Genetic Bride 026 007: Imprinted

Khloe: The next day when Khloe awoke, Bai was no where to be found. Her feelings were still sore and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk to him anyway. He may as well had said she had no emotion at all. But he wasn’t there and there was breakfast left for her on the counter. …maybe she wasn’t so mad still after all. -06:31 Jul 26
Baldor: So he was still in a bad mood and that wasn’t good for filling in applications, so he didn’t have enough money to restock his kitchen or get anything nice or to have lunch out. He it was a bar out of a vending machine for lunch and a bagel because that wasn’t enough and he was looking down at the last few coins he had on him and ciscling the park to go to apply at the bistro. -06:51 Jul 26
Khloe: Morning involved getting ready for her date. Mister James was the one guy out of all of them that she liked almost as much as Bai. And this was the fourth date, and that meant -extra- things. …Even though now she was wondering if that was even a good idea. Was she all physical and no emotional? By the time she was at the bistro, sitting at a booth with Mister James she had at least forgotten about that part of the conversation. She had emotion. She knew cause she could feel it on this date! -06:57 Jul 26
Baldor: So coming up to the bistro armed with a pen, a half-eaten bagel and walkign past the window putting his hand on the door and… perfect.. red top.. black skirt.. boots.. and.. James.. His hand ran down the glass and he turned away, walking past the rest of the front window and taking a seat outside, out of sight clising his eyes. Then closed his fist and stood back up, pushing open the door and heading for the manager. He was going to apply and no aloung of confused eotions or wetness in his eyes would stop him. -07:02 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe was laughing, leaning close to the man who had his arm around her. The conversation was nice! They could talk and it was friendly. Touching was friendly! The holding hands, or the soft hugs. Kissing was friendly. Mister James stole a kiss and Khloe just smiled wide. It wasn’t bad at all. ….only, it really wasn’t really… entrancing? Her day was turning out to be confusing. -07:07 Jul 26
Baldor: Kissing… he turned away and filled out the forn as quickly as he could then handed it over, excused himself and turned making sure his eyes stayed on the door as he left, maybe slamming it a little and walking away into the park. He knew what he wanted to do, but he had left the phone she had gotten him at home to stop him throwin git into the pond, a smart move apparently. Well there wwas at least beer in the fridge… time to go do that. -07:15 Jul 26
Khloe: There was something pretty great about Mister James. Khloe liked being around him and she was trying to take that next step. It was the right thing to do? After their lunch they walked in the park. And she couldn’t stop comparing everything to Bai. …when she thought about it, she seemed to compare all her dates to her time with Bai. They passed a couple in the park, and Khloe watched the way they looked at each other. That hopeless infatuation and blissfull smiles. Frowning just a bit, she glanced up at Mister James. She really didn’t have that feeling when she looked at him, no matter how much she wanted to. But Bai… -07:23 Jul 26
Baldor: He made the ristake of looking back, they were out of the bistro and she was lookign into his eyes and.. No more looking, he would be drunk by the time she got hime, if she got home… Fuck that thought, Beer and couth and no thinking about Khloe and how if he imprinted her she wouldn’t end up with an asshole, and how he wanted a girlfriend like her more than one he never saw. -07:26 Jul 26
Khloe: A few hours later, Khloe was on her way back home feeling a little. …distressed! Mister James had taken her to his place. There was the snuggling and petting and kissing… and could have been the consummating if she really wanted it. But it just… lacking. There was not a spark, or that gut feeling that made her dizzy and giddy. There really wasn’t -anything- to it, and Khloe wondered if Bai had been right after all. Maybe she was lacking emotion. When she let herself in to the apartment, she was ready to talk to Bai about it if he were at home and still awake. -07:32 Jul 26
Baldor: He was home, and the if the bottles litterign the floor were any indication he had been busy. Right now he was playing with hsi shoe with his foot and brooding but hearign the door he turned away from it and rested hishands in his lap playing with his thumbs not letting her know she had heard her come in. -07:37 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe dropped her pures and keys on a table and pulled off her coat to drape over a chair. She was chewing on her bottom lip when she crossed the room… pausing long enough to step over a few bottles before she tripped over them, and plopped on to the sofa. She was a little wary as she tilted her head and glanced at him. "I missed you this morning." -07:42 Jul 26
Baldor: "Did you really?" he asked still looking at his thumbs stubbornly. "You looked to be very distracted." he stopped himself and clasped hsi ahnds together in his lap frowning at himself. He was jealous and he shouldn’t be. "I’m just glad you’re happy." he didn’t sound glad. -07:45 Jul 26
Khloe: "You really sounds the opposite of glad…" she mumbled. Khloe just fell against the back of the couch and sighed. Then she realized he said she looked distracted. "…how do you know? Did you see me today?" -07:48 Jul 26
Baldor: "Yes." he said still not looking. "When I was applying for jobs, in the outfit I like, kissing." he turned and stood in one motion almost falling and putting his hand on the arm rest to keep his balance as he looked down at the bottle sparing a second to try and count them. Then gave up and sat on the arm rest and put his face in his hands. Too much to drink and too many feelings. -07:55 Jul 26
Khloe: "I think you might have made yourself drunk." Khloe sighed again… she wanted to talk to him about yesterday and about today. But he looked like he might be ill at this rate. Khloe got up, moving to him to take his arms to pull around her and help him stand. "I’ll take you to bed? Tomorrow you can tell me how the job hunting went." -07:59 Jul 26
Baldor: He didn’t want her to touch him and tried to pull away. "Why do you have to be so perfect?" he asked giving in and letting himself be taken. She should be his, his and his alone, he still remembered what her mark looked like, if he saw it he’d know if something happened or not. -08:03 Jul 26
Khloe: "Yesterday you said I didn’t know anything about emotional needs. I don’t think that is so perfect." He fussed, but he really did need to be in bed. She wasn’t sure how drunk a person had to be before they got sick! Khloe led him off to the bedroom and to bed. -08:05 Jul 26
Baldor: "That was a mistake." he said grabbing her by her shoulder and pulling his arm free then sitting HER down on the bed and lookign down at her his hands on her shoulders. "You are perfect and I wish I had a girlfriend like you." he tilted his head slowly rubing the side of her neck then reaching down to take hold of her knee and pull it up to both check her mark and see if she had anything under her skirt. -08:09 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe was turning red, not because he was tugging her leg, where incidentally she -had- worn panties this time, but because he said he wished he had a girlfriend like her. …That. That was the feeling she was lacking with Mister James. The little twinge of butterflies in her stomach and that thing that made her catch her breath. "You could have a girlfriend like me. …if you really wanted." she responded softly. -08:12 Jul 26
Baldor: "I could…" he said running his hand over her code. "I could… let you.." he was moving closer between her legs and rubbing the side of her neck as he leaned down to kiss her forehead. He wanted her as a girlfriend, he wanted her in general. "Consumate." her mark was unchanged, he wanted to see his genetics in it, he wanted her. "Then you could be my girlfriend?" -08:19 Jul 26
Khloe: His hand over the skin of her inner thigh was sending more than just giddy feelings through her. She could feel her whole body warming, and his words were making it worse. Khloe was afraid to try and touch him, though. Her hands clenching in to the bed’s blankets as she chewed on her lip. "I think I would very much like being your girlfriend. …if you wanted me to be." -08:24 Jul 26
Baldor: He half sat fhalf fell onto the bed and looked her up and down, going so far as to pull her top off and look at her more intently. "Do you really mean that?" he asked "You have to be sure…" he couldn’t stop touching her though and rubbing her stomach and up to her… this was definatly cheating. -08:29 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe had spent an entire day being confused, this was the one moment that -wasn’t- confusing! Her shirt was gone and he was eyeing her… for the first time she actually felt shy! "I spent all day wishing I was with you. I am sure." Gingerly she reached out to touch his face, still wondering if he might change his mind and push her away. -08:32 Jul 26
Baldor: He leached down and pulled his own shirt off, then placing his hands either side of her head pulled her into a sloppy and very rough kiss. "Khloe…" he unfastened her skirt and pulled hit away then took her hand and put it o his crotch.. she had been thinking if him… or was just saying that. "Its okay. I want your to…" he kissed her again nipping her lip! -08:37 Jul 26
Khloe: It was getting harder and harder to be concerned about whether or not he’d change his mind. All it took was a kiss that made her senseless and forget to breathe. Still, there was a little hesitation when she popped the button of his pants and slid down the zipper. This was the real test! Khloe slipped her hand in to his pants to feel him. -08:41 Jul 26
Baldor: He nuzzled into her and smiled agaist her as she touched him, getting onto his knees to help her push his pants and boxers down, and then falling on top of her with a chuckle. "I think you might have to take control." -08:45 Jul 26
Khloe: "Will you push me again if I do?" she teased, her voice and a little breathy. He smiled and laughed… and adored that he did! She would be his and he would be with her. Khloe curled her legs around his hips, grabbing his head with her hands to pull him down for a hard kiss. This was the kiss she wanted too! -08:51 Jul 26
Baldor: He kissed her his hand trailign up and down her side. "No pushing, I promise." he was grinning and touching, and feeling, and nipping and kissign and it felt wonderful. "Because I want it and won’t stop you if you do too." -08:53 Jul 26
Khloe: Every little touch was agonizingly sweet. It had her skin on fire, and Khloe had completely forgotten he was drunk! With her arms folding around his neck, she kissed him deep. Flicking her tongue over his mouth before she nibbled along his jaw and mumbled in his ear. "You will take me, and I will help you. And I’ll be yours and only yours. I’ll be with you forever." -09:00 Jul 26
Baldor: He loves the sound of that. Smiling wide against her he loved his hand down to run ocer her breast, down her stomacj adn feel the softness of her lips. "Tell me how." -09:03 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe gave a small gasp. The feeling that shot through her was very nearly electrifying. Her hips moved up against his hand out of reflex. "All you have to do is make love to me." she grinned against his ear. Slipping her hand between them to grasp his shaft and guide him closer. Massaging him gently with her grip. -09:09 Jul 26
Baldor: He liked that.. liked that so much, but what he really wanted was… he felt himself against her and he sighed deep his hand going to hold her boob as he pulled away slightly to look into her eyes. The feelign was hypnotic and exhilirating and he couldn’t help but… push… -09:12 Jul 26
Khloe: She squeaked as her eyes widened. A hand falling to rest on his shoulder, while her hips rose to take him further. It was… so consuming of her senses. Making her body throb and her muscles tighten in such a delicious way! -09:15 Jul 26
Baldor: He looked down at her his mouth openign as f he was trying to speak, he he bit he lip and leaned down t press his lips into hers pushing in further and grinding his hips against hers feeling fightheaded and strangely … he couldn’t even put words to it. -09:21 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe gave a moaning sigh against his mouth. The further he pushed the better it was until all of a sudden something snapped and she was gasping! At first it was a sharp pain, but the flood of feeling after it was so intense that she was groaning all over again. Legs locking tight around him to pull him as close as he could get, as deep as he could go! -09:25 Jul 26
Baldor: He was pulled in and his hand went to grip her hair as his hips ground harder against hers. "I love this.." he whispered. "I love you.. your Khloe." -09:27 Jul 26
Khloe: Love… this was definitely love. Khloe knew because when she placed her hands at his cheeks and looked in to his eyes, he made her smile. He always made her smile! And he loved her too. So wrapped up in that feel that was building, she couldn’t speak the words! Her mouth was on his, kissing, ravishing. A passion she hadn’t found for anything else but him! Khloe pushed at his shoulder until they both rolled and she was on top of him. She’d show him how much she loved him! -09:33 Jul 26
Baldor: Well.. this was probablu for the best, he could grip her, run his nails agaist her skin and grip her hips as he kissed and nipped her back. There was a half moan half whimper in his throat as he felt himself edging closer and closer to climax his eyes remaining open to seek hers out. -09:36 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe never looked away from him, not when she leaned to kiss him again, soft and sweet. Or when she took control of the pace, with slow almost sensual movements of her hips. She wanted him to feel it like she felt it. That wonderful aching that had her almost shivering every time she rose and fell on top of him. -09:40 Jul 26
Baldor: His hips moved under her.. thsi was getting into unexplored teritory.. soft, sweet, almost madeving and he reached up to cup her cheek with his hand smiling and moving under her getting comfortable. -09:42 Jul 26
Khloe: That smile… she’d do anything for that smile. Her hand covered his her face turning in to it to kiss his palm and close her eyes. Khloe audibly sighed, nipping at his palm when that pressure mounted. It was making her lose all sense of thought, there was only that fiery rush running through her blood and that sinful pulse between her legs. -09:49 Jul 26
Baldor: He moved his other hand hto her side feeling the way she moved. There was a moan from him as he hips pushed agaist hers his shaft tingling and brain unable to muster a single thought, so close he could… he couldn’t hold it back not even for a second once it came, his face turning red with the rush. -09:53 Jul 26
Khloe: Khloe could feel him filling and it completely consumed her! She kept moving, until he was empitied out and she was gasping from her own body’s sudden coming. She felt shattered as she collapsed over him. Shattered to pieces, and floating away on a sea of bliss. When the tension ebbed, she practically melted on top of him. Her face buried at his neck as she took quick, shakey breaths. -10:00 Jul 26
Baldor: Running his hand up and down her back he finally closed his eyes and pulled her against him sighing deeply and contentedly. "Was that as good and you hoped it would be?" he asked the thought in the back of his lind forming that he was a cheat now and nothing would change that… but right now he was too blissfully sleepy to care. -10:07 Jul 26
Khloe: "It’s all I ever wanted…" she mumbled soft against his skin. Khloe was comfortable, in bliss… so wonderfully happy! She hugged him tight. -10:15 Jul 26
Baldor: "Good." he pulled her up and snuggled agaisnst her kissing her softly as he settled down. "I’m happy." he said "Very happy." -10:17 Jul 26

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