Zerospace 007: Job Hunting with Phaedra

[Phaedra asked Tre to go job hunting with her. Because she’s a big coward and afraid to go by herself now.] -07:11 Nov 17
[Tremdorias is going along to make sure nothing happens to Phae and because he kinda needs a job too. Two birds with one stone.] -07:18 Nov 17
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[Tremdorias enters.] -07:40 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra was wearing pants, because pants were safe. She also had that little keychain of pepper spray her papa gave her in case of an emergency. And Tre! Granted, she knew she was over-reacting a bit by not wanting to go out a lone but… she honestly did feel better having someone with her. Someone who -wasn’t- Papa, because that would have defeated the whole purpose of living on her own. "I have a whole list of places ready, and you can apply there too, okay?" -07:47 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "I do want a job to help out." he said happily while chewing of a frozen juice lollipop he had made while they moved bows to the street. "Maybe we cna work in the same place. I’d like that. Then we could talk buring our breaks and walk home together." he smiled. This was the fors day he was lokking forwards instead of back. The guilt was still there but he was able push it to the back of his mind. Today he was happy. -07:57 Nov 17
Phaedra: "That would be great! But maybe you would get tired of seeing me twenty four hours a day." she joked, bumping in to his arm gently. He seemed to be in much better spirits today, which in turn made -her- in better spirits. Some of the advice her Papa gave her was coming to mind, which left her swallowing and trying to refocus on where she was walking. -08:05 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He looked at her when she bumped him and cliled his lips slightly orange from the juice and the mow bare stick in his hand until they passed a bin. "You’re the kindest person I know, why would I ever get bored of you." he smiled wider. "If anything I should be finding more ways to spend time with you. I’m sure if I remembered angels wouldn’t be as nice as you!" if he really was an angel adn now a crazt shapeshifting demon that had lost it’s mind and only thought it was an angel. That thought was scary! -08:11 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra laughed. "Right now I am the only person you seem to know! Aside from my Papa… There’s not much to compare to." She might have been blushing, but it was an easy enough feeling to push down. He didn’t need her making things awkward and complicated for him after he’s been through so much. "We’ll see if we get lucky somewhere, then." -08:14 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He skipped forwards and took her hand while dropping the stick into a bin and moving faster. "Yes and if I remember your map right the first place is just around the corner. So close to home we’ll be able to sleep late and still get there in time. What is it again?" -08:21 Nov 17
Phaedra: "It’s um… let me see." She held up her list and looked over it. The one around the corner? "It’s some sort of retail shop for knick knacks and things. Like glass owls and vases." Phaedra squeezed his hand and grinned. She kinda liked the idea of sleeping in. -08:32 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Oh.." why would anyone want a glasz owl, they made terrible pets. Tributes to Athena maybe? "That sounds fun I bet yu could learn loads from talking to people in a place like that. Tail moght knovk things over so be careful." his turn to tease and bump into her. "I like your tail though. It’s all swishy. I kind of with angels had tails." -08:51 Nov 17
Phaedra: Her tail was a wicked thing, showing the embarrassement she managed to keep off her face, by curling around her leg. "It’s a well behaved tail, I can manuver in small places really well. But thank you!" He was sweet, and now Phaedra was trying to imagine angels with feathered tails. Not so far fetched, really! When they rounded the corner she could see the place’s sign. -09:11 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Now just to be woulrself and make them fall in love with you like I have!" he said brightly and fussed a little with her bangs not really realizing what he had just said or what he was doing. "Oh! I forgot I bought you this." it was a simple shell necklace on a teather strip but it was the same color as her feathers. "For luck!" -09:22 Nov 17
Phaedra: "That’s so pretty…! A good luck charm!" Oh, he was sweet. it made her heart skip a beat. Phaedra bit her bottom lip for a moment, until she gave in to temptation and rose up on her toes to kiss his cheek. "Thanks Tre. I’ll do my best." -09:35 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He grined sooo wide from her kiss and almost forgot they had to enter the shop. "Uhh here." he said taking ehr hand and opening the door with the tinckle of the bell and lead her inside and up to the counter. "Remeber, show them you can sell yourself and they’ll believe you can sell thier… owls." -09:56 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra giggled. There was so much more in the shop than the owls. But she waited at the counter until someone came up. "Hi…! Um, I was wondering if you’re still hiring and if I could fill out an application?" -10:22 Nov 17

The woman behind the counter looked at the pair. Such a cute couple. “Um… yeah. We hired one new person yesterday but we still need someone part time on thursdays and saterdays. So if you want to sublit and application uhh wait hold on a mo’.” she bent down and pulled out the applications and slid a blank one over the counter along with a pen. “The owner isn’t in today but I’ll tell you they stopped by.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: "Okay! That sounds great!" A positive response, even if not the ideal one. Her tail was swishing happilly as she grabbed and pen and quickly scribbled out her information. "I could work any day really, would you let your boss know that? Any days any hours!" Phaedra even signed her name with a smilie face. -10:41 Nov 17

“Great I’ll let them know. Then I don’t have to come in of those days, Trish Winters. My mother owns the shop.” she offered her hand to Phaedra and smiled. You two really are a cut couple, your boyfriend seems to like owls.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: "He’s not my- does he?" Out of curiosity, she looked over her shoulder to spy what Tre was doing. He was still a little bit strange about places and things, and Phaedra wasn’t quite sure how he would react. -10:47 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He was holding one of the yellow/golder glass owls and running a hand over the wing before he turned it over to look at the bottom adn almost dropped it! Setting it down carefully he looked aorund adn say Phae looking at his and waved with a grin before movign closer. "Any luck?" -10:52 Nov 17
Phaedra: "I got to fill out an application and she is going to talk to her Mom. Or boss, rather." Phaedra leaned to peer at the owl on the shelf. Pretty! "Do you like owls, Tre? Or just shiny angelic things in general?" she grinned, her tail swishing behind her again. -10:57 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Owls symbolise wisdom." he said "Athena has a pet one and she is associated with beauty." he looked at it. "I didn’t know people still honored her." he didn’t even realize he was remembering things as he explained them. "But then I havn’t seen much religion here since I… woke up? Arrived? I…" he stopped himself he was starting to think he should talk to a priest about the demon inside him but didn’t want to mention that to Phaedra. "I like feathers, like yours. Also things seem to be going well here, shall we move on?" -11:04 Nov 17
Phaedra: Phaedra nodded, keeping that small bit of concern to herself. Sometimes her got that distant look on his face, and it made her wonder. SHe led the way out of the place, looking down at the next address on her list. "I have heard of an Athena before, in Greek mythology I think! I didn’t do a lot of studies about gods, though." -11:13 Nov 17
Tremdorias: "Yes, that is where she is from." he said happy he didn’t have to explain but also a little dissapointed he didn’t get to! He took her hand again and let her lead the way. "So where next?" -11:20 Nov 17
Phaedra: "Hmm, Kingdom Bookshop. You’ll get to see some religious things after all!" Holding hands again… Phaedra really liked that. She liked touching in general, when it felt safe and didn’t seem like it was encroaching on her. In fact, she really wanted to touch him more, but she didn’t think he would appreciate it. She settled for squeezing his hand and smiling at him. -11:31 Nov 17
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[Tremdorias enters.] -11:55 Nov 17
Tremdorias: He squeezed her hand and back and skipped along besides her. "A religious book shop?" now he was curious. "Maybe I could get a job there, they would want an angel right?" he blinked. Of if he was a demon he migh burst into flames and die. What if Phae did? He would have to keep a close eye on her. -12:06 Nov 18
Phaedra: "I bet they would be more than thrilled to have an angel there. Who wouldn’t? …well, besides angry demons, anyway." Phaedra would definitely have to avoid taking Tre in to demon places. He would probably get eaten alive! -12:10 Nov 18
Tremdorias: He reached the door and hesitated but decided to relax. It wasn’t a place of worship, just a shop. Opening the door for her he entered the place and looked around. Everything looked so clean and it was so quiet. No bell, no one speaking nad the walls had to be sound proofed. Wierd. "Well go on and sell yourself, I’m right here for you." -12:15 Nov 18
Phaedra: Phaedra stepped in to the shop, looking around curiously at the shelves of books and religious things. Phaedra was always fascinating by this stuff! Even demons had their own styles of religion and worship. It often involved crucifying people too! "Um…! Hellooo?" Phaedra stopped at the clerks desk and rang a bell. -12:31 Nov 18

The store came out of the back room, clearly having been interupted from an early lunch. He looked at Phaedra curiously for a moment, but that tail wasn’t hard to miss. The friendly smile was gone, replaced by a more blank expression. “Can I help you?” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: Tre wandered too but stayed close enough to listen in. He wanted to be there for her but not to intrude, and get a look at the books, running his hand over them. -12:36 Nov 18
Phaedra: "I was wondering if you had any job openings or applications? I’m available for any days and any hours. Any time you’d like me to work!" Phaedra smiled bright. She didn’t seemed to notice his change of expression immediately, at least not until she noticed his eyes were following the swish of her tail. She curled it around her legs. -12:38 Nov 18

“We don’t allow demons in here. We definitely don’t -hire- demons. You’re not welcomed in here.” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: There was a thud as one of the books fell to the ground as Tre turned. "What?" he hissed before a pair of white wings exploded from his back and a ring of golden light appeared over his head. "You bigotted asshole. She’s part angel. I’m an angel, wouls you hire an angel?" he marched up to the counter and reached across it to grab the clerk’s shirt adn pull then half over it. "How about me? Would you hire me?" he didn’t notice if but his ither hand now clasped a sword, red flames dancing up and down it’s length. "Would you?" -12:44 Nov 18
Phaedra: "Oh, I s-!" Tre was grabbing that guy so fast and… Phaedra didn’t think she had ever seen him with wings and a halo. It took her a second to come to her senses and grab on his arm. "Tre…! It’s okay! Some people just don’t like demons I’m not upset about it…" Well. Not THAT upset about it! -12:50 Nov 18

“Y-yes we’d hire an angel…!” The guy probably never saw an angel in his entire life. This was enough to have him almost pee his pants! “I’ll hire you right now…! You can start work tomorrow?!” -Phaedra

Phaedra: "See, he’s a reasonable guy! Sort of!" Phaedra was pretty sure he was agreeing to hire Tre because he was scared to death. She tugged on his arm, and when that didn’t work, she sliped inbetween him and the clerk to push him away from the counter. "It’s all right now!" -12:54 Nov 18
Tremdorias: He let go and the sword, wings, and halo faded leaving him with a torn shirt that looked liek he had had a lawnlowed ride over his back. "Huh." did he just get a job? "We should leave." he said and started heading for the exit. "Sorry." this was to Phaedra. He hadn’t meant to loose it liek that! -12:58 Nov 18
Phaedra: "Thank you, sir!" Sorta. Phaedra didn’t really waste time in lingering. She turned Tre around and marched him right back out the front door and down the sidewalk. "That was a little uncessary…! I think you might have scared a devil out of him, if he had one…" -01:02 Nov 18
Tremdorias: That phrase! "Yeah.. I don’t think he had one, he’s just a bogit and I don’t really want to work for a bigot." he was still angry. "Sorry I lost it. I just don’t like people makinf assumptions about nice people because of something silly." -01:04 Nov 18
Phaedra: "That’s the way things are, Tre… people don’t like demons and they have every right to be scared. Most demons aren’t very nice." Phaedra fussed with his shirt, but there was going to be no mending it like this. "I think you should take the job any way. You need one, don’t you? And we’ll need to pay bills. You can always keep applying at places and change jobs later!" -01:06 Nov 18


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[Tremdorias is walking with Phaedra and might have a job.] -07:04 Nov 19
[Phaedra wasn’t quite as lucky, but she does need to explain to Tre the life of a demon!] -07:07 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "But you are nice, very nice, and if they spent just five minutes talking to you they would see that. I mean you…" he lapsed into a frustrated silence and lokked away. "At least we’ll get some money and keep the appartment." he said "I didn’t meant to scare you, or anyone. Some things get to me I guess." he looked at the sidewalk and sighed. "Where next?" -07:11 Nov 19
Phaedra: Phaedra grinned, taking his hand and squeezing it as she guided him down the sidewalk. "I’ve always been a demon and I am used to this kind of stuff. So you don’t have to worry about people hurting my feelings, okay? How about we do something fun now to celebrate?" -07:16 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "Something fun?" he asked turning to her with a grin from her hand being on his. "Don’t we still need to find you a job before you mother arived and the world ends?" he rmemebred that was a concern. "Not that I’d say no, it is the last day before I start working… -07:20 Nov 19
Phaedra: "Hmm, right… I do need to find one." She debated. A job before Mother tried snatching her away would be good. But Tre got a job and clearly needed something to perk him up… "I still have the rest of the day. Lets go for a walk and then later I’ll go back to hunting!" -07:23 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "Alright." he said "Where do you want to go? Should we get food?" he asked "Lunch would be nice somewhere quiet where we can just relax and be together. There was a breeze the creped though his torn shirt. "Maybe we should go home first." -07:33 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "Alright." he said "Where do you want to go? Should we get food?" he asked "Lunch would be nice somewhere quiet where we can just relax and be together. There was a breeze the creped though his torn shirt. "Maybe we should go home first." -07:33 Nov 19
Phaedra: Phaedra reached and plucked at his shirt again with a mix of amusement and concern. "Yeah, I think getting you a new shirt would be a good idea. I didn’t realize angel wings were so large… mine are small, even by demon standards. They always called me a runt in daycare." She liked his wings though. All of the feathers! Phaedra turned them around a corner to head back to their apartment. "Can you fly with those wings?" -07:35 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "I… don’t know." he said slowly. "I could try but I’ll need to igure out ho to make them come without losing my temper um…" he stopped walking and tried. Nothing happened and he went red. "Umm…" he looked away from her and closed his eyes before there was a rush behind him and he openeed his eyes to theck his shadow. "I… did it." -07:37 Nov 19
Phaedra: "Neat..!" Phaedra forgot about personal boundaries again, and went straight to touching. Feathers had all sorts of texture, there were soft downy ones and the longer strong ones. And they were about bigger than she was! "How do halos work? What are those? Is it pure light or like a summoning weapon?" Phaedra was curious! -07:44 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He froze when she touched him but quickly relaxed. "I…" he paused to close his eyes again and the ring of light appeared above his head and he put his hand up to feel it gingerly. There was definatly something there but it wasn’t solid, it felt strange. -07:48 Nov 19
Phaedra: This was interesting! Phaedra stopped to stand on her toes and reach up and test touch it too. Solid…ish! Her hand passed through it most of the time, and kind of tingled when it did. "Hmm… I can’t move it… it must be a soul projection or something like that!" She finally realized she was being too touchy and retracted her hand quickly. "Oh…! Sorry, Tre. I didn’t mean to be all over you!" -07:52 Nov 19
Tremdorias: "It’s fine." he said not moving. "If it was bad I would tell you to stop." he turned to look at her. Wondering if it was because she was a demon and he was an angel, but she was part angel too and shouldn’t be afraid to touch. "It makes me feel happy to be an angel intead of wondering if I would be better as a human with nothing special about me at all." -07:56 Nov 19
Phaedra: "Humans have plenty of special things about them too. I think everyone does!" Phaedra hugged him. A spontaneous impulse she wasn’t able to catch. She always thought her papa was being ridiuclous when he did things like that, but now she was realizing that impulse really was hard to control when you were very fond of something. …or someone! Tre just made her want to hug him. -08:04 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He hugged her back and pulled ehr against him, partly because it felt nice anad partly to hide the pensive look on his face from her. "Easier special things." he rested his cheek against her and closed his eyes hoping with wasn’t sounding distraught. -08:08 Nov 19
Phaedra: She liked this feeling! Her arms curled around his waist and she grinned. This was very quickly growing in to an infatuation, and she was both aware of it and not… "Special things are rarely ever easy. At least I know that much." Now she should be letting go. This was hard! -08:12 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He tightened his arms around her and just closed his eyes. "I don’t think we’re talking about the same things, but thank you." he whispered before pressing his face into her hair above her ear. "I just want to feel normal, and accepted, adn happy, and feel safe and that everyone around me is safe and to not have to wonder who or what I am because I really can’t remember anything." -08:16 Nov 19
Phaedra: Aw… Poor Tre. He was concerned about so much, and here she was being selfish and ridiculous and thinking about crushes. Phaedra tilted just enough to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. "Don’t be afraid. Or worry! I promise I’ll take care of you and make sure you get to a good place so you can be happy. I’ll help until you aren’t lost anymore." -08:23 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He turned and almost before she was done talking was crushing his lips against hers as he arms stayed wrapped around her. A full three seconds later he pulled away bright red adn feeling terrible. He shouldn’t kiss her, he had already… twice… no. Bad Tre. "We should get going." he pulled away and wings and halo danishing moved ahead of her to walk slowly ahead. -08:28 Nov 19
Phaedra: Phaedra was struck a bit speechless! He kissed her. She didn’t pounce on him or anything! And unlike those very uncomfortable prior experiences, that moment made her feel… light and fluffy. Nice. Completely smitten. There was a tinge of pink to her cheeks and she wasn’t sure if she should comment on it or leave it be. Phaedra settled for taking his hand again and walking with him. …it was impossible to repress her sudden grinning. -08:35 Nov 19
Tremdorias: He looked, she still took his hand and was acting.. happy? He flushes and grinned and didn’t know how to feel with his stomach doing flip flops and his chest feeling like it was glowing and… "Sorry I…" he exhailed and tried to calm himself. "Shouldn’t have done that." -08:42 Nov 19
Phaedra: "I didn’t mind. It was nice, Tre. Better than hugs." She liked it when he smiled too. Something he didn’t do near enough of! …and there went that impulsive want to squeeze him again. This time she resisted and just squeezed his hand instead. "I will tell you if I am uncomfortable, okay?" -08:49 Nov 19


[Phaedra has taken Tre back home so he can change his shirt!] -06:57 Nov 20
[Tremdorias is closing the door behind then but isn’t thinking about a shirt he’s thinking baout other things. Other things he needs to know for sure.] -07:02 Nov 20
Phaedra: It wasn’t the first time Phaedra had a crush, she at least knew how to recognize when she liked someone. …but they never really felt like this! She’d always want to be around or talk to, but this… she wanted to touch! And that was the one thing she really had to try not to do. Especially with this week! "So, a shirt and then more hunting. For me anyway! Although, I guess now you really don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to." -07:06 Nov 20
Tremdorias: "I want to." he said still distracted even as he fideted with his hands and then slowly pulled off the shirt to hang it over the back of the chair. "Phaedra?" he asked hugging himelf to try to cover his bare skin. "Did you like it when I kissed you just now?" he eyed her with a worried look on his face. "I mean did it feel nice and not just in a friendly kiss way?" he looked at the floor. "It did for me and I think I like you and not as a friend and I don’t know if it is too early or something so I think we shouldn’t rush things but if you did like it and wanted to kiss again or touch I think that would be okay… okay?" -07:10 Nov 20
Phaedra: "Yes, I did like it." Ooooh… how sweet…! It was hard to be embarrassed herself when he was being bashful and so shy. She almost felt like she was taking advantage of an inexperienced angel. …which was silly because she didn’t exactly know what she was doing either! Phaedra moved to take his hand and pull him over to the sofa. "I wouldn’t mind kissing again. And definitely wouldn’t mind touching… I’ve been trying very hard not to keep touching you. I wasn’t sure if that would upset you…" -07:16 Nov 20
Tremdorias: "I’ll tell you if it’s a problem, okay?" he said nervously putting his other hand on her shoulder and looking at her face biting his lip. "I mean I don’t know if you want to be my.. My…" he looked away and at the floor. "Girl… friend…" he let out pent up breath. "But I do like you" he looked at her and forsed himself to keep looking at her even though it was the hardest thing in the world. "I kissed you first last time so if you want to you do it this time." -07:20 Nov 20
Phaedra: Girlfriend! That was fast! Maybe he was not so shy and confused as she thought? Phaedra examined his face. There would be no way to know for sure unless she tried, right? A little hesitantly she stepped closer and leaned up on her toes. And as if she were afraid he might break or bolt, she gingerly brushed a soft kiss at the corner of his mouth. -07:24 Nov 20
Tremdorias: There was a spart of feeling and he tensed. "Maybe we should sit?" he whisperedsqueezing her hand and doing so quickly before his knees gave out. He was a ball of nerves and had no idea if this was right or not. Maybe he was taking advantage of her and after he did he didn’t desurve any of this. He should just leave now and never come back and certainly not put his arms around her like her was doign and pulling her down into his lap to cling to her. -07:27 Nov 20
Phaedra: She was on his lap…! Her instinct was to cling and hug and snuggle. To nuzzle and hold him… But he was so stiff and so scared. It made her heart hurt for him! Swallowing her stronger impulses, she brushed her hands against the sides of his face and nuzzled his cheek. This time she kissed him directly, still soft and testing, afraid he might change his mind. -07:33 Nov 20
Tremdorias: He pushed back softly, relaxing and running his hands up her hand where they found her wings. NErously he left where they joined her back and rubbed around them, they were so small and felt delicate, but soft and good to the touch. -07:36 Nov 20
Phaedra: She could purr.. or squeak! But the response came out in movement instead, Her swishing tail circling around one of his knees as she tilted farther forward and slipped her hands in to his hair. This was a soft nice feeling… kind of electric and kind of warm fuzzy. Just to see what he might taste like she flicked his lips with her tongue. -07:46 Nov 20
Tremdorias: He pulled his lips apart moving them against hers and slowly let his tongue join then on her lips as he ran a hand ovr the top and down the edge of her wing. He was starting to get lost and this was all new. His other hand trailed down her back and came to rest holding her aganst him. -07:50 Nov 20

Cupio was flustered. With Jayden here and demanding he show her where phaidra was staying. “She went out job hunting today, I don’t even think they’re here.” he said for the millionth time. This would be so much easier if he had man clothes! Knocking the distraction mocha out of his hands wouldn’t have been so easy then. He put his hands on the coorknob and pulled to head in and stopped. “Oh hey, JAYDEN…” he said turning around and staying in the doorway. “They’re here after all.” he stopped to listen for movment behind him and disquised the smell of thier emotions from Jayden with his own. “I’m going to make tea!” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Mother! Phaedra felt a little bit like a spell was broken. …and she didn’t want to pull away. There was a very apologetic look on her face when she did. That wasn’t near enough time for exploring… Oh no! If her mother was -here-… Phaedra was off his lap in an instant, fussing with her clothes and then taking his hands to pull him off the sofa and usher him towards the room to fetch a shirt! -08:04 Nov 20

Jayden knew a damned ‘warning scream’ when she heard one. She pushed Cupio out of the way just in time to see her babygirl with some shirtless… Jayden took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. Angel? A half naked, flushing angel and a red faced poorly acting daughter. “I am going to give you a head start to jump out that window before I crack every single bone in your body…” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: He looked the the two demons and looked at the floor as he moved to get another shirt and pull it on. "I did nothing wrong." he said looking up again. "I can’t, it’s physically impossible without consequences." how did he know that? was one of the consequences memory loss? He was really unsure of what to say and looked to Phaedra for help. -08:10 Nov 20

“Jay!” too late she was angry and her could smell it. “Stop it you’re over reacting. They havn’t even done anything, have you two? I mean look at the angel, could he even… they’re uptight wimps…” he realized the one he was talking about was right there. “No offence. Jayden… You know if he hurt Phaedra I’d be the first to kill him.” -Tremdorias

Phaedra: Phaedra very quickly stepped in between him and her mother. She wouldn’t doubt for a moment he’d end up out that window if interventions weren’t made. She gave her Papa a pleading look. She knew she shouldn’t have told him where she was! He was terrible at keeping things from Mother! "Yes! Would you please not over react? I am plenty old enough to do lots of things, even if we did anything. Which we didn’t!" Phaedra almost tacked on that they could, just out of defense, since Papa seemed to have a biased against angels. …but that wouldn’t have been so smart with her mother looking ready to breathe fire. -08:20 Nov 20

“OH. Oh really. Old enough to be out on your own, safe and unharmed. With an oh so innocent angel taking advantage of my traumatized and inexperienced daughter. Let me see. How did that happen? ‘Look! A nice sweet pretty girl that is scared and alone! Let me just weasel my way in to her home and her pants!’” She turned and pointed an accusing finger at Cupio. “As for YOU… I am not going to forget that you let her go. Phaedra, we’re going home.” -Phaedra

Tremdorias: "I would never hurt her." he half shouted. "I know I almost lost it today then someone wouldn’t hire her because she’s a demon and insulted her but I mean at least I scared them into giving me a job so I can pay for food and things?" he wasn’t doing a good job even if he did move to stand next to Phaedra and stood up strait. "You can’t keep her home forever and she wants to be out here. If you want me to go I will but don’t make her do things she doens’t want to." -08:26 Nov 20

Cupio was biting his lip in worry. “Jayden I just wanted her to be happy and to experience life and be her own person. Maybe I should… he huffed. Jayden, we are going home.” this was completely out of character for him liek this but he was grabbing her forearm and pulling her towards the door. “I’ll have to cancel the rest of the shoot but my wife and daughter come first.” -Tremdorias

“You want to be brave, angel? I’ll give you something to be -really- scared of.” Jayden was going to pluck out his uppity feathers one by one! Advancing foreward until Cupio grabbed her arm. For a split second she looked like she would smack him, but her expression softened. …if only for him. “Two days, Coop..! She was out on her own for two days and someone hurt her! And where is the body of THAT douchebag? You think this fluffed up pansy is going to protect my daughter?! Phaedra could beat the shit out of him! -Phaedra

Phaedra: "…hey…!" Phaedra was insulted for both herself -and- Tre! He could be strong and scary if he wanted to. …and so could she! This was enough, though. It was well past due to cut the tether. Mother was just going to have to learn to live without her. "I’d like you to go home with Papa. I am staying here. I didn’t have a great start, but things happen, Mother! You said so yourself, that sometimes we can’t avoid them! Things will happen to me and I have to deal with them." -08:38 Nov 20
Tremdorias: There was a ripping sound as for the second time today one of Cupio’s shirt was ruined by Tre’s wings and this touched the ceiling as he placed a hand on Phardra’s shoulder. "No, I am not brave, I am scared and I know it." he could feel the heat on the sword eve though it wasn’t anywhere, yet. "But that doesn’t mean I won’t bite back when bitten. Phaedra is the one person in this city who has been kind to no and if anyone hurts her they will beg for hell." -08:44 Nov 20

Cupio frooze when the wings appeared and hissed out of pure born demon instinct. Angel! Filty uptight [i[dnagerous[/i] angel. But he got control of himself and tightened his grip of Jayden’s arm. Suddenly afraid for HER. This wasn’t just any angel, it was a guardian angel and they were stubborn and stupidly protective at times. Cupio had fought with them before! “Jay… Smell him…” -Tremdorias

“He smells like he needs a fucking punch to the face.” As if she would be impressed by big flashy wings. Nor did she care that he smelled dangerous or that his aura amped up higher than she would have expected. …Maybe that did alter her perception a bit. But Jayden just as bit as stubborn, and if it weren’t for Cupio’s sudden reaction, Jayden would have assaulted him anyway. She finally released a breath. This was how it was, then? Jayden didn’t want to let her baby go… “…Fine. You can have a MONTH. I want to see bills paid, proper food, and if anyone hurts you Phaedra, I am going to hold your little angel friend personally responsible and barbecue his ass right in the middle of my club. Do we ALL understand?” -Phaedra

Phaedra: Phaedra took Tre’s arm gently. The last thing she wanted to see was a fight between him and her Mother. She was fairly certain her mother would win, if only because the woman didn’t fight fair at all. Her mother’s threat was completely unreasonable, but at least she was going to give her a chance! "…I can work with a month. But Tre isn’t responsible for me, I am responsible for me and I won’t let you cook him." -08:57 Nov 20
Tremdorias: He nodded. "If anything happens to you, I’ll hold me responsable enough for all four of us." he whispered just loud enough for Phaedra to have a chance at hearing. He would especially if it was him that hurt her. It wouldn’t be he wouldn’t let that happen again. He would protect her nad look after her and no one would hurt her. -09:02 Nov 20

Cupio was biting his lip worried for a whole bunch of other reasons now. A guardian angel was looking after Phaedra now and that uaully only happened when something bad was going to happen and they would be needed. Cupio knew this, up until not Cupio had usually been that something bad. But Jayden had just compromised and that means she desurved love once she calmed down. “My hotel?” he said softly to her. “We can talk about what I’m doing to kind that demon that hurt Phaedra. I have his scent. Literally.” -Tremdorias

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