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[Madeline is sleeping in the weirdest position ever. Half sitting propped up against the bed, with an arm that didn’t belong to her draped over her waist, and her fingers still lingering in his hair.] -07:30 Apr 23
[Drake is asleep in a pretty normal positiong, his head having migrated int her lap buring the night somehow.] -07:32 Apr 23
Madeline: She may have slept for two or three hours at best, and probably had every intention of sleeping for the rest of the day. But something was ringing. Her first fumble was for her own phone and teh ringing refused to stop. Instead it seemed to be coming from the man asleep on her lap. Exhasted and annoyed, she leaned and gingerly pawed at his pockets until she found his phone and didn’t sound at all pleasant when she answered it. "Hullo…?" -07:38 Apr 23
Drake: ,/nar There was a second of silence on the other end before the voice came through on the other end. "Madeline I presume?" the voice sounded annoyed but it was very hard to tell. "Were you the one who rescued Drake from his folly last night?" It was his nanny, calling to check up on him. -07:41 Apr 23

There was a second of silence on the other end before the voice came through on the other end. “Madeline I presume?” the voice sounded annoyed but it was very hard to tell. “Were you the one who rescued Drake from his folly last night?” It was his nanny, calling to check up on him. -Drake

Madeline: She sucked in a breath so sharp, it was probably audible over the phone. Nanny McScowly! Crap… now she was some kidnapper psycho hussy preying on drunk stars! "Uhm…" And she couldn’t lie, the woman already knew it was her. "Yeah… yeah, it’s Maddie. The bouncers at the club called me to come get him, and he said he didn’t want to go home like this. – Uhm!! I would have taken him anyway, but he was so smashed, I didn’t want to have to struggle with him..?" -07:51 Apr 23

“I see… the papers say something different. This one is my favorite ‘Museum painter picks up popstarr.’ You didn’t take advantage on him… did you?” her tone hadn’t changed at all and it sounded like she could be talkign about a dog turd she’d stepped in. -Drake

Madeline: "Yeah, I totally had hot sexy sex with him in between him throwing up in a bathroom stall and trying to pick him off my living room floor so he wouldn’t pass out there!" Whoops. She snapped back! …she couldn’t help it, the woman’s tone was kind of biting, and maybe it did look bad. But did Maddie really seem like that sort of woman? "…Sorry! I got called at 2am and I haven’t really slept and I had to call in to work today. I just – sorry. He’s all right, he’s just sleeping. Fully clothed, mind you." -08:02 Apr 23

“Madeline, you are a smart girl, you shouldn’t lower yourself to the levels of sarcasm. A crude practive better suited to those without real wit.” there was a silence from the other end and then a hand came up to touch Madeline’s arm. “Just see that he returns here safely, anf keep him away from the garbage they call celebity news.” -Drake

Madeline: Maddie jumped out of reflex, and it was reflex too that she started stroking his hair to sooth him back to sleep. A strange subconcious gesture as she was focused on the voice over the phone. "I’ll see what I can do, but I’m no miracle worker. …hmm no sarcasm included." she muttered at the phone, seeming to have been well chided by the woman. It was like talking to her mom! -08:12 Apr 23

“Good, then I won’t trouble you any further… don’t tell Drake I called.” the line went dead and in the wake of the call the pop star in her lap mumbled something and nuzzled into her leg settling down. Still mostly asleep. -Drake

Madeline: Wow, that call left her with a lurch in her stomach! The woman had to hate her. Maddie frowned at the phone for a moment, then she was leaning to set it down on the nightstand next to her own. He was shifting a bit, and she resumed petting his hair. Frowning and wondering if she should just lay back down or go make him some soft of hangover remedy. Just when she decided she’d go back to sleep her alarm clock across the room starting beeping. "…damnit!" Maddie tried to delicately untangle herself from the sleeping popstar! -08:20 Apr 23
Drake: He mumbled again and stretched before grabbing at a pillow and sitting up slowly. He looked around then yawned and flopped back down not seeing to notice Maddie. "Nan… I need coffee." he said his face against the pillow and hands gripping it. -08:32 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie didn’t have the heart to correct him. She just darted across the room quickly and flipped off the clock. At least she didn’t have a headache. …but her back hurt from falling asleep like that and dropping back in to bed seemed so nice! Rubbing her head in a tired dazed, she stumbled off towards the kitchen, not realizing she was still wearing her coat from last night, and fumbled around on the counters to make coffee. Coffee and maybe eggs. Eggs were good for hangovers… -08:34 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Drake has timed out.] -09:05 Apr 23
[Drake enters.] -09:47 Apr 23
Drake: His head felt like a million horses had trotted over it and his stomach and throat felt like he’s swallowed glass shards. How much had he drunk last night? "Uuuuuuuuugh." he wanted to move but they seemed liek work… but something was bugging him… these weren’t his sheets…. had he… noooo… he hadn;t. He was still clothed and lifting his head he vaguely recognized the room. "Maddie?" -09:52 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie was not there, still off in the kitchen. Though, it could be said she wasn’t quite ‘there’ either. The coffeepot was running, and she had the carton of eggs sitting on the counter. But somewhere between grabbing a whisk and reaching for a bowl, she was practically asleep on her feet. Leaning an arm and her head against a cabinet door, stirring in a bowl that had nothing in it. -09:57 Apr 23
Drake: He appeared in the doorway and leaned agaist it. He had a hand on his stomach and the other holding himself up by gripping the door frame. He hoped he wasn’t going to be sick but wasn’t going to promise anything. "You know what.. I’m not even going to ask what happened last night…" -10:06 Apr 23
Madeline: Startled out of her trance suddenly, Maddie jumped and fumbled the bowl and whisk. Then for a brief moment she looked down at what she was doing – or not doing – with a bit of weary annoyance. "Well, you didn’t throw up on me, that is a good sign?" Abandoning the bowl, she shifted until she had a bottle of asprin and a glass of water. She held out both to him. "Take some of those. Coffee is ready and I’ll have food done in just a minute." -10:10 Apr 23
Drake: "Don’t you have work?" he said dropping into a seat and downing the water with the asprin and groaning. "Wait what is the time?" he looked aorund for a clock and groaned. "Shit… where is my phone?" -10:15 Apr 23
Madeline: "I called in to work last night when I realized there was no way I would get any sleep." Maddie hovered by the counter, pouring him a cup of coffee and then brought that to him to set at the table. "Your phone is on the night stand and your Nan called. Um, I am not supposed to tell you she did, though." Damnit. It slipped out before she could catch herself… maybe the old woman would never know! -10:18 Apr 23
Drake: "Then I’d better call and pretend you didn’t say that." he said standing and moving towards the doorway. "Hope she isn’t too upset… but I think she likes you." he moved to the bedroom and grabbed his phone and then pressing buttons headed abck to the kitchen. "Hey Nan… Hello, better? Yeah… Yes. I’m an Maddie’s place. No, I woke up with my clothes on and I think I was much to wasted for that to happen so you can take that look off your face… No it’s good she’s making breakfast. Make it in the afternoon if it reeeeaaaallllyyy has to be today and have some of that stuff ready. Three? That works. Tell my mum I hope she falls and breaks her hip. Alright alright…" -10:26 Apr 23
Madeline: Like her? Ha! Maddie disagreed. However, she remained silent while he called, quietly and absent mindedly cracking eggs in to her bowl to mix and making sure a pan was heated through. The woman was indeed pretending like she hadn’t talked to her… How often DID he end up somewhere without his clothes? -10:30 Apr 23
Drake: "I’ll expect you there then and we’ll do what we always do. No not really looking forwards to it but as your people say, stiff upper lip." he hung up the call and groaned. "Press event at three. At least that means I… no wait there is no good side to that… coffee." he grabbed the mug and lifted it to smell the blend. "French press?" -10:36 Apr 23
Madeline: Maddie nodded as she poured the eggs in to her skillet and fussed them up a bit. "French press. I haven’t really noticed a big difference in taste, but it seems a lot easier to boil water and let it sit for five minutes than brew a big pot." She spied him out of the corner of her eye. He hadn’t made a comment at all about anything he said – or she said – last night. Drunk memory loss to the rescue! ….now if she could just forget he had been endearing and sweet and kissable… She had to shake her head and pay attention to what she was doing. -10:40 Apr 23
Drake: He sipped it and sighed. "Thanks for voming to get me." he said finally. "Who know where I’d have ended up if you hadn’t. Or how badly my nan would be lecturing me right now… not sure which is scarier." he gave her a smile and took another sip. "Sorry you’re missing work. Wish I could too though." -10:52 Apr 23
Madeline: "An off day now and then isn’t so bad. It’s the sleep I’m missing…" She turned the skillet over on to a plate, and after a little salt and pepper, she handed it over along with a fork. "Here. Eat that, it should help loads too. I can’t do anything about that press conference. ….would you like me to go with you?" Whyyyy was she offering! Other than the crazy need to fix everything for him! Crazy Maddie… -10:56 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Madeline was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:29 Apr 24
[(Timeout) Drake has timed out.] -07:29 Apr 24
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[Drake is in Maddies kitchen just getting off the phone.] -07:30 Apr 24
[Madeline has handed him a plate of scrambled eggs and offered to with him to his press conference. It’s cameras and talking, can’t be that bad!] -07:31 Apr 24
Drake: "I was going to ask, though just for moral support." he said standing and pulling her close and kissing her cheek. "Thanks." then he was sitting and using the edge of his fork to slice the eggs and shover some into his mouth. "Mmmmm…. Usually I’d go for toast and mustard too but this is good… gow do you get eggs liek this? Fried in butter? Marge?" -07:35 Apr 24
Madeline: "Whisking and real butter. Makes them fluffy." Suddenly a kiss on the cheek felt like the sweetest thing in the universe. Maddie was going to have to try and forget everything he said last night! She slipped in to a chair and yawned, testing her head down on the table. "Hmm, then I’ll be ready, when…? Three? Oh, you gave me this." Reaching down in to her jacket pocket, (why did she still have that on?) she pulled out his wallet and set it on the table. -07:39 Apr 24
Drake: "Oh thanks." he said reaching over and flipping it open. Teo smiling faces catching the kitchen light, Maddie’s and hos own from the date she had won. Then he checked the contents and sighed. "I drank a lot last night… I’m always amazed how much it costs." He sighed and pocketed it making a face. "I should know better by now. And yes we should leave here at two, quarter past, about then. Wardrobe will want to get hold of me and maybe you too. They were telling me how nice your hair was to work with… I think they’ll ask you a million questions about what shampoos you use." -07:44 Apr 24
Madeline: "Stuff I get at the dollar store. I never color my hair… maybe that helps?" She was vaguely pondering it, along with what they’d dress her up in. Last time it was the super pretty white dress by Preston Starr’s orders. Her fingers tapped on the table as she tried not to doze. "Hmmm, prolly not a good idea to take Rickie as your drinking partner anymore. That guy totally bailed. You’re supposed to have a solid wingman to avoid daterape and stuff." -07:48 Apr 24
Drake: "I think he probably went home to his wife." he said rubbing his temple and checking his watch. "Family emergensies are common for the man. the other teo don’t have an excuse though… at least I know I can rely on you though… next time you’re coming with me." he flashed ehr a smile that was only slightly too devious… he knew how he was spending avlentine’s day afte r the tour. -07:51 Apr 24
Madeline: "Dunno about that. I can’t remember the first night you took me drinking, and last night’s drunk didn’t look so fun." She peeked one eye open at him to catch what she like to call mad-hatter grin. Maddie wasn’t sure if it meant he was up to something, or just thinking something devious yet. But she grinned, and softly laughed. "At least pick a night that isn’t a work night?" -07:55 Apr 24
Drake: "If I promise a Starr showing at the museum I’m sure I can get you a day off." he said grinning wider and then leaning back and hiding the grin behind his mug. "First though I want to take you shopping, when it good for you?" Yes not just any shopping though.. she had had a glimpse of his expensive hobby and no other girl had. He wanted to show her how deep the rabbit hole went on that particular interest. -07:58 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie laughed again. She had no doubt that him popping in to the Museum would cause a stir. She just wasn’t sure if her boss would love the drama, or just agree to anything to get rid of them. She shrugged her shoulders as she grinned. "Apparently I’m not working today, so today is good. If you don’t mind me walking around like a dead zombie. It’s not gonna be shopping for weird things like Arabian horses or something, is it?" -08:02 Apr 24
Drake: "Well then if we’re going to get to the press conference in time…" he draned his coffee and placed it down and then looked at her. "It’s good timing because it just arived." he reached fore his phone again and started flicking through the numbers. "I should get my shoes and then we’ll head off? Don’t worry we’ll get coffee there and I’ll get us something proper… well me somethign proper for this hangover at the event… so ready?" -08:05 Apr 24
Madeline: Blast, he shook off a hang over quick. Or her was simply just that excited about what "it" was! It had her grinning with amusement as she rose up from her seat and ran her fingers through her hair. "Yeaaah, still dressed, so.." Of course, she hadn’t realized yet that ‘still dressed’ was just her coat dragged over pajamas but she wasn’t anywhere near being awake yet! -08:10 Apr 24
Drake: "Great." he stood and headed back towards her bedroom and sat on her seat to pull on his doots and then dressed for a night on the town walked back into the living room with a shit eating grin and a string in his step. "Okay Maddie… I’m going to show you my third favorite place in the city. Ready? We’ll have to take a cab there…" but there would be testdriving back. -08:12 Apr 24
Madeline: "What’s your first and second favorite places?" she asked curiously. Getting ready just consisted of grabbing her phone off her nightstand and making sure her keys were in her pocket. Then she was back to eyeing him curiously and leading the way for the door. "It’s not like I have a car anyway. I had to bring you back here in a cab and hope you didn’t throw up in it." she grinned. "You said they get pissy about that." -08:17 Apr 24
Drake: "You’ll find out." he teased stepping out the door and waiting for her to close it before stepping out to the road and waiting for a cab. He looked as out of place in this neighborhood as his car had and like he was strat out of a music video. "you know I could loan you the money for a car. You’d look good in a Mazda… Mitsubishi?" There was a cab coming and he stuck out his arm. "This is how you do it…. right?" -08:21 Apr 24
Madeline: "You’re supposed to stick a leg out and flash a little skin." she smiiiirked, rocking on her heels. Sadly, the cab pulled over before she could see if he’d give it a try. Why did he look so great after spending all night drinking like a maniac? She felt awful and she hadn’t even been there! "I don’t really need a car… I mean the only time it would have been useful was last night, and really, if I had to drive I wouldn’t have been able to keep you in your seat, anyway!" -08:26 Apr 24
Drake: He opened the door for her and held out his hand fo help her in, then he sat in himself and leaned forwards to talk quietly to the driver and then sat back and looked at Maddie. "Not for shopping? For coming over and visiting me? For going out at night? Seeing the city a little? None of that?" he shrugged. "If you’re afraid it’ll get stolen then I understand. That’s why I didn’t offer a dodhe of something. I have a thing for cute gilrs with muscle cars… though you seem like you’d like a classic mustang." -08:29 Apr 24
Madeline: "It probably would get stolen. I doubt anyone is gonna be all that intimidated by me running outside screaming at them and throwing paint cans." He was absolutely not going to buy her a car. Or loan her money for one! But he liked cars, and she liked daydreaming, so there wasn’t much harm in letting him imagine! Maddie leaned until her head was on his shoulder. "’sides, I can do all that with a cab. And I work five days a week, so it’s not like everyday is a un day I get to spend with you." -08:37 Apr 24
Drake: He put his arm around her and kissed the corner of her mouth. "Little charmer you are." he said. "Still I’m getting you a mustang even if it sits in a garage somewhere, ’67 mustang if I can. Then we’ll see if you can make it around a track…" he chuckled and pulled her almost into his lap as the cab accelerated off towards the edge oc comercial district which was where he wanted to go. Maybe she’d feel less guilty about a little mustang when she was what he had his eye on. -08:41 Apr 24
Madeline: "You don’t even know if I can drive! I’ll warn you that I’ve had three accidents, that are allegedly my fault!" Maddie circled her arms around him, and if she could fully be in his lap, she would have. Sleeping soundly and cuddling, and just happy to hear his voice. …she should have just asked him to stay in bed with her all day! "Maybe if it’s midnight blue, with that cool sparkle paint…" -08:44 Apr 24
Drake: "I could get it painted that color.." he said runnign his fingers though her hair and sighing happily. "I like this… pity we’re almost there…" ‘There’ was a large two story car showroom behind a big fence. The entiore exterious of the building was glass and stainess steel and looked like it had just been polished. "I hope it’s in… I was told it was… They’re going to let me test drive…" he was getting excited and when they stopped he pulled out his wallet to pay the fair and then opening the door and holding out a hand to maddie. "Do you want to see what I plan to make my new baby?" -08:53 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie took his hand to step out and when she did, she didn’t let go. No wonder he was so excited, he was shopping for a car! It made her laugh, and she was quickly nodding. "Okay, yeah! I’ve got to see it if it’s going to be your baby." When she got excited like that, it was usually over him! She wondered if he knew that… he probably did! -08:57 Apr 24
Drake: He flashed her a smile as if readign her thoughts and then loved towards the dealership the guards pulling open the gate before they reached him. "There she is." he whispered. "The silver one, groung floor, seconf to the right from the door. I’m want to get one of those made." he waited for the automatic main door to open before they were greeted by the dealer. "Mark… we spoke on the phone, I’m here for the huayra." he smiled glancing at the car. "Don’t worry I already know all there is to know about her… I just want to see how she drives." "Yes Mr. Starr… Do you want to test drive the red of the blue one?" "Blue… definately blue." -09:03 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie wasn’t going to pretend she had any real interest in the car, or that she knew anything about it. That took way more energy than she had, and she never got why girls did that anyway! But him being so eager about it was awesome, and well worth not getting to spend the day sleeping. She squeezed his hand and rocked back and forth on her feet. "We’re gonna take a drive through the city then? All Fast and Furious style?" -09:10 Apr 24
Drake: "That’s actually illegal." he said. "It’s also one and third million worth of car and I really don’t want to crash it. They do have thier owntrack at the back though… but I have a press event to get to." he watched the man head to a safe to get the keys and rocked back on his heels. "I just wish they didn’t make a loss of every one they sell… they’re great though… just wait until you see the inside." -09:13 Apr 24
Madeline: "It costs that much and they’re not making a profit on it?" Maddie was still trying to wrap her head around the price tag…! They were actually going to let him drive off the lot with a car so expensive? That sort of thing should be sitting up on a big trophy case or something, and made of pure diamonds…! Those thoughts must have flittered across her face and she tried to shake it, but just ended up with that same bewildered expression. "ARE the insides made of diamonds…?" -09:18 Apr 24
Drake: "Leather and titanuim mostly." he said as the keys wwere handed to him. "Around the side and under the roof, have if back by ten please Mr. Starr." "Don’t worry I’m sure the old girl with reminds me… Maddie will too." he said. "See you before then Mark." then he was heading outside and headign around the side of the building to see the car he’d be test driving… and when he did he almost squealed. "There she is.. Gull wing doors…" he unlocke done and lifted it up and out to look inside… "She’s a work of art… I don’t think I can not but one now…" -09:23 Apr 24
Madeline: Maddie was biting her bottom lip, trying not to giggle at him. This was cute…! A boy and his favorite toy… Did he laugh at her like this when she was trying so hard not to squeal about him? "I have to admit, it does look super neat… There is an assload of detail work…" Sculpting wasn’t her medium, but that’s almost what it was like. Something finely sculpted down to the tiniest details of line and color. That was something she could appreciate about his shiny toy. Maddie leeaaned a little closer to look, but she was still really wary about touching something so damned expensive. "…what happens if we scratch it or spill something in the test drive? Do they get our souls?" -09:27 Apr 24
Drake: He checkled and loved aorund to get int he driver’s seat. "They have insurence." he said doing up his seatbelt and drummign his fingers ont he wheel beofre finally putting the key in and starting the engine. "Maddie… can you tell me the purpose of a supercar.. or even a hypercar like this… No it’s not what you’re thinking of. It’s to make grown men feel like nine year olds." -09:30 Apr 24
[Madeline has spent the day driving around the city with Drake in a test caaaaar! Which included a lot of giggling, a lot of cringing about corners, and teasing about still not knowing the difference between this one and the other one. …of course NOW she’s fallen asleep in the car on the way to the press thing!] -06:43 Apr 25
[Drake Wants this car. Any car that drives smothly enough for maddie to fall asleep in while he puts it through it’s paces on the road… well fine that has nothing to do with it, he just wants the car.] -06:45 Apr 25
Madeline: There had to be a measure of trust somewhere, that she could actually drift off to sleep while he was driving one of his maniac cars. Especially cause a tire blew and they nearly died in the last one! But he was well behaved on the city streets and she was so, so tired… Apparently babies weren’t the only ones lulled to sleep by a nice ride. -06:49 Apr 25
Drake: He pulled up behind the studio and undid his seatbelt to look over at Maddie a soft smile drifting across his face. She was dangerously adorable. Opening his door he got out and stretched before walking around to the other side and opening hers. "Maaaaaaaadie." he said softly undoing her seat belt and leaning over her. "if I have to carry you I will." then he kissed her fully on the lips and waited to see if that woke her. -06:53 Apr 25
Madeline: In response to her name she frowned. There was a vague recognition of a threat to move her from a very comfortable spot. She was right in the middle of sleepy growling when he kissed her, which stopped the growl in an instant and turned in to a soft sigh. "Hmrph… a kiss from the prince of starrlight." she muttered… then frowned! Hrnnng. That was painfully cheesy! "…I think I want your car for my new bed." -07:01 Apr 25
Drake: "One point three million is a bit much for a bed." he teased before leaning over to poke her gently. "Come on Maddie I don’t want to leave her either but I can’t leave you here. I have wardrobe, coffee, press… I’d like you do be there." -07:04 Apr 25
Madeline: Maddie was tempted to be super dramatic and throw an arm back and tell him to carry her! But reluctant sense won out, so with a little bit of stiff grumbling she grabbed on to his hand to help pull herself out of the shiny new car. Man… it really was nice to sleep in! "I’d promise to be there with you. And coffee sounds super awesome right about now." -07:08 Apr 25
Drake: He took her hand and closed the door before walking with her wowards the studio and no sooner was he in the door than there was a serious English face looking at him. "Nan… told you I’d make it. Do you have it?" "I do but you know what they say. Prevention is better than cure. Madeline, I expext you to keep him out of trouble. God knows it won’t be easy but you may be his last hope." she she put a vial in Drakes hand, placed a hand on his back and pushed his towards the wardrobes. -07:13 Apr 25
Madeline: Eeek! Nanny McClobber! Maddie had the crazy urge to hide behind Drake, but managed to stay where she was at. The woman just looked scowly even when she was giving… a compliment? Was that a compliment of hope? "Um.. I’ll try! What’s in the magic potion bottle?" The only way she was going to know was by asking. Otherwise she was just going to make up a bunch of insane things in her head. -07:17 Apr 25
Drake: "Hangover cure. Yes there is one." Drake said brewaking the stem and upending the vial over his mouth and drinking the whole thing. Then he sat at a small table just outside wardrobe that already has two hot mugs of coffee on it. "So this is what the real day is like, not like when we know there’s going to be a compitition winner guesnt." he said gesturing at the multitude of people running around. -07:22 Apr 25
Madeline: Maddie glanced around at the people scurrying this way and that. She couldn’t really pinpoint who did what, but everything seemed to know what they were doing. …unlike her! Beyond sitting and being there with him! The thought made her grin wide as she slipped in to the seat next to him and picked up one of the mugs. "Pretty much a lot of chaos and lemmings? I hope I’m not going to be in the way." -07:27 Apr 25
Drake: "If no one tells you you are then you’re not." he said "And right now you’re… oh shit." he leaned back and covered his face, then uncovered it as his manager came up to the table. She looked at Maddie, then at Drake and her only words were ‘we need to talk’ "Look Maddie I’ll be back soon. Just stay here and guard my coffee." -07:34 Apr 25
Madeline: "I… okay." His mother was some sort of force of nature. Maddie was sure every time the woman was present, every intelligent thought seemed to vanish out of her head. And that was worse than his Nan! Maddie just nodded quickly, bringing her own cup up to her mouth so she wouldn’t have to say anything. Or say something stupid. -07:39 Apr 25

With Drake gone Maddie was left alone for a couple on minuted before a girl who had to be about the same age as her sat down and sighed. He hair was brown and tied back in a quasi pony tail and she was dressed a little formally but looked like she had gotten dressed in a hurry. “You’re Madeline, right?” she asked looking at Maddie and slowly smiling. “Oh.. my… I was hoping to meet you. I’m a fan!” she coughed and calmed herself before stratenign her face and fought a look of excitement. “Sorry I should explain. I’m a reported adn I’ve been following your story. It’s like a modern day Cinderella… And you’re smart and creative too. Perfect match!” she grinned and then slapped his forehead. “Sorry… I should introduce myself. Anna Heart. This is my first big event… well it’s not that big but it’s my first!” -Drake

Madeline: "A fan of who? Me?" Of course that was the first thing that came out of her mouth, along with the incredulous look on her face. Maddie took another slow sip of her coffee and eyed the girl, trying not to let her face turn red or start giggling like a dummy. "I’m Madeline King… but I guess you know that. You can call me Maddie! Um… I wouldn’t call it a Cinderella story, though. I mean, that’s totally not me or Dra– Preston at all." Oooooh, she had gotten so used to calling him Preston, Maddie was going to have to watch that, especially with reporters! -07:49 Apr 25

“It’s okay.” she whispered. “I know Drake’s name.” she gave a look of overacted secretive winking and then setled down. “Still though your sudden engagement was big news. I’ve been a Starr fan for eeeveer and through colledge I listened to almost nothing but his songs. I was disappointed whe I didn’t win the dat but you two are cute together. And you paint… you see why I’m your fan? Sorry I shouldn’t blather on like this… I’m meant to be a professional now” -Drake

Madeline: "Oh thank god, I was having a mental freakout moment that I was gonna blurt out his name by accident. You are a good fan!" Without spilling the secret about his name being a problem, Maddie relaxed a bit. Casting the woman a sheepish sort of grin as she sipped from her mug. "It’s okay, on the contest date I was suuuuuper weird. Completely and utter embarrassing. I was trying to pull the smart mysterious girl thing, but I was so nervous I kept forgetting what to say and fumbled everything… So I was surprised when he wanted to go dancing after the date was over. I thought he’d wanna escape me as soon as possible!" -08:03 Apr 25

“Oh so you were drunk ruring the proposal? There’s a rumor that neither of you remembered it. That’s…” her expression said ‘Sad.’ “And…” her eyes caught something. “Are you wearing PJs?” -Drake

Madeline: "Um! Yeah, we were super drunk…" she paused and glanced down at herself. Yep, duckie pajamas. Why didn’t he tell her she was still wearing pajamas..! Maddie just wound up laughing! "Yeah, pajamas… I think we have a chronic problem where he gets super drunk and says the most amazing sweetest things. And of course by morning it’s all forgotten. But I told him if he asks me agai, while he’s sober if I’ll marry him that I’d say yes. It’s kind of crazy? I don’t love Preston Starr like that, not really, but I think I am in love with Drake." -08:16 Apr 25

“So you knowhim well enough to know the difference…” she beamed and then offered her hand. “I have to get back to the press area but we should be friends… You won’t tell anyone I was back here will you?” she pleaded. “I’m just glad I got to meet you in person Maddie… I’m going to write your story!” -Drake

Madeline: "My story? I doubt that’s gonna be too exciting, but okay!" she gave another embarassed laugh as she shook the woman’s hand. "I love making friends, though. I won’t tell anyone. Fangirl’s honor!" -08:24 Apr 25
[Madeline was trying really hard to stay awake and be supportive! But after his drunk pickup-call, Maddie was officially unconcious on the sofa in the back of the room!] -08:08 May 29
[Drake is also semi-unconcious on the back room couch with an arm around Maddie and the new supercar taken back to the dealer by a posh English nanny.] -08:12 May 29
Madeline: Squeezing in an hour of sleep while people were chattering everywere wasn’t exactly ideal. But it was easilly negated by the sound of his voice, even if it was answering a bunch of interviews. When -hadn’t- she fallen asleep to the delicious sounds of Preston Starr? Maddie wasn’t sure what woke her up now, in fact, she grumbled a complaint at it. And was finding herself leaning against a very near unconcious man sitting on the couch beside her. Grinning, she snuck her arms around him and more than willingly rest her face at the crook of his neck. Forgetting the time and the place, and just taking advantage of a sleeping moment! -09:04 May 29
Drake: He smiled at the feeling of her drawing herself closer and the arm around her squeezed he side. "Wondering when you’d wake up." he mumbled drawing her closer still. "If you want there’s a small studio flat attached to the building I sometimes use when recording runs late if you want to go there? just a single bed, nothing fancy but more space than a couch for two…" -09:16 May 29
Madeline: "At this point I don’t care where I’m sleeping. ….I’m really sorry I feel asleep during all your interviews." Totally not the greatest girlfriend/fiance move passing out when one is supposed to be all support and present. But he was all snugglie and didn’t seem to mind to much, so Maddie was more than fine remaining relaxed and limply half draped over him. "You’ll have to grab me by the feet and drag me. …how many secret hideaway places do you have?" -09:19 May 29
Drake: "I’ll do one better." he picked her up cradled against him without disturbing the position of her head and started walking. "And that depends what you mean by hideaway. I can’t really go anywhere without being recognized so I do have a hew places where I pay extra for privacy when I just want to relax, but places I actually own is just one, my home, this is owned by the studio but I used my Starr power to get it set aside just for me. there’s a lounge, kitchenette, and bedroom." All the time he was talking he was walking and now he was pushing open the door into the lounge area what had an assortment of chairs ranging from the couch to beanbags and everything in betweem, it also had a lot of music posters on the walls from as early as the 30s and a large screen TV and games console. -09:28 May 29
Madeline: Maddie was still giggling softly at Starr power if only because she was imagining the double Rs whether he meant it like that or not. She completely missed his description of the place, lost in that weird haze between sleepiness and girly appreciation for whatever cologne they managed to get on him before the interview. Once he crossed the threshold, though she was peering over his shoulder at the posters, fingers gently tugging at his clothes. "So you hijacked a wing all your own. I didn’t take Preston Starr for such a diva." -09:36 May 29
Drake: "You try singing until 1 AM trying to get that perfet take because you need to be on a plan the next morning to New York for a concert in front of fifty thousand people and see if you don’t just take the nearest bed available. I do all my songs as a continuous take, no cutting, no editing, It’s a point of pride with me. And I have to rest my voice after a few takes before trying again, sometime we try to do an entire album in a couple days, then I sleep here so I don’t have to travel back and forth all the time. In the buildup to concerts I spend more time here than at home so you can think of this as my second home and your third. Unless it’s third for both of us." There was no way ge couldn’t give her a dirty grin. -09:44 May 29
Madeline: "It’s why your music is always the best music." Dirty, dirty look he was giving her… Maddie just gave an amused smile before she was adjusting to wrap her arms around his neck. HER third home, huh? Maddie really liked the sound of that! "Are you counting my house as one of your homes, Mister Preston Starr? Did that come up in an interview I slept through?" -09:49 May 29
Drake: "That was a hint about me spending a lot more tim at your place in the future Maddie." he said as he carried her into the bedroom. "And no, it didn’t. That interview was strictly about the upcoming tour that you’re going to be with me on. "And it will be the best music because you’ll be there in the crowd for me to sing to." -09:55 May 29
Madeline: Oooooh. Her fangirl was showing again, cause her amused grin was now stupidly wide and she was kicking her feet. Sleepy or not, having your idol tell you that you’re going on tour with him was always a squee moment. Reality was trying to wrestle it’s way back though, and she gave a small cough. "…not the entire tour though. Just for the small trip. I do have job to get to and stuff. Blowing it off today was a special case!" -10:01 May 29
Drake: "You’ll be there when I sing, that’s enough for me." he said leaning down to lay her on the bed and settle down in her arms moving forwards to gently kiss her cheek. "You may be a fan Maddie but you’re grounded in reality. That’s one of the things I like about you. " -10:05 May 29
Madeline: Bed felt so good. And Maddie was tempted to just let go and pass out. But he was being so sweet and so cute, and really, really asking for a pouncing. Maddie locked her arms around his neck with no intentions of letting go, and nuzzled his cheek. "I don’t think I’m in reality right now, though. More like Maddie King fantasy paradise heaven." -10:16 May 29
Drake: "You mean a dream?" he asked rolling onto his back so that she was half on top of him. "Dreams sound nice. I really should have slept last night… at least I know I’ll wake up to you… and unless I miss my guess cornish pasties for both of us from the cafe across the street." -10:21 May 29
Madeline: "Like a dream only better. I’m pretty sure I wrote a fic or two like this before." In fact, fics that involved having Preston Starr in bed were never innocent when written by a sixteen year old obsessive fangirl. Maddie wore a smirk that mirrored those thoughts, and instead of curling up nice and sleepy she was back to nuzzling his cheek again. Only this time with a kiss and a nibble in between. -10:27 May 29
Drake: "So you’re not to sleepy after all?" he asked pulling his head away to look at her. "You know I want to wait a bit on that Maddie. It’s hard for me too though… you might feel that against your thigh." -10:36 May 29
Madeline: "Wait?" Uuugh..! With a huff of breath and defeat her body went limp on top of him, her face dropped at his neck again. At least until she did realize he wasn’t all soft. Her disappointed quickly errupted in to soft, almost embarassed giggling. It was one thing going all sexual-predator, it was another to realize maybe he actually did want to too. "You know, it’s not usually the guy wanting to wait…" -10:40 May 29
Drake: "I know." he said running his fingers through her hair and kissing the tip of her nose. "But we’re an unusual couple. It won’t be much longer I just have to be sure about a couple of things. You’re doing a very good job of making me attached to you without sex so it’s not going to matter one way or the other… I really like you Maddie." -10:48 May 29
Madeline: Damnit. There was no way to be mad about it, or even feel mopey over it. He was making her feel all melty and at this rate she was going to be head over heels in love with him and never going to let go! Maddie curled up, draping an arm over his chest and a leg over his. Content to nuzzle against his neck for the time being. Even if she was imagining a few less snugglie scenarios that would probably get her jailed for rape. "I like you a lot too, Drake. Even more than I ever thought I would, and I have some pretty big fantasies." she mumbled. -10:54 May 29
Drake: "I know you do, I’ve read some of them." he said smiling as he nestled his hand into the crooc of her neck and sighed. "You’ll be here when I wake up right? Not going to sneak off home and leave me here alone? I want dinner with you tonight. A date." -10:59 May 29
Madeline: "I’d never turn down a date with you." another soft giggle, and a long sigh. Maddie was itching to creep her hands under his shirt, but once she started touching she wouldn’t be able to stop. Instead, she relaxed and that sleepiness was catching up again. She yaaaawned. "A date, and bed… I think. Maybe I shouldn’t sleep now, I have to be alive for work tomorrow." she was mumbled out the words, but too far gone to actually act on them! -11:01 May 29
Drake: Drake was also too far gone to do anything but make a small noise and pet her hair. They’d be woken up on a few hours with food anyway and maybe Drake could teach Maddie the secret to living without a sleep cycle… Still he’d be a lot happier with her naked… naked maddie… this dream should be good. -11:12 May 29

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