Bloodlines 007: Back to the Sea


Several days later Rarrod has taken them to a port where he might find a ship and people friendly to his cause. Luck would have it that one of his family’s ships is there and he has assumed command, taking Zeren aboard. -Jarrod

[Zeren enters.] -05:14 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren’s usual inquisitive about everything around her was more subdued in the wake of more serious thoughts. It was the first time Zeren had ever considered what her future could be like, had a choice in what it could be! She liked the Captain very much, and in order for him to like her too, she needed to make sure his mission was successful. But Zeren was still not sure how to accomplish that. For the moment she was stalking down the corridor of the new ship trying to think up ideas. -05:17 Apr 19
Jarrod: Jarrod and the ship’s erswhile captain, now his commander were talkign in hushed tones in the cargo hold, there Zeren wouldn’t come. It was his first time away from her since they arived. "Its really her.. isn’t is, the one we need." "She is, the last one as far as I can tell and she has the amulet." "Then we have a chance to end this, we need to take her to his temple and …. what why are you looking at me liek that?" "She isn’t his, not yet." [colot=green]"That doesn’t matter, we take her to his temple and end his riegn, its simple."[/color] "I don’t know if I can…" "Can what? Kill her? Its the only way, the only way to stop this you know that." "Yes, I can’t kill her alright, not…." "It doesn’t matter, if you don’t I will. Whats more important her, or winning?" "You’re… right…" -05:25 Apr 19
Zeren: Zeren had told him she could navigate the world with ease, unfortunetely that didn’t seem to be the same on a ship. Not that she minded, she was mostly exploring while she thought. She was passing a doorway when she heard the Captain speaking… Zeren stopped at the doorway, just around the corner. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but she didn’t want to interupt. …the conversation was odd. They were talking about her, it couldn’t be someone else. Kill who, her? Zeren waited and kept listening. -05:31 Apr 19
[(Timeout) Zeren was sacrifices to the gods of RPGs by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -05:36 Apr 19
Jarrod: "The prophecy is clear, the sons of Ferius kill the last of the blood of Vardri in his house, then he will be sealed forever." "I know the prophecy, you cdon’t need to tell me but she is an innocent, shes done no evil." "So you would doom the world. I won’t let you do that… as I said you will.. or I.." "No if anyone will kill Zeren it will be me… I will tell her first and why… I owe her than much.." "Next time you fall in love, make sure its not one of his." -05:36 Apr 19
Zeren: He was going to kill her. The entire time… he had planned to kill her. And Zeren did not how know to process it. She was angry, upset, so sad… she couldn’t breathe and her chest hurt..! Zeren hadn’t realized she was still standing there. The corridor had gone ice cold and the wall behind her was covered in frost. She didn’t say a word until he passed through the doorway. "You’re going to kill me." -05:42 Apr 19
Jarrod: He opened his mouth in surprise… she had overheard.. how much.. enough it seemed. "Yes. I have to." he said "Because its the only thing that can save the world… If there were any other way I’d take it but there isn’t. To save the world I must kill you… when I’ve already grown to love you." -05:46 Apr 19
Zeren: "But you lied to me. You’ve been lying to me… the whole time..!" That shocked expression she wore was replaced by angry tears. Her fists were balled at her sides, and now even the floors and ceiling were covered in frost. "Love isn’t supposed to have lies is it? …or is that not real either! I am not anything to do but someone to kill, and I was not anything to my mother, and I am not anything to anyone!" And that gave her the most pain. Everyone just wanted her to die. Zeren swallowed a cry and stalked past him. "Nothing you say is true…" -05:56 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Then you don’t care that I’m saying I would die in your palce if I could, that I was going to offer you a life with me running as far adn as fast as we could, that …." he followed after her his own face covered with tears, "Go, just go… you desurve to live, I’ll face the wrath of Vardri alone." -06:39 Apr 19
Zeren: She was angry, too angry to fully comprehend what he was trying to say, and too angry to any of it through. Zeren threw a hand back, tossing a blast of icy wind at him strong enough to send him stumbling backwards. There was only the briefest look of regret on her face before she took off running down the corridor. Zeren wouldn’t stay and let herself be killed, and she couldn’t believe anything he said now…! All of it was lies! -06:43 Apr 19

JArrod only watched her go. He had a ship to prepare and she had nowhere to go but to come back… she’d come back right? The sun beins to set and they’re almost ready to go…, then once again the screams, the howls.. a grendel attack. -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren went to the one place she always wanted to go. The one place everyone kept forbidding her to be. On the beach, with her shoes gone, she was starting the tide water watching as it rushed back and forth past her ankles. There were howls and screams on the wind. Her skin prickling with the chill. She should run away and find a new place to be. But did it really matter now? She wasn’t even supposed to exist, and her life was why all of those people were dying… -06:55 Apr 19
Jarrod: "YOU GET THIS THING IN THE AIR AND YOU GO THERE TO PICK US UP!" Jarrod was yelling. "How do you know thats where shes gone?" "Because I know her, it calls to her as strongly as it does to us." He was runnign down the ramp heedless of the danger, they were following her, they had to be it was the only explination. He had brought death everywhere they had been. "ZEREN!" he was running as hard as he could up the beach. "ZEREN WE HAVE TO GO!" -06:59 Apr 19
Zeren: She didn’t turn, she didn’t even move. "I’m not going." He was going to kill her, so if she was going to die anyway, at least she could pick where and how! -07:03 Apr 19
Jarrod: "Zeren…." he was still runnign the rising feelign of dread that could only mean Vardri was close in the pit of his stomach. "We have to go, he’ll kill you." He could hear the wowls all around them, the scream of the tying and the turning and then he Falt Vardri’s eyes upon him as a huge dark figure appeared behinf Zeren. "NOOOO!" -07:07 Apr 19
Zeren: "It’s better if I’m dead!" she finally shouted in tears. "That’s what you want and what it takes to stop everything! So I’ll die and everything will be okay!" Zeren squeezed her eyes shut, her hands coming to her head. The voices and the screaming, and all of that anger and hate… it hurt so much! And there was the Captain trying to save her when he would only kill her himself later…! "Stay away from me!" -07:10 Apr 19

the hand of the norse god came down on Zeren’s shoulder “My child.” he whispered his voice as cold as Zeren’s power “You are my blood, I feel that and you feel it. Why listen to this mewling cowards when you know you can silence him, do to him what he wants to do to you… then I will take you home.” -Jarrod

Jarrod: Jarrod ran on drawign his sword "Stay away from her you bastard.. stay away." he threw his sword and it spun though the air.. Vardri seeing an opotunity sutly usef the wind to redirect it towards Zeren before catching it, appearing to have saved her life. -07:16 Apr 19
Zeren: Going home. He wanted her to come home… He always wanted her to come home. Zeren looked startled when the sword almost struck her… The Captain had never intended to give her a home. He kept lying to her… Zeren pushed a hand out in her rage. The force following, ice cold and striking against the Captain like an invisible wall. The chill penetrating deep… she could freeze his blood. Slow it and stop it. Turn it to ice right in his veins… "You want to kill me… everything you say is a lie…" -07:21 Apr 19

“More my child, feel his life ebb away.” Vardri threw the sword aside where it stuck into the sand. “Tske everythign from him adn make it your own. He tried to kill you, finish him.” -Jarrod

Zeren: Zeren could feel his heart beating as if it were there in her hand. How simple would it be to take a person from their body? The shiny bit like she saw in the destoyed towns before they shifted and turned to monsters… He hurt her, she shouldn’t let someone hurt her… She was drawing the heat right out of his body. But… there was hesitation. "I don’t…. I don’t really want to…" He hurt her, but Zeren didn’t want to hurt him back… Maybe there was some truth to love. He hand lowered. -07:31 Apr 19

if he was irritated he didn’t show it as he threw his cloak over her and carried her into the seaa ship rising to take them north, crewed by the Grendel creatures he commended. He had her, he had won. “Welcome to the sea Zeren… welcome home. -Jarrod

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