My Demon Roommate 007: Going Easy

Jayden: Jayden come to… in the morning…? She was guessing by the light that was irritatingly shining in her eyes from the window. Trying to lift an arm to block it came up with zilch results. Which should have been alarming, but being concerned over something -also- seemed to require more energy than she could dig up. She couldn’t feel anything she was so numb. …No wait. She could wiggle her fingers and toes. That was something. Finally she groaned out of sigh. Even that was a pain! Her voice was hoarse. Why in the he- Oh wait. Jayden remembered… -05:15 Aug 11
Cupio: He was stepping out of the bathroom humming to himself when he noticed she was awake and he gave her a smile. "Hey Jay." he said strolling over to the bed to len down and give her a kiss and grin down at her. "How are you feeling? That was quite the night, I’m sorry you passed out. But I got you home before three." -05:18 Aug 11
Jayden: "You are ridiculously chipper." she mumbled just above a whisper. Jayden tried shifting again, which really didn’t do anything more than make her wince. Oh no, she did -not- want feeling back if it was gonna be like that. She fell in to her pillow again. "…did I pass out at three?" -05:21 Aug 11
Cupio: He shrugged. "Closer to eleven I think." he said. "But no one else got you or me, I know we’re exclusiv now to I satisfied myself and left you to sleep." he was sitting on the bed and rubbing her leg. "Are you.. okay?" she hasn’t really moved and he was beginging to get worried. -05:48 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -05:59 Aug 11
Jayden: Eleven! Did that he kepted on fucking her like crazy even while she was passed out? Not fair…! Jayden couldn’t even grip a pillow to throw at him. She shifted to at least show she could -move- a slight lift of her leg and a raise of her arm to drape over her stomach. But that came with more wincing, worse this time and a grumble of pain. Jayden definitely liked the numb feeling better. This was going to hurt bad once her blood got moving. "…so exactly how many times between eleven and three…?" -06:03 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:09 Aug 11
[Cupio enters.] -06:09 Aug 11
Cupio: He rubbed the back of his neck. "Well I didn’t even notice you had passed out." he said "Maybe four… five?" he was still looking concerned and he placed his hand on her cheek. "Couldn’t you ahve counted?" -06:12 Aug 11
Jayden: "Unconcious people can’t count, Coop." She grumbled. Jayden really wanted to just wail in to him. He kinda deserved it! Not because she had a problem with it, but only because she felt like she missed out. …But he had to go and look like he felt really bad about the entire thing, and it was becoming increasingly hard to keep up her scowling. "Maybe if I was just sleeping I’d feel plenty, but not fucked unconcious!" -06:17 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Cupio doesn’t post enough.] -06:21 Aug 11
Cupio: He blinked processing thins new information. "Humans can’t feel after they pass out? That… wow… sorry…" he was leaning down and kissing her again. Usually when he passed out he’d just change into Mcboobs and enjoy the ride until he woke up later in a pile of bodies… no wonder humans had to drink well volotile things and not do.. that… "I payed though so don’t worry we didn’t run out on the check.. so… breakfast? I have blood to replenish adn you … you…" she really was a weak as a kitten. "You need food and fluids." -06:21 Aug 11
Jayden: "I’ll be fine, you don’t have to look like you just broke me." she muttered. Jayden winced past the pain to grab his hand. …more of touching than grabbing. Damnit. Even scowling at him hurt. "I don’t heal as fast, but I’m not gonna fall apart. Just go easy on me for awhile?" -06:26 Aug 11
Cupio: "Okay Jay.." he said "But I’m still making you breakfast." he really had no idea what else to do. "Unless you want me to go easy on you before I get cooking." there was a mischevious grin on his face now as he looked down at her. -06:30 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden looked tempted… really, really tempted! "Hmm… maybe." With a twist of her mouth, she finally decided against. If only because her stomach was growling and she was getting increasingly aware that she was starving. "Breakfast first. A big breakfast. With everything! I need strength to keep up with my boyfriend." -06:40 Aug 11
Cupio: Leaning down to brushed his nose against her and caught her lips in a quick kiss. "Everything on toast it is. I’ll be right back." then with two quick pet on her thigh he was standing and tail swishing behind him, the only demonic feature he was displaying, he mover off towards the kitched humming to himself. The same impossibly fast tune that had been in the club. -06:43 Aug 11
Jayden: "I want steak too..! Steak and pancakes…!" she croaked out. Argh, even her jaw was sore? Seriously? Jayden cast a narrowed glare at the door as she rolled over and curled up with a pillow to prop her arms and legs. Jayden could only imagine what he did with her. She hated only getting to imagine! -06:58 Aug 11
Cupio: "Juicy, and tender, rare, so very very rare.. just how I like them." he called back geting out the pan and getting to work. He was hungry too and soon he has the steaks on and was mixing up the pancakes. "So do you want coffee or juice?" \ -07:02 Aug 11
Jayden: "Coffee and juice." Jayden wondered if he was talking about steaks or her ass. Her ass was pretty tender and raw at this point too. Jayden was tempted to fall back to sleep, but who knew what would happen with her body if she did! She audibly scoffed. -07:06 Aug 11
Cupio: He cooked up the steaps and splettered them onto ttwo palves, washed the pan then got down to the pancakes and put the coffee on. Then he started flipping. "Oh by that way, I have my first shoot tomorow, you gonna be there?" -07:09 Aug 11
Jayden: "If I can walk. Or maybe you can push me around in a wheelchair and I’ll just use a gun if I have to kill someone." …yeah. She needed a gun. Jayden could get one easy from their new mobster minions! She was now looking pretty damned pleased about the idea. -07:10 Aug 11
Cupio: Butter, a huge stack of pancakes, steaks, coffee, juice… he needed a bigger tray, he almosy forgot the syrip and cutlery as he left the kitchen and headed for the bedroom. "So Jaden wans a gun hmmm… she going to shoot me if I misbehave?" -07:14 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -07:17 Aug 11
Jayden: "If YOU misbehave, it’s no sex." Food smelled like heaven. With a groan she was inching to sit up. If she was going to make it with him tomorrow, she needed something heavy. Prescription painkillers or morphine! "Going to shoot everyone else though if they touch you." -07:20 Aug 11
Cupio: He helped her sit up then slid her steak into her lap and then put her kife nad fork into ehr hadn and grabbed himself a mug of coffee. "So how was it?" he asked with a grin. "I know I loved every second of it." -07:24 Aug 11
Jayden: "Oh, the sex before I passed out in to oblivious?" she teased. Even holding utensils was a pain in the ass, but she managed to do it. One piece of meat popped in to her mouth, and it was like soothing a savage beast! Probably the best thing she had ever tasted her entire life. "Amazing. Overwhelming. Brilliant. Would love to know why my jaw hurts, and very much need a good bath… but I guess it was acceptable." -07:28 Aug 11
Cupio: "Your jaw? " he chuckled… "Sorry about that." he must have put half of his steak into his mouth and chewed it quickly. "Oh, do you happen to know any doctors familiar with demons?" it was an out of the blue question. "When I played last night I think they took too much but I feel fine so I’m wondering if it might have been something they gave me. They were very surprised you were human by the way I had to pay for both of us. -07:33 Aug 11
Jayden: "I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about." And she was too busy eating to care! She mixed steak and pancakes. Savory and sweet.. even better! "I think I’m pleased that demons are surprised I’m human? Sounds like a compliment…" -07:36 Aug 11
Cupio: "I think they were more surprized a demon would bring a human then use her exclusivly for the night." he stuffed the otehr half in his mouth and chewed. "They wanted payment in demon blood, and you don’t have any… well not pure enough. You only had one glass. So I payed but…" he was sliming wide. "It was nice to be in a place like home. Did you see how tidy it was. Theres another clud across town for those other demons." -07:40 Aug 11
Jayden: "…not pure enough…?" she gave him a side glance and sipped from her coffee. Haha, maybe he fucked her enough she was going demon! Jayden very nearly smirked. "What ‘other’ demons? Some you don’t like?" -07:42 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:49 Aug 11
Cupio: "Those who prefer chaos to order, mess to tidiness, violence to.. excess." that last word was said with a grin and a lecherous look. "Don’t worry the demon blood will be out of your sustem before the end of the day, I have their word for it. He was sipping his coffee now and smiling at her. It just hieghtens awareness, sensation, and sex drive in humans. They gave me a pamphlet on the risks of long-term use, mutation, horns, half-formed wings, one picture had a mouth in the middle of thier chest…. but I won’t lef you overdose. Don’t worry." -07:49 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden nearly choked on her coffee! She started coughing and had to take another swallow just to stop. "You had me drinking demon blood?! …No wonder I was high as a kite!" Jayden stared him down, that knife in her hands tilting back and forth. "You think I need help with my sex drive, do you…?" -07:52 Aug 11
Cupio: "Not in the least.. I just wanted you to experience the atmosphere like I do." he said "To feel you touches, the kisses, the smells. Thats what its like for me all the time in an atmosphere like that, and its impossible not to find one like that where I’m from. "I do get homesick sometimes and I… wanted you to know what my home before I came here was like." -07:56 Aug 11
Jayden: Her mood was shifting up and down way too fast. She supposed that was a lingering effect of the stuff. Jayden was ready to stab him before, which was just unusual itself, and now she wanted to cuddle him. She set down the knife and fell back against the pillows. "It was amazing. A little overwhelming… but it would be nice to get the full Cupio package without being drugged or gone easy on… just you and me and nothing extra?" -08:02 Aug 11
Cupio: The full package? There was a full half of him she hadn’t yet embraced and he griined his tail twitching like a cat’s. "You’ll get the full package when you can walk on your own." he said "I promise you git you with it when you least expect it." he set down his mug and went for his pancakes scarfing them down on next to no time. "And next time it will be just you, me and nothign else, no blood, no club." he kept eating and then he grinned at her. "I’m going to enjoy finding your limits." -08:07 Aug 11
Jayden: "Hmm… I feel like I’ve just given you permission to something wicked.." She couldn’t help but be amused with his expression, though. She’d figure out what her limits were too at this rate, and Jayden was thinking they were pretty damned lax after last night. -08:12 Aug 11
Cupio: "You have, but its a surprize." he said. "Oh, two things." he chuckled and then looked at her with his head slightly tilted. "So a day in bed together? Doing that snuggling thing I’ve heard so much about?" -08:15 Aug 11
Jayden: "You’re going to give me a bath, and then it’s snuggles and cuddles. In bed or on the sofa, I don’t care which." She was even more amused by his severe lack of snuggling. Demons were weird. -08:17 Aug 11
Cupio: He looked at the bath and it was clear his mind was still in the gutter. "I’ll go and run it for you." he said getting up and heading for the bathroom. "Did you ever think you’d get a demon boyfriend when we started showing up?" he called "Or was I a surprise?" -08:21 Aug 11
Jayden: "I really wasn’t expecting to have a boyfriend at -all-. Let alone a demon one… Was pretty sure I would sex one up eventually, though." Jayden sat up again to finish off her breakfast. All of it! Coffee and juice included. Even when her plate was clean she didn’t feel entirely satisfied. But she only had the patience to eat so much. They really were going to have to learn to pace her body. -08:23 Aug 11
Cupio: "So you were going to fuck and leave me? You are so like us." he was standing in the doorway as the water ran. Good thing you summoned one, really its amazing how long it took us to get busy." -08:30 Aug 11
Jayden: "I think it’s pretty obvious that you weren’t getting fucked and left." Jayden set the tray aside, then she was flopped back in bed again. Passing out for the day would be great too, but she smelled way too much like sex and felt a little… icky! "I have -some- self control you know! I’m usually drunk before I hookup with people. I like sex, but I don’t… I guess I don’t really like people all that much." -08:34 Aug 11
Cupio: "Am I a people?" he asked sticking is tongue out at her. "You may have but me? Hoi… If I wasn’t locked in a contract to let you have first go… But I’m glad we did, and that we are… You know demons don’t really do that. And the last explusive sex deal I had didn’t turn out so well. This is very new ground for me." -08:39 Aug 11
Jayden: "You are a people, but… a surprisingly not like other people kind of person." Jayden rolled until she was at the edge of the bed, and then it was a very delicate, wincing, growling effort to sit up again. "It’s new territory for me too, you know! I’ve never been exclusive before either. I’ve never been -jealous- before…" Then she was trying to stand, and that resulted in a yelp as she went for the floor! -08:45 Aug 11
Cupio: "Jealous.." he rolled the word around his mouth. "What does that mean?" he was looking at her questioning ly before he ducked back int the bathroom to check the levels and turn on the cold. -08:48 Aug 11
[Jayden enters.] -08:49 Aug 11
Jayden: Jayden gave up standing and just decided crawling would work. Except, god damned he knees were bruised all to hell too! She plotted a few scenarios she could get some vengeance… maybe bruising him up good. "Jealous is… um… Not liking to see someone else have what you wanted." -08:51 Aug 11
Cupio: He came out of the bathroom adn frowned. "I’ll carry you." he bover to her and lifted her easily and carried her to sit her on the toilet as he tunded to the bath. Then satisfied with the tempreture beign fleasantly warm (for a demon) he moved to lift her up and lower her into it and hand her the soap beffre climbing in the other side and relaxing. "Need me to wash you too?" -08:55 Aug 11
Jayden: "Yes. Yes I do." She didn’t really, it wasn’t so bad she couldn’t move for herself. But Jayden wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. The water was deliciously hot too. That was an almost instant ease to the ache in her joints and muscles. She sighed out loud. "We should always have after sex baths. Why don’t we do this all the time?" -08:59 Aug 11
Cupio: He took the soap and lathered it in his hands. "I almost though you said after bath sex there. Both would leave us in an endless cycle, and I don’t see a downside." he started with her feet rubbing the soap into her toes. "I wonder if humans have a pleasure threshhold…" -09:07 Aug 11
Jayden: This she actually had to ponder seriously. "I’m… not sure? I suppose it could be just as much a body could take before passing the hell out. I dunno." She slipped lower in to the tub, resting her head on the edge and closing her eyes. She could get used to this! -09:09 Aug 11
Cupio: He worked his way up her calf to her knee before changing legs starting at the foot again. "I know theres been humans who have had heart attacks from too much…" he was looking a little worried. "Not goign to die on me are you, I really reaaly like having you around and hell is a long way to go for a soul… and if you don’t end up there I’ll never see you again." -09:13 Aug 11
Jayden: "That’s a good question. I wonder where I -would- end up." It was hard to be concerned about it when someone was doing a very fine job of rubbing her down. She was almost purring and couldn’t wipe the grin off her face. "Don’t think I’m at risk of dying though… at worst passing out again, unless you actually break me." -09:16 Aug 11
[(Timeout) Jayden has timed out.] -09:19 Aug 11
Cupio: "I’ll try not to…" he said grinning back then shifting foward to take her arm and start with her fingers. "And for startes you fuck demons… but other than that you’re a nice person who took in a homeless guy without a job. and who rides to the rescue of maidens set upon by wolves. Its quite the puzzle." -09:19 Aug 11
Jayden: "If just fucking demons is against the rules, they’re some pretty shitty rules." She flexed her fingers at him, and returned his grin. "I just don’t like it when people take advantage of girls. That bothers me. Some inner demon, so to speak, I guess." -09:23 Aug 11
Cupio: "Inner demon." he repeated with a chuckle getting to her shoulder and going to her other arm. "And I’m glad you like fucking demons, otherwise I could be out of a home." he leaned forwards to steal a kiss and then start rubbing her shoulders. "I really like fucking you too." -09:29 Aug 11
Jayden: "Lucky you, lucky me." she mumbled. One kiss was never enough, so she was leaning forward to nuzzle his cheek and give him another soft kiss. "Right place and right time and right people?" She grinned. -09:36 Aug 11
Cupio: He was grinning. "Or I’d still be living in a constant rave with sex pile-ons every night instead of kneeling in water massaging a human’s boobs." and that was exactly what he was doing, well, washing if you wanted to be technical. -09:38 Aug 11
Jayden: "Maybe we’ll just have our own private rave and sex pile on…" she smirk. That sounded like a very fun idea. -09:44 Aug 11

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