Take Me Under 007: Change The World

Take Me Under

Dakota: Dakota was supposed to be in a bed. A nice warm comfortable bed curled up with a man that made her blood burn like fire just with a touch. She was in a bed. But it was hard, tilted… not hers. Her eyes came open slowly and nothing was coming in to focus right away. There was a whirr of voices, equiptment…? When she tried to shift she found her arms strapped down. She was wearing some sort of scratchy white medical pajamas. Dakota had a vague memory of being startled awake… Where the fuck was this, and where was her armas…? -06:32 May 14
Armas: He was close by stragged to a similar bed wired attatched to plug in his scalp and his chest opened up with two technicians undoing the damage done by a man not used to this level of soqhistitation in his pacients. His eyes were open but unmoving, the only sign of life was the heartbeat on the osciloscope. -06:36 May 14
Dakota: Assholes. The moment she saw him she could feel her heart pounding. A little machine nearby picking up the beat with a mirror chimed. She felt so heavy, so groggy… it was hard to move. Her gaze fell down to her arms and hands. Dakota twitched her fingers a bit, narrowing her eyes at the IV that was stuck through her skin. A deep slow breath and the concentration was followed by the little drip slowly freezing. From the needle up the tube… That would help. They needed to get out, all she needed was the energy to do so. -06:41 May 14

“I’ve never seen one malfunction like this. Look at the readings. Hes meant to be a dead unit but theres records of thoughts.. feelings. This shouldn’t happen with the Pax.” “Its odvious what happened. It was deprived or Pax and didn’t return. I think a clice or two to the brain here.. here.. and here will cure that.” “I have a better idea. Hes defective, we have a female descendent. I saw we labotomize both and start making more. He has the RNA the chirlren are guarenteed to have the mutation.” “Labotomize a BK? They cost billions to make.” “We reclaim. He won’t need arms, or legs and we can replace his organs with cheeper stuff. Deally all we heed is the heart and balls. Throw out the rest.” -Armas

Dakota: There it went again. Her heartrate spiking so high that the machine nearby was freaking out. "Son of a bitch." she growled out, unsure of whether or not it came out loud enough to hear and didn’t give two shits if it did. They would just take him apart like he was not even a real person. Reduce him to pieces. Had they done this to her family also? Clearly… without hesitation were ready to do it again. Dakota strained against the restraints, and that blasted machine wouldn’t stop beeping. -06:54 May 14

They were busy looking at the readouts from the probes in Armas’ brain but the machine caught thier attention. “Thes awake. Rake sure shes down nice and tight…” one of the doctors walked up to her and put a needle in her arm. “Don’t worry this will just make sure you won’t do anything..” it was a painkiller that was mainly used for it’s side effect, supressing the body’s white blood cell in preperation for the next shot, Pax. They gathered around her one of them placing a strap over her forehead imoblising her as another put a crown od sensors over her head. “We’ve never given the pax to one of them before… this should make her listen to us…” -Armas

Dakota: The haze was started to fade. Dakota could see them all clearly now, narrowing her eyes in her struggle to move. A few moments longer and that heavy feeling would be gone. "Come… a little closer… and say that again, doctor… That I will listen…" She taunted with a fierce, wild grin. "Release him… or I won’t be so nice…" -07:09 May 14

She was far too cocky ad one of the doctors moved to check the IV while the one with the needle stuck it in her arm. “I-its frozen.. She froze it.” “Does not matter, give her the pax…” it entered her system, the same drug htat stole Armas’ emotions. “Soon [i]princess[/i] you will be as eager to obey us as 201. Thats right. We fixed it.” -Armas

Dakota: "He is not an it." she growled, leaning upwards to snap at the doctor. But just as quickly she gasped and dropped back against the bed. The stuff hit her blood like ice and she could feel it rushing through with every panicked beating of her heart. Dakota writhed against the retraints, gasping again when it hit her spine, and crying out when it reached her brain. Seeping, smothering… she felt like she was being smothered and squeezed. Like a part of her was being torn right out. And with every heart beat her panic lessened. The fear, the anger the concern… everything seemed to be slipping from her fingertips… -07:25 May 14

“Thats better. 201 is and it. A product made by us like we’d make a pair of shoes or a phone. Its a corporate accet and now so are you.” the research director looked at the readout and smiled. “You are SC 604.. do you understand that?” -Armas

Dakota: Dakota felt like she was falling for a moment. Hollow and drifting. Everything was gone, she was on auto-pilot… but it wasn’t emotionless or mindless. There was something else there. An instinct so strong, without everything else in the way it was now taking over. "No." she responded with a dead tone. Dakota gripped her restraints and in an instant they were frozen, cracked, shattered as she pulled her hands free. The blasted machine that irked her before sparked and popped. Fizzled out with a jolt of electricty as she sat up quickly. Before the mortals scattered she grabbed the lead, his blood already freezing in her grasp. "You belong to me." -07:38 May 14

they backed away from her obviously not expecting this. Just before it exploded the machine want heywire. One of the doctors pressed an alarm button th the wall as the director shouted “WAKE UP 201…” They closed his chest and ingected him with something as the siren blared and the director ran, saving himself. -Armas

Dakota: There would be no running. There will be no where to run. Dakota slipped from the bed, dropping the first doctor only to catch the next that ran too close by her by the throat. The lightning that sparked from her hand was so rough, it near burned out a hole right through his neck. Dakota let him drop and took his blood, letting it rise up. Take Armas back. …her attention focus on the doctors closing up his chest and prodding him with more needles. This is what they did to the world. Humanity destroying itself… Dakota left the blood fly, solidifying it in the air before it struck them both down. -07:48 May 14
Armas: His eyes opened as the doctors. An alarm, no orders. Sit up. The thoughts came one at a time and when he did sit up he saw her… Was tshe a threat? Was she an ally. "Dakota…" he knew the look on her face, or rather he didn’t "What is going or?" his voice was without feeling, without emotion. "Why are they dead?" -07:52 May 14
Dakota: "They have forfeited their right to exist." Alive. Awake. Accomplished. Dakota turned away from him stepping towards the door. A hand raising near her head. A bolt of electricity darting across the ceiling, popping wires. New alarms started going off as the sprinkler systems kicked in, raining down water on the room and the rest of the building. And when she stepped through the doorway it seemed to be following her. "They will all cease to exist." -07:58 May 14
Armas: He got up to follow her his steps unteady at first. "This isn’t right." he stembled but caught himself. The Dakota he new would make sure he was alright before seeking vengence. "Dakota.. are you alright?" he didn’t notice the water raining from the ceiling. "Are you injured…." -08:02 May 14
Dakota: She wasn’t listening. That instinct had been full filled. There was a new instinct now. Dark and feral. So much stronger than everything else and all it wanted was death. She stalked down the hall, water pushing doors open for her. When she came across a person, they were done. A bolt of lightning through the water. Blood frozen in their veins. Drowned where they stood. It systematic, without mercy, without word, without second thought. Her range reached across the entire floor of the building, without even having to expell a thought. Where there was water, there was a dead human. -08:07 May 14
Armas: He reached out and put his ahdn on her shoulder. "DAKOTA!" his voice wat toutched by emotion, he was fighting the drug. There was sadness at seeing her like this, concern, desperation to reach her. "Stop.. this isn’t you.. fight it…" -08:13 May 14
Dakota: Dakota stopped. Just long enough to turn and push him up against the way with a single hand and ice wrapping around him to keep him in place. Her face held no expression, but in her eyes… there was a torrent of rage. "There is no respect for life in this world. They don’t deserve to keep it." Dakota stepped back away from him, continuing down the hall until she found a stairwell. She went up. -08:19 May 14
Armas: "This isn’t you.." he repeated straining agaist the ice before it cracked and exploed outwards dropping him to the floor. He was after her in a second ready to tahe everythign she threw at him. "Dakota.. You.. me.. escape.. living together. You gave me a chance… topple thier tower and come with me. We’ll go far away, we’ll live together. Do you really want to throw that away… Destroy this skyscraper, and come with me." -08:24 May 14
Dakota: She had every intention of destroying their tower. Dakota didn’t respond to his words as she climbed the steps. Everything was in a hyper focus. She could feel every life, every soul in the building as each one dropped… And when she pushed opened a door and stepped outside on to the roof of the building, it was like stepping in to chaos. There was a storm up above, churning and brewing in the sky. Wind gusting so hard that it was easy to see the swirl of a hurricane starting. And out across the cityscape there was the sea. Dakota reached out a hand, calling it, commanding it, and it responded with waters rising. She would drown this world and every living thing on it. "Hold your breath." -08:29 May 14
Armas: HE could feel it within her, in the air, in the belly of the earth, in the skies themselves… and within him. His hand closed into a fist and he strided towards her. "If you do it… we’ll have nowhere to raise a family…: he had to stok her, but how? He threw his arms arounf her and hugged her arms against his body. "Do what you have to do my love. Bring down the wrath of the last god but remember out future." -08:33 May 14
Dakota: Future. Family… That felt… Her concentration wavered a bit. The air still churning and sea still rising, but her head turned a bit. Her impassive expression turning to a frown. "There can be no future if this is what humanity has become. Stripping it’s own core away and treating it’s own kind as nothing. This world is over. What future could there possibly be…" -08:38 May 14
Armas: "One corperation is like that, one orginisation. Now they are dead. You showed me that theres a chance good in everyone even a corpse trained to hunt men.. even me." he held on to her and hsi hand moving to the back of her neck as he pressed his lips into hers. "Don’t go back on that now." -08:42 May 14
[Dakota enters.] -08:50 May 14
Dakota: That spark… One kiss that could change her whole world. She remembered this feeling. New and different… something she wanted to hold on to. Dakota’s tension ease and with it the sea seemed to release, but the sky above them was still churning. Her head tilted back to look upwards. "It’s not enough. Science has corrupted everything about this world…" Experimentations, technology, humans trying to be gods. Going against the natural order and forcing everything to their whims and against their true natures. The age of science needed to end. "I won’t destroy the world, armas. But the world needs to change…" Her hands rose to cover his ears, just the moment lightning struct the roof. The sound and the light was so high that the whole city was blacked out when it faded. No power, no lights, and the sky was beginning to ease… -08:56 May 14
Armas: He closed his eyes and held onto her, trusting her… trust was something new to him. "You are a god, the world is yours to shape… but don’t foget your humanity too." he burried his face agaist her and held on as the lightning struck… and afterwards.. -09:00 May 14
Dakota: There was silence. Just sky and sea, her and Armas… That rush that coursed through her seemed to have passed, and the expelling of energy left her drained both mentally and physically. Her grip on him loosened when her knees collapsed out from under her, but she hadn’t lost consciousness yet. Dakota groaned! -09:03 May 14
Armas: He caught her and dropped to his knees cradling her, his hands rushing the hair from her face and he looked into her eyes. "What did you do?" he asked concern in his voice… how did you change the world?" he could feel a difference in the air and in earth. "What will things be like now?" -09:09 May 14
[(Timeout) Dakota got too distracted for their own good…] -09:13 May 14
Dakota: Dakota smiled wide. That cheeky expression that was her trademark. She was so tired, but his concern made it all better. "Don’t worry, armas. I’ve not destroyed anything else…" Dakota leaned in to his touch. She really was so weary… "I’ve unlocked the magical world. Let science try and control that…" she grinned wider. -09:13 May 14
Armas: He blinked.. "Anyone but you and I’d say I didn’t believe in magic." he said cradling her head in his lap and running his fingers through her hair. "Lots of people are still goign to die aren’t they?" he asked before smiling "Its a new world isn’t it.. it will be fun exploring it with you." -09:20 May 14
Dakota: "Hmm, if they die it will be the natural way of things…" He was putting her to sleep. Or maybe it was exhaustion… Still, she wore a smile for him that she’d never give anyone else. "A new world to explore… and raise children if you meant what you said." -09:23 May 14
Armas: He smiled "I did, raise them the natural way, not like I was… we’ll make love and have them just like everyone else and raise them together. ANd if anyone meses with them… gods won’t help them…" he sighed as he looked down at her. "Decause thats what humans do when they love eachother." -09:28 May 14

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