Breaking Delilah 007

Breaking Delilah

[Delilah Red is landside. Good and far away from the Blood Pirate. …though… Fuck it. She has to stop questioning her decisions. She has a small treasure box to open, conveniently stolen off that fool who attempted to kill what she had claimed. ..Er. Claimed to kill. Yes.] -02:07 Feb 14
[Ferius Has been following Red since they parted, always just over the horizon waiting for her to make port.] -02:10 Feb 14
Delilah Red: A tiny knife in hand, Delilah whittled away at the box’s lock. In the back of her head, her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts. Blood desire she could ignore. Sure, it would drive her mad with rage… but the other part… To care about the man who continuously tried to steal her freedom and bend her will? That was stupidity. Sheer, hopeless stupidity. Grumbling to herself, she finally popped the lock and lift the tiny box’s lid. Inside were a view foreign coins. Mostly from european countries. A couple jewels and… Delilah picked up the chunk of bone, carved neatly to a sharp edge. A spearhead, she supposed. Circled with fraying leather. -02:10 Feb 14
Ferius: The bare minimum of sail raises the ship snuck closer before the she hove to and Ferius gazed out towards the sleeping town. Red had taken something of his… and it she wasn’t careful it would doom them all. -02:14 Feb 14

The golden amulet seemed to burn against the pirate’s skin for a moment. But it was fleeting. Out in the sea something was rising from the waters. Stepping foot up on to the sands as if summoned from the frothy waves themselves. Tall, misshapen figures covered in leathered and fur tattered rags, shambling on to the docks. When they came across a living being, be it man, woman or cat, their silent stepping quickly shifted! Fast and ravenous they ran! Grasping on to anything living, ripping flesh and cracking bone! -Delilah Red

the spearhead too pulsed in time with heavy footsteps as a large figure clad in furs walked with the creatures. He was larger than a bear and almost everything of him was hidden beneath furs or hair only his dark glowing eyes could clearly be seen… and he pushed open the door to shere he could feel the amulet.. the spearhead… his prize… his bride. -Ferius

Delilah Red: She pressed the metal against her skin, a scowl coming across her features. Her assumption was that it reacted to Ferius nearby. The longer she seemed to wear it, the more she was aware of it’s odd little nuances. When a piercing scream rang out, turning the heads of everyone inside the tavern, it was easy to assume that it was caused by Ferius and his stupid crew. If he thought he was going to drag her back again…! Delilah stood and pushed away from the table. Fully intent on not being there when the pirate arrived. -02:26 Feb 14

The manlike figures didn’t seem to have any discretion! Spreading out so fast across the village, more screams of terror echoed out in to the night. Men finding their skin ripped loose from muscle and woman fairly only better enough to have bones broken as they were taken right on the streets! As they entered the tavern along with their master, here too they wasted no time in immediately pouncing. People fighting to protect themselves, or trying to flee when they couldn’t! -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: There was little time for Delilah to realize the spearhead also seemed to react. More accusations would have been thrown Ferius’ way, but those thoughts were quickly shattered when the door open and hell came pouring in. All but one seemed to be in a mad-crazy frenzy. And Delilah wasn’t about to be one of the wailing people on the floor. She pulled her sword, slashing down the first beast to jump at her. At was satisfied when it dropped in an agonizing howl. -02:34 Feb 14

the fifure aproached calmly alongs it’s followers’ slaughter. A hins of a grin appeared as it reached out a hand the creatured gatehrign around him once the taver’s occupants were slaughtered holwing excetebly. Thie master had picked her out for himself and from within the furs came a sword on ancient design. Heavy and large like those seen on a medievil battlefield. “You have called me, not put down your weapon and I will take you.” -Ferius

Delilah Red: “Fuuuuck, you!” Later, she was going to question why every man in the fucking universe wanted to piss her off. For now, Delilah was raising her sword. Preparing to attack beast or master should it be stupid enough to wander close enough. The spearhead in her hand seemed to pulse at the same rate as her heartbeat and the amulet was still burning against her skin. Somehow, she was certain this was Ferius fault. Not waiting to give banter, she rushed forward, intending to put her fancy sword to good use with a fatal swing! -02:44 Feb 14
Ferius: The heavy sword was light in the man’s hand and he bashed her blow awise with ease. He was strong that much was certain. He punched her across ther face then kicked her in the chest. Then when she was down motioned for his minions to grab hold of her. “Bring her, I will deal with her myself.. the rest of you.. nothing in this town survives.” -02:47 Feb 14

The heavy sword was light in the man’s hand and he bashed her blow awise with ease. He was strong that much was certain. He punched her across ther face then kicked her in the chest. Then when she was down motioned for his minions to grab hold of her. “Bring her, I will deal with her myself.. the rest of you.. nothing in this town survives.” -Ferius

Delilah Red: Delilah nearly lost grip of her sword, the hit taking almost all the air out of her lungs. Even with her back to the floor, she was rolling. Dodging out of the way of grasping hands, swinging to blade to slash away anything that grabbed her. What she hadn’t counted on were just how many of the crazy bastards there were, and how strong a grip…! These weren’t average men and she was screaming in fury trying to stay out of their grip. -02:53 Feb 14

Without remorse or a reduction in speed, the plague of ferocious beasts spread through out the village. Blood and bodies were scattered amongst the streets, small fires from tipped laterns or disturbed fireplaces had caught some buildings a blaze. Ships were being sank in the docks before even raising their sails! And the Master’s fresh sacrifice was being dragged out in to the streets, despite her twisting and flailing. -Delilah Red

He watched her fight back his minions, she would never him even with her sword. And soon she fell to them and they dragged her off towards the sea. He would have her and there was nothing she could do about it. He blood woulf make his reign here perminent. -Ferius

Delilah Red: Throwing out every curse word in her vocabulary, that need to flee only heightened at the sight of the dead in the streets. And worse, what those fuckers were doing with all of those bodies. She twisted, and dug her feet in to the ground. Angled her wrist trying to poked away at the ones who had her arms held tight. They never tried to take her swords… None even tried to touch them! So it was always with a great deal of enthusiam when she managed to break her arm free and stab them through. Only to be followed by more frustrated growling when another would take it’s place. “What the hell do you want from me!?” she finally shouted. -03:06 Feb 14

“Your blood.” he wrined wickedly. “When I sacrifice you My stay here will last forever adn what you see here… will be only the begining. Thank you for releasing me.. I only wish I could know you litte longer before you die.” he cackled and kept going, the were almost at the shore where thecreatures had seiced and presurved one of the ships. -Ferius

Delilah Red: “Sorry, honey, I ain’t no virgin sacrifice..!” she snarled out, managing to snatch her arm free again. Sending one of the mangled figures careening backwards when she slashed at his gullet and the second recieving a quick stab through the head. Delilah almost made it fifteen feet before she hit the shore face first. The crack of a bone making her wince as she was tackled and dragged back up to her feet. They were so fucking fast…! -03:14 Feb 14

You you set em free, and virgin or not your blood will seal me here.” He didn’t seem to care that she was killing his minions but by the sounds in the tows he had hundreds more. Though he did seem to be irritated by the belay and kickign them out of the way stood over her himself. “I’d do it right now if there wern’t steps needign doing first, but I think I’ll carry your the rest of the way.” he reached down and one of his massive hands grippher her sword arm and he reached down his his other.. then an arc of energy seemes to fly from her chest and hit his hand. He bellowed in pain and surprise letting her go and falling his his knees. -Ferius

Delilah Red: It was all that she needed to get off her ass and run like fucking hell was on her heels. …For all intensive purposes, it truly was! Even staying to try and kill him seemed like a bad idea. His horde being far larger than she could fight back on her own. Delilah was gone. Down the shore and the moment she spotted a small single man skiff still afloat, she made to shoot and stab anything lurking in her way. Pulling up the sails and pushing the boat off in to the waves wasn’t easy holding one sword in hand, but there was no way she was letting loose her only weapon! In moments she caught the wind and was leaving she shore. -03:26 Feb 14

he watched her go cursing her as he did, but he had a ship and there was no way her boat could outrun him. Without help she was as good as dead. Disappearing back into the sea he called his minions to him and they boarded thier ship. The chase was soon to be on. -Ferius

Delilah Red: “This is the worst fucking year…!” She was shouting to no one now, just needing to voice her frustration! Her sword sheathed, now that her boat was skimming out towards the sea, she needed both hands to help her man it. What she needed was speed…! Anything unecessary, she tossed overboard. Her ribs ached from fractures, and she was pretty sure one of those demons had bit a hole clear through her shoulder… but she’d be halfway across the ocean before they caught up to her, if she could help it! -03:33 Feb 14

Thier were fast and in five minuet had the ship ready and makign sail, the figure standing by the wheel had his eyes fixed forwards, catchign her was all the mattered. -Ferius

The town was dead clear through. Not a soul managed to escape… except for one! Aboard their stolen ship, fitted with new, bloodied looking sails no doubt sewn from the skins of their kills, they made quick time. Chasing after their master’s chosen sacrifice. -Delilah Red

Ferius: “Sail inbound, a small boat.” Ferius tore his gaze away from the dying town to the boat and the harbor behind it. “Prepair for battle.” he said instantky a chill runnin gdown his spine. “ALL HANDS TO STATIONS! RUN OUT THE GUNS AND PREPAIR FOR BATTLE! EVERY MAN GETS A SWORD…. Master Tucker… make sure every man gets a rations of rum.. they’re going to need it.” -03:38 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Fucking shit! Ass! God damnit!” She was cursing more still from panic. Those demonic bastards were already raising hell on her tail. When she spotted the Moira’s Gloom out in the distance she was almost thrilled. At least until she saw them maning the weapons. …if Ferius was going to shoot her out of the sea, he picked a fine time to do it! Still… if she was going to be stuck with one evil or the other… She kept her course steady! -03:40 Feb 14
Ferius: The guns ran out on the decks of the galleon as men with boarding pikes, swrods and delaying pins manned the rails and men with muskets scaled the rigging. Ages past Ferius had been a in the nevy and they was reflected in the efficiency with which his crew prepaired to meet the enemy. -03:44 Feb 14

Better and better. the girl and the welp that had slain the biggest threat to his rule. Bith of them right here before him. He would kill them both and be done before sunrise, then all that would be left was slaughter. His creatured smelled fear and blood… this would be over quickly. -Ferius

The beasts aboard the pursuing ship did not seem to have navy savvy. Yet, that didn’t seemed to matter as they just crammed bodies and gun powder, and anything else of use in to their cannons. Their first target was disabling the fleeing skiff. It was what their master wanted. But on his orders, they were more than happy to start opening fire on the larger ship! Already salivating with impatient desire for the feast of blood that would be waiting! -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: Delilah ducked to the deck, sharp bone peircing through her sails and lodging in to the wood of her mast. Something else collided through the back of her ship, sending shards of wood and boards flying in every direction. She was taking on water…! Biting back any more wonderment on how it could get worse, Delilah jumped off the edge in to the ocean waves and swarm for it! Either she’d make it or she’d drown. They were both better alternatives to being captured. -03:53 Feb 14
Ferius: Naval tactics were effective at fighting orginised men. Canon fire seeking to disable the enemy ship as the snipers in the rigging sought to kill officers. There were no officers and no matter him many died from the canons thered were always more in flooding into deck. The men at the rails braced themselves as ferius himself drew his sword. “Aim for the persuers… ready…. FIRE!” his canons roared and hpt iron flew over the sea… battle was joined but Ferius knew if it came to the prolonged fight he was finished, he needed to grab Delilah and run. -03:55 Feb 14

YEs she was helples now it was time to focus fire on the other ship and slaughter her crew, she would make a fine flagship and the crew’s head fine decoration. They would board them and slaughter the lot…. -Ferius

Delilah Red: The further she swam, the harder it seemed to get. It almost felt as it something from under the waves were grabbing at her, but it surely had to be the panic setting in. Above her head all manner of things were flying, from iron to blood soaked bodies riddled with spiked. Those demons weren’t even oposed to shooting their own live men across the waters. One still alive and kicking landing near her, and forcing her to draw a sword and fend him off before he dragged her down in to the deep with him. When she hit the solid wood of the Moira’s Gloom, she was choking on water as she screamed for someone to throw her a rope! -04:04 Feb 14
Ferius: It wasn’t just a rope that came down but two men with while thier friend lowered them. They grabbed hold of her and all three were pulled up and she was brought before ferius. She was coordinationg caanon fire to shatter the ship;s rigging as fighting broke out neare the forecastle as some of the creatures jumpsed aboard. “If you can stand you can fight.” he said when he had a moment dismissing the two men and holding her stead himself. “Or I have a cabin for you, of your own and you can come leave it as you please. He paused the there was a crast of the ships knockign togetehr and more fighting broke out. “But we’re not fighting them now. We just need to hold them off until we can get away.” -04:10 Feb 14
Delilah Red: “Standing… is going to be a problem.” she coughed out, having to hold on to his arm to keep herself steady. Delilah had a few more words. Did he even have a clue what she just came out of? …maybe he did, his men were fighting tooth and nail to keep the other ship from approaching any closer. Delilah took a deep breath to steady herself, and pushed away far enough so she could pull one of her swords. “Then lets get the fuck out of here.” -04:14 Feb 14
Ferius: There was a splitting sound as one of the masts on the otehr ship was hit and started to topple followed by a cheer as the they started to pull away. Ferius seeing this lifted Delilah bridal sty;e and carried her below decks and to t richly furnished cabin. “I will go and oversee the battle, he said placing her on top of the covers. I will return when it is over. -04:18 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah was going to argue it. The mess was just as much her battle too. But having all her weight off her feet and her blood rushing through her head was enough to leave her too dizzy to growl back in retorts. Up above, some of the cannon fodder creatures were climbing their way up on deck. Even if out in the distance their mother ship was crumbling under a fallen mast. -04:22 Feb 14
Ferius: The battle was far from over and Ferius would be needed, the creatures were mericiless and relentless and it wasn’t for another three hours after they got away that the decks were clear and thier losses counted. They had enough to crew the ship but not the guns. If there were going to fight they would need more men.. and it was a battleweiry Captain that made his way back to her door blood and grim on his tunic. -04:24 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah must have passed out from exhaustion, as the sound of the door had her bolting upright to pull a sword… the promptly falling back in a stiff and pained groaned. There were no longer the sounds of battle, which she thought was a good sign. Though Ferius himself looked nearly as rough as she felt. “Never though I would be pleased to see you…” she muttered. -04:30 Feb 14
Ferius: If he heard her he gave n intocation, he only stepped up to the side of her bed and sat down on the edge. “I hoped I would never see those things again.” he said “But they’re back and so is thier leader…” he looked at her. “You opened the box, didn’t you? You let them out… didn’t you?” -04:33 Feb 14
Delilah Red: “Me…!” That was enough to have Delilah sitting up on her elbows, despite the sharp pain to her ribs. “There are a million boxes in this world Ferius, I am not going to be blamed for opening one!” -04:35 Feb 14
Ferius: He grabbed her hand and turned it up to reveal the spearhead. “This was in there, this is what kept him strapped.” he said. “But now that hes out its going to take more than putting tit back in the box to get rid of him. I thought you read the walls…” -04:37 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah looked a little startled, before she wiped the expression off her face and frowned. “Not everything in that tomb was still legible… You’re not going to blame ME, when you’re the asshole that left me in there! I couldn’t have possibly known! …what are the chances…!” Even if she HAD known, to stumble over something that could summon…. that. Perhaps Ferius wasn’t the one with the curse. -04:41 Feb 14
Ferius: He watched her face. “ANd you were the one stealing my things. Messing with thing you didn’t understand. ” he said “He is the other one… the counterpoint to the one I killed on that island… he is for all intents and purposes a god and you’ve already met his followers.” -04:47 Feb 14
Delilah Red: “And you were the one that took me there! Chased me across the world and dragged me in to your bullshit! Did you think I would be psychic and just KNOW what to touch and what not to?!” Yes, she met those follows and that cold monstrosity the considered a master. Seened what that did to an entire village without a blink of an eye, without a second thought. Delilah was finding it ever more difficult to breathe. Ferius she could deal with… Ferius was once a man. …But a God? There was no way to fight that..! -04:51 Feb 14
Ferius: “You were meant to know enough not to fiddle with things you don’t understand.” he said. “But its too late now. I cannot kill him.” Ferius’ face was set. “Not without your swords… and you should know I cannow carry those.” his eyes were locked on hers. “We need eachother to get out of this weather you like it or not.” -04:55 Feb 14
Delilah Red: Delilah glared at him. He was as assinine as ever, placing the entire blame on her without taking the responsibility for himself. She might have lift up a foot and kicked him off the bed, had she the energy to do so. “Needing you is not the problem I have with this situation, you ass.” -04:59 Feb 14
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[Ferius enters.] -05:33 Feb 14
[Deliah Red ] -05:34 Feb 14
Ferius: “Then what is?” he demanded. “I didn’t track you across the seas and lose halk my crew tonargue with you so be striat with me. I offer you a berth on my ship until this is over and your own ship with which to do as you please after on top of imortality and all the power you have seen me weild and more…” he turned away “All that and saving you today because off all the people I’ve known you are the one I’d least like to see die. Riddle me that.” -05:40 Feb 14
Deliah Red: “I don’t want your imortality. And I don’t want your power…” she started slowly… It was if she was having to confess it to herself, even as she said it. Delilah leaned forward further, bracing her hands on the matress to keep herself steady. “I have a better proposal. I break your curse and defeat your demons. I’ll take you, and I’ll take your ship. …and if you don’t tie me down I might just let you grow old with me…” -05:46 Feb 14
Ferius: He turned to her, “It can’t be droken…” he studdied her face feeling something he hadn’t felt in a long time… hope. “If you break this curse adn give me back my humanity, you can have my ship and you can have my services of my hand as you desire in orer to defeat Vardri.” he said slowly before repeating. “If you can break the curse.” -05:50 Feb 14
Deliah Red: A slow grin spread across her face. And for once it wasn’t at the joy of having something to hold over him. This was something she was offering free of will. “I can break the curse. Didn’t spent days in that tomb looking for you downfall only to come out empty handed.” she paused, eying him carefully. “You have to be willing. No more immortality, no more god-like power. It won’t work if you’re not…” -05:54 Feb 14
Ferius: He looked back at her his eyes locked to hers. “I have seen over a hundred years of blood, toil and have never once know peace. I have seen everybody I once knew die and histrory repeat itself over and over again and been hunted throughout. For an end to that I would give up far more than my rank and my ship. I am willing.” -05:58 Feb 14
Deliah Red: “Don’t ever betray me, Ferius, or there will be worse to fear than ancient gods.” Delilah leaned forward, bridging the gap still between them. Lingering only long enough to brush her lips against his softly. He offered her everything he had, as well as her own freedom. He didn’t realize how much she valued both. “I’ll break your curse. But first… I think I just cracked what was left of my ribs.” She hissed through her teeth. -06:07 Feb 14
Ferius: He returned her kiss slowly and cupped her cheek in his hand “A gentleman would never betray his captain.” he said before he crabled her hindful of her ribs “Tell me what you need and it is yours.” -06:11 Feb 14
Deliah Red: She laughed, which wasn’t helping the pain or the situation. Of all the moment she would have loved to drag him in to bed and take advantage of this very accomidating Captain, it had to be when she couldn’t. Her head dropped to his shoulder. “Just fix me, Ferius. …I’ll think of the rest, later.” she muttered. -06:17 Feb 14
Ferius: His fingers lingered on her chhek and he smiled. “You’ll be walking around in two days at the most, and I’ll bring you food when you wake up, but for now you need rest…. I hope you cando what you say you can.. Or we’re back where we started and an angry god on our tail.” -06:21 Feb 14
Deliah Red: Delilah leaned back far enough to cast a grin at him. “When have I ever failed to do what I set out to do?” -06:22 Feb 14
Ferius: “only to kill me.” he said “ANd if you really can take away my imortality you’d do just that, only giving me a chance to life first.” -06:25 Feb 14
Deliah Red: She tilted back until she fell against the mattress with a huff. “Semantics, Captain Ferius… Always arguing the little things.” -06:29 Feb 14

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