand ideas all seem like evil plots to a normal person. There’s so much to keep track of." She found it amusing how he insistent he was on it not being a plot. She bet this was how politics worked too. -04:32 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Well what defines an evil plot? An extremely driven man doign everything in his power to get what they want. Bussiness is the same only we follow laws and no one gets hurt… most of the time but we always try to re-hire people who lose thier jobs due to buy-outs or at least give them a nice package and a healthy bonus. Hell there’s even a bar that was started with one of those bonuses and the owner gives me free drinks. If you’re ever in South Asia…" he wheeled the bike out of the shed and opened the box to hold out a brand new helmet before putting on his own and mounting. -04:41 Apr 10 Adrian
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[Autumn has a big problem now. And it’s not just getting caught and beheaded by an angry King and Queen.] -09:23 Apr 10
[Adrian has no problems, other then LIKING this obvious imposter.] -09:29 Apr 10
Autumn: Spazzing over the fact her got her a jacket and helmet just her size was enough to keep her from overthinking the ride itself. Though there was that one sharp turn that had her digging her nails in to him as she held on. She LIKED the ride. She didn’t like the cliffs. Autumn had enough of falling off stuff for one day. When they were stopped and parked in town she pulled off her helmet quick so she could shove her sunglasses back on. And leaaaaaned. Why did he have to mention his cologne. Now she couldn’t NOT smell it. -09:30 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: He dismounted and stretched before pulling off his helmet and sjakign out his hair as he hung the hempet up on the handlebars and unzipped his jacket. "So where do you need to go, your highness? And where do you want to have lunch? There’s a great cafe a couple blocks over." -09:36 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn handed her helmet over to him and at least TRIED to keep a stern face. She was not going to like him. She was Ysabelle, sassy princess, not Autumn the future Accountant. "I’M going on my SECRET trip that you are not invited to. …It will only take a few minutes though, so maaaaaybe I could have lunch." -09:40 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "State secrets? Oh my… whatever sensitice communications a princess would recieve. Unless that’s that code for lady things then I’ll be right here, leaning against my bike. THinkign about the riiich Swiss hot chocolate I’ll soon be enjoying." -09:48 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Swiss hot chocolate?" REAL Swiss hot chocolate in the Swiss Alps. That stuff was so goooood. Autumn scowled at him again, resting one hand on her hip and using the other to point a finger at him. "It better be really good chocolate. I’ll be right back, okay?" -09:51 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "I grew up a BILLIONare and it’s the best I have ever had, just to put it into perspective." he called back before waving. "Don’t be too long it’s cold out here." -10:01 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "You can’t brag to a PRINCESS, Adrian!" she shouted, walking backwards and trying not to laugh about the whole thing. Thankfully almost dripping did the trick. Autumn skittered away quickly down the street! At least now she had a good idea of the town’s layout thanks to a good study of Google maps. It only took a few minutes to find the Optometrist where her prescription was waiting. And a few minutes more to get her new contacts. She paused on the sidewalk when her phone rang. "Hiiii!" [color=roseybrown]You sound distressed.[/color] laughed the voice on the other end. Autumn started walking. "Ysa, you have NO idea." -10:09 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Who’s bragging, I’ve just had some really good chocoalte in my time…" he muttered to himself with a shrug. "Dammit.. she still has my iPod." -10:11 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: You have left me twenty seven messages in the past week. None of which make any sense. Autumn gave a heavy sigh and stopped on the sidewalk. One hand in her pocket fidgiting with it’s contents until she finally just pulled out the accidentally-stolen ipod to flip through while she tried to explain. "This is HARD. The studying is okay, but you forgot to tell me you were some kind of hell demon. Some dickweasel Lord Douchefellow tried to molest me, and Adrian Rubrum is so freaking TALL." The voice laughed. Ah, the one you like. Do not fret over him, sweet. That family is dangerous, but only to their enemy. "He bought me a jacket and it’s really, really cute. I’m starting to feel bad for lying to him. When are you coming back, Ysabelle?" I do not know. I promise you will be fine. -10:29 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: There was a throat cleared from behind Autumn as the ‘tall one’ stood waiting. "Came to make sure you weren’t lost. Had nothign better to do since you have my ipod." he held up two cups filled with not the anticipated hot chocolate but hot tea to keep them warm until they got to the cafe. -10:43 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: She stiffened. "I have to go." Autumn stiffened, hung up, and slipped the phone in to her pocket. She slooooowly turned around, dropping her sunglasses back on her head. "You don’t know how to be still somewhere do you!" She wanted to ask how much he heard. Should she dare?! -10:45 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: He sat down on a bench to sip his tea , his phone being palced down with a map with the location of his ipod visible. "I took care of lord Douchefellow, by the way. If he makes a single move his entire family will be up for treaton or more likely they’ll throw him to the wolves and he’ll be up for treaton. Not sure if they have the death penalty there or not but I hope not for his sake." there was a smile on his lips ashe held out her tea. "It’s roiboss." -10:50 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: So he heard a lot. A LOT. Like… ALL OF IT. Autumn took the tea and stood there, looking like a puppy that was most definitely in trouble! "And now what are you going to do?" she asked sloooowly. She refused to sit down just in case she had to run for it! -10:55 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Nothing." he said. "If you’re refering to you just havign been on a phone call with yourself since I already knew. I’m not here to bust you after all so why should I worry about something as silly as a princess with a stunt double?" -10:59 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Uuuuggh! I knew you already knew!" Autumn kicked his shin, though not with any real force behind it. "Why did you keep letting me fumble around like an idiot?! Do you have aaaaany idea how hard it is to be Ysabelle?!" -11:07 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Because I didn’t know how you would react if you knew I knew and if you knew I knew you might give up on trying to fool the others which would be bad. But now that you’re not a princess can I brag to you?" he shook her mug at her. "My arm is getting tired you know." -11:10 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: Snatch! With the mug in her hands, she held it like a shield and sipped. At least now she could tip her sunglasses back on top of her head. Autumn glared at him properly. "I should give up. I’m obviously not fooling anyone. …and no, you CAN’T brag!" She hugged, finally moving to plop on the bench next to him. "When did you know?" -11:13 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "I wasn’t lying when I said I’d met Ysabelle before, and something seemed off… so quick google image search vevealed you have fuller cheeks and a shorter, more upswept nose than her German features. Close but no cigar." he sipped his tea, both hands around the mug. "You also have even less idea of etiquet than I do, impossible if you grew up a blue blooded european even if a rebellious one. You play the part well but to someone used to watching and studying people… Well.. I still don’t know who you are but I do know you are probably American, rural or small town upbringing and you move to perform but are too shy to do it in front of anyone. Unsupportive parents or traumatic school experience… Pity… you might be just what I need." -11:29 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Look at your with your smart man learnings." Well, at least now she didn’t have to pretend to speak fancy. Or use and accent… that… she kind of forgot to use most of the time, now that she had just spoken to Ysa and got a reminder. She huffed again. "My name is Autumn and I’m from Kansas. And I’m fine performing. It’s just singing I can’t do. I still think your star idea is silly." -11:35 Apr 10 Autumn
Adrian: "Nothing silly about makign someone’s dream come true." he said looking out over the mountian town. "Neing able to justify it to the board as part of a marketing campiegn is just a bonus… though I will be honest I did think of it as a marketing scheme." -11:40 Apr 10 Adrian
Autumn: "See, you wanted to start it off just for your evil super villain world domination plot. You weren’t thinking about some girl who wishes she could be on stage creating amazing art. Luckily you are crazy ambitious so I am pretty sure you’re going to make work anyway." Another sip of tea and she relaxed next to him. Occasionally casting a curious side glance. It was really, really, really nice finally getting to talk to someone and not having to pretend she was someone else. -11:48 Apr 10 Autumn
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[Autumn ] -12:52 Apr 11
Adrian: "I can do anything I want, I don’t know what it’s like to not be able to follow my dreams but I know others do… I never want to know what that’s like and I want to show at least one person what being able to achieve thier dreams is like. I try not to be a spoiled rich kid all the time you know even though I was for a long time…" -12:54 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "Were you a spoiled brat?" this piqued her curiosity because she couldn’t see him being bratty. …Then again, he was stubborn, and insistant, and didn’t take no for an answer, and always got his way and… Autumn laughed! "You are a lot like Ysabelle. She talks like this too. Which is why I’m here… She gets to chase her destiny, and when she is back she’s paying for my tour of Europe." -01:02 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: He raised an eyebrow at her. "Destiny? That’s nothing like me at all. I don’t believe in destiny, just in ambition and means. I, having both, get to shape the world while you tour it." he tossed his cup into a nearby trash can. "Now why is me being tall a problem ont he same level as a sceming lordling?" -01:09 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn choked on her tea. Coughing and having to lean forward while her face turned red. She forgot about that part of the conversation. Thank goodness he didn’t hear Ysabelle’s side. "Because you ARE tall and it’s distracting because you’re waaaay up there." she excused as lightly as possible. "You’re also bossy and ask too many questions but I didn’t have a chance to complain about that because you’re a snoop too." -01:13 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "I just think you like me, people don’t coo over jackets like that inless they like the person giving it to them especially when they mention thier tallness in the same breath." he stood and rolled his shoulders. "So, lunch?" -01:16 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: She also stood, drinking the last of her tea and tossing it away. Her back was super straight and she even straightened her jacket with a sharp tug. Getting the redness in her face under control was impossible, but not that she didn’t have to pretend she was Ysabelle, at least she could say what she wanted to say! "And you bought it for me, so I think if someone is liking someone else, that someone shouldn’t be pointing fingers at the other someone." Ha! She looked pleased with herself. "I’m definitely ready for lunch. If you would have told me you knew my secret earlier I wouldn’t of had to climb out that window." -01:23 Apr 11 Autumn
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[Autumn ] -01:56 Apr 11
Adrian: "So you’re going to argue and complain instead of just admitting it. "Guess I have to see how lunch goes then before askign you out." -02:03 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: Asking her out? Well there went her sass. Now she was completely flustered and she couldn’t hide behind the guise of an uninterested spoiled princess monster. "Wel- …hmmn. You-. Ppphhh." So tall, so cruel. How could she be both smitten and mad at the same time. "I don’t know what to do with you…!" she finally squeaked out. Autumn WASN’T a princess. What was normal her supposed to say with mobster-son billionaire! -02:10 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: He walked along whisteling to himself until they got to the edge of town where the valler sctretched out before them, green and whits and shinign in the miday sun, the perfect place for a cafe. "I think seats by the window, where we can see but still be in the heated interior. What do you think, Autumn?" -02:22 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "I think it’s strange hearing my name out loud for the first time in weeks." she admitted. During the walk she was able to simmer down. At least when she wasn’t getting a whif of his cologne. THAT again. Now she was trying to think of how to behave, and also knowing she was over thinking it. "Warm is better. I think I probably shattered half my bones." -02:26 Apr 11 Autumn
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[Adrian takes a seat at an intimate two person tabel with the best view of the snowy valley] -11:06 Apr 11
[Autumn still sits down like she is a well bred little princess. Apparently that is one thing she didn’t have to fake. The views here were so pretty!] -11:08 Apr 11
Adrian: He ordered their hot drinks in Swiss, he wasn’t fluent but he had made sure to study the language before coming. "I can imagine, if you started using my surname I’d find it strange. It always makes me think of my dad instead of me." he folded his hands on the table and looked out over the mountains. Suprised you havn’t heard of him at least once being american. Don’t watch bussiness news I suppose?" -11:11 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "Us non rich people have other kind of stuff to worry about." Autumn kept her gaze mostly towards the mountains, but she couldn’t help but sneak a glance here and there. "Though I guess that is not really it, I just didn’t watch a lot of news. I bulldozed my way through school so I could be eligible for scholorships and when I wasn’t doing that, I was at band practice or events." -11:14 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "So you had a pashion, sounds nice… bussiness is what was always expected of me. Taking over after dad retires and I have the right kind of brain for it so why not? I’d certainly do a better job of it than either of the twins. My younger siblings… I wouldn’t put then in charge of a frozen banana stand. Because they’re outsource the labour and spend the day doing other things… Smart… but not focused." -11:19 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "I guess passion. I’m not exactly going to college for what I want to be doing, but I don’t have much choice in the matter." She rest her chin in her hands, all her focus now on examining him. "Touring Europe is the last me thing I get to do before college. You’re lucky." -11:27 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "And why arn’t you goign to college and spending your life doign what you want?" he asked turning to look at her and leaning forwards. "And if you could got to college for anything, what would it be? For yourself is nothign else mattered. I… would probably continue down the path Leslie put me on." -11:32 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "I’d write songs and sell them to artists so I could pay for music studies. Instruments, tools, further education, stuff like that. And then I think I would play as someone’s backup band on tours. And after that when I am too old to play, I’d be a music teacher. My mom thinks that’s all a waste of time though cause it’s risky and doesn’t pay well." Autumn griiiiiinned wide. She could finally talk about REAL things now. "Who is Leslie? Your nanny?" -11:39 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "Oh.. sorry, I tend to call my parents by thier first names." he said, blushing slightly. "Leslie is my mom." he lifted and hand from the table to wipe his lips free of the embarresment and cleared his throat. Maybe Ill show you what she inspired me to learn sometime…" -11:44 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: When he was not hunting her secrets like some sort of evil superspy he was so relaxed and cuuuuute. And now he was blushing and Autumn was smiling even wider and she forgot she was supposed to be keeping herself in check. "You haven’t told me WHAT she got you in to. Would it have anything to do with being a relentess investigator?" -11:50 Apr 11 Autumn
Adrian: "Because it’s best domonstrated and not told… so I’ll take you somewhere after we’ve ahd much and show you. And being a relentless investigator is because if you want to get what you want you have to know everything there is to know. Not that I relentlessly stalk girls I like… never been much time for that until I got stuck up a mountain with a much of self-important foriegners." -11:54 Apr 11 Adrian
Autumn: "That is your own fault, though. Thinking getting friendly with a bunch of royal types would be helpful." Girls he liiiiikes. There was that twinge of red to her face again, so she made a fuss of turning to look out the window again while brushing her hair down with her fingers to hide her face a bit. "It’s been frustrating being Ysabelle. I can see why she didn’t want to go. And since I’m not fooling anybody I’m not sure I should go back." -12:02 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "You should. If you leave now I’ll have to pay for your tour and that would put a serious dent in my budget for this trip." he said leaning back as their chocoalte arived. "YOu never did tell me what you thought of my taste in music…" -12:05 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn laughed! "I worked weekends and summers for four years to pay for my OWN tour. It just wouldn’t be as many places and Ysabelle promised." Her hands immediately went for the chocolate and she brought it up to her mouth for a sip. Her reward was a singed tongue and a quiet hiss. But so SO worth it. Autumn blew softly on the mugs contents. "Ignoring some of the pretentious stuff that you’re probably obligated to like, you have an ear for the good ones! Pop is my favorite and people undervalue the power of the lyrics and the sound just because some stars are insane." -12:14 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "I find most people are insane given half the chance…" he commented dryly. "Money, fame, and power, do things to people who don’t know how to handle it. Which is why I have to be extra careful about who I choose to elevate, they ahve to be charming, atractive, tallented, but also headstrong enough to not lose themselves to the stardom. That is the difficult part, especially if personal feelings start getting in the way." -12:19 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "Hmm." She gave him a quick examining look and took a safer, not-so-hot sip of her chocolate. It tasted a lot better when it wasn’t burning her tastebuds off. "I’m kinda glad to know that you’re thinking about it that much. Not just the consequences of your wicked-plot, but the person you pick and how it’s going to affect them. You’re not a careless asshole. Whiiiiiich means I’ll be happy to tell your star some songs!" she grinned cheekily. -12:24 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Oh I hope you’ll be geving them most of thier songs." he said mysteriously. "And I’ll pay you well for them, I can operate at a loss at first after all and if you get me a few examples of your work I’ll be more than happy to give you a quote." tis was starting to sound like a business meeting which made him uncomfortable. "But we can go over all this when we’re back, I want to know about the girl who has the entire European elite fooled. -12:27 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "I don’t have anyone fooled and you knoooow it." she huffed, sitting down her mug. Half of it was gone already and she wanted to make it last longer. "I feel bad about lying… I’m not really good at it? So, you can ask me anything you want and I’ll tell you! …within reason." she squinted at him. Just in case he thought to ask something really weird. -12:30 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Your full name." he said immidiately. "And where you’re from. I am Adrian Dominic Rubrum, I gres up outside New York in a small 3 bedroom place and NOT a huge mansion." -12:34 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: He knew what he was after and Autumn expected no less. She was grinning again. "A boring old normal house, huh? Whose idea was THAT?" Her fingers tapped lightly on the table, almost like she was playing chords. "Autumn Marie MacGowan. I’m from Olathe, Kansas and grew up in the same house my mom grew up in. I haven’t seen my dad since I was a kid, but I get post cards sometimes." -12:40 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Leslie’s idea, but the house Damion grew up in. She didn’t want us growing up in the city penthouse even if it was closer to schools, work, everything. Before they moved there it was just sittign vacant, Damion didn’t want to live there but didn’t want to sell it either. Memories are strange things." He made a note of her name and reached for take his first sip of chocolate, leaving a measure of brown foam on his lip. "Sorry to hear you dad left." -12:47 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "I don’t blame him, my mom’s kind of a nightmare." She bit her tongue, trying not to giggle at his new almost mustache. Autumn couldn’t resist and had to brush it off his mouth with her thumb. There was no way she could talk to him seriously like that. "Coming here was kinda like me running away, just… I guess I am too responsible to do something crazy? Er… well.. except for meeting Ysabelle and this switching thing. I’m not really sure how she managed to talk me in to it." -12:51 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: Princess are 90% charm 10% everythingn else, that is what they teach them here and at home. They can talk i into or out of anything. It’s how they’re still around when democracy is the norm. It’s also how I was taught so watch out." he wiggles his lip once the moustace was removed and gave her a look. "You going to do that every time i take a sip? -01:12 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: She cast him a toothy grin. "Only if you’re going to get it all over your face everytime? I thought fancy business men with fancy manners knew how to sip their chocolate in public." Autumn was smiling at him way too much. She tried to simmer that down, and reached from her own mug to take a sip again. -01:15 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Fancy business men carry napkins." he said sticking his tongue out at her. "And you havn;t ordered food yet, I am going to go for alplermagronen, I belive here they serve it similar to maceroni cheese only slightly different ingredients. Also do you want a refil?" -01:22 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn was trying to mouth the foreign word but there was no way she could hit it. She finally just nodded quickly. "Yes! I’d love another one, and the fancy Swiss mac and cheese." The rest of her chocolate was gone in one last big swallow so she could make room for more. Then her fingers her were tap tapping chords on the table again as she bounced gently in her seat. "So where are you taking me after lunch?" -01:34 Apr 12 Autumn
Adrian: "Somewhere special I fould during my first week here." he said. "If you know anythign about me it’s tha I don’t give anythign away until I am ready to. So we are plitting an order of maceroni and somethign else?" -01:42 Apr 12 Adrian
Autumn: "Yeeees. You make the order and I will praise or complain after the taste test! And if it’s satisfactory I’ll let you sneak me out for dinner too." She shouldn’t have said that, but… it would be nice. Cute cafe in another country with a guy so tall and smelling really nice and- She was in so much trouble. -01:52 Apr 12 Autumn
[Autumn acquired what she needed, her secret was revealed… now she is having a lunch that almost feels like a date and she is trying really hard not to let her crushing get control of the situation!] -10:21 Apr 21
[Adrian is stiring his secong mug og hot chocolate and grinning to himself.] -10:22 Apr 21
Adrian: "Or i could get pizza delivered via drone to my window, when was the alst time you had pizza?" he gave her a questioning look. "Real itallian pizza, an inch thick, dripping with mozarella, olives, and anythign else you want piping hot and ready to eat. If you trust me enough to eat in my room. Just tell me what you want to drink in advance." -10:39 Apr 21 Adrian
Autumn: "You can get a pizza drone?" she commented with awe… and a little bit of disbelief. Crushes were even harder to contain when one was no longer pretending to be someone else. Especially when that someone knew how to manipulate her love for treats. He was definitely a mobster’s son. "I trust you and your room. I don’t know why seeing as me jumping out a window was indirectly your fault. But you DID help with that jerklord so I will forgive you." Autumn pretended like the window incident wasn’t entirely her own fault. -10:46 Apr 21 Autumn
Adrian: "Yeah, I totally pushed you out that window." he teased "Because you wouldn’t be my pop star." he raised his mug and took a sip. "Looks like our food is coming…" -11:19 Apr 21 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn was very curious to try swiss style mac and cheese. And she wasn’t disappointed when they received their plates and she took the first quick bite. AGAIN scalding her tongue but… worth it! She squirmed happily in her seat, casting Adrian a big grin. "I can help you find your pop star though! Now that we’re co-conspirators of a royal conspiracy." She took another bite, then paused giving him a sly examining look. "Your-Leslie mom got you in to music I bet. That’s why your world domination starts there." -11:25 Apr 21 Autumn
Adrian: He frowned. "World domination? Hardly… just Europe… really I could retire tomorrow and live comfortably but I have no idea what I would do with myself and… I am expected to take over the bussiness sooner rather than later. Damion isn’t getting any younger and Leslie wants him to herself…" -11:54 Apr 21 Adrian
Autumn: "Hmm. We could switch places. You can go to college for me, and I will try to take over Europe. I’m already in the place-switching business now anyway. We’d just have to get you a good wig and some eyeliner." He was cute when he frowned too, which had her grinning stupidly. Autumn hid it behind her hand and tried to focus on her plate. "I like that you’re trying to take over your way, though. The pop idea is crazy, but it’s fun." -11:58 Apr 21 Autumn
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[Autumn ] -12:59 Apr 22
Adrian: "If you’re going to do somethign crazy may as well do it crazily…" he said dryly before squewering maceroni on his fork and sliding it into his mouth. What’s the point of living life by half measures or by anyone else’s rules. Not like we get another chance to make it count and really… I just want to see if it’ll work. Take someone with tallent but no opotunity and give them the opotunity they need and see if they can make the most of it and live their life free on other’s wants or needs… other than what’s in the contract of course but I’m still hammering out the details of that with my lawyers and marketing advisors, and then it will need to go through the star herself." -01:04 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "I guess when I sweet talk you in to buying my lyrics or letting me come on tour as your pianist I am going to have to talk to your mob lawyers too." Autumn held back a giggle. It was fun to daydream about, even if she knew in reality it wouldn’t be practical or likely. "I’m kinda glad you know my secret now. We can talk about music and I can drag you with me to the music room to test listen to some of my compositions." -01:11 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Everything goes through the lawyers, they tend to get upset if I bypass them since one step out of line and there are dozens of people just itchign to sue me and my healthy bank account into next week." he explained. "But I would love a free sample of your work, music room after we finish here it is since you can also see my hobby I said I’d show you there." -01:18 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "Ah HA! I knew your hobby had something to do with music." she visibly preened. Maybe she came across the info by accident, but it was still a win for her. And it was nice to share something in common with a guy who lived in a completey different sort of world. "Lemme guess, you also play piano? Classical only? Hmm… Maaaaybe violin." -01:21 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "More along the lines of a wind." he said with a smile, the hing being technically true but a red herring nonetheless. "You are on the right track with the classical part though though I have been divercifying my repertoire on my own. Desert?" -01:39 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn shook her head, grinning as she picked up her mug to drink the last of her chocolate. "No. Chocolate is enough and curiosity is impossible to fight." Her head tilted as she ran over wind instruments in her head. "You don’t seem like a sax person, or flute…" -01:43 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "oh I can be very saxy if I try." he said with an exagerated wink. "Sorry… I’ve been sitting on that one since I was around 16…" he cleared sigh throat with a cough and turned his head, slifgtly embarresed he ahd said it. "So… finish up and head off?" -01:46 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn stared at him a bit, still surprised he had even made such a terrible joke. Finally she just burst out in to hysterical laughter. It was his expression that did her in. And now that she had no walls of pretense up, she just couldn’t help herself. "Adrian… you had better material when I was a princess!" she smiiiirked, but nodded. It only took a few quick bites and a swallow, and she was ready to go. -01:49 Apr 22 Autumn
[(Timeout) Autumn has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -02:27 Apr 22
Adrian: He left behind a tip along with their bill and pocketed themints before heading for the door. -02:27 Apr 22 Adrian
[Autumn ] -02:28 Apr 22
Autumn: Autumn was getting used to his motorcycle, and probably hung on tighter than she needed to. It was his own damn fault for smelling so good. Sneaking back in was a piece of cake, and since she was more interested in finding out what HE could do than keeping her own secret, she completely forgot to drop by her room so she could put in her new color contacts.Once reaching the music room she peered in to make sure no one was already occupying it, then waltzed through the doors. Now that she wasn’t pretending, she was much more relaxed but there were still some ‘princessy’ traits that were definitely real her. The way she walked as if she owned everything in the room, and the way she moved and touched and fussed things out of her way. Fumbling seemed to be something she only did while nervous. Autumn pulled off her jacket and set her bag down on a chair, then bounced to the center of the room. "Okay, TELL ME! What is your secret instrument? Oboe? French Horn? Trumpet? Didgeridoo?" -02:36 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: She smiled mysteriously as he opened his jacket, keeping it on and climbed onto the stage, hands clasped behind his back and turning towards her. "For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies, For the love which from our birth…" he warmed up, singing a few bars in a steadily rising volume. "Hmm… little out of practice…" -03:04 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "So you sing!" she exclaimed, not knowing how to feel about this. Autumn had heard him once before when he somehow charmed HER in to doing it. But this was classy. She wanted to giggle. Not because he was terrible but because for some reason this just made him a million times cuter. "Oooohh, this is good. You need music." Autumn scooted over to the piano quickly, testing a few of the keys and flexing her fingers. -03:11 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Well then we need to agree to a song or it will be a mess and I am no good at improvising… I’m NOT the songwriter here." he cleared his throat and squared himself. "So what do you have im mind… a duet?" -03:19 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "That’s a nice try." she scolded, clucking her tongue at him. "Getting me to sing the first time was a fluke, and you snuck in on me. There’s nothing for me to hide behind here." She tilted her head, bobbing it a bit to an unhead tune. Autumn started playing the song she heard from his window before he had let her in. -03:23 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Your singing voice is captivating, you can’t blame me for wanting to hear it again." he remarked giving a dismissive gesture. "With training and practice you could be great and forge yourself a denstiny as the exact kind of person I need in the spotlight no matter what your sensibilities or parents say. Parents sually change thier tune fairely quickly in the face of success and rich corporate backers." -03:26 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: He did it again. Those slip in compliments that sent her face burning red. Her fingers fumbled on the keys but she masked it very quickly by switching to another Pavarotti song. "You exagerate. …and even if you weren’t you don’t understand how hard it is?" Autumn rolled her eyes as she took a deep breath. "It’s like… I stand there, staring blankly in to space and my empties out and I can’t BREATHE. And THEN it’s just a matter of what happens first. Throwing up or passing out. But I am GOOD at THIS. I can play a piano, and guitar, and drums and violin, and anything else you give me. As long as I don’t have to open my mouth." She was clearly frustrated by it. But determined that it was an unavoidable truth. -03:32 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "You’re also GOOD at singing, I’ve heard it. You’ve just forgotten to sing like you’re the only one in the room when you’re not. That’s what I do… and when you’re been pushed in front of your grandparents by your proud mother like a prize pig to sing you learn how. It’s like a littl moment of private perfection when there’ only your soul and your sound in the entire universe." -03:36 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "And I suppose you think you can teach someone this." she muttered with amusement. He thought he could do anything. Autumn thought that was both wonderful and ridiculous and arrogant and great. She sighed. Crushes made her want to do stupid, stupid things, like believe crazy tall boys when they said something was possible. "….well you can’t stand over there staring at me, that’s just weird. You’ll have to sit over here. AND sing too." -03:43 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "I have professional trianers whom can teach anyone anything." he said stepping off of the stage and walking voer to sit next to the piano. "Who love thier art more than most and to whom you robbing the rold of your obvious tallent would be a crime." he tilting his head and folded his arms. "As it is to me." -04:05 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: This time she managed to not slip the keys, but her face was even redder and she was biting in to her tongue to keep from shouting stop that! "I don’t want to deal with professional trainers. It’s awkward…" Why was she even considering this? It was crazy and just going to go nowhere! She stopped playing to peer at him, still dubious about the whole thing. "A duet song? What do you like?" -04:11 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "They’re just like any other teachers." he said with a shrug. "Give it a trial run, you owe yourself that much and if that doesn’t work out you still haev the writing contract to look forwards to. Nothign wrong with a private tryout after… two months training? You’ll be paid for your time of course." he was relentless, just like his father. -04:16 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "Oh it’s fine, outside of throwing up on strangers." she mused. He was stubborn and maybe she should have been annoyed by it, but it just made her laugh. "Okaaaaay. But you have to work this around my tour of Europe and it has to be done before college in the fall. Otherwise you’ll have to explain to my mother why I’m not going." -04:25 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Hello, ma’am? Yes, sorry to tell you but your daughter isn’t going to college because i’m going to make her a rich famous celebity. Awefully sorry, it won’t happen again." he even used his best puppydig face that alwasy made Leslie cave. "Simple enough…" he grinned. "One advantage of being the son of a mobster. You don’t fear strangers." -04:38 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: What a terrible, horrible pouty expression. Her immediate instinct was kiss that and that was BAD. "You haven’t met my mother yet." Because of that face she had agreed to things she shouldn’t have. What is with Europe and people talking her in to bad ideas? Now Autumn was trying NOT to think about kissing. "If you don’t pick a song I will pick the girliest one I can think of." She started playing the chorus to Like a Virgin. -04:41 Apr 22 Autumn
Adrian: "Crazy in love?" he ventured trying to think og things they’d both know. "You have me at a disadvantage, you’ve seen my music library." -04:50 Apr 22 Adrian
Autumn: "Hmm. The slower one with the brass backup, I bet. For the saxyness." She tried a few of the notes on the piano, trying not to start giggling. Once she had the tempo down and on a key appropriate for him, she cast him a cheeky grin. Autumn really did love playing the piano. -04:59 Apr 22 Autumn

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