Bronwen falls in to a brief melancholy about her lost time, of which MacBeth snaps her out of very quick. They arrive at a supply house, discussing things where Bronwen gets the idea of luring MacBeth in to a drinking contest just to test out his remarks. It works, much to his own surprise. They arrive back at the ship to find Bronwen’s flippant remark about Duncan dancing naked in the halls to be true. He’s high as a kite off pain meds! MacBeth finds himself “blinded” while Bronwen stuffs Duncan back in his room.

Bronwen and MacBeth sit down for their drinking contest with clever taunting and teasing! They are very eveninly matched and get good and snockered. Getting snockered also loosens up tongues, where Bronwen complains about MacBeth getting years with her brothers while she was frozen, and MacBeth bringing up Arasia! Bronwen insists to know about her, and MacBeth confesses that she was his first love – and that she died. MacBeth conceeds defeat to Bronwen for the contest because he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, but she doesn’t let him escape. When she gets him to sit down and keep talking to her, he tells her a bit about how he wound up with her brothers.

Some hours later and so drunk they’re barely standing, Squidpirates invade the ship! Duncan hides like a coward, while MacBeth attacks them head on with a lead pipe. Bronwen finds an axe lying around and meets the squidpirates by screaming their own phrase back at them! With Bronwen’s compltely insane shouting and MacBeth picking them off one by one while they’re distracted, the rest of the squidpirates flee from what they deem must be superior warriors. Elated they managed to actually live through that, Bronwen collapses on the floor next to MacBeth and lays a kiss on him! The power goes out. Though, both of them nearly pass out in the hall, MacBeth says Bronwen isn’t a girl, she’s a Shadowstar – and that’s plenty to get her mad enough to get up and stomp off to fix things.

Duncan tries to figure out why the Captain is so mad, but no one is spilling the beans! Bronwen gets the power back on and earns a few burns for the effort. She goes to get MacBeth to fix it, but find him resting in a dark room somewhere. She’s suspicious that he got himself hurt, but isn’t telling her about it. So she lets him patch up her hands while trying to trick him in to admitting he’s injured. It worked. Again.

MacBeth: ~As they head back to the ship~ *Is still enjoying the peace and wondering when they can get some rest. He’s not too keen on meeting up with Blackguard.* -01:30 Feb 07
Bronwen: *Clearly thinking deeply when she’s not harassing MacBeth! There was a lot she missed over the years…* -01:33 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Watches as Shadowstar keeps walking, although he stopped. He catches up to her.* Okay, Captain, what’s bothering you now? -01:34 Feb 07
Bronwen: Hmm…? Have you ever wondered what things would be like if you disappeared? I used to wonder things like that, never thought it might happened. -01:37 Feb 07
MacBeth: To be honest, not really. I’m too busy trying not to disappear at all. ‘Sides, it wouldn’t matter if I dropped off the face of the planet or not. -01:39 Feb 07
Bronwen: I would notice you gone, but I don’t suppose that counts at the moment. …You know… you were probably a kid while I was getting myself frozen. That’s insane. -01:41 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Smiles slightly when she says she would notice he was gone.* Thanks. I know it’s not much coming from me but, it’s better not to think about "what if." You get too caught up in what could have been and don’t get anything done. We have a package to deliver and your brothers to save but we can’t do that unless you snap out of it and we grab some supplies. -01:44 Feb 07
Bronwen: *She casts him a half scowl..* I was just thinking. Not like I’m going to start crying in the dark about my lost time. -01:47 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Then stop wasting mine. Let’s get those supplies and get back to that piece of crap Flyboy calls a ship. Stars only know what he’s doing with himself while we’re away. -01:49 Feb 07
Bronwen: …. Dancing naked through the hall would be likely. *She sighs!* Why do I get all the weird ones..! -01:51 Feb 07
MacBeth: If he is, he better have some clothes on when we get back. Or I’ll save us the headache and just shoot him right then and there. -01:54 Feb 07
Bronwen: *Bronwen stops at a foodwarehouse place, making and suddenly grinning!* Do you suppose he’d improve his habits if you were dancing around naked? -02:01 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Raises his eyebrow at her.* … Tell me, you’re joking. I’m certainly not going to strip and dance around just to teach him a lesson or two. -02:04 Feb 07
Bronwen: Well ~I~ can’t do it. That would be entirely too much fun for him. -02:05 Feb 07
MacBeth: The day you get me to do that without putting a gun to my head is the day you get me drunk. *He mutters as he brushes past her to check out the food supplies here.* -02:07 Feb 07
Bronwen: *…Idea!* Bah… A few drinks and you’d pass out on the floor, I’m sure. -02:08 Feb 07
MacBeth: I don’t pass out on the floor. I’ve gotten drunk with your brothers more times than I care to count. And I learned early on *never* to pass out on the floor until they do. -02:09 Feb 07

{*Someone who works at the warehouse, a young woman in a gray uniform, comes up to them and asks if she can help them with anything. Other people in gray uniforms are helping the other customers and the place is pretty crowded.*: }

Bronwen: Oh riiiight. I’ll believe that when I see it. *Oh good, helpers make things easier!* Yes! I need enough supplies to stock for a crew of four for a least three months. … Hmm. And some decent liquor. -02:12 Feb 07

{*The young woman nods and quickly disappears into the crowd that appears to be surrounding them as they check out things on the shelves.*: }

MacBeth: *Has a feeling he should tread carefully. Shadowstar is a sneaky one. He watches and waits for the girl to come back.* Yeah, you’d just love to be proven right, wouldn’t you? -02:20 Feb 07
Bronwen: I bet you can’t even drink me to the floor. *She smirks!* -02:21 Feb 07
MacBeth: Anytime. Anywhere. -02:22 Feb 07
Bronwen: Oh really? I suppose we can lock up Duncan and have a little competition tonight, then? Unless of course you want to practice first? -02:23 Feb 07
MacBeth: Practice is the last thing I need. Tonight. As soon as we get Flyboy away. -02:25 Feb 07

{*The young woman comes by with a lift with the supplies and the liquor Bronwen asked for. She asks if there is anything else she can help them with.*: }

Bronwen: Oh no, this is perfect, thank you! *She’s grinning from ear to ear! Let’s just see MacBeth’s limits! She could drink all of her brothers under the table, this would be easy!* -02:27 Feb 07

{*The young woman gives her a piece of paper and tells her to pay for the supplies at the front. A man behind the counter will accept payment. Then she wishes them a good day and invites them back before disappearing into the crowd again.*: }

Bronwen: *She motions a hand to the lift for him to take care of! With that maddening grin!* -02:31 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Mutters something under his breath but takes care of the lift and the supplies. He follows her to pay for the things and then follows her back to the Briar Rose.* -02:34 Feb 07
Bronwen: *Upon returning to the ship, she is much too pleasant in helping put away supplies! Like a well pleased cat!* -02:37 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Doesn’t even want to know what Shadowstar has up her sleeves! He’s beginning to regret wanting to show her up so much. But he can’t back out now. However, there was that incident he had the last time he got drunk …* -02:40 Feb 07
Duncan: *Comes out … dancing naked!* Duh duh dee! Duh duh daaaa … *He twirls and arches his back only to see–!* Oh, you’re back already!
Bronwen: *Why. Why did she know that was exactly what he was–* … Did you overdose on the pain meds?! -02:44 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Shuts his eyes and shields them.* Great. Now I’ve been blinded. -02:44 Feb 07
Duncan: Hee hee! Why …? *He tiptoes up to Bronwen and poses!* Did you want me to save you some …? *He wraps his arms around her and attempts to get her into a dip.* Oh, Cap’n! Sweet, spirited Cap’n! Muse of my heart and sunshine of my soul!
Bronwen: I told you to stay in bed and out of trouble?! *Dipped?! If he wasn’t already banged up, she’d smack him!* Stop screwing around and go to bed! -02:47 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Is sitting on the crate, waiting for sight to return. If it had, he would’ve shot Flyboy by now.* -02:48 Feb 07
Duncan: Awh, come on, Cap’n! Come to bed with me! Let me show you how you make me soar! Let me rock your world! *Sounds like a man in love … or a man who is high. Either way, he twirls and dances around the ship with her.*
Bronwen: Ugh… drugged up idiot. *She dances him right to his room, where she promptly shoves him in and locks the door on him! Shouts through the door!* Get your ass to sleep! And sober! -02:51 Feb 07
Duncan: *One moment is having the time of his life with her and the next, has his face buried in the cot and hears the door shut behind him! He starts to bang on the door!* Awh, but, Cap’n! It’s so cold and lonely in here! Cap’n? Cap’n! Heeelllloooooo!
MacBeth: *By the time Shadowstar returns, he has everything packed away now that his sight has finally returned.* -02:53 Feb 07
Bronwen: Shut up and go to bed! *She stalks off! Now she NEEDS that drink! She’s got to be psychic, or something!* Quick! Where is the booze! Must erase my memory! -02:54 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Points to one of the smaller boxes and watches as she grabs the booze out. He smirks.* What’s the matter, Captain? Didn’t you want to stick around for the fireworks I’m sure he had planned? -02:57 Feb 07
Bronwen: I can do without his brand of fireworks! *She’s got the bottles, and twitches a finger for him to follow!* Now are you ready for your brutal defeat? -02:59 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Gets off of the crate he’s sitting on to follow and grabs a few bottles of his own.* We’ll see. -03:02 Feb 07
Bronwen: You shall earn the name Beth, this night! *A small kitchenette table in what she assumes is supposed to be the kitchen is where she sets the bottles down and plops in to a seat. There’s a few glasses near the wall and she picks the two closest matching in size.* -03:05 Feb 07
MacBeth: Less talk and more action, Shadowstar. *He smirks a bit. He won’t admit it but … he does miss the company. He drops down in a seat and opens two bottles. One for him and one for Shadowstar.* -03:07 Feb 07
Bronwen: *She takes her bottle and pours her first glass!* You’re quick to meet your doom, aren’t cha? -03:09 Feb 07
MacBeth: *Does the same! He grins just before he downs the liquor.* If I am, I’m not going alone. -03:11 Feb 07
[Bronwen is no light drinker! She’ll have MacBeth on the floor in no time!] -02:27 Feb 08
[MacBeth isn’t about to let Shadowstar off easily!] -02:28 Feb 08
MacBeth: So. Last one to drop wins. *He fills up his glass and downs it!* -02:29 Feb 08
Bronwen: *Mimics! Including mimicing his face before she starts snickering!* This will be much too easy. -02:29 Feb 08
MacBeth: Tch. We’ll see about that. *He finishes off that glass, fills it up, and downs it again.* -02:30 Feb 08
Bronwen: You’ll be crying to Duncan to carry you to bed! *One drink, two drinks, three! Ooh, maybe they should have eaten first!* -02:32 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Keeps up with her! He downs the next one after that and the next one!* As long as you’re not so drunk you tumble into bed with him. *He regrets saying that, though, because–quite frankly–the last thing he needs is to worry about what Flyboy will be up to.* -02:33 Feb 08
Bronwen: Ach! Eeew! That’s so gross I can’t even think of something awful to compare it to! *Bleech! A few more shots to erase that thought will do the trick!* -02:35 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit before taking another drink and another and another …* -02:37 Feb 08
Bronwen: *She points a finger at him as she takes another drink!* You… Would you sleep with Duncan? Nu uh. I’d sleep with you first! -02:41 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Blinks!* Hey! *Great, now HE’S gotta get rid of that image! And it takes a couple more–Hm, maybe a couple more after that will help–just to distract him!* You don’t see him swooning over me, do you? Oh no. He’s all yours. -02:45 Feb 08
Bronwen: *Hey, now she has to catch up to those extra shots! Quick drinking! Koff!* I do not want…! We’ll get him a robot! -02:48 Feb 08
MacBeth: … Do you have any idea how expensive those things are? *Downs a couple more and now he’s trying to think what was so bad about getting drunk. It was supposedly something really bad but he can’t remember anymore! He takes another shot or two!* -02:51 Feb 08
Bronwen: I am a business genius. I can drunken shoot, and fix things! …Gamble up some starting money and I’ll build a ship myself! *hahaa! There’s a great idea! Why didn’t she think of that before? Another drink or six! Or, to hell with the glass, she might as well drink from the bottle!* -02:53 Feb 08
MacBeth: Now there’s an idea. *Pauses to down one glass and refills!* We’ll be here another 20 years until you finish it. *Down and refill! Down and refill! Down-refill! He should really slow down but there’s plenty of time for that–when Shadowstar is passed out on the floor!* -02:56 Feb 08
Bronwen: Idiot… It doesn’t take that long… Hee.. You look like a robot now yourself! Put you in a dress and call you MacBethbot! -02:59 Feb 08
MacBeth: Heh. I wouldn’t talk. You’re starting to look your age. What are you again now? 60 or somethin’? *Downs another glass but it’s spilling over the brim and now it’s all over his arm and soaking his shirt! He’ll never get the smell out!* -03:02 Feb 08
Bronwen: *She pulls the bottle away from him, and might be about ready to clobber him with it!* You’re not screwin’ with me, buddy! I look good and 20! Not a saggy tit on me, like that old hag Morgan! -03:05 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Grabs the bottle away from her! She’s not about to wrestle victory from him now! He takes a swig straight out of the bottle!* Whassa matter, Shadowstar? Can’t take a joke? -03:06 Feb 08
Bronwen: If I can take you, I can take a joke! *She leans over the table and grabs the bottle again!* You’re cheatin’an spillin’ all over the place! -03:07 Feb 08
MacBeth: Ha! You’re the one cheating! Trying to take my drink from me! Grab your own bottle! *He swipes the bottle back! She is definitely asking for it!* -03:08 Feb 08
Bronwen: Cheatin’ scoundrel.. *She growls as she gets up to round the table and plop down beside him.* I’ll pour the glasses! -03:10 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Stubborn, overbearing–!* Fine. Just be quick about it. I almost got you beat. -03:14 Feb 08
Bronwen: Yes, I’m so totally falling on the floor right now! *Ha! She can still see straight! Well, mostly. She caaaarefully and slowly pours the glasses. * -03:16 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Watches as she slowly pours the glass.* It’s a drinking contest, Shadowstar. Not a tea party. *Why the crap is she taking so damn long?!* -03:26 Feb 08
Bronwen: Dunno why you’re in sucha rush to loose. When you pass out I’m going to draw circles on your face and go thru your pockets. -03:28 Feb 08
MacBeth: Guess I can kiss my collection of pocket lint goodbye, huh? *Drums his fingers against the table.* -03:30 Feb 08
Bronwen: *She sets his glass in front of him!* Ha ha! so clever! Why not admit, that you probably can’t feel your fingers now and conceed to my victory? -03:32 Feb 08
MacBeth: Oh, I’ll conceed to victory. *Grabs the glass and downs it, then slams it down onto the table in front of her!* In your dreams. Come on, Shadowstar. I thought you said you were a hardcore drinker. -03:33 Feb 08
Bronwen: Hmph. Show you… *She leans across the table to grab her bottle, and doesn’t bother with the glass! Chugging down the last of the bottle takes a minute, and she coughs again when she sets the bottle down!* … done! *Hiccup! …. snicker!* -03:36 Feb 08
MacBeth: Oh yeah. I’m shaking in my boots now. *He grabs an unopened bottle but is forced to open it slowly.* Cheers. *He takes a few gulps and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand as it burns down his throat.* -03:38 Feb 08
Bronwen: *Snickering..!* Right about now Cassius and Brennen would be snoring! And Aaron would be saying "Brownie, you’re a witch. An ungodly witch." -03:40 Feb 08
MacBeth: I dun see ’em around, do you? *Man, that drink is strong! And it can’t help but show on his face, either! But he still refuses to admit defeat!* -03:43 Feb 08
Bronwen: No, they’re not around.. *Oh, that stop her snickering… she snatches the bottle from him and drinks, along with a very pitiful look.* I ‘pose it’s my fault.. locked in a freezer… -03:45 Feb 08
MacBeth: Quit that whining about the freezer. *Mutters as he grabs the bottle and takes a big swallow of it!* I already know about that. *Sheesh, why the hell was she bringing it up, anyways?* -03:46 Feb 08
Bronwen: *She smacked him in the back of the head!* I’ll whine if I please! You got to play with the lot of them while years pass me by! An you gotta remind me they’re not here now… big jerk. -03:48 Feb 08
MacBeth: You’re the one who brought ’em up in the first place! *Growls!* … Damn it, you sound like Arasia now. -03:50 Feb 08
Bronwen: Don’t compare me to someone I dun know! Who the hell is Arasia?! -03:51 Feb 08
MacBeth: … Never mind. Let’s just drop it. -03:52 Feb 08
MacBeth: *He takes another swig out of the bottle!* -03:52 Feb 08
Bronwen: Why am I like Arasia? Do I look like her? Was she your woman? … are you comparing me to an ex girlfriend?! *Why is that even insulting? …. did he even have girlfriends? …She snatches the bottle from him!* Answers or no booze! -03:54 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Goes for the bottle!* Just drop it, Shadowstar. Forget I ever said that name. -03:56 Feb 08
Bronwen: *She holds the bottle far out of reach!* There can’t be vengeful women in your past, I need to know! -03:58 Feb 08
MacBeth: She’s not vengeful! *He suddenly seems to sober up and he falls back into the seat.* … Not anymore. -04:00 Feb 08
Bronwen: *She eyed him carefully and leeaaaned close.* Are you sure? Is she dead? -04:01 Feb 08
MacBeth: … I was there. Ten years ago, I struck out on my own after promising your brothers I would find you wherever Morgan had hidden you. I met a girl. I fell in love with her. Only problem was, we weren’t being very honest to each other. She was stealing money and information from Morgan. Until Morgan found out. -04:07 Feb 08
Bronwen: … that probably ended with a hella bad bang, didn’t it. -04:09 Feb 08
MacBeth: *Stares at the empty glass.* Yeah … Courtesy of one of Morgan’s thugs, Banquo. *Stands.* You win this round, Shadowstar. I’m about to pass out. *Shuffles out.* Just not on the floor. Save some liquor for later. -04:15 Feb 08
[Bronwen is not letting MacBeth get away that easy.] -02:14 Feb 13
[MacBeth is ready to call it quits!] -02:15 Feb 13
MacBeth: *In fact, he’s already standing and heading for the door. Probably to the front of the ship, although he staggers a bit and has to lean against the wall for support.* -02:16 Feb 13
Bronwen: Oh no you don’t! You don’t just quit in the middle! *She’s on her feet and blocking his way!* I’m not done talking to you. -02:18 Feb 13
MacBeth: *Stops!* We were drinking, Shadowstar. Not talking. Now will you get out of my way so I can sleep this whole thing off? -02:21 Feb 13
Bronwen: *She holds out her arms towards both walls, full intending to NOT get out of the way.* So you’re the bottle it all up dark and brooding type hmm? -02:24 Feb 13
MacBeth: *Runs his fingers through his hair.* What the hell does that have to do with anything? We call it a night. You win. Case closed. -02:27 Feb 13
Bronwen: A good and healthy crew doesn’t have any emotional bagagge! ….druken discussions or not. ….I am your captain, and I demand talking about it! -02:29 Feb 13
MacBeth: *Raises an eyebrow at her.* Last I checked "good" and "healthy" didn’t fit us at all. Anyways, I already told you my emotional baggage. Loved. Lost. End of story. *In the back of his mind, he’s starting to wonder why he hasn’t already pushed past her and tried to get some sleep. Then again, she is a stubborn one … She’d only follow him and he wouldn’t get any sleep at all.* -02:32 Feb 13
Bronwen: Ha! Because you haven’t shut up and talked to me yet. And obviously I don’t have any issues to work out. So we’re going to talk. About all of it. -02:34 Feb 13
MacBeth: *Mutters something under his breath and–Mac being Mac–chances are, he’s swearing. He leans his head against his arm and looks like he’s about to sleep on his feet.* Crap, you’re a sadistic one. -02:37 Feb 13
Bronwen: You’re just being a pain in the ass. You get tell me all about the woman, and what hapened… Or how my brothers have emotionally scared you for life. …hey! *She takes him by the ear but hasn’t started tugging yet.* Don’t fall asleep yet. Such a light weight… -02:40 Feb 13
MacBeth: *Lifts his head and looks at her.* The only reason I’m falling asleep is ’cause you’re boring me to death. Can’t you go dig up Flyboy and ask about *his* issues? Sure he’s got plenty he’d love to share. -02:41 Feb 13
Bronwen: *She looks plainly insulted!* His biggest issue is lacking common sense. … Are you intimidated by me? -02:44 Feb 13
MacBeth: *Now it’s his turn to look insulted!* … Fine. Let’s get this down and out on the table so I can get some sleep. *He stands up straight and plops back down at the table.* -02:48 Feb 13
Bronwen: Okay then! *She hadn’t actually expected him to give in, thinking he might have actually put up more of a fight with it. She wasn’t quite sure if she was disappointed or satisfied, but she sat down at the table again.* So… tell me all about it. -02:51 Feb 13
MacBeth: *Yawns and looks like he’s about to fall asleep right there, until he grabs the forgotten bottle and takes a swig of it!* Guess should start from the beginning then. I got caught up with your brothers when I was eleven. *He began, putting the bottle down.* After Morgan got the Shadowstar power behind her, she did whatever the hell she wanted. She attacked planets and ships and stations. Always figured the only reason she didn’t wipe out everyone was ’cause she was too lazy to do everything herself. -03:05 Feb 13
Bronwen: She’s a crazy bitch. I really can’t imagine why someone hasn’t shot her down sooner… -03:09 Feb 13
MacBeth: Can’t figure it out, either. *He runs his fingers through his hair again and takes another swig from the bottle before continuing.* So Morgan was going on a pillage spree and one of her stops was a large ship carrying settlers. They’d had to abandon their planet because volcanic activity beneath the surface had made living there extremely dangerous. They had found an ideal planet, had done their homework and made sure no one else was living there. It was going to be the perfect place to live, to work, to grow. Anyways, Morgan took all that away. One moment, she showed up. The next, everything was gone. -03:16 Feb 13
Bronwen: Well fuck… give me that.* She snatches the bottle from him for a drink. If she thought Morgan was an evil bitch before, that sure reitterated the fact!* -03:19 Feb 13
[Bronwen is fairly certain she won the drinking contest with MacBeth, but she\’s passed out at the table anyway!] -02:55 Apr 08
[MacBeth enters.] -02:56 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Stares down at his empty cup but his mind is another place and time. He vaguely wonders if he should try to stand but his eyes are heavy and his arm swings out to knock the cup off the table.* -02:57 Apr 08
Bronwen: *Bronwen… sleeps it off! Wait! No! She sits up suddenly!* I’m awake….! -03:01 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Slumps forward on the table and looks at her.* Give it up already, Sha’ow’ar. -03:06 Apr 08

Deep in the vastness of space… way too close to home there is… THE FLYING SQUID! Which, at a first glance might look like a giant killer space squid, but in actuality is a pirates vessel designed to capture ships and dispose of the crew in record time! Somewhere an alarm must be going off. Duncan must be asleep!

Bronwen: Hmnoo. …but sa bottles gone. *Man, that was too much drinking, there’s a horribly annoying beeping sound going on!* -03:09 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Hears that BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! sound going off! He groans and shuts his eyes, trying to block off that sound. It’s grating against his eardrums.* Oy … *Need … gun … Shoot … noise …* -03:10 Apr 08
Bronwen: Oh damn. *That would be the radar alarm, wasn’t it? Bronwen slid from her seat – and straight in to the floor. …And then it was on to her feet swaying in zigzags for the control room!* Duncan…! Alarm, alarm! -03:15 Apr 08

Duncan: *Is grinning in a way that leaves no doubt on what he’s dreaming about.* Mmm … Oh … baby … Yeah … that’s it … Zzzz … *He turns over.*

The sudden sound of metal grating against metal blessed their ears, along with a sudden jarring of the entire ship!

Bronwen: *Bronwen covered her ears, which left her forgetting to brace herself for balance and she ends plopping right on top of Duncan… How the hell did she manage that!* Duncan, the alarm! -03:21 Apr 08
MacBeth: … Oooofff! *Goes Mac as he gets thrown off the chair and lands, shoulder-first onto the floor. He skids and stops when he hits the wall. He groans and shakes his head quickly.* Damn … *That was the last time he got into a drinking contest. And he meant it this time! He swears under his breath as he gets onto his hands and knees. He tries to get off his knees and stands but the alcohol messes up his equilibrium and he ends up back on the floor on his knees. Nullifier. That’s what he needed. Guaranteed to knock the alcohol clean out of you.* -03:22 Apr 08

Duncan: *Wakes up when someone falls on top of him! He grins up at Bronwen.* Why, hello, Cap’n … *The alarm snaps him out of it and he blinks. He nearly shoves Bronwen off of him in his haste to sit up and press random buttons.* What the shit …

Bronwen: *Bronwen finds herself slipping to the floor with or without Duncan’s help, and sure doesn’t like her view either.* bleeding idiot…! -03:26 Apr 08

Duncan: Uh–Sorry, Cap’n! *He keeps pressing buttons but the alarm still hasn’t gone off!* What the bloody hell! She’s never done this before!

Blubbering speech is forced through the intercom system from the other ship. The translator suggested “Keebler tree mating Cheese bone!” but that clearly made no sense what so ever.

Duncan: *Throws a sheepish grin at Bronwen.* Erm … The baby’s been in disrepair. Haven’t been able to fix her up for quite some time now.

Bronwen: *That man was lucky she could barely spit out coherant words. Bronwen crawled across the floor and yanked open one of the hatches to reveal some wires. She pulled two, growled at the third when it shocked her and twisted a few other wires together.* -03:31 Apr 08

The intercom went through some very interesting voice and translation combinations before it cleared out and settled. “You are now the property of the Squidpirates. Perish with dignity!”

MacBeth: *Is more or less walking on hands and knees, digging into boxes, under shelves and into cabinets. There’s a throbbing in his head and he’s feeling woozy but he can’t pass out like he’d love to right now. It’d be really easy to, he knew. Just slump forward, close his eyes, and let Shadowstar and Flyboy handle it. Not like there was much to live for …* Shit for brains. *He grumbles as he pushes that idea away and keeps searching. Nullifier. Nullifier. Flyboy had to have some on this floating piece of crap.* -03:34 Apr 08

Duncan: *Nearly falls out of his chair!* Holy crap …! Squidpirates! We’re doomed for sure now!

Bronwen: yep. you go meet ’em! *And with that, Bronwen was dragging herself to her feet again and staggering for the nearest escape ship! …they didn’t have an escape ship! She needed a gun and a closet! * …Not drunk enough for this! -03:38 Apr 08

SCREEEEEEEECH! That would be the sound of the invading ship easily forcing open the doors! They have officially been invaded by Squidpirates who might seem like normal looking individuals, but they have tentacles all over the place and great big tusks for chomping!

Duncan: Uh … Uh … *He quickly glances around for somewhere to hide! There! He drops to the ground beside his chair and pulls off a panel covering! Then he attempts to push aside wires–dozens of them–just so he can squeeze into the small niche!*

MacBeth: *Damn …! No Nullifier! And by the sounds of things, they had company! He starts swearing and cursing. They should’ve kept those blasted guns after all–but crap if they hadn’t needed the cash! He grabs a steel pipe and ducks down against the wall, just inside Flyboy’s room.* -03:47 Apr 08
Bronwen: You coward! *Well hells bells, if he’s going to run like a chicken, she was obligated to be heroic and brave just to even things out. …But nobody in their right mind fought with Squidpirates! …Well, she WAS pretty drunk… and possibly not all together sane. …If they’re going to die, she might as well do it with style! Bronwen grabs… Why the hell does Duncan have an axe just lying around on the floor? It’ll work!* -03:49 Apr 08

Squidpirates sloooowly sneak in, with their weapons ready… Afterall, they’ve taken over plenty of ships and the crew always tries to hide and do something pitiful before they get slaughtered and eaten! They come lurking down the sleeping quarters!

MacBeth: *Tries to remember where his gun is but he can’t remember for the life of him! Gah, he’d just have to find it later. That is … if he lives that long. He waits, tightening his grip on the steel pipe and waits for a few of the pirates to walk in. Squidpirates, eh? He can see them but they can’t see him. Not yet anyways.* -03:56 Apr 08

Them Squidpirates are kicking and prying doors away as they check every room… and they come across the one MacBeth is hiding in first! “GRRTIPLYP UP!”

MacBeth: *If he’s going down, he’s going down fighting! He waits until a few of them are inside the room, then out of nowhere, he swings the pipe to the head of the one closest to him! At the same time, he kicks out in an attempt to knock the other one off his feet and then thrust the pipe into a third pirate’s belly!* -04:00 Apr 08

The Squidpirates pounce on him like pirranah! Only with lots of tentacles! And even though he took out Bob, Frank and Billy, there’s still more of them!

Bronwen: *Bronwen, despite any better judgement she might of had, drunk or sober stalks out of the control room with an axe. And… and…* Hey! *She holds it up over her head!* You been captured by our ship! Perish with dignity! -04:05 Apr 08

Duncan: *Is still doing his best to try and squeeze in there! So far, he has his head and shoulders in but his butt is still sticking out for the whole world to see! And he’s making an awful lot of noise. Like a giant rat!*

Those Squidpirates looks… really confused! THEY are the ones who took over this ship! “Gyyrppru uppuy gruurypiy uyip!” Which roughly, was just a repeat of what she said to them, only back at her! They shake their weapons!

MacBeth: *There might be more of them but like hell if sheer numbers would take him down! He manages to take down a couple more and even grabs one of their weapons and uses it against a couple of them!* -04:09 Apr 08
Bronwen: YOU have been captured by OUR ship! So YOU perish with dignity! *Another threatening shake of the axe!! She leans just to the side to spot MacBeth having himself a brawl on down the hallway.* -04:11 Apr 08

Again, the Squidpirates that aren’t trying to subdue the maniac behind them, shout back at Bronwen the exact same phrase again! They seem to be dwindling in numbers quickly with them shouting at some woman like that!

MacBeth: *A part of him is amazed that for a drunk guy, he’s doing pretty well! The other part couldn’t give a damn and just keeps fighting! Sure, his blows miss an awful lot but the blows that do land at least hurt! Or so they seem to be inflicting a lot of damage!* -04:15 Apr 08
Bronwen: Clearly, YOU have been captured by OUR ship and are perishing with dignity! *Bronwen dutifully replies! This time she doesn’t bother shaking the axe, she’s now leaning against the wall, dumbfoundedly watching as MacBeth picks them off.* -04:17 Apr 08

Realizing that somehow they were beating defeated, and by skilled professional warriors they few Squidpirates left decided that if they wanted to remain alive they better escape while there’s a few of them left!

MacBeth: *One of the Squidguys have a laser sword which Mac is only too happy to relieve him of! Now that he’s got this little beauty, he figures it’s calamari season! Amazingly he doesn’t slice off any of his limbs or any part of the ship for that matter! He runs one pirate through and gets the sword out by slicing him in half! Then as one pirate runs by, he holds the sword at neck level and lets the pirate decapitate himself!* -04:21 Apr 08

One! One single squidpirate manages to make it out of the ship and back to the other vessel! Where the hatch was slammed and sealed shut behind him!! There’s that screeching of metal again!

Duncan: *His voice is muffled!* Hey ..! Uh … Did we win?! … Hello?! Cap’n?! Mac?! Anyone out there …? *He starts squirming again–this time to get out!*

MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Heh. Whaddya know … *He falls back against the wall where he turns so his back is against it and slides down. He ends up on the floor, back against the wall, legs stretched out and the sword beside him. As it leaves his hand, it automatically switches off.* -04:28 Apr 08
Bronwen: *Bronwen tossed down that axe. Still looking completely dumbfounded!* I… can’t believe that worked. *She staggers down the hall and drops to her knees practically in MacBeth’s lap. She grabs his face in her hands!* I love you! *She lays a kiss on him!* -04:31 Apr 08

Duncan: Hey, Captainnn … *Still squirming! He’s oblivious to the fact that no one is listening to him!* Uh … Come on now! Don’t leave your poor pilot waiting here! … Hello?!

MacBeth: *Blinks! She actually … kissed him?!* Heh. We did it. Looks like we get to live a little longer, eh, Shadowstar? -04:42 Apr 08
Bronwen: I jus made that shit up and then you sliced them to pieces… wonderfully epic! *Bronwen plopped herself to the floor next to him and leaned against the wall.* no one gets away from squidpirates! -04:47 Apr 08

On cue the ship shakes as the Squidpirate vessel breaks free and escapes from it’s captives! …And then all the power goes out!

MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* You did, huh? *He stops smirking when the power goes out. He can’t wait until they get a ship that isn’t a P.O.S.!* -04:49 Apr 08

Duncan: *Meanwhile is struggling! Hmmphff! Uhmphff! Pull! Pull! Squirm! Squirm! He gets caught in some wires! Ow! He gets shocked by some wires!*

Bronwen: Thought I might die with- *She paused when the lights died.* style… *Bronwen slumped over until her head hit his shoulder.* …he’s messing up the whole wiring system. -04:55 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Sigh!* Was wondering where he was. Too bad I can’t throw for beans right now. I wouldn’t mind trying to spear him with this sword right about now. -05:03 Apr 08
Bronwen: He was so brave. Hiding in the panel like that… be adrift forever in space without our pilot. *She had made herself comfortable, and considered yelling at Duncan to stop screwing around. …but well, the power was already out so he couldn’t do much worse.* -05:09 Apr 08
MacBeth: Well … *He leaned his head back against the wall.* At least that’s over with. ‘Course, that’s the last time I get into a drinking contest. Period. Could never figure out the fun in trying to drink yourself unconscious. -05:13 Apr 08
Bronwen: Jus mad you can’t beat a girl. *Even when dozing she could give a wicked smirk!* -05:18 Apr 08
MacBeth: *He snorts.* Tch. You’re not a girl. You’re a Shadowstar. Big difference. -05:20 Apr 08

Duncan: Ow! What the hell was that?! *He mutters as he shifts. Sometime ago, he’d stopped squirming around and forced himself to calm down. But now he was as tangled as ever and couldn’t even see what he was doing.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen sat herself back up and jabbed MacBeth in the ribs!* stupidest thing i’ve ever heard! *And with that, she promptly crawled ver him, and stalked herself back to the control room, where it was likely she was about to pull Duncan out by the hair.* -05:24 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Winces but doesn’t give Shadowstar the satisfaction of making a sound. He does rub the spot she jabs after she walks away. Stupidest thing … Like hell, it was. Shadowstar might be a girl but she was still a Shadowstar and Shadowstars were … Well, they were trouble!* -05:28 Apr 08

Duncan: *Huffs and goes still again! Well … Maybe he’d just lie here and wait for help. After all, Cap and Mac couldn’t hope to last five minutes without his expert guidance. He was their light in the darkness, their compass in the middle of the storm! His stomach growled. On second thought … He couldn’t wait that long. He starts squirming and pulling.*

Bronwen: *In the control room, Bronwen gave the panel wall an angry kick!* Get the hell out of there before I scare you out with lasers! -05:31 Apr 08

Duncan: *Lasers?! He pulls and pulls and finally tumbles out. He goes rolling across the floor and bangs his head and back against the wall!* Oooww! *He cries out, wincing and rubbing the back of his head.* Ow, that smarts! *Unfortunately, Duncan’s hasty exit has left the wires tangled, broken, and some connected to the wrong wires.*

Bronwen: Do something use and find me something to clear my head and something to kill MacBeth with! -05:40 Apr 08

Duncan: *Rubbing his head, he looks up at her, dumbfounded.* Huh …? Clear your head …? And kill Mac with …? Why, did something happen without me knowing again?

Bronwen: Nothing happened! *She growled as she dropped to the floor to get a better look at the disaster he made inside that panel!* Do as I say, or I kill you too! -05:46 Apr 08

Duncan: Yes, ma’am! *He scrambles to his feet and nearly staggers out of the room! He has no clue what to bring back for her but he’s not about to wait around here!*

Bronwen: *She doesn’t need any damned tools to twizzle wires back together, and even though getting a shock here or there has her cursing it’s sobering and she could use it! … Not a girl, just a Shadowstar, her ass. * -05:53 Apr 08

Duncan: *Curious but certainly smart enough not to prod the Captain about it, he decides to find Mac instead. Maybe his “ol’ buddy” would spill the beans about what was going on between him and the Captain. He certainly hoped it wasn’t anything that would ruin his own chances of making out with her.*

Bronwen: *THWACK! And that is what she thought bad wiring and the tangled mess she was trying to clean up!* DUNCAN…! You’re taking too damn long..! -06:08 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Opens one eye and looks at Duncan. So he was still there, eh? Somehow it didn’t surprise him that Flyboy couldn’t take "no" for an answer.* I told you. Nothing happened. *He closed his eye again.* You’d better go before you become the one at the top of her shit list. -06:11 Apr 08

Duncan: *Drat! He was pretty sure he’d been wearing MacBeth down! Now he had to go and try to smooth things over with the Captain!* Uh … Uh … COMING! *He shouted as he shot to his feet and grabbed the first thing he could find without looking at it first. He dashed into the bridge.* Found you something, Captain! *He said triumphantly and pushed the item into her hand–which turned out to be a “WOMEN OF THE GALAXY” magazine. Naked women, that is.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked at the cover of the magazine. Then crawled out of the panel to sit up and flip through it.* …. Well this is just a WORLD of help Duncan, thank you. -06:18 Apr 08

Duncan: *Turns sheepish!* Heh heh … How’d that get there …? Um, well, I’ll uh … *He slowly grabs the magazine and jerks it away from Bronwen.* I’ll just put this thing back and go find something you could uh … really use … *And then he’s suddenly gone!*

Bronwen: Bring it back when you figureout how that woman’s headlights can turn OUR lights back on, you idiot! *She shouts at the fleeing Duncan before ducking back in the panel. There’s a BZZZT followed a Damnit! And the flickering of the lights back on!* -06:24 Apr 08

Duncan: *CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! He goes! But as he gets into his room, he trips over something and goes THWACK!* Ow!

Bronwen: *Bronwen crawled back out of the panel and slammed it shut before looking at her fingers. A few burns here and there, but she’d live. …though she might ham it up to Duncan since the mess was his fault to begin with! And now she was getting quite the little headache… She gets up and stalks back to the hall, where she plans to kick MacBeth of the floor and hollar at Duncan again!* -06:41 Apr 08
MacBeth: *However, Mac is no longer in the hall! But he’d been there when Duncan had gone dashing out after giving Bronwen that sex magazine.* -06:45 Apr 08
Bronwen: *Strange. She glances around the hall for a second.* Where the devil… *Bronwen stalked for Duncan’s room!* -06:48 Apr 08

Duncan: *Where Bronwen finds Duncan as he digs around! When she opens the door, he bolts upright and salutes!* Captain! I uh … just trying to find something you can use, that’s all. I’m uh … I’m almost done. A lot of junk in here.

Bronwen: Nevermind that, I fixed the lights. …Where did MacBeth run off to hide? He has to fix me. -07:00 Apr 08

Duncan: *Blinks!* I uh … I think he went … He said he was gonna take a nap somewhere. I think he might have gone into that small room next door. He was sleeping in here but then he said I was making too much noise.

Bronwen: *The corner of her mouth twitched as she turned for the door.* Make some coffee, please. And if MacBeth is dead or dead passed out, you’ll have to fix me yourself. *She waved her fingers at him before scooting off to the room next door.* -07:07 Apr 08

Duncan: *Blinks as she leaves and then he realizes … Wait, did they even have a coffee-making machine on board?* !! *He starts digging through boxes again in search of one!*

MacBeth: *Is lying down on his side, on one of the long crates sitting on its side, facing the door. At first it looks like he’s sound asleep but when the door opens, one eye and then another opens.* … Almost thought you were Flyboy. *He grumbles, although he doesn’t sit up.* -07:11 Apr 08
Bronwen: Normally his entrances come with an accident or some strange remark. *She eyed him suspiciously as she moved subtly across the room.* You wouldn’t happen to be secretly wounded and hiding in this cave like a stubborn animal, are you? -07:14 Apr 08
MacBeth: … Point taken. *He says after awhile. He watches her with his head down on his arms.* Are you …? *He asks.* -07:16 Apr 08
Bronwen: Question evader. *That’s fine, she can check for herself. A hands on examination looking for blood, cuts, bruises or broken bones!* I burned my fingers fixing the lights and I’d rather you fix ’em than Duncan. -07:19 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Mutters something under his breath.* Then you don’t have to worry … My fingers work fine. As soon as you get the first aid kit, I’ll be able to patch you up as good as new. -07:23 Apr 08
Bronwen: *She narrowed her eyes at him… Then she moved and sat on his crate! The first thing she did was check his head. Evasivesona-* In a minute. -07:28 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Yawns. She could check his head all she wanted. The only problem there was the throbbing from all that drink and not a lot of time to let it settle. Yep. Just as long as he stayed lying down like this, he was perfectly fine.* -07:29 Apr 08
Bronwen: *He’s got a look on his face that made her want to smack him, but she continued to examine! Arms, torso… this time more gentle rib poking!* You’re being difficult on purpose, I think. -07:31 Apr 08
MacBeth: *Mutters softly.* I am fine. Would you just go get me that medical kit so I can patch you up? -03:09 Apr 09
Bronwen: *Bronwen eyed him…* And how do I know you’re telling me the truth? I could get Duncan in here… -03:11 Apr 09
MacBeth: *Eyes narrow.* Give me the Squidpirates over Flyboy any day. -03:14 Apr 09
Bronwen: Then you’re actually fine, suffering from a hang over and fight, and not pretending to be fine to shut me up? Cause I’ll bring him in here and give him a med kit, and let him loose. -03:16 Apr 09
MacBeth: I told you I am just– *He starts to sit up.* Fine. *He raises an eyebrow.* See, told you. -03:27 Apr 09
Bronwen: You better be fine… *Bronwen muttered under her breath, turning to go fetch that med kit.* You get yourself killed, and I’ll never forgive you. -03:29 Apr 09
MacBeth: *As soon as she’s gone, he winces a bit as he shifts on the crate. Hm. In retrospect, he shouldn’t have gone all gung-ho like that.* -03:33 Apr 09
Bronwen: *Bronwen fetched the med kit, and returned… still looking all too suspicious at MacBeth. Very suspicious.* -03:36 Apr 09
MacBeth: *Pauses when Shadowstar returns. He’s perfectly fine. Yep, perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with him. Nothing at all.* -03:44 Apr 09
Bronwen: *She wordlessly handed him the medkit… and seemed to be watching him like a hawk as she held out her hand!* -03:45 Apr 09
MacBeth: *Great. Shadowstar was going to chew him out and spit him out if he let her know … He takes the medkit and opens it. Then he starts patching her up … So far, so good.* -03:53 Apr 09
Bronwen: I managed to get the panel wiring back to something decent. So badly did you hurt yourself with those squidpirates? I don’t know why Duncan has an axe. *Once again she uses simple conversation to try and trick it out of him!* -03:56 Apr 09
MacBeth: Who knows why he has anything …? *He replies, doing his best to focus on bandaging her up and getting her on her way. The fastest he does that, the sooner she’ll leave … right? He starts digging into the kit.* Looks like we’re going to need more supplies. -04:01 Apr 09
Bronwen: I know. I’m not sure how much you’ll need. …One of the pain sticks or two? -04:04 Apr 09
MacBeth: Hm. Just one will do. *He says as he rummages through everything.* Doesn’t even have old-fashioned ointment in here. It’s a miracle he’s still in one piece. -04:06 Apr 09
Bronwen: Uh huh. He’s pretty hopeless. *That’s what she thought. Sneaky no good man.* Are you going to need anything else? Antibiotics? Massage? -04:09 Apr 09
MacBeth: *Stops digging into the kit and turns back to continue patching her up.* Just hold still a bit. We’ll have to use the tried and true method of tending to wounds. *He pulls out the roll of bandages and starts wrapping it around her fingers.* -04:16 Apr 09
Bronwen: Staying bed and not doing a damned thing until you’re all better, right? -04:18 Apr 09

Duncan: *Before Mac can reply, Duncan’s voice comes over the scratchy intercom thingy.* Uh … Cap’n … we … o … stru … *Finally the intercom goes dead.*

Bronwen: *She sighed…! Everything was broken! She pointed a finger at MacBeth.* Don’t sleep in here. Go steal Duncan’s bed. *She stalked off to see what Duncan’s issue was.* -04:33 Apr 09
MacBeth: *Blinked and watched her go and realized … she’d gotten him. Again.* -04:38 Apr 09

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