Tower’s Calling 006: To Resurrect a God

Tower's Calling

[Corona had clearly gone the way of madness. She was on her way to bring back to life a dead demi god.] -05:52 Jun 24
[Athos has clearly gone the way of madness. He is about to let an apprentice sorcoress while lost her primary power sourse make him a new body.] -05:56 Jun 24
Corona: Madness. Why else would she be walking through a dense forest, filled with trackers and beasts, looking for her chosen place of power to ressurect the dead. It wasn’t that she doubted her ability to do it… she had taken lesson from his own family history. How his ancestor gods brought their blood and souls in to this realm. Lucky them that he already initiated a starting spell just by fucking her. The rest… that was going to get complicated. "It’s a little further." she muttered over her shoulder. He wanted to do it at his family home, but that was a bad idea. She was going to need a whole lot of trees… -05:59 Jun 24
Athos: He followed her without speaking, the back of his neck prickled and he didn’t even have a neck. "Are you sure this is going to work? He asked. "You still havn’t told be what you’re going to be doing." he was unsure, he didn’t like magic he didn’t know. -06:05 Jun 24
Corona: "Nervous, ghost? You should be. This sort of magic doesn’t happen every day…" Her tone was teasing, but she was just as edgy as he was. There were so many things that could happen… and she wasn’t entirely sure if trusting him was the best of ideas. Corona could only trust her instinct and even that was leaving her with doubt. Soon they came to a clearing in the middle of the wood. Somewhere that must have been used for spellwork before, because there was a symbol worn in to the grass and dirt from constant stepped and many well placed bits of stone and steal. Corona pointed him to the center, while she stopped at the edge and dug in to her pack. "It will work. But it will draw attention. We’ll need to leave immediately." -06:12 Jun 24
Athos: He looked at her as he floated out to the center adn instructed and looked at her as he fup his feet on the fround. It was going to hurt, bloodmagic always did. "I just hope you know what you’re doing… I’m going to be the one stuck in the body you conjur. Usually I’d only trust another family member to do any magic on me. Do you want to be part of the family?" It was a joke, maybe. -06:16 Jun 24
Corona: Corona froze for a fraction of a second before resuming her search through the bag. If he only knew… "The worst that will happen to you at this point is a temporary body. You’ll be no different, just solid and mortal." Out came her wand, which she used to twist up her hair on top of her head and hold it out of the way. Next came out her datapad. A few slips of her finger and something under the ground rumbled and hummed. At small points around the clearing, little blue crystals lit up. They had been unnoticed before. Finally, there was the bone blade. The one that belonged with the amulet. She took in a slow breath. It was the last chance to back out. "Is being alive what you really want? There are benefits to being eternal, I’m sure.." -06:24 Jun 24
Athos: "All bodies are torporary." he pointed out. "And this isn’t living as I’m sure you’ve poited out. "I want to be alove and I want a life, the life I was meant to have before I died. if you are my destiny then thats with you so what you should ask yourself is, do you want me to be alive?" -06:28 Jun 24
Corona: "I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t willing to take the risk." It was truth. Didn’t mean she wasn’t full of doubt about it. History repeated itself… that warning could mean so many different things. Corona stepped away to set her pack aside. Then moved to the appropriate part of the circle. "We’ll find out whether or not it’s destiny in a moment, though, won’t we." With a quick motion and a wince, she sliced the bone knife over her hand to draw blood. -06:36 Jun 24
Athos: "I didn’t know you believed in it." he said. "I was asking you to choose, not for the rist or stupid rewards. But you only see what you want to see. Fine, lets do this, I want to get this over with." -06:39 Jun 24
Corona: "You’re picking a fine time to start shit with me!" It was too late to argue with him. The minute she threw blood down on the circle, the spell was fully activated. The blue of her crystals slowly shifted to the red. The color seeping across the ground along invisible grooves to form the spells sigil. Corona’s focus went straight in to the spell. For all of her science and calculations this was one she needed to feel. To draw energy from her source and pull his soul back to the mortal world. -06:49 Jun 24
Athos: He could feel her magic working, he could feel her, her uncertainty, her determination. He growled at her frustration before the only thing he could feel was the tendrils of magic wrapping around him. They felt electriv and warm but it burned. He instinct was to resist but he forsed himself to relain calm and let her magic happen. WHat he couldn’t be prepaired for was th eexplotion of fored that stropped the trees at the edge of the clearing of thier leaves and his own voice shouting as every power he had activated itself and the clearing was frozen adn scorched at the same time…. he was laughing too, and insane laugh if a mind wracked with power.. then he felt something else… two things else. -07:37 Jun 24
[(Timeout) Corona got too distracted for their own good…] -07:43 Jun 24
Corona: As expected, to bring back a life you had to give a life. The surprise came when it wasn’t her own energy that shielded her from the sacrifice but the tiny little soul that activated the amulet. …the trees and wild life surrounding the summoning circle were not so lucky. It stretched almost a mile out, eating up every tree, plant and living creature close enough to grab. But it stretched farther than it should. It was only supposed to take enough for one life. "…shit." Corona was quickly reaching to pull the wand out of her hair and cease the spell, but she was seeing spots. Collapsing to the ground under the weight of it. -07:43 Jun 24
Athos: He fell to the ground in a head, smoke rising from his skin as clouds of it obscured the clearing. If hung in the air like a heavy fog and as Athos got to his hands and knees he was kicked. With a yelp of pain he fell back down and rolled onto his feet to look back. In the smoke was a silhoette.. a famoliar shape… "Corona… run…" he tried to summon his powers but that only made him woosy and stumble, then he felt a fist frive into his face. -07:49 Jun 24
Corona: The spell worked. It worked too well. There was more than one presence brought back. More than one god. Oh all the shitty ass things…! It was a struggle to push herself up to her elbows, wincing in the process of getting to get knees. "Run, he says. Cast major magic and then run!" The smart thing would be to run. Trackers would be there soon…! Corona was pressing her hands to the sigil now burned in to the ground and summoning up a new spell. There was no time to think and calculate and ponder words for spells, she had to pull it from thin air and work some sort of locking spell from scratch! -07:56 Jun 24
Athos: He manages to punch the other god back, it was good to know he wasn’t the only one getting summoning sickness. But then he felt a new spell building in the air and laughed again kicking out and knocking the other god down, the slaming his head into the rock and running out of the spell. It was all he could think to do, get out before he was locked here wth it. He found Corona and waited fore her to finish the spell before pulling her away and heading back towards the tower. There was no time to lose. "He’ll make nice tracer bair in there, but I don’t think it will last long…" -08:03 Jun 24
Corona: The spell wasn’t strong enough, but it’d give them the time to get a head start. Corona snatched up her bag when they passed it. She could already hear the beeping alarm from her datapad about the trackers getting close. They’re be drawn to the power point first, but that was one person… and she and the ghost… former ghost were two! The worst part was that she couldn’t even summon up the breath to growl at him, Corona was concentrated on staying on her feet! -08:06 Jun 24
Athos: The landscape around the was blasted and now tressless but he saw opotunity. He waved his hand in front of then and prayed. Sure enough the ground turned to ice in front of them and he pulled her into it sliding ahead down the incline like a lide, he had to keep the ice smooth ahead of them but they moved quickly to the foot of the hill and landed in a heap on thebotton . The downside was it draines Athos and left him feeling like he hadn’t eaten in centuries. -08:14 Jun 24
Corona: That was fast, it was cold, and it was exhausting. Both of them in a mess of limbs at the bottom of the hill, and her looking up from where they came. A quick hand to the ice made it melt and evaporate away, hopefully eliminating their tracks for the time being. Still, they needed to get somewhere with a good shield against tracing. Corona picked herself up on wavering feet to head back to her tower, only stopping for a moment to grab his arm and pull him up too. Solid. She couldn’t believe that worked and she wasn’t dead. -08:20 Jun 24
Athos: So not they were running and listening to the trackers fight with the other god. He didn’t clomplain, he didn’t disparir, but what he did to was grab hold of her by putting hsi arms around her and in an instant thenothing but blackness around them, then there was her tower. And the next there was a thud as Athos hit the was -08:26 Jun 24
Corona: The sudden shift was alarming. Her tower was a relief, but he had to hit the floor and take her down with them. That left both Corona and the former ghost sprawled out on the stone floor. There were several moments of her trying to take deep breaths. To will those spots away and that wretched feeling of being drained near dry. She rest a hand on her stomach. Turning her head just a fraction to the side to see if that former ghost hadn’t decided to just drop dead all over again. "What are you so tired for?" she muttered, barely audible. Shifting her arm to swat at him with her bloodied hand. He gods be damned BETTER be alive. -08:33 Jun 24
Athos: He forced himself to roll onto his back. "You drained my energy for that spell too." he said breathing hard turning his head to look at her. "ANd then I did magic before I was properly connected to the world.. There wasn’t three of us on that hill, there were four." -08:54 Jun 24
Corona: He didn’t have any clothes. Of course he didn’t. He had been dead for centuries. Corona found herself staring up at the ceiling, a little stiff… and not just because she didn’t have the energy to move. She didn’t respond to his notice of there being more than just that god’s spirit there… "I had everything under control for you and you alone. The other god was unexpected… everything just reacted. I did what I could." -08:59 Jun 24
Athos: He looked at her and reached out to put a two fingertips on her arm. "Not everyone could have summong two gods with one spell." he said "You’ve got tallent… you’ve also got a secret." he said "When you were reaching out to me at the start of the spell I felt it." he didn’t have the energy to be confrontational. "I felt my son." -09:03 Jun 24
Corona: That jolt of fear that quickened her heartbeat at him realizing her secret mixed with the exhilaration of knowing it was a son. Corona was reaching for her wand again, that faint frown on her face. Fully prepared for a fight, despite not wanting it. "A son." she mumbled. "He is why I’m alive… Activated the amulet and blocked the second god from taking my life for his sacrifice…" -09:11 Jun 24
Athos: "Either him ow the spirits that cintrol the amulets, the past bearers." he said rolling onto his side and putting his hand on her shoulder. "You will make a great mother." he said before eitting up and pulling himself to sit against the bed. "Now what have you got to eat in this place? -09:16 Jun 24
Corona: Of course he wanted food. He had been dead for several hundred years without a bite to eat. Corona couldn’t even bring herself to sit up. She just lift a hand to look at her bloody palm. Being a mother was a pleasing though. But the possibility of her child being stolen… "Not enough for a starving god. I’ve not been to the town in weeks or gone hunting. Someone has kept me preoccupied." -09:21 Jun 24
Athos: "I’ll summon something later." he said pulling himself onto the bed then holding out his hand out to help her up. "So I have to ask, will he have a father?" he was looking at her while also looking like he was about to pass out. -09:27 Jun 24
Corona: "I am not a virgin mother, he has a father." Corona eyed his hand, unsure if she would accept it. After her hesitation, she took it. Immediately pulling herself from the floor, only to groan and crawl her way in to bed and curl up with a scowl. The casting had been too much, why was she even conscious! Besides the overwhelming fear she might have made a mistake? Not just one god, but two were risen… "The more important question… Is he going to have a mother when he’s born?" -09:33 Jun 24
Athos: His hed hit the bed and he closed his eyes. "Every Emidio needs thier mother." he said in a barely awake voice. "We may not look it but we’re fagile creatures, ever since… since… Ugh.." he didn’t want to think. "Bloodline merged. He will have his mother." -09:37 Jun 24
Corona: "Since Zeren of the Northern Sea god bore the children of Jarrod Emidio of the Southern Sea god." That piece of history was fresh in her mind. It was how she figured out the spellwork for bringing him back to life. Corona shifted until her forehead rest against his shoulder and her arms curled around his. She didn’t know why she needed the contact, but she was trying to trust him. "I don’t want history to repeat itself. Not the bad history. You have to understand me." -09:46 Jun 24
Athos: He placed his hand on her side. "Then don’t let it." she knew his family history well. "We have a lot of histry, not all of it good, we’ve had some mad and some bad members but most of us try to do the right thing. We are Emidio, we remember, we watch and protect. We use destiny and she uses us." he moved his arms to close around her. "But we never abandom those we protect. Or those we love. Thats what got me killed, and I’d die for it again. Love is like that." -09:54 Jun 24
Corona: "Love got my mother killed too. Love is not such a great idea in a world of sorcery and gods…" She was caught in a moment of emotional weakness. A vulnerability she didn’t want to have and could curse herself for giving in to it. It was better like this being with someone. Corona sighed, squeezing her eyes shut as she rest against him. -09:59 Jun 24
Athos: "Love… love if more important when the world is like this. It makes people change it, gives people reason to live. A reason to fight. You should give it a chance." -10:05 Jun 24

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