Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 006: Werewolf at the Library

[Chantilly is at the library, waaaaaaaaay in the back. Sipping from a cup of coffee with one hand, and holding a bigass old book with another.] -10:52 Jun 20
Chantilly: Bloodloss was no joke, so Chantilly was pretty sure if she hadn’t been taking the supplements and extra vitamins, she would have been asleep all day. Which was bad! Because she was serious about studying the history of witchcraft, learning about vampires, and trying to fix everything for Will. Thank goodness for coffee! -10:53 Jun 20
[Galdrin enters.] -10:58 Jun 20
Galdrin: The werewolf was inside the library when a familiar scent wafted though the air and he turned to see the new witch girl sitting down without her apparent boyfriend fangface. "Surprised to see you here." he said moving to sit next to her, just a hint of blood covered up by soap… so that was happening. "Will not coming?" -11:04 Jun 20
Chantilly: "Oh! Hi!" It was cute mega arms guy! Her first official new friend in the night class. Chantilly grinned and set her cup down as she turned in her chair towards him. "Nope, he’s sleeping. He’s gonna meet me at class when it starts. I’m surprised you’re still awake! Or did you just wake up? I haven’t quite gotten used to this weird schedule yet…" -11:07 Jun 20
[Galdrin enters.] -11:11 Jun 20
Galdrin: "I slept already." he said glancing at her neck and then at her book. "And yes he would be sleeping, wakes up around sunset right? I know the type." he grinned and then placed down hiw own book which was obviously very old. -11:13 Jun 20
Chantilly: "I doubt it, Will’s not exactly normal. Then again, he never really was to begin with either. Now he’s just EXTRA weird." Chantilly had a cheeky grin, the thought of saying ‘My boyfriend is a vampire!’ always seemed like it’d get funny responses. But it was better not to cause weird suspicions. If it was a good idea to tell anyone, there would be a ton of vampires around, right? She leaned to peer at his book. It looked even more ancient than the one she managed to drag off the library shelves. "Hey, that looks interesting. What’s that one all about? Are you doing a semester of History?" -11:17 Jun 20
Galdrin: "Lycanthropy." he said pushing it worards her. "It’s a 1743 transation of the latin original. Pretty interesting if thier practice of suposivly killing werewolves in the middle of transformation to disect them is a little disturbing and completely pointless. I could show you where all the really old books are kept if you like." -11:21 Jun 20
[Chantilly enters.] -11:26 Jun 20
Chantilly: "Whoa, that’s pretty old…" With the book in front of her, she turned the pages and glanced over quickly at the words. Werewolves were cool! Sadly, it wasn’t what she needed to be looking up. Not unless werewolves could help uncurse a vampire. "Yeah, actually! I’d love to know where they are. I’m trying to look up stuff about v-.. um… old things. Are there a lot of them?" -11:28 Jun 20
Galdrin: "Blood sucking humanoids? I’m sure there’s something about them in there, you do know they’re repelled by garlic right?" He stoot slowly and picked up his book before tapping her shoulder. "This way, we need to talk to Elizabeth at counter three to get you to the old books." -11:32 Jun 20
Chantilly: "Uuuhm, vampires are as interesting as werewolves, yes…!" Aw man, did she look like one of the Twilight fangirls? She thought she hid that better! "But things about witchcraft and spells are good too. And other creatures!" Chantilly quickly rose out of her seat to follow him. -11:35 Jun 20
[(Timeout) Galdrin was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -11:46 Jun 20

“Galdrin, showing another girl the special books?” the librarian asked when seeing them approach. “Look into her eyes Elizabeth, she needs to see them.” The blonde behind the desk looked at Chantilly and squinted, then nodded. “I’ll need her library card.” -Galdrin

[(Timeout) Chantilly has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -11:52 Jun 20
Chantilly: Look in to her eyes? That sounded kind of creepy. Chantilly was giving him a weird look as she pulled out her library card to hand over. Wait… they didn’t know things did they? She had been coming to this library for years! "Heterochromia happens a lot, riiiight? Nothing weird about that…" she baited. -11:52 Jun 20

“Yes it does Chantilly” elizabeth sayd taking out a stamp and dabbing it into a red ink pad and then stamping Chantilly’s card. “It doesn’t appear out of nowhere in a person who didn’t have it before very often though. Enjoy the books.” -Galdrin

Chantilly: Chantilly blew on the card as she looked at it to make sure the ink dried. Special stamps meant special access, and now she was super suspicious. Either her new friend new something about witches, or he was a super spy or something. "I guess this means I am part of the special library club?" At least she grinned! Even if she was giving him the stare down now,. -12:03 Jun 21
Galdrin: He blew off her stare by mothing along the couter and mounting a staircase that had a charm on in that prevented people without the stamp from entering. "Come on it’s just up here. All th eold book on unusual subjects you could ever want. You light wan to try unde V for Vampire, Gor L for Lexicanum." -12:11 Jun 21
Chantilly: "I kneeeeew it, you do know things." Maybe he didn’t out right say it, but when she passed through the threshold she could feel the spell. That weird little tingling under her skin she always got when there was some sort of spell. She had been practicing with those! "How did you know about me? Because of my eyes? Is that normal? And Will! I bet you know all about Will too…" She sped up her pace to catch up with him. -12:22 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Chantilly doesn’t post enough.] -12:56 Jun 21
Galdrin: He turned abruptly and oprned the book to a woodcut of a transformed werewolf. "Of course I know. I can smell magic." and that was exactly the what the captions said werewolves can do. "And I’m telling you now Vampires are no good. You might have known Will before he got turned but he’d have already stated changing. Acting differently. You want to help him because that is your nature, the key is in here, and I’ll help you search." -12:59 Jun 21
[Chantilly enters.] -01:03 Jun 21
Chantilly: "You’re a werewolf? Those are actually real?" Why did she sound so surprised! At this point, she really shouldn’t have been. Still, she was taking the book and looking wide-eyed over the pages. "Will is just the same as before. Minus, you know… the sun stuff and the bitey things. And aren’t werewolves supposed to be all bite and chew? You don’t seem so bad." -01:06 Jun 21
Galdrin: "I’ll just say you won’t see me around class at the full moon." he said. "Think about it carefully, you know there’s been changes in him. If he’s always like he was in class then maybe he has some vampire heritage already." -01:10 Jun 21
Chantilly: "I didn’t think vampires could have kids, could they?" The book was closed and she was holding it against her chest. Tilting her head as she thought about it. Maybe he was a little bit different. Will was never the sweeping charm and romance sort of guy. But then again, before they had just been friends. Of course he wouldn’t of been that way with her… "Well, of course he’s bound to be a little different. I would too if suddenly I was craving blood all the time and couldn’t eat GOOD food." Chantilly paused a moment and gave him a curious look. "Do you eat people? Or is it all steaks and cows for you?" -01:14 Jun 21
[Galdrin enters.] -01:14 Jun 21
Galdrin: "If I ate people I’d be dead." he said "People don’t like being eaten. If you have time after thil I’ll take you to the best cow place around, and to vampires blood is good, better than anything humand hade ever tasted. That’s why a lot of them bevome addicted, is will addicted?" -01:21 Jun 21
Chantilly: Now she was imagining him being chased down by hunters. Were there hunters? Will could be in danger by vampire hunters! At least they didn’t burn witches anymore. Even if she did have that in mind for the old woman. "I doubt he is. I always have to complain at him to eat. He never wants to. Will is a good person, he’s not going to turn in to a monster." -01:24 Jun 21
Galdrin: There was a growl before the wolf reached up and pulled out a volume and examine the contents, then he put it in her arms and looked at her. "Thaat is a reference on unatural creatures. Spells you should wait until you’re worked though your text book." -01:31 Jun 21
Chantilly: Chantilly stared at him for a moment after he growled, before she let out a laugh. "The growling is kind of cute! ….sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. This is all super new, and kind of really cool… If I weren’t so worried about Will and accidentally blowing things up, I think I would kinda like it." With another book in her hands, she was flipping through the contents. Chantilly just naturally liked books, and even better when the subject matter was so interesting. No wonder Halloween had always been her favorite holiday. "Thanks for the help, though. Who knows how long it would have taken me to figure out this part of the library exists. Um, I’m not very good at recognizing when someone is… you know! I think all I have is magic…" -01:37 Jun 21
[(Timeout) Galdrin was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -01:44 Jun 21
Galdrin: "You’ll learn, Elizabeth and your new teacher are two, if you have problems with spells he is the one to ask. If you have trouble iwht vampires then I am the one to ask." -01:44 Jun 21
Chantilly: She laughed again, reaching out to swat his arm. "Go to you, huh! You’re some kind of vampire slayer? Don’t about Will. He’s sweet and he’s been my best friend since forever. We could all hang out, it would be fun! Especially since we’re not gonna be able to do much with our old friends." That was kind of sad. But only a little bit. Her and Will had always been a duo, and so many people had a hard time popping that bubble. -01:49 Jun 21
Galdrin: "Wereholves ahve always been vampire hunters. You can think of us as a natural predator of thiers. They in turn tend to stay in cities where we are less common and instinctivly try and kill us when they find us. It’s an ancient rivalry. I’ve been trying to find out what started it." -01:53 Jun 21
Chantilly: "Really? Like cats and dogs, huh?" With werewolves being the topic of discussion, she pulled out the first book he gave her to open up to the right sections. "Will didn’t seem like he wanted to instinctively kill you… Although I guess we were too busy to really talk about you or class much." Chantilly read over the pages a bit. Werewolves seemed to be a lot like vampires, in everything except behaviors… -01:57 Jun 21
Galdrin: "How long has he need cursed?" he asked sitting at the table and folding his arms. "Seeing that he’s starving himself his curse will take hold faster, I’m not an expert of vampires so I’ve told you about all I can. I know he’s biting you so be careful… now do you want to check those out and he’ll get food?" -02:03 Jun 21
Chantilly: "A week and a half maybe? We both ended up cursed on Halloween Night…" Chantilly slid in to a chair too, setting the books on the table so she could give them a more detailed read. While reviewing paragraphs, she nodded at his last question. "Food is great! I always feel so bad about getting to eat stuff when Will can’t so I need to eat before he wakes up. Plus, he’ll totally fuss if he finds out I forgot." -02:12 Jun 21
Galdrin: "I meant we get food, sorry." he said. "You can check these book out, they’ll get protection charms on them and as long as you don’t disturb those they can be taken out fo the library." -02:23 Jun 21
Chantilly: Of course, just with him saying that it made her examine the books trying to see where the charm was and how it worked. That one had been so subtle, she hadn’t even realized it was there. "Weird… but cool! I’m gonna have to try not to take too many. I don’t think I can carry all of these books. Or even read them fast enough." -02:26 Jun 21
Galdrin: He looked at her. "I can carry quite a few, but maybe just stick with three." He said. "If you really need to you can borrow my backpack to cerry them in, the straps are easy to adjust and I trust you to give it back to me at class tonight." -02:30 Jun 21
Chantilly: "I am supposed to be meeting Will directly at class anyway so he can avoid the sun, so I guess we can go out and get a bite to eat and I can shamelessly abuse your giant werewolf arms!" She cast a big wide cheeky grin. Chantilly never really had any shame! -02:32 Jun 21
Galdrin: "My giant… Yes alright." he reached out to pick up the books and stood. "Have your card ready. We’ll get these on it and then food is right across the street, I think you’ll like it there." -02:37 Jun 21
Chantilly: "Sweet! You know, you’re really nice for a wolf. Are most werewolves like you?" Chantilly made sure her card was out again and that her own bag was hanging on her shoulder. Her coffee cup that was long since empty, got tossed in to a nearby bin. "What kind of place is it? Not that I’m picky, I like food in general!" -02:41 Jun 21
Galdrin: "For the answer to both those questions you’ll have to wait until we get there." he stood and cradling the books made for the staircase and didn’t answer any more questions either until he was placing them down on the same counted Chantilly had had her card stamped at and gesturing her forwards. -02:53 Jun 21
Chantilly: "Okay Mister Mysterious, have it your way!" She laughed and giggled, and played along. Being perfectly patient with getting her books checked out. She let him carry all but one. They really would be a pain to carry all on her own, even if she did stuff them in her bag. He had those big arms, he might as well use them, -02:57 Jun 21
[Chantilly is going out for dinner/breakfast..or is it lunch… SHE DOESN’T KNOW SHE’S BEEN AWAKE FOREVER! And with a brand new werewolf friend! Who knew those were real too?] -10:03 Jul 19
[Galdrin is taking the human vampirefood across the street to a resturant he knows very well.] -10:04 Jul 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was starving, which really wasn’t any surprise. Even with the extra vitamins, she was pretty much hungry most of the time. Free food was a huge plus! …not to mention it was a super awesome chance to get to know her new, notahuman friend. "So you come to this place a lot?" -10:07 Jul 19
Galdrin: "I live here." he said stepping up to the door in the rustic wooden facade and pushing it open. The entire interious was also wooden, with a barn feel but clean, polished and without a lot of the decor items the stereotypical cowboy themed bar bar, in have it looked like a wooden diner with a window into the sparkling white tithen where a large man poked his head through at the sound of the door. "Galdrin! Here to help out or… oooh a date?" "Daaaaaad." Galdrin replied. "This is Chantilly, I’m helping her study." -10:15 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh! Family business! Hiiiiii Galdrin’s daaaaad!" Chantilly had a bright smile and waaaaved. She didn’t stare for long, she was busy looking around at the place. Strangely enough, she never had dinner there before, so this was a new treat and she was pretty curious. Werewolf guy is not a cowboy… check! "It kinda looks like a cabin in the woods in here, that’s pretty neat!" -10:19 Jul 19
Galdrin: "Probably because that’s what it used to be." he said. "When we moved to the city we brought out home with us and assembled it inside this building. Dad, lunch, the usual… and Chantilly needs coffee and food." he sat down in one of the chairs and placed Chantilly’s books on the table. "You can come a read here anytime. This table is where I do my homework." -10:22 Jul 19
Chantilly: "That’d be great, actually. I’m not so used to this night stuff and the library is only open during the day, so it’s not like I can do everything in the evenings, and I get kinda lonely with Will asleep all day! And um, I guess I am kinda rambling again, but coffee would be aaaawesome. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve gone through this week!" Chantilly dropped in to a seat, pulling her books closer. Which to start with first…! -10:26 Jul 19
Galdrin: "You also need to order." he pointed out and looking at the kitchen. "I was about to make burger patties if she wants that." the dad called. "Best in the city, old family recipe." "He just puts mustard seeds in the meat." Galdrin whispered. "But it is pretty good." -10:28 Jul 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was almost going to ask what werewolves put in their old family burgers, but she wasn’t sure yet whether or not the family knew he was a wolf or if all of them were. She just grinned instead and nodded. "Yeah, I’ll have a burger then! With extra cheese?" She finally decided which book she wanted to open and flipped through the pages. "I can’t believe I haven’t been in here before…" -10:32 Jul 19
Galdrin: "Extra cheese." came the call from the kitchen and soon the smell of cooking meat wafted through the resturant. "It’s a local hangout for the… unusual." he said. "Only vampires arn’t really welcome, but they’re not interested in food anyway." he explained "Few normals ever find thier way here and when they do we treat them with care. And to the question you havn’t asked. Yes, we’re closed on the nights of full moons." -10:44 Jul 19
Chantilly: "So you are a whole family of werewolves!" That was just… kind of mind blowing to Chantilly. To think, this entire time there was werewolves walking around all over the place. A bitchy witch was already a weird thing to deal with, and now the entire universe was opened up for all kinds of things existing. Chantilly looked a little perturbed for a moment. "Oh man… I just realized if there’s you, there’s gotta be all kinds of things… How do people even survive?" A rhetorical and maybe over-dramatic question, but… she did have to wonder! -10:48 Jul 19
Galdrin: The lange man in the kitchen came out with a tray of coffee and mugs and aditives. "We have rules. We don’t hurt humans we don’t have to and we keep things secret. There are humans who know and some that want to expose up but they’re dismissed as crazy people. We’re a lot rarer than you might think and we band together for safety." he picked up the book on werewolves and opened it back to where he was. "Vampires though never want to cooperate… you shouldn’t trust them." -10:55 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Thaaaaank you." she griiiined at the man, and was immediately taking a relieved sip of coffee. Then she was shrugging her shoulders at Galdrin. "Will didn’t start as a vampire, and he’s not like anybody else! We’ve been best friends since we were kids, so I know I can trust him. You’ll like him too!" -10:59 Jul 19
Galdrin: "Galdrin looked at her, then shook his head. "You don’t know anything about vampires." he said. "But you’re letting one chew on you anyway. He is a predator Chantilly, a solitary killer adn she more he starves himself quicker he will succumb to the beast. I don’t want to see you end up as a goul, or worse." -11:05 Jul 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was rolling her eyes, but at least she was still grinning. He meant well, but he didn’t know Will at all. "We’ll have to agree to disagree." She paused mid-sip, tilting her head a bit and giving a curious glance. "What’s a ghoul? Isn’t that like a ghost or something?" -11:09 Jul 19
Galdrin: "You can think of it as a zombie controlled by a vampire with no free will of thier own. That is what will happen to you if you rink his blood. My family have delt with a lot of vampires." he said. "But if you you’re not going to listen then we should talk about your magic, why don’t you try moving a fork?" -11:17 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh blech, at least I know [i]that -11:18 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh blech, at least I know that’s never gonna happen." Eeeew, just the thought of drinking blood was making her a little quesy. Chantilly was happen for the change of subject. She cast a dubious stare at the fork. "Just move it, huh? Uuuhm… well, I am not so great at the magic stuff. Let’s see…" She thought about it and after a moment, sure she had a decent concentration ON the fork, flicked her fingers at it to cast a spell. …and instead the salt shaker exploded and Chantilly’s yelp was loud enough to wake the dead! -11:21 Jul 19
Galdrin: He shook his head slowly, then reached out to take her and an trace a finger along her nerves and muscles. "You’re too stressed, I don’t know anything about magic but I think the energy would need to flow cleanly…? Like hindu chakras… But like I said magic is not my trong poing, I do know what makes transforming less painful though." -11:30 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Uhmhum. Maybe a little stressed." Stressed, and not blushing like some sort of idiot. She had a boyfriend and here she was getting all melty-gooey over a palm touch. After a swallow, she squeezed her eyes shut and triiiied to focus on the fork. "So like the Force and stuff, huh? I keep wanting to do things and then it just all pops at once. I can’t seem to do just a little bit." -11:34 Jul 19
Galdrin: "he shook his head and scratched begine his ear. "You should talk to our teacher then. Just try and get some sleep." he gave her a look. "We have a spare bed here if you ever need it." -11:49 Jul 19
Chantilly: "Oh! He did give me a cool book!" Disentangling herself from forks and werehands, Chantilly shifted her books around until she found the right one. "I thought it was a little he gave me this, it has toooons of magical theory and spells in it. So I guess he’s not so normal himself either? Is HE a werewolf?" -11:55 Jul 19
Galdrin: "We’s a wizard." Galdrin said. "So he would know a lot more about spells than I do. I just need to know… food is here." he said getting up and heading to the window into the kitchen and pciked up thier plates before carrying them back to the table. -12:05 Jul 20
Chantilly: A wizard…! That might’ve been the best news Chantilly heard in awhile about their whole… situation. Surely a wizard would know how to break a witch’s curse, then everything would be fine again. Chantilly’s grin was back once a plate was set in front of her, and she wasted no time in shoving a bite in her mouth. Fooood was so good, and it was nice getting to eat without having to feel guilty because Will couldn’t. "This is greeeat! I’m so glad you invited me!" -12:09 Jul 20
Galdrin: He slides into his rare steak and ran the meat through the sauch before shoving it into his mouth. "You’re new, and trying to do everything yourself and you clearly need help so I’m happy to help any way I can." -12:29 Jul 20
Chantilly: "Then I will definitely ask you for help when I need it. But I thiiiiink I have it all under control? Well, a lot better now that I know our teacher is a wizard! I was seriously not sure how I was gonna figure out everything by myself." Chantilly was kicking her feet back and forth under her seat as she grinned. "And if you want help with anything I’d be happy too, also. Homework or anything -12:37 Jul 20
Galdrin: It seemed the werewolf was busy with his food because he didn’t respond beyond a nod as he continues wolfing down the meat, then he was pullong a mug closer to himself to wash it down with. "i’ll only be able to help out with the non-magical homsework. But I’d be more than happy to help with that." -12:47 Jul 20

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