The Captain’s Wife 006: Spiritbite

The Captain's Wife

[Nicholas is trying to have a nice day in camp with his wife, and has gone out to get their breakfasts from the canteen for hr to have in bed.] -03:16 Oct 23
[Telara should have been awake an hour or so ago. But hasn’t been feeling well ever since that little jungle kidnapping incident.] -03:17 Oct 23
Telara: Telara knew it was morning, and knew she was going to get in a lot of trouble for being late to work. She was supposed to be examining some of the new specimen with the Doctor today. But the past couple weeks she was feeling wretched! A few more minutes in bed couldn’t hurt. -03:20 Oct 23
Nicholas: He placed the her plate on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the cop to lean down to gently shake her shoulder. "Telara, I thought you food." he said softly. "Hurry up before it gets cold." he was worried and placed a hand on her forehead and then placed the other plate down and stood. "I’ll be right back with tea." he moved away and exited the tent. Why was her being sick so worrying? -03:22 Oct 23
Telara: "Hmm?" He was gone again. Telara blinked at the empty space with weary confusion. Either she was that tired and losing time, or he was bustling about like a bolt of lightning. She grinned. He was worried… a little too worried! But it was so nice to have someone concerned about her. Now she -had- to get up so he wouldn’t be so upset. Telara sat up and took the plate. Ignoring the fact that the smell of food was making her a little quesy, she ate. -03:26 Oct 23
Nicholas: He returned with two battered steel cups od tea and placed them down. "Good morning." he said picking up his plate and starting to eat. "How are you feeling?" he was worried what she had eaten had made her sick or had poisoned her. Ideally he’d have her off world and seeing a doctor, but the camp doctor had said she’d be fine to he didn’t mention kidnapping her from her job. -03:29 Oct 23
Telara: "A little tired. You don’t have to be so worried about me, though! It’s not the first time I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have." she grinned at him, taking the tea and a sip. That was -so- much better. Hot tea could make anything better, even if this stuff tasted like they brewed it in the same pot as the coffee. -03:32 Oct 23
Nicholas: He nodded eating slowly, his upbringing not letting him eat like the soldiers did. Speaking of the soldiers they had been drilling very well and thier aim had improved vastly. He was wearing an earning though, one made by the natived as a sign of respect towards who they still thought was the camp’s leader. "I’m not worried, I’m just looking after my spouce when she is under the weather. I’m sure you’ll be out of bed soon adn off to work where I cannot put my arm around you and ask you how you slept soon so let me savor the moment." -03:37 Oct 23
Telara: Telara was grinning wide again. It was still a wild thing to so suddenly be married to someone that she hadn’t even met before just a few short weeks ago. Or maybe it had been a couple months now? It almost felt like they had always been like this! Telara scooted on the bed to lean and kiss his cheek. "I know, I just don’t want you spending all day being upset about it. I’m fine, okay?" -03:44 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I have other things to do all day too. "i’m taking two of the men to watch how the Ashite hunt. I I’ll let you have my notes when you’re done. You worry about the plants, I’ll worry about the people." he had been spending a lot of his time with the natives, learnign thier language and culture, documenting their way of life and more importantly making sure none of them were affected by any desieses they might have brought with them. "I have to make myself useful somehow." -03:48 Oct 23
Telara: "Everyone seems to be really impressed with you. I think you’ve made life a lot easier for a few people." The Star Captain was a resourceful man… and she couldn’t stop smiling! Telara focused on quickly swallowing down her breakfast and the tea. She was already late enough as it was. When she hoped out of bed she swayed on her feet for a moment before regaining her balance. Got up too fast… but it passed quick. "I’ve got to get dressed. Doctor Heilemann is probably having a coronary right now." -03:56 Oct 23
Nicholas: He stood and pulled hr into a wuick kiss, I’ll be outside to walk you there, then I should be going. He hooked his sword onto his belt and then tapped outside. He’d her a rifle from the armory before he left camp. He was used to lookign after people, but usually it was a ship full of men, and here he felt he had his hands full with just one woman. But she was his wife, and he did have feeling for her other than simple duty. -03:59 Oct 23
Telara: Telara made quick work of getting dressed. She was so late…! Why did let herself sleep in? She had a checklist of all the things she had done wrong while under this internship! Telara was really surprised the doctor hadn’t told her to back her things and get off the planet. Once she stepped outside she was wearing a lab jacket with a little name badge and a white pair of slacks. …even just looking at him made her smile. She didn’t know why she was feeling so extra fond of him this morning! "I’m ready to get yelled at by my boss!" -04:05 Oct 23
Nicholas: He had a rifle slung over his shoulder and a grin playig across his lips. "I don’t think he’d do that in front of me." he was wearing a white shirt with a waistcoat and rugged green pants and his navy boots and had his hair tied back on a polytail. "But I can’t stay long, they begin thier hunt at noon for luck." he satrted walkign his hands clasped behind his back. "Do you like it here?" -04:09 Oct 23
Telara: "I could do without the local bugs, but I love my job. You have no idea how exciting it is to discover something new, and then all the experimentations for finding out what it can do!" She was very expressive with her hands, and breakfast must have perked her up a bit because she was a lot more animated. …or maybe it was the subject! "We’ve already documented over two hundred species and who knows how many others we’ll get through before my internship is over. And you know, I ‘ve only had the one accident, so I think that’s a pretty good start for my first exploration. -04:14 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I do have an idea." he said. "I’m interacting with a brand new culture, I’ve been patroling unknown space for years, there is always something new to discover out here. And often I do. That’s half the point of having ships this far out. But I don’t think this palnet will be colonised any time soon, which means this place will be left in peace after we leave. You should see the drawing of us in the village I think we’ll be remembered for generations here." -04:18 Oct 23
Telara: "That’s the joy of being invading space aliens." Telara stopped in front of her tent, reeling on her heels before she placed her hands on both sides of his face and gave him a quick kiss. She didn’t know why that still made her face tinge red and give her those fuzzy feelings, but she did enjoy it. "Have a good day, Nicholas." -04:24 Oct 23
Nicholas: He kissed her back brushing a stray strand of hair out of her face. "Stay safe." then he was moving towards the edge of camp towards the marked trail between thier camp and the vilage being joined by two men. Tobay would be a aby of learning and teaching, and in his pocket he had one of his medals as a gift for the chief. -04:28 Oct 23
Telara: Telara was still grinning and a little giddy when she entered the tent, paying no mind to the scowling Doctor as she made her way over to her area and picked up her work clipboard. "Good morning Doctor Heilemann!" -04:32 Oct 23

Four yours later one of the soldiers came running back into camp, out of breath and sweaty. He made strait for the doctor and his assistant and came to a half, panting before he saluted. “Sir, its the captain. We were witht he Ashite and this creature as big as a tent…” he swallowed still breathing hard. “They say he’s been poisined by it’s claws and they want permition to use a cure on him.” -Nicholas

Telara: Telara was weary after hours on her feet and staring through microscopes, but the moment that soldier came bursting in she was darting to follow him without hesitation. …but the Doctor grabbed her shoulder. "Hold on, Miss Sammy, you’re no medicak doctor. What sort of cure, boy! We;ve already had bad experiences with the flora on this planet, we don’t need to be making more hasty decisions!" Telara pulled away from him, brushing past the soldier too. "That’s my husband! And standing here asking questions is wasting time…!" -04:41 Oct 23

The soldier pointed. “In thier vilage, they have him there, het had to tie him down so he doesn’t hurt himself…” he swallowed again still trying to catch his breath. “You have to come quickly.” -Nicholas

The Doctor snorted. Of course those savages wouldn’t think to take a man somewhere he could get care, but the soldiers should have known better! …and his intern was escaping! “Lead on boy, lead on. MISS SAMMY, wait for escort…!” He complained, hopping after the woman before she ran off in to the jungle alone. He cared little about losing soldiers, but losing precious interns would be an issue! -Telara

Telara: Telara wasn’t slowing down to wait for the doctor or for any escorts. She knew where the village was and time was always of the essence when it came to poisons. She just had this sickening feeling at the pit of her stomach… What if he died? They barely started their life…! -04:52 Oct 23

the soldier hurried back to the begining of the marked trail and also called out. “This way, follow the yellow pain on the trees.” he moved quickly and soon they were close to the vilage where the other soldier was helping the vilage doctor hold the captain down as he seemed to be strugling. His shird torm on the shoulder and stained red. -Nicholas

Telara: There was a lot of blood. Normally something like that wouldn’t have bothered her, she though… but it was his blood and she was adding it to a check list of all the ways he could die. She was at his side in a second, despite warnings and pressing a hand to his cheek. He looked awful…! "How bad is this?" She was trying to stay calm! -04:57 Oct 23

The Doctor finally caught up, huffing and puffing and trying to catch his breath. The minute he reached them, he was pulling her away from the subject by the back of her coat. “Stand back, woman. This is a true doctor’s work. What is the damages? Has the blood flow been stopped? Which creature was it?” -Telara

Nicholas: He was looking at her but dhe didn’t appear to be seeing her before she wsa pulled away. "That one." the soldier said pointing at a dead creature the size of a rhino that hade been killed by gunfire and bought back. "I have them leave the plats out that tehy were going to use to cure him, they also brouhg up some of the creatures claws…" The plants were indeed there and the two native wariors holding Nocholas down shifted to let the doctor, and the witchdoctor who had taken Telara’s arival as the signal to proceed access to the patient. -05:02 Oct 23
Telara: "Then lets get this done, he doesn’t look to be taken it well." Calm, she would be calm. The natives had a cure, so there was no reason to panic. She had now moved to the other side of him, depsite the Doctor’s fussing. "OUT of the question! Absolutely nothing will be done until this man has had a proper examination and blood tests on both him and the creature. These plants don’t even look to be documented yet!" He was trying to block access to the man’s body, but Telara very sharply slapped his hands away. "I don’t believe you are a medical doctor either, sir, so why don’t we allow the ones with actual experience to take care of it!" The Doctor looked appalled. "Are you questioning me, Miss Samhein?" "MRS and YES. Get out of the way!" -05:13 Oct 23

The doctor was taking the plats and mashing the up with the ground claw and maasing in into a paste. Then he was using a bone knife to cut the shirt away from the wound as one of the warriours pushed a piece of raw hidr in Nocholas’ mouth to prevent him from biting his own tongue, then the paste was ready and was being held out to Telara to apply to a leaf and press into the wound. -Nicholas

Telara: "Using local flora without appropriate testing is a dangerous thing, I do believe you have learned that first hand madam! I forbid this." He looked like he was going to intervene on the entire process but Telara was waving a hand at him in signal for anyone to keep him out of the way. "I respectfully disagree, Doctor, so if you’d kindly shut up and let me take care of my husband…" with that, she didn’t pay him a second glance. Telara was very carefully trying to apply the paste, pale faced and trying to keep her hands from shaking. -05:23 Oct 23

One of the natived took a hold of the doctor to pull him away saying in thier language he was agitating the air and making the woman’s hands shake, then two more who had been there during the attack moved to block him. Everyone was waiting for her and what she would do, and waiting in bated breath to see if it would work. -Nicholas

“Now see here, you savage heathens! I am a proffesional!” How dare they shuffle him aside, he was the lead researcher on this team! -Telara

Telara: Telara was very careful about smearing the paste, less because of concerns over it working, and more because he looked like he was in so much pain already! This had to hurt! Once the wound was covered with a good thick later she was looking to the witchdoctor for the next steps. She looked like she was ready to pass out, but someone had to keep their head or else the Doctor would probably roll over everyone! -05:38 Oct 23

the doctor motioned for her to apply it over the wound and to tie it on with scraps of leaver to rest there. The paste would draw the poinson out and redice his fever and delerium, hopefully. They knew for Telara that they were not affected the same way by the plants, but they didn’t have anythign else to try. -Nicholas

Telara: "This is going to be an exciting story to tell later, Nicholas." she mumbled, knowing he couldn’t hear But she just needed to make light of the moment. Telara layered several of the leaves over the paste and carefully had them tied down in place. A couple bandages volunteered by the soldiers helped keep it more secure. Then it was going to be the worst part… the waiting. She brushed her hand over his forehead, grimacing at the heat before she leaned down to kiss his temple. -05:46 Oct 23
Nicholas: He was hardly away of when was going on but the herbs seeped into his bloodstead they made him drowsy and he started to loose strength and soon tit was no longer needed for him to be held down. She and the doctor were left witht he soldiers as the tribe moved away out of respect. there wasn’t anythign else they could do except ask the spirits for help. -05:54 Oct 23

Now that he was no longer being bullied by savages, the Doctor advanced. Pulling the woman away by the arm to scold her. “Do you have any idea what you have done! If he dies it will be your doing. Do you want to lose your internship little lady?” -Telara

Telara: This was not the time she wanted to have this conversation. Telara was tired and afraid and frustrated. "I don’t want to lose my internship… I don’t want to lose my husband either! What did you expect me to do, wait days for researching the ingredients? He couldn’ve died before then." -05:59 Oct 23

“A fine reason why an intern should not be married and on expeditions. Unprofessional, foolhardy, disrespectful, and stupid! This is not going to look well for your reviews or your reccomendations having a dead Captain on your resume.” The doctor was on a good roll by then. Nothing he hated worse than being made a fool of! -Telara

Telara: That seemed to crack her resolve. The threat of her job didn’t seem to have any sort of meaning compared to the fact that Nicholas could die. And there would be nothing she could do about it. The man that cared for a complete stranger when they thought they were in their final hours, honored a marriage he never had to admit to, and paused his life to stay with her and get to know her on an unmodernized planet. …Telara burst in to tears and started sobbing! -06:10 Oct 23
[(Timeout) Nicholas got too distracted for their own good…] -06:31 Oct 23
[Nicholas enters.] -06:32 Oct 23
Nicholas: A hand came to rest on hers, he was moving but very weakly, his ees unfocused and his muscles twititching as from the doctor’s shelted the sound of chanting was heard. His eyes were open but keps darting this way and that his lips seeming liek they were trying to say something, but what was coming out wasn’t English. -06:36 Oct 23
Telara: She was still crying, and she couldn’t seem to stop! Between Doctor Heilemann and not knowing what would happen, she just couldn’t handle it anymore! But when he touched her hand, that at least silenced her to heavy sniffling. Telara sat down next to him and rest an arm and a head down on his stomach. She’d stay right there no matter what happened. -06:43 Oct 23
Nicholas: It lasted half an hour before the witchdoctor emerged from his hut a few seconds before the fever broke and he stopped moving, his eyes closing nad his face becoming more peacful. The witchdoctor knelt next to him and places an animal tooth on his chest, the same one he had been using as a focus for hims chanting and gave Telara a sign on encouragment. He would be waking up soon. Most of the danger had passed. -06:51 Oct 23
Telara: The witchdoctor recieved a weak smile. Telara was physically and mentally exhausted, but the reassurance was such a relief. Doctor Heilemann didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight, which, to her surprise was a relief too. Telara reached to brush her fingers against Nicholas’ cheek… he felt much cooler now. -06:56 Oct 23
Nicholas: It took a small while but he opened his eyes and they focused, then looking down he saw her and smiled weakly, the tooth was gone, and was nothere to be seen around hi even though no one has touched it. "Telara." he said weakly squeezing her hand. "I…" he blinked, "I had a dream about you." -07:00 Oct 23
Telara: "I hope it was a good dream." She was so relieved, she was tearing up all over again. Telara quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand before she leaned forward to brush a soft kiss over his mouth. "How do you feel…? You really scared me for a minute there…" -07:03 Oct 23
Nicholas: "There was a baby." he said, "You said you had my baby, and…" he looked up suddenly "You also said in three days a ship was coming to take me to the admiralty for a new ship, that there was danger ahead and that I needed to make sure you stayed close to me." he didn’t know why he was telling her all this now when she was lookign so happy and releaved. "Yet I am fine… what happened, you were meant to be gathering plants." -07:07 Oct 23
Telara: She looked a little surprised. That was some dream! But a dream was just a dream… Telara was just so glad he was okay! She grinned. "I was and then Thomas can running and puffing about you getting all chewed up and poisoned by a wild animal… Maybe I should have told you to stay safe." -07:14 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I am safe." he said with a weak smile. "I’ve had worse than this. But it’s a nice story to tell… wait, poison?" he looked worried. If he was poisoned how was he alive? -07:22 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I am safe." he said with a weak smile. "I’ve had worse than this. But it’s a nice story to tell… wait, poison?" he looked worried. If he was poisoned how was he alive? -07:22 Oct 23
Telara: "The animal was venomous. But the Ashite had a remedy. …Doctor Heilemann isn’t too pleased with me at the moment… He didn’t think it was a good idea." Telara left out the part about the man yelling at her and making her great. That really wasn’t the Doctor’s fault. Telara was brushing her fingers at his face again, checking to be sure that fever wasn’t coming back. "I was really scared Nicholas…" -07:26 Oct 23
Nicholas: He moved hsi ahdn to take hold of hers. "You don’t have to be, I’m fine. It will take most than a forrent animal to keep me from you." he squeezed her hand. "I care about you too much. -07:29 Oct 23

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